Rolland's Magical Skills (reference)

Jan 17th, 2014
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  1. Abjurer – The school he was taught about first, for his own safety, and the one he is the most skilled at. It allows him to summon shields, be them made of frost, fire or pure Arcane. He can inclusively shape them into more creative uses, such as using a fire shield around his fist to perform a very unpleasant punch, or to illuminate his path in a dark cavern.
  3. Conjurer – The next school he learned about was conjuration, which is able to provide him with food and tools essential for survival if he ever finds himself without those provisions. He did not learn too much about it, though, and is only able to summon items which already exist. Since it is essentially theft otherwise, he only summons items that belong to him or objects that are natural and plentiful, such as an apple.
  5. Illusionist – The focus of his long-term effort is the school of illusion, since he finds it to be a challenging and interesting one. At the present, he is able to cast a very short-lived invisibility spell and minor parlor tricks, such as making it seem like his hand is engulfed by flames that can only presage an incoming fireball - perfect for fooling bullies, or anyone who would rather not eat a fireball to the face! -, disguising a small animal as another small animal (for example, a chicken disguised as a rabbit), or creating pretty displays of fireworks that lack the associated gunpowder dangers thanks to not being real.
  7. Evocation – After leaving Gilneas, he began to dabble into evocation spells due to the war spread all across Azeroth. Currently, he is only able to cast Arcane missiles or blasts.
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