Winged Loli Eldritch Terror x Clumsy Unbroken Shota C-A

Mar 2nd, 2013
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  1. [18:28:38] <Yoki> It's the dead of night, the moon shining down as brightly as an inilluminescent object possibly can upon the plains. Sylpi, The Immortal Bane of All Humanity, was doing Sylpi things such as making grown men cry, being an irredeemably horrid, painful-to-look-at Mary Sue, and the like when she caught wind of what she perceived a damned good smell to be smelling~
  2. [18:29:55] <Sylpi> All of these things are true. Confirmed right here, some of the things said might not be exaggerated ENOUGH. But as dragons don't need to sleep the cosmic horror drifts along, levitating toward the scent western cartoon-style. Perhaps drooling a bit!
  3. [18:31:58] <Sylpi> That's important to note because dragon saliva is a corrosive acid that melts human bones.
  4. [18:34:05] <Yoki> Following her nose, Sylpi's led on a magical voyage across the plains, its tale as vivid and wondrous as her imagination lets it be. ... You know, because desolately empty plains are kind of empty and boring at night. Her pursuit of amazing smelling items leads her to a small fire, next to it being a dead pegasus, carved open, and a young man roasting some of its innards over an open
  5. [18:34:05] <Yoki> flame. He hasn't taken notice of Sylpi's presence yet, and he's whistling to himself as he spins the skewered meat 'round and round on... You know those stick type things you see people usually hanging over in tribal settings when they get captured? Something like that.
  6. [18:34:19] <Yoki> Even if this makes no sense because where would he even get the tree branches to do that in the midst of the plains!
  7. [18:34:38] <Sylpi> That's a question, you don't use exclamation points to punctuate questions?
  8. [18:35:20] <Sylpi> But no. A strong wind blows past him. A strong enough wind to almost knock him over, in fact!
  9. [18:36:25] <Sylpi> Oh yeah, it's called a 'spit' by the way.
  10. [18:37:42] <Yoki> The wind blows right past and over him; you'd think the man's dark green shirt would've flown right off of him it it wasn't held in place by seemingly ridiculously placed belts! But he's totally caught off guard, and meatsticks in hand he goes a'rollin! "Whoa whoa whoa hey what's going ooooooon?!?" He cries out as he tumbles off a good distance, perhaps some fifteen meters or so?
  11. [18:38:21] <Sylpi> As soon as he looks back to where he was, the pegasus carcass is gone.
  12. [18:38:31] <Sylpi> ... And at another glance it's MOVING ON ITS OWN HOLY SHIT IT'S A ZOMBIE
  13. [18:38:42] <Sylpi> Wait a second, no, it has two sets of wings.
  14. [18:40:37] <Sylpi> And one of those is a completely non-pegasus-like one. Non-feathered at that! And it's floating a littlebittaways above the pain, dripping out whatever little meat was still left in it.
  15. [18:41:23] <Tim> (Abominations)
  16. [18:41:44] <Yoki> ". . ." He stares in disbelief at the previously-believed-to-be-dead Pegasus just up and flapping off on its own. Then he takes note of the second pair of wings! "Hey hey hey! Get back here with my dinner, you filthy beast!" He reaches into a sack resting upon his back, pulls out a shiny silver bow, and initiates pursuit!
  17. [18:44:55] <Sylpi> "Graaaa-" A loud monstrous roar bellows... and then with a 'fwoosh' noise the pegasus spins around a few times, dropping on the ground. Underneath it, flailing and covered in peguts, is a blue-haired little girl with weird-looking eyes, seemingly unable to lift it back up. "Oww! Hey, Sylpi found it, don't try to surprise her like that!"
  18. [18:46:00] <Yoki> Quick question, Manaketes 101: All Manaketes have wings in their humanoid form, right?
  19. [18:46:17] <Sylpi> Actually, no! ... But this Manakete does, meaning in this setting they probably do.
