Anon's Last Day as a Human

Apr 12th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. So in the Rainbow Dash thread, anon posts:
  3. >>35176788
  4. Pony Dash have countless advantages over human Dash in matters of sex.
  6. so I take the idea and run with it:
  7. ----------
  8. >>35176797
  9. >Dash is feeling adventurous
  10. >She swoops down and snatches you up, dragging you up high into the sky and begins doing cartwheels with you in the sky, swinging you around.
  11. "WTF Dash are you doing?!?"
  12. >"This is how eagles get to know each other before settling down to do it!"
  13. "What!?"
  14. >"I'm a strong flyer, see?"
  15. "I'm gonna be sick!"
  17. >>35176825
  18. >She folds her wings back, taking the both of you into freefall.
  19. >She pulls you into her underbelly, wrapping her legs around you tightly.
  20. >"I bet I could make you finish before we hit the ground!"
  21. "Dash, you're fucking crazy!! What the hell ar-- Oh, that's... unf!"
  23. >>35176838
  24. >Dry humping through your clothes never felt so good.
  25. >You're almost there when the qickly aproaching ground begins to steal your focus.
  26. "Uh... Dash? You might want to reconsider..."
  27. >You feel yourself going soft as your adrenalin reserves are once again tapped. This is one test of your might you wish you'd lose.
  28. >Faking it crosses your mind, but you think she'd somehow know.
  29. >"Ok, Anon, any time now!"
  30. >Dash starts to worry, but her pride is keeping her from pulling up.
  31. 'This is it!' You think to yourself, eyes fixed on the ground not so far below.
  32. >You want to close your eyes, but you know it won't do any good.
  33. >A yellow and pink blur crosses in between you and the ground and grabs a hold of you, pulling you sideways out of the freefall.
  34. >Dash is pulled along with you as she holds tight, keeping you from slipping out of her grasp.
  36. >>35176859
  37. >"Oh my! Didn't think you'd have Anon all to yourself, did you, Dashie?"
  38. >Fluttershy has a fire in her eyes that you never thought was possible for her.
  39. >She aggressively flaps her wings, pulling both you and a bewildered Dash back into the sky.
  40. >"Oh no you don't!" says Dash as she spreads her wings, pulling you in the opposite direction. "He's mine, I had him first!"
  41. >"Oh come on Dashie, we all know he wasn't your first, not by a long shot!"
  42. "Um, Girls?"
  43. >"Quiet, you!" they both demand.
  44. >Fluttershy has you by the hands. She tugs hard and you begin to slip out of Dash's grip.
  45. >Dash manages to hang on to your feet and pulls you back towards her.
  46. >All the while you are being once again carried high into the sky.
  47. >"Mine!" Says the yellow one.
  48. >"You can have him when I'm done!" says the blue one.
  49. "Girls!" you shout.
  51. >>35176872
  52. >"I said QUIET!" shouts Fluttershy. Holding on to your hands in her front hooves, she flips over, landing her body over you, forcing your face into her fluff, her inner thighs muffling your ears. You can hear the rumble of her muscles and the cardiovascular system at work.
  53. >"And I said 'oh no you don't!'" shouts Dash as she hangs on to your feet, flipping over and landing her crotch right onto yours.
  54. >The two ponies are tail to tail with you connecting them underneath, both tightening their rear leg grips on you.
  55. >Fluttermusk is all you know while Dash begins to grind while still pulling on you.
  56. >Up, Down, laterally, you don't even know what direction you're going.
  57. >You open your mouth to try and scream, but a flutterteat slips in. You get a small taste for it just before it slips out and the one takes its place.
  58. >It turns you on in ways you didn't even realize you were into, and you begin to wake up below the belt.
  59. >Dash senses your newfound arousal and kicks her efforts into high gear.
  60. >Fluttershy is taken back by your sudden oral assault, but quickly recovers, also attempting some kind of grind on your face.
  61. >With all that's going on, you can still tell just how inexperienced she is at this.
  62. >But there's no time to think about that, you feel you're about to--
  63. "Unf!"
  65. >>35176889
  66. >This is it, it's really happening. You're so close!
  67. >You just wanted to hit up Sugar Cube Corner for some sweets. Dual hot pegasus pony action was the last thing on your mind.
