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  1. [23:37:45] * Raven is a heavy sleeper, and has somehow managed to not be awakened yet!
  2. [23:38:47] <Nephene> "Heeeeeeeey!"
  3. [23:39:27] * Barkeep is laying up close next to Raven at their little makeshift campsite, resting peacefully. His little dialga sits next to him, and starts making a little chiming noise, but he reflexively pats him on the head to make him stop and goes right back to sleeping.
  4. [23:40:55] * Balthazar is putting his psyduck-shaped inner tube and his water wings! Underneath the inner tube is a red bermuda short with a floral stamp on it.
  5. [23:42:26] * Raven stirs a little, mutters something indecipherable.
  6. [23:42:39] * Barkeep shifts around, grumbling, "I'll do it later sis..."
  7. [23:42:59] <Balthazar> "I like those shorts, eh? They are comfy and easy to wear!"
  8. [23:44:09] * Jack` makes his way over to the beach bright and early prior to the contest, spotting the makehsift campsite and heading over curiously, Taro righ tbehind him.
  9. [23:44:15] <Jack`> "Hey, what's going on over here?"
  10. [23:46:09] <Nephene> "Forget later! You're late NOOOOOOOW!"
  11. [23:46:12] <Submission> Submission lumbers out with Dos from the lake, having already been in the water for some undisclosed reason. He's likely been there all morning.
  12. [23:46:57] * Barkeep grumbles, "Yeah yeah I'm gonna..." he blinks and looks around, "Huh? wait where am I... oh!"
  13. [23:47:02] <Submission> Dripping wet, he shakes the water from his hair and sits on a large flat rock, his Slowpoke dutifully beside him. The creature dips its tail into the water, looking more excited and aware than anytime else.
  14. [23:47:03] * Raven squirms a bit more, "Why are you yellinnnng..."
  15. [23:47:22] * Barkeep looks at Raven sleeping next to him and back up to Neph, "Uh, good morning, Sis?"
  16. [23:48:00] * Maka drags a lawn chair to the lake, dressed mostly definitely as an observer and not a participant. Under her other arm, she holds her bag, filled with books and one derpy wynaut wearing Maka's summer hat.
  17. [23:48:01] * Nephene is already in her swimsuit, with Amon sitting nearby, meditating.
  18. [23:48:32] <Clarity> After a long pause, the grass rustles and a playful blue animal leaps playfully at the slowpoke, despite still wearing a shellfish hat.  As a greeting, of course!
  19. [23:48:44] <Nephene> There is a tappity-tappity-tapping sound as Karkata climbs onto the boat.
  20. [23:48:51] * Jack` is already wearing swim trunks as well. He waves over to Maka as he spots her.
  21. [23:49:09] * Barkeep puts his hands on raven and shakes her gently, "Hey, Raven, wake up! The contest is about to start and everyone's showing up."
  22. [23:49:30] * Clarity follows behind, dragging a Maka who IS dragging a lawn chair to the lake. She herself is in casual wear for some reason-- cutoff jean-shorts, the usual. But the frilly one-piece swimsuit she's holding is a thing one can only pray to all sorts of gods she isn't going to put on.
  23. [23:49:38] * Maka tries her best to wave back with her arms full of stuff as she goes to set up her chair near sub.
  24. [23:49:43] <Raven> "Huuuh?" she slowly sits up a little, opening her eyes.  "Wait...wha..."
  25. [23:49:46] <Submission> Dos reacts as he usually does, though there is a subtle spring to his reaction. It is a fraction faster than normal. "Poooke," he says, flinging the water on his tail at the Shinx.
  26. [23:49:49] <Nephene> Karkata seems content to settle down on top of Raven.
  27. [23:49:52] <Clarity> "C'moooon, 'Ka!  It'll look SO cute on you!"
  28. [23:49:56] <Nephene> "Cooooo-shee."
  29. [23:50:06] <@Paradox> Cedric is in his bright sky-blue speedo, stretching as the FLYSHARK flies in circles around him.
  30. [23:50:19] <Balthazar> After all his preparations for not drowning are complete, Balth heads to the lake, his Archen perched upon the boy's head. He seems to be wearing a pair of swimming glasses and a snorkel.
  31. [23:50:30] * Nephene is in her midnight-blue two-piece, sporting a sun hat and a sarong.
  32. [23:50:41] <Raven> "...wait. Today. the 10th..."
  33. [23:51:03] <Barkeep> "Heh, yeah... it's a good thing it was just Neph that caught us."
  34. [23:51:07] * Maka ignores Clarity for the moment and unfolds her chair, hoping she'll just give up or something.
  35. [23:51:08] <Clarity> The Shinx purrs and shakes the water off, shaking an Omanyte onto the ground in the process.  As the former sits down, the shellfish comically tries to force itself back upright.
  36. [23:51:12] <Raven> Annnd then it suddenly hits her as she looks around. "Oh, shit." :C
  37. [23:51:15] * Jack` moves to do a few warm up stretches he had become a bit used to.
  38. [23:52:04] <Clarity> "Do iiiit!"  Triumphantly, the teenager stands in the way of Maka and the shade like she thinks she's actually being paid attention to, pointing a thumb to herself, "Hydro Pump demands it!"
  39. [23:52:36] <Nephene> "Coooooooosheeeee." Karkata burbles, dancing on Raven.
  40. [23:52:53] <Submission> "Hydro... Pump?" Submission says, obviously confused. The slowpoke proceeds to dip his tail back into the water before yawning again.
  41. [23:53:24] <@Paradox> The Mayor eventually opens up the sign up booth, so that those participating can ... well ... sign up to do so!
  42. [23:53:25] <Maka> "She's...copying us, or um...s-something like that..." Maka tries to explain.
  43. [23:53:26] <Jack`> Taro seems to be occupying himself playing around in the sand, yipping like crazy.
  44. [23:53:43] <Balthazar> "Time to vin zis svimming contest... Zis time, zis time i vill not be afraid of entering ze vater!"
  45. [23:54:11] <Raven> She gets a sudden burst of alertness, and climbs to her feet.  "Uuuuh I'll be right back I sorta forgot about this-" she says as she tosses her belongings back in the rucksack and speeds on back to town for a bit!
  46. [23:54:25] <Clarity> "Haaaaaaaahahaha!  You BET!  Hydro Pump is a WAY awesome move!"  And Clarity cuts Maka off, of course.
  47. [23:54:29] <Nephene> Karkata is bowled into the water, upside-down.
  48. [23:54:46] <Submission> Submission chuckles. As for swimming, he's wearing just a large baggy pair of shorts. Basically, it's what he wears normally without a shirt and shoes. He gets up slowly, carefully, and plods towards the booth. "You keep telling yourself that, Clarity," he says, still highly amused.
  49. [23:54:53] <Nephene> His legs are sticking up from the surface - he lays still for a while, before trying to "walk".
  50. [23:55:20] * Jack` concludes his stretches and heads to sign up.
  51. [23:55:46] <Clarity> "Pff!"  The wacky teen pouts, as Sky is over to the side pretending he's trying to laugh or some Shinxy thing he always does.  "I'll show you, Missy!"  Though, she struggles to stifle a giggle herself... and why's she holding a fishing rod in the other hand, again?
  52. [23:55:55] <Maka> "G-good luck Sub!" Maka calls out as she settles into her chair and takes her hat back from Sartre.
  53. [23:56:00] * Balthazar waves at Clarity on the beach. "Claryyyyyyy! You fiiiiishing?"
  54. [23:56:00] <@Paradox> ( okay, who is competing? )
  55. [23:56:04] <Nephene> Eventually, Candycrab rights himself and quickly skitters back onto the beach to make new friends.
  56. [23:56:09] <Submission> (Sub is!)
  57. [23:56:11] <Nephene> He eventually settles on Clarity.
  58. [23:56:14] <Balthazar> (Me even though i will probably lose)
  59. [23:56:14] <Nephene> ( Totally am. )
  60. [23:56:24] * Barkeep tries to call out for Raven to wait, but she's gone in a flash. He turns to neph, "So I guess I'll be cheering you on again this year, huh?"
  61. [23:56:27] <Jack`> (Jack is.)
  62. [23:56:35] * Clarity waves back. "You beeeeeet I'm go-" ... Then, a pause, looking down at the crab. "Oh.... hi."
  63. [23:56:35] <Barkeep> (no raft arm balth?)
  64. [23:56:47] <Clarity> Sniff, sniff.  "You look like..."  Sniff.
  65. [23:57:03] <Clarity> "MEAT."
  66. [23:57:13] <Balthazar> (No, didn't bought it ;_;)
  67. [23:57:25] <Nephene> "Coooo-sheeee?" Well, it's definitely a question.
  68. [23:57:36] <@Paradox> ( let's do this way )
  69. [23:57:43] <@Paradox> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqlmAGefzmLjdHlFSDQzRFVxUmxvNjR0OFctb3NQY0E&hl=en_US#gid=0
  70. [23:57:43] <Submission> "Don't eat the poor thing, Clarity," Submission says, waving back to Maka.