  20. [18:46:44] <Sylpi> The series likes to go back-and-forth with no explanation on things like that.
  21. [18:47:52] <Sylpi> In fact as the player wonders this her wings pop out from underneath the beast, flailing wildly.
  22. [18:48:58] <Yoki> Okay~ Sylpi gets glaaared at really hard. "Found it? I was in the middle of cooking it on the fire, you... You... You butt!" The shiny bow's aimed right at her face, albeit not quite at point blank. "See?!?" He motions his hand behind him to where he was cooking. "Fire!" ... It's worth noting that the fire was blown out and the spit blown away with all the rest of Yoki with the
  23. [18:48:58] <Yoki> flapping of Sylpi's wings.
  24. [18:49:50] <Yoki> He's not very tall at all. Hell, Sylpi's probably taller than him. ... Maybe.
  25. [18:51:33] <Sylpi> Actually for clarification it was dragonbreath, but it's not like he saw that! "Nyeh! You say fire..." As soon as he takes a hand off his weapon to motion behind him she squeezes out, then beats her wings with a powerful flap. THIS time it actually is wings! "... Sylpi says wind!" In an act of distraction, another breeze blows and the dragon moves to escape alone, leaving the pegasus behind. It's like she forgot it was even there.
  26. [18:53:20] * Sylpi sticks out a tongue and does that thing children do when they pull at their bottom eyelid, whatever that's called, spinning around mid-dash. "You may win this time but Sylpi's not gonna forget it! Watch out!"
  27. [18:55:24] <Yoki> "Uwaaaaaaa!!!" Yoki cries out as he's thrown off like a limp ragdoll. He rolls backwards until he comes to a stop, slumped over a sizable rock. Smoke more or less bursting out of his nostrils, he re-arms himself. "Oh, that is it! Little girl or not, no one, and I repeat, NO ONE makes fun of Prince Yoki and gets away with it! CHAAAAAAARGE!"
  28. [18:57:17] <Yoki> Yoki clambors up off the ground and chases after the girl once more. And my God, for those scrawny little human legs, he's fast! Now, Bothy's no expert on Manaketes, but he thinks Yoki miiiight actually stand a chance of catching up to Sylpi while she's still in human form of his own accord. Maaaaybe.
  29. [18:57:30] <Sylpi> "Prince?" Sylpi lands and pauses, hands at her hips. Oh god just look at that shit-eating grin. "Nyeheheh! Then that makes Sylpi a QUEEN! Run as fast as you can, you're never gonna catch up!" The playful little Manakete turns tail again and begins hovering when all of a sudden she curls up into a ball and uncurls in the form of a... actually, that dragon isn't much bigger than a wyvern.
  30. [18:58:14] <Sylpi> In fact it's probably SMALLER than a wyvern. But it spins around and 1,1does a barrel roll in midair, dashing forward with a gust of wind propelling it. There're a few draconic roars and there that almost sound like laughter.
  31. [19:00:53] <Yoki> Hence 'in human form.' Now Yoki's just plain pissed! ... Well, okay, he's kind of shocked the girl just turned into a goddamned fucking MANAKETE, but that's kind of just a passing point. This girl just made him look like a fool! "HEY! I'm not done with you yet! Get baaaaack here, you big, stinky, 5scaly coward!" His shouting's hopefully loud enough that it's not drowned out by the
  32. [19:00:53] <Yoki> sonic burst Sylpi elicited.
  33. [19:00:57] <Sylpi> One would think he gained a rank in Lore: Manaketes that day. That particular bit of lore being 'they're fucking insufferable.'
  34. [19:01:30] <Yoki> But even if it's not, it's not gonna stop him from chasing the damned girl's laughter across the plains.
  35. [19:02:04] <Sylpi> The dragon crashes into a tree - what's that, it's a plain and there are no trees? FUCK YOU - and instead of falling down like a normal creature would she KNOCKS THE WHOLE TREE OVER and proceeds through the rest of the plains like a madbeast.