  68. >You're at your tipping point. You were hoping you could get one more day out of these pants before having to wash them, but what's about to happen next is going to be so worth bumping laundry day up on the calendar.
  69. >You tense your lower body in the very beginning throws of what you now will refer to as the only way to fly...
  70. >A sharp searing pain rips through your lower back as your entire bottom half suddenly gets thrown into an overwhelming staticy tingle before quickly going numb.
  71. >The pain causes you to bite down. You taste a small bit of fresh warm blood and Fluttershy completely lets go of you.
  72. >You dangle wildly as the sudden offset sends Dash into a tumble, taking you with her.
  73. >You glimpse Fluttershy diving into the dirt, covering her crotchtits and crying just before your own impact into the ground.
  74. >"Anon? Anon!" Dash is vigorously shaking you by the shoulders.
  75. "Wha... My head! My... My legs!! I can't feel my legs!!!"
  76. >Your're extremely lightheaded and disoriented, and it's pounding.
  77. >You struggle to focus your eyes, trying to look down. You're in a pool of your own blood, your legs twisted in a highly unnatural shape.
  78. >"You crossed the pointy tip of a flagpole, anon! I'm so sorry!!"
  79. >A cold chill is running from where the pain hit your back and is slowly making its way up your broken spine.
  80. >You try to sit up, but the movement sends a bolt of white hot electricity through your torso, the intense pain causing you to strain and you shit yourself wildly. You don't feel it, but you both hear and smell it.
  81. >Fluttershy hobbles around you on three hooves, keeping one pressed to her teats. "He bit me there!" she cries.
  82. >Your head falls back as the last of your energy quickly fades.
  83. >With your energy, so fades the world around you.'
  84. >You just wanted some damn sweets.
  86. >>35176916
  87. >You're floating. You hope it's towards the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Is that really what happens?
  88. >Muffled sounds of voices drift around you. Could they be loved ones of the past? You strain to listen to them.
  89. >"Honestly, girls... There are much safer ways to get into anon's pants."
  90. >"Like how?"
  91. >"You could just ask him! You're lucky I saw the whole thing."
  92. >Those aren't voices of the past, it's the present.
  93. >You force your eyes to open but only manage a sliver of light to enter your field of vision.
  94. >It's purple and sparkly.
  96. >>35176938
  97. >It's dark. You have no sense of touch, no feeling whatsoever. You're not even sure if you really exist. You think you do, and are just floating, drifting aimlessly through a vast empty void.
  98. >"Let's see, what do we have here?"
  99. >A voice!
  100. "Hello? Anyone?! Is somebody out there?"
  101. >You shout into the darkness. Or at least you think you do. You're not sure if you have a voice. You made the words though. Maybe it was just in your head.
  102. >"Easy there. I'm here. So. You -ARE- real," said the voice. "Out of all the things Twilight has had me look into, you sure are the most interesting."
  103. "You... You can hear me?"
  104. >"In a matter of 'speaking', yes. You aren't really making sounds, though, so it's not really hearing."
  105. "I don't understand."
  106. >"I'm sure you have a lot of questions. To keep it simple, yes, I can 'hear' you. Your thoughts, actually. Though it's not really that either since you don't have a brain or a head for that matter."
  107. "What?!?"
  108. >"Oh, right. Yeah, your body was so badly damaged. They tried to save you, but the best Twilight could do was to capture your 'essence' and put you in a jar. Starlight helped with that. I'm holding you right now! You're a warm, sparkly cloud."
  109. "..."
  110. >"It's ok! They think they can get you in a new body."
  111. "They? What happened to my old body?"
  112. >"Twilight and her friends, and the School of Magic."
  113. "Why can't I just go back to my old body?"
  114. >"Well, after Twilight was sure she had you pulled outta there, they went ahead and had you, your body I mean, processed."
  115. "Processed?"
  116. >"It's been put to good use, Anon. That is your name, right?"
  117. "What are they using me for?!?"
  118. >"Stamps, so ponies can lick and stick and get their mail delivered."
  119. "They turned me into glue?!"
  120. >"That's what they do with all the dead hyoomans here, didn't you know?"
  122. >>35180892
  123. "I've mailed so many letters..."