  71. [23:57:51] <@Paradox> ( if you're participating, put your name under participants )
  72. [23:57:55] <Clarity> "Hmm... not the kinda meat I'm into."  Cooshee is too much for Hydro Pump.
  73. [23:57:56] <Nephene> He simply reaches over and shakes Clarity's hand - quite softly! - with both pincers.
  74. [23:58:14] <Clarity> It's the one holding the fishing pole, which ends awkwardly.
  75. [23:58:25] * Barkeep looks clarity up and down. "Miss Farrence, you certainly have some... odd culinary opinions there."
  76. [23:58:35] <Nephene> Karkata dances in place.
  77. [23:58:43] <Clarity> "Ehehehe.  Well, Mr. Bark, anything tastes good when you eat it!"
  78. [23:59:37] <Barkeep> "Well, in the first place, his shell is sort of candy-like..."
  79. [23:59:41] * Jack` makes his way out along the lake.
  80. [23:59:45] <Submission> Submission resigns himself after signing up to returning to his rock beside Maka. "You could try it too if you wanted, Mirror Move," he says calmly.
  81. [23:59:57] <Balthazar> "In any case..." Balth starts searches for more known faces... And known adversaries, heading to one of them. "Hey, Maka! You svimming, eh?"
  82. [00:00:00] <Nephene> It's true. Candycrab's pretty sticky.
  83. [00:00:16] <Clarity> "Yeah, but there's gotta be meat INSIDE there, right?"
  84. [00:00:21] * Nephene wanders off to sign up for the contest. This time she'll get it!
  85. [00:00:36] <Barkeep> "And secondly, krabbies? No offence to Karkata, but krabbies are kind of like the rattatas of the sea in terms of meat." he says with a look of distaste.
  86. [00:00:38] * Maka shakes her head at Balth and Sub and hugs Sartre. "...N-no, I don't l-like swimming."
  87. [00:00:44] <Barkeep> (yay for historical accuracy :3)
  88. [00:01:06] <Nephene> Karkata burbles worriedly.
  89. [00:01:26] <Jack`> "Hey there, Maka," Jack says with a smile,catching her comment about swimming, "it can be relaxing you know, swimming. Not in a contest, mind, but just letting yourself drift in a lake for a bit can really take a load off."
  90. [00:01:28] <Clarity> Before she knows it, Maka has an arm hanging over her shoulder.  And attached to the arm is a hand.  And attached to the hand is an ADORABLE PINK FRILLY ONE-PIECE SWIMSUIT COVERED IN RIBBONS AND SHIT.  "Yes you dooooo!"
  91. [00:01:28] <Balthazar> "N-neither do i, but i vill overcome my fear!"
  92. [00:01:43] <Maka> 1d20 whack Clarity with buk >:(
  93. [00:01:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, whack Clarity with buk >:(: 11 [1d20=11]
  94. [00:01:49] * Jack` shrugs before asking, "How's the adventure room coming?"
  95. [00:01:50] <Maka> 1d10+22 damage
  96. [00:01:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, damage: 32 [1d10=10]
  97. [00:01:57] <Clarity> (22 WHOLE DAMAGE)
  98. [00:02:05] <Nephene> Candycrab wanders off momentarily to find new friends.
  100. [00:02:09] <Submission> "You should try sometime, at least." Submission says before turning his gaze to the lake, letting Maka deal with crazy people who all want to talk to her at the same time.
  101. [00:02:15] * Jack` is promptly interrupted by Clarity, which prompts him to shoto her an exasperated glare.
  102. [00:02:20] <Kain> Henry is of course there, representing his business with towels and swimsuits, but does not engage in any sort of in-character banter because fuck I'm tired.
  103. [00:02:28] <Clarity> WHOMP.  As she falls over, the swimsuit lands on Karkata, probably covering the poor crab.
  104. [00:02:46] <Maka> "S-s-stop it Clarity!" Maka shoves her off and curls up into a ball on her chair.
  105. [00:02:48] <Clarity> "Awww!  It'll be f- hey, you can't wear that."
  106. [00:03:03] <Nephene> ".....cooo-sheee?"
  107. [00:03:17] <Nephene> Candycrab flails to little effect.
  108. [00:03:18] <Balthazar> "Oh, c-clarity! You using zis svimsuit too?"
  109. [00:03:51] <Clarity> "N-No way!  I couldn't even FIT in that!  I... er..."  Then comes the realization that it may be too small for Maka, even, and a little blush.
  110. [00:04:02] <Jack`> "Yeah, leave her alone," Jack says calmly before smirking lightly, "besides, I think a darker color would flatter her better, if you don't mind me saying."
  111. [00:04:03] * Maka turns to Jack. "Um...b-b-but then I get Clarity bugging me to wear...w-weird things..."
  112. [00:04:34] * Maka puts Sartre down in her lap, then shoves her face into a book.
  113. [00:04:55] * Nephene sighs, and frees Karkata from his swimsuited prison. "You're always trouble."
  114. [00:05:13] <Clarity> "Reaaaaally?  'Ka always seemed to fill out cute things better... but dark..."  What becomes dark is Clarity's face as it bows down, showing only a small smirk that gradually grows bigger and bigger.  And a hand of hers pulls on the bottom of her shirt...
  115. [00:05:15] <@Paradox> The Mayor makes one last call, trying to get everyone to sign up that's going to compete!
  116. [00:05:37] <Raven> After a few minutes, Raven returns with a much smaller bag and wearing a black one piece swimsuit, and carrying a Buizel with her.  "Can't exactly be on lifeguard duty wearing something as heavy as that," she says after catching her breath.
  117. [00:05:47] <Balthazar> "Vell, it is a pretty daring svimsuit! ...But you vould look good on it." Balth smiles, although his eyes show that he is a little embarassed with that.
  118. [00:06:07] <Balthazar> "I-in any case, ve should sign up, right?"
  119. [00:06:18] * Barkeep chuckles, "Yeah, they'd need to get someone to guard you too."
  120. [00:06:47] <Clarity> "No way!  Don't you think your assistant would look better in..."  As the shirt is RIPPED off and flutters through the sky, Clarity's upper body is in something that DOES NOT FIT OH MY GOD.  As the shorts go too, it's very clearly (har har) a black two-piece.  Doesn't match her hair at all.  "... THIS?"
  121. [00:07:18] <Submission> Submission barely stiffles a thick snort.
  122. [00:07:48] <Clarity> "... Yeahlet'sgosignup."  It wasn't as dramatic as she thought at all, provoking a grumble.
  123. [00:07:50] * Balthazar looks in awe at such a cool entrance! Although the shirt ripping was kind of wasteful, no? "You do look better on it!" he lies to her.
  124. [00:08:25] <Clarity> Well... that's just dramatic wording, it was more PULLED off.  It lands on Karkata though.
  125. [00:08:49] <Nephene> Karkata flails -again-, and Neph is forced to rescue the terrified candycrab.
  126. [00:09:08] <Nephene> "At this rate, he's going to have an awful fear of cloth."
  127. [00:09:15] <Raven> She finds a nice vantage point to watch from, Buizel in her lap.  She cups her hands over her mouth and yells, "Alright down there, don't do anything foolish like sign up if you can't swim!"
  128. [00:09:42] <Clarity> Cough, cough.  "Actually, I'm just in this 'cause it's hot!"  Grabbing Balthazar and leading him along, the teen reaches the booth.  "Hey, I can totally sign Salt up this year, right?"
  129. [00:09:45] <Submission> Submission calls up to Raven, "I can walk on the bottom. Does that count?"
  130. [00:09:54] <Jack`> "Er, I didn't mean to embarass you, sorry," he flusters faintly himself as he speaks to the book-buried Maka.
  131. [00:09:58] * Maka sighs in relief as Clarity goes off to do her own thing. She tries to catch Sub's eye and flashes him a feeble thumbs up before returning her book to her face.
  132. [00:10:08] * Barkeep sighs and helps her save the krabby. "I swear that girl would be a lot healthier if she spread her energy around the whole day instead of doing what she does and falling asleep in the middle of nowhere."
  133. [00:10:32] <Nephene> "Raven, can you look out for Clarity in case she falls asleep in the water?"
  134. [00:10:37] <Balthazar> "I am signing up, but i need to use my inner tube! I don't know 'ow to svim... Much!"
  135. [00:10:45] * Maka blinks. "Um...i-it's okay...a-are you swimming too? G-good luck."
  136. [00:11:03] <Balthazar> "And... Vell, it is hot! T-the veather, not the swimsuit."
  137. [00:11:21] <@Paradox> The Mayor blows his whistle.
  138. [00:11:23] <Clarity> "He's a REAAAAAAAAAAALLY GOOD swimmer!  He might even be able to beat me in a few years!  Ahahahaha!"  She ignores Balthazar's advances, despite them being a couple shipped to hell and back by the viewers.