  36. [19:02:48] <Sylpi> It's probably really unsettling for the rest of the army - even the enemies! - to see a dragon out of fuckin' nowhere flying along like it's some sort of children's game.
  37. [19:02:51] <Sylpi> AND THEY CHASED FOR HOURS?
  38. [19:03:41] <Yoki> He chased her as damned long as it would take for him to catch her! ... Or until she's just so far fucking gone that it's hopeless for him to pursue her any further. Hopefully the former, though.
  39. [19:04:09] <Yoki> Either way, yes, definitely for hours.
  40. [19:04:29] <Sylpi> That is a perfect </C> right there!
  42. ---
  44. [19:07:56] <Sylpi> AN UNSPECIFIED AMOUNT OF TIME LATER....
  45. [19:09:29] <Sylpi> It's in the middle of a battlefield! Yoki's doing samurai shit - or maybe Myrmidon shit if he hasn't been promoted yet, everyone knows these things don't depend on class - but doing so becomes increasingly frustrating as every time he fells an enemy, he gets knocked over facefirst. ... At least it isn't when he's in actual danger.
  46. [19:09:54] <Sylpi> And especially, Fire Emblem wars are nothing like actual war so that conduct is A-OK! Units are a whole bunch of squares away from each other most of the time after all!
  47. [19:11:32] <Sylpi> Each time it happens there's a little obnoxious giggle. And now it's happened again.
  48. [19:13:24] <Yoki> Yoki was in the middle of personal training, beating the local wildlife into submission with a wooden stick... Which is probably, like, buffalo and shit. And he's getting mad as all hell now after this being the seventeenth time it's happened! Like the past sixteen times, he spins around violently, looking around in all directions, then at the ground to make sure he didn't trip over a
  49. [19:13:24] <Yoki> rock or something. "... Okay, what in the 5seven hells is going on here?!?"
  50. [19:14:09] <Sylpi> There's nobody around! ... When he turns direction again, the buffalo suddenly has wings.
  51. [19:14:13] <Sylpi> Green wings.
  52. [19:14:27] <Yoki> "This is getting ridiculous!" His head darts to the left, then to the right, then back to the--Oh hey, Shukuwords--left again, his face scrunched up and all squinty as he surveys the immediate area.
  53. [19:15:31] <Sylpi> AHEM. A little girl's voice clears its throat... and then tries to sound gruff and deep, poorly at that. "You sure are clumsy, Mister! Ho ho ho ho!" ... It's like she's trying to be the voice of the dead animal.
  54. [19:16:57] <Yoki> "..." Yoki staaares at the buffalo. "... That's funny, I don't remember this thing having--OH WHAT THE?!?!?" Yoki jumps back, this time really busting his ass on his own accord. "I am 5not 1clumsy!" ... Then he looks at where he is on the floor. "... That one doesn't count!"
  55. [19:17:21] <Yoki> His face is flushed red in embarassment. Being told off by an unconscious buffal... Oh God what the hell!??
  56. [19:18:52] <Sylpi> "You can redeem yourself, young cluuuumsy waaaaarrior!" The voice still sounds fake-deep, but it also sounds like it's struggling not to crack up. "One of your comrades is a great Dragon from a powerful clan! Appease her with sacrifices and thou shalt recieve the blessings of the spirits!"
  57. [19:19:20] <Sylpi> It pauses a bit - is that giggling? - and then continues where it left off. "Make sure it's lots of good food!"
  58. [19:19:45] <Sylpi> The buffalo's wings flap a little at the hilarity.
  59. [19:21:23] <Yoki> Yoki's eye twitches furiously, and his face contorts into a fucking snarl. "... You want food? You want food?!? Oh, I'll show you food! I'll prove how damned delicious you can be!!!" Yoki unsheathes a sword, an ebon sword from which you swear some fell air is seething out from it, and lunges forth! The screen goes black, and all you see is a streak of white go across the screen!