  124. >"Don't worry about it. The good news is that you're not completely dead! They just gotta get a body to put you in. Green is your color, right? That's the color of your cloud. They're looking at a young one right now, so you'll have a full life all over again, here in Equestria. You like ponies, right?"
  125. "I want to cry, but I don't have the tears."
  126. >"Shh, shh... I'm here for you. They tell me you didn't really have any friends here."
  127. "No, not really."
  128. >"I'll be your friend. It's been lonely since my roommate moved out. She was the sweetest little filly. But like all fillies, they tend to grow up."
  129. "I'm so scared"
  130. >"Don't be. All you have to do is call out to me, and I'll be here."
  131. "Wh- What is your name?"
  132. >"I am Astral Bell. But you can just call me Astral."
  134. >>35180897
  135. "Let me guess. Your special talent is Astral Projection, and that's where I am, on a higher plane of existence, and when 'they're' ready, you'll send me to my new body."
  136. >"No, not really. You exist right here in this jar, in a cloud of green sparkles. I'm really good at telepathic abilit-- Woah! That was a close one!"
  137. "What was a close one?"
  138. >"I almost dropped you! I don't want to have to explain losing another one to Twilight and her team back at the lab again."
  139. "Another one?"
  140. >"Don't worry about her. She was kinda a bitch anyway. That's what you 'people' call them, right?"
  141. "Do you have to carry me around?"
  142. >"No, I just like to. You keep my bed warm at night."
  143. "What?"
  144. >"You're like a jar of chicken soup, Anon. Or a jar of fart. As long as I don't open you, it's fine."
  145. "I'm scared."
  146. >"It's ok. We'll visit the lab tomorrow and see how you're new body is coming along. Goodnight, Anon."
  147. "Um... Good night, I guess."
  148. >"mmm... So warm."
  150. >>35184475
  151. >It's quiet, dark. Astral hasn't said anything in a while. You guess she actually did fall asleep.
  152. >You have no senses, but you're pretty sure that crazy pony actually was hugging you- your jar in her sleep.
  153. >All the ponies were crazy it seemed. Dash, who pulled you up into the sky to perform a bald eagle mating ritual with you. Fluttershy with fierceness from out nowhere.
  154. >You have no senses, but you could still taste the copperyness of her crotchtits. The overpowering musk forever burned into your nonexistent nose. It smelled of wet pony, and flowers.
  155. >Stray flashes of light and sounds occur periodically around you. You're not sure if they're real, or if they're just figments of your imagination. They have no definable form.
  157. >You can't even sense the passage of time without thinking about it, counting the seconds in your head, or out loud-- you don't know. None of it is real.
  158. >You're just a sparkly green fart in a jar, after all, or so you're told.
  159. >With all the craziness happening to and around you daily, as short as it was, it still was nicer than your life on earth. So much that the little cartoon got right, down to scary levels of detail of select ponies lives that were supposed to be private, or intimate to few others. You learned not to speak of things you saw in the show if they were alone when it happened.
  160. >You also learned that Equestrian history wasn't always limited to canon, either. The stories in between the stories, stuff you could have sworn you've only read as greens, or only existed as fanart were constantly popping up as actually happened, or happens regularly. It was bizarre.
  161. >And here you were, right in the middle of what probably was just another of such instance. Anon above Anon must really hate you, be bored, crazy, a sadist, some form of autistic or maybe all of the above.
  163. >More flashes and sounds.
  164. "Is it getting brighter in here?"
  165. >You sense motion. You want to believe it's real, but you just don't know anymore.
  167. >>35225186
  168. >Morning.
  169. >you're in bed. The light of dawn is leaking through your shuttered windows.
  170. >You never had shutters. You sit up. The bed is foreign to you.
  171. >Your eyes look down. That's not your nose; a snout? It's purple.
  172. >You look at your hands. They're hooves.
  173. >You're a pony. What the hay?
  174. >You pull your blanket aside and yep, you're a pony. You have a purple tail with a white streak. You check your flank. You see a cutie mark of a Yellow bell with lines as if it were ringing.
  175. >Not quite what you imagined. You're not sure what you were imagining, but this wasn't it.
