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  1. The Origins and Legends of 'Heelix Gaming'
  3. Phase One of The Server: "Out Of the Womb."
  5. Back in early september, 2018, this server was created. It was originally a Super Smash Bros. dedicated server. Ruled by the great Chief Pill. His aquaintance, Nyma, stood at his side. With the recent release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this server gained traction fast. Gaining almost 150 members in 1-2 months. Until, mysterious dissapearences ended up in the loss of active tribe members. Slowly, more and more members began dissapearing.
  7. Phase Two Of The Server: "Age Of Chaos."
  9. The server had turned into a large Empire by now, amassing just over 300 members. A new user arrived, his name was: PolygonEssence. He ascended ranks in the server fast and within a week, Emperor Pill had promoted PolygonEssence to Admin. Infuriated by this, Pill's long time aquaintance began rebelling. Causing riots, fights, and going against the rules they swore to protect. Over a few weeks, PolygonEssence grew tired of the constant bickering. He discussed with Pill, this growing problem. Recognizing this issue, Pill asked Nyma to return to hsi old self. While the conversation had a bitter tone, Nyma understood. Or so it had seemed. In the next few week he had returned to his bitter self, continuing the behaviour Pill had sought to rid the server of. After more foughts and rebellions had broke out, PolygonEssence had presented all evidence of Nyma's wrong-doings to Pill, and the server. PolygonEssence formally requested the demotion of Nyma to Moderator. Pill obliged. Infatuated with anger from this, Nyma left the server. Xenon, a fellow moderator soon became furious of Nyma's demotion and began a soon-to-be-over rebellion. He continually harassed Pill and PolygonEssence until he was demoted. He spoke against Pill. Finally, he was demoted. Then he continued to harass PolygonEssence until he received his evidence a second time. Emperor Pill eventually crowned PolygonEssence, the Emperor of The OG's. Sadly, this crowning represented Pill's leaving from the server to fulfill a greater purpose in life- finding one's true human nature.
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