Razorback Support Staff

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  1. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  2.                             LIAISONS:
  4. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  5. Name: Dr. Juan Carlos, M.D.
  6. Position: Fortress Physician and Surgeon
  7. Theme: Mexican Cartel Medical Genius
  8. Rank: Unknown
  9. HP: 20/20
  10. Armor: 2DR
  12. Known Languages:
  13. -Spanish: can read, speak, and write fluently.
  15. *****
  16. LORE:
  17. -Human Physiology, Teacher
  19. *****
  21. Basic Assault
  22. Basic Parry
  23. Basic Riposte
  25. Expert Intimidation
  26. Basic Small Arms
  28. *****
  30. Basic Block
  31. Basic Evasion
  32. Basic Reaction Speed
  33. Basic Sprint
  35. *****
  37. Expert Cooking
  38. Expert Negotiation
  39. Master Research
  40. Master Perception
  41. Master Physician
  43. *****
  45. -Human Physiology Researcher: gains +1 to all rolls when dealing with humans.
  47. -Cartel Life: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte, Small Arms, Intimidation, Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/, Perception/Scouting/Wilderness, and Negotiation rolls.
  49. -Well Traveled Equestrian: adds +1 to all base skill rolls.
  51. *****
  53. >Expert Neurologist: the study of disorders dealing with the nervous system. and their treatments. Adds +2 to Research and Physician rolls when the nervous system is involved.
  55. >Master Pathologist: the study of diseases, in general, and their treatments. Adds +2 to and grants an additional Research roll. When diseases are involved, also adds +1 to all Research rolls, and a further +1 to all Physician rolls when treating.
  57. >Master Surgeon: grants an additional 2 rolls to Physician and Research; Physician gains an additional roll while performing surgery, and an additional Research roll when consulting surgical treatment.
  59. *****
  61. >Biology: Teacher
  63. *****
  64. TRAIT: Master Medical Maniac. An undisclosed amount of years in the best medicine schools drug money can buy, years in back alleys and abandoned animal clinics living off yet even more drug money, and finally taking many courses in the prestigious Canterlot College of Magic, Doctor Juan Carlos has seen it all, fixed it all, cured it all, and done it all. Usually at gun point. Grants a permanent +2 to all rolls, and an extra Medical roll. By both trade and necessity, Doctor Carlos is also FEARLESS.
  66. *****
  68. -Doctor's Bag: a custom pieced-together home doctor's bag, perfectly portable for those non-life-threatening doctor visits. Features the regular fare of non-evasive examination equipment, and mild drugs. Grants a [1d6+10] <Doctor's Bag roll and adds +1 to all Medical-Perception rolls when in use.
  70. *****
  72. -Colt M1911 (Weapon Traits: Personal): a modern upgrade of the venerable 1911 .45ACP, with tighter tolerances, slightly better handling, range, and ergonomics.
  73. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Small Arms rolls.
  74. -Ammunition Class: Magnum Small Arms, .45 ACP.
  75. -Magazine Capacity: 7/7 cartridges. Comes with 3x magazines.
  76. -Maximum Optimal Range: 50M with a -1 penalty per 50M beyond this range.
  77. -Maximum Effective Range: 150M.
  79. *****
  81. >Taco Loco Truck: A V8 Chevy P30 food truck, painted white with a large cartoon taco man on top in a sombrero and shaking maracas on both sides of the van; the name 'TACO LOCO' is displayed overhead. Inside this stereotypically dressed truck is an 18' cargo bay, split vertically to accommodate two professions. On the right is a fully stocked medical suite, containing several tabletop medical equipment and tightly-packed supplies. On the left side is a furnished stainless steel mobile kitchen, including: flat-top griddle, 4-burner range, double basket fryer, coolers, sink, and refrigerator/freezer (which might store human body parts from time to time.)
  82. -Grants 3x [1d6+6] Driving rolls
  84. >Mobile Kitchen: grants a [1d6+10] <Mobile Kitchen roll and adds +2 to all Cooking rolls when in use.
  86. >Surgical Suite: grants a [1d6+30] roll using the following equipment:
  87. -Anesthesia Monitor: a module that can continuously dispense constant doses of anesthesia into a patient at controlled amounts.
  89. -Blood Culture Suite: Includes a centrifuge, incubator, analyzer. Analyzes the blood for all base factors (immune system, red blood cells, vitamins, minerals, etc) and adverse readings, including bacteria and virii.
  91. -Colonoscope: a digital camera connected to a fiber-optic cable and monitor. Used to 'scope' out the large and small bowels. Includes an internally attached biopsy needle for tissue sampling.
  93. -Esophascope: much like the colonoscope, scaled down to fit into the human esophagus.
  95. -Fully Loaded Surgical Tool Set: everything needed, and doubles of those just to be sure. A fully stocked stainless steel set, perpetually kept stain free, sterile, and razor sharp. Grants a [1d6+3] <Surgical Tools when performing surgery... duh.
  97. -Microscope: can analyze single-celled organisms through an extremely powerful lenses. Used to visually examine cells for counting or pathology.
  99. -Patient Vital Signs Monitor: monitors heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level.
  101. -Ultrasound: Used to see internal body structures such as tendons, muscles, joints, vessels and internal organs through the use of sound waves find a source of a disease or to exclude any pathology. Mostly used when monitoring pregnant women.
  103. >Trauma Kit: a large trauma duffel bag meant to rapidly and efficiently stabilize a patient in-field, containing a host of state-of-the-art bandages, wound dressings, surgical tools, and other medical items including a wide assortment of painkillers, tranquilizers, stimulants, antibiotics, styptics, anti-bacterials, anti-virals, wound disinfectants, etc. etc. Adds a [1d6+15] <Trauma Kit to Dr. Carlos' rolls when treating a patient. Contains enough supplies for 10 uses before restock is required.
  105. >Lifepak 12: a manual external defibrillator designed to restart a patient's heart in the event of a cardiac arrest. The included monitor system is able to read a patients heart rhythm and other vital signs. Roll a single [1d3] <Defibrillator per turn for up to 4 consecutive turns; on a 3, the defibrillator will successfully restart a patient's heart and revive them for 3 turns in a state of REVIVISCENCE TRAUMA; however, if a 3 is not rolled, the attempt is a fail and the patient is declared deceased. NOT USABLE IN EVENT OF CATASTROPHIC DESTRUCTION OF BODY!
  107. *****
  109. -Superior Armor Charm: provides a natural +2DR.
  111. *************************************************************************************************************************************
  112. Nao, Seal Colonies Liaison: 50HP, 1DR. Age: 9. Month of Birth: unknown.
  114. (Affectionate, Amiable, Calm, Chatty, Cheerful, Curious, Humorous, Lazy, Polite, Spiritual, Warm-Hearted)
  116. *****
  118. -Batpony: has moderate fluency in the modern dialect.
  120. -Common Equestrian: has flawless fluency in the modern dialect.
  122. -Common Porpoise: has flawless fluency in the ancient and modern dialects.
  124. -Crystal Pony, Kingdom & Imperial phonetics: has moderate fluency in both dialects.
  126. -Draconic: has moderate fluency in the modern dialect.
  128. -Earth Pony: can speak in the modern dialect fluently.
  130. -Germaneighse: has moderate fluency in the modern dialect.
  132. -Gryphon: has moderate fluency in the modern dialect.
  134. -Minotaur: has moderate fluency in the modern dialect.
  136. -Pegasi: can speak in the modern dialect fluently.
  138. -Polar Porpoise: has flawless fluency in the ancient dialect.
  140. -Prench: has moderate fluency in the modern dialect.
  142. -Saddle Arabian: has moderate fluency in the modern dialect.
  144. -Unicorn: has moderate fluency in the modern dialect.
  146. *****
  147. APPEARANCE: a slim, young, bright white Polar Seal covered in a thick, silky smooth fur coat, invisible to the infrared spectrums. 2'2" tall when standing up on her flippers, and 3'6" in length when lying down, Nao's appearance is virtually the same as non-sapient seals, except for her intelligent, merry dark gray eyes, and a perpetually content smile. Common to her species she has 6" long whiskers protruding from her shiny black snout, matte black fore and rear flippers, and sharp spade-like teeth, well suited to consuming ocean catch. As she is quite young and has virtually no motivation for typical aggression, Nao bears no scars of combat, save for small bite marks from much smaller squid on her neck and flippers.
  149. *****
  150. BIOGRAPHY: the second of Tallus' native archaic species to reappear, Polar Seals are what most would call a typically normal sub-species, at least compared to the rest of the Seal Colonies. Historically, the Polar Seals were devoted friends of the Hegemony, Germaneigh, the various Tallus harpies, the Prench, the Japoneighse, the Kra`ken, and the Sea's Bounty clan of antiquity. As the upstart Dynasty and it's annoying tenets would cause the Colonies to become isolated from the rest of Tallus, they would remain on happy terms with the Dragons due to shared enjoyments for equal parts snow, warmth, and ancient knowledge. Whether or not the average Seal even has enough motivation to put said knowledge to use is questionable, however.
  152. Due to her finely honed linguistic capabilities and higher than average porpoisity, Nao has been selected to be one of the Seal Colonies' liaisons to the whole of Tallus, after a bit of nudging from the current Dragon-Emperor. Readily dispatched to most of Tallus' major cities since Razorback's arrival, Nao, well aware of the Dynasty's repercussions in the past, has porpoisefully avoided visiting politically aligned cities, especially those that would necessitate her having to travel on bare ground such as Canterlot, Stalliongrad, and Las Pegasus. Though she has only made made two trade agreements, the first being a shipment of rare polar materials to the Empire for heatstones, the second a deal to trade a consistent amount of catch to the D.M.M.C. in exchange for language trainers to be provided to the Colonies, her reputation for being honest, fair, and likeable due to her youthful demeanor is well known.
  154. Since the circumstance leading her to take interest in Razorback's location are easily noticeable, Nao has been given the right to appoint herself Razorback's liaison to the Colonies, being a rather merry to work with diplomat until a more suitable candidate takes her place. Owing to her bright coloration and propensity for lazing about in warm locations where she can watch goings on, Nao is quite easy to find, especially since she enjoys perching on the highest locations possible, aided by an ever-amusing Sticky enchantment.
  156. *****
  158. Basic Flipper-to-Flipper
  160. *****
  162. Basic Rolling
  163. Expert Swimming+2
  165. *****
  167. Basic Alchemy
  168. Basic Bartering
  169. Basic Painting
  170. Basic Singing
  171. Basic Negotiation+1
  172. Basic Perception+2
  173. Basic Ocean Survival+3
  175. *****
  177. -Polar Bite: like all Seals, Nao takes GREAT pride in catching her own food, whether swimming under polar ice shelves, nosing out shorelines, diving into deep water, or merrily sliding through Moors swamps in search of something new to taste. Grants 2x [1d6+3] <Bite rolls that inflicts Major Bleeding on a base critical.
  179. -Expert Linguist: among the Seals, the ability to speak in multiple languages is highly valued due to their heavily isolated, spread out Colonies. Most Seals know, at minimum, three languages: their own sub-species, Common Porpoise, and whichever ancient dialect they find most appealing. As a member of the second-most recent generation, Nao's intellect has been porpoisefully honed through schooling in order to interact with most of Tallus. This also helps in determining the meanings of local words and slang, particularly when it comes to the Ferron clans, batponies, and the myriad intricacies of Saddle Arabian dialects. Grants 3x [1d6+1] rolls that function as Research when dealing with languages.
  181. -Sub-Sonar: an ability inherent to all Seal species, Nao is capable of utilizing underwater echolocation to find edibles, objects, or to simply navigate her way through water whenever necessary, particularly in areas where visibility is highly limited. Grants 2x [1d6+3] rolls that function as Perception and is capable of locating some stealthy creatures, but for obvious reasons cannot be used to track tastes or scents.
  183. -Polarborn: like the rest of her kind, Nao's physiology is utterly resistant to the negative effects of subzero temperatures down to -60 degrees, due in part to a mystical connection to snow and ice, similar to that of Crystal ponies. Reduces all harm caused by Ice and Water elementals by 1/2, whether natural, elemental, or Mystical in nature.
  185. -Snow Dive: an ability inherent to all Polar Seals, Nao is capable of rapidly diving through tightly packed snow, and even loose ice if need be, utilizing 3x [1d6+3] rolls, whether searching for something to eat, evading enemies, or simply finding a nice snow drive to snooze in.
  187. *****
  188. ALL PORPOISE ENCHANTMENTS: 0/2 Slots remaining.
  189. -Anti Guard: an archaic creation devised in Germaneigh sometime during the 21,000's era, Nao's mind is protected from all forms of Anti. Unlike similar mystical wards, this one was tuned specifically to prevent mind against mind contact, negating Anti's hostile nature.
  191. -Superior Sticky: a powerful full body enchantment that allows it's owner to stick to nearly any surface, including cloud material, without fear of being removed. May also attach items to oneself for a near-permanent hold.
  194. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  195. Velasi "Flash" Aguina, Ordo Chronos Inquisitor: 20HP, 1DR. Age: unknown. Month of Birth: unknown.
  197. *****
  198. Total XP:    28
  199. Unspent XP:  3
  201. *****
  203. -Low Gothic: can read, speak, and write fluently in over 30 dialects.
  205. -High Gothic: can read, speak, and write fluently in 7 dialects.
  207. -Xenos: Unicorn: has basic fluency in the modern dialect. It's mostly epithets, insults, the names of bodily parts, and other swears.
  209. *****
  210. APPEARANCE: formerly a human female of roughly average height with a semi-wiry build. Now however, a dull gold unicorn approximately 3'11" in height, the only distinguishing features being her always accusatory, piercing yellow eyes, and a small, simple golden loop pierced into her left ear.
  212. In short: she's tall enough to be booped, but short enough to be a danger, especially since she tends to aim for the crotch of any living being annoys her, whether male or female.
  214. *****
  215. BIOGRAPHY: arriving with the majority of Razorback Company, Velasi, calling herself Inquisitor Flash, made herself known and hated early on with an arrogant, overly loathing, and insufferable demeanor to those that spoke to her. This, of course, immediately brought her great ruin from the gathered humans in Canterlot. After being knocked out and choked unconscious several times on the train, she resigned herself to living in the deep shadow of Razorback, calling as little attention to herself as possible, unless the needs of the many outweighed the wants of herself. Ignoring all goings on, she preferred to stay as far away from others, especially ponies whom she continually labeled with the term 'xenos', and numerous slurs otherwise, until the confrontation with the Solar Tyrant occurred, where she was forced to flee along with the rest of Razorback. Even if she professed a certain rather gentrified form of speciesism, the Solar Tyrant's appearance shook her openly and deeply, falling into a state of morbid depression, which all saw as a welcome relief. This, however, belies her true feelings and thoughts, none of which she has yet dared to speak of.
  217. During the construction of Razorback Fortress and throughout it's second year, Inq. Flash was seen little, spending the vast majority of her time in difficult to reach or uncomfortable locations, occupying herself with whatever books she could get her hands on, and generally being out of the way. This did not last for long. Before Stalliongrad's Siege, Velasi ran afoul of Discord, engaging him while in an unusually violent and highly enraged state. Throwing the Inquisitor's otherwise potent psionic ability back in her face, the draconequis, showing anger for once, 'merely' decided to punish Velasi by performing a complete, binding transformation upon her. Shocked at her body now that of a dull gold unicorn, Velasi has been seen far less than in previous days, even if her research takes an interesting turn. Even now she rarely ventures into the Mess Hall for something to eat, but she is most often heard in the attics, rafters, and crawl spaces throughout the Fortress. Several of the less apprehensive Operators have even come across tunnels dug throughout the northern section of the fortress, all leading to the mess hall, presumably being one of the few activities she still takes some form of joy in.
  219. Although she may still be a loyal, honorable Inquisitor of the Ordo Chronos, Velasi's near-entirely unmotivated and sometimes catatonic state continues to dog her prospects. It remains to be seen what she will do with her life, though the tacit acceptance of this second chance as a curse is likely the end of the line for her.
  221. *****
  223. -Unicorn. 'nuff said.
  225. *****
  227. -Agoraphobia, Extreme. Having grown up and lived aboard voidships for the vast majority of her life, confined or otherwise spaces are, for her at least, comforting. The sense of knowing where one can be assaulted or ambushed from is a rare constant in an Inquisitor's life, and even more so for a member of the Ordo Chronos, whom are often called upon to act in four and even five dimensions in combat. For every 10 turns in non-enclosed spaces, Inq. Flash gains 1 Insanity.
  229. *****
  231. Basic Assault
  232. Basic Parry
  233. Basic Riposte
  235. Basic Forced Casting
  236. Basic Intimidation
  237. Basic Light Energy Weapons
  239. *****
  241. Basic Block
  242. Basic Evasion
  243. Basic Reaction Speed
  244. Basic Sprint
  246. *****
  248. Basic Engineering
  249. Basic Leadership
  250. Expert Explosives
  251. Basic Medicae
  252. Basic Negotiation
  253. Basic Perception
  254. Basic Scouting
  255. Basic Wilderness Survival
  257. *****
  259. -Master Ordo Hereticus Teachings: Smite. Like all Sanctioned Inquisitorial Psykers before her, Velasi was required to kneel before the Golden Throne in order to directly learn teachings from the God-Emperor himself. In her case, she only acquired a single fragment of such, though this does not imply that her mastery of the sole divine ability the Emperor taught her is due to a weak inherent nature. Few others can demonstrate that they have been granted the honor and right to call upon the Emperor's Right Hand of Wrath, which manifests in the material world as a golden armored human fist the height and twice the width of a Sentinel. At other times however, this appears to be a 15M in diameter cloud of bright white lightning, much the same as Astartes Librarians are capable of utilizing, which may stun virtually any foe that suffers a direct impact. Her abilities led some of Inq. Flash's fellows in the Ordo Chronos to believe that she was either destined for great deeds, or that she is merely less pretentious than she appears to be. ONCE per Operation, allows 4x [1d6+8] rolls with two alternate uses: the first being the Hand of Wrath, a pure damage causing ability, the second being Smite, which removes all modifiers, but stuns for 1 turn for each max critical.
  261. -Basic Temporal Castigation: each member of the Ordo Chronos is required to undergo thorough, vigorous hands-on training in temporal alignment, shifts, causality, breaks, line splitting, and castigation. This knowledge manifests in a seemingly genetic understanding of how time itself can be bent, twisted, woven together, broken, or fractured from it's strands. Of course, many in the Inquisition are both frightened and intrigued as to why members of the Ordo Chronos alone are granted this knowledge. Despite her reluctance to engage in, as she calls it, "grox-shit temporal fuckery the likes of which Tzeentch only WISHES he could take part in, that dickless space-mollusk!" As such, Inquisitor Flash often has eerie premonitions of future events, along with numerous and unsettling facts about the history of Tallus, though her deeply strained relationship with other humans almost always prevents her from sharing information. Grants Inq. Flash the Temporal Strain and Temporal Leap abilities with 2x [1d6] rolls, allowing her to either slow or increase the flow of temporal relativity in a 5M sphere around her, which may affect a maximum of two living beings or items each turn.
  263. *****
  265. -Basic Engraving+2
  267. *****
  269. -Amateur Researcher
  271. *****
  272. TRAIT: Aguina Family Rogue Trader. Bribery. Frontier world expansion. Archaeotech searches. Sudden Astartes arrivals. Extortion. Xenos artifacts. Implicit assassinations. Unnamed Guard company drops. Crusade-era technology. Currency manipulation. Antiquities trade & theft. Xenotech acquisition. Imperial missives. Ecclesiarchal dispatches. All of these and more define the life of a Rogue Trader, which in many cases boils down to: "whatever we do, we do in the service of the Emperor, even if it means getting our hands bloody from time to time, our actions benefit the Imperium. And, of course, ourselves!" Adds +1 to all Bartering, Leadership, and Ranged rolls.
  274. *****
  276. -Bren, Long Term Heavy Construction Training: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  278. -Provisional Tallus Research, Sapiens-Equine Studies: adds +1 to all Research rolls when studying ponies.