  60. [19:21:23] <Yoki> When the screen returns to proper vision, Yoki's on the other side of the buffalo, and you see the top side of the body of the buffalo kind of just slide off of the bottom before hitting the ground with a *sploosh*
  61. [19:22:09] <Yoki> It's assumed that Sylpi's probably looong gone before he actually did that and hurt her by some freak-of-Sylpi miracle.
  62. [19:22:57] <Sylpi> "Gwaaaah!" The wings duck down barely in time... or so it looks. But after the cutting finishes an upset dragongirl turns around to face him, handhipping and pouting. "Hey, that wasn't funny! Sylpi was just trying to make a..."
  63. [19:23:00] <Sylpi> ... Plop!
  64. [19:23:15] <Sylpi> A scale flutters down and lands in the grass.
  65. [19:23:25] <Sylpi> Shut up Blendy men are roleplaying cute children.
  66. [19:24:22] <Sylpi> "... Ah. H-Hey, what'd you go and do that for? That was precious! Sylpi's not gonna forget this, you know!"
  67. [19:25:21] <Yoki> Least by Bothy. Yoki goes about face, glaring at the buffalo. "How do you like me now, you stupid buffal... Ennnh?!?" He looks at Sylpi, and ohgodit'sher! "Oh, you again?!? What's the big deal?!? ... And you're lucky I 5didn't1 know it was you before! Don't think I forgot about last time you stupid preteen monsterfreakgirl! I would've chopped you up so good you'd look like a
  68. [19:25:21] <Yoki> 1pile of ribbons!"
  69. [19:25:22] <Sylpi> At a close glance it probably doesn't really matter, since dragons have a lot of scales. Still, there it is, loosened and on the ground.
  70. [19:26:38] <Yoki> Then the lightbulb goes off. "... You know what? I'ma do that right now! Say your prayers now, dragon girl, for where you're going you won't have another chance!"
  71. [19:26:39] <Sylpi> "Nyeheheh! You're lucky to get even a single scale! Actually you're a thousand years too early to pick a fight with Sylpi!" Sticking her tongue out and doing the eye-thing again, Sylpi turns tail and starts hovering away. "Maybe you can try if you train harder but not this time~!"
  72. [19:27:10] * Sylpi is already on the trail away during the amount of time it takes him to have a lightbulb cut-in. Fuckin' dragons, man!
  73. [19:27:33] <Sylpi> But, in such a hurry, she forgets to pick up the scale - even if it's not a very big one - and flies away giggling yet again.
  74. [19:27:47] <Yoki> Nope, too bad! Yoki swings the sword, and a burst of black miasma emer--Wait, really?!? Aaaaawww...
  75. [19:28:20] <Sylpi> Well he can still hit the buffalo.
  76. [19:30:58] <Sylpi> 1,1Should A rank be their fateful duel?
  77. [19:31:55] <Yoki> Well, a black miasma seemingly consumes Yoki, and converges into a single point of matter shortly after, with no sign of the boy. A streak of black darts forth, Yoki still thinking that Sylpi hadn't completely booked it, dropping Yoki some distance past where he thought Sylpi wasn't. ... It's like a rift in space emerges immediately following, sucking up the buffalo with it. He thinks
  78. [19:31:55] <Yoki> he won. "Knew it~ All talk, and no bark! That's what ya get for messing with the Prince!" He picks up the dragon scale, which for some reason wasn't consumed by this sudden black-hole-ish thing, and walks off, whistling~
  79. [19:32:04] <Yoki> And of course :D
  81. ---
  83. [19:34:37] <Sylpi> This time it's... not mid-battlefield, thankfully. HMMM what actually should it be, got any ideas?
  84. [19:35:12] <Yoki> Pick the most inconvenient time possible.
  85. [19:35:19] <Sylpi> Okay so Yoki's asleep.
