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  2. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:11 AM
  3. best i can think of money is you guys give me shittons of cash and try to keep it for long then trying to sell, it might last years
  4. sure could sell bot but maybe it dies after 1-2 leagues because ggg finds out about it and who knows maybe people start doing chargeback then it's shit :]
  5. even if you gave 1/3 and i'm happy i think you would earn more then with goldmine today
  6. ExoToday at 3:19 AM
  7. bti tired gonna go off soon shoudlt alk about thsi with everyone but this isn't the way to go if you ask me
  8. should be still some sort of key system or whatever per bot
  9. if i were to give a third of what I make to goldmine, a bot makes what 10 ex + per day or something
  10. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:20 AM
  11. why, just fuck all auth shit then
  12. ExoToday at 3:20 AM
  13. noI mean it doesnt have to be auth based or whatever
  14. but based on te amount of bots i use you can see how many I run or whatever
  15. and pay a per bot fee just like a key
  16. a third is way too much, we need to settle on how much you wanna get per month if u ever make a bot
  17. and settle on a per bot cost
  18. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:21 AM
  19. thrid of profits
  20. ExoToday at 3:21 AM
  21. something like that
  22. you cant tell what my profits are and a third seems very high, ive botted with a lot of bots and the price of a bot has been 10-20$ per month
  23. you understand what I mean its like
  24. I could spend that on something that maybe is basically full auto
  25. its way too much , a third is like
  26. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:23 AM
  27. those were public :p
  28. ExoToday at 3:23 AM
  29. but it doesnt matter
  30. bans never came because they were public
  31. but becuase of other things
  32. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:23 AM
  33. if you say $20
  34. then i need to do double the work of bot
  35. get a nice extra 3-4k?
  36. ExoToday at 3:24 AM
  37. if a bot makes 10-15 ex a day, I would have to pay the equivalent of 150 ex or so per bot
  38. no I believe that there are ways to get to this amount of money with a combination of us + few other people if that were the case
  39. it doesnt have to be a lot of people and we can handpick them
  40. you just have to figure out how much you want per month
  41. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:25 AM
  42. that's so not worth it, why would i sell keys for few 1k
  43. when i could just find a drone
  44. earn x10
  45. ExoToday at 3:25 AM
  46. zak Im no telling you what to do
  47. I am just syaing that for me it is absurd to pay 1/3 of what a bot makes unless its basically full auto
  48. and I just have to sell currency
  49. maybe the others will want to , I dont know but I dont think so
  50. I am saying that you should decide on what you want per month and we can see how we can get to achieving that
  51. and we're not talking about giving it to 100 people or something
  52. just get what you want for doing the work
  53. but first there has to be a bot and it has to work decently well, and that's nowhere close to happening
  54. in the end it will be ur bot u decide who u sell to, if u dont want to sell to us don't sell to us and sell to someone else but I dont think the money will be the issue as long as we know what you want to get for it, we will make that happen
  55. but we should talk about this to everyone
  56. see what they want and how everyone stands before doing anything at all
  57. tomorrow
  58. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:30 AM
  59. miss on league because of goldmine shutdown and you lose way more then paying that
  60. ExoToday at 3:30 AM
  61. I will do something else
  62. I can sing and make 3-4k per month easily and get out of this fucking apartment
  63. I am not bound to this shit
  64. there is a reason I've been doing this for a long time, one of which was I had to be around to help my family and the situation with my grandmother
  65. I couldn't go fuck off wherever but now she's gone
  66. I've actually considered ending this shit sooner or later
  67. been doing it for far too long, if profits don't go up a lot I don't really wna tto do it much longer really
  68. and botting seems to have hit bumps I dont wnana gt bogged down too much
  69. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:32 AM
  70. kk
  71. ExoToday at 3:33 AM
  72. we all need to talk about this
  73. but I can tell you now, asking a third of total is not somethign reasonable
  74. from us at least
  75. if you want to get a certain amount of money we will see how to make that happen
  76. and that will be up to us
  77. and you will get what you ask
  78. and if goldmine isn't getting banned the way it is now, a few extra people won't get it banned either I tell you that much
  79. when it comes to a bot you'd make
  80. you think of what you want per month
  81. and we'll see how best to make it possible
  82. tomorrow when we're all on we can talk about it, there's not much we can talk abotu without the others I have no idea where they stand
  83. but I think that the way I said it would make everyone happy, you get what you want from just doing dev work and not botting
  84. although idk why you wouldnt bot yourself if you make something that's almost auto
  85. that's another thing to consider
  86. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:37 AM
  87. 10k+ month with 3 month in advance
  88. ExoToday at 3:38 AM
  89. what do you mean 3 month in advance as in how
  90. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:38 AM
  91. if gets rekt or whatever, you don't want anymore
  92. i still get 30k
  93. you know like a real job
  94. need to kick
  95. you're out in 3 months
  96. ExoToday at 3:39 AM
  97. I think you need to get yourself a real job
  98. and not do this
  99. if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:
  100. nobody has this kind of money or would be giving it out like this for bots
  101. I really don't see this happening anywhere, you should do coding for some company if you want this kind of money
  102. they make this kind of money the good coders
  103. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:40 AM
  104. that's what i can get after working some year, why sit and dev bot for less pay?