  280. *****
  281. SUPPLIES: 2x Canteens, 4x Field Officer's Rations, 6x Razorback "Vodka".
  283. *****
  284. COMMON ITEMS: 6x Chemlights, Compass, Map, Multitool, 2x Roll of Rope, 2x Rolls of Steel Wire, Shovel, Wire Cutters.
  286. *****
  287. EXPLOSIVES: 155MM Bombshell, 2x Bouncing Betty, 2x C4, 2x Claymore, 3x Krak Grenades.
  289. *****
  290. MEDICAL ITEMS: 2x Bandages, 2x Wound Dressings.
  292. *****
  294. -Blessed Rosarius: a faded, silver embossed rosarius bearing the Inquisition's standard symbol, significantly heavier than it looks. Over her time on Tallus, Inq. Flash has modified this heavy relic significantly to house a major temporal refraction field, a Chronon Wave Calculator, a rare and valuable relic of the Dark Age of Technology used in Astartes Legiones Auspex scanners, and a Temporal Harmonization Strand, one of the Ordo Chronos' most guarded tools, likely Necron in origin. When used, Inq. Flash is able to fully exit the timestream of material and immaterial worlds, spectrums, dimensions, and planes, adding +4 to all Temporal Strain and Temporal Leap rolls.
  296. *****
  298. -Hardened Ordo Hereticus Outfit (Custom Fit, Unique): a simple, ubiquitous outfit commonly favored by Witch-Hunters. Comprised of a comfortable woven mesh bodysuit, a brown leather overcoat, and a wide brimmed hat perfect for keeping rain and snow off. Inq. Flash has taken the time to improve this normally fashion-only set with the addition of cured, thin basilisk hide inserted into the overcoat at strategic locations, glued in place by one of the more permanent compounds available on Tallus.
  299. -Armor Value: 1DR.
  300. -Armor Class: Light.
  301. -Enchantment Slots: 1/1 remaining.
  303. *****
  304. PHYSICAL ENCHANTMENTS: 2/3 slots remaining.
  306. -Armor Charm: provides a natural +1DR.
  309. *************************************************************************************************************************************
  311.                             RAZORBACK SUPPORT STAFF:
  313. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  314. Aiutante: 90HP, 1DR. Age: 26. Month of Birth: August.
  316. *****
  317. (Amiable, Cheerful, Efficient, Focused, Multitasker, Talkative, Veteran: Casting/Crafting/Enchanting)
  319. *****
  320. APPEARANCE: a wiry-framed pastel pink unicorn mare, with a medium length flowing auburn mane and matching eyes. She has some tone to her body, especially her rear.
  322. *****
  323. BIOGRAPHY: a cheery, upbeat, and lavish styled unicorn from Manehattan's more 'ritzy' district, Aiutante was the child of wealthy business moguls who wanted nothing but the best of their first daughter, sending her to Canterlot's College of Magic to further her means in life.
  325. On her way to one of the more 'refined' magic classes, she accidentally stumbled into a 'practical applications' course which was working on general crafting and enchanting. She found the hooves-on magic to be more suited to her interest, despite looking completely apart from such line of work. Also one of Hodch's most successful and adept students to date, greatly enjoying his 'extra credit' and 'private teaching sessions'.
  327. Although she comes off somewhat haughty and, to humans, preppy, she has the utmost respect for those in the similar field, especially those far more experienced than her. Loves to multi-task, and is deeply focused when crafting or enchanting in any sort. While she has a rather noticeable Valley-girl accent, Aiutante can be a bit of a flirt, and tends to unconsciously complain whenever she gets dirty.
  329. *****
  330. CUTIE MARK: a large purple cog interconnected with a smaller green cog, between them an apparently jammed wrench.
  332. *****
  333. STATUS: an assistant craftspony and enchanter for Razorback Fortress, under contract.
  335. *****
  337. Basic Assault+3
  338. Basic Parry+3
  339. Basic Riposte+3
  341. Expert Casting+9
  343. *****
  345. Basic Block+2
  346. Basic Evasion+2
  347. Basic Reaction Speed+2
  348. Basic Sprint+2
  350. *****
  352. Basic Bartering+2
  353. Basic Research+4
  354. Master Crafting+8
  355. Master Enchanting+8
  356. Master Smithing+9
  358. ******
  359. SPECIAL ABILITY: Disciple of Hodch. After many years of esoteric instruction and... uh, 'simpler' lessons by her well known teacher, Aiutante is capable of calling on much of Hodch's knowledge at will. Adds +1 to and grants an additional roll to any of the following skills: Casting, Crafting, Enchanting, and Research Smithing, and doubles the Reputation gained by Lunar factions.
  361. *****
  363. -Chromed Blacksmith and Crafter Tool Set: a generous collection of enchanted and runed tools to aid Aiutante in her trade. Includes chisels, engraving blades, hammers, and other tools; the effects and processes of each controlled by mental willpower. Grants a [1d6+7] <Blacksmith/Craft Tools roll when forging, reforging, or engraving items.
  365. -Chromed Runic Horn Ring: a chromed steel horn ring specifically made by, and for, Aiutante's personal use. Adds +2 to all Casting rolls.
  367. -Chromed Runic Anvil: a custom-made chromed steel anvil inscribed with unicorn runes, allowing her to add elemental effects and strengthen items. Grants a [1d6+10] <Runic Anvil roll when forging, reforging, or engraving items.
  369. -Chromed Runic Hammer: a small, enchanted and runed chromed steel hammer with both flat and round heads, used specifically during the forging process or to precisely manipulate engraving blades, chisels, and other tools. Grants a [1d6+7] <Runic Hammer roll when forging, reforging, or engraving items.
  371. -Custom Blacksmith Apron: a black cover-all, adorned in pony skulls with pink bows. Aiutante normally wears this when working near a furnace, or with metals and other potentially dirty materials. Unnaturally resistant to heat and grime.
  373. -Personal Notebook: A thick, roughed-up, hot pink binder; almost exploding with papers, notes, and research on crafting and enchanting. Not a Diary, but contains a lot of funny doodles, as well. Her penmareship is impeccable. Grants an additional Research roll.
  375. *****
  379. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  380. Allys, 100HP, 1DR. Age: 20. Month of birth: May.
  382. *****
  383. (Amiable, Blunt, Calm, Hostess, Intuitive, Listener, Purposeful, Quick, Thoughtful)
  385. *****
  386. APPEARANCE: an average sized, dim green pegasus mare with a large, straight mane and solid pale green eyes, entirely dissimilar to Mercy's unusual condition. Somewhat stockier than most pegasi, but pleasantly curved with a thicker, more cold resistant than normal coat.
  388. *****
  389. BIOGRAPHY: unknown, but likely good. An intuitive and easy-going mare, though with a bland, always tired sounding voice, Allys is neither hyperactive nor lazy, having the typical earth pony attitude combined with the speed and agility of a pegasi, this, unfortunately, makes her a somewhat poor conversationalist when it comes something other than giving advice, cooking, or any subject she knows well. Despite her overall nice qualities, Allys has a raging temper when sorely pressed or irritated, and would often find herself challenging the strongest or fastest for a night spent with her, IF they survived her intimidating voice, developed from years of shouting at customers from all across Tallus, many of which could easily have taken her down, yet didn't, a fact that she (incorrectly) attributes to her muscular figure and (correctly) the ability to quell riots by refusing to serve alcohol.
  391. At Thrill's request, Allys was hired from Lucky's list of potential employees as the need for day and night cooks became apparent. Making the transition to the Fortress was quite easy, mostly as she had few belongings and prefers to travel light regardless. Shortly after arriving, Pella was also hired, giving Allys the choice of taking day or night shift, to which she chose day as nearly all the Operators were night-dwellers. Despite their constant joking, the two are close friends from being employed at Lucky's Bar. As Allys has stated before, her friend's nickname is 'Mella Pella' due to a rather profound baking session after a stressful night.
  393. Meeting Caliya during one of his off days, the two struck up conversation, curious as to each other's experiences with the strange humans of Razorback. Intrigued by the awkwardly off-colored earth pony, Allys continued to meet with him constantly the next several months, steadily coming to like his blunt, quick spoken demeanor, though was concerned at his lack of Marks and the burn scars he refused to show. The two became virtually inseparable when not on duty, spending most of their time together in the Fortress, and occasionally taking trips to the Moors or Las Pegasus to relax.
  395. Sometime in late March of Razorback's second year during the Fortress's renovation, Caliya, as he told Tipper, was approached by Allys during a day where most of the mares were acting 'very, very predatory'. Facing the possibility of what punishment he could not guess, he was far less than happy at Allys's demand to give her a foal, but on a stroke of humor, decided to give her exactly what she wanted. So far, neither seem displeased at this new stage in their relationship, though Twisted and Tipper continue to comment, with varying shades of humor and inappropriateness, at Allys's increased hunger and propensity to walk stiffly.
  397. *****
  398. CUTIE MARK: a blue and red bottle with the corks lying between them.
  400. *****
  401. STATUS: nighttime server and cook for the Fortress, under permanent contract via Tipper.
  403. *****
  405. -Caliya: very, VERY close friend.. and is expected to have his foal (or foals) in late February of next year.
  406. -Pella: a close friend to.
  408. *****
  410. Basic Assault+4
  411. Basic Parry+5
  412. Basic Riposte+3
  414. Expert Intimidation+6
  416. *****
  418. Expert Block+2
  419. Expert Evasion+5
  420. Expert Flight+3
  421. Expert Reaction Speed+4
  422. Expert Sprint+2
  424. *****
  426. Expert Bartering+4
  427. Expert Chef+6
  428. Expert Negotiation+2
  430. *****
  434. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  435. Amerose, Starborn Lorekeeper: 120HP, 2DR. Age: 25. Month of birth: March.
  437. >>
  439. *****
  440. (Amiable, Calm, Chatty, Dutiful, Efficient, Eidetic Memory, Focused, Humorous, Inquisitive, Intellectual, Knowledgeable, Logical, Natural Charmer, Precise, Savant, Studious, Veteran: Alchemy/Crystal-Forging/Crystal Runes)
  442. *****
  443. APPEARANCE: a dusky silver coated, sapphire and emerald maned Crystal mare with pale blue eyes, noticeably a bit smaller than most mares her age. Due to a strict diet and exercise routine, Amerose is stronger and more finely toned than most Crystal ponies, yet still retains most of her race's curvy, sultry appearance. Almost never takes off her robes, however.
  445. *****
  446. BIOGRAPHY: early life unknown.
  448. When an offer by both Princess Luna and Princess Cadence, both taking their advisers seriously for once, came for somepony to accept the role of acting as a liaison between the Imperial Wardens and the Starborn, few of the Lorekeepers considered it worthwhile to respond to either. Dissatisfied with the younger Imperial Wardens and their refusal to take history seriously, Amerose eagerly responded to the summons, then at the age of 17.
  450. Granted the twin ranks of Rune Knight and Citadel Mage, even though the latter is technically a position meant only for unicorns, Amerose forced herself to ignore the meteoric increases in rank, but did accept several items and enchantments from both factions. Diving deeply into the archives of both factions, she spent the vast majority of her time seeking information on the many historical relics that were as of yet uncatalogued or unknown, typically buried under a pile of scripts and tomes in search of a single line that could tell her what she desired to know, or where else to search for further clues.
  452. Although relatively young at the time, her heightened focus, noteworthy skills, unorthodox methodologies, and greatly enjoyable company (in more ways than two) endeared her to both factions, allowing her access to possessions that had passed down through many generations, taking advantage of the temporary study and subsequently lighthearted flings whenever possible. While her lack of caring about the conflicts between factions made many younger Imperial Wardens consider Amerose dangerously close to an enemy, there was little open complaint against her, especially with Lunar Council member Chuz`Ain and numerous retiring Imperial Keepers backing her position as mediator and liaison.
  454. In contact with Hodch as he began full time courses at the Canterlot College of Magic, and Belltower under Lunar Council member Oranti's orders, after a year at her position Amerose came to enjoy their humorous, easy going natures enough to proposition forming a herd between the three. While heartened by the Lorekeeper's sentiments, the pair gently declined the offer, stating their valid, but serious, reasons for why they could not accept. Understanding the oftentimes volatile events that the Starborn were forced to deal with, she bowed out from her proposition gracefully, deciding that forming a herd with non-military members would likely easier be and less stressful. She still maintained a professional friendship with the two, but privately she was severely disappointed at the poor timing, and began spending more time with the new friends (and lovers) her increasingly large number of faction contacts allowed.
  456. Traveling all over Equestria, Saddle Arabia, and Germaneigh to study recovered pieces from the Dynasty, Amerose ran across Twisted Wing in the black markets of major cities often, and took an interest in the General-in-exile selling relics she'd come across in her own travels. Taking an, admittedly, significant risk to develop a working relationship without revealing her status in the Starborn, and knowing that she could both learn more of Tallus history while making a friend of the awe-inspiring pegasus, Amerose wisely kept her dealings from others silent. Unfortunately, Amerose quickly found that she was one of the very rare few whom would suffer negatively from Twisted Wing's Enchains in close contact, forcing her to keep a distance or else sneeze constantly. Despite the minor setback of having to keep from breathing in through her nose when dealing with the oversized mare, Amerose enjoyed the General's company, extending her official visits whenever possible and safeguarding the knowledge of her affairs.
  458. During a visit to the Canterlot College of Magic after classes had finished, Amerose was startled at a sudden off colored remark from Hodch, whom was peculiarly happy at the knowledge she had befriended the Burning Pegasus. Making a humored rebuttal by stating 'a room filled with flexible succulent fillies will never be as good as her, you know', she was amazed at his agreement, even though the two knew well of her particular tastes. Recognizing his status as the Starborn's ersatz Lorekeeper, she questioned the circumstances that had driven Princess Luna and the General apart, curious at his mood immediately souring. Afterwards, she quietly thanked him for the explanation, yet was curious to understand Hodch's admissions of personal and professional distrust towards the Nightmare. Concluding that this line of thought was unlikely to lead in any positive directions, Amerose returned to her normal routine, subtly keeping an eye on Luna in the hope of aiding reconciliation should the alicorn express a desire to.
  460. Keeping herself fully active for the next several years, Amerose's naturally amused personality exploded exponentially upon learning of Twisted Wing's newfound relationship with a human male from the Razorback mercenaries, swiftly becoming notorious for collapsing in the Citadel and laughing until she passed out in tears. Learning more of humans while ensuring that information on Twisted's travels remained suppressed, she considered the Nightmare's eventual reconciliation a sign of improved judgement, still choosing to say nothing of her own encounters regardless of the positive shift in mentality.
  462. A personal request from Twisted Wing, returned to full Generalship during Razorback Fortress's renovation, caught Amerose off guard while relaxing in the Council Chambers. Frowning at the thought of abandoning her own research, the Burning General's brief explanation of Razorback's unusual (and highly volatile) circumstances intrigued her, and along with fifteen retired, yet still combat capable, former Starborn that would take residence in the Enclave, she bemusedly accepted the offer.. and, in front of the entire Lunar Council, promptly forgave Twisted for not having one last fling before becoming a 'proper mare'. Undaunted by Twisted Wing's (wholly expected) stunning display of fury, Amerose pointedly wrote her own request for another Lorekeeper from the Empire to continue her work at the Citadel, nonchalantly assembling her possessions and leaving the Citadel, all the while smiling at the near-endless stream of obscenities.
  464. Arriving at the decommissioned Enclave, and dumbfounded at the collected weaponry, armor, and miscellaneous items from all over Tallus, Amerose, with Naliyna and Denra's aid, has seen fit to shift it's layout entirely, ensuring numerous rooms are both serviceable and livable once more, including the command post on the 'roof' of the dome. Conning Hodch into allowing her to consolidate the more dangerous items into vastly easier to manage buildings, she then convinced him to improve his already heavy-hoofed security measures, cheerfully providing numerous defensive wards for additional protection.
  466. When not identifying relics or otherwise occupied, Amerose tends to stroll through the sections marked solely for the Dynasty eras, closely examining the works and artistry of her ancestors in thorough detail, though politely refuses to take any for her own research.
  468. *****
  469. CUTIE MARK: unknown.
  471. *****
  472. STATUS: former Lorekeeper at the Imperial Armory, then Head Lorekeeper in liaison to the Citadel. Now commands and manages the Starborn at the Enclave, seeking to catalogue and study the entirety of it's contents.
  474. *****
  476. -Hodch: has a friendly rivalry towards, and takes every chance to (jealously) dig at him for his well known expertise in fillyfooling.
  477. -Twisted Wing: although the two are on friendly terms due to their close contact, Amerose prefers not to deal with the Burning Pegasus much as she sneezes constantly in close contact. Still harbors a burning (pun intended) passion for her, however.
  479. *****
  481. Master Assault+6
  482. Expert Parry+3
  483. Master Riposte+5
  485. *****
  487. Expert Block+4
  488. Expert Evasion+3
  489. Expert Reaction Speed+3
  490. Expert Sprint+3
  492. Expert Fearless+3
  494. *****
  496. Master Alchemy+8
  497. Master Bartering+5
  498. Master Crystal-Forging+8
  499. Expert Perception+5
  500. Master Research+8
  502. *****
  503. Master Crystal Runes+9
  505. -Learned Runes:
  506. *Cover: creates an innate crystalline shield that may be used to defend herself or allies with, and is also capable of attacking and stunning opponents.
  508. *Fade: allows the user to become invisible on a result of 6 or higher, but does not confer the other benefits typically associated with Stealth.
  510. *Power: adds +1 to all Crystal Rune rolls for each max critical, capping at a maximum of +4, and can be used with Crafting.
  512. *Pull: allows use of minor Psychokinesis, limited to a maximum of 500 pounds.
  514. *Refresh: allows use of a ranged, minor Recovery-like ability, though allies must be in line of sight and within 100M in order to function. On a max critical, natural Poisons, Toxins, and other minor status effects will be negated.
  516. *****
  518. -Charming Presence. Amerose's youthful voice, intellect, and mannerisms, combined with training received from both the Wardens and Starborn, grants her the ability to Charm living beings, particularly mares, whenever she desires their attention, company, or affections. Twice per day/night, allows a [1d6+3] <Charm ability when dealing with males, or a [1d6+5] <Enhanced Charm to females.
  520. *****
  522. -Lorekeeper's Robes (Archaic Legendary Relic): a bright white, full body covering woven silk robe, several fluffy rings of cotton trim featured around the entire hem. Dating back to the Middle Dynasty Era, Empress Silver was in need of experienced Crystal ponies to undertake experiments in alchemy and the inner workings of elementalism, knowledge that would lead to creating the numerous, and puzzling, elemental cores created during the Late Dynasty Era. Holding a hoof out to the conclaves on the edges of the Crystal Kingdom, long before it was known as the Crystal Empire, a large number of Crystal ponies accepted the Empress's offer and shortly formed the Lorekeepers, commissioning these robes solely for their members. After the fall of the Dynasty, the Lorekeepers returned to their homeland, bringing back vast wealths of information which would dramatically improve the Kingdom's standing, allowing it to rapid become the Empire under their tutelage.
  523. -Armor Value: 1DR.
  524. -Armor Class: Unarmored.
  525. -Enchantment Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  526. >Defensive Enchantment #1: reduces all Elemental damage by 1/4.
  527. >Utility Enchantment #1: adds +1 to all Alchemy & Research rolls.
  528. >Utility Enchantment #2: adds +1 to all Crystal-Forging and Crystal Runes rolls.
  530. *****
  532. -Insight's Gift: a recently devised ward, similar to those created by psions, this is a small, nearly invisible Empire crystal molded into a tiny ponyshoe on a silk string, the phrase for 'Focus From Within' carved on both sides in archaic rune script. A result of numerous experiments and intensive research from her time spent in the archives of the Citadel and the Imperial Armory, Amerose developed this during her efforts to improve the outer and inner workings of the highly emotional Crystal pony mind, and upon realizing the potential benefits of her research, she created this rather simple ward to aid her, keeping her other designs for additional testing. FRAGILE! Grants an additional roll to and adds +1 to all Crystal Rune rolls.
