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Dec 25th, 2016
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  1. j2m 3a j29 35 j1s 30 j1p 3e j28 3d j2l 3h j33 3f j2u 3s j3a 3k j3l 3a j3u 2u j3l 2k,j3m 1k j3b 1u j36 2c j3j 28 j3a 2i j2u 2b j32 1t j2k 1u j2m 2c j2b 21 j26 1j j1s 1t j25 27 j1o 2b j1d 22 j11 29 j0n 1v j13 1n j1b 1n,j2i 3o j24 3m j1l 3d,j11 3u j1e 44,j3i 3m j3u 3f,j5h 2r j5u 2m j60 27 j5n 1o j6a 1t j6n 22 j6a 2b j66 2o j5u 33 j5k 3d j61 3j,j6c 2r j67 39 j68 3g,j0g 1s ivt 1s ivs 2a j08 22 j07 2g ivv 2r j02 39,j0c 32 j0e 2j j0q 2a j10 2e,iu7 2g itu 26 ito 1p,itm 1p ita 20 itk 2e itl 2s it8 2n,isc 3b isl 30 isi 3e isa 3q irt 3l,irh 3s ir3 3p iqs 45 iqk 3q iq9 3i iq7 40 ipr 3m,ip5 32 ipi 38 ipj 3n iph 46 iq0 49 iqi 4a iqs 4k ir4 50 irb 4k iqr 4b irb 4a irq 4d iru 3v isb 43 isp 45 ist 3n isv 36 it5 3k it9 42 itm 3s iti 3d it9 32 itq 36 iu1 2p,iur 3l iuj 3a,iu8 37 iua 3m iuo 3p iv2 3f ivb 3p iv1 42 iv5 43,itu 3i iu1 43 iue 47 iul 4m iv3 4n ivg 4g ivk 43 ivg 3m,iu5 4v iu9 4h itr 4l ito 47 itb 4e itk 4q it6 4p isv 4d isj 4m ist 50,isd 50 is3 4m isb 4a irt 4a irs 4q irh 52,itj 4q iu1 50,iov 2p iof 2i io6 2s io1 2e inp 2p io5 35 ioi 2u iov 35 iop 3i iob 3g iol 3q ip3 3t ip1 4b iok 45 io6 40 ins 3m io4 3a inm 3d,in6 3m ink 3p inb 43 imt 3r,im2 3e ilr 3q ilj 3f ilk 30 ils 2k,ilm 2a ilt 1t,ill 1q ilj 1u,ild 3v ili 40 ill 45 ilk 4a ilg 4c,ild 4q ilj 4o ilo 4p ils 4m ilt 4h ilt 4c ilq 46 ils 41 im2 41 im3 3s im3 3n im7 3k imb 3n imc 3s imc 3m ime 3s imi 3u imk 42 imo 45 imq 40 ims 46 in0 49 in0 4f imr 4i imn 4e imk 49 img 46 imb 44 im9 4a im9 4f imd 4h imh 4k imh 4p imc 4s im8 4q,imq 40 imq 3r imq 40,ior 3k ip0 3k ip3 3g ip5 3c ip9 3e ip9 3j ipb 3o ipd 3s,ilf 5j ili 5e ill 58 ill 53 ilr 53 im0 54 im1 59 im1 5h,imt 5g in2 5c ina 5c inj 5c ino 5c io0 5e,ioa 58 io4 56 inv 56 inr 58 ino 51 ino 4s ins 4q io0 4o io5 4o io4 4j io1 4d ins 4a inq 4e ino 4i ink 4l ing 4o ine 4s ina 4v in6 51 in0 54 imq 57 imk 58 ime 59 im9 5a ima 53 img 4u iml 4s imp 4q imt 4o in1 4m in6 4k in9 4g inb 4c ine 48 inj 46 inn 43 inr 41 io0 41 io4 44 io6 48 ioe 4c ioj 4e iop 4f iot 4j iov 4n iov 