  86. [19:35:34] <Yoki> Well, at least it wasn't "while taking a dump."
  87. [19:35:52] <Sylpi> That IS pretty good too...
  88. [19:35:56] <Yoki> NO.
  89. [19:36:00] <Yoki> TOO LATE NO TAKEBACKS.
  90. [19:36:32] <Sylpi> No, as long as he has a sword or whatnot, he awakens to the noise of somebody making a poor attempt to drag it away in the middle of his tent. Or, if not a weapon, then some... uh, anything really. Rations?
  91. [19:36:52] <Sylpi> It's like the would-be thief doesn't even notice it's making noise!
  92. [19:38:05] <Sylpi> One would think this is probably why 'Thief' is an actual class in this series and the only one that actually has an ability for stealing things.
  93. [19:39:54] * Yoki is sprawled out on a rock, kind of awkwardly slumped over it. "Nnnnn... Come on, Dad... zZzZzZz... Don't you... zZzZzZz... Believe me?" He rolls off the rock as he makes some kind of awkward motion and flops off the rock. "Nnnn... Owwww... Stupid rock..." And then he hears the dragging noises. "... Hunh?!?" He looks to the dragging, and oh fucking god that's his bag of all his
  94. [19:39:54] * Yoki important equipment and belongings and everything moving away! "OH GODS NO NO NO GET BACK GET BACK GET BAAAAAAACK!"
  95. [19:40:01] <Yoki> Initiate chase sequence! Take 3!
  96. [19:41:21] <Sylpi> "Ah! No way, how did Sylpi get caught already?!" Another reason Thieves are a specific class, apparently. Because some people know not to announce their own names. Sylpi starts fluttering and levitating out of the tent with the whole bag, items conveniently spilling out with every foot or so covered because she's holding it upside-down or something. And giggling all the way.
  97. [19:41:53] <Sylpi> Nevertheless the dragon leaves the tent and tries to haul away, this time weighed down by the... stuff.
  98. [19:44:23] <Yoki> "... Sylpi? I thought I 5killed1 you!" This does nothing more than further strengthen Yoki's resolve, this time grabbing the crossbow, the first of his belongings, off the ground before charging at Sylpi! He makes a dive to tackle the monstergirl to the ground and, if successful, shoves the thing pretty much straight into her face. It crackles with as much electricity as Yoki's own
  99. [19:44:23] <Yoki> eyes burn with hatred and disdain.
  100. [19:46:01] <Sylpi> "Au!" Yes, it succeeds! It's hard to run with all that sfuff. "Nuh-uh, no way, nobody can just kill Sylpi like that! Not even the big, tough Dragons!" Despite having a weapon aimed point-blank, she sticks a tongue out at him.... and from his perspective it feels like the ground's starting to tremble.
  101. [19:49:47] <Yoki> Yoki tackles the girl, then pins her down with the gun. "We'll see about that when I--Whawhawhawhawhoawhat'sgoingon?!?" The trembling causes him to be forcibly dismounted from atop the irredeemable, putrid thing.
  102. [19:51:39] <Sylpi> The thing gets in the fetal position as he's launched off by a powerful breeze, and then emerges as a green dragon... that looks like a puppy among dragons if he's ever seen a BIG dragon before, but then again, since the dragonkin don't mingle with humans all that much maybe he hasn't before? Still, the green scaled beast is winking as it transforms, left eye closed and right eye open, as it raises its claws and lets out a loud ROAR.
  103. [19:52:03] <Sylpi> It's at least bigger than a human!
  104. [19:55:25] <Yoki> And definitely waaay bigger than Yoki. His lip trembles a bit as he just staaares at the beast from up-close. All the other times Sylpi's just been flapping away or transforming behind his back, so that she's actually transformed in front of him right now is kind of... Oh God. "... What, you... You think that's gonna scare me? ... Well... It's not! So... So come on!" He's got the
  105. [19:55:25] <Yoki> crossbow totes ready to fire.