  139. [00:11:26] <Raven> She scratches the Buizel's head. "Hopefully it won't come to that, but my little buddy April here should help in a pinch."
  140. [00:11:30] <@Paradox> "Alright, competitors! Shut up, and line up!"
  141. [00:11:40] <Barkeep> "Good luck, Sis!"
  142. [00:11:42] <Jack`> "Yeah, I am," Jack considers, "and thanks, I'll need it. Your brother looks like he'll be tough to beat!" He peers over as he's called.
  143. [00:11:44] <Clarity> Scribblescribble.  "Aaaw, he can do it NEXT year."
  144. [00:11:50] <Jack`> "See you around!" and he's off to line up.
  145. [00:12:12] <Submission> "Slow~"
  146. [00:12:22] * Clarity lines up too. Sky facepawlms as he sees her outfit, having been previously unaware that she'd even put that crap ON.
  147. [00:12:45] <Submission> (Sky and Dos are my favorite two mons ever)
  148. [00:12:57] <Clarity> (Mine too, let's ride off into the sunset)
  149. [00:13:16] * Balthazar writes up his name, still a little distracted from the swimsuits. He adjusts his inner tube to the belly bottom range and starts jumping around. "It's for ze muscles!"
  150. [00:13:27] <Submission> (Hi-ho, Giantree!)
  151. [00:13:35] * Nephene heads for the start, stretches, and tosses away the sarong.
  152. [00:13:44] <@Paradox> "The Rules are simple! When I blow the whistle, you'll swim from this edge of the lake, to the line of buoys, and then back!"
  153. [00:13:45] <Clarity> While at it, the Shinx looks up at Dos with eyes full of terror, questioning whether they're going to be alright, before sitting down and watching the lake in even MORE terror.  Salt, a little more in curiosity.
  154. [00:13:54] <Balthazar> "I vish i 'ad a prothestic leg like uncle's. Ze boost it gives could 'elp me svim a lot, eh? Although i don't know if ze substances on it are legal on competitions!"
  155. [00:14:19] <Submission> "Floater, Balth? Must be hard to stay up with all the training you do, eh?" Submission says, feeling more than a little competitive.
  156. [00:14:24] <Clarity> "Swimming isn't about the tools you use!  It's all about HEART!"
  157. [00:14:27] <@Paradox> "Alright! Everyone ready!?"
  158. [00:14:32] <Nephene> "Ready!"
  159. [00:14:37] <Clarity> "Yeaaaaaaah!"  A BIG fist-pump.
  160. [00:14:37] <@Paradox> (also man you guys are really bad at the "Shutting up" part )
  161. [00:14:38] <Jack`> Jack nods, "Yes, sir!"
  162. [00:14:44] <Clarity> (WE ARE ORAN)
  163. [00:14:53] <Submission> (^)
  164. [00:15:28] <@Paradox> "Alright.... go! *WHISTLE*
  165. [00:15:33] <@Paradox> (OKAY SO)
  166. [00:15:47] <Clarity> (pleasesayCONpleasesayCONpleasesayCON)
  167. [00:15:51] <@Paradox> (everyone roll STR;DEX;CON, in that order )
  168. [00:15:53] <Jack`> (^)
  169. [00:15:53] <Submission> (PleasesaySTR)
  170. [00:15:55] <Jack`> Alright
  171. [00:16:07] <Submission> (Hang on. Wiki's being dumb)
  172. [00:16:16] <Jack`> 1d20+2 Str
  173. [00:16:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack`, Str: 9 [1d20=7]
  174. [00:16:17] <Clarity> 1d20;1d20+1;1d20+6 like this?
  175. [00:16:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, 1d20: 11 [1d20=11]; 1d20+1: 4 [1d20=3]; like this?: 25 [1d20=19]
  176. [00:16:21] <Nephene> 1d20+5; 1d20+6; 1d20+1
  177. [00:16:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20+5: 14 [1d20=9]; 1d20+6: 12 [1d20=6]; 1d20+1: 8 [1d20=7]
  178. [00:16:24] <Jack`> 1d20+1 Dex
  179. [00:16:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack`, Dex: 6 [1d20=5]
  180. [00:16:27] <@Paradox> ( do it like clarity did it, so its all in one roll )
  181. [00:16:35] <Jack`> (Oh, okay)
  182. [00:16:54] <Jack`> 1d20+2;1d20+1;+1d20+4
  183. [00:16:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack`, 1d20+2: 4 [1d20=2]; 1d20+1: 14 [1d20=13]; +1d20+4: 9 [1d20=5]
  184. [00:16:55] <Balthazar> 1d20+1;1d20+3;1d20+1
  185. [00:16:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, 1d20+1: 2 [1d20=1]; 1d20+3: 14 [1d20=11]; 1d20+1: 19 [1d20=18]
  186. [00:17:23] <Submission> 1d20+6;1d20+5;1d20+2
  187. [00:17:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, 1d20+6: 17 [1d20=11]; 1d20+5: 21 [1d20=16]; 1d20+2: 12 [1d20=10]
  188. [00:19:02] <Raven> "This is a train wreck," she says as she watches the race kick off.
  189. [00:20:46] <Arawn> 1d20+4 ; 1d20+2 ; 1d20-4
  190. [00:20:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, 1d20+4: 10 [1d20=6]; 1d20+2: 4 [1d20=2]; 1d20-4: 8 [1d20=12]
  191. [00:21:38] <@Paradox> 1d20-4;1d20+3;1d20
  192. [00:21:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20-4: 6 [1d20=10]; 1d20+3: 5 [1d20=2]; 1d20: 20 [1d20=20]
  193. [00:22:12] <@Paradox> Alright! ROll again, everyone!
  194. [00:22:23] <@Paradox> Submission definitely has the lead, pulling out with a very strong start!
  195. [00:22:23] <Nephene> 1d20+5; 1d20+6; 1d20+1
  196. [00:22:23] <Clarity> 1d20;1d20+1;1d20+6 same thing?
  197. [00:22:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20+5: 15 [1d20=10]; 1d20+6: 21 [1d20=15]; 1d20+1: 3 [1d20=2]
  198. [00:22:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, 1d20: 15 [1d20=15]; 1d20+1: 2 [1d20=1]; same thing?: 10 [1d20=4]
  199. [00:22:32] <Submission> 1d20+6;1d20+5;1d20+2
  200. [00:22:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, 1d20+6: 19 [1d20=13]; 1d20+5: 19 [1d20=14]; 1d20+2: 7 [1d20=5]
  201. [00:22:40] <Jack`> 1d20+2;1d20+1;+1d20+4
  202. [00:22:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack`, 1d20+2: 18 [1d20=16]; 1d20+1: 14 [1d20=13]; +1d20+4: 23 [1d20=19]
  203. [00:23:01] * Barkeep wishes Nephene good luck and rubs the lucky coin in his pocket! PC on her con roll?
  204. [00:23:16] <Balthazar> 1d20+1;1d20+3;1d20+1
  205. [00:23:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, 1d20+1: 10 [1d20=9]; 1d20+3: 4 [1d20=1]; 1d20+1: 18 [1d20=17]
  206. [00:23:32] <@Paradox> (reroll con then, Neph)
  207. [00:23:54] <Nephene> 1d20+1
  208. [00:23:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20+1: 2 [1d20=1]
  209. [00:24:00] <Barkeep> (fff pc that again)
  210. [00:24:01] <Arawn> 1d20+4 ; 1d20+2 ; 1d20-4 oh god this fucking con stat
  211. [00:24:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, 1d20+4: 18 [1d20=14]; 1d20+2: 4 [1d20=2]; oh god this fucking con stat: 3 [1d20=7]
  212. [00:24:04] <Nephene> (( :||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| )
  213. [00:24:08] <Nephene> 1d20+1
  214. [00:24:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20+1: 9 [1d20=8]
  215. [00:24:22] <Barkeep> (I'll leave it at that then)
  216. [00:24:51] <@Paradox> 1d20-4;1d20+3;1d20
  217. [00:24:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20-4: 8 [1d20=12]; 1d20+3: 11 [1d20=8]; 1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
  218. [00:25:30] <Raven> "...scratch that, a two train collision."
  219. [00:25:47] <Submission> (Wait, I just realized I have Strong Guy. I'm gonna need to add five to future STR checks)
  220. [00:25:56] <@Paradox> Submission is still in the lead, but Jack and Neph have started to pull out as well!!!