  534. -Lorekeeper's Alchemy Set: an original set of alchemical tools from the Crystal Kingdom era, all made of finely tuned Empire crystal. Includes an alembic, a heatstone powered calcinator, dry & wet presses, an oloscope, a condenser, a retort, mortar & pestle, coldstone and heatstone bowls for managing precise temperatures, and several specialized, strange looking newer tools that only Amerose seems to understand the use and meanings of. Adds +6 to and grants an additional Alchemy roll.
  536. -Lorekeeper's Tome: a weathered book bound in valo bark, the thick sheaf pages penned in black beryl, artistically in the Crystal Kingdom era style of rune script. A copy of the original comprehensive book on Crystal-Forging techniques and the various Crystal Rune abilities from the early Crystal Empire era, greatly updated to current standards and teachings, there is enough information on precision sonic/vocal control and emotional paradoxes contained within that most unicorns are driven mad attempting to understand it, so she refuses to loan it out. Grants an additional Crystal-Forging and Crystal Runes roll, but cannot be used for combat purposes.
  538. -Mountain Egg: a 3" tall, unnaturally heavy dark brown and red swirling egg with small green highlights, carved to represent the tenacity of the Northern Wasteland Mountains. One of numerous crystalline eggs carved in the Crystal Kingdom, before it became the Empire long ago, this is one of the Four Lands set, meant to evoke a sense of solid, predictable resistance in any weather condition imaginable. When carried by a Crystal pony, the Mountain Egg adds +1DR and +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, but the bearer suffers a -2 penalty to all Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls.
  540. -Reverse Paired Bond: a hoofband composed of pale blue, black, and purple kanpri threads, woven together by a master batpony crafter of the Starborn and given to a minotaur shaman in order to enact rites of exploration and knowledge. Adds +1 to all Crystal Rune and Perception/Scouting/Wilderness Survival rolls.
  542. *****
  544. -Ice-Forged Shield: a 1' tall, clear Imperial crystal shield with a carved relief in bright blue of a small crystal-forging work shop, the coloration created by using the juice of a young bluesteel mushroom. Designed by Lorekeepers after the fall of the Dynasty, these shields were intended to be slotted into the front of standardized armor in order to compliment the expanded abilities of Crystal ponies. Unfortunately, most fell out of service since few Wardens specialized in crystal-forging, and were relegated back to the Lorekeepers. Though she carries the enchantment, the shield itself seems to have ket hidden elsewhere, likely for personal reasons. Adds +1 to all Crystal-Forging and Research Rolls.
  547. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  548. Aster, Nightfang: 240HP, 2DR. Age: 37. Month of birth: March.
  550. *****
  551. (Armored, Cautious, Fearless, Guardian, Level-Headed, Veterancy: Combat/Senses, Watchful)
  553. *****
  554. APPEARANCE: a bluish-grey coated earth pony with a dark yellow mane and matching eyes, has a small jagged scar under her left eye.
  556. *****
  557. BIOGRAPHY: a down-to-earth... earth pony Nightfang who helps patrol the walls of Razorback Fortress.
  559. Born and raised in Stalliongrad, Aster and her parents moved to Manehatten at the age of ten to escape the growing number of foalnappings and the Councilerge's corrupt system, becoming a local Enforcer for large popular shops and businesses before joining the Night Guard. On a routine detail for a high-profile noble in Canterlot, she was ambushed by a gryphon assassin and stunned, left helpless. Before the gryphon could continue its assault, Steel Blitz, only a Night Guard recruit at the time, witnessed the display and tackled the assassin. The recruit, however, was no match for the gryphon, suffering mortal wounds to his side. While the assassin attempted to finish Blitz off, Aster recovered, utilizing her Gravity Lance to knock back the gryphon and proceeding to pulverize it's head into oblivion with her hoofboots. Since then, Aster has taken an oath to watching over Steel Blitz as a mentor, as well as paying off her debt of gratitude.
  561. Exceptionally level-headed, Aster is usually unphased by the local oddities of the Everfree.. especially those that reside within the Fortress. Like most other earth ponies that have separated from Stalliongrad, Aster sees all ponies and species as equals.. although she can find her Nightclaw partner a little dimwitted, she still watches over the younger Guard fiercely.
  563. *****
  564. CUTIE MARK: a green tower shield outlined with cyan blue, a fuchsia flower with a yellow center in the middle, usually covered by her armor.
  566. *****
  567. STATUS: a Lunar Guard at Razorback Fortress, part of the wall patrol.
  569. *****
  570. RELATIONSHIPS: in a herd with Steel Blitz, lead stallion, and Natilda, lead mare.
  572. *****
  574. Master Assault+8
  575. Master Parry+6
  576. Master Riposte+7
  578. Expert Earth Smash+3
  579. Basic Intimidation+2
  580. Lunge+10
  582. *****
  584. Basic Block+3
  585. Basic Evasion+3
  586. Basic Reaction Speed+3
  587. Basic Sprint+3
  589. Resist Damage+4
  591. *****
  593. Basic Bartering+2
  594. Expert Perception+5
  595. Basic Negotiation+2
  597. *****
  599. -BOSS-class Fearless: cannot be Intimidated or Demoralized normally.
  601. *****
  603. -Nightfang Heavy Armor (Custom-Fit, Lunar-Forged): a personalized and custom fit set of heavy Lunar Guard armor, worn by those whom have specialized in defensive tactics.
  604. -Armor Value: provides 3DR.
  605. -Armor Class: Improved Medium.
  606. -Enchantment Slots: 3/3 remaining.
  608. ******
  610. -S-Rank Travel Futon: in all respects, this is a bright white, 3' wide, 5' long, and 1' deep travel futon, weighing approximately 120 pounds. Bought from Rasera, one of the rare traveling Cavalier Clan merchants from Japoneighsia, it bears exceptional comfort qualities despite it's unusually spartan appearance, and seems to retain more warmth than even silk mattresses. After some examination, Naliyna has concluded that it could only have been designed and hoof-sewn by a grandmaster clothier, particularly due to the unusually heavy, rare strain of a cotton-like Planar material almost solely used in it's construction along with the impeccably perfect stitching. When a living being sleeps on this futon for a minimum of 6 hours, they will wake with greater vigor than normal, granting +1 to any three physical, secondary, or tertiary rolls for the rest of their day or night cycle.
  612. *****
  614. -Gravity Lance (Weapon Traits: Custom, Lunar-Forged): a 6' lance attached to the left side of her armor, for use 'only when needed'. Instead of the traditional piercing spike, the tip is a thick, blunted tungsten cylinder with a flat striking surface that houses a powerful Force elemental burst rune, meant for stunning and knocking back heavy targets, damaging hardened targets, or causing extensive structural damage to buildings and fortifications.
  615. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Hooved.
  616. -Enchantment Slots: 1/2 remaining.
  617. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  618. -Offensive Enchantment #1: grants a [1d6+20] <Gravity Shock non-elemental attack once per Operation, deals double damage to structures or very large enemies.
  620. -Nightfang Lightning Hoofboots (Weapon Traits: Custom-Fit, Lunar-Forged): a customized quartet of otherwise standard Lunar Guard armored hoofboots, enchanted with a specialized, moderately effective lightning elemental for softer targets.
  621. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  622. -Enchantment Slots: 0/1 remaining.
  623. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  624. -Offensive Enchantment #1: grants a [1d6+1] <Lightning elemental attack.
  626. *****
  629. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  630. Bren: 200HP, 2DR. Age: 34. Month of birth: November.
  632. >>
  634. *****
  635. (Blunt, Brazen, Bold, Determined, Efficient, Hard-Working, Humorous, Intuitive, Thoughtful)
  637. *****
  638. APPEARANCE: a muscular, slightly larger than average full body ochre unicorn with salmon eyes, a straight, mid-body length rust colored mane that's left half-tangled and half-curled at all times, and an amusingly double twisted tail thanks to Mist Dancer's styling. Somehow, she manages to keep both clean. Bren's soft, highly feminine features combined with her uncharacteristic Western accent are an odd contrast, though the years of constant shouting and hard drinking have given her both a rough, commanding voice and the appearance of a rabble rouser. As of late, Bren has taken on a number of mareish touches to her personal look, and at least tries to keep herself from being covered in sawdust, rock chips, or slag whenever possible, though she often forgets to do so when a job is on the line.
  640. *****
  641. BIOGRAPHY: Bren, real name Tenbren, happens to be a hard-edged and somewhat stern unicorn, but is an excellent manager and work boss, treating her workers fairly and completing projects on time without fail. Knows the ins and outs of the construction business extraordinarily well, having created several hundred pro tem patents, such as they can be called on Tallus, mostly in design and structural engineering. Originally based in Canterlot, her team, a collection of expert craftsponies, is one of the best in Equestria, as they've been known to set up fully furnished houses in less than a day, with much larger and more complex structures, such as Razorback Fortress, taking a mere month to design, lay the groundwork for, build, and place.
  643. As an old friend's favor, Denra recommended her to Princess Luna as Razorback's building manager, and has become considerably more involved in the Fortress's decision making processes as time has passed. Most notably, Bren has refused all requests from Spiral to set up permanent housing for the Guards and mercenaries, and is in the process of designing a small hospital, with a clinic addition of course, closer to the pagoda due to the number of injuries that the Operators and their allies have sustained over the course of their year on Tallus.
  645. An incident involving Lont casually mentioning to Indurian that arranged marriage was normal on Tallus, and that Bren was to be his designated wife, has led to something much, MUCH more. Taking an active interested in the knight, Bren's eventual awareness of his dual existence barely perturbs her usually distrustful nature of unnatural beings, part in thanks to a certain (not) deity, as she recognizes him for much more than a killing machine or a mindless servant of one. Combined with their deepening knowledge of each other, Bren's outlook on Indurian has given her some insight into the strange, often dumbfounding lessons she received at the Canterlot College of Magic, particularly those on shared existences and, far more concerning, those detailing the summoning of unnatural beings.
  647. While Bren's mass orgies have always been a point of contention amongst Razorback's more modest ponies, particularly to the combined horror and rage from Mercy, they are now far more shocked that she has ceased throwing them.. Mercy excluded, of course, instead devoting her thoughts and time whenever not working to Indurian more than anything else.
  649. *****
  650. FETISHES: too many to name!
  652. *****
  653. CUTIE MARK: an iron hammer striking three bent nails, the first pointed downwards at 180 degrees, the second pointing at 225 degrees, the third pointed at 270 degrees.
  655. *****
  656. STATUS: work boss for Razorback Fortress.
  658. *****
  659. RELATIONSHIP: engaged to Indurian.
  661. *****
  663. Expert Assault+5
  664. Expert Parry+4
  665. Expert Riposte+3
  667. Master Casting+7
  669. *****
  671. Expert Block+4
  672. Expert Parry+5
  673. Expert Reaction Speed+3
  674. Expert Sprint+5
  676. Expert Fearless+4
  677. Master Teleport+6
  679. *****
  681. Master Bartering+4
  682. Master Crafting+10
  683. Master Enchanting+7
  684. Master Engineering+10
  685. Basic Recovery+7
  686. Master Translocation+6
  688. *****
  689. UNIQUE PAIRED ITEM: Cavallade Hoofband #1 of 2. Forged by Krinza using three triangular silver, platinum, and gold rods twisted into a perfect circle, the inside flattened and inscribed with 'Indurian', symbolizing the (very unorthodox) union between herself and Indurian.
  691. *****
  695. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  696. Bright Amber: 75HP, 1DR. Age: Unknown.
  698. *****
  699. (Dislike: Unnatural/Efirates, Easily Confused, Nature Lover, Simple Minded)
  701. *****
  702. APPEARANCE: a male Pred-Elk with a thin brown coat, the Amber giving off a yellow sheen against it. Has the same exact mystic blue eyes as Sparking Fleur, also roughly the same height as Sparky. From his hooves to the top of his head, Bright is 4'1" tall, not counting antlers; with antlers he is exactly 5'4" tall.
  704. *****
  705. BIOGRAPHY: one of many Predator Elks given sentience by Old Horn in a backfired plan to exterminate a spreading Efirate infestation. Unlike his eldest sister given sentience, Sparking Fleur, Bright Amber and the rest of his family do not have her innate desire to discover and learn. The next few months after their rebirth, Bright and the rest of the herd learned new, comfortable routines under Father Old Horn's guidance.
  707. Sent to find out where Sparking Fleur had gone to, Bright Amber finally came into contact with Razorback, and through interactions with Ivan the Stalker and Soviet Comrade, Bright began to feel the need to understand more, just like his older sister, even though these feelings go against everything he has built up in the past. Now, however, he is torn between reverting to the safety of his predictable life of pre-Razorback contact, or to indulge in that small humble spark of humanity that has granted him a real life.
  709. Roping Aster, Ivan and Comrade to help with exterminating a Grass Stalk flock so as to save the surrounding forestry from dying out and killing only one of the surprisingly giant flora birds did the Operators and their pony ally decide to leave the rest to Bright, who did not hold their decision against them, Amber himself using another Stalk breaking free from the ground to deal with the rest. Using the Amberine Armor's Attune capabilities, the Pred-Elk stunned the flying giants, crashing through the canopy of the Everfree and returning their excessive stored energy to the forest. Sustaining a broken leg and antler, Bright found that one of the Grass Stalks had survived, and on closer inspection noticed a pair of unique stone collars circling around it's elongated neck. Inspecting the stone collars and their precious gems, Bright was caught off guard as the odd Grass Stalk flew into the air, bringing him to a facility that was hidden within a tight cordon thicket of secoya trees, and after a cursory investigation used the same Grass Stalk to return to Razorback Fortress for further aid.
  711. Taking Ivan and Bubba to the facility, the three explored it as thoroughly as possible.. albeit with clumsily results. Traversing a courtyard overflowing with caustic waters, Bright, Ivan and Bubba entered a ruined dome chamber where an amalgamation of smooth stone and ceramic pieces held together by vines rested, the 'thing' awakening, yet oddly placid towards the three, which went on to display territorial hostility to another 'thing' lurking in wait outside under the courtyards flooded surface, much as two predators meeting in the wild would fight. During the ensuing row, what little the courtyard had for solid ground collapsed, stranding everyone in the vine & ceramic golem-likes lair, with all three suffering acid burns. Showing a surprising mark of intelligence, the first being allowed itself to be used as a ramp so the three could escape through a hole in the dome's ceiling, where they crossed the roof of the facility to return to the Grass Stalk, flying back to base, afterwards Bubba strongly 'suggesting' for Bright to rest in the clinic. The Pred-Elk followed suit.
  713. The experience has left Bright enamored to discover more about the facility, though has decided to stay within the Fortress for the next few months and it's surrounding forest, occasionally going off to visit Father Old Horn. His reasons for staying were that he could catch up to Sparking Fleur, and observe, with increasing interest, the expansion of the Fortress and how everyelk was involved in some way, making his chest fill with rising warmth at witnessing construction taking place in real time.
  715. *****
  717. Expert Assault+6
  718. Expert Parry+6
  719. Expert Riposte+6
  721. *****
  723. Expert Block+2
  724. Expert Evasion+2
  725. Expert Reaction Speed+2
  726. Expert Sprint+2
  728. Expert Stealth+4
  730. *****
  732. Expert Perception+4
  734. *****
  735. SPECIES ABILITY: Expert Lightning Strike. An ability inherent to all pred-elks that allows them to absorb and store electrical discharges in their antlers, then release at an enemy with 3x [1d6+2] rolls. Predelks may charge this ability by +2 each turn, capping at +10.
  737. *****
  739. -Attune: grants the capacity to study an enemy in line of sight through Druidry with a [1d6+3] roll that functions as Research, allowing Bright to attune his skills against specific creatures, gaining additional benefits when in combat after 100 points of Research are achieved. While using Attune, Bright Amber is unable to utilize the other two abilities granted by his armor. Currently attuned to: Efirates & Grass Stalks.
  741. -Golden Break: a golden burst of light emitted from the Amberine Armor that washes over an opponent, sapping them of their vitality for a short period of time. Once per Operation, roll [1d6] and [1d6+3], the first result lasting that number of turns, the second result being the amount of HP drained each turn.
  743. -Golden Resilience: a bright amber pulse produced from the Amberine Armor, protecting the wearer for a short period of time. Once per operation, roll [1d6] and [1d6+3], the first result lasting that number of turns, the second result being the amount of additional DR gained.
  745. *****
  747. -Condensed Amberine Armour: a set of full body plate armor made from condensed amber, held together by naturally elastic materials.. it obviously doesn't offer much protection. The amber itself is imbued with Druidic abilities, allowing Bright the abilities to weaken enemies, and to protect it's wearer from specific enemy species, once attuned to.
  748. -Armor Value: provides 1DR.
  749. -Armor Class: Light.
  750. -Enchantment Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  751. -Druidic Enchantments: grants the Attune, Golden Break, and Golden Resilience abilities.
  754. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  755. Broken Hoof, Light Lancer Master-Captain: 300HP, 3DR. Age: 44. Month of birth: December.
  757. *****
  758. APPEARANCE: unknown, as she never takes off her armor, though she has mentioned that her mane is a patchwork of three colors, same for her eyes, while her coat is made up of eight different shades.
  760. *****
  761. BIOGRAPHY: unknown.
  763. Answering a question from Jeff, the new Eleventh Councilierge, a primal psion with deep knowledge of Stalliongrad's history, revealed much of Broken Hoof's past. Approximately 77 years prior to Razorback's arrival, Broken Hoof's grandfather willingly accepted an invitation by Empress Silver to mate in secret. The location of this event and his reasons for doing so are unknown. Years later, Broken Hoof's mother, one Safflower Trot by name, reportedly shared this information in a public place, and was then brought before several members of Stalliongrad's Ruling Council to judge whether or not his actions constituted a violation of the overherd's trust. The Councilierge in attendance ruled that 'the impure sisters' were to torture Safflower Trot using Bane-enchanted weapons until the moment her daughter was born. According to the Eleventh, this act permanently scarred Broken Hoof's body, particularly marring her hooves, though did not speak on the effects, if any, to her psyche. At Broken Hoof's moment of birth her mother was executed, permanently scarring Safflower Trot's scream into her mind. It can be concluded that Broken Hoof's refusal to remove even a single piece of her armor is at least in part due to an immense amount of grief, shame, and anger towards her home city.
  765. During the Siege against Razorback Fortress, Broken Hoof sought to, first and foremost, enact vengeance against one of her mother's killers amongst the Councilierge forces, and secondly punish the Solar Tyrant for removing the sunglobes from Stalliongrad. Finding an enemy of her enemy and a potential neutral party in the elemental unicorn Marquis du Spiral, Broken Hoof accepted the offer of a temporary truce. The pair drew up plans to manipulate Vapid Call, the batpony leader of the siege into sending her mother's killer and whichever unit her target was leading into the fron battle lines during combat against the Fortress' prepared defenses. Deciding that their best bet would be to first inflict the maximum amount of grief and morale damage on the Watch Guard forces would lead to his fall, Broken Hoof used her rank's prominence and battle honors to remain in a position where she could direct the flow of battle. After the second assault, Spiral commented that enough unease had been created amongst the all-mare force, prompting Broken Hoof's second action to be separating Vapid Call away from the rest of the Councilierge, yet as Spiral is missing and Broken Hoof refuses to speak, how this was accomplished is still unknown.
  767. Following Razorback Fortress' temporary occupation, Broken Hoof, satisfied that her mother's killer and Vapid Call were both dead, declared her honor restored and duty to her family completed to the besiegers, immediately leading her 200 strong, mixed Light Lancer and Heavy Lancer unit into the Councilierge's encampment, barely taking them by surprise. Emerging victorious from the fierce 3:1 slaughter, Broken Hoof's unit had been reduced to less than thirty, most of whom were fatally injured or would be permanently crippled. Giving her sisters the Empress' peace, she ordered the hooffull of her unit's survivors to depart into the Everfree for a translocation stone placed by Spiral, bidding each one to leave to wherever they most wished to. Upon going over a partially incompleted diagram Spiral made of the Fortress, Hodch believes the Marquis sent Broken Hoof to take refuge inside an as of yet undiscovered hideout, further stating he believes that the Master-Captain must have been sealed inside with powerful wards that prevented her from being found when the Tyrant arrived at the Fortress to take revenge for the Siege's failure. Although Hodch, Roust, and Tipper have undertaken numerous close examinations and psionic searches of the entire Fortress, each has been met with failure due to the degrading state of the demi-sentient and Spiral's unknowable thought processes, there is no evidence as to where this location might be.