4s iol 4p ioh 4n ioe 4s ioc 50 iob 56,ip3 59 ip6 52 ip6 4t ip6 4o ip3 4k ip8 4i ipc 4k iph 4l ipm 4l ipr 4l iq0 4k iq5 4n iq8 4t iq6 53 iq0 54 ipr 54 ipk 53 ipi 58,iqa 52 iqc 4s iqh 4q iqm 4u iqo 52,iuj 42 iun 44 iup 48 iup 4d iut 4f iv0 4g,j6q 2b j70 29 j75 24 j76 1v j75 1q j7b 1p j7g 1r j7k 1t j7n 1p j7s 1p j80 1r j84 1t j89 1t j8d 1v j8g 1r j8h 1m j8m 1m j8r 1n j8t 1r j8t 20 j8o 20 j8j 22 j8e 23 j89 24 j83 24 j7u 24 j7p 24,j8o 2a j8t 2a j93 29 j97 25 j99 21 j99 1s j9f 1p j9k 1p j9o 1s j9v 1s ja3 1q ja1 1m ja7 1m jad 1m jai 1m jan 1m jat 1m jb2 1m jb4 1q jb5 20 jb0 1t jar 1q jam 1p jaj 1v jaj 25 jam 29 jas 2a jb2 2a jb8 2b jbd 2a jbf 25 jbg 20 jbg 1r jbe 1n jbk 1n jbp 1p jbt 1r jc2 1p jc6 1n jc8 1r jc8 21 jc2 21 jbt 20 jbo 1v jbl 23 jbl 2a jbl 2f jbl 2k jbg 2l jba 2l jb5 2k jb0 2l jb0 2q jb4 2v jba 2u jbf 2u jbh 32 jb9 36,jal 31 jap 2u jar 2q jar 2l jan 2h jaj 2j jaf 2m jae 2r jad 30 ja8 2t ja8 2n ja8 2i jaa 2e jac 2a jae 26 jag 21 jag 1s jaa 1r ja9 21 ja7 25 ja3 27 j9t 27 j9p 24 j9m 20 j9i 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-7m i68 -7r i63 -7t i5t -7t i5p -7p i5q -7k i5v -7k i60 -7d i5t -79 i5o -7d i5k -7f i5g -7d i5b -7b i57 -79 i56 -73 i58 -6u i58 -6p i5e -6o i5j -6p i5m -6t i5j -71 i5l -75 i5q -73 i5t -6v i62 -6v i67 -70 i6a -75 i6g -77 i6l -79 i6m -74 i6m -6v i6k -6r i6f -6q i6d -70 i69 -6s i6a -6n i69 -6i i67 -6g,hnt -14 ho2 -14 ho8 -14 hoc -16 hoj -17 hon -15 hop -11 hol -v hoh -r hoc -o ho7 -l ho2 -j,ho2 -i ho7 -i hoe -i hol -i hoo -e hou -e hp2 -g hp0 -l hp5 -n hp9 -q hpc -u hpc -14 hp9 -18 hp4 -17 hp3 -1c hov -1a hor -1g hoo -1l hok -1n hof -1l hob -1i ho4 -1h hnv -1h hnt -1o hnv -1s ho3 -1u ho5 -1q hoa -1n hof -1m hok -1m hoo -1q hos -1s hp0 -1v hp5 -1v hpa -1v hpe -21 hpj -21 hpk -1s hph -1o hpb -1o hp8 -1k hpb -1f hpj -1d hpp -1d hps -19 hps -14 hpo -11 hpj -11 hpj -q hpn -o hpk -j hpg -f hpp -c hpv -c hq4 -c hq5 -h hq2 -l hq6 -o hq9 -k hqf -k hqk -k hqn -o hqo -t hqj -t hqc -t hq7 -t hq7 -16 hq9 -1a hqd -17 hqh -1a hql -1c hqp -18 hqv -17 hr2 -11 hr0 -s hqu -o hqt -j hr2 -h hr9 -h hrg -f hrm 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-1k