  221. [00:26:01] <Nephene> (....I have Precisionist. +5 to all of my Dex! )
  222. [00:26:08] <Clarity> (I have... ;_;)
  223. [00:26:16] <@Paradox> Balth has barely gotten out, and is trashing about in the water :T
  224. [00:26:21] <@Paradox> Roll again bros
  225. [00:26:28] <@Paradox> 1d20-4;1d20+3;1d20
  226. [00:26:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20-4: 2 [1d20=6]; 1d20+3: 12 [1d20=9]; 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]
  227. [00:26:29] <Nephene> 1d20+5; 1d20+11; 1d20+1
  228. [00:26:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20+5: 13 [1d20=8]; 1d20+11: 25 [1d20=14]; 1d20+1: 16 [1d20=15]
  229. [00:26:32] <Submission> 1d20+11;1d20+5;1d20+2
  230. [00:26:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, 1d20+11: 16 [1d20=5]; 1d20+5: 17 [1d20=12]; 1d20+2: 17 [1d20=15]
  231. [00:26:33] <Jack`> 1d20+2;1d20+1;+1d20+4
  232. [00:26:33] <Clarity> 1d20;1d20+1;1d20+6 all of my etc
  233. [00:26:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack`, 1d20+2: 18 [1d20=16]; 1d20+1: 6 [1d20=5]; +1d20+4: 20 [1d20=16]
  234. [00:26:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]; 1d20+1: 8 [1d20=7]; all of my etc: 11 [1d20=5]
  235. [00:26:43] <Submission> (PPPFFFT. Lowest roll is my STR)
  236. [00:26:47] <Arawn> 1d20+4 ; 1d20+2 ; 1d20-4 not exactly going anywhere fast damnit.
  237. [00:26:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, 1d20+4: 19 [1d20=15]; 1d20+2: 7 [1d20=5]; not exactly going anywhere fast damnit.: 7 [1d20=11]
  238. [00:26:55] * Maka clutches Sartre tightly as she watches the competitors. The wynaut doesn't seem to mind being squeezed this way.
  239. [00:27:41] <Clarity> Sky curls up against the Slowpoke's body and holds his eyes with his paws while facing the opposite direction.  He's had enough of this.
  240. [00:27:45] <Balthazar> 1d20+1;1d20+3;1d20+1 I AM ON A FUCKING INNER TUBE
  241. [00:27:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, 1d20+1: 15 [1d20=14]; 1d20+3: 23 [1d20=20]; I AM ON A FUCKING INNER TUBE: 16 [1d20=15]
  242. [00:28:32] <@Paradox> Holy crap! Balthazar shoots forth like a ROCKET
  243. [00:28:44] <Raven> "Poor Terry why did that Clarity girl convince him to - WHAT."
  244. [00:29:12] <Clarity> "Hey!  I thought you were gonna HELP me cheat, not j- pppppfffffff" Splattered with LAKEWATER.
  245. [00:29:16] * Jack` just eyes the flying Balth in disbeleif, losing a bit of his focus as he does so.
  246. [00:29:21] <Submission> The Slowpoke sits and watches carefully. Of its own free will, it looks out for any person about to take the lead from Sub and uses Disable on that person.
  247. [00:29:33] * Nephene keeps her eye on the prize! Amon simply continues to meditate.
  248. [00:29:45] <@Paradox> Roll again bros!
  249. [00:29:49] <Jack`> 1d20+2;1d20+1;+1d20+4
  250. [00:29:49] <Submission> 1d20 Ac2 disable
  251. [00:29:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack`, 1d20+2: 20 [1d20=18]; 1d20+1: 4 [1d20=3]; +1d20+4: 8 [1d20=4]
  252. [00:29:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, Ac2 disable: 3 [1d20=3]
  253. [00:29:55] <Submission> 1d20+11;1d20+5;1d20+2
  254. [00:29:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, 1d20+11: 12 [1d20=1]; 1d20+5: 14 [1d20=9]; 1d20+2: 8 [1d20=6]
  255. [00:30:00] <Nephene> 1d20+5; 1d20+11; 1d20+1
  256. [00:30:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20+5: 18 [1d20=13]; 1d20+11: 13 [1d20=2]; 1d20+1: 17 [1d20=16]
  257. [00:30:06] <Arawn> 1d20+4 ; 1d20+2 ; 1d20-4 for fuck's sake dicemaid
  258. [00:30:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, 1d20+4: 17 [1d20=13]; 1d20+2: 8 [1d20=6]; for fuck's sake dicemaid: 15 [1d20=19]
  259. [00:30:14] <@Paradox> 1d20-4;1d20+3;1d20
  260. [00:30:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20-4: 3 [1d20=7]; 1d20+3: 15 [1d20=12]; 1d20: 11 [1d20=11]
  261. [00:30:18] <Clarity> 1d20;1d20+1;1d20+6 incoming all nat 1s
  262. [00:30:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, 1d20: 6 [1d20=6]; 1d20+1: 16 [1d20=15]; incoming all nat 1s: 15 [1d20=9]
  263. [00:30:21] <Nephene> "Come on, come on......"
  264. [00:30:22] <Barkeep> (prob controlling neph's 2 on dex)
  265. [00:30:28] <Nephene> 1d20
  266. [00:30:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20: 19 [1d20=19]
  267. [00:30:37] <Nephene> ( + 11)
  268. [00:30:39] <Barkeep> (that's... 30 isn't it)
  269. [00:31:06] <Balthazar> "I... I CAN DO IT! I CAN SVIM!" Balth says with a look on joy in his eyes as he desperately flails his arms, like some sort of deranged Golduck
  270. [00:31:21] <Balthazar> 1d20+1;1d20+3;1d20+1 in before all ones to spite me
  271. [00:31:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, 1d20+1: 14 [1d20=13]; 1d20+3: 22 [1d20=19]; in before all ones to spite me: 17 [1d20=16]
  272. [00:31:30] <Arawn> (Oh god the fuck Balth)
  273. [00:31:41] <Raven> "..."
  274. [00:31:51] <Raven> "Claud why are you so pale did you get a cold" :<
  275. [00:32:30] <@Paradox> Dos suddenly goes rigid. Huh.
  276. [00:32:45] <@Paradox> Also Barkeep is BLEEDING.
  277. [00:33:04] <Barkeep> (... wait)
  278. [00:33:26] <Barkeep> (... I just ko'ed myself)
  279. [00:33:35] <Clarity> Thwap.  The Shinx' tail beats on Dos once, as he can't help but turn around toAND THEN HE TURNS BACK IN THE OTHER DIRECTION WHAT IS THIS HE CAN'T WATCH.
  280. [00:33:40] <Barkeep> "I-I'm fine jus..." *thump*
  281. [00:34:33] <Raven> "And...bleed- ohFuck" she starts digging through her bag for bandages gets some first aid going!
  282. [00:34:50] <@Paradox> Fwoosh! Keep going guys!
  283. [00:34:52] * Arawn tries to keep up, but he was looking a little worn down even coming here.  He's gone to a more leisurely pace, even if Mr. Dream is alongside there bitching at him DO IT FASTER GODDAMNIT
  284. [00:34:57] <Nephene> 1d20+5; 1d20+11; 1d20+1
  285. [00:34:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20+5: 25 [1d20=20]; 1d20+11: 19 [1d20=8]; 1d20+1: 14 [1d20=13]
  286. [00:35:07] <Arawn> 1d20+4 ; 1d20+2 ; 1d20-4
  287. [00:35:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, 1d20+4: 13 [1d20=9]; 1d20+2: 12 [1d20=10]; 1d20-4: 9 [1d20=13]
  288. [00:35:09] <@Paradox> 1d20-4;1d20+3;1d20
  289. [00:35:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20-4: 15 [1d20=19]; 1d20+3: 19 [1d20=16]; 1d20: 3 [1d20=3]
  290. [00:35:09] <Clarity> 1d20;1d20+1;1d20+6 GOOOOOOOOOOOO
  291. [00:35:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, 1d20: 8 [1d20=8]; 1d20+1: 21 [1d20=20]; GOOOOOOOOOOOO: 17 [1d20=11]
  292. [00:35:19] <Submission> 1d20+11;1d20+5;1d20+2
  293. [00:35:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, 1d20+11: 20 [1d20=9]; 1d20+5: 10 [1d20=5]; 1d20+2: 6 [1d20=4]
  294. [00:35:25] <Submission> (Fuck you DM)
  295. [00:35:45] <Jack`> 1d20+2;1d20+1;+1d20+4
  296. [00:35:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack`, 1d20+2: 6 [1d20=4]; 1d20+1: 21 [1d20=20]; +1d20+4: 15 [1d20=11]
  297. [00:35:49] <Balthazar> 1d20+1;1d20+3;1d20+1 PODER DA BÓIA COM FORMATO DE PATO!
  298. [00:35:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, 1d20+1: 5 [1d20=4]; 1d20+3: 10 [1d20=7]; PODER DA BÓIA COM FORMATO DE PATO!: 6 [1d20=5]
  299. [00:36:14] * Jack` just keeps on swimming, focusing on or paying attnetion to nothing else.
  300. [00:36:18] <Raven> "Why is he bleeding this doesn't even make any sense!?"  She asks April the Buizel rhetorically as she checks his vitals and applies pressure to the wound.
