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RavenDBSkeleton starting troubles

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  1. RavenDBSkeleton has joined the chat
  2. leoTriMoon: bby
  3. WickedDesireTriMoon: yes bby
  4. leoTriMoon: ily
  5. WickedDesireTriMoon: ilu 2
  6. RanaDarke: hello skeleton
  7. WickedDesireTriMoon: im sorry for being gone
  8. MrDemonTriMoon: welcome skeleton
  9. RavenDBSkeleton: Rena
  10. RanaDarke: yes
  11. WickedDesireTriMoon: hello skeleton
  12. leoTriMoon: its ok love
  13. RavenDBSkeleton: Hey demon
  14. leoTriMoon: rl frist love
  15. RavenDBSkeleton: Hey wik
  16. MrDemonTriMoon: how r u
  17. RavenDBSkeleton: Pissed off
  18. RanaDarke: yes skeleton
  19. RanaDarke: oh?
  20. RanaDarke: why
  21. RavenDBSkeleton: Katy
  22. RanaDarke: oh
  23. MrDemonTriMoon: oh
  24. RanaDarke: what she do
  25. RavenDBSkeleton: Message me over that fucktart
  26. RanaDarke: which one of fucktards
  27. RavenDBSkeleton: Vik
  28. RanaDarke: oh
  29. WickedDesireTriMoon: hugs and kiss her love
  30. RanaDarke: what about vik
  31. leoTriMoon: hugz and kisses bby
  32. RavenDBSkeleton: The hate towards her or some shit
  33. WickedDesireTriMoon: i be going afk im making dinner
  34. RanaDarke: so you have come to see if its true or not
  35. leoTriMoon: ok love
  36. WickedDesireTriMoon: so i go quite my checking food
  37. leoTriMoon: its ok my love
  38. RanaDarke: well ill tell you vik does not speak about anyof them around us
  39. RavenDBSkeleton: No i already said my peace long before the shit happened
  40. leoTriMoon: we know whats for dinner pork chops
  41. RanaDarke: then why are you here
  42. WickedDesireTriMoon: how did u now
  43. RanaDarke: why are you piss a katy
  44. leoTriMoon: your sis told us bby
  45. RanaDarke: or vik
  46. WickedDesireTriMoon: lol
  47. RanaDarke: im just trying to move on with my lif skeleton
  48. RavenDBSkeleton: Tell them to stop i dnt need the shit nor care anymore everyone showed they didnt want truth so leave me outta it
  49. RanaDarke: katy and all them dont talk to me anymore since i left kaine
  50. RanaDarke: they dont speak to me
  51. RanaDarke: so tell them your self
  52. RanaDarke: i dont want nothing to do with them so if they are saying shit with your name in it go to them
  53. RavenDBSkeleton: How since i dnt talk to any of you
  54. RanaDarke: idk
  55. RanaDarke: goin thier room message one of them idk
  56. RavenDBSkeleton: Yea cause ppl egnore me
  57. RanaDarke: i cant help you skeleton
  58. RanaDarke: im sorry but i cant
  59. RavenDBSkeleton: Then tell vik to run
  60. RanaDarke: why run
  61. RanaDarke: you going to go after him
  62. RavenDBSkeleton: Cause im done acting nice
  63. RanaDarke: ill tell him that you asked for them to stop
  64. RanaDarke: but not going to say that they will
  65. RavenDBSkeleton: Ok but i cnt take much more irl so things gonna get bad otherwise
  66. RanaDarke: well thats all i can do skeleton
  67. RanaDarke: i can only relay your message
  68. RanaDarke: other then that its out of my hands
  69. RavenDBSkeleton has left the chat
  70. RanaDarke: that was fun
  71. RavenDBSkeleton: I dnt even tlk to you any more
  72. RanaDarke: ik you done
  73. RanaDarke: dont*
  74. RanaDarke: i dont even talk about you or anyone else
  75. RanaDarke: so what every they aere doing or saying it is out of my hands i can not help you
  76. MrDemonTriMoon: brb got to piss
  77. RanaDarke: tyt hun
  78. leoTriMoon: tyt
  79. RavenDBSkeleton: I thought they would of realised after i got tossed for tryna help i was done
  80. RanaDarke: so im still puzzled in why you have come to me when you know i dont talk to them
  81. RavenDBSkeleton: You talk to vik
  82. RanaDarke: i can not help you
  83. RanaDarke: yes i do
  84. MrDemonTriMoon: back
  85. RanaDarke: he is the only one
  86. RanaDarke: wb hun
  87. leoTriMoon: wb
  88. MrDemonTriMoon: ty love
  89. RavenDBSkeleton: Ask him abt the message katy sent
  90. MrDemonTriMoon: ty bro
  91. RanaDarke: ok
  92. leoTriMoon: yw bro
  93. RanaDarke: yw hun
  94. RanaDarke: so you want me to get them to stop
  95. RanaDarke: you know as well as i do they will not listen its a waste of my time and brethe
  96. RanaDarke: breathe
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