  769. After the Siege, Spiral's attempts at negotiating with Broken Hoof further to secure the aid of the Tower Guard were met with a great deal of annoyance. Pointing out the near-treasonous cowardice of the High-Generals to take part in open revolution against select Councilierge, the Master-Captain proclaimed open disdain for her superiors, protected by the heavily fortified fortress of Old Stalliongrad City which itself was defended by hundreds of elite, all psion cadres. Roust, Hodch, Twisted Wing, and Denra have remained silent on how Broken Hoof and Spiral convinced the Tower Guard to back them against further aggression from Stalliongrad, though the allowance of a High-General into Razorback Fortress without any resistance seems, at least to most ponies, quite strange indeed.
  771. Shortly after the Fortress had been fully reclaimed from the Tyrant and all bodies of Tartarus Isle pegasi returned to Shanis for proper burial, Hodch quietly claimed to some that Spiral may have manipulated Broken Hoof into her current position. Keeping the humans of Razorback at the Enclave for some time, the Marquis introduced Broken Hoof to an surprise informal meeting composed of Mercenary Captain Shanis with 10 of her Arcane Blades, Commander Zigri and 10 of his Tartarus Corp. mercenaries, 20 each of Day, Royal, Honor, Night, and Honor Guard, hoof-picked by unnamed parties, and several unnamed others. Although most primal psions are looked upon with intense suspicion, the Master-Captain's lethal cunning, sharp intellect, willingness to forge an inconvenient truce with Spiral, and her utter brutality commanded considerable admiration, respect, and, according to a couple of the more chatty Honor Guard, more than a little fear from those gathered. In return for freedom to act as she wishes, Broken Hoof accepted her position as commander of the defense forces stationed at Razorback Fortress, offering to share information on Councilierge activities if possible.
  773. Despite Dante burying the Watch and Tower Guard forces whom she led to their deaths, Broken Hoof maintains a stiff, barely approachable distance from the Guards, mercenaries, and humans. Even Twisted Wing remains silent when she leaves every dusk without fail to take solace in visiting their graves.
  775. *****
  776. STATUS: the highest ranking military member dedicated to protecting the Fortress and it's inhabitants. Also the de facto, if neutral and evasive, commander of the Guards stationed at Razorback Fortress.
  778. *****
  780. -Neutral to the Operators.
  781. -Neutral to the rest of the Fortress's inhabitants.
  783. *****
  785. Master Assault+11
  786. Master Parry+9
  787. Master Riposte+11
  789. Master Earth Shatter+6
  790. Lunge+12
  791. Mind's Eye+6
  792. Master Psionicism+9
  794. *****
  796. Expert Block+5
  797. Expert Evasion+2
  798. Expert Reaction Speed+4
  799. Expert Sprint+4
  801. Expert Resist Damage+10
  802. Master Sunken State+9
  803. Mind's Vortex+6
  805. *****
  807. Expert Alchemy+6
  808. Expert Crafting+8
  809. Basic Knock+3
  810. Expert Negotiation+3
  811. Basic Perception+4
  812. Basic Scouting+3
  813. Expert Smithing+8
  815. *****
  817. -Master-Captain's Silverine Lancer Armor (Artifact, Custom-Fit, Psion-Forged): a rounded, full body segmented plate armor made from a hardened alloy of silver and mythril, allowing it to remain lighter than most armors of it's class, though for obvious reasons it does not fare well against certain dangers. Fitted with fifteen layers of silk padding and custom segmented for nearly perfect stages of rapid movemarent, this armor is created for, and only issued to, Tower Guard Master-Captains that have proven their worth and dedication.
  818. -Armor Value: 5DR.
  819. -Armor Class: Heavy.
  820. -Enchantment Slots: 2/3 remaining.
  821. -Defensive Enchantment #1: Snowbreak, reduces damage from Ice elemental harm, whether physical or Mystical in nature, by 1/4.
  823. *****
  825. -Captain's Silverine Lance (Artifact, Custom-Fit, Psion-Forged): a custom made 9' long silverine lance, the traditional piercing tip replaced with a tiny emeraldine eye, the rest of it's impressive and beautiful washed length measuring only 3" in diameter. The grandmaster psion crafters of the Tower Guard hollow-forge these lances, one at a time, in order to identify and correct any and all unwanted structural flaws. Once satisfied that the weapon is perfect, an inner core of a barely substantial yet heavy material, created during a secretive process, is used to fill the lance, rendering it oddly impervious to damage. The emeraldine eye is actually a powerful Impact Seal created by the master Tower Guard crafters, the process of creating one usually taking a month.
  826. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Hooved.
  827. -Enchantment Slots: 2/3 remaining.
  828. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  829. -Offensive Enchantment #1: grants a [1d6+20] <Impact Seal non-elemental attack that deals double damage against Armored targets and structures.
  831. *****
  833. -Honor Standard of the Watch: a 4' tall blackened and sealed ironwood pole bearing the Watch Guard's standard: a silver eye with a black pupil gazing downwards, three blue water drops suspended above the eye, emblazoned on a green shield composed of a thick, sealed, and psion-warded cotton. Taken from Stalliongrad's Industrial District by Twisted Wing during an Operation to recover human weaponry, it was formerly kept in Spiral's lab for safekeeping, but was turned over to Broken Hoof during the Fortress's expansion in the second year of spring. Although this standard is definitely not an original from the Dynasty era, Dancing Eyes has confirmed it was created by a famed Tower Guard Master-General some time after Stalliongrad was founded. When borne by a living being of the Empress's Faction, an oath of of "VICTORY OR DEATH FOR OUR HONOR" is made using a [1d6] roll, the result being the number of turns any Ally within sight of the Standard must add +1 to all skills.
  835. *****
  839. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  840. Boris the Belligerent, Golem: 40HP, 3DR. Age: >2 years. Month of creation: unknown.
  842. *****
  843. APPEARANCE: a 1-foot tall, rounded, dirty white marble and light brown golem, featuring two glowing light blue eyes set in his head and a blue core in the center of his chest. As Golems go, Boris is fairly basic, except for the improvement of three-fingered hands and Denra's use of a prototype sapphirine power crystal, which he refuses to speak of how, why, or when he acquired it.
  845. *****
  846. BIOGRAPHY: a simple Golem created by Zoo from a potato, two knives, and some 'clothing'. He was reshaped, given a basic mind and programming by Spiral to be loyal only to Zoo. Formerly in testing phase, Denra has been highly eager to improve Boris to a new level of existence. Even though Zoo hasn't left his cavern again, Boris makes do with a rope and a large stone whenever he feels the newfound urge to wander.
  848. After many improvements to both physical and intellectual capabilities, Denra has reached a peak of experimentation and is unable to improve upon Boris. Until Boris has experienced enough of the outside world to best decide how to self-evolve beyond his current limitations, he will remain in his current state.
  850. *****
  852. Basic Assault+1
  853. Basic Parry+1
  854. Basic Riposte+1
  856. *****
  858. Basic Block+1
  859. Basic Evasion+1
  860. Basic Reaction Speed+1
  861. Basic Sprint+1
  863. *****
  865. Basic Alchemy
  866. Basic Lockpicking
  867. Basic Medical
  868. Basic Negotiation
  869. Basic Stealth
  871. *****
  873. -Inherent Immunities: due to their nature, Golems do not Bleed, cannot be affected by Poison, Venom, mental control, psionic suggestions, and most forms of Eldritch, Otherworldly, Planar, and Spectral diseases or tampering do not work since their 'mind' is essentially an arcane program; likewise, giving an order to a Golem without being recognized as their master either results in being ignored, or punched into oblivion. Undead abilities do not function against Golems.
  875. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  876. Caliya: 180HP, 3DR. Age: 39. Month of birth: May. (ESC)
  878. *****
  879. (Ambusher, Calm, Efficient, Flesh Eater, Hunter, Quick, Scarred, Stealthy, Veteran: Stealth/Wilderness Survival)
  881. *****
  882. APPEARANCE: a ragged, wiry, minorly insane earth pony with a shaggy, long charcoal grey coat, having been thoroughly burnt during a prairie fire a year before the Operators arrived. From the years he spent carrying Risk, Caliya's teeth underwent minor reconstruction, elongating and becoming much sharper, while his physiology mutated to the point of becoming a true omnivore, giving him a more predatorial appearance and allowing him to eat flesh without ill effects. Due to the separation from the Eldritch weapon Caliya has regained the ability to consume normal foods.
  884. *****
  885. BIOGRAPHY: unknown. A highly capable and stealthy ambusher, Caliya tracks his enemies through scent and sound, keeping his eyes closed unless attacking. Caliya's eyes are Weak to light, as he does not travel during the day, nor can he.
  887. The first attempt to recover a trio of power crystals from the Crystal Empire Waypoint Station was met with complete disaster, as Clemency, leading three rookies, returned unscathed after drawing his attention, while the other three bore the brunt of Caliya's Night Blade assaults, mostly due to little teamwork.
  889. The Operators returned a week later on the first day of winter to recover the crystals, necessary for warming and lighting their in-progress Fortress. Zoo managed to calm Caliya with the Games long enough to allow his awareness to return, though just enough to let the Operators trade two heat stones for the power crystals and his unique blade for one of Clemency's kukri's. Recovering most of his former vitality after both challenges, and since left alone he followed the train to the Fortress over the course of several weeks, regaining significant pieces of his sanity while hunting for food and taking shelter where he could.
  891. Deciding to attempt a trade with a silver-coated rabbit in an attempt to gain access to, and apologize to those he's harmed, Zoo, after some deliberation, accepted the trade and indicated Boris as Caliya's guide to the Fortress and it's inhabitants. With his outlook on the future dim concerning his actions from before, Caliya accepted the role of a hunter in the Everfree, silently accepting that his best option was removing dangers before they had a chance to develop, much like his actions from before.
  893. Becoming a close friend to Allys during their time off periods, the two found each other agreeably companionable due to their twinned lack of socialization, and since then began spending more time together, though Caliya's awkwardness about his physical appearance and scars meant he showed off as little as possible. As Caliya has already explained to Tipper, Allys's newfound interest became much more than friendship, and while he's quite happy to be with her, he does have several doubts as to his mutations possibly being passed on to their foal (or foals).
  895. Taking his duties much more seriously during Razorback's second winter, Caliya was less than enthused to discover Spiral's absence meant vastly more time spent patrolling around the Everfree, and has come to both severely dislike the unnatural fauna, and enjoy the benefits of having luxurious furs to sleep on. Allys, however, steadfastly continues making predatory puns, much to his great annoyance and indignation.
  897. *****
  898. CUTIE MARK: burnt away.
  900. *****
  901. STATUS: formerly lurked the clearing of the Fortress. Invited in by Zoo and relearning how to interact with others. Now patrols outside the Fortress constantly, clearing out any unwanted creatures.. doing so MUCH more carefully these days, however, as he didn't enjoy being under Tipper's constant watch for a month while recovering from a shattered rear leg.
  903. *****
  905. -Allys: very close friend and lover to.
  906. -Operators: hesitant towards due to his less than friendly actions.
  908. *****
  909. ABILITIES: Resist Damage+4, Basic Speech+1, Basic Fearless+3, Expert Perception/Wilderness Survival+4, Expert Tracking+4, Expert Ambush+4, Expert Movement+5, Expert Stealth+4, Master Melee+8
  911. *****
  913. -Instinctual Terror: recovering his mental prowess during his extended stay with Razorback, Caliya has thought upon his actions since losing his Marks, and has acknowledged that using his learned ability to scare living beings is more useful than simply trying to forget his changed nature. Twice per Operation, Caliya may attempt to Terrify a living being smaller than a minotaur with 2x [1d6+1] rolls, and upon achieving a 6 or higher, his target may become immobilized in fear, flee in panic, or even pass out from sheer fright. Against ponies or humans, however, Caliya must add +1 to all Terrify rolls due to his rather unique, close knowledge.
  915. -Tempered Rage. Caliya's years spent surviving the Imperial plains around the Crystal Waypoint Station forced him to persevere against vastly stronger opponents, the travels during this period of insanity strengthening his physical abilities and mental willpower immensely. As a result of his close friendship with Allys, Caliya has learned to redirect and channel his once frustrating emotions properly, allowing him to tap into his resolve, temporarily bypassing his physical and mental limitations with a [1d6+1] roll, though Caliya must have taken a minimum of 40HP damage in order to activate. When activated, adds +1 to all Fearless and Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls on a 6 or higher result.
  917. *****
  919. -Clemency's Kukri. Once owned by Clemency, it was traded for the Night Blade formerly in Caliya's possession. The blade is well worn and keenly sharpened at all times, while the handle was modified by Caliya, then Krinza, to firmly bite and hold on to. Adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls when used.
  920. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  921. -Enchantment Slots: 1/1 remaining.
  922. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  924. *****
  928. *************************************************************************************************************************************
  929. Name:        Chisan Nas
  930. Position:    Sanctioned Inquisitorial Shocktrooper
  931. Theme:       An Imperial Stormtrooper, meant to assault the enemies of Mankind as quickly as possible, throwing grenades before engaging opponents with heavy ranged weaponry.
  932. Rank:        Agent
  933. HP:          18/18
  934. Total XP:    21
  935. Unspent XP:  1
  937. *****
  938. KNOWN LANGUAGES: none, yet.
  940. *****
  943. *****
  944. EVOLVING ABILITY: none, yet.
  946. DUTY: 0.
  947. USES: 0.
  949. *****
  951. -Low Gothic: can speak, read, and write in the 5 most common dialects with perfect fluency.
  953. -High Gothic: can speak and understand the most common dialect with moderate proficiency.
  955. *****
  958. *****
  959. EVOLVING ABILITY: none, yet.
  961. *****
  964. *****
  966. Expert Assault
  967. Basic Parry
  968. Expert Riposte
  970. Expert Light Energy Weapons
  972. *****
  974. Expert Block
  975. Basic Evasion
  976. Basic Reaction Speed
  977. Expert Sprint
  979. *****
  981. Basic Medicae
  982. Basic Scouting
  983. Basic Tech-Use
  985. *****
  987. -Basic Imperium's Finest: undergoing many years of careful physical training regimens, hypnodoctrinated in tactics, many forms of weaponry, and field maneuvers, Chisan Nas demonstrates the standard loyalty and obedience that the Tempestus Scions demand. Undergoing cross-training to work with all Imperial forces when needs must, except for Astartes and Psykers, Chisan's life is dedicated to serving the needs of his superiors. As such, whenever engaged in combat alongside Mallia Castella or Ordo Chronos Inquisitor Velasi 'Flash' Aguina, Chisan Nas must add +1 to all Light Energy Weapons, Parry, and Reaction Speed rolls, but gains an additional Block roll when directly defending either one.
  989. -Basic PRAISE THE SOLAR EMPRESS AND STRIKE DOWN HER FOES!: after arriving on Tallus, Chisan's first order by the Ordo Chronos Inquisitor was to meet with the true Princess Celestia in Canterlot, alone. Learning a few of the many horrors Tallus has faced and several potential fates on this new world, he was given the chance to remove the worst hypnodoctrination programming and engrams by Flash. When questioned between performing duty and giving service, Chisan accepted that duty and service are essentially the same.. especially if it keeps his Inquisitor safer. Adds +1 to all Assault and Energy Weapon rolls.
  991. *****
  992. SPECIAL ABILITIES: none, yet.
  994. *****
  995. TERTIARY SKILLS: none, yet.
  997. *****
  999. -Enhanced Target Selection Training: adds +1 to all Light Energy Weapon rolls.
  1001. -Improvised Calisthenics: adds +1 to all Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls.
  1003. -Proper Machine Spirit Maintenance Rites: adds +1 to all Tech-Use rolls.
  1005. -Sanctioned Imperial Diplomat: adds +1 to all Negotiation rolls.
  1007. -Stormtrooper Close Combat Tactics: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  1009. *****
  1010. PERSONAL ENCHANTMENTS: 1/1 remaining.
  1012. *****
  1013. APPEARANCE: unknown. Never removes his armor.
  1015. *****
  1016. BIOGRAPHY: a graduate of the Schola Progenium based off on the planet of Spectre VI, one of many Verdant Worlds in the Imperium, Chisan Nas was, according to Imperial records, considered unremarkable for a Stormtrooper, performing well enough in training to become accepted, but did not demonstrate any exceptional skills.
  1018. His first deployment was the defense of the Imperial world of Lazulus III from an Ork invasion fleet. There, his squad took part in numerous operations against the Ork threat, being instrumental in breaking the backs of several Ork pushes. However after a brutal battle in defense of a city, the attacking Orks ceased their attacks. Their hesitance were made apparent when the skies began to darken, as Roks began to rain into the city enmass, the city falling soon after.
  1020. Surviving eye witnesses reported one of the Roks landed directly on Nas and his squad, reacting too late to the sudden orbital landing. An older Imperial Guard veteran was overheard commenting to his Commissar: 'Looks like he got DeffRok'd, sir.'
  1022. Witnesses were unable to verify if the Commissar will ever recover.
  1024. Since arriving on Tallus, Chisan has been seen little in the Fortress, spending most of his time away on solo missions acquiring materials and information for Inquisitor Velasi. He will aid Razorback if requested, but spends little time talking.
  1026. *****
  1027. PHYSICAL ENCHANTMENTS: 1/1 slots remaining.
  1029. *****
  1030. STATUS: currently attached to Flash's retinue.
  1033. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1034. Sharpened Words, AKA Denra: 120HP, 2DR. Age: unknown. Month of birth: September.
  1036. *****
  1037. (Aggressive, Blunt, Diplomat, Hyper-Efficient, Mercenary, Natural Speaker, Playcolt, Savant, Scarred, Smooth Talker, Veterancy: Casting/Combat/Diplomacy)
  1039. *****
  1040. APPEARANCE: a dapper, well groomed and perpetually wavy coated unicorn with light yellow eyes and a bright citrine mane, possibly in his late 40's or early 50's. Carries a clean, thin scar above and below his left eye, caused by a gryphon mercenary. Also wears a bronze horn ring that does not disintegrate under extensive use of casting.
  1042. *****
  1043. BIOGRAPHY: from his early years, Denra was talkative, knowledgeable, and always curious, eager to learn more about the world, developing a repertoire of social skills that would serve him well later on. Entering the Young Service League, an Equestrian organization dedicated to training diplomats, at the age of 14, Denra became prominent for his easy going nature and remarkable consistency in developing mutually beneficial agreements, training that would serve him very well throughout his life. Around this period he became something of a playcolt due to his silver-tongue (in more ways than one, most likely), soliciting the attentions of numerous mares. Later on, Denra would state that he has at least 12 mares in his herd, most of a prestigious nature, though several are noted to be purely political.
  1045. While most of Denra's diplomatic life and assignments have been kept quiet, or sealed by royal edict, he was Princess Celestia's premier VIP for at least 25 years, considering his knowledge of and history with Twisted Wing. Maintaining much of his standing amongst Canterlot, Las Pegasus, the Empire, Saddle Arabia, the Gryphon Kingdoms, and the Minotaur Hegemony, he preferred to keep favors on hoof rather than use them as bargaining chips or collateral, realizing that he may need them later should the Tyrant emerge in his lifetime. At some point, he developed a great disdain towards both Stalliongrad and Las Pegasus; the latter, however, he eventually settled with after meeting Lucky, yet keeps the former in mind at all times.
