Oran Mini - Crack Crack Crack His Sanity Into the Bowl

Aug 18th, 2011
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  1. [20:23:43] * @Flynn_ is busying himself chopping vegetables and sticking them in the cooler for dinner preparations later. Kapptain is sitting in the corner, munching on a cucumber.
  2. [20:26:16] * Nephene enters the restaurant, carrying a few ingredients and a pot. She looks stressed and frustrated, judging from her posture.
  3. [20:26:59] <Clarity> The door is busying itself quivering in terror at the fate that's about to befall it, or at least the teenager's smiling face approaching it. Sure, someone came in already, but the biiiiig basket she's dragging along says it can't wait. And so her hand raises-- knock. Knocknocknock.
  4. [20:27:09] <@Flynn_> At the bell, he straightens up, looking a bit startled. Customer? At 2 PM? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE WORLD
  5. [20:27:17] <Clarity> Knocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknock.
  6. [20:27:37] <@Flynn_> "Ah, Nephene, g'd afternoon. Just a second, let me get that..."
  8. [20:27:53] * @Flynn_ glares at the door for a second, then swings it open quickly.
  9. [20:28:13] * Clarity wears a humongous smile, holding a-- that's not a basket, it's a bucket, actually. Overflowing with fish.
  10. [20:29:14] <@Flynn_> "...Afternoon to you too, I guess. Stick it in the cooler, we'll talk payment later."
  11. [20:30:22] <@Flynn_> "So I know what you're here for, but..." He glances back at Nephene and scratches his head, confused. "Generally people come to a restaurant to BUY food, not make it."
  12. [20:30:24] <Clarity> A jump up in excitement. Sky, who'd been following along and helping to drag the fish around somehow, shoots Flynn a look so as to say "help me." But Clarity herself prances inside, dragging them all the way. "All right, gotcha!"
  13. [20:31:03] <@Flynn_> Kapptain has waddled over to Nephene and is inspecting the armful of ingredients for possible cucumber content. His stare is fixed and somewhat unnerving.
  14. [20:31:27] <Nephene> Unfortunately, she has none. "Um....hello there, little Psyduck."
  15. [20:31:46] <Nephene> "Well, I figure you'd be the best person to ask."
  16. [20:32:38] <Nephene> "I absolutely -cannot- get this curry right."
  17. [20:32:49] <Nephene> "And I've tried. For -days-, even."
  18. [20:33:06] <@Flynn_> Having determined that she has nothing of any import, he quacks and waddles back to his corner. What exactly does he see in that corner? Flynn smooths out the front of his apron, fixes his rolled-up sleeves, and heads back toward the kitchen. "...Ah. Well, let's see what we can do about that, anyway."
  19. [20:34:11] * Clarity keeps to herself in the corner, humming along; there's a LOT of fish in there. Some of them are being annoyingly crammed in at odd angles, though even more amazing that they fit at all.
  20. [20:34:21] <@Flynn_> "What goes wrong? Is it too bitter? Thin? Vegetables are still crunchy?"
  21. [20:34:35] <Nephene> "I think it's all of the above."
  22. [20:34:57] <Nephene> "The balance is wrong, the flavor is flat but the spices overwhelm...."
  23. [20:35:10] <Nephene> "I'm just...."
  24. [20:35:39] <Nephene> She sighs and takes a seat, taking a few moments to collect her thoughts. "I'm trying to make something worth selling."
  25. [20:36:54] <Nephene> "I don't want to own the place that people go to when they just can't afford anything better."
  26. [20:37:41] <@Flynn_> "...Ahhhh. I don't usually make a habit of helping the competition, but we're friends here. I'll see what I can do. Can you walk me through what you do when you make it?" He slides the vegetables he was chopping aside and wrenches down a lever on the wall, opening the ceiling skylight. Crazybird spirals in from outside and perches on the rafters.
