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  1. You paged Amy Rose with 'So!'
  2. You paged Amy Rose with 'I've been basically challenged to do a thing: So Now I wana take one of your emeralds to throw into Garlean science.'
  3. Amy Rose (Amy) pages: Not gonna happen.. I am not trying to sound mean but I don't see anyone stealing them.. not even one. Knuckles in my timeline is a one man army on his island at this point. He's been guarding them for nearly two decades. If you've played Sonic 3 then you know how well he knows Angel Island. Now he's 22 and much wiser and less naive. We're all older than in the games. I have it pretty much set up so no one can steal them because I figured this would happen. It's one of those things that I just do not want to happen right now. Not until I get a Sonic player to RP with. Of course if that Sonic is from an alternate theme then it would be up to the player if -their- emeralds can be stolen. For now I really just want them to remain guarded and hidden. Knuckles has them hidden REALLY well and they are not easy to find. On Mobius Knuckles is one of the strongest beings on the planet.
  4. Amy Rose (Amy) pages: I don't mind Amy getting into conflicts, even getting hurt, etc. But the emeralds are definitely not in play right now.. >.>
  5. You paged Amy Rose with 'Neat. Then I will not interfere with your theme, I ask that you do not interfere with mine as well. Have a good day.'
  6. Amy Rose (Amy) pages: Pleeeaase do not think I was trying to be mean though! :P The emeralds are like.. the equivalent to the Dragon Balls in DBZ. That is all I am saying.. I just don't want them in play at the moment. Right now I am the only person in my theme and I haven't entirely figured out how often I want them used. At some point they will be.. but at the moment I have to emit every single main character in my setting and if anyone tried to steal them, especially if they succeeded, it would require a massive response. I just don't know how else to explain it.
  7. You paged Amy Rose with 'But, if you are uninterested, and like shutting others down without even talking to them, then I express similar desire.'
  8. You paged Amy Rose with 'Good day. :)'
  9. Amy Rose (Amy) pages: Yes I never said he was THE most. I just don't think it's unreasonable to be cautious about the most powerful items in my setting to be taken right now. I am all for interest in my theme being raised, but the emeralds are a big deal. Most people don't think about it because they are central to most of the games. But each game is a massive event where bad guys invade. Most of the time the emeralds are dormant. I am not shutting anyone down, just keeping powerful things being used left to special events. That is not shutting anyone down. I am sorry you feel that way.
  10. You paged Amy Rose with 'If that were true, then why did you mention them at all? It is missleading to mention a big plot element, and then when another theme's boss looks over at you with the desire to help antagonist for you, but you shut them down saying 'no my dude is far stronger than you'. I came to you offering to help support a TP where people might become interested, and again, what I got was the door shut in my face. Not a: hey no not right now. Not a: Hey could you maybe help me get some more people/interest/ect first so we can do this. Not a: Yes, but... I got a hard no, I got a 'not only am I not interested, I don't want it happening period'. So, with that said: Thank you for your time, and I am sorry if you feel this way.'
  11. Amy Rose (Amy) pages: I mentioned them because I was asked IC if there is magic on my planet. I thought it was just a discussion. I did not expect to be asked if they could be stolen. I am just not ready to run a big plot like that. It's like asking to steal one of the Infinity Stones in Marvel. I know the IS's are more powerful but in my setting it's the equivalent because of how powerful they are compared to everything else in my setting. I am just trying to communicate that OOC I am not ready to run this, and so I came up with IC reasons why, right now, they cannot be stolen so that it's not -just- OOC reasons. When I am more familiar with this game and have more RP experience here, I think it might be fun to do something like that. But due to RL I have only had one scene here so far, and no combat experience at all. I just would not know where to begin. So when it DOES happen, Knuckles is not going to be an invincible force standing between the emeralds and the would-be thief. He could be incapacitated or something to allow for such a plot. I just meant to give IC reasons why right now they can't be stolen. I know none of this makes sense but I don't know how else to explain. I am not someone who doesn't want bad things to happen to their setting.. I am just still very new to this game because of lack of experience. I am still trying to figure stuff out.
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