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  1. /q create
  2. /q e n Cooking at the Essalonian Kitchen
  3. /q e d ‘‘Hello! Welcome to the Essalonian Kitchen. You are more than welcome to try your hand at cooking some recipes! There are a few different recipes that I’m teaching today. Would you like to give it a shot?’’ <br><c>Say ‘yes’ to continue.<i>
  4. /q e tf OnClickNpc Chef William
  5. /q e tf ifinregion test1.essaloniakitchen
  6. /q e ta Onchat yes
  7. /q e ta ifinregion test1.essaloniakitchen
  8. /q e oc DoFind
  10. /q create
  11. /q e n Find Recipes
  12. /q e d So, you’d like to give cooking a shot. Go read the recipe book over there on the wall to see the assortment of dishes I’m teaching.
  13. /q e ta OnClickFrame 340
  14. /q e oc doGiveItem 340 1 name:&eRecipe_Book
  15. /q e oc DoFind
  17. /q create
  18. /q e t 0
  19. /q e n Pick your Task
  20. /q e d Read the recipe book and say what you’d like to make!
  24. /q create
  25. /q e n Praeter Stew
  26. /q e d So you chose Praeter Stew? Alright. Let’s get started!
  27. /q e t 0
  28. /q e tf IfFound
  29. /q e tf OnChat praeter stew
  30. /q e tf ifinregion test1.essaloniakitchen
  31. /q e oc dofind
  33. /q create
  34. /q e n Gather Materials
  35. /q e d Go find the following: <c>i1 bucket of water, 16 Steak, 4 Raw Chicken, 2 carrots, and 2 potatoes.<i><br>Bring them back to me once you have gotten them!
  36. /q e ta OnClickNPC Chef William
  37. /q e ta IfHaveItem 326 1
  38. /q e ta ifhaveitem 364 16
  39. /q e ta ifhaveitem 365 4
  40. /q e ta ifhaveitem 391 2
  41. /q e ta ifhaveitem 392 2
  42. /q e oc DoFind
  44. /q create
  45. /q e n Let’s get started
  46. /q e d ‘’These look great! Next, go take them to the pot and mix them all together.’’<br><c>Go click the Cauldron.<i>
  47. /q e ta OnClickBlock 118
  48. /q e ta ifinregion test1.essaloniakitchen
  49. /q e oc DoLoseItem 326 1
  50. /q e oc DoLoseItem 364 16
  51. /q e oc DoLoseItem 365 4
  52. /q e oc DoLoseItem 391 2
  53. /q e oc DoLoseItem 392 2
  54. /q e oc DoGiveItem 325 1
  55. /q e oc DoFind
  57. /q create
  58. /q e n Yummy stew!
  59. /q e d Mmmm! Smells really nice! <c>Go grab a bowl to pour it into.<i> I’ll watch to make sure it doesn’t burn while you are gone.
  60. /q e ta IfHaveitem 281 1
  61. /q e ta ifinregion test1.essaloniakitchen
  62. /q e oc DoLoseItem 281 1
  63. /q e oc DoFind
  65. /q create
  66. /q e t 0
  67. /q e n Nice job!
  68. /q e d You did a great job! Enjoy the stew!
  69. /q e oc DoGiveItem 282 1 name:&9Praeter_Stew lore:&7Tasty_V|&7Warm_II|Temporary_Lore.|Consult_with_lore_staff. lure:2
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