  27. [20:39:35] <Nephene> "....right, right." She takes her place at the counter, and takes out the ingredients she had been storing in the pot.
  28. [20:41:37] <Nephene> She spreads out the usual array of vegetables on an available chopping board. "This is usually what goes into the ones I make."
  29. [20:41:54] * @Flynn_ puts his hand on Nephene's wrist, stopping her there. "Uhm. I think this is a problem right here. Last I checked, spinach was not a regular curry ingredient. Nor that chocolate?"
  30. [20:41:58] <Clarity> Having no opposable thumbs himself, Sky wanders off and finds himself in his oversized yellow outfit staring from the entryway to the kitchen with nothing to do. The Shinx sits down and smiles after a couple sniffs.
  31. [20:42:32] <Clarity> ... Then shoots off a look of disgust. Or maybe you could even call it a 'what.'
  32. [20:42:33] <Nephene> "...."
  33. [20:42:46] <@Flynn_> Kapptain waddles over to Sky and gives him a discerning look, then makes a little "hmph" and goes back to ignoring him.
  34. [20:43:31] <Nephene> " cabbage either, I take it?"
  35. [20:43:51] <Clarity> Sky grins and playfully follows while the other two do their business. It's almost like he's attempting to make conversation, how cute.
  36. [20:43:54] * Nephene pulls a notepad and pencil from her pocket, and starts taking notes.
  37. [20:44:37] <@Flynn_> "These are good, this is, no cabbage. Would make it smell bad, for one, and it would overpower the curry base. With curry, you want to keep it simple. It's just a very simple soup with curry added instead of stock. For now, let's keep it to carrots, potatoes, and celery."
  38. [20:45:19] <Nephene> "Got it."
  39. [20:45:37] <@Flynn_> The kappa is making every effort to ignore his follower, but there are only so many places to look disdainfully away to in a small kitchen.
  40. [20:47:02] <@Flynn_> Flynn retrieves his peeling knife and is about to set to work before he abruptly stops. "Aheh. I was just about to do it myself, but you wanted help making it yourself, not for me to make it for you, huh."
  41. [20:47:14] <Nephene> She dutifully chops up the remaining vegetables, and prepares to simmer them.
  42. [20:47:31] <Nephene> "Right. I don't need any masterstrokes or secret ingredients - I just want to get this RIGHT."
  43. [20:47:46] <Clarity> The Shinx jumps around every time that Kappa tries to look in the opposite direction. He'd made his boredom clear so he tries to make a game out of it.
  44. [20:49:39] <@Flynn_> "It's a mistake a lot of rookies make. I definitely did; you do something right and suddenly you're a master chef and can do everything without a recipe." He scrunches his nose. "God, I sound old. Gross. Anyway, simmering it is something you just get a feel for, but until you do, test it every once in a while. Fish a carrot or potato slice out and check to see how cooked it is once every
  45. [20:49:39] <@Flynn_> five or ten minutes."
  46. [20:51:24] * Nephene carefully slides the vegetables into the simmering pot.....and waits. A bead of sweat slides over her brow.
  47. [20:53:49] <@Flynn_> "We can keep this a simple vegetable curry, if you'd like. Normally right now you'd be frying the meat on the side." He snatches a length of cloth off a peg on the wall and ties it around his forehead as a bandana. Kapptain finally glares directly at the Shinx and waddles out the door of the kitchen, as if to say that he has had enough of this horseshit.
  48. [20:54:15] <Nephene> "Let's go with chicken."
  49. [20:54:21] <Nephene> "It's always been my favorite kind."
  50. [20:54:33] <Nephene> "It's just a little silly when I can't even cook my favorite food."
  51. [20:55:30] <@Flynn_> "Alright, then right now, while it's simmering, chop the chicken and fry it. It might be best to make it a little undercooked, since it'll cook a bit longer with the vegetables when you add it and you don't want it to be too tough."