  1047. Right before Razorback Company arrived, Denra happily accepted Princess Celestia's assignment to renew relations with Equestrian cities and towns, yet was disturbed by a sudden request to reach Old Canterlot while 'relaxing' in Las Pegasus. Reading the diplomatic record over, he was morbidly curious, and considerably distressed, as to why two smaller Ferron clan offshoots had taken to raiding villages near that section of the Old Everfree Forest. Shrugging off the request, he was soon surprised by Twisted Wing, alive and mostly well, waltzing into his room with her trademark, sarcastically pleased grin. Reminiscing for the next several days, Denra made the offer to the former General of traveling along with him, knowing that her Lunar faction heritage would likely calm tensions, to which she accepted, setting out from Las Pegasus back to Canterlot for supplies and fuel, the pair enjoying each other's renewed company.
  1049. Nearing the halfway station of Old Canterlot, an encounter with an annoying, loudly singing creature calling itself a Hyfalgryph, a blend of dragon, gryphon, hippo, and other known species, occurred. Confused, but most importantly irritated, at the Otherworldly being's request for a musical duel, Denra's normally well kept temper flared, and with Twisted Wing's bloodymindedness to back him up, they decided to, at the minimum, tear the Hyfalgryph's tongue out, and at best, kill it. Slowly. Their efforts, unfortunately for them and fortunately for the Hyfalgryph, were completely futile.
  1051. Beaten down the first day by the creature's powerful, snark-laden sonic attacks, the duo limped back to the train, sore and vengeful at their failure to get rid of the nuisance. After five morale crushing ambushes, and two of their own, the first involving using pieces of the train as projectiles, the last attempting to shove a tree down the Hyfalgrpyh's throat, the pair were forced to concede utter defeat at it's proclamation: their six chances were long gone, and it would not allow them to pass for any reason. Sending a message to Celestia about the situation, Denra ordered the train back to Canterlot for repairs, himself departing to Manehattan to recuperate.
  1053. Three days later, Denra, jolted awake by a package sent directly from Princess Celestia while at one of his more lavish herdmate's homes, puzzled at his sovereign's mentions of a group of bipedal, Otherworldly mercenaries. Wanting little more than to prevent the possibility of inter-clan conflict in the Everfree potentially spreading eslewhere, he studied her notes on the hu`um thoroughly, then delivered a diplomatic message of assent to the Sun Princess, afterwards calling on Twisted Wing to go along just in case this first meeting turned out poorly.
  1055. Translocating Twisted to the buffet car, then himself to the main, Denra's meeting and greeting the members of Razorback on the newly repaired VIP train during an immediate approach by the Hyfalgryph further exacerbated his glum mood. Reluctant to offer a hoof to help, in part due to his injuries, he was both dumbfounded and concerned at the Operators' weaponry, unsure why Celestia had hired such strange beings.
  1057. Despite Gas Man's encouraging on the situation and the Hyfalgryph being driven off, some part of him felt that Celestia had made the wrong decision, but chose to allow Razorback to accompany him to Old Canterlot, seeing the odd lot as mostly harmless enough that he wouldn't have to get involved. When Twisted Wing decided to meet the Operators herself, even though he'd stated for her to remain hidden away, Denra chose to keep quiet on their shared history, brushing off their questions with practiced ease from years of political gambling. Even though he was forced to trap her momentarily in order to keep the illusion, he's quite glad she hasn't shoved a hoof in his ass for his admitted mistake.
  1059. Unable to find the hostile Ferron clan upon the arrival at Old Canterlot, and upon studying the castle, Denra's dim, mostly underused arcane senses warned him of danger, stoically refusing to enter the decrepit former capital and sending Twisted a short message for her to stay far away. Thoroughly disheartened and angry at the events that occurred in Old Canterlot, Denra became bitter towards Celestia's orders, realizing that the Tyrant's actions, while subdued for many generations, continued to tear at his people. Knowing that the Solar alicorn would be politically crippled without his services, he would later pen a short diplomatic message to whom he saw as his corrupt former sovereign, stating his immediate resignation.
  1061. Traveling with Razorback to New Canterlot, it was quite apparent to all that Denra was prone to offering overwhelming amounts of advice and details of Tallus when questioned, enjoying and hoofing out fine Empire cigars along the way, though none had any inkling of his newfound agenda. At the time even small amounts of alcohol would cause him to become hostile and intimidating, as well as violently ill, one fact that didn't escape Filth. Later on, however, he would gain a taste for gryphon black ales and beers, especially during drinking contests.
  1063. Offering diplomatic 'assignments' (technically outside of his official authority) when it suited him, Denra instructed Razorback to visit the Hive, home of the Changelings and their leader, Queen Chrysalis, and present his diplomatic badge of office as proof of honorable conduct. Pleased at the meeting's highly positive outcome and potential ramifications, he then stated a group should visit the reclusive Marquis du Spiral, well known for his knowledge and disgust at the majority of the Solar faction's activities. Overhearing the encounter with the acid Naghtmare, the now-former diplomat considered his options coolly, knowing that he could easily convince the elemental unicorn into pulling nobles across Tallus to his cause. Realizing an alliance between at least two of the three sisters could easily disrupt and counter a resurgence of the Tyrant, before arriving at Canterlot Denra requested the Operators take on a very specific mission: meet Princess Cadence in the Empire, and ask for a cessation of hostilities between her and the Hive.
  1065. Returning to Canterlot, Denra opted to make an unofficial visit to Princess Luna, intent on gaining her favor by bargaining one of the less presentable mercenaries Operators to serve as a go-between for Razorback and Canterlot. Satisfied that the Nightmare had partially agreed to the proposition, he left the Lunar Sanctum, heading to Celestia's private meeting room. Discovering the Solar Tyrant's resurgence in full swing, he could do little except watch on, terrified. Dive-bombed out of the room by Serra, he recognized his only course of action was to leave, unwillingly giving the Night Princess space to contain her sister's aftermath.
  1067. Shocked, unable, and unwilling to reconcile or attempt to process what he had witnessed, the former diplomat stumbled through the streets of Canterlot for the rest of the night. As dawn broke, he realized that even the best laid plans never survive contact with the enemy, no matter whom it was. Immediately leaving Equestria for the Gryphon Kingdoms by using one of his favors and requesting service as a mercenary from the Overking, he became a free agent while waiting out any possible repercussions.
  1069. Adapting well to his new mercenary life in the employ of Warlords and the Overking, when not visiting his herdmates Denra began developing an aggressive, effective, and most importantly, efficient form of ranged combat based around long range, large scale elemental lance area-denial tactics, followed up by teleport-assisted melee charges and counters were his opposition, as he puts it, 'unreceptive to negotiation'. Completing well over two hundred contracts, he mostly relied on survival and medical information from his time in the League, as well as what had been learned from the many diplomats and leaders he had spoken with, amassing a fairly large war chest of his own. Realizing he'd spent long enough in the hard, cold lands, Denra decided to temporarily halt his mercenary work, and planned for a leisurely trip to Razorback Fortress, giving the Overking his deepest thanks and gratitude for his allowances.
  1071. Upon his arrival, the ponies and factions that had gathered to support Razorback were similar enough to his estimates on possible interspecies alliances that he determined his presence wasn't really necessary, nonetheless remaining for some time to help out around the base, occasionally sending Operators off to complete vital tasks, or simply to keep them busy at whim.
  1073. At some point, an odd letter stamped with Luna's Mark and delivered by translocation instructed him to send a small team to the Starborn's Memorial Village, a large town that had been built on the northern edge of the Old Canterlot Forest, to find and deal with a Revenant. Annoyed that the team was unable to find their target, he was quite pleased at their handling of the situation, and even more so upon learning of the Flame Naghtmare that was discovered, then returned to Princess Luna's ownership.
  1075. Having co-opted most of the ponies to aid him in transporting the entirety of Skykeep's armor, weapons, and miscellanea after Mercy returned to spread the news of it's existence, Denra has chosen to spend more time at the Fortress, leaving for two or three days each week to keep his wide flung relationships stable. Whenever he's not busy otherwise, Denra has been aiding Naliyna and Hodch in studying and cataloging the Enclave's contents, cracking open lockboxes, filing requests for information across Tallus, as well as taking Behemoth around Equestria, returning relics to their owners, though he has sworn that Behemoth has a mind of it's own.
  1077. *****
  1078. CUTIE MARK: an iron sword and quill crossed over a sheaf of white parchment, the top and bottom rolled once.
  1080. *****
  1081. STATUS: former VIP diplomat to Princess Celestia. Resigned neutrally before the Resurgence, then became a mercenary for the Overking, using his diplomatic and offensive skills around the Gryphon Kingdoms. Takes refuge in the Enclave, identifying personal and faction possessions, returning them whenever able.
  1083. *****
  1085. -Married to numerous mares, but to whom (or how many) is unknown.
  1086. -Was friends with an Operator, but carries the stigma of his death with him.
  1088. *****
  1090. Expert Assault+3
  1091. Expert Parry+4
  1092. Expert Riposte+7
  1094. Master Elemental Lance+8
  1095. Basic Intimidation+4
  1096. Master Split-Casting+9
  1098. *****
  1100. Expert Block+1
  1101. Expert Evasion+2
  1102. Expert Reaction Speed+3
  1103. Expert Sprint+3
  1105. Master Teleport+6
  1107. *****
  1109. Expert Appraisal+4
  1110. Expert Alchemy+4
  1111. Expert Bartering+3
  1112. Master Negotiation+5
  1113. Expert Perception+2
  1114. Expert Research+4
  1115. Master Translocation+6
  1116. Expert WIlderness Survival+4
  1118. *****
  1120. -Enhanced Golem Mastery: many years of study in private libraries allows Denra to create, or enhance, a golem's inherent programmable intellect to form higher thought processes, eventually capable of developing tactics, autonomy, and potentially true sentience, with 2x [1d6+21] rolls.
  1122. -Master Golem Shaping: allows Denra to shape and modify a golem's body, allowing for additional combat, supportive, or proprietary functions with 4x [1d6+12] rolls.
  1124. *****
  1125. UNIQUE ABILITY: Master Frost King's Blades. Twice per Operation, Denra is able to cast an ancient spell, forming from one to four ice blades and selectively varying the length, shape, density, and fragility of each one as he sees fit with 4x [1d6+20] rolls. The blades are able to track designated targets, albeit somewhat slowly, even without line of sight, and while controlling them Denra is incapable of taking any other actions. After striking a target or missing their performance degrades rapidly, each suffers a -5 reduction per turn, and will last 3 turns or until being destroyed.
  1127. *****
  1131. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1132. Helping Hoof, 80HP, 2DR. Age: 23. Month of Birth: October.
  1134. *****
  1135. (Thoughtful, Teacher, Talkative, Savant, Logical, Eidetic Memory)
  1137. *****
  1138. Appearance: a unicorn of truly large proportions, being bigger than the average Earth Pony. A pale green coat and bright, inquisitive green eyes show out from under a barely kempt straw colored mullet-mane. He’s not fat, but being big for his size he appears a little awkward, and due to his generally sedentary nature is a bit doughy around the middle.
  1140. *****
  1141. STATUS: not long ago, Helping Hoof was a student at the Canterlot College of Magic. Always inquisitive and experimental, the unicorn constantly had his nose in a book, and as such has an exceedingly vast array of knowledge and principles to work with. At school he found that being over-prepared with knowledge simply made life easier, and as such, he always thinks he has an answer. While it might not be THE answer, it will, at least, be one.
  1143. In some circles, he’s thought of as a know-it-all and awkward, but his aptitude and generally enthusiastic attitude made him stand out. Spiral requested his presence at Razorback to continue his education, and give him practical experience working in the field. His generally helpful attitude and aptitude for completing tasks helped him stand out, and likely influenced Spiral's decision, out of all his students.
  1145. *****
  1146. CUTIE MARK: a spiraling horn pointed straight up, crossed with a wrench and an Alembic.
  1148. *****
  1149. STATUS: a research and engineering Intern at the fortress in charge of handling routine Operator complaints, under contract.
  1151. *****
  1153. Basic Assault+2
  1154. Basic Parry+2
  1155. Basic Riposte+2
  1157. Expert Casting+7
  1159. *****
  1161. Basic Block
  1162. Basic Evasion
  1163. Basic Reaction Speed
  1164. Basic Sprint
  1166. *****
  1168. Expert Alchemy+7
  1169. Basic Chemistry+4
  1170. Expert Crafting+5
  1171. Basic Enchanting+5
  1172. Expert Research+6
  1174. *****
  1176. -College Notebooks: a transcribed copy in shorthoof of Spiral’s works on Alchemy and transmutable processes, along with Helping Hoof’s own independent research. Only readable by Helping Hoof, or those who have spent considerable time learning to read his unique writing style. Grants either a [1d6+8] <Alchemical Compendium roll for Alchemy, or a [1d6+8] <Eidetic Fundamentals roll for Crafting.
  1178. -Crystal Empire Chemistry Kit: a series of eccentric, high grade tools and devices from the Crystal Empire, inscribed with transient runes that grants a [1d6+8] <Crystal Alchemy roll when used in an alchemy lab.
  1180. -Greensteel Horn-Ring: a custom fit horn-ring that grants +2 to all Alchemy rolls when worn.
  1182. -Tryptarch Tonics: a meticulously labeled case of vials that contain regenerating stores of common and uncommon chemical and alchemical reagents. Grants a [1d6+6] <Prepared Reagents roll, and adds +2 to all rolls when attempting to identify unknown substances and their uses.
  1184. *****
  1188. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1189. Hodch, Starborn Nightblade: 120HP, 1DR. Age: 42. Month of birth: June.
  1191. *****
  1192. (Calm, Cool-Natured, Eidetic Memory, Elite: Casting, Inquisitive, Minor Psychosis: Constant Study, Natural Caster, Natural Speaker, Savant, Teacher, Veterancy: Combat)
  1194. *****
  1195. APPEARANCE: a critically inquisitive dark purple unicorn with shallow purple eyes, pupils are a light black. Carries few scars on his coat, of which those he does have are on his chest. Most notably however, he has a remarkable number of permanent damage marks on the underpads of his hooves.
  1197. *****
  1198. BIOGRAPHY: a long time Lunar faction member, one of the few with a sealed history, Hodch is a friendly, but formidable, teacher when dealing with cheaters or slackers at Canterlot's prestigious College of Magic, and is the only Nightblade AND member of the Starborn with the distinction of being able to enter the Lunar and Citadel Armories at will, without being stopped or questioned.
  1200. While he doesn't seem to have any particularly strong traits when compared to most unicorn Nightblades, he more than makes up for his shortcomings with an unusually high amount of casting and esoteric knowledge, as well as history, archaeology, enchanting, smithing & crafting techniques.. the list is pretty much endless. It also helps that Hodch has an instinctive understanding of event manipulation and socio-political ramifications, albeit he tends to spend very little time on either of those matters. Under normal circumstances, it's unusual to hear him drop his even tempered teacher's persona, though does have an amiable, relaxed nature when speaking to those he understands or knows well.
  1202. Has an adopted, hazy purple batpony daughter that 'works' as the Moor Basin village's hostel clerk, whenever she isn't sleeping 23 hours a day, and was moderately surprised to find that Jeff may (or may not) have inspired his daughter as she has been taking her duties more seriously as of late, often leaving to visit her for several hours each day, and to catch up on news in the Basin.
  1204. Formerly, Hodch could only be reached at night, either through the Canterlot College of Magic or the Nightblade's Den, a small floating cloud home ten miles south of Canterlot, though has decided to relocate to Razorback Fortress some time ago due to the number of historical relics that have been recovered, particularly a complete set of Duelist's Armor, fawning over it for several hours, and continues to warily study the strange items that have been pulled from the Everfree.
  1206. Taking note of Jeff's deepened relationship with Belltower, Hodch was admittedly reluctant to accept the pairing, though he has come to understand, and somewhat like, the mostly amiable humans of Razorback. Riding along with Jeff after Twisted Wing suggested clearing the Crag Moors, a rather nasty location in the northern section of the Deep Moors, Hodch decided that the Operators, while strange in manners and weaponry, were of little harm to the Lunar faction, accepting Belltower's statement that he was trustworthy, though due to their intrinsic value on Tallus considers it his duty to both keep an eye on, and quietly aid, the human contingent.
  1208. Reaching a unanimous decision, Hodch, Belltower, and Twisted Wing pooled most of their favors from the Nightmare herself (not without a great deal of grumbling from Hodch, however) clearing admittance to the Lunar Citadel for both Jeff and Clemency, intending to act as a buffer between whom he saw as the most problematic Lunar Council members and his own clinical dissertions of the pair. While (somewhat) irritated that the three Starborn didn't get their chance to trash the Council Hall, he was nonetheless pleased at Jeff's acceptance into the Starborn, albeit disgruntled that Canterlot's Starborn emissary, an earth pony, chose to bow out from the meeting.
  1210. Along with Naliyna and Denra, Hodch has been aiding them in studying and cataloging the Enclave's contents, using his access to the Lunar Armory, the Hall of Memory for information requests, and his own lore on Tallus history, as well as ordering and overseeing the refitting of several Enclave rooms to house some of his now-retired Starborn friends to keep guard. Despite his friendly rivalry with Belltower and Twisted Wing, they, along with Lorekeeper Amerose, have remarked (with varying shades of humor, and in some cases jealousy) on his propensity to filly fool, yet his code of conduct does not allow him to mistreat or intimidate others, leaving many of the Lunar faction curious as to how many rendezvous he's actually had over the years.
  1212. *****
  1213. STATUS: former head teacher at the Canterlot College of Magic. Now a Starborn Nightblade reservist, also aiding in cataloging the Enclave. That is, whenever he isn't being forced into taking care of the Fortress due to Tipper's resignation.
  1215. *****
  1216. CUTIE MARK: never shows it off.
  1218. *****
  1220. Expert Assault+3
  1221. Expert Parry+4
  1222. Expert Riposte+5
  1224. Grandmaster Casting+12
  1225. Expert Elemental Lance+8
  1226. Basic Intimidation+4
  1228. *****
  1230. Basic Block+2
  1231. Basic Evasion+4
  1232. Basic Reaction Speed+3
  1233. Basic Sprint+3
  1235. Master Deflect Magic+9
  1236. Expert Teleport+9
  1238. *****
  1240. Expert Alchemy+6
  1241. Expert Bartering+3
  1242. Expert Crafting+7
  1243. Expert Enchanting+9
  1244. Expert Negotiation+3
  1245. Expert Research+7
  1247. *****
  1251. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1252. Krinza, Grandmaster Armorer & Weaponsmith: 100HP, 2DR. Age: 27. Month of birth: February.
  1254. *****
  1255. (Aware, Dry Wit, Hyper-Efficient, ELITE: Blacksmithing/Crafting/Enchanting, Savant, Single-Tracked, Watchful)
  1257. *****
  1258. APPEARANCE: a slightly chunky and perpetually sleepy seeming unicorn, though atypically in good shape underneath his extra weight, standing at 3'11" to the top of his head, not including his horn. Has a deep black coat with a bright yellow mane, his eyes always half-lidded in focus, and while normally a swirling mixture of white, yellow, and black due to the constant enchantments he experiments with, his true eye color is bright lapis lazuli.
  1260. *****
  1261. BIOGRAPHY: formerly of Gryphon Vale during it's low periods, he left due to the gryphons reviving their own smithing & crafting trades, as well as their mild xenophobia of unicorns due to magic and it's sometimes wonton ill effects. while neither weak or very fit, Krinza takes little pride in physical appearance, uncaring for burns, oil, or debris covering him, as his resistance to heat seems to be entirely innate. An exceptional master armorer, enchanter, and craftspony, Krinza is typically uninterested in conversation not regarding his duties, though he does have a measurably friendly and laid back attitude.
  1263. Despite his dry mannerisms, strange upbringing, and mild social awkwardness, Krinza has taken an interest in Lann as the two are consumate professionals of their respective trades, also having been ostracized by their own cultures. While dealing with mostly batponies, Lann's own upbringing in the Moors taught her much about breaching traditions and customs, particularly those of unicorns. Though it remains to be seen what'll happen with the pair, Belltower and Roust have secretly been pushing the two together in social situations, looking on in amusement at their half-hearted attempts to keep their burgeoning relationship quiet.
