fucking blankmind

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  1. BlankMind: Find the spot on your knees
  2. BlankMind: Grrr these imvu spots
  3. BlankMind: /me grabs onto her hair in one hand, pulling her closer before rubbing his thick black cock up and down her face
  4. BlankMind: Mm damn no wonder he wants you so bad
  5. KayReign: /me smirks and flicks my tongue against the sensitive underside of his fat dickhead before wrapping my mouth around it
  6. KayReign: /me moans against the tip while i swirl my tongue around
  7. BlankMind: /me watches her take the swollen head of his dick between her lips and into her mouth, his length throbbing as her tongue played with it and mopped up all of the precum oozing from his tip, one hand grabbing the back of her head to pull her down and force that dick further into her mouth
  8. KayReign: /me my eyes roll to a close and i let out a quiet whimper as he forces me to take his full length deep into my mouth and throat; i slowly start to bob my head, my mouth stretched to the limit; my saliva running down his balls making them nice and slick, i take them in my hand and massage them gently
  9. BlankMind: /me groans deeply from his chest with pleasure as her soft lips were stretched wide and stroking the length of his black dick, covering it in all of her spit until his shaft was wet and polished coming out of her mouth, his hand pushing her down while her head was bobbing, pushing deep into her throat to test her limits
  10. BlankMind: Mmmmm fuckkk, stick your tongue out and open up your throat
  11. KayReign: /me closes my eyes tight and balls my fist, choking a bit on his fat black cock; i did as he said, sticking my tongue out to open up my throat, using it to lick at his balls while i braved through deepthroating his massive member; i gagged a few times, it sounded so wanton and dirty that i wanted to do it again and again; just knowing i was pleasing him made my pussy get even wetter
  12. BlankMind: /me gasps and breathes deeply as she turned into such a slut for his thick throbbing black dick, feeling her throat walls closing around it and milking it every time she gagged and choked on all of his inches, one hand grabbing her hair within his palm and using it like a handle to fuck her throat so deep and rough without mercy
  13. KayReign: /me makes eye contact with him, my eyes full of lust while he fucks my hot lil mouth; mascara running down my face and saliva running down my chin while slurp, suck, and deepthroat his thick ass cock, using me like the fucktoy i am; i reach down to slip my fingers in between my slick pussy lips, fingering my tight hole in sync with his thrusts
  14. BlankMind: /me pulls her head up slowly, sliding his fat cock out of her mouth before dragging it up and down her face while giving her a chance to breathe, wiping all the spit and goo across her cheeks and making an even bigger mess of his new toy
  15. KayReign: /me nuzzles his cock against my cheek and smiles up at him while i catch my breath; grabs his shaft, choking it in my small fist, stroking the stiff, throbbing length of it while i lick and plant gentle kisses on the tip
  16. BlankMind: Mmmmm such a perfect little cock sleeve, you are going to belong to me from now on
  17. KayReign: /me giggles and blushes
  18. KayReign: i'd like that
  19. BlankMind:
  20. KayReign: ooo that turned out nice
  21. BlankMind:
  22. KayReign: i like that one too
  23. BlankMind: You going to abuse him or leave him to suffer while you're busy
  24. KayReign: i think i'm gonna leave him to suffer
  25. KayReign: i'd rather be here with you
  26. BlankMind: /me brushes the swollen head of his cock back and forth across her lips while she kissed it so gently, teasing her before lifting up his shaft and laying it on her face so his wide girth would block her view, resting his heavy balls over her mouth and looking down at her
  27. KayReign: /me gives his heavy balls a nice, long lick before opening my mouth wide, sitting up a bit so i can suck his ballsack into my mouth like a good girl; i hold his hand with my free one while i continue playing with my tight lil pussy and slurp on his balls, moaning all the while
  28. BlankMind: Mmmmmmm damnn
  29. BlankMind: /me feels her pink tongue start under his sack and lick up and over both of his sweaty orbs before she sucked them into her mouth, his hard dick lay throbbing and oozing with pre on her forehead, enjoying the way she worshipped him with so much lust before he would pull her head back and let both of his balls pop out of her mouth, shoving the swollen tip of his cock back into her throat in one smooth motion
  30. KayReign: /me my eyes widen in surprise but as his huge, stiff black cock is shoved down my throat i close them tight, promptly bobbing my head in sync with his hard, powerful thrusts; there was something about the way he manhandled me that made me so wet, he was driving a bitch crazy; i was gonna cum all over my fingers at this rate; it was only about a half second after i made this realization that my body tensed up while i hit the pinnacle of my pleasure; i just let him use my mouth and throat while i squirmed and whimpered against his thrusting cock
  31. KayReign: /me i squirted all over the floor, making a mess, while my inner walls throbbed rhythmically around my digits; i fought against the urge to pull away; i wanted to make him cum too
  32. BlankMind: /me grabs the back of her skull with his open hand, pushing her down hard and sliding deep into the back of her throat with her lips kissing the base of that dick as she started to tense up, his load rising up from his balls and through his shaft before erupting and shooting ropes of thick hot cum into her throat just as she started to squirt
  33. BlankMind: Ahh.. ahhhh ff.. fuckkkk!! ahhhhhh
  34. KayReign: /me my brows furrow as he holds my head down and force me swallow every hot, sticky drop; i could feel his fat cock and balls throb hard and pump my mouth full of his seed
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