  52. [20:55:41] <Clarity> Poor little Sky follows to the door then... shrugs, somehow, nevermind trying to figure out how his body's capable of doing that. Smelling food, or maybe just excited watching people, he prances back in and takes a non-interfering spot in the corner from witch to watch. MEANWHILE, there are loud crashing noises of fish that probably aren't going to fit being crammed in with some shouting. Shouting challenges to the fish, even-- but that's a story for another time, because it at least sounds like they're making it in there.
  53. [20:56:07] * @Flynn_ laughs. "I can't cook my favourite food either. I'll tell you about it l--just a moment."
  54. [20:56:56] <@Flynn_> He leaves Nephene to fry the chicken by herself (the first mistake) and rushes out to check on the noise.
  55. [20:57:04] <Nephene> "....."
  56. [20:57:07] <Nephene> "Right. Oh, dear."
  57. [20:57:33] * Nephene chops up the chicken, and prepares the pieces for frying.
  58. [20:58:25] <Clarity> He finds a cooler crammed with fish-parts sticking out, slammed closed. "Oh, I got it, don't worry!" With some cackling she sits on the cooler that looks like it's about to pop open... but, there're still a couple fish left in the tub. Sky followed Flynn and he doesn't look happy.
  59. [21:00:23] <Nephene> 1d20-2 this won't end well
  60. [21:00:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, this won't end well: 13 [1d20=15]
  61. [21:01:20] <@Flynn_> "Oh, for the love of...well, I guess I did say put them in the cooler." He tries to put on a smile. Tries being the operative word, as the corner of his mouth is twitching dangerously.
  62. [21:03:13] <@Flynn_> I guess I'm technically GMing here so gonna go ahead and say that 13 means Nephene cooks the chicken well enough that nothing really goes wrong, though it's not winning any tenderness awards either.
  63. [21:03:20] <Clarity> With a nervous giggle, she stands up and starts trying to push them in to, you know, make them fit better. "Uhh, keep goin'! I'll getcha in a second!" With a mock-salute, the painful act begins. Sky helps, much to the Kappa's satisfaction probably.
  64. [21:04:02] <@Flynn_> The kappa does indeed look smug as all fuck.
  65. [21:04:44] <Nephene> As she waits for the chicken to finish, she fishes out a piece of potato to try - needs a little more time.
  66. [21:04:55] * @Flynn_ stares unbelievingly. This is a thing that is happening in his dining room. What is going on with the world.
  67. [21:10:43] * Nephene gets some white rice started, as well.
  68. [21:11:27] * @Flynn_ just shrugs and decides that it's safer not to stare into the abyss that is Clarity, heading back into the relative safety of the kitchen.
  69. [21:12:13] * Nephene simply doesn't understand the girl, and decides not to think too much about the irony of her name.
  70. [21:12:58] <Nephene> As Flynn enters, the innkeeper is simply placing the rest of the chicken into the pot to simmer with the rest of the vegetables.
  71. [21:13:25] <Clarity> The monstrosity and her follower spend all their time pushing and shoving to get fish to not pop out, anyway; in fact, it's better that Flynn doesn't stand and watch because right as he turns around it bursts open and fish fly everywhere. They're quickly shoved back in while he doesn't notice.
  72. [21:14:14] <@Flynn_> "Ah, um. Well, you probably should have waited a bit for that, the chicken generally only goes in once the simmering is almost done." He winces at the wet, fishy KERSHLAP sound from the dining hall, but does not turn around.
  73. [21:14:52] <@Flynn_> Kapptain crosses his little stubby Psyduck arms and watches the show.
  74. [21:14:55] <Nephene> "Sorry!"
  75. [21:15:45] * @Flynn_ spears a piece of carrot in the pot and tests it. "Yup, needs a bit more simmering, so the chicken might end up a little tough. Will most likely still be fine, though."
  76. [21:18:04] <Nephene> "Hopefully."
  77. [21:18:10] <Nephene> "When do I add the base?"