  176. >You look around. Your room is huge. It's got a kitchen, a bathroom, a front door. Oh. It's the only room.
  177. >There's another bed on the far wall across from yours. It looks like there's a pony sleeping in that one too. You get up, catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror on the wall.
  178. >A sad purple pony looks back at you through the glass; ears are down, golden-yellow eyes big and expressive. She mimics your movements, that must be you. You'll get to that later. You have the urge to see the pony in the other bed.
  180. >Slowly making your way to the other bed, you find walking as a pony surprisingly easy. It comes rather naturally.
  181. >A discomfort in your chest grows as you get closer to the bed. It's not exactly pain, it's more of an emotion. If you had to describe it, you would say it felt like you were holding your breath for too long.
  182. >At the bed. You see a blue and light-blue curly mane sticking out from under the sheets. Through the tangled mess of bed-mane, you can see a salmon-pink fur color.
  183. >The sight instantly doubles the pang in your chest. But why? Surly these emotions aren't yours. You have an urge to touch the pony.
  184. >A filly. You just know it, for some reason. You don't know who, though. You only binged the first six seasons and read the leaked scripts for the rest, but the show is over now you were in unknown territory beyond the show's timeline.
  186. >>35225293
  187. >As if on autoplay, your body moves on its own, reaching for the covers. You're shakey. You don't know why.
  188. >You pull the covers back.
  189. >There's nopony there. It's just an empty bed.
  190. >You put your hoof down on the mattress. It's cold. The pillow is cold.
  191. >The pang in your chest intensifies enormously.
  192. >You look up and around. This side of the room is undecorated and mostly vacant, save for a life-sized plush pony standing next to the bed, a small plastic brush on the nightstand.
  193. >Tears flood down your cheeks. You don't know why.
  194. >You begin to sob.
  195. "Why?"
  196. >Your voice quivers. But it's not your voice. It's much higher in pitch, it's a different tone entirely.
  197. "Anon?" You ask yourself.
  198. >Except that you didn't. But it was your voice-- this new voice.
  199. >No, that's not your voice. You know this voice.
  200. "Astral?" You ask, in Astral's voice.
  201. >The world around you dissolves into blackness as all of your senses leave you at once, all except for a familiar pang you know wasn't yours but is now.
  202. >"Anon? Is that you?"
  203. "Astral? What's going on?"
  204. >"N-Nothing, Anon. It was just... Nothing. Nevermind."
  205. "No that was something. Where did you take me just now? Is that my new body? Am I a purple pony in a pathetic one-room apartment? Who was that in the bed?"
  206. >"..."
  207. "Astral? I need answers. It's not like I asked to be here."
  208. >"You're not a purple pony. You're a jar."
  209. "Who was that, then? Who was in the bed?"
  210. >"...I, I don't want to talk about it right now. It's in the past. I'm sorry you saw that. I didn't mean to."
  212. >>35225298
  213. "Are YOU a purple pony in a pathetic one-room apartment?"
  214. >"...Yeah."
  215. "oh."
  216. >Things were quiet. You're not sure what's going on. Your only link to anything outside the void that surrounds you is her voice.
  217. "I'm sorry," you say after what you think was a while.
  218. >"Yeah. I know," replied Astral.
  219. >A sense of relief and comfort washes over your existence. You didn't think you were that concerned about it, but whatever, it feels good to feel something.
  220. >"Does that help?"
  221. "Does what help?"
  222. >Another wave of comfort washes through you.
  223. >"That."
  224. "What are you doing?"
  225. >"I'm sending you good feels."
  226. "Do what?"
  227. >"I can sense your Anguish, Anon. I know what it's like to be trapped in nothingness. It's the least I can do, until you're real again."
  228. "Th- Thanks, I guess. You were a jar of fart once too? Were you a person stuck in Equestria like me?"
  229. >"No. I'm a born pony. But I've been accidentally frozen in stone once. I know it can be scary. That's why you were assigned to me, to keep you company."
  230. "How nice of them," you say with a mildly sarcastic tone.
  231. >"Hey, just be glad you weren't the first jar. ...or the second."
  232. "...why?"
  233. >"...Or third, those poor souls."
  234. "Do I even want to know?"