  105. ExoToday at 3:40 AM
  106. that's why I told you
  107. if you want this kind of money, go get jobs in companies that pay this sort of stuff
  108. Im saying it objectively, this is where you will find that kind of pay
  109. this kind of thing is for people who want more time for themselves, not have a schedule and such, it's the main reason I did it
  110. I can get a job at amber as project manager for 2-3 k month without even doing coding
  111. I have the experience and I know all the bosses there, they've aksed me to work there but I passed becuase I didn't want the scheduled job
  112. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:42 AM
  113. with a bot and 1/3 i think maybe 20k+ a month
  114. just max
  115. first month of a league
  116. 30-40k you can make
  117. ExoToday at 3:44 AM
  118. as I said if its basically full auto or something like that and I just have to sell currency and pay power + maintain pcs I would consider something like that but ifIhave to stay here and care about bots too much to scale and stuff idk
  119. it also depends if there's other bots that are working
  120. right now there's goldmine, tomorrow could be another
  121. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:44 AM
  122. and maybe a league without nothing and just bans
  123. ExoToday at 3:44 AM
  124. I can't justify to myself paying more for no reason reason
  125. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:44 AM
  126. then you not only lose time
  127. but lose $800
  128. ExoToday at 3:44 AM
  129. I do other things, I dont have to stay here if there's no bots
  130. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:44 AM
  131. no
  132. much more
  133. ExoToday at 3:45 AM
  134. Im not a nerd I never was in the sense that all these fucking ppl on the internet are, its different for me
  135. if shit becomes retarded here I won't want to be here basically
  136. if you have a bot that entails mostly just selling currency and can do more or less the other stuff then that is something I would consider
  137. but paying 150ex equivalent or so per month per bot feels too much
  138. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:46 AM
  139. takes lots of time
  140. but if i were to bot myself
  141. it would be never
  142. ExoToday at 3:47 AM
  143. in my opinion if you're looking for this sort of money + the 3 month thing, you need towork for a multi million dolalr company that can afford doing this
  144. its just not happening in botting
  145. the 10k month thing I think cna be achieved but the 3 month in advance is out of the question, as long as business works (basically as the bot isnt hard detected in this case) you will get the money
  146. but if everyone gets banned you wont be getting 3 month extra because it just doesn't happen in botting stuff
  147. unless maybe we botted for 5 years +
  148. I'm telling you the honest truth, we can talk to the others but a monthly sallary we can probably agree on and we'll see how we meet that
  149. but 3 months after everyone gets banned is overkill
  150. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:50 AM
  151. hah
  152. ExoToday at 3:50 AM
  153. for that money
  154. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:50 AM
  155. work for 10k / month and you make 20k++ with just 100% botting :]
  156. getting no experience
  157. why not get job
  158. junior job
  159. like 6k
  160. ExoToday at 3:50 AM
  161. that's why I told you what I told you
  162. if you really want this kind of money
  163. go do something like that, this is not for you
  164. I'm telling you as a friend
  165. this has nothing to do with bot
  166. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:51 AM
  167. man for 10k i could just keep it for myself
  168. find two russians
  169. earn 2x
  170. ExoToday at 3:51 AM
  171. do what you feel is right
  172. if you feel you have absolutely no reason to help the people in the channel
  173. is up to you
  174. I told you how to not get banned, and the others
  175. and by doing that I was doing an investment in people
  176. when we were testing bans and TC and trying to mod it and stuff you were nowhere to be found, for the last month you were barely around anywhere
  177. and we actually did get the results we were looking for we saw how the bans worked and they are doing diffrent kind of bans
  178. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:53 AM
  179. sick
  180. ExoToday at 3:53 AM
  181. not "sick"
  182. but we were all pitching in while you just more or less disappeared
  183. why not help out instead?
  184. when I aksed you that day when we firs tgot a few TC keys and we were trying to change profiles for it and turn it into something different than the public stuff you said you didn't know lua
  185. as if we did?
  186. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:55 AM
  187. you don't know how annoying that shit was
  188. anyway
  189. ExoToday at 3:55 AM
  190. which shit do you mean?
  191. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:56 AM
  192. this doesn't matter, i wouldn't do it to sell some shitty keys for 15a pop
  193. sit several months ++ to get something working
  194. ExoToday at 3:56 AM
  195. what was annoying ?