  301. [00:36:24] <@Paradox> Balth finally slows down to a standstill, after two rounds of MACH SPEED
  302. [00:36:39] <Balthazar> "My arms are aching... I vill drown ;_;"
  303. [00:37:00] <Clarity> "C'mon!  You gotta have the BURNING SPIRIT!"
  304. [00:37:13] <@Paradox> Alright! Final ROUND!
  305. [00:37:14] <Clarity> "Don't swim with your body!  Swim with your FIERY, MANLY HEART!"
  306. [00:37:19] <Nephene> 1d20+5; 1d20+11; 1d20+1
  307. [00:37:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20+5: 20 [1d20=15]; 1d20+11: 30 [1d20=19]; 1d20+1: 18 [1d20=17]
  308. [00:37:26] <@Paradox> (holy fuck)
  309. [00:37:27] <Jack`> 1d20+2;1d20+1;+1d20+4
  310. [00:37:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack`, 1d20+2: 17 [1d20=15]; 1d20+1: 12 [1d20=11]; +1d20+4: 22 [1d20=18]
  311. [00:37:36] <Clarity> 1d20;1d20+1;1d20+6 ... Oh.
  312. [00:37:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, 1d20: 5 [1d20=5]; 1d20+1: 8 [1d20=7]; ... Oh.: 26 [1d20=20]
  313. [00:37:40] <Balthazar> "I-i vill try, Clary!"
  314. [00:37:40] <Nephene> AURA SWIIIIIIIIIM
  315. [00:37:41] <Clarity> (... OH.)
  316. [00:37:41] <Maka> "T-that doesn't even make any sense..." Maka is thoroughly confused by Clarity.
  317. [00:37:52] <Balthazar> 1d20+1;1d20+3;1d20+1 FIERY HEART HELP MEEEEEEEE!
  318. [00:37:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, 1d20+1: 12 [1d20=11]; 1d20+3: 8 [1d20=5]; FIERY HEART HELP MEEEEEEEE!: 20 [1d20=19]
  319. [00:38:11] <Arawn> 1d20+4 ; 1d20+2 ; 1d20-4 Arawn doesn't give any fucks and will go at his own pace oh man this is refreshing after days of COOPED UP IN WORKSHOP
  320. [00:38:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, 1d20+4: 12 [1d20=8]; 1d20+2: 19 [1d20=17]; Arawn doesn't give any fucks and will go at his own pace oh man this is refreshing after days of COOPED UP IN WORKSHOP: 5 [1d20=9]
  321. [00:38:22] <Submission> 1d20+11;1d20+5;1d20+2 GO
  322. [00:38:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, 1d20+11: 17 [1d20=6]; 1d20+5: 22 [1d20=17]; GO: 16 [1d20=14]
  323. [00:38:33] <Submission> 1d20 AC 2 DOS DISABLE GO NOW
  324. [00:38:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, AC 2 DOS DISABLE GO NOW: 13 [1d20=13]
  325. [00:38:41] <Submission> (Targetting whoever is in the lead)
  326. [00:38:46] <Balthazar> "My arms are still 'urting ;_;"
  327. [00:39:07] <@Paradox> ( Hrmm )
  328. [00:39:09] <@Paradox> ( let me check something )
  329. [00:39:20] <@Paradox> 1d20-4;1d20+3;1d20 also this
  330. [00:39:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20-4: 1 [1d20=5]; 1d20+3: 7 [1d20=4]; also this: 14 [1d20=14]
  331. [00:42:43] <Raven> "...okay, he's breathing?  he's breathing.  But do I...try to wake him up?  Oh god Neph's gonna kill me." ; ;
  332. [00:42:48] <Clarity> Done being terrified, Sky the Shinx takes a big gump of DETERMINATION and widens his tiny lion eyes at the... at the omanyte next to him, actually, whoa.  Was he really watching that WHOLE thing?
  333. [00:43:29] <@Paradox> The Mayor blows the whistle as Nephenee reaches the shore again!
  334. [00:43:42] <@Paradox> Submission is right behind her, and Jack arrives not too long after.
  335. [00:43:53] * Nephene doesn't stop moving even after she reaches the shore, and runs -right- for her brother.
  336. [00:44:01] <@Paradox> Arawn, Clarity, and Cedric haven't even reached the buoy yet :c
  337. [00:45:12] <Clarity> "Buuuuuuur... niiiiiiing.... spiiiiiiirit...."
  338. [00:45:45] <Submission> "Haaa~" Submission says, looking around him for what's happening. He spots his own Pokemon frozen and runs to get him. Boy, has anyone seen Submission so worried before? Where's that calm face?
  339. [00:45:56] <Raven> She's holding him up in her lap, sort of, checking for any other lacerations or bleeding spots frantically.
  340. [00:46:00] <@Paradox> "UGh! Water! This is wh... why .. I have to take as many guys out of the water and... into the sky! Ugh!"
  341. [00:46:06] <Nephene> "Claaaaaauuuuud! Dammit!"
  342. [00:46:13] * Arawn is taking his time totally.  "C'mon, guys~"
  343. [00:46:16] <@Paradox> Cedric flaps about a bit more, trying to reach the buoy :c
  344. [00:46:36] * Balthazar has been carried by the water to the shore. He is lying on the sandy dunes, incredibly exhausted. "I-i-i vill never enter ze vater again..."
  345. [00:47:08] <Raven> "IdunnoWhatHappenedHeSuddenlyGotPaleAndStartedBleedingAndPassedOut!"
  346. [00:47:09] * Jack` seems quite fatigued, but proud of how he did overall. He only lost out to the two most athletic people in town.
  347. [00:47:16] * Maka hops up to meet Sub. "Good job! I-it was close...um...i-is...i-is Dos o-okay?"
  348. [00:47:19] <Clarity> "Grrrrrrrraaaah!"  Clarity's hair flops in front of her face as the teenager lands on the shore next to Balthazar, then collapses.  Still awake, amazingly.
  349. [00:47:32] <Jack`> Taro stand son the opposite bank, letting out a cheerful yelp.
  350. [00:47:41] <Nephene> "MEDIC!"
  351. [00:47:43] <Clarity> Sky follows Maka and looks at Sub with worried eyes, too.  So thoughtful of him.
  352. [00:47:57] * Jack` spots the frozen slowpoke and passed out, bleeding Claud, "Woah, is...everything alright? What happened?"
  353. [00:48:18] * Arawn swims alongside Cedric, almost like he's worried Ced'll go under from overexertion before they finish or something.
  354. [00:48:28] <Maka> "And...w-w-what happened to Barkeep? T-this...was just supposed to be a race..."
  355. [00:48:50] <Clarity> "Grraahhrrgarbl."  Shaking it, all of it flips back as Clarity climbs up and force-pulls Balth whether he likes it or NOT.  "Whoa... what happened to Mr. Bark?"
  356. [00:48:52] <@Paradox> Cedric is still thrashing feistily. He's not so much exhausted as has absolutely NO technique.
  357. [00:48:52] * Nephene elevates her brother's head, and tries to find a blanket, eventually setlling on her sarong.
  358. [00:48:54] <Balthazar> "I... I did not drowned... At least ze inner tube did its job." He looks at Clarity lying near him, but exhaustion prevents the young man to move.
  359. [00:48:55] <Jack`> "He wasn't even in the water. How did that happen?" Jack seems utterly baffled.
  360. [00:49:13] <Balthazar> "Aaargh let me down, eh?"
  361. [00:50:00] <Nephene> As she tries to get Barkeep some air, a few light touches are applied as Neph works quickly with her art.
  362. [00:50:09] <Raven> "I dunno what to do other than put pressure to the wounds..."
  363. [00:50:15] * Arawn sighs and watches as Mr. Dream starts swimming circles around Cedric, bitching at him in Marill about why the hell can't you swim you useless landlubber LET ME SHOW YOU HOW IT'S DONE
  364. [00:50:29] <Nephene> 4d20+11 HP
  365. [00:50:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, HP: 44 [4d20=14,4,12,3]
  366. [00:50:57] * Barkeep coughs and shakes his head. "Uhh... whahappened."
  367. [00:51:00] <Clarity> "Oh, 'kay."  Plomf.
  368. [00:51:08] <Nephene> "You passed out. And you're bleeding."
  369. [00:51:12] <Submission> "Alright," Submission says, picking up Dos. "What happened here?" The man isn't necessarily angry, but the sternness of a nearly seven-foot man weighing near 300 pounds is intimidating to say the least.
  370. [00:51:16] * Balthazar gets his face on sand. "Ow."
  371. [00:51:19] <Barkeep> "Oh..."
  372. [00:51:23] * Barkeep rubs his eyes.
  373. [00:51:28] <Barkeep> "D'you win?"
  374. [00:51:36] <Nephene> Her tone is mostly worried, but there's the odd, faintest hint of anger there.
  375. [00:51:38] <Balthazar> "Uh... V-vhat is 'appening... Sister is...?"
  376. [00:51:40] <Clarity> "Mr. Bark..."  Clarity pauses to make a cool pose.  Unfortunately she has no shades.  Still, a point straight to his face, "... Must've been attacked by ALIENS!"