  235. >"Well the first one, I didn't even know was alive, like you. ...That I could, or should have tried talking to it. I only had it for a day. Then the lid came off in the bath and I got covered from head to tail in him. Or her, I shouldn't assume."
  236. "You took a bath with it?"
  237. >"It kept the water warm!"
  238. "...Are you bathing with me now?"
  239. >"I'm pooping, actually. Don't worry, they learned to enchant the lid closed after that first jar."
  240. "I don't know if I should be happy, or worried. Please tell me you're not holding me while you're... doing that."
  241. >"...No."
  242. "Maybe I should be glad I don't have any senses right now."
  243. >There was another lull.
  244. "What are you doing now?"
  245. >"We're going back to bed. It's still very late. ...or early. Good night, Anon."
  246. "Yeah. Sweet dreams, please."
  247. >"I'll try."
  249. >>35225298
  250. >It's been quiet for a long time, or at least, it probably was a long time. Total sensory deprivation. You don't know if you'll ever get used to it.
  251. "Hello?" You call out.
  252. >Noting.
  253. >She must be asleep again.
  254. >You wish you could sleep too, just to pass the time. But you don't feel tired. You don't feel anything.
  255. >You don't have eyes to close. There would be nothing to shutout anyway. More than blackness, there was just, nothing.
  256. >Blackness would be something, at least.
  257. >You were sure it'd hurt your brain to try and think about it, but you know you don't have that right now either.
  258. >Being free of all the restrictions of the material world and physical body was interesting, to say the least.
  259. >You wish you were some great philosopher or something. At least then you would have something more productive to do in this state of non-existence.
  260. "I think therefore I am."
  261. >"What does that mean?" Astral's sudden voice startles you.
  262. "Oh. Hi. What time is it?"
  263. >I just finished breakfast. We're heading to Twilight's now.
  264. "We are? How long have you been up?"
  265. >"Oh, it's been a while now. After last night, I went back to sleep for a little bit, and then woke up, we bathed together, then I ate..."
  266. "Bathed together... breakfast- You did all that and didn't even tell me?"
  267. >"I'm sorry. Were you hungry too?"
  268. "No- It's just. There are no clocks in here, you know."
  269. >"It's just the middle of the morning. All the shops and stuff are already open for the day, anon. Did you have plans or something?"
  270. "Are you being sarcastic?"
  271. >"No."
  272. "I swear, if you don't drive me crazy, I'm going to go crazy on my own in here. Where are we going?"
  273. >"To get you in a new body, of course, remember?"
  274. "Will... Will it hurt?"
  275. >"Will what hurt?"
  276. "My new body..."
  277. >"I don't know. There shouldn't be anything wrong with it. It literally is a brand new body. It just finished growing the fur yesterday. That's why we didn't put you in there sooner."
  279. >>35225298
  280. "I could have been alive sooner!? Wait, fur?"
  281. >"Yeah, but you would have been totally naked though."
  282. "There's clothes, you know!"
  283. >"But ponies don't usually wear clothes!"
  284. "A Pony? But I'm a human!"
  285. >"You're a sparkly green fart in a jar, Anon."
  286. "Was! Was a human. I don't know the first thing about being a pony."
  287. >"Don't worry about it! You know how to be cute, right? That's like half of our existence right there."
  288. "I'm scared."
  289. >"Don't be!"
  290. "Yeah, ok. Just don't be. Right."
  291. >"Here, have some comfort."
  292. >You feel an overwhelming amount of comfort wash over you. You imagine yourself as a very young child in your loving mother's embrace, sitting in a recliner, under a warm quilt your grandmother made, in front of a fireplace. Safe, Warm. Protected.
  293. "...Mommy."
  294. >"Oh, too much, I think!"
  295. >The feeling mostly dissolves away, and now you feel like only sitting at a table eating some familiar home cooking just like mom used to make.
  296. "What... what happened? Where did she go?"
  297. >"It was never real, Anon. You chose what you saw; felt."
  298. "I'm so sad now."
  299. >"Oh! I can fix that! Here."
  300. "No! No... that's ok. Please, no more mind trips for today. Just... How long until I'm real again?"
  301. >"We're almost there, Anon."
  303. To be continued.
  304. ----------
  306. This will live on as a Pony Transformation story in the appropriate thread.
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