  107. [19:56:24] <Sylpi> ... The dragon stays in position ready to face off, staring with only one eye open, but after a moment sits down much like a dog would and yawns loudly.
  108. [19:57:12] * Yoki raises an eyebrow. "What do you think you're doing?!? I said COME ON, already!!!"
  109. [19:57:12] <Sylpi> The yawn, of course, sounds pretty similar to a roar. And as it so happels a mostly-harmless gust of wind blasts toward his weapon, enough to probably disarm it unless he's holding on REALLY tightly.
  110. [19:57:56] <Sylpi> Which he might be 'cause it's a crossbow, but it's still aimed at his hand and not his body.
  111. [19:58:24] <Yoki> Oh no, he's not disarmed. Just disgrounded. Crossbows are heavy, man! ... Not heavy enough to actually inflict a weapon penalty, but heavy enough that if you put a significant amount of force on it he'll go tumbling away with it.
  112. [19:59:25] <Sylpi> Well it's like, sharp wind that pokes at your fingers and... oh whatevs, the dragon leaps as soon as he's the slightest bit distracted, in a way that'll likely knock him to the ground without using her dragon-claws. Does he stand his ground?
  113. [19:59:58] <Yoki> Nope, he's going a'rollan'!
  114. [20:00:07] <Sylpi> POMF!
  115. [20:00:24] <Yoki> How lewd!
  116. [20:01:08] <Sylpi> As soon as the man- the boy- ... the human's body starts to tilt backwards he's suddenly staring in the face of a little girl instead of a dragon, who's smiling big and flapping her wings behind her. They're still the same size as they were in dragon-form. "... There!"
  117. [20:01:19] <Sylpi> "Sylpi wins, you lose! Nyeh!"
  118. [20:02:14] <Sylpi> You swear you can see her left eye flash a little as she turns back and reopens it.
  119. [20:03:28] <Yoki> Yoki looses a roar of his own! ... Except not like a real wyvern roar and more of an 'I am so fucking pissed' generalized noise type of noise/grunt being spewed out from his mouth. ... Also, is she on top of him?!?
  120. [20:03:32] <Sylpi> Yes.
  121. [20:04:39] <Sylpi> "Ooof!" Sylpi pulls back a little, taking offense, and... actually just totally gets off at this point, still giggling a little. "Too bad! But you're a lot of fun, maybe she'll come back any play some more some other time!"
  122. [20:05:13] <Yoki> "I did not lose!" He scowls at Sylpi with a ferocity that would make normal people think he was gonna transform into a dragon himself! "That wasn't even a fight! You cheated!"
  123. [20:06:23] <Yoki> He springs back up off the ground as soon as the girl's removal of her body mass (or lack thereof) permits, and re-assumes a more rigid, serious combat stance.
  124. [20:06:35] <Sylpi> "Nyuh-uh! Sylpi never cheats! ... Unless she's fighting someone really big. Or mean. Or boring. Or annoying."
  125. [20:07:29] <Yoki> "Did too!
  126. [20:07:37] <Yoki> "
  127. [20:07:46] * Sylpi keeps listing off categories that eventually begin to encompass 'everybody that exists,' going into bizarre specifics like 'wields a weapon made of metal' and 'breathes.'
  128. [20:08:21] <Sylpi> "Oh... oh!" She claps her hands together and, in the moment, both her wings spread out wide. "Sylpi gets it! You're jealous!"
  129. [20:09:37] <Sylpi> "She thought you looked tough and wanted to play, but never thought you'd be jealous of her too! Nyahahahaha!"
  130. [20:10:34] <Yoki> "See! You just admitted you did cheat!" And note that at this moment, Bothy totally is 'hnnnngh~'ing at this. Horribly irredeemable monster or not, that is just cute. Yoki's face turns blood red, and Sylpi could swear the top of his head is rattling. "... Why would I be jealous of a dirty, stinky, slimy, scale-coated, ugly 5monster like you?!?"