  377. [00:51:54] <@Paradox> The Mayor calls Neph, Sub, and Jack over.
  378. [00:52:08] <Balthazar> "I... I did not saw Aliens for now, Clary! I vas too busy trying not to drown!"
  379. [00:52:12] <Raven> "OhThankHeavensYourOkay" she tackles him to the ground in a hug.
  380. [00:52:24] <Submission> Submission eyes Barkeep suspiciously, but, still carrying Submission, walks towards the Mayor.
  381. [00:52:35] * Jack` heads over to the mayor once the crisis is resolved, still perplexed by the whole incident.
  382. [00:52:36] * Barkeep horks as Raven tackles him, still feeling pretty weak
  383. [00:52:37] <Clarity> A shrug.  "Well, you're the one with the UFO!"
  384. [00:52:40] * Nephene breathes a sigh of relief. "Please. Give me a minute."
  385. [00:53:10] * Barkeep grumbles, "'m fine... fine. Just got a little over excited."
  386. [00:53:23] <Nephene> "Yes. Yes, you did."
  387. [00:53:31] * Balthazar spits sand. "I'm ze one vith aching arms ;_;"
  388. [00:53:53] <Nephene> "You okay?"
  389. [00:53:57] * Arawn stretches out on the beach without a care in the world.  He is in a disturbingly good mood.
  390. [00:54:18] <Clarity> Too bad, Balthazar's aching arms get grabbed by HYPER TEENAGER HANDS as he's dragged further onto the shore.  "C'mon, stop bein' so mopey!  Hey Sky, what'd you think?"
  391. [00:54:40] <Barkeep> "Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Don't worry about it, Sis..."
  392. [00:54:53] <Balthazar> "Owwww! Just bring me to Sister Raven!"
  393. [00:55:12] <Nephene> "....we'll talk about it, then. Later."
  394. [00:55:14] <Raven> She collects herself and helps him back up. "Why were you bleeding though?"
  395. [00:55:20] <@Paradox> "Ahem."
  396. [00:55:25] * Nephene meets up with the Mayor.
  397. [00:55:29] * Barkeep looks away, "... yeah, sure."
  398. [00:55:30] <Clarity> Sky rolls his eyes, anyway.  "Last I looked she was kissing all over Mr. Bark, an- eep!"
  399. [00:55:39] * Clarity stands to attention.
  400. [00:55:45] <Submission> "I don't like this..." Submission mumbles.
  401. [00:55:53] <Barkeep> "Nothin' Raven. Just the heat... got a little excited I guess. Haven't eaten today either."
  402. [00:55:56] <@Paradox> "Well, this year it seems we've had some injuries - on the shore, no less! - but it looks like everyone will be alright!"
  403. [00:56:11] <Balthazar> "I vas drowning und she vas kissing 'im?" Balth pouts. "I, zis is not good!"
  404. [00:56:12] <@Paradox> "So... it's my great honor to declare this year's winner - Nephene!"
  405. [00:56:43] * Arawn claps with only the slightest wincing.
  406. [00:56:46] * Nephene doesn't seem so enthused.
  407. [00:56:46] <Clarity> It's more of a hushed tone now, but not by much.  "Awww, c'mon, have more faith in me!  That wasn't gonna happen."
  408. [00:57:20] * Barkeep is kind of silent, seeming a bit embarassed. Probably from collapsing in public. Yeah, that's it.
  409. [00:57:21] <@Paradox> "In third place, we had Jack! Who will win 3000 Imperials!"
  410. [00:57:23] * Maka claps half-heartedly, worried and confused eyes still darting between Dostoevsky and Barkeep.
  411. [00:57:33] <Submission> Submission can't clap. He's holding himse- I mean, a Slowpoke. He looks to Nephene and says, "Good work. I thought I had stiff competition."
  412. [00:57:33] <Clarity> "If you drowned, whattabout the MOON?"
  413. [00:57:50] <Balthazar> "Vell, i did got fourth place..." he looks at his inner tube. It appears it has been torn. "...Must been zat."
  414. [00:58:08] <Raven> "That doesn't even make sense and you know it, heat exposure and hunger won't make you bleed!"
  415. [00:58:11] <@Paradox> "In second place, we had our very own Submission! He will win 3000 Imperials, and some very nice goggles made by our smith, Saar Fyron!"
  416. [00:58:23] * Jack` nods, forcing a smile given today's bizzare circumstances, "Thank you, sir."
  417. [00:58:36] <Nephene> "....thanks." It's disheartened, but not insincere.
  418. [00:59:29] <@Paradox> "And for Nephene - We have 6000 Imperials, a pair of diving goggles sized for a pokemon, and a rare Tyrian Lilly!"
  419. [00:59:41] <@Paradox> "Everyone, please congratulate this year's winner!"
  420. [00:59:45] <@Paradox> He claps :D
  421. [01:00:04] * Arawn joins in clapping~
  422. [01:00:12] <Barkeep> "Look... I don't know. I'm fine, okay? I'm just going to head back to the inn."
  423. [01:00:17] * Nephene accepts the reward with a small smile and a nod.
  424. [01:00:19] * Balthazar would clap if his arms actually could move.
  425. [01:00:22] <Clarity> "G'job, Neffy!"  With a loud, hyper clap, Clarity's thoughts of 'please let there be victory curry' are probably even louder.  The goofy grin says it all.
  426. [01:01:02] <Balthazar> "C-clary, can you carry me 'ome, by ze vay? I can't crawl to it."
  427. [01:01:07] * Jack` applauds sincerely, "Well done. You really were impressive."
  428. [01:01:30] * Maka continues clapping and even Sartre joins in with his...ears?
  429. [01:01:36] <Nephene> "Thank you."
  430. [01:01:55] <Clarity> Sliiiiip.  The shirt and shorts go back on, disregarding how wet they're going to get.  And then the She-Hulk that is Clarity gives an excited nod and scoops the poor boy up.  "Okay!"
  431. [01:01:58] * Nephene steps down, walking over to Balthazar. "You need help?"
  432. [01:02:00] <Clarity> 1d20 ... STR just in case
  433. [01:02:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, ... STR just in case: 19 [1d20=19]
  434. [01:02:08] <Clarity> SHE-HULK.
  435. [01:02:12] <Balthazar> "I-i am fine!"
  436. [01:02:19] <Balthazar> "With 'er i mean."
  437. [01:02:26] * Clarity sticks her tongue out at the winner.
  438. [01:02:33] <Nephene> "...."
  439. [01:02:36] <Nephene> "So it seems."
  440. [01:02:44] <Clarity> "... But Neffy, you're gonna make victory curry later, right?  Riiight?"
  441. [01:02:57] <Balthazar> "Come on Clary, she did vent vell, you know!"
  442. [01:03:02] <Jack`> "Victory curry?" Jack seems unfamiliar.
  443. [01:03:09] <Barkeep> "I think maybe I should just go back now, Raven."
  444. [01:03:12] <Balthazar> "She deserved to vin, i mean, it vas a fair competition!"
  445. [01:03:25] <Clarity> "Yeah, Jeorge!"  Nod, nod!  "It's like normal curry, but it tastes like WINNING!"
  446. [01:03:32] <Raven> She backs away a little. "Okay, fine, you're not feeling well and uh...I didn't mean to make you angry." She starts to gather her things, scoops up April.
  447. [01:04:12] <Barkeep> "No, no, it's fine. It's not your fault. I'm just..." he sighs
  448. [01:04:33] * Nephene sighs. "Yeah. Victory curry."
  449. [01:04:48] <Clarity> "Yaaaaaaaaay!"  Clary almost drops him... doesn't, but creates the scare.
  450. [01:04:49] * Jack` looks to Nephene at that, "Well, if that's true, let me know if you'll need a hand with that...or if your brother does," he looks over to Barkeep with concern.
  451. [01:04:56] <Jack`> "Outright bizzare."
  452. [01:04:59] <Submission> Submission stands still for a time, his eyebrows furrowed. It's obvious he's deep in thought. He watches the seen, looks down at a guilty Dos, and looks back at Nephene. "Nephene, can I talk to you a moment?"
  453. [01:05:16] <Nephene> "I'll be fine. Talk to my brother. And sure, Sub."
  454. [01:05:26] <Jack`> "Mmm, alright, then."
  455. [01:05:37] * Arawn watches the buzz going by, stretching out and checking on the bag of stuff he left by Hephaestus to guard, then starting to scan over the crowd.
  456. [01:05:38] <Clarity> With a big goofy smile, the monster that is Clarazar prances over to where Maka sits.  "Hey, 'Ka!  'Kaaaa!"
  457. [01:06:08] * Maka peers over the edge of her book at Sub and Nephene, curious. "Huhwha, C-Clarity don't sneak up on me l-like that..."
  458. [01:06:10] <Clarity> "What'd ya think?  Weren't we awesome?  He was all like ZOOOOOM, and I was all like BWAAAAAAMF, and then Missy..."