  1265. Curious about his coloration, when the point was brought up by Jeff, Krinza stated that he was indeed one of Kroza's brothers, though he had a great deal of disdain for his masochist brother while he was alive, citing that his mentality made him 'far more a monster than a pony'.
  1267. When otherwise unoccupied, Krinza generally studies or sleeps on a pile of rugs under the back wall length table in the workshop, unwilling to be very far from his anvil, tools, and Lann. Continuing his studies despite Spiral's abscence, Krinza has entered the lofty realm of Grandmastery in the fields of enchanting and smithing, with all of the ponies throwing him an immense, luxurious dinner party as a reward, though remains nonplussed at his new title.
  1269. *****
  1270. CUTIE MARK: a gold hammer laid atop a yellow-outlined, black anvil.
  1272. *****
  1273. STATUS: grandmaster armorer, enchanter, smith, and crafter for Razorback, under permanent contract via Tipper.
  1275. *****
  1277. Basic Assault+3
  1278. Basic Parry+3
  1279. Basic Riposte+3
  1281. Master Casting+9
  1282. Expert Elemental Lance+7
  1284. *****
  1286. Basic Block+4
  1287. Basic Evasion+2
  1288. Basic Reaction Speed+3
  1289. Basic Sprint+3
  1291. Auto-Fire Resist+10
  1293. *****
  1295. Expert Alchemy+3
  1296. Expert Bartering+3
  1297. Expert Research+6
  1298. Basic Negotiation+2
  1300. *****
  1302. -Disciple of Spiral: although his time spent learning under the Canterlotlian Marquis was cut short, Krinza has integrated much of his mentor's esoteric knowledge with his own training in Anfang and Gryphon Vale, granting him the knowledge to work with nearly all materials, except for crystalline.
  1304. -Grandmaster Crafter+10: Krinza's studies and work on advanced metallic applications allow him to design, improvise, implement, and create advanced mechanical functions, ranging from weapon or armor customization to building highly complex clockwork systems. Still doesn't know much about human technology, though.
  1306. -Grandmaster Enchanter+10: having pored over Spiral's notes on the various arcane forces and capacities of elementalism for over a year, Krinza is easily capable of performing enhancements to offensive elemental or non-elemental attacks, and most defensive capabilities as well, but has very little capability with Empire crystal. Allows Krinza to enhance offensive and defensive esoteric enchantments up to +4.
  1308. -Grandmaster Smith+10: originally an apprentice to the rune-smiths and forgers of Anfang, spending a year learning under Spiral's tutelage has allowed Krinza to develop several new forms of imbuing and forging, including the skills needed to shape Changeling chitin, greatly surpassing the former elemental Marquis by several margins.
  1310. *****
  1312. -Human Alloys
  1314. -Human Composites
  1316. -Scaling
  1318. *****
  1320. -Runic Anvil: a custom-made blackened steel anvil inscribed with gryphon glyphs and unicorn runes, allowing him to add elemental effects and strengthen items with ease. Grants a [1d6+15] <Runic Anvil roll when forging, reforging, or engraving items.
  1322. -Runic Engraving Blade: a heavy, enchanted, and meticulously runed triangular 8" long engraving blade with a flat rear surface, used for scribing and shaping materials with, the effects and process controlled by mental willpower. Grants a [1d6+11] <Runic Engraving Blade roll when forging, reforging, or engraving items.
  1324. -Runic Hammer: a small, heavily enchanted and ornately runed blackened steel hammer with both flat and round heads, used specifically during the forging process or to precisely manipulate the engraving blade. Grants a [1d6+11] <Runic Hammer roll when forging, reforging, or engraving items.
  1326. *****
  1330. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1331. Lann, Master Clothier: 210HP, 3DR. Age: 24. Month of birth: January.
  1333. *****
  1334. (Amiable, Blunt, Cheerful, Direct, Friendly, Hard-Working, Honorable, Talkative, Thoughtful)
  1336. *****
  1337. APPEARANCE: a fairly chunky, somewhat larger than average, full body bright yellow earth pony mare with brassy yellow eyes and solid colored hooves, standing at 4'7" tall. Normally left long and straight, Lann's mane is composed of numerous curls, and her tail is considerably thicker than most, though cut off above her hooves so as not to drag on the ground. While she doesn't have any combat scars, her front hooves and nose are pockmarked with small dark yellow dots, the results of more misses with sharp, unicorn enchanted needles than she cares to remember.
  1339. *****
  1340. BIOGRAPHY: unknown. a master clothier and seamstress of the Moors, the only one, really, Lann professes a great deal of enjoyment for it's proximity to a host of rare commodities coming from the swamps, as the best cloths and silks in Equestria are only found in the Moors.
  1342. Her mood is never less, nor more, than cheerfully friendly, having spent most of her life living in the Basin Village and coming to adore the batponies as true equals in all manners. Lann is one of a growing number of earth ponies to shed their seemingly inherent dislike for other pony species, and as of late has been taking a great deal of interest in Krinza, seeing him as both professional and intriguing.
  1344. *****
  1345. CUTIE MARK: a spool of red thread atop a stylish square purple blanket, two green needles sticking out of the spool, one pointing upwards, the other downwards.
  1347. *****
  1348. STATUS: alternating between the Moors and spending time in the Fortress outfitting Razorback, and their allies of course, under permanent contract via Tipper.
  1350. *****
  1352. Master Assault+8
  1353. Master Parry+6
  1354. Master Riposte+5
  1356. *****
  1358. Basic Block+4
  1359. Basic Evasion+3
  1360. Basic Reaction Speed+4
  1361. Basic Sprint+4
  1363. Resist Damage+5
  1365. *****
  1367. Basic Alchemy+4
  1368. Expert Appraisal+4
  1369. Expert Bartering+3
  1370. Master Crafting+9
  1371. Expert Negotiation+2
  1372. Master Seamstress+9
  1374. *****
  1376. -Shattered Earth: combining her physical weight with the inherent earth pony knowledge of producing concussive strikes, Lann is capable of performing a powerful area of effect stomp using 3x [1d6+4] rolls, damaging and stunning opponents in a 180 degree forward facing radius, though due to the strain she may only use this ability ONCE every third turn.
  1378. *****
  1380. -Crafting Kit: a small box of fifteen psychokinesis pendants that act in semi-sentient conjunction with each other and Lann to blend, shape, and weave together thread from cotton, silk, or other natural fibers, as well as aid in her sewing with seamless interactions. Partially modified by Krinza. Adds +1 to all Crafting rolls and grants an additional [1d6+9] <Crafting Kit roll.
  1382. -Sewing Kit: a medium sized box of roughly sixty needles, ten large interconnection hoops, nine multiple twist-thread spools, and ten psychokinesis pendants that act in semi-sentient conjunction with the rest of the kit and Lann to rapidly create exceptionally durable clothing from specialized materials, most often from woven silk thread, with rapid, seamless, and lossless interactions. Partially modified by Krinza. Adds +1 to all Seamstress rolls, grants an additional [1d6+10] <Sewing Kit roll.
  1384. *****
  1388. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1389. Malyne: 40HP, 0DR. Age: 9. Month of birth: January.
  1391. *****
  1392. APPEARANCE: a vaguely typical looking orange batfilly, though her coat, tail, and mane are incredibly fuzzy and refuse to be straightened out for long. With her deep orange-slitted eyes and light orange hooves, Malyne is (somehow) Belltower's daughter, and is almost never seen without her mildly amused, always curious smile.
  1394. *****
  1395. BIOGRAPHY: both Belltower's daughter and sometime protege, Malyne has much more serious and apparently stoic personality on the outside than her mother does. Internally however, she is continuously revising, revamping, learning and relearning new puns and jokes, making her sense of humor far more refined than the majority of batponies. Externally, this batfoal enjoys all aspects of learning, whether history, new and interesting skills, or the mentalities of other ponies. Despite her normally happy-go-lucky mentality and appearance, Malyne is somewhat skittish when it comes to magic and it's side-effects, having gone to see several Scars of the Moors with both her mother and the Basin Village's Matron.
  1397. Although her mother's relationship is highly strained with Twisted Wing, she considers the Enchained General her aunt, despite being confused as to why neither speaks of the circumstances between them, but enjoys being in Twisted's company nonetheless. Constantly curious, as all batponies are, meeting Dancing Eyes (in a good mood for once) and learning of her legendary skills in alchemy and crafting, Malyne decided to learn carving. While Malyne usually huffy about Roust's cool treatment of the primal psion, she would prefer not to press the issue until understanding why.
  1399. As Malyne has grown a bit and learned from those living in the Fortress, she has begun developing her relationships and skills with both Dancing Eyes and Mercy, understanding that in her situation the ability to defend herself may become required, if not vital, in the future.
  1401. Due to her young age, the creatures of the Everfree, and the known (and potential) enemies of Razorback, the ponies of the Fortress have, quietly amongst themselves, sworn to defend Malyne at all costs.
  1403. *****
  1404. CUTIE MARK: blank.
  1406. *****
  1408. -Dancing Eyes: is very friendly towards, but doesn't understand why she's a prisoner.
  1409. -Jeff: completely disregards the fact that he's a different species, and enjoys his company whenever around.
  1410. -Roust: thinks of the Vanguard as her second aunt. Especially loves hearing stories of the old Empire and the Hive.
  1411. -Tipper: considers Tipper an older, much wiser sister.
  1412. -Twisted Wing: considers the General her first aunt. Likes leaving mangoes on her head when she's asleep, and napping on her warm, unnaturally soft (but nonetheless pleasing) flanks.
  1414. *****
  1416. Basic Assault+2
  1417. Basic Counter
  1418. Basic Parry+2
  1419. Basic Riposte+2
  1421. *****
  1423. Basic Block
  1424. Basic Evasion+2
  1425. Basic Flight+2
  1426. Basic Reaction Speed+1
  1427. Basic Sprint+1
  1429. Basic Screech+3
  1430. Basic Stealth+1
  1432. *****
  1434. Basic Speech+1
  1435. Basic Bartering+1
  1436. Basic Carving+1
  1437. Basic Negotiation
  1438. Basic Sleight of Claw+1
  1440. *****
  1441. ITEMS:
  1442. -Doll Hoard: has a MASSIVE collection of stuffed dolls, mostly from Lann's hoofwork, that fills two corners of the Library's playroom. Nearly all of them were bought by Belltower, though she's begun receiving new ones from Razorback's mare contingent, and shows no hesitation when deploying one onto somepony.
  1444. *****
  1446. -Sapphire-Inset Hoofband. A size 8.5 hoofband made from six rolled sheaves of kanpri melded together in a spiral pattern, inset with an Anti-infused sapphire tracking gem cut into a pear shape by Krinza, allowing Jeff to track where she is at all times through the TacPad. Also quite fashionable.
  1448. -Sportsman ATV: a 1:40 miniature scaled copy of Jeff's personal ATV. Features a real steel frame, hard PVC body, honeycomb rubber tires, and the handlebars move, too! Kept with her at all times on base, or left in Dancing Eyes' possession when visiting the Moors. Greatly treasured.
  1450. *****
  1451. PHYSICAL ENCHANTMENTS: 1/2 Enchantment Slots.
  1452. -Sticky: a powerful full body enchantment that allows it's owner to stick to nearly any surface, including cloud material, without fear of being removed. May also attach items to oneself for a near-permanent hold.
  1455. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1456. Mercy, Spirit Walker. 120HP, 2DR
  1457. Age: 21.
  1458. Month of birth: December.
  1460. *****
  1461. (Anti-Otherworldly/Planar/Spectral/Undead, Careful, Emotional, Precise, Quiet, Reserved, Scarred, Spectrum Diver, Spiritual, Stealthy, Traditionalist, Veterancy: Combat/Defense/Stealth)
  1463. *****
  1464. APPEARANCE: a slightly larger than normal, well toned bright white pegasus mare with solid white eyes, no pupils present. While normally a sign of blindness, Mercy is able to see normally, or so she states. Carries a long, jagged scar across the right side of her throat that makes speaking highly difficult. Also has a 1/2" wide, 5" long deep scar on her front left shoulder, caused by a Scout/Sentry Hybrid Construct. Speaks with a somewhat halting, raspy voice due to the damage of her vocal cords, part of which has been restored by Nova Flicker, although she can speak much clearer and for longer periods of time when sunken into the Underdark, or when taking Dampener under Tipper's advice to alleviate the aggravation.
  1466. *****
  1467. BIOGRAPHY: born and raised in Cloudsdale, a highly traditional and somewhat old fashioned cloud city of roughly 5,000 pegasi, Mercy moved to Las Pegasus for as of yet unknown reasons. Unable to find work and somewhat skittish of the fast-paced city, particularly its hedonistic night life, she began working for Linara, unknowing of her status as Lucky's rival from Stalliongrad, as her personal Enforcer, tracking down 'lost' Bits, intimidating ponies into paying their debts or giving information, and so on.
  1469. *****
  1470. Finally becoming fed up from Linara's increasingly severe attitude towards ponies in general, Mercy, at the wrong time and place, made the unfortunate choice of attempting to assault the Associate in her mansion, only to be caught off guard from a savage attack to the right side of her neck when several members of Razorback, under Denra's employ, were going to do much the same. Trying to flee afterwards, she was brutally knocked out by Jeff and Clemency, then treated for injuries sustained by Jeff and Oingo afterwards before she could bleed out, later identifying Jeff as one of two calming voices from when she was fading in and out of consciousness. Her Bits were left with her after being assaulted, something she considered extremely unusual, though the loss of her mother's passed down wingblades contributed to her mental and physical decline, yet she later chose to leave her blades in his possession later on, returning now and then for one.
  1472. Somewhat recovering after spending most of her time drinking at Lucky's Bar, she eventually met Pella, befriending her during many nights of hard drinking, usually with the other patrons staring at her from afar. After recovering enough to place her on trial, the Judge of Las Pegasus made short work of her case, ordering the secondary covert feathers of both wings branded and covered in official silver and gold pegasi runes detailing each and every one of her crimes, ranging from: theft, grave robbery, slander, destruction of property, violent intimidation, lying under oath, destruction of evidence, and much more. Despite her willingness to commit criminal acts, Mercy refused to murder or rape under Linara's orders, which is the only reason she was not placed in permanent confinement or executed.
  1474. Having little choice but to take another job, and to prevent herself from returning to Cloudsdale in disgrace, Mercy put her name on Lucky's list of hires as an enforcer, despite Pella urging her not to. Upon arriving at her destination, she became disheartened that she had been contracted to humans, and began lurking the Fortress's outside perimeter, always under stealth, utterly unwilling to break her contract regardless of the circumstance. Alcohol and food disappeared from the mess hall at regular intervals, along with spiked ponyshoe tracks, three of the few clues as to her continued existence at the Fortress, yet those same spiked tracks, once found outside the walls no matter where one would walk, have not been seen for some time. While she puts on a brave face to most, Pella and Tipper continue to notice mild signs of PTSD, though Twisted has been carefully coaching her on how to deal with stress resulting from both social interaction and conflict. As thanks for her continued support, she still has flings with Pella (all of them one-sided, however) whenever she feels like it.
  1476. She returned, alone, from setting Skullcracker, the sole former Lunar Guardian turned Starborn General, free from his deathless state in Stalliongrad. Thanks to his tutelage, Mercy learnt his wisdom and the teachings of other spectrums, dimensions, and worlds, also showing her a means to safely access the Overdark, Underdark, and other realms without endangering herself or others. Pleased with her interested nature, Skullcracker even gave her the ability to easily communicate with Otherworldly and Spectral beings, regardless of species.
  1478. Often sharing time with Naliyna and Belltower, due to the pair wanting to make her more feel at ease around humans, Mercy became slightly more outgoing when it comes to social situations, though was not any more talkative for obvious reasons. Noting a number of seemingly innocuous emotional sensations and awkward, to her, thoughts, she brought them to the attention of Tipper, whom stated to Mercy that she was simply lonely, and advised her to attempt to befriend Jeff and Thrill, seeing as how she was close friends with both of their mares. Accepting her advice (with some misgivings), she chose to approach Jeff first, knowing that he had her mother's wingblades in his possession. Angered at his explanation of the mistake that nearly took her life, and his admittance that not all of Razorback were, in her jaded eyes, as honorable as he seemed to be, she instead chose to return now and again for one of her blades, completely refusing to answer the others when asked why.
  1480. Months later, Mercy approached Jeff with the proposition of becoming his and Belltower's herd-second, a term that means secondary mate, usually for those that are injured, incapacitated, or afflicted with long term disease, despite her knowledge of batponies being monogamous. Seeing his acknowledgement to speak to Belltower on the matter, she was satisfied that she had, at the very least, acted on Tipper's words. Unable to contain her joy after hearing she had been accepted by the pair, Mercy immediately requested Pella's hardest drink, only to wake up painfully hungover, and sprawled across Twisted on her heatstone in a very compromising position. Disregarding her screaming notions of indecency, she allowed herself a half-day of celebration, only this time in moderation.
  1482. During Stalliongrad's siege, Mercy approached Thrill in the Enclave, Naliyna continuing to swim in the Enclave's secluded pool without a shred of concern. Feeling extremely awkward at the single contact, she steeled herself to remain as formal as possible, convinced that her manners with Jeff were both distasteful and wrongful. Cautiously approaching the subject with Thrill of becoming their herd-second, Naliyna's appearance after tiring of her swim, and her amused, uncritical handling of the situation continued to deepen Mercy's awkwardness, though she refused to allow herself to be frustrated. Unwilling to explain the embarrassing term of herd-second, a rather difficult task to accomplish for anypony, she left Naliyna to the task, trying to ignore the thoughts of leaving quietly the two to discuss the matter. Awed by Thrill and Naliyna accepting the proposition after some thought, Mercy thanked the pair as gracefully as she could.. and found herself in much the same position as before, only this time with less of a hangover.
  1484. While attempting to uncover relics of the Spirit Walker's legacy in Skykeep, an armory formerly attached to Skybrook, once a major pegasi city, Mercy, along with Dante, Jeff, Natalia, and Paredolia, found the set of hoofboots, along with a number of refined pinksteel fragments and debris, guarded by a pair of Constructs on the third level of the crumbling structure. Overconfident in her skills and abilities, she chose the western unit for herself, and ambushed it, managing to scrape past it's defenses several times until the eastern linked Construct was destroyed, which then shifted it's consciousness to the western Construct, empowering it greatly. Unable to hold off the western Construct due to her lack of combat knowledge and rapidly increasing fatigue, she grudgingly forced herself to back off. Showing annoyance and disbelief at Dante leaving Skykeep in a hurry, Mercy refused to become bitter, resolving herself to become more proficient in combat. Waiting for the others to leave, once alone with Jeff in the armory, she gave him a hug as her personal thanks, seeking to, at the very least, show that she appreciated his company. While the incident taught her much, she is looking into a possible connection between the Lunar Guardians and the pegasi Spirit Walkers descended from that time. Considering the event for some time afterwards, Mercy has conceded the point that not all beings can share the same knowledge or, to her, proper protocols of action, yet still sees Dante as unmanageable.
  1486. As Mercy has remained honest in her duties, found company in her new home, and managed to (partially) forgive herself, the wingblades have marked her as a true Spirit Walker, thus she can no longer rely on it's abilities to find unnatural beings for her, instead allowing her learn it's programmed search function as a form of constantly heightened combat meditation, and has also reduced it's inherent enhancements that formerly augmented her ambush capabilities.
  1488. An expert in stealth and potential master of anti-Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, and Undead combat techniques, Mercy carries a deeply spiritual connection to the Underdark, and possibly several other spectrums of or related to Equestria. She is capable of teaching her specialized skills to others of a spiritual nature, though this is temporary and rather difficult to keep in practice. Can usually be found on Twisted's heatstone when she isn't there, often found idolizing the General and Belltower both greatly, though she has little interest in the Night Guard and other military services. While Mercy dislikes being tracked down or looked for, she'll typically follow an Operator or pony around if for no other reason than to keep them quiet and let her do her job in peace. She's come to like the ponies at Razorback Fortress, thinking of them as her extended, but still close, family.
