MadPack 1.4.3

Kehaan Apr 30th, 2014 324 Never
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  1. Updated MagicalCrops
  2. - Sugar cane crop now drops the right items.
  3. - Essence tools now can be enchanted, but do take damage (this will be fixed next update, also there durability is 99999999 so pretty much unbreakable)
  4. - Essence pickaxe can now break obsidian.
  5. - Essence Infused Diamond Armor slight name change.
  6. - Essence sword can place unlimited Essence Torches, these torches when broken drop nothing.
  7. - Slight changes to the Infusion stone.
  8. New MadPack Logo
  9. New MadPack menu screen
  10. Removed Ground To Bits Death Messages
  11. Updated EnderIO to
  12. Updated LycanitesMobsComplete 1.5.1 [1.6.4]
  13. - 1 new monster
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