Halo Storyline

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  1. storyline
  2. __________________________________
  3. Just random character name ok? like JOSHHHH
  4. Objective : kill every alien/creatures using the weapon spawn in game
  5. Alien/Creatures: Might be crawling creatures,animal looks like creatures,other just think later
  6. Map: 4 Stages First stage Bunker,Forest, River then Valley ( just make it something scary in forest)
  7. Difficulty/ problem : Grab gear or something that can reduce evility for either every stage/weapon/creatures(just choose random dont make it too difficult)
  8.                       -Can upgrade your robot to like speed, health, reduce point that increase evility
  9. -----------------------------------
  10. -----------------------------------
  11. Storyline
  12. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
  14. So you're living in a futuristic era but one day something from the upper sky strike your homeland
  15. The aliens/creatures are killing the people and the enviroment are poolluted.
  16. Goverment are running away from urban area to rural area with scientist to develop a machine with a person on it.
  17. But before they can assemble a weapon the enemy strike and attack your bunker.
  18. You are the first person to try on the machine without any weapon but the weapon are seperate in every place.
  19. Melee is the first attack you got,try to clear out the bunker and chase out the enemy.
  21. The goverment and scientist are mostly dead but not everyone so they tell you to clear out the stage/place to gain back territory and new scientist will be found during the stage to help your upgrade.
  23. At last, the alien/creatures homeland/ship, you are required to destory them and there is boss right there.
  24. Last, the alien/creatures are all dead / run away and your planet are protected
  31. *****
  32. This might be boring so don't use all the idea i give,try think something better cause i only know this kind of concept...
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