  459. [01:06:10] <Balthazar> "Hey Maka, you should 'ave svimmed too!"
  460. [01:06:24] * Jack` makes his way over towards Barkeep, but not before stopping where Maka was resting, almost as to protect her from the Clarazar monster.
  461. [01:06:34] <Clarity> "Oh, and I'm Hydro Pump today!"
  462. [01:06:36] <Balthazar> "I zink i dislocated my arm's tendon though!"
  463. [01:06:48] * Maka is overwhelmed by everyone approaching her oh god why is she popular. D: "I...um...uhhh"
  464. [01:07:18] <Submission> Submission kind of moves to address her away from other people before saying, "I've never put much into learning, but I know a thing or two about watching people. I also know my own Pokemon. Dos attempted to help me win. It didn't work, but it might have. I would like to apologize." He bows low, which basically means he's at her height, a look of deep shame on his face.
  465. [01:07:47] <Jack`> "You should pay Nephene a visit, then," Jack comments to Balth, "when she's...less busy, that is. I understand she's good with that sort of thing.
  466. [01:07:47] <Nephene> "....it's fine. Really."
  467. [01:07:48] <Jack`> "
  468. [01:08:12] <Jack`> "And at swimming too, apparently," he says, genuinely impressed, "she was really something else."
  469. [01:08:23] <Barkeep> "Bye then, Raven. I did have fun, I really did..."
  470. [01:08:29] <Clarity> Balth gets squeezed a little harder.  "Don't worry!  People like Missy and Neffy are good at, like, punching it back into place!  ... Actually, want me to try punching it back into place?"
  471. [01:08:43] <Balthazar> "Don't vorry, it just 'urts vhen i breath. Ow." he tries to hold his arm, but oh god squeezing hurts ;_;
  472. [01:09:04] <Nephene> "Here, how about....we'll head back to the Slaking. Talk awhile. Drinks are on me."
  473. [01:09:05] <Submission> "I... still. I would like to make it up to you sometime."
  474. [01:09:06] <Balthazar> "Please don't."
  475. [01:09:29] <Jack`> "Your brother was about as good as I thought he'd be, too," Jack says, looking to Maka as he seats himself on the bank a reasonable distance away.
  476. [01:09:32] <Submission> Realizing he spoke at the same time, Submission stops and says, "Alright. I can do that."
  477. [01:09:35] <Raven> "I'll...leave you alone for a bit then.  I guess.  You don't seem well." she says with a frown as she picks up her bag as well and turns toward town.
  478. [01:09:45] <Clarity> "Don't worry!  I have healing po-"  Halfway through the word, her eyes go wide for a stare at Maka for a second, before she shakes her head.  "... Er, I wish I did.  That was weird."
  479. [01:10:01] * Nephene pats Submission on the shoulder. "You did excellently out there, anyway. Strong performance as always."
  480. [01:10:08] * Maka nods to Jack absentmindedly, giving a worried glance after Sub from seeing him bow to Neph for some reason.
  481. [01:10:36] <Submission> "You did well yourself. I was impressed. I guess I'm just a little too big for speed. I get by on strictly brawn."
  482. [01:10:59] * Jack` watches Submission and Nephene walk off, curious what they may be up to.
  483. [01:10:59] <Submission> Submission smiles, a genuine, happy smile.
  484. [01:11:03] <Nephene> "Not at all! Both craftmanship and martial arts require a great deal of precision."
  485. [01:11:39] <Balthazar> "Zose things do like 'er..."
  486. [01:12:40] <Submission> Submission laughs heartily. "I suppose you're right."
  487. [01:12:59] <@Paradox> "Oh!"
  488. [01:13:02] <@Paradox> "Hey, Maka."
  489. [01:13:20] <@Paradox> Cedric floats over to Maka, holding his bag.
  490. [01:13:24] <@Paradox> "Here."
  491. [01:13:28] <Clarity> "So, let's all go out for victory cu- oh."  A step to the side, while still holding the boy.
  492. [01:13:32] <Nephene> "Steady hands are a builder's hands, after all. They harm....and sometimes they can soothe, if done right."
  493. [01:13:43] <@Paradox> He pulls out a big parcel from his bag, and hands it to her.
  494. [01:13:43] <Nephene> "Maybe we can exchange techniques, yeah?"
  495. [01:13:47] <Maka> "Huh?" Maka jolts to attention, her eyes previously glazed over.
  496. [01:13:48] <Jack`> "Doing deliveries even today?" He seems surprised by Cedric.
  497. [01:13:55] <Balthazar> "Ow, careful Clary!" Balth winces as he is carried by the girl like a sack of potatoes.
  498. [01:13:55] <Clarity> "Great swimming out there, featherface!"  Tongue status: stuck out.  But this is a normal thing.
  499. [01:14:05] * Maka takes the package. "Um...?"
  500. [01:14:23] <@Paradox> "Well I just got back last night, and I hadn't had time. Anyway, those are the books you wanted!"
  501. [01:14:28] <Nephene> "....that came out wrong."
  502. [01:14:33] <Balthazar> "Also don't show your tongue, it's not polite!"
  503. [01:14:43] <Nephene> "We'll stick with the drinks for now."
  504. [01:14:45] <Nephene> "...."
  505. [01:14:50] <Submission> "That sounds good. I've wanted to get better there. I am strong, but precise techniques like you have are harder to pick up on my own." Submission totally misses the innuendo.
  506. [01:14:52] <Nephene> "Also came out wrong. I should just shut up."
  507. [01:15:25] <Clarity> "Relax, we've used this greeting for YEARS!"  She nods twice, matter-of-factly.
  508. [01:15:30] <Nephene> "Amon. Karkata. Back to the inn, but you two have the rest of the day off. I'll handle everything from here."
  509. [01:15:52] * Arawn finally gets a bead on Cedric and starts heading over, waving to him and Maka.
  510. [01:15:54] <Submission> Submission just laughs and puts a hand on her shoulder. "Not a problem. Tell you what, I'll help in Barkeep's place, if you like. He could use a break."
  511. [01:16:04] * Balthazar would bop her head if his arms responding to his commands!
  512. [01:16:06] * Clarity raises her voice suddenly. "Neffyyyyyyy! It's totally okay if we show up for the VICTORY CURRY later, right?"
  513. [01:16:12] <Maka> "Oh! T-that...t-they're kinda late!" Maka half-frowns for a second but digs in her pocket and hands Cedric 100 Imperials, managing a small smile.
  514. [01:16:21] <Nephene> "Yeah, he could, but he already has a fill-in. Marcel's a good barkeep in his own right."
  515. [01:16:34] <Nephene> "Of course. Usual rate."
  516. [01:16:56] <Clarity> "Alriiiiight~!"  Spinning around, Balthazar probably gets dizzy too unless he's smart enough to close his eyes.  But is he?
  517. [01:17:36] <Submission> "Then, ah, I'll just dry off a bit and do any odd jobs you need. Today wasn't really busy anyway," Submission replies cheerfully.
  518. [01:17:44] <@Paradox> "Well, it's only Summer 10th! I can't fly out to the city EVERY week!"
  519. [01:17:45] * Raven finds a tree with a low hanging branch a bit away from the crowd and makes herself at home on it, sulking dejectedly.
  520. [01:18:04] <Nephene> "Right. I'll see you there."
  521. [01:18:11] <Maka> "C-can....c-can you take people to the city too?"
  522. [01:18:20] <@Paradox> "..."
  523. [01:18:21] <Balthazar> "D-don't spin so much! I already got vhiplash from ze waves..."
  524. [01:18:28] <@Paradox> "Uhm. Maybe if I had some more pokemon..."
  525. [01:18:31] <Clarity> "Sky, Salt," a stare at the two animals, "You ready?"
  526. [01:18:40] <Jack`> "Any that would particularly help with that?"
  527. [01:18:44] <Jack`> That caught Jack's attention.
  528. [01:18:57] <Maka> "I...I can help find pokemon. Um...it...can get d-dangerous though." Maka shivers.
  529. [01:19:04] * Clarity sniffs a couple times. "... Unless this is another ADVENTURE about to start."
  530. [01:19:13] <Arawn> "Yo~" Arawn is suddenly leaning over Maka's shoulder out of nowhere.
  531. [01:19:14] <Jack`> "I can handle the danger," Jack says confidently.
  532. [01:19:17] <Clarity> "Because it smells like ADVENTURE."
  533. [01:19:39] * Barkeep glances at Raven and looks down for a moment before turning around and walking back towards her. "Hey, Raven..."
  534. [01:20:08] <Maka> "Ah! A-arawn, y-you're sneaking up on me too?" Maka shoves the parcel into her bag.
  535. [01:20:25] <Raven> "Hm?"
  536. [01:20:37] <Clarity> "Hehe!  Hey 'Ka, maybe everyone wouldn't be all over you if you did put that swimsuit on?"
