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PCSX2 - Per game setting

Zerel May 22nd, 2020 (edited) 52 Never
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  1. :: This search where the bat file is, so you must put it where pcsx2.exe is in order to work.
  2. cd /d "%~dp0"
  4. :: This sets only the name of the game in %str% and the full path in %executable%, Don't touch this.
  5. set str=%~n1
  6. set executable=%1
  7. set executable=%executable:.cue=.bin%
  9. :: This launches the emulator, it uses the %str% for searching the game folder, and %executable% to launch the game. Don't touch this.
  10. start "" pcsx2.exe --fullscreen --portable --nogui --cfgpath=".\configs\%str%" %executable%
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