  1490. *****
  1491. STATUS: formerly stuck in Las Pegasus with nowhere to go after being branded as a criminal. Now working for Razorback and adapting to her new life as one of the Fortress's Mareguards. Under permarenent contract via Tipper.
  1493. *****
  1495. -Jeff: considers redeemable, quite friendly towards.
  1496. -Malyne: protects the batfilly as family and has sworn to defend her at all costs.
  1497. -Pella & Twisted Wing: very friendly towards, considers both of them her sisters even if they don't reciprocate.
  1498. -Thrill & Naliyna: partially friendly towards.
  1499. *ALL other Operators: slightly poor.
  1501. *****
  1502. CUTIE MARK: a pair of white, spiked ponyshoes, nearly invisible against her coat.
  1504. *****
  1506. Expert Assault+5
  1507. Expert Parry+4
  1508. Expert Riposte+6
  1510. Basic Auto-Ambush+4
  1512. *****
  1514. Expert Block+2
  1515. Expert Evasion+5
  1516. Expert Flight+3
  1517. Expert Reaction Speed+5
  1518. Expert Sprint+3
  1520. Basic Auto-Stealth+6
  1522. *****
  1524. Basic Alchemy+5
  1525. Basic Bartering+3
  1526. Basic Perception+4
  1527. Basic Meditation+3
  1529. *****
  1531. Basic Intimidation+4
  1533. *****
  1535. -Auto-Resist: a standard ability of spiritists that allows Mercy to ignore some of the harm and trauma that inevitably results from combat with Otherworldly, Planar, and Spectral beings, using a [1d6+5] roll.
  1537. -Basic Fearless: under Twisted Wing and Tipper's tutelage, Mercy has been learning the proper methods to mask and temporarily hold her often conflicting emotions, this flaw resulting from her fairly strict, highly traditional upbringing. Grants 2x [1d6] <Fearless rolls for use in social situations where her emotional and traditional nature would be compromised, or in combat against unruly and intimidating opponents.
  1539. -Spirit Walk. During her time spent delving into other planes and spectrums, Mercy has learned to create a small, ponial pocket dimarension, often using it as a quiet place to meditate, store interesting items in, or to simply get away from others for a while. At times she may also allow other living beings to enter it, with her permission of course. Once per Operation Mercy may roll [1d6], the result being the number of turns that Mercy and 2 other ponies or humans may enter the pocket dimarension, remaining safely sheltered from all harm. While in this pocket dimarension time still 'flows' normally, both in the dimarension and on Tallus. Once that number of turns has concluded the pocket dimarension will release Mercy and her allies placing them in the exact locations they were. While this ability allows Mercy to safely move herself into the Underdark, Overdark, or other spectrums TWICE per Operation, she is often reluctant to do so.
  1541. *****
  1542. UNIQUE ABILITY: Basic Spectral Shatter. Before leaving Cloudsdale, Mercy trained with both her mother and numerous minotaur shamans of Gozka, learning to draw upon deeply imbued rites sealed within the Spirit Walker's Wingblades. This has granted her the ability to unleash physical expulsions of crippling energies against Otherworldy, Planar, Spectral, and Undead enemies with a [1d6+10] <Expulse or <Shatter attack, depending on the nature of her opponent, that may stun every 3rd turn on a MAX critical. As an additional effect of Mercy's emerging spiritual nature combined with the constant marental conditioning from commanding her wingblades' volatile energies, she has learned the ability to automatically search for, and potentially recognize, Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, and Undead beings with a [1d6+4] <Reveal Unnatural ability each turn.
  1544. *****
  1546. -White Pegasi Spiritist's Armor (Custom-Fit, Unique): a woven silk and compressed cotton armor formerly owned by Serra, heavily customized and modified by Lann, also now colored the same as her coat. The exterior has been hardened by an armor charm, yet it is still flexible enough to move around in easily, further improved by Lann's hoofwork. While it covers all but her hooves and head, Mercy doesn't like being hindered during flight or movemarent and, typical of most pegasi, would rather not wear the armor at all, but will use it if convinced otherwise or she sees the need for it's protection.
  1547. -Armor Value: 2DR.
  1548. -Armor Class: Medium
  1549. -Enchantment Slots: 1/2 remaining.
  1550. -Defensive Enchantment #1: reduces all Elemental damage by 1/4.
  1552. *****
  1554. -Spirit Walker Hoofboots (Graven-Carved, Lunar-Forged, Archaic Legendary Artifact, Pale Destroyer Unique): a quartet of fluorescent, partially transluscent pinksteel hoofboots imbued with numerous arcane enchantments. The first of these is a powerful Sticky enchantmarent that well outperforms the versions that batponies prefer; the second an inordinately Slowfall-Float; the third an incomparably rare Silence effect. According to what little information Mercy has been able to recover, only a few sets of Spirit Walker wingblades, hoofboots, and armors were created by General Skullcracker, of the Lunar Guardians less than a century before the Lunar-Solar War began. While Mercy has a few suspicions as to what may have necessitated the breeding of pegasi which would eventually result in her lineage, none of them have resulted in truth.
  1555. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  1556. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/3.
  1557. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  1558. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: once per Operation grants a [1d6] <Silence curse that disables Bartering, Casting, Demoralize, Intimidation, Leadership, Negotiation, and renders the target unable to speak for the result's number of turns.
  1559. -Utility Enchantmarent #1: Grandmaster Slowfall-Float, adds +1 to all non-combat Flight & Stealth rolls.
  1560. -Utility Enchantmarent #1: Grandmaster Sticky.
  1562. -Spirit Walker Wingblades (Graven-Carved, Lunar-Forged, Archaic Legendary Artifacts): a set of large, virtually indestructible pinksteel pegasi wingblades. A cool, translucent pink in color, these wingblades are strictly meant for use in open combat or as a shield when grounded or otherwise incapable of flight. These arcane weapons, given to Mercy by her mother as a rite of passage, are bound by numerous enchantmarents created before the Lunar-Solar War. Not only do they allow her the ability to slip into stealth whenever she wishes against white backgrounds, and imbue her with natural Ambush heightening capabilities, they also allow her safe access to the Underdark, Overdark, and Void spectrums of Equestria, as well as giving her the capacity to sense the normally hidden beings of those realms with relative ease. Unlike most sets of equipmarent dating back to that era, Spirit Walker weapons and armor were never cited in records. 2 wingblades remaining from Jeff's possession.
  1563. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  1564. -Enchantment Slots: 0/4.
  1565. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls only against Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, and Undead beings.
  1566. -Defensive Enchantmarent #1: adds +2 to all Block rolls.
  1567. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: grants Auto-Ambush.
  1568. -Defensive Enchantmarent #1: grants Auto-Stealth.
  1569. -Utility Enchantmarent #1: Safe Passage; allows Mercy and up to 2 ponies or humans to enter the Underdark, Overdark, and the Void as an Ally.
  1571. *****
  1573. -Cryptosis Regen, Permarenent: developed in secret during the renovation of Razorback Fortress, Mercy spent most of her admittedly large new fortune acquiring the exotic, expensive, and in some cases, dangerous reagents to create a personalized elixir in case of severe injury. Combines the effects of Cryptus, Restoration, and Regen, may be administered up to 3 times per day/night.
  1575. -Custom Fit Radio+Headset: finished and miniaturized, as well as made invisible, by Spiral.
  1577. -Spectral Transformation Potions. After consuming, adds +2 to all in-combat and non-combat Stealth rolls for 3 turns. Rumored to taste like.. something.
  1579. *****
  1583. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1584. Nova Flicker, Ward Neophyte: 70HP, 1DR. Age: 20. Month of birth: April.
  1586. *****
  1587. (Asexual, Calming Presence, Compulsion: Recovery, Gentle, Guardian, Introspective, Merciful, Healer, Polite, Rational, Studious, Tender-Hearted, Veteran: Recovery, Ward, Warm-Hearted)
  1589. *****
  1590. APPEARANCE: a young, luxuriously soft carnelian coated unicorn mare with a half garnet, half aquamarine mane. Her pupils are soft edged five-pointed stars, a slight glowing carnelian in color, though it's obvious that she isn't Enchained. Her body is exceptionally curved and her facial features more feminine than most mares in comparison, giving her an always aroused or sensual expression, though she professes no interest in lovers or her own looks. Unfortunately, she bears a number of small, virtually unhealing scars across her flanks, face, and front shoulders, the results of her compulsion to aid any injured or ill being, regardless of consequences, and has chosen to keep them as reminders of her duties.
  1592. *****
  1593. BIOGRAPHY: Nova Flicker is a Ward, a form of very rare and dedicated unicorn healer capable of recovering living beings from volatile enchantments such as Bane or Void based effects, as well as curing or eliminating afflictions that run beyond the knowledge of traditional healers, doctors, and alchemists. While her skills are not as effective as Meridian Veil's, Nova Flicker's tender nature and warm personality make her exceedingly well liked by all that have come into contact with her, though her merciful mentality hides a sharp intellect and voracious appetite for knowledge. Also mildly narcoleptic.
  1595. A well-known traveler and trader across Equestria, Nova is always in search of fresh herbs and has quite a few contacts amongst the many healer's circles. She is, however, highly unwilling to watch others be harmed, regardless of their species or temperment, and will directly intervene in open hostilities, using herself as a lure in order to hold an opponent at bay while teleporting bystanders from danger.
  1597. *****
  1598. STATUS: the Fortress's dedicated Ward, hired by Jeff under a 2 year contract.
  1600. *****
  1601. CUTIE MARK: A dim white sphere, the outer edge covered in long wavy platinum triangles, the inside taken up by four small novae: blue, red, orange, and black, each connected in series by a green barbed chain.
  1603. *****
  1605. Basic Assault+3
  1606. Basic Parry+2
  1607. Basic Riposte+3
  1609. Master Casting+6
  1610. Taunt+3
  1612. *****
  1614. Expert Block+2
  1615. Expert Evasion+4
  1616. Expert Reaction Speed+1
  1617. Expert Sprint+2
  1619. Master Teleport+6
  1621. *****
  1623. Expert Alchemy+5
  1624. Basic Negotiation+4
  1625. Expert Research+4
  1626. Expert Recovery+5
  1628. *****
  1629. SPECIAL ABILITY: Calming Presence. Nova Flicker's guardian mentality and calming presence can be focused into a state of heightened combat meditation, increasing her concentration and allowing her to bring a hostile being's attention to bear solely on her, or enter a heavily emotional trance, giving her another opportunity to defuse situations before they become violent.
  1630. *In combat: roll 2x [1d6], the higher result adds +X to all Recovery rolls, the lower result lasts that number of turns while also adding +3 to all Taunt rolls.
  1631. *Out of combat: roll 2x [1d6], the higher result lasts that number of turns, the lower result adds +X to all Negotiation rolls while also adding +3 to all Recovery rolls.
  1633. *****
  1634. UNIQUE ABILITY: Auto-Field Regen. Nova Flicker's immense devotion to the warmth of life itself exudes from her very being, restoring the wounds of all friendly and neutral living beings nearby with a [1d6+4] roll. This skill is always active, even when asleep, unconscious, or in Critical status, and does not cause Arcane Poisoning.
  1636. *****
  1638. -Healer's Saddlepack. A woven cotton pack that she keeps with her at all times, filled with a collection of sealed jars, the contents, a host of alchemical fluids, range from anti-parasitics to painkillers, styptics, anti-bacterials, wound cleaning agents, and sedatives, all herbal in nature and capable of being used on virtually any living being. A number of large wound dressings made from a sticky spider silk are contained between sheets of alocara bark, used to rapidly stabilize injured patients and stop Bleeding on contact, also infused with small amounts of styptic, anti-bacterial agents, a wound cleaning agent, and a heavy painkiller. Grants a [1d6+10] <Healer's Pack roll.
  1640. *****
  1644. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1645. Sparking Fleur, the Antleriest: 80HP, 0DR. Age: unknown.
  1647. *****
  1648. (Calm, Cautious, Cheerful: Twisted Wing, Devoted, Fearless (unless Instinctive), Inquisitive, Oblivious, Sharp: Lin, Understanding: Old Horn, Uneducated)
  1650. *****
  1651. APPEARANCE: a milky-brown coated female Pred-Elk, usually hidden under a layer of living wood, a pair of bright, mystic-blue eyes being the only exposed part of her face. Slightly taller then an average Earth pony with a slim frame due to her species' proportions.
  1653. *****
  1654. BIOGRAPHY: during an attempted extermination of Efirates in the Everfree Forest, Old Horn, desperate to end the struggle, fractured and split Dr. Novus's Ka, his decision giving Sparking Fleur, an otherwise unnotable Predator Elk, along with the herd she belonged to, true sentience. Adjusting to having to think on her own for the first few days, they were under strict supervision by Old Horn, teaching them the basics of their new existence such as speech and simple manners, shortly afterwards exercising great devotion during the extermination of Efirates. For these actions, Sparking Fleur and her kin see Old Horn as a father figure, becoming extremely dedicated to him and his cause.
  1656. After spending an Operation with a few humans from Razorback, Sparky took it upon herself to return a human weapon to their Fortress, given to her by Old Horn for unknown and seemingly out of character reasons. Upon entering the Fortress, she found herself more intrigued than disgusted by the artificial environment, and during her visit she met Twisted Wing. Talking to and quickly befriending the Burning General, Fleur has decided to stay for an extended period of time. Through Twisted, she has learned not to use her armor's wooden tendrils on others without their strict consent, much to the Pred-Elk's confusion of course. Eventually becoming fond of Executioner, the Enchained pegasi's wholly unnatural spiritual flames have, somehow, kept the whispering darkness in her dreams at bay.
  1658. Returning to the Fortress for a brief amount of time, Sparking Fleur sensed another being in line with nature, much like Father Old Horn, but more deeply rooted in natural cycles. Discovering Lin, with a quick (and scrunchy face inducing) exchange later, the Pred-Elk was led into the Everfree by the literal featherbrain, where she spent the next several months under the Legendary Druid's wing. During this time her obliviousness has given way to a much sharper attitude, developed from having to concentrate and interpret Lin's constant procrastination, typical airheadedness, and highly dubious (at least, from a predelk's standpoint) 'peace-through-superior-I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-but-I-think-it's-working!' nature.
  1660. *****
  1662. Master Assault+1
  1663. Master Parry+1
  1664. Master Riposte+1
  1666. Expert Druidry+4
  1668. *****
  1670. Expert Block+2
  1671. Expert Evasion+2
  1672. Expert Reaction Speed+2
  1673. Expert Sprint+2
  1675. Expert Stealth+4
  1677. *****
  1679. Basic Dancing
  1680. Druidic Sight+2
  1681. Basic Singing
  1682. Expert Perception+5
  1684. *****
  1685. SPECIES ABILITY: Expert Lightning Strike. An ability inherent to all pred-elks that allows them to absorb and store electrical discharges in their antlers, then release at an enemy with 3x [1d6+2] rolls. Predelks may charge this ability by +2 each turn, capping at +10.
  1687. *****
  1689. -Druidic Wooden Tendril Armor (Custom-Fit, Druid-Grown, Unique): this wooden armor, guided and shaped by Old Horn, was allowed to grow naturally, and was further shaped by old traditional Druid craft. It has the ability to sprout highly flexible tendrils, used to manipulate objects, and may also be used for offensive purposes. The tendrils themselves are linked to her mind, allowing total command and control over them, and with enough concentration Sparky can extend her mind along the length of the tendrils to see ahead. After the time spent under Lin, Sparky has taken the liberty in reforming her armor to cover her entire body, giving the appearance that she is completely made from winding gnarled wood and tendrils.
  1690. -Armor Value: 5DR.
  1691. -Armor Class: Improved Medium
  1692. -Offensive Enhancement #1: Hardened Tendrils, adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls when utilized.
  1695. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1696. Steel Blitz, Nightclaw: 130HP, 1DR. Age: 23. Month of birth: September.
  1698. *****
  1699. (Amiable, Ambusher, Bold, Chatty, Cheerful, Curious, Quick, Talkative, Veterancy: Senses/Speed)
  1701. *****
  1702. APPEARANCE: a dark red coated pegasus with a steel gray mane and blue eyes, a lighter red coloration on his wing tips.. though he will vehemently argue otherwise if it's called pink. Has an expansive three-clawed scar on his right side across his ribs.
  1704. *****
  1705. BIOGRAPHY: a Las Pegasus native, Steel Blitz comes from a long line of Lunar Guard and Starborn, his genealogy dating all the way back to the Lunar Guardians. Interestingly, his family has been noted for the exceptional 'size' of their stallions, while the mares are considerably more difficult to satisfy. Blitz has a natural affinity for the occasionally-used wing darts, despite them being considered an assassin's weapon in some circles, not that this fact deters him from using them.
  1707. An incident years ago in Canterlot has left him heavily scarred on his right side due to a gryphon assassin attacking a noble and his guard, Aster. Only a recruit at the time, he diverted the assassins's attention long enough for Aster to kill the gryphon. Although he appreciates her life debt, he's not going to stop the earth mare from watching over him.
  1709. Now a newly promoted Nightclaw, he has been assigned to Razorback, with Aster in tow of course. Upbeat and ready to meet new and interesting beings, the predictable and boring wall patrol has made him hyper-vigilant of anything that might go on beyond the Fortress walls, and is always eager to do something exciting.
  1711. *****
  1712. CUTIE MARK: three steel daggers fanned out aiming forward with streaks behind them, usually covered by his armor.
  1714. *****
  1715. STATUS: a Night Guard at Razorback Fortress, part of the overwatch crew.
  1717. *****
  1719. -Aster: her partner on wall patrol, and second mare in their herd with Natilda.
  1720. -Soviet Comrade, AKA Natilda: lead mare.
  1721. -Vanil: good friends with, and is usually the first to receive his scouting reports.
  1723. *****
  1725. Expert Assault+5
  1726. Expert Parry+5
  1727. Expert Riposte+5
  1729. Expert Ambush+3
  1731. *****
  1733. Expert Block+3
  1734. Expert Evasion+5
  1735. Expert Flight+5
  1736. Expert Reaction Speed+5
  1737. Expert Sprint+5
  1739. Basic Stealth+4
  1741. *****
  1743. Basic Bartering+2
  1744. Basic Negotiation+2
  1745. Expert Perception+4
  1747. *****
  1749. -Nightclaw Light Armor (Custom-Fit, Lunar-Forged, Unique): a personalized, custom fit overcoat made of woven silk and kanpri strands, offering more than enough movemarent and protection for weight-hating pegasi during patrols and combat.
  1750. -Armor Value: 1DR.
  1751. -Armor Class: Light.
  1752. -Enchantment Slots: 1/1 remaining.
  1754. *****
  1756. -Lunar Wing Blades (Weapon Traits:: 2/2 Enchantment Slots, Custom-Fit, Lunar-Forged): a set of standarized, dark purple wingblades issued to all Night Guard pegasi upon initiation.
  1757. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  1758. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  1760. -Wing Darts: a set of six extremely sharp, small barbed metal darts, three on each wing attached to Blitz's outermost secondary feathers. Once Blitz has expended all six he must either retrieve them or affix the extra six he keeps on him, though he must skip a turn to do so.
  1761. -Weapon Class: Light.
  1762. -Mechanical Enhancement: may use up to 2 per turn, each granting a [1d6+8] <Wing Dart roll.
  1763. -Armor Pierce: 2 (negates 2DR).
  1764. -Secondary Mechanical Enhancement: attempting to remove an embedded dart incorrectly will result in an unavoidable [1d6] <Barbed Misery roll that bypasses External DR and causes Bleeding.
  1766. *****
  1767. PHYSICAL Enchantments: 3/3 Slots.
  1770. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1771. Pella, 90HP, 1DR. Age: 19. Month of birth: January.