  196. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:56 AM
  197. then get some crap payment so you can swim in profit
  198. the sickness
  199. ExoToday at 3:57 AM
  200. oh I thought you meant smth else
  201. we won't swim in profit and if we do its while you get the money you want becuase that would be up tous to make it happen
  202. but the 30k after bans is something I couldnt do
  203. but monthly we would make it happen
  204. also I think you learn a lot of things by doing this that you can then apply to mostly any other game
  205. you think I cared that you would make profit when I told everyone here how to avoid the bans?
  206. I made this channel as an investment in people, not in some material thing
  207. to establish something long term with people who have experience here, who helped each other so all could profit anyway
  208. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 3:59 AM
  209. 1/3 i would earn little more then you guys do
  210. overall
  211. why should i do several months of work
  212. for less
  213. ExoToday at 4:00 AM
  214. I'm not saying you should do anything, need to talk to everyone, see where they stand, but my feeling is that paying you what you want per month should be enough
  215. and if you want more than that I think that you should pursue a career where you can get this kind of money
  216. why do you complicate yourself with this if you want that kind of money
  217. if it's that kind of money that only matters
  218. I thought you cared some about the people here as well
  219. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 4:01 AM
  220. so i should work cheap because of that?
  221. ExoToday at 4:01 AM
  222. that helped you in their own ways, even the bot you have now is cuz of bly, even NB is from him as long as you worked
  223. dude listen to me
  224. its not about cheap or not
  225. first of all life isnt only about money, if you think that then I don't know you at all - and secondly, even if it were,it's not about squeezing it from the people here, but we'd find a way to get you the money
  226. did I ask you for profit from the money u made avoiding bans  or something
  227. or any of the people here?
  228. do you think this is what it comes down to for me, squeezing people in this channel of money for something
  229. anything really
  230. if you made a bot and got what you wanted monthly
  231. I would ba happy personally if I were you
  232. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 4:04 AM
  233. no need to go on about this, there isn't even a bot but if i would have one i see two options
  234. 1: get 1/3 and focus on making it better
  235. 2: just announce and sell that shit like crazy, take crypto or whatever and just trying to max selling as many as possible for fast $ and get rekt quick
  236. like nb
  237. ExoToday at 4:04 AM
  238. if ur only looking for money
  239. then go for option 2 or get a job where you can make this irl
  240. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 4:04 AM
  241. ye
  242. why would i make this and earn 30k on league
  243. ExoToday at 4:05 AM
  244. this is what makes sense if your focus is only max money
  245. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 4:05 AM
  246. when you earn 50k?
  247. ExoToday at 4:05 AM
  248. if you dont really do much of anything
  249. then you can bot as well
  250. and make whatever you want
  251. once you make the bot and its doing what its doing
  252. there is no reason to not bot yourself and get as many as you want
  253. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 4:06 AM
  254. always things to do with it, espeically since it's my first project of the kind
  255. so 8h making bots then 8h dev
  256. each day
  257. ExoToday at 4:06 AM
  258. I can tell you
  259. that if you want to sell this bot to a lot of people, I dont really see anyone here having a real rpoblem with that
  260. not really
  261. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 4:07 AM
  262. would last 1-2 league
  263. i would announce that shit everywhere to max
  264. ExoToday at 4:07 AM
  265. sure that's whatever the decision u made
  266. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 4:08 AM
  267. eitherway
  268. for that money
  269. i won't make it
  270. ExoToday at 4:08 AM
  271. which money, this would be a lot of money
  272. selling to a lot of people
  273. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 4:09 AM
  274. would probably earn more just getting job in the end
  275. ExoToday at 4:09 AM
  276. seems to me like you first need to figure out what you want to do
  277. we'll talk to the others tomorrow and see where they stand, I still think the best way to do it would be to get you the money you want per month, and maybe after a little while we can renegotiate if it goes good
  278. if we can expand it and make it more auto and such
  279. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 4:12 AM
  280. from my pov
  281. if i had this offer
  282. i would give 50%
  283. ExoToday at 4:12 AM
  284. it depends on the quality of the bot and how auto it will be
  285. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 4:13 AM
  286. buddy clone
  287. ExoToday at 4:13 AM
  288. and we have to all agree on it
  289. this part
  290. I still think the best way to do it would be to get you the money you want per month, and maybe after a little while we can renegotiate if it goes good
  291. if it goes good for 4-5 months and I've made some money we can switch to something like that I would not be against it tbh
  292. ミンナデシンデ、カミニナルToday at 4:14 AM
  293. what's bad about it, you get some security too
  294. if ban
  295. pay 0
  296. otherwise you still gotta do something
  297. buy another 2 ryzens and expand for 2 weeks
  298. pay 0
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