Ivory Chapter 2

Apr 19th, 2018
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  1. Ivory Chapter 2 [App.base TL not that Perfect {Thinking} [Narration]
  2. Mc:Shin Yoo Min 25 Department of Construction Engineering
  3. Fmc: [Jung Sang-ah 20 freshmen in Architectural Engineering (Ivory)]
  4. Douche: [Park Jun-Ki 26 Dept. of Construction Engr]
  5. Long Haired Blonde [Kim Seul Ah 25 Dept. Construction Engr.]
  7. Chapter start on the internal voice of the Mc amaze by how many student are coming at the said school to study and then Mc meets his friend Jun Ki (Douche) telling him "Hey where are you last night?" but the friend just smile and change the topic saying "You came late" Mc tell him "You Punk! You stay out all night" the question is incomplete coz of some watermark. Douche ask him "How its goes?" and Mc say "Give me a damn break" Mc looks at the girls and a Long haired one caught his attention thinking {Us expected Wow! that's the booze} The Girl looks at there direction {I nickname her as the architecture goddess} She wave revealing her info.
  8. [Kim Seul Ah 25 Dept. Construction Engr.] {She looks extra ordinary} Mc wave at her Thinking {Ha Ha Its a good thing I came here} Friend tell him while Mc is laughing "Is that so good?,Just keep looking I go first" Mc tells him "Son of a bitch! I just wanted to say hello" Mc sigh and think {A friend huh pathetic} and then someone wearing yellow jacket say "Sumbei whats up? always late huh" after hearing the voice Mc think {This Son of a Bitch} then Mc face him with angry appearance saying "Yeah I am late do I need to say sorry?" The Yellow guy run off while Mc saying "Dude, where are you going lets go together? Yellow tell him  "I'm going to ride first Seonbei before you come in I will take care of things" Yellow stop after seeing that and say "What this!" A girl falls in his arm saying "Geon Oppa?" then while embracing each other He call her name "Bo Young,is your chest okay" She laugh and say "Stop the bullshitting and let me go" Yellow tell her "HaHaha Bo Young what cup is that?" and She say "Shut up!" Mc looking at them thinking {What a poor fellow}
  9. {Somehow I am worried about this MT} A couple greeted him "Yoo Min Senior Good morning!" Mc say "Hello" The BF tell Mc "Senior where going first" and the flustered GF say "Hey Senior is looking what are you doing" BF "Then how about this lets go first and fine a nice spot" and the couple enter the bus. Leaving Mc saying "Sigh couple shouldn't be like that I need to find one soon If that happens What to do" on his back another Girl looking at Mc.
  11. Its the night of drinking "Architecture Students fighting" While other are busy drinking Mc smoking alone thinks{The day is already over}
  12. {Sad like love is ridiculous I cant even talk to her} {Definitely I think she knows me} {Why this timing is not right} {IDK I think its better not to worry now} Mc goes back on the MT group. "Drunk girls talking nonsense" Mc approach Yellow and say "Hey where Jun Ki?" yellow tell him he don't know.And then Mc ask where are the other. Yellow tell him maybe doing something.
  14. [Moaning Sound] The couple are banging GF tell him is this really okay doing it here huh Seung Min? Bf tell her "Dont worry Noona I've make sure this room is empty. The Gf start to moan again but her worry looks make the BF worry and say "Why you worried" Gf tell him its not about that I come here at MT to do this No matter how empty the room its okay. The Bf tell her do I need to start now huh is that right the Bf lick her nipple Bf ask him face to face "Do you want me to do this all night with you Noona" Gf called his name and they make out.
  16. Back to Mc and Yellow Mc bitching here and Yellow tell him "If your jealous of them your a loser" Mc got piss and think {This son of keep pestering me since morning} Yellow pointed someone and tell him "Oh look there its Bo Young Uh who is that girl next to her?" Mc think {Why this guy} and then Mc looks on who is he talking about {it not a big deal anyway I will look} {the girl next to Bo Young is?}
  17. {Wait a minute she looks familiar} {Where did I see her before?} {I don't know if I've met her at school before but where?}
  18. There eyes met and Mc skip a beat.
  20. TBC
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