MadPack 2 Beta 7 Changelog

Nov 29th, 2014
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  1. MadPack 2 Beta 7 Changelog (Last changed pastebin 4. december) ETA: Friday 5. december
  3. Beta 7 Changelog:
  5. Now with Winter Season Events
  7. Updated Carpenter's Blocks v3.3.3 - MC 1.7.10.jar
  8. - Fixed slope corner orientation bug
  9. - Fixed bug preventing sneak-click slope placement
  11. Updated Chisel 2-2.1.3.jar
  12. - Leaves
  13. - Setting up for christmas delight
  14. - Auto chisel fixes and new render system for next update
  16. Updated EnderIO-1.7.10-
  17. - Many new items/machines to play with
  18. - Now only RF support
  19. - Many bug fixes as we used a very old version :)
  21. Updated LycanitesMobsComplete
  22. - New Inferno Mob Added: Khalk!
  23. - New Mob Events Added: A selection of Winter Season Events have been added! Hoo hoo hoo! Various mobs have their very own skins for these events too!
  24. - New Item Added: Winter Gift, open it up and see what's inside!
  25. - New Item Upgrades Added: The Cinderfall Sword can be upgraded to the Verdant or Azure Cinderfall Sword and the Venom Axeblade can be upgraded into the Golden or Verdant Venom Axeblade! These upgrades deal a little more damage and spawn colored mobs with an extra long duration!
  26. - Improvement: Geonach now have a new ability! They will randomly charge towards their target destroying blocks too! Watch out!
  27. - Improvement: Grues no longer eat buffs for health, this ability is now unique to the Beholder.
  28. - Improvement: Increased the block breaking strength of Trolls and Ettins so that they can now smash through stone!
  29. - Improvement: Geonach can now spawn from silverfish infested stone blocks.
  30. - Improvement: Drastically lowered the chance of a Winter Gift from dropping.
  31. - Improvement: Drastically lowered the amount of items dropped from Winter Gifts.
  32. - Improvement: The Satan Claws event now fast forwards the world to night time.
  33. - Improvement: Lowered the attack speed of Reivers as well as their range.
  34. - Improvement: Revised the melee attack range logic, this should hopefully stop melee mobs from getting stuck where they just stand in front of their target and do nothing!
  35. - Improvement: Halved the default minion limit of the Vespid Queen to 10, you can set this yourself via the config found in deleting junglemobs-general.cfg, configs from wont be automatically reset so this default wont be applied automatically.
  36. - Improvement: The Mob Event Dimension Black/Whitelsits should now work correctly. By default the only events in the Nether are now Hell's Fury and Cinderfall and the only event that can start in the end is Shadow Games. Any suitable future events will be added to these dimensions too. All events can still occur in the overworld and seasonal events will override all of this such as the Halloween events or the upcoming Winter Solstice/Christmas events which should be out sometime this or next week.
  37. - Improvement: All mounts can now jump over 3 blocks in height and have improved falling resistance.
  38. - Improvement: The Zephyr's static aura no longer causes paralysis, instead their melee attacks have a chance to cause it.
  39. - Improvement: Removed the Feast Foods (Battle Burrito and Explorers Risotto) from the dungeon loot tables.
  40. - Improvement: Drastically lowered the chance of a Winter Gift from dropping.
  41. - Improvement: Drastically lowered the amount of items dropped from Winter Gifts.
  42. - Imrpovement: The Satan Claws event now fast forwards the world to night time.
  43. - Bug Fix: The Darkness Spawn Type will no longer display messages in chat if it is disabled or has no valid mobs to spawn.
  44. - Bug Fix: The Soulgazer will no longer add the fear entity to the Beastiary!
  45. - Bug Fix: Projectiles should now apply the fire effect for the correct amount of time, after fixing the effect durations for everything else the fire durations ended up being multiplied by 20, oops!
  46. - Bug Fix: Renamed the Vespid and Vespid Queen Icon Textures to their correct names and they should now display correctly in the Bestiary.
  47. - Bug Fix: Hopefully corrected some sound issues.
  48. - Bug Fix: Skylus should now melee attack again!
  50. Updated magicalcrops-4.0.0_BETA_9
  51. - Tons of bug fixes
  52. - Nerfs
  53. - Buffs
  54. - Stuffs
  55. - Things
  57. Updated MadPack 2 Resource Packs
  58. - New textures
  59. - New text
  61. Fixed some new enderio recipe
  62. Grace period for the difficulty is now 2 days instead of 7
  63. Changed many Apocalypse settings
  64. Emc bugs fixes
  65. Many configs changed
  66. Some recipe removed
  67. Changed Quest rewards
  68. Changed many quest
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