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  1. Howling Ravine
  3. Wind Basilisk - lvl 51
  4. opal piece, animal leather piece, Emerald Shield, Crocodile's Great Sword, Unicorn Horn, seed[Lv 3]: fierce beast Flower, Living Leather Long Boots, Wound Chaser's Leather Armor, Wound Chaser's Leather Gloves, Coyote's Unicorn Horn, Deer's Unicorn Horn, Meat
  6. Outraged Gryphon - lvl 52
  7. fairy's feather, angel wings feather, animal leather piece, Tiger's Dessert Bow, Compound Mithril Robe, Compound Mithril Gloves, seed[Lv 3]: Bright Crystal flower, Earth's Breath Leather armor, Guardian Spirit's Leather Long Boots, Wolf's Leather Gloves, Crocodile's Assert Bow
  9. Wild Red Harpy - lvl 53
  10. Medium HP potion, fairy's feather, angel wings feather, emerald, aquamarine, Tiger's essert Bow, Mithril Dagger, Emerald shield, Bear's Mithril Hammer
  12. Wild Giant - lvl 56
  13. medium HP potion, Durelin piece, mithril ore, copper ingot, ruby, Mithril Sword, Lion's Great Sword, Shining Pearl Shield, Lion's Mithril Battle Ax
  15. Giant Wanderer - lvl 58
  16. Medium HP potion, emerald piece, thread, strengthend thread, Giant Hero's Helmet, Curtana, Mithril Robe, Mithril Gloves, Guardian Spirit's Leather Armor,Sky's light leather gloves, Brutal Killer's Leather Armor, Meat
  18. Magic Powered Giant - lvl 60
  19. HP potion, moonstone piece, moonlight crystal, Coyote's Spell Breaker, Pure Robe, Compound Mithril Boots, seed[Lv 3]: bright mana flower, Mana Storm's Robe, Forbidden Spell's Shoes, White Anthurium Gloves, White Magician's Shoes
  21. Cyclops - lvl 54
  22. medium HP potion, aquamarine piece, wool cloth, Elephant's War Mace, Silver Mithril Boots, cyclops Hero's Boots, seed[Lv 3]: bright crystal flower , Tyrant's Heavy Armor, Boots of Glory, Great General's Gauntlets, meat
  24. Wailing Cyclops - lvl 56
  25. medium HP potion, thunder crystal, wool piece, Fox's Ax of Despair, Ancient Magical Power Shoes, Ax of Despair, Silver Mithril Boots, seed[Lv 3]: bright crystal flower, Great General's Heavy Armor, Gauntlets of Glory,Patience's Robe, Crocodile's Ax of Despair, meat
  27. Rageful Cyclops - lvl 59
  28. medium HP potion, emerald piece, odd powder, Harmel, Butcher's Leather Helmet, Crocodile's Mithril Ax, Silver Mithril Gauntlets, Coyote's Cross Belt Leather Boots, White Magician's Robe, Patience's Shoes, Patience's Gloves, Elephant's Mithril Ax, meat
  30. ^BOSS^
  31. Latou - Lvl 63
  32. HP Potion of blessing, MP potion of blessing, Cruel Butcher, Sword of east balhae, Ogre's Claw, Hammer of Judgement, Enchant weapon scroll(all level), Piece of Glowing Orichalcum, HQ Aquamarine, Seed Water, Random Box (lvl 100), Blood Thorned Crown
  35. Grappler - Lv 58
  36. HP Potion, MP Potion, Shining Pearl Shield, Casque, Heavy Belt, Enchant weapon scroll(all level), HQ Moonstone, Blood Thorned Crown, Elven Circlet, Seed Water
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