  131. [20:10:45] <Yoki> ... Boldtext failures.
  132. [20:10:46] <Yoki> Lovely.
  133. [20:13:09] <Sylpi> "S-Slimy?" Sylpi's wings both freeze up in place, and she sniffles a little. ... Nothing comes out of her eyesockets though. Dragons don't cry! "But her scales are always really clean and... and..." Flutterflutterflutter. The wings take on a life of their own, flapping like an angry bird. "Waaaaaahhh, maybe she DIDN'T want to play with such a meanie after all! Winning didn't even matter!"
  134. [20:13:36] * Sylpi tonguesticks again and turns around... this time SULKING away instead of running. Oh dear.
  135. [20:14:19] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Her wings are moving on their own)
  136. [20:18:06] <Yoki> Aaaaand then Yoki looks at the girl sulking away. "Yeah, you walk away, coward!" And as his blinding rage subsides, he realizes what he just did. ... He made a little girl cry. It's like he's suddenly been crushed alive under an adult-sized dragon's weight in guilt. "... Hey, wait a second, Sylpi!"
  137. [20:18:23] <Yoki> He gathers up his belongings real swiftlike and pursues.
  138. [20:18:56] <Sylpi> Her wings are actively DROOPING as she walks, the usual aura of blowing wind being not there anymore. Sniffling again, the monstrosity's face turns around. "... Huh?"
  139. [20:26:08] * Yoki looks at Sylpi, not really looking all too much happy with how he's been acting the past few minutes. "... Listen, Sylpi... I might've been kind of a jerk... But you were being just as much of a jerk as I was! All you've done since we met was try and steal my food and you've made me so mad! You think I'm not gonna say stuff like that to you?!?" ... The answer is he probably
  140. [20:26:08] * Yoki would've even if she weren't, but no one needs to know that.
  141. [20:27:44] <Sylpi> "Huh? Well it's just..." Sniffling more - but still no actual tears - Sylpi turns around, looking into his eyes. Actually, close-up, it looks like only one of her eyes is doing the staring and the other's just THERE, but that's not important. "She left you one of her scales last time! Don't humans think that's good luck or something? It's such a waste if you just call it SLIMY!"
  142. [20:28:55] <Sylpi> "So," she folds her arms again and turns once more, "She's not gonna drop anymore! ... But fun humans are so good to find. She might come play again sometime, okay?"
  143. [20:29:09] <Sylpi> "Without cheating!" Yep, there she goes actually admitting it.
  144. [20:29:49] <Sylpi> And Sylpi comically stomps off, but once assured she's out of view smiles a bit. Just a bit.
  145. [20:31:59] <Yoki> "Oh, that's what that was about?!?" Yoki goes back and picks up the thing. Turns out he's still had it, though more as a 'I slew a dragon. What now bitches?!?' trophy. "... Hunh... Never knew that!" He's totally not paying attention to where Sylpi is in relation to him as he stares at the scale. "... That's.... Henh, that's actually really nice! Yeah, we can play later. For real and
  146. [20:32:00] <Yoki> for fair, okay Sylpi?" He looks back to where Sylpi is, and... "... Sylpi? Sylpi?!? Oh Gods damnit, Sylpi, where the hell did you go?!?"
  147. [20:32:34] <Sylpi> There's just a little gust of wind in front of him.
  148. [20:32:36] <Yoki> And so Yoki went about frantically searching for the dragon girl, though what happens after... Well, we'll have to wait until another day to find out. </A>
  149. [20:32:36] <Sylpi> W
  150. [20:32:37] <Sylpi> h
  151. [20:32:37] <Sylpi> o
  152. [20:32:37] <Sylpi> o
  153. [20:32:38] <Sylpi> s
  154. [20:32:38] <Sylpi> h
  155. [20:32:39] <Sylpi> ~
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