  78. [21:19:14] <@Flynn_> "As soon as it's done simmering. Make sure you don't add too much; you thicken it by letting it sit for a while, not by adding more spices." Flynn's posture is a little stiff, and he absolutely refuses to look out the door behind him.
  79. [21:20:29] <Nephene> " something wrong out there?"
  80. [21:21:31] <Clarity> "You jerrrrrk! Get in there or I'll rip you apart with my bare hands and shove you in pieces!"
  81. [21:21:36] <@Flynn_> "I'm gonna go ahead and say there isn't. And if there is when I go back out, I'll deal with it then." Another KERSCHLAP noise sounds just as he says that, and he winces. "Keep your mind on the cooking, Nephene."
  82. [21:22:00] <Nephene> ".....maybe I should come back some other time."
  83. [21:22:43] <@Flynn_> "You're nearly done, don't say that." SCHLAP. WHAP BANG. "It must be done simmering by now, anyway."
  84. [21:24:34] * Nephene tries a slice of carrot to verify this, and then begins adding the base.
  85. [21:25:21] <@Flynn_> (Cooking check again, if you will)
  86. [21:25:50] <Clarity> "Okay, Sky! This one's YOURS!" Suddenly, a loud zap sound from outside, good thing the talking's loud enough to hear in there. "Uhh... hold on, let's just take that one home and not tell Food Guy about it, 'kay?"
  87. [21:25:51] <Nephene> 1d20-2
  88. [21:25:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20-2: 4 [1d20=6]
  89. [21:26:31] * @Flynn_ is not smelling burnt fish. He isn't. It's his imagination.
  90. [21:27:03] <Clarity> He's not. Instead, he's hearing whatever sound something makes when it's tossed outside. Maybe somebody out there could smell burnt fish, but that's a tale for somebody else.
  91. [21:27:29] <@Flynn_> In convincing himself of this, however, he isn't paying attention to Nephene for a second, and watches in horror when he looks back and she's adding about twice as much curry base as is necessary.
  92. [21:29:02] <@Flynn_> "Ah, no, that's not--oh dear." He retrieves a wooden spoon and starts trying to filter out some of the extraneous curry base Nephene added.
  93. [21:29:09] <Flynn_> 1d20+8
  94. [21:29:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, 1d20+8: 14 [1d20=6]
  95. [21:29:51] <@Flynn_> He is moderately successful, though the smell is still...somewhat overpowering.
  96. [21:29:57] <Nephene> "...oh, dear."
  97. [21:30:04] <Nephene> "This is why I needed your help."
  98. [21:30:58] <@Flynn_> "I should have been paying attention. Anyway, that will probably be fine if you mix it with a lot of rice or some other starch and serve it that way. It may be too overpowering on its own, however."
  99. [21:32:01] <Nephene> "I always serve it on a bed of white rice, anyway."
  100. [21:32:11] <Nephene> "Always seemed odd to do otherwise."
  101. [21:32:53] <@Flynn_> "May want to...mix it in with the rice, so that the first bite is not all curry, then." He laughs nervously, and hazards a glance out into the dining hall to assess the carnage.
  102. [21:33:33] * Nephene nods, and scoops some rice onto a plate. She spoons some of the curry on top shortly afterwards.
  103. [21:33:33] <Clarity> Amazingly, it's less noisy in there than before. But there's still grunting and muttering with only the occasional SLAM or terrifying sound.
  104. [21:35:52] * @Flynn_ tentatively heads back out. There are some fish in places fish should not even have the opportunity to be in, but a surprising majority are in the cooler. "I...think that'll do, Clarity. Just take the rest with you."
  105. [21:36:40] <Nephene> She mixes the curry into the rice a bit, and leaves the plate to cool.
  106. [21:37:54] <Clarity> "Hahaha! GOT you!" A big SLAM as he comes in, and it quickly turned to with a beaming, goofy smile. "Yeah, took a while, but I finished! Thanks for givin' em somewhere to stay, Food Guy!" Turning around, she starts to pick up the remains, then LIGHTBULB. "... Actually, I kinda wanted your help with these. But uh... is Neffy okay in there?"
