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  1. ReImagine Demon User Build
  2. 1: Explanation and Difference with normal Enhancer
  3. 2: Strong early Demons
  4. 3: Demon Guide
  5. 4: Example Builds
  6. 5: Gear and Crystals
  8. 1: Demon Users
  9. As the game gets harder with newer bosses being added the need for a pure enhancer dwindles as exp cap increases and digi powers means you can have max pulses, SA from jailor and many bosses using almighty to just go straight through shields. That's the main reason Demon Users have started seeing a lot more action, and with the chain expertise mitama science boosting your demon stats to crazy degrees. Then finally demon force is like the icing on the cake, if you just get lucky with it, you can make demons obtain some incredible passives. As well as getting skill chips to boost the power of your skills making most skills actually viable on demons to deal okay damage. The hard part about starting a demon user is actually getting your demon to be strong, the first one will always be the hardest and completing acts can be difficult so maybe ask for some help from people early if you are really struggling.  
  11. 2: Early Demons
  12. When starting a lot of your damage will come from your demon so you will want to be using one that has pretty good resistances, and can gets some good skills, this is where the beach in babel becomes very important, many of the demons you get their are going to serve you very well. Even though right handed demons have a little less crit and lb power, when starting out that wont really matter, and later its only 40% lb power which still isn't that high. Things like open minded Lakshmi is great or right hand yoshitsune, Wu Kong or Thor. Lakshmi's no mana cost is very useful early as well as magic torrent which boosts the power of magic shot, as well as learning good moves by leveling like megidora and mediarahan. The problem with right hand Yoshitsune is that it doesn't have 0% hp costs which can be pretty hard but it gets slash boost and technician which are nice, and it gets an incredible strong signature move in Hassou Tobi later through levels which can be used for getting the Heavenly Shaking sword skill chip. Just in the early game I would recommend looking to get demons the same alignment as you as that 30% increase in power is very beneficial early, but once you hit late game, you don't really need to worry about alignment boosts just focus on demons you like.
  14. 3: Demon Guide
  15. Wildcat runs are key for you to do, you will need a lot of sp for some demons, and I mean a lot some of my demons have 700k+ sp put into just their skills, many parties don't mind taking leechers as they were once at that stage just starting but joining a clan can also help with this as many will be trying to get their members stronger and wildcat is a much needed aspect of this. So once you are able to join wildcat runs, side mission after Act 16, you will definitely want to be joining these runs.
  17. Epitaphs are a key part of demons once being added, ever wondered what the red charm looking thing you got from a sugi bronze was, that was an example of an epitaph. They really become vital for demons are later stages to increase their damage, you can get some good ones from Saien in the docks but they are very expensive. They basically replace one of your demons current features if you dont feel like you are using it. For Example, using a Girimekhala it has kenpo kill, which isn't needed due to its base resistances,so from Saien you can get a epi that increases spin damage just put that on that slot and bang, turned a less useful passive into a good one. While many are expensive and only seem like small increases, why not take a small increase over the existing feature doing nothing.
  19. Demon Sacrifice is something you will need to learn how to do, and what the moves you can get from it, I would recommend looking at the wiki this will help a lot and you can see how to get a lot of the end game skills that will really push your demon to its full power.
  21. So when you want to start rebirthing, you should look to rebirth into stats that it needs right now to begin, only caveat being wyrd at the start, it barely increases your demon stats until they are level 60, so while the extra hp is nice, if you need it to be dealing damage, wyrd isn't where I would start. Tiwaz or Peorth are great starting points depending on your demon, increases to str and mag as a path bonus, and the growth rates inside those paths will help a lot. When just starting I wouldn't really advise rebirthing your demon as the growth rate to begin with will be better then what you can get easily and by rebirthing you will only be making it weaker.
  23. Once you are ready to mitama, the initial mitama you choose to fuse with your demon is key but as some options depending on your demon, a melee demon, ari and saki are both good just depends on whether you want luck. Mages Nigi is great and lngr demons Kusi is the best choice, but you can see what they give on the wiki and if you prefer a different option then the usual then try it out.
  25. Final thing on demons is the final path you choose to be on once you have mitama'd, the order before mitama doesn't matter as once you mitama it will in a sense reset your demon but with higher stats. Then once its mitama'd you want to make sure that the final path you are on has a good growth rate for your demon, their is quite a few options for these but don't think you need to be in peorth or tiwaz to end because those are the magic and strength ones. While you can be in those, the overall stats those give are very lack luster, for mages ingwaz is a much better option, only giving a tiny bit less magic, but a lot more other useful stats. For melee demons you will probably end up using triple stat scaling skills which is where wyrd or sowlio as a final path is good, wyrd gives you just a little more power.
