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  1. All the words you've said to me trough these years with disgust in your lips hit me like a punch
  2. It's me I hate, not you at all, 'cause I've been torturing myself all this time because of my own insanity
  3. My tears now reach the ground and I can't feel regret for anything
  5. Pull the gun out of your pocket, cock it, point at my head and pop it
  6. I'll stare at the moon and wait until it's done
  7. Don't open your mouth until I'm dead, don't you dare say you love me again
  8. Put that gun on my head again, pull the trigger for once
  9. Don't you dare say that you love me one more time
  10. Pull the trigger and give me the freedom you promised to me
  12. I heard you crying once alone in the darkness and I just fell on my own trying to solve all the puzzles
  14. I don't care about how many times I've tried, I care about when will it work
  15. I choose not to hear what you said to me so many times, instead I walked by my own in a path of pain that I've made myself
  16. Forget the words I said 'cause I'd never let you go even if I wanted to
  18. Would it be my fault that you never loved me in any way but said it anyway?
  20. Pick the gun off the ground and put it against my neck again, scream one last time
  21. Don't breath before you shoot or it will feel like you're alive
  22. Don't breath until I'm dead and don't die while I'm breathing
  23. After all this time you still look at me me with pity on your eyes, I don't deserve it
  24. Don't treat me like that anymore 'cause I'm already dead
  26. Shoot my head and set me free from the nightmare that is my existence
  27. Pull the trigger just one time and watch all the world we've made be happy from the first time
  28. Get me my medicines one last time while you keep saying that you love me
  30. I'll make all the pain go away from the last time and wait for the best
  31. Pull the trigger, it's just one time, pull it and be happy on the world we've made
  32. Times have passed since the last time, my hand is still on my throat
  33. It's been a while but you keep trying to stop my destiny, death
  34. I can still hear from your lips that you don't care about me at all
  35. All while you're saying that you love me
  37. I can still hear on my mind you saying that you don't love me at all
  38. Put the gun on my mouth, pull the trigger
  40. You don't love me anymore, but you never loved me at all
  41. You don't care about me anymore, but you never did
  42. You now look at me with pity on your eyes, but you always did
  44. Rise up that gun and pull the trigger
  46. I don't feel safe, fading away, I'll go without knowing my place
  47. Once the time comes will you dig me up from my unmarked?
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