  1773. *****
  1774. (Amiable, Cheery, Defuser, Hostess, Kind, Natural Speaker, Smooth Talker, Quick)
  1776. *****
  1777. APPEARANCE: a slender, average sized, constantly cheery pegasus with a soft blue coat, her pink wings and mane accentuating her friendly appearance, and is never seen wearing anything less than a friendly smile. Pella has become considerably more concerned with her personal fitness during her time with Razorback, taking time to work out with the mercenaries unless otherwise occupied, developing a decent amount of musculature while keeping her cute, curvy nature.
  1779. *****
  1780. BIOGRAPHY: unknown, but presumably good.
  1782. Formerly a barmare at Lucky's Tavern, she was hired into Razorback's employ when Lucky's significant expansion of Las Pegasus occurred, and despite wanting to explore the world and it's peoples she acknowledges the necessity that nearly all other races have highly subpar service, foodwise.
  1784. An exceptional and visually appealing hostess, Pella knows how to handle drunks, food, and beverages with a cheery, slightly coy attitude, mostly belying her kind, but quick-witted nature. Fleet of mind and hoof, she's capable of memorizing 20 orders at a time, and is able to deliver them with unerring accuracy, though her memory of social situations or anything military related is far less than phenomenal. Has admitted that she wants to own a bar of her own, but considers the probability of such an undertaking out of league.
  1786. After a rocky but highly interesting start with Esera, Pella has Coming to enjoy Dante's time and affection, finding him strong of character, enjoying his willingness to speak honestly and bluntly, though after Esera left she has been somewhat solemn, apparently joy deprived from the initiate necromancer's lack of presence. A newfound herd relationship with Mist Dancer, and subsequently sharing Dante again, has left her wondering whether or not his character is, as the former Chief suspects, flawed enough to warrant direct intervention.
  1788. *****
  1789. CUTIE MARK: a blue stone mug topped with pink foam, slightly tilted forwards.
  1791. *****
  1792. STATUS: night time hostess & cook/server in Razorback's Mess Hall, under permanent contract via Tipper.
  1794. *****
  1796. -Dante: in a herd with, lead stallion.
  1797. -Mercy: slightly strained relations with, but greatly enjoys her company.. whenever she's not being flank flustered from the Spirit Walker's stealthy assaults.
  1799. *****
  1801. Expert Assault+4
  1802. Expert Parry+3
  1803. Expert Riposte+4
  1805. Basic Intimidate+4
  1807. *****
  1809. Expert Block+2
  1810. Expert Evasion+4
  1811. Expert Flight+4
  1812. Expert Reaction Speed+3
  1813. Expert Sprint+3
  1815. *****
  1817. Expert Bartering+4
  1818. Expert Chef+6
  1819. Expert Negotiation+4
  1821. *****
  1822. NON-COMBAT SHARED ABILITY: Basic Smooth Talker. Dante has spent enough time with Pella and picked up some of her easy-going nature, as well as understanding how she deals with stressful situations and pain-in-the-ass ponies. Whenever speaking to any of the pony species, Dante gains +1 to all Negotiation rolls, or +2 if attempting to calm a pony down.
  1824. *****
  1828. *************************************************************************************************************************************
  1829. Name:        Sergei Vergunov
  1830. Position:    Free Agent
  1831. Theme:       Post-Apocalyptic Metro Engineer
  1832. HP:          10/10
  1833. Total XP:    11
  1834. Unspent XP:  0
  1836. *****
  1838. Basic Assault
  1839. Basic Parry
  1840. Basic Riposte
  1842. Basic Combat Rifles/Shotguns
  1844. *****
  1846. Basic Block
  1847. Basic Evasion
  1848. Basic Reaction Speed
  1849. Basic Sprint
  1851. *****
  1853. Expert Engineering
  1855. *****
  1857. >Apocalyptic Survivor (Expert): all custom weapons created by Sergei grant 2 additional Ranged rolls. Due to the necessities of defensive elimination and hunting down potential/known violent species, or firing at them while in the process of rapid on-foot area extrication, he also gains +2 against all non-human beings.
  1859. >Metro Engineer (Expert): using any of of Sergei's scavenged, premade, or custom parts and tools adds +2 to all Engineering rolls, as well as granting him an additional Engineering roll.
  1861. *****
  1863. -Pupil Engineer
  1865. -Amateur Researcher
  1867. *****
  1868. TERTIARY SKILLS: none, yet.
  1870. *****
  1872. -Engineering Mastery: Continued Application, Theory, & Experience: adds +1 to all Engineering rolls.
  1874. *****
  1875. BIOGRAPHY: born and raised in the time before the war that sent man underground, Vergunov was a promising young mechanical engineer, often commissioned by many decorated officers of the Russian military to design customized and unique weapons for showpieces and decorations, many of which employed highly unusual and complex actions simply for the sake of being so, such as strange toggle actions and oddly placed but efficient feeding mechanisms.
  1877. After humanity took refuge in the Metro systems, Vergunov's designs switched from sophisticated to primitive and robust, as the tools to manufacture weapons with precision were unavailable. Even so, his machinations were highly sought after for their exceptional quality, especially for Metro-born weapons. During one night, he decided to scavenge for more materials to build with, but was attacked by a pair of Demons. Fleeing as fast as he could, he wound up too close to the hives of the Dark Ones, and was caught in the flash of radiation.
  1879. Now working in the Fortress's Workshop with real, functioning modern tools, Sergei has eagerly taken the role of Razorback's gunsmith and opportunistic tinkerer. Whenever not sighting in rifles at the range, creating or adding modifications to Operator weapons, Sergei is often found maintaining the Armory's stockpile of unused firearms, all the while taking meticulous notes on their designs, and has built an impressive schematic portfolio for future weapon designs should they be needed.
  1881. *****
  1882. PHYSICAL ENCHANTMENTS: 1/1 slots remaining.
  1885. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1886. Torven, Veteran Treasure Hunter: 200HP, 2DR. Age: 33. Month of birth: April.
  1888. *****
  1889. (Careful, Cautious, Cheerful, Curious, Efficient, Inquisitive, Lucky, Mischievous, Paranoid, Pessimist, Rational, Rogue, Stealthy, Veteran: Defense/Thievery)
  1891. *****
  1892. APPEARANCE: an average sized, well toned batpony stallion with a dark cobalt coat and mane, his hooves and wingclaws much lighter shaded, and bright, cherry red diamond-slitted eyes. Doesn't seem to have many scars overall, except for a number of thin, weblike lines on his wings.
  1894. *****
  1895. BIOGRAPHY: unknown. A natural born citizen of the Moors, Torven is considered one of the few true veteran treasure hunters in Equestria, having acquired a personal treasury rivaling that of the Basin's yearly income in the past 15 years alone. Though he spends most of his fortunate trading for information, locations, and equipment to keep him alive during his travels, his own home in the Basin, to the west of the market, is sparsely furnished and almost never used, instead preferring to keep it as a location for the traders to store most of their goods.
  1897. Less than a year after Razorback's arrival, Torven, on a long term mapping trip through the Equestria, found himself, for once, lost. Losing his saddlepack to an unknown creature, probably a young wyre drake, he spent the next two days searching it, but luckily kept his neck pouch. Succumbing to a minor viral infection from drinking contaminated water, he chose a tree branch well above the ground, unknowingly several miles from the Fortress, deciding to wait it out, melting snow for water to drink and happily napping the time away.
  1899. Early one night, Torven was awoken by a Changeling and a human wandering about about, making no attempt to contact them, mostly from amusement at the strange beings. Roust, asking a few questions in her own language, was forced to switch to Common Equestrian, although her basic fluency caused Torven to inform Hollow that he couldn't read Changeling runes, both puzzled by him making no effort to leave. Later on, Jeff took Belltower, still in the Nightblade doll at that time, to search for his unmistakable eyes, easily convincing him to accept treatment at the Fortress, though not without Torven promising to hoof over a couple of his maps as repayment.
  1901. Quickly learning to accept Tipper's 'advice', and making a friend of Simon at the time, he chose to stick around in the hopes of mapping the surrounding forest, curious about it's location and vicinity to several ruins he'd noted before but had been unable to enter. Although reluctant to visit Tipper during this time, his on and off battle with the uncommon virus, one that several humans have noticed as similar to influenza and thought to be incapable of cross species contamination, hampered him from returning to the Moors, instead giving him plenty of time to continue his second favorite activity: sleep in random places. Upside down, of course. Eventually consolidating his notes and journal logs, Torven, on a visit from Hollow, gave him the location of a long abandoned Changeling outpost some distance from the Fortress, mentioning his difficulty in entering. Shortly afterwards, Torven gave Jeff a map with the location of a possible geode cache, and a second mark where he'd noticed a bright orange light, but had been too concerned over his personal safety to enter.
  1903. As of late, Torven has taken to.. simply hanging around Razorback, lounging in the warm rafters above the workshop, generally doing nothing of importance while spending as much time comfortably asleep as possible.
  1905. *****
  1906. STATUS: finished mapping the surrounding Everfree forest from Razorback Fortress, now looking for treasure nearby.
  1908. *****
  1910. Master Assault+4
  1911. Master Parry+4
  1912. Master Riposte+4
  1914. Basic Ambush+2
  1916. *****
  1918. Master Block+6
  1919. Master Counter+6
  1920. Master Flight+3
  1921. Master Reaction Speed+4
  1922. Master Sprint+4
  1924. Basic Screech+3
  1925. Expert Stealth+4
  1927. *****
  1929. Basic Alchemy+2
  1930. Expert Cartography+3
  1931. Expert Geography+3
  1932. Expert Perception+4
  1933. Expert Scouting+6
  1934. Master Sleight of Claw+8
  1936. *****
  1938. -FE.Venom: a strong, fast acting and spreading painkiller combined with a powerful euphoric element and a strong muscle relaxant, injected from his upper maxillary fangs into pinned or stunned targets with a [1d6+2] roll, result-2 is the number of turns the target suffers a -4 penalty to all rolls. This ability can only be used on living beings ONCE per Operation, although Torven greatly dislikes the fact that he's one of the few with this mutation.
  1940. -Natural Weaponry: Torven's stubby fangs and claws are quite tough, allowing him to pierce 1DR with each attack when in use.
  1942. *****
  1944. -Cartography Journal: a small, newer hardcover book containing notations, all in batpony script, detailing information related to his geographic journal. Grants an additional Cartography roll for determining position.
  1946. -Crystal Compass: made from Imperial crystal, this is a small water-filled compass with a protective lid, made specifically to keep perfect track of one's direction. For obvious reasons, it doesn't work at all at higher elevations and if damaged it's virtually useless. Grants a [1d6+3] <Compass roll for determining position.
  1948. -Geography Journal: a small, well worn journal filled with custom maps of the Everfree and the Moors, including cities, structures, ruins, and natural oddities of note, with numerous marks in batpony script. Grants a [1d6+3] <Geography roll for determining position.
  1950. -Neck Pouch: a brown, woven cotton pouch containing several vials and packets of alchemical supplies. What supplies Torven carries with him entirely depends on the area he's exploring, but he almost always carries one Dampener and one Regeneration.
  1952. -Underwing Satchels: two small satchels, each no larger than the average pocket, containing his journals and compass. Rather worn and heavily patched from his travels, much to Lann's chagrin.
  1954. *****
  1956. -Reinforced Steel Hoofclaws (Weapon Traits: 1/1 Enchantment Slots remaining, Custom-Fit): a quartet of snugly fitting, blackened steel hoofboots with four short, sharp claws melded to the front, used to dig holes in trees, packed ground, or enemies if need be. Adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls when used, Armor Pierce 1 (negates 1DR).
  1958. *****
  1959. PHYSICAL ENCHANTMENTS: 1/3 Slots remaining.
  1960. -Pure Void Drop: one of the two known material essences from the Scars of the Moors, this is a teardrop shaped, physical representation of the Void on Tallus, incapable of being subjected to touch for long, or it may disappear from reality. When consumed, a sliver of the Void's notorious 'quiet' influence is imparted, granting the consumer the ability to safely travel through the Underdark now and then, as if they were a being originating from there. This effect becomes permanent afterwards and retains it's negative qualities under use of Stealth, though is highly prized by batpony hunters nonetheless. Adds +1 to all Stealth rolls, may safely travel through the Underdark once per Operation, with one more use at Master rank Stealth, and becomes considered an Ally to the Void; however, all Ranged capabilities are removed while under Stealth, and the consumer loses all DR for the turn after dropping Stealth as the transition from incorporeal to material spectrums is a jarring event.
  1962. -Sticky: a powerful, full body enchantment that allows it's owner to stick to nearly any surface, including cloud material, without fear of being removed. May also attach items to oneself for a near-permanent hold.
  1965. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  1966. Tipper, Clinic Doctor: 140HP, 2DR. Age: 63. Month of birth: May.
  1968. *****
  1969. (Brash, Healer, Intellectual, Kind, Motherly, Natural Healer, Stern, Veterancy: Alchemy/Casting/Recovery)
  1971. *****
  1972. APPEARANCE: an aged, motherly, and kind but stern faded pink unicorn mare with metallic eyes. While Tipper carries no scars of any note, she has a great number of stress lines around her eyes and cheeks, signifying her advanced age. As Twisted has commented, Tipper's coat was once a bright, cheerful bubblegum pink, but has dimmed significantly over the years.
  1974. *****
  1975. BIOGRAPHY: formerly working for the Day, Royal, and Honor Guards as their main healer, Tipper could no longer handle the stresses of caring for much of the Guard's ills due to her advancing age. A consumate professional, Tipsy, as she was known by many of the Guard for her drinking habits in her early years at the Canterlot College of Magic, takes a severe no-nonsense approach to all of her patients, enforcing strict rules of fast, proper treatment, plenty of relaxation, short and friendly visits, and NO riling up or otherwise exciting a patient for any reason. Also seems to be the only pony, besides Cadence and Countess Folunasi, that knows how to properly and correctly treat arcane poisoning. A side-effect of her extensive knowledge on unicorn physiology is a latent regeneration ability, though it does nothing to quell the soreness she experiences quite often.
  1977. Unable to socialize much due to her aches, Tipsy often spends her waking hours reading medical guides and books, sorting through or rotating supplies constantly, and teaching Mercy, Roust, and Malyne about Equestria and the histories of other countries. Unfortunately, her physical condition slows her down greatly, preventing her from aiding her newfound family on the battlefield, MUCH to her distaste.
  1979. Typical of mares her age, Tipper enjoys hot tea immensely, especially to keep her hooves warm, and hosts a tea party in the mess hall every evening after dusk as a way to unwind and relax amongst the others on base. Refusing to acknowledge the slowly increasing number of physical aches aches, she sometimes travels to the Vale & Anfang, Gozka, Cloudsdale, the Zebra lands, Eyeraq, and Canterlot, in that order, to trade her knowledge for fresh tea pouches and new recipes.
  1981. When Spiral left the day before renovations began, he turned over command of the Fortress to Tipper, stating that she should do as she saw fit, but mainly to keep an eye on the Operators. Disgruntled at the sudden onslaught of extra duties thrown at her, she remains bitter towards the former Marquis' actions, seeing him as an unreasonable abject coward. Silently pleased at Dancing Eyes both testing the limit's of the Fortress's psionic interdiction capabilities and teaching Malyne her skills, Tipper has become highly concerned about what to do with (or, possibly, to) Roust, should the Vanguard learn of Dancing's capabilities and become hostile.
  1983. Immediately following Denra's 'party' in the Enclave, Tipper has been seen drinking from a faded white flask quite often, to some surprise. Mist Dancer has thus warned everypony to avoid her when she does so, stating that she will "NOT TALK ABOUT IT, NO MATTER WHAT!"
  1985. *****
  1986. CUTIE MARK: a neatly folded white blanket topped by a shiny brown bandage, a syringe laid atop the latter.
  1988. *****
  1989. STATUS: main doctor at the Fortress's clinic, under permanent contract.
  1991. *****
  1993. Basic Assault+1
  1994. Basic Parry+2
  1995. Basic Riposte+2
  1997. Expert Casting+7
  1998. Expert Elemarental Lance+2
  2000. *****
  2002. Basic Block+1
  2003. Basic Evasion+1
  2004. Basic Reaction Speed+1
  2005. Basic Sprint+1
  2007. Auto-Regen+5
  2008. Medic's Intimidatee+20
  2010. *****
  2012. Basic Bartering+4
  2013. Expert Alchemy+4
  2014. Basic Negotiation+4
  2015. Expert Research+4
  2016. Expert Recovery+8
  2018. *****
  2019. UNIQUE ABILITY: Grandmaster Diagnosis. By combining her experience, wisdom, immense knowledge of medical practices, theories, and facts along with her natural affinity for casting and recovery abilities, this allows her to diagnose nearly any form of injury, whether physical or not, with a [1d6+4] roll, giving her the ability to visibly explore a physical body for two minutes with an advanced form of non-damaging, non-invasive, psionic-like ultrasound augury. The higher the result, the more likely Tipper can immediately identify causes of injury and explore immediate or potential treatment options.
  2021. *****
  2022. UNIQUE ITEM:
  2023. -Field Medic Saddlepack: a well-worn and faded gold saddlepack, issued only to Honor Guard medics after their completion of surgical training.. though the solar symbols have been torn off for some reason. Tipper has stocked her saddlepack with a number of alchemical concoctions, spider-silk bandages, and several secretive items that she refuses to divulge the purpose of. Grants a [1d6+12] <Doctor's Pack roll.
  2025. *****
  2028. -Armor Charm: provides a natural +1DR.
  2031. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  2032. Vanil, Scout: 60HP, 0DR. Age: approximately 11. Month of birth: unknown. (ESC)
  2034. *****
  2035. (Brash, Careless, Cheerful, Elite: Speed, Hyperactive, Inquisitive, Natural Enemy: Unicorns, Veteran: Scouting, Vigilant)
  2037. *****
  2038. APPEARANCE: a squeaky voiced, quick-witted, athletic, and verifiably nuts multi-hued pegasus barely into stallion-hood. Multiple stripes of shaded black and grey across his body allow him to blend in easily during the night, or in shadows during the day, and give him an advantage when it comes to avoiding possible enemies. (Doesn't seem to work on unicorns, though.)
  2040. *****
  2041. BIOGRAPHY: unknown, but likely good. On Lucky's recommendation (and payments) of his new job as a Scout for Las Pegasus, Vanil had himself enchanted to move much faster than normal, as well as increasing his senses somewhat to compensate for the likelihood of danger. Vanil would prefer to avoid combat utterly, instead preferring to obtain information and return as quickly as possible. Successful on most of his missions, Lucky was contemptful of his attitude of newfound invincibility, and hired him out to Razorback, secretly hoping that he would, at the very least, be brought down several pegs on the chart.
  2043. Incredibly cheerful and bright, though with a smarmy, all-knowing attitude if he believes a tactical error will be committed, Vanil refuses to shirk his duties without reason, unless his favorite food is offered: baked shrimp-stuffed bread rolls topped with cheddar cheese.
  2045. *****
  2046. CUTIE MARK: a small red cloud with several lines of dim white string trailing after it.
  2048. *****
  2049. STATUS: primary Scout for Razorback Fortress and a member of Spiral's bachelor herd, under semi-permanent contract via Tipper.
  2051. *****
  2052. ABILITIES: Basic Melee+2, Basic Speech+2, Expert Stealth+4, Master Movement+8
  2054. *****
  2056. -Master Scout: due to intensive mnemonic retention training under the threat of severe flank beatings, Vanil may be called upon to scout a known location for it's layout, information on local forces, notable features, as well as find likely contacts. He may also be sent out to find resources and new locations twice per day, using 4x [1d6+5] rolls.
  2058. *****
  2061. -Alpha Shade Drake's Core: adds +1 to all Perception/Scouting/Wilderness Survival and +2 to all non-combat Stealth rolls, but loses 1DR and suffers a -1 penalty to all Bartering/Negotiation rolls.
  2063. -Flawed Tempest's Sigil: adds +2 to all Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls, but suffers a -2 penalty to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  2065. -Shade Bearer's Core: adds +1 to all Perception/Scouting/Stealth and non-combat Stealth rolls.
  2068. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
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