  28. 3: Builds
  29. The biggest problem with 26k for demon users is investing 14k and being left 12k, which isn't really enough for everything you want, or 2 of anything, so you will have exp left until you can increase your cap, no real way to get the most out of that 12k, but increasing cap isn't too hard to get it a little higher allowing you to get multiple other chain expertise.
  30. cl 7 Psychology
  31. cl 7 Demonology
  32. This is the core expertise needed as the increase in demon power is massive once you have mitama'd and start getting mitama's slotted into those rebirth slots, taking 14k only leaves you with 12k left and the choices are really up to you where you spend them. Some options are as followed:-
  34. Hexes:
  35. cl 1 dm
  36. cl 5 Curse Magic
  37. cl 1 magic Control
  38. cl 1 Bless
  39. 8k Expertise
  40. Class 3 cotw is very nice to have with hexes, you can put on the slash hex and just smack that enemy hitting a 100% more damage which can help a lot with bosses. This was usually a core expertise needed for parties just for hexes but with Mystery Defense Breaking Yaburi being added to the game its not as vital anymore but is still useful because its a support type move which bosses won't Null, unlike Yaburi being charge which can be sometimes.  
  42. Pulses:
  43. cl 3 Support Magic
  44. cl 2 Curative Magic
  45. Cl 1 Bless
  46. 6k Expertise
  47. Pulses are useful, and will always be fairly useful you will be able to get 140 int easily to get the most out of the pulses and the defense and power boosts they give can be incredibly helpful. Last for 30 seconds and at 140 int which is all you need its 70% power increase and defense increase to your party, so while solo increasing your defense and demons power will be good, using it in parties it also shines. Only problem is that is costs 6k expertise so a lot of other classes have it as well and there's no point in multiple people casting pulses.
  49. Lord of Amour
  50. cl 2 Attack
  51. cl 4 Weapon Knowledge
  52. cl 5 Survival Tech
  53. 11k Expertise
  54. Lord of Amour is a vital skill for demon users, but 11k is a lot of expertise just for 1 skill, but the 50% dmg reduction you get and SA always on makes you very hard to kill, but if you cant do anything else then its not super useful, which is why would get this after you have increased your exp cap, having over 100% dmg reduction so you only take 1 from most things while fun, isn't very useful against later bosses who will blow straight through you.
  56. So these are just some options depending on how much expertise you have and which ever you feel like, none is exactly better then the other, they all have their uses and really you will want them all eventually, and can start raising CotW to cl 4 for damage hex which is also useful, or Enhancement to cl 5 for shields which help a lot. Just some examples of what you can have.
  58. 5:
  59. So for gear the Slot 1's and Slot 3's will be where your demon damage comes from, getting lb power, or pursuit and TA power, all are useful for your demon. However this is where your gear can be very different compared to another demon user. If you got lucky and got 100% pursuit demon force passive, then you dont need pursuit giving gear, can switch that to other gear to maximize damage. So recommending gear is very dependent on your current demon and other demons you have, so just look to try and get 100% chance of all 3, and then as much power as possible in them, that is the overall goal you aim to achieve. Demon Crit Correction from gear is quite hard to get super high, so if you get lucky with demon force passives and get that bit CRIT writing I would always opt for it.
  60. Then for your S2's you mainly want to be looking for dmg reduction gear, white detective is very good for this as it has good cooldown and high dmg reducion, but when more gear gets added a lot more options open up and you can start building player damage in S2 and have yourself smacking things alongside your demon.
  62. Crystals are a little strange for demons users are very few directly affect your demon stats but some useful ones inlcude:
  63. Bai Suzhen- Face
  64. Ananta - Ring
  65. Yoshitune - Extra
  66. Masakado - Top
  67. Crown of the Seven Hills - Head
  68. Baal - Face
  69. David - Comp
  70. Then some general crystals to fill in some slots include
  71. Ishtar - Bottom
  72. High Pixie - Shoes
  73. Pallas Athena - arms
  74. Metatron - Neck
  75. Orobas - Back
  76. "Once Added" Gryphon - Earring
  77. Talisman - Anything you want really
  79. Tarots:
  80. Lucifuge Tarots are the best but hard to get 13
  81. Ananta Tarots if using a cup demon
  82. Other then that dont really need Tarots.
  84. For all other information I would recommend looking at the wiki, the pages on demons are very good especially the rebirth page so you can see the full growth rates at the bottom, and you can look all demons obtainable and see which one gets your face.
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