Prepubescent and already on her period

Jul 29th, 2014
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  1. [18:22:45] Maria Yazji: I see that you also want to have a fight with me about Ohh 2.0 -.-
  2. [19:35:18] Fleisch Geruch: As a matter of fact I don't
  3. [19:35:32] Maria Yazji: Phew because I don't either
  4. [19:35:42] Fleisch Geruch: I trust Reuben gave you enough to think about for today
  5. [19:35:57] Maria Yazji: Was that you're goal?
  6. [19:36:20] Maria Yazji: Because you didn't achieve it if so. But I have been told to block you so good bye
  7. [19:37:01] Fleisch Geruch: wait what
  8. [19:37:10] Fleisch Geruch: I didn't even say anything...
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