i9k -1p,i9n -26 i9i -26 i9g -2b i9l -2c,iao -41 iao -47 iak -44 iai -40 iae -3s iaa -3q ia5 -3q i9v -3q i9t -3m ia1 -3k,i9p -3e i9o -38 i9l -34 i9g -33 i9c -36 i9e -3b i9j -3f i9k -3k i9e -3k i9a -3m i96 -3p i99 -3t i9c -41 i9b -46 i97 -48 i92 -44 i8u -41 i8u -46 i8t -4b i8t -4g i8t -4m i8u -4r i8u -50 i8p -4v i8k -4u i8g -4r i8c -4p i87 -4m i85 -4r i88 -50 i8c -52 i8i -52 i8l -56 i8n -5d i8n -5j i8n -5m,i7r -45 i7r -4b i7r -4j i7r -4o i7r -4u i7r -53 i7s -59 i80 -5c i84 -59 i89 -5a i8c -5f i8c -5k i8d -5p i88 -5q i83 -5m i7v -5k i7u -5p i80 -60 i82 -64 i7u -67 i7t -6c i7t -6h i7v -6n i7v -6s i7u -71 i7u -76 i82 -79 i86 -76 i88 -72 i8d -70 i8i -74 i8m -72 i8s -71 i90 -73 i94 -76 i99 -77 i9a -71 i9a -6s i98 -6n i95 -6r i91 -6p i91 -6k i95 -6h i97 -6c i98 -67 i92 -67 i8v -6b i8s -6g i8n -6k i8n -6q i8i -6r i8f -6n i8f -6i i89 -6k i86 -6g i86 -6a i8b -68 i8f -6a i8j -67 i8l -61 i8o -5t i8s -5v i91 -5v i94 -5q i99 -5q i9d -5n i9d -5i i98 -5g i93 -5g i90 -5c i94 -5a i98 -57 i9b -52 i9b 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kao 2r,kap 2r klf 1b,klg 1b l0b -c,l0c -c l9e -28 lhs -4t,li3 -5t li4 -5l,los -6m m28 -92 mb0 -bb mcc -bl mf0 -c7 mhd -cn mjl -d5 mkm -db,mko -dc mlk -dg mna -dq mou -e3 mqg -ed mrv -eo mtc -f3 mum -fe mvv -fq n0i -g0 n0r -g3 n1d -g9 n1v -gf n2g -gm n31 -gu n3h -h5 n42 -hd n4h -hm n51 -hv n5g -i8,n84 -kh n8h -k2,n9c -i7 n9f -i4 n9m -hu n9u -hp na6 -hl naf -hh nao -hd nb2 -ha nbc -h7 nbn -h5,nbo -h4 nc4 -gv nct -gl ndl -gc ned -g5 nel -g3 nf4 -g1 nfl -fv ng6 -fu ngn -fu nha -fu nht -fv nih -g1 nir -g2,nis -g2 nj2 -g3 nje -g5 njp -g8 nk4 -gc nke -gg nko -gl nl1 -gr nla -h1 nle -h4,nua -ip nun -im nvi -ii o0c -if o17 -ie o23 -ie o2u -ig o3q -ij o4m -in o54 -iq o5i -iu o6c -j5 o75 -jf o7s -jp o8h -k5 o95 -ki o9j -ks o9r -l3 oa3 -lb oab -lj oaf -ln,oi4 -n2 oia -mu oio -mm oj5 -me ojj -m8 ok1 -m1 okg -ls oku -lm ole -li olt -le omd -la omt -l7 ond -l5 onu -l3 oof -l2 op0 -l1 opi -l1 opr -l1 oq9 -l2 or5 -l3 os0 -l6 osp -lb oth -lg ou8 -ln out -lu ovh -m7 ovq -mc,pa7 -mi pal -me pbg -m8 pcb 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