  107. [21:39:09] <@Flynn_> "Uh, she'll be fine." He momentarily ponders how a magikarp is draped across one of the rafters. "You wanted my help?"
  108. [21:39:29] <@Flynn_> Kapptain just looks kind of shell-shocked, like he's seen things nobody should see.
  109. [21:39:43] <Clarity> Nodnodnodnodnod. "Yeah, I had this dream earlier but I woke up and forgot it, then I got this AWESOME idea!"
  110. [21:40:54] <Clarity> Picking up one of the Magikarp lying around to be taken back, she gives him a huge grin. Sky, on the other hand, shakes his head frantically with a look of terror. "What'd happen if you baked these fish... IN A CAKE?"
  111. [21:41:57] <Nephene> "Mind giving it a try?"
  112. [21:43:01] <@Flynn_> "...In a cake." His mouth twitches again, but he just looks at Clarity, hoping desperately that there is a punchline coming.
  113. [21:44:31] <Clarity> A hand stretches itself out, but the smile shows him she's serious. Oh god. "Yeah! I've had fried fish, raw fish, fish salad, fish soup, et cetera et cetera..." Obviously, she counts on fingers before giving up and putting that hand away. "But NOBODY'S ever made a seafood cake before, have they? You could be a world record if you did it, Food Guy!"
  114. [21:46:14] <@Flynn_> "Hahahahahaha. Haha. HahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The laughter is a bit nervous at first, but escalates into Flynn holding his stomach and trying desperately to calm down. He wipes a tear from his eye as he straightens back up. "You're hilarious. Can you go try Nephene's curry for me? I'm afraid I'd be biased."
  115. [21:46:58] * Nephene has the foresight to have a glass of water at the ready.
  116. [21:47:27] * Clarity laughs with him, but it's more of a mad scientist-kind of laugh than an actual humor one. "Ahahaha! Yeah, you bet! You want some too, right Sky?" Being an animal, he likes food. So of course, they both sit down, picking up whatever utensils are at the ready. Or maybe going off to grab them themselves? Who knows.
  117. [21:48:16] <Clarity> "You don't mind if we try a bit, right Neffy?" A big, teenagery stare. They'd probably met before after some napping shenanigans in the Slaking, but likely not a whole lot beyond that. Doesn't change that everyone gets a nickname.
  118. [21:49:18] <Nephene> " Go right ahead. I can always use more opinions."
  119. [21:49:30] <Nephene> "Do be honest, though. I need to know what I can improve."
  120. [21:50:03] <Clarity> "Okaaaaay~! We've been starving, huh?" A big, goofy glance toward the Shinx, who nods. He even gets his own separate little bowl of it. "Aaaand~ here we go!" Chomp chomp munch chomp.
  121. [21:50:44] <Nephene> "....."
  122. [21:50:48] <Clarity> ... It's Sky who falls over on his side gasping for air first.
  123. [21:52:19] <Clarity> But only seconds later, Clarity's own plate is wiped totally clean. And the water hasn't been touched yet. "Whoa! That's-" .. Upon realizing how that sentence was going to finish, the water IS touched. More than touched, even, as it's completely gone in one gulp. "That's really spicy!"
  124. [21:53:02] <Nephene> ".....the good kind of spicy, at least?"
  125. [21:53:14] * Nephene can relax if it's a good burn.
  126. [21:53:25] <Clarity> "Hahahaha! You mean there are BAD spicies?" Picking the Shinx up, she shakes him back and forth. "C'mon, you're tougher than that!"
  127. [21:53:40] <Clarity> He looks like he's about to throw up, if anything. Fortunately he can't talk.
  128. [21:53:45] * Nephene looks to Flynn, unsure.