  537. [01:20:48] <Arawn> "Surprise~" he's in a surprisingly cheerful mood, being accompanied by his little pack of Pokemon.
  538. [01:20:51] <Balthazar> "Vait, you should leave me at 'ome before going to an adventure!"
  539. [01:20:54] <Barkeep> "I dunno how to say this exactly... would you... ilike to go back to your place with me for a bit?"
  540. [01:21:41] <Clarity> "What, you don't want an ADVENTURE?"  A big pout-- she even shakes him like a baby a couple times.  "But what about the one we taaaalked about?"  ... The latter sentence, of course, is in a more hushed tone, especially if Maka's listening.  But she has Arawn to deal with.
  541. [01:21:51] <Nephene> "Arawn!"
  542. [01:21:53] * Maka shoots a quick glare at Clarity before turning to Arawn. "Um...y-you seem...happy today...D-do you mind if I come by for some um...crafting later?"
  543. [01:21:59] <Nephene> "Up for some time at the Slaking?"
  544. [01:22:57] <Balthazar> "You know, i vould like an adventure, but you are on zat svimsuit, und i got a shredded inner tube and i'm wet!"
  545. [01:23:16] <Arawn> "Hm?  I'll come join you in a few, Neph; I've got something for you anyway~!" he calls back to her, then back to Maka and Cedric.  "Sure, I don't mind.  Speaking of which, actually..." he's started digging around in a bag on Hephaestus' back.  "Cedric don't you go anywhere just give me a moment to find it."
  546. [01:23:43] <@Paradox> Maka has quite a bunch of books in her parcel! One copy of "The Old Man and the Seaking", and one copy of "The Prince and the Pupitar". Most of them seem to be "science" books by some "Theresa Sandra Vai" character, namely: "Pastry Science for Silly People", "Introduction to Artifice: A Gentle Guide To Not Having Your Fingers Seared Off", and "How To Miss The Ground When Falling"
  547. [01:24:11] * Clarity totally has her casual wear back on... but it's okay because that's dripping wet too.
  548. [01:24:22] <Jack`> "Speaking of adventures," jack asks, "how's that adventure room coming along?"
  549. [01:24:31] <Raven> She stares at him a bit. "A-alright I guess..." and climbs back down.
  550. [01:24:48] * Barkeep nods. "Thanks..." he says quietly.
  551. [01:26:01] <Clarity> "So you don't need an ADVENTURE, Birdbrain?"
  552. [01:26:16] * Maka desperately tries to manage with Jack and Arawn both talking at her and crowding around. "Um...ah, t-the room's doing fine. I added the um...finished map from...t-t-the other d-d-day..." she shivers again at the last few words. "Um Arawn...s-should we get going?"
  553. [01:26:52] * Balthazar peeks at the books. "Oh, i read zat one about missing ze ground! It did not vorked a couple of times though!"
  554. [01:27:10] * Maka has the books covered up in her bag. No one is supposed to see them. D:
  555. [01:27:18] <Raven> She walks along quietly back to #dinkyshack
  556. [01:27:32] * Barkeep shuffles along with her to the #dinkyshack
  557. [01:27:43] <Clarity> And logs remove themselves from trees to follow.  Clarity doesn't or anything though.
  558. [01:28:25] * Arawn finishes fishing around in his bag and pulls out what looks to be a thick cloth wrapped around... something.  He then puts it into Cedric's hands.  "For you."
  559. [01:28:44] <Balthazar> (Well retcon that!)
  560. [01:29:15] <Balthazar> "But Clary, eating just after svimming makes you get cramps!"
  561. [01:29:17] <@Paradox> Cedric blinks.
  562. [01:29:23] <Balthazar> "Or it vas ze opposite?"
  563. [01:29:29] <@Paradox> "Oh. Uhm. Thanks! .. Why?"
  564. [01:29:33] <Clarity> A big grin, "We're gonna find out!"
  565. [01:29:38] * @Paradox opens it. :O
  566. [01:30:11] <Clarity> "C'mon, Salt, Sky, let's go get some of that VICTORY CURRY!  These guys're too busy... uh... what's that called?  Boating?"
  567. [01:30:38] * Maka idly sketches Sartre wearing her straw hat as Arawn gifts Cedric whatever it is.
  568. [01:30:45] <Arawn> "Hm?  Oh, uh... you..." Arawn actually looks mildly embarassed and mutters something as Cedric unwraps a very pretty looking knife made of glass.  "I know you're not usually a fighter, but I figured you'd want something to protect you if you got attacked while flying and... you know.  It'll help keep you safe."
  569. [01:30:57] <Arawn> (Level 25 Glass [Rock] knife for Cedric to use)
  570. [01:32:58] <@Paradox> "Oh. It's pretty!"
  571. [01:33:09] <@Paradox> "Did that Torkoal we met that one day make it?"
  572. [01:33:25] * Maka gawks at the knife. "It's...it's pretty."
  573. [01:33:48] <Arawn> "Yeah, actually," Arawn nods.  "Funny how he went from trying to kill me to well... yeah."
  574. [01:34:19] <Jack_> "Impressive piece of craftsmanship, yes."
  575. [01:34:20] * Clarity carries Balthazar along to either his home or the Lazing Slaking... whichever one she decides on impulse, cackling along. Sky follows with the Omanyte still worn as a hat, but bows once to Maka and again to Dosmission on the way out.
  576. [01:35:01] <@Paradox> "Well, thanks! This'll help alot in keeping unruly spearrows away."
  577. [01:35:24] * @Paradox puts the knife back in the cloth, and puts it in his bag.
  578. [01:35:45] <Jack`> "So, Cedric, when you say you'd like more pokemon, are there any in particular you'd want?"
  579. [01:35:52] <Arawn> "Mmm.  It's not like I'm worried about you, I'm just not always gonna be there to jump in the way of attacks for you, got it?" Arawn jokes to him.
  580. 01:36:20] <Jack`> "I've gone out to catch pokemon for others before, and I could likely do it again."
  581. [01:36:50] <@Paradox> Cedric beams at Arawn, and nods. He then turns to Jack. "Uhm I dunno! Not really, I just meet most of my friends thourhg... something or another. I don't usually go out to look for pokemon specifically."
  582. [01:37:18] <@Paradox> "I think the one pokemon that'd be REALLY cool though, would be a Drifloon! Think of all the stuff you could carry with one of those!"
  583. [01:37:24] * Arawn looks back to his bag, now that this delivery is complete.  "Lessee... still gotta find Nephene, and Raven, and Lorelei... hm."
  584. [01:37:38] <Nephene> Neph has since retreated to the #LazingSlaking !
  585. [01:38:04] <Maka> "...D-did something happen? W-what's with the gifts?" Maka looks curiously up to Arawn, done with her wynaut sketch.
  586. [01:38:21] <Arawn> "Genius happened, Maka.  Genius."
  587. [01:38:30] <@Paradox> "Haha, looks like you're a deliveryman today too, Arawn."
  588. [01:38:45] <@Paradox> Cedric slaps Arawn on the back with his puny 6 strength.
  589. [01:38:48] * Maka just nods, probably used to Arawn being like this.
  590. [01:40:22] <Arawn> "Seems so~" Arawn laughs a little and grins; this is one of the rare days he isn't really angry.  Clearly genius really did happen to him while he's been locked away in his shop.  "So... hm, where'd everyone go.  Neph probably went back to the Slaking, so I should probably head there next..."
  591. [01:41:21] <Maka> "S-should I head to your place, or um...maybe I'll go back to the library first...or..." Maka looks up questioningly at Arawn.
  592. [01:41:49] <Arawn> "Well, that's up to you.  Not sure how long it'll take me to finish deliveries, but..."
  593. [01:42:17] <Arawn> "Or you can come along if you'd like," he shrugs
  594. [01:43:23] <Maka> "Um...I t-think I'll go home first, then I can m-meet you later at your place?" Maka gently sets Sartre on the ground then stands up to fold up her chair and gather her things.
  595. [01:43:55] <Arawn> "Oh, sure.  I shouldn't be too long, then."
  596. [01:44:46] <Jack`> "See you later, Maka," Jack says with a smile, "Perhaps we can go look for a drifloon if you're in the mood for an adventure again sometime soon?"
  597. [01:44:47] * Maka rushes off to the library to get the new books properly wrapped up in some nice cloth or something.
  598. [01:45:17] * Arawn heads off in another direction himself
  599. [01:45:36] <Maka> "...I don't like g-g-ghosts." Maka shudders. "But um....another pokemon?"
  600. [01:45:59] <Jack`> "Well, Cedric says he could take people to the city with more pokemon. I guess he needs one that can fly."
  601. [01:46:31] <Jack`> "Garchomps can fly, but," Jack chuckles, "I'd say we've had enough of those for one lifetime. I'll think of something. See you around."
  602. [01:47:38] * Maka gulps at hearing Garchomps mentioned again. She gives a quick nod and a wave goodbye, then heads for the library.
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