Server Rules

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  1. <color=yellow>Rules:</color>
  2. <color=yellow>1. Do not lock yourselves in rooms that aren't accessible to SCPs. This rule does not apply if there is an SCP-079 currently alive in the match.</color>
  3. <color=yellow>2. No hacking. This includes doxing, phishing, etc.</color>
  4. <color=yellow>3. No vulgar or offensive usernames.</color>
  5. <color=yellow>4. While swearing is allowed, keep it to as little of an extent as possible. </color>
  6. <color=yellow>5. MTF and CI aren’t allowed to team. (This is the blue and green dudes)</color>
  7. <color=yellow>6. Please don’t advertise your server. While you may have the coolest plugins on the block, just don’t.</color>
  8. <color=yellow>7. Do not ear-rape over the intercom or your mic.</color>
  9. <color=yellow>8. Please be friendly to the moderators and admins, they’re ensuring your best experience!</color>
  10. <color=yellow>9. No offensive or vulgar comments/slurs. Racial slurs fall under this rule.</color>
  11. <color=yellow>10. No using third party software to achieve an advantage while in the server. (Aka. No cheating)</color>
  13. <color=yellow></color>
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