  129. [21:55:32] <@Flynn_> "Well, er. You can market it as a challenge to manliness! If you can take the spice, you're truly tough!" He smiles. "And then next time, you can add a little less curry base and it will be just fine."
  130. [21:55:35] <Clarity> Suddenly, her expression freezes. "... Uh. Oops. Holdonasec." And she dashes off to the kitchen, empty glass in hand. The gulping sounds that follow say enough.
  131. [21:56:56] <Flynn_> 1d20+4 charisma for being comforting and not just making it worse
  132. [21:56:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, charisma for being comforting and not just making it worse: 9 [1d20=5]
  133. [21:57:04] <Nephene> "'s a start. I can take it from there and add less spice."
  134. [21:57:08] <Nephene> "Thank you so much."
  135. [21:57:55] <@Flynn_> "I only wish I could have helped more. Come back any time." He pauses. "Any time you can't hear banging, slapping, fishy noises."
  136. [21:58:39] <Clarity> The two of them finally walk back in after a while. "Oh man, you weren't kidding, that was CRAZY. But still, c'mon, spicy is a GOOD thing!" Nephene gets a thumbs-up from the monstrosity walking out of the kitchen.
  137. [21:58:57] <Nephene> "...."
  138. [21:59:03] <Nephene> Somehow, she isn't so sure.
  139. [21:59:17] <Nephene> "I think I will. Let me see if I can get this right on my own, first."
  140. [21:59:59] <Clarity> "I'D totally eat it again. Right, Sky~?" A look down to him, returned with a look of 'oh god no.' Clarity's face briefly becomes a pout for a second.
  141. [22:04:18] <Clarity> Tables cleaned and everything, that big floppy fish gets picked up again. The smile never leaves her face. "Now for dessert~! ... You know I was serious, right, Food Guy?"
  142. [22:04:38] <@Flynn_> "Anyway, I should start getting dinner customers in about..." he glances at the clock. "...half an hour, so I'll need you two out unless you're willing to help cooking or buy a meal." He pointedly ignores the comment. Fish cake? Ridiculous.
  143. [22:05:14] * Nephene gathers up her things. "I'll be on my way out. Thanks again."
  144. [22:07:07] <Clarity> "Oh, yeah, THAT stuff... totally forgot what time it was, just got up." Sky gets scooped up into her arms. "... So uh, if it's too late maybe later, but couldjya teach me to bake cake for... this much?" MONEY. There's definitely money. And the Shinx' face is a 'what the hell are you doing.'
  145. [22:08:08] <@Flynn_> "Hahaha, I can't take your money for something like that. But yes, I'll teach you to bake cake. If you don't put whole fish into it."
  146. [22:08:30] <Clarity> "... What about half-fish?"
  147. [22:09:08] <@Flynn_> "Just get out of here." He laughs and waves her away, getting the vegetables he was chopping earlier ready.
  148. [22:10:10] <Clarity> "Okaaaaaay! I'll be back later for the usual then, 'kay? Good luck, Food Guy~!" Because, you know, she hadn't been paid yet. Sky looks a bit disappointed, but he's hugged tightly enough to where he doesn't get a chance to care. Their prancing out the door is almost as obnoxious as their entering.
  149. [22:12:54] <@Flynn_> Fish cake. Hm. Well, hopefully she won't try it if he teaches her to make a real cake. That being said, he gets back to preparing for customers. It has been a bad day for sanity.
  152. [22:10:39] <Clarity> I was kinda expecting to show up Neffy if I got to actually roll for it
  153. [22:10:44] <Clarity> low-WIS cooking, fuck yeah
  154. [22:10:48] <Clarity> 1d20-3 HYPOTHETICAL
  155. [22:10:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, HYPOTHETICAL: -2 [1d20=1]
  156. [22:10:52] <Clarity> yes
  157. [22:10:53] <Flynn_> ...
  158. [22:11:02] <Flynn_> you made
  159. [22:11:04] <Flynn_> chalon de trois
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