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The PSN hacking logs fresh from EFNET IRC Server ! - By : ht

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  1. The PSN hacking logs fresh from EFNET IRC Server ! - By : http://www.thehackernews.com/
  4. [00:00:00]      <megazig>       is that your way of asking it to be banned here too?
  5. [00:05:36]      <defa>  is it possible to change ps3fb in asbestos without having to recompile it? I've tried compiling asbestos in psl1ght and no joy/luck
  6. [01:57:38]      <maatelu>       hi guys i have been trying to compile ps3chain in mingw64
  7. [01:57:52]      <maatelu>       it builds binutils
  8. [01:58:17]      <maatelu>       and i have libelf and zlib build and make installed
  9. [01:58:29]      <maatelu>       and autoconf etc etc
  10. [01:58:46]      <maatelu>       but it wont compile gcc ppu
  11. [01:59:01]      <maatelu>       anyone willing to look at the compile log?
  12. [01:59:06]      <eussNL>        any error messages?
  13. [01:59:20]      <maatelu>       yep
  14. [01:59:23]      <maatelu>       config.status: executing libtool commands
  15. [01:59:30]      <maatelu>       config.status: executing libtool commands
  16. [01:59:45]      <maatelu>       opps sorry
  17. [01:59:47]      <maatelu>       Error building gcc for target powerpc64-linux
  18. [02:00:08]      <eussNL>        before you try copy/pasting an entire log: put it on pastie or simular service ;)
  19. [02:00:28]      <maatelu>       dont worry i wont spam the channel
  20. [02:00:34]      <maatelu>       :D
  21. [02:00:34]      <eussNL>        ok :)
  22. [02:00:46]      <eussNL>        you wouldn't be the first :P
  23. [02:01:03]      <megazig>       he WILL be the last!!!!!!
  24. [02:01:22]      <megazig>       >_>
  25. [02:02:49]      <maatelu>       http://pastie.org/1568965
  26. [02:03:01]      <maatelu>       not a complete log
  27. [02:03:27]      <maatelu>       i can post that if necessay?
  28. [02:03:34]      <eussNL>        hmmm I was expecting a quite longer log :P
  29. [02:04:02]      <maatelu>       ok ill compile it again and put it up
  30. [02:05:23]      <maatelu>       http://pastie.org/1568970
  31. [02:05:30]      <maatelu>       there a longer log
  32. [02:05:35]      <maatelu>       :P
  33. [02:06:25]      <maatelu>       checking size of mp_limb_t... 0
  34. [02:06:27]      <maatelu>       configure: error: Oops, mp_limb_t doesn't seem to work
  35. [02:06:42]      <maatelu>       may be the problem?
  36. [02:07:52]      <eussNL>        or a script error
  37. [02:08:42]      <maatelu>       found a similar error with help of google
  38. [02:08:45]      <maatelu>       http://markmail.org/message/i77gcanjsb7isvyj
  39. [02:08:46]      <DarukBot>      (title) [Bug 146036] New: Opss, mp_limb_t ; when compiling gmp - Kamil Krawitowski - org.kde.kde-bugs-dist - MarkMail
  40. [02:12:17]      <maatelu>       its releated to gmp
  41. [02:12:24]      <maatelu>       gmp version im using is 5.0.1
  42. [02:15:40]      <jjolano>       openps3ftp v1.3 and dev_blind v1.1 released, enjoy :p
  43. [02:20:10]      <maatelu>       cheers :)
  44. [02:20:18]      <Fatalis>       are there any tools for dumping entire ram?
  45. [02:21:52]      <rms>   hi
  46. [02:21:53]      <maatelu>       graf_chokolo's new linux build can dump ram?
  47. [02:24:58]      <maatelu>       @eussNL
  48. [02:25:01]      <maatelu>       http://www.mail-archive.com/mingw-w64-public@lists.sourceforge.net/msg01920.html
  49. [02:25:02]      <DarukBot>      (title) Re: [Mingw-w64-public] GMP 5.0.1 and i686-w64-mingw32 and
  50. [02:25:11]      <maatelu>       found this ezact error
  51. [02:26:12]      <maatelu>       now im looking through buildit.sh to find where it is, anybody wanna help?
  52. [02:43:09]      <maatelu>       do i need gmp-dev to compile gcc?
  53. [02:48:01]      <maatelu>       wonder could it be this mv "$PS3DEV/$GCC_DIR/$GMP_DIR" "$PS3DEV/$GCC_DIR/gmp" || die "Error renaming $GMP_DIR -> gmp"
  54. [03:00:36]      <maatelu>       ok i've found the problem but i cant fix it :/
  55. [03:01:00]      <maatelu>       in buildit.sh
  56. [03:01:05]      <maatelu>       function buildgcc()
  57. [03:01:23]      <maatelu>       cd $PS3DEV/build_gcc && $PS3DEV/$GCC_DIR/configure \
  58. [03:02:09]      <maatelu>       now the problem is doesnt like anything before ./configure
  59. [03:02:31]      <maatelu>       but we need to be in the build_gcc folder for our output?
  60. [03:02:43]      <maatelu>       any hints anyone?
  61. [03:05:20]      <defaultro>     just curious, where are you doing it? on a linux machine?
  62. [03:05:35]      <maatelu>       no windows64 with mingw64
  63. [03:05:38]      <defaultro>     k
  64. [03:05:55]      <maatelu>       why do you ask?
  65. [03:06:14]      <defaultro>     i'm also having issues compiling few apps in psl1ght
  66. [03:06:38]      <maatelu>       im compiling the toolchain?
  67. [03:07:05]      <defaultro>     maybe your arch isnot supported yet
  68. [03:07:34]      <defaultro>     is anyone here using p1light inside ps3?
  69. [03:07:45]      <defaultro>     i mean, psl1ght
  70. [03:08:06]      <maatelu>       most should be its tha api
  71. [03:08:29]      <maatelu>       what seems to be the problem?
  72. [03:08:42]      <defaultro>     i want to compile asbestos inside ps3
  73. [03:08:56]      <defaultro>     rather than doing a cross-compile which has so many errors
  74. [03:09:01]      <maatelu>       you mean from linux in the ps3
  75. [03:09:03]      <defaultro>     yes
  76. [03:09:19]      <defaultro>     i want to git asbestos in linux-ps3
  77. [03:09:28]      <maatelu>       wel the tool chain is not targeting linux
  78. [03:09:32]      <defaultro>     then compile it from there. Covenant told me that he does it that way
  79. [03:10:05]      <maatelu>       did you set up the toolchain?
  80. [03:10:10]      <defaultro>     yes
  81. [03:10:13]      <defaultro>     for ppc
  82. [03:10:23]      <maatelu>       and do the samples compile
  83. [03:10:35]      <defaultro>     compiles the samples really well
  84. [03:10:41]      <defaultro>     but not asbestos
  85. [03:10:59]      <maatelu>       brb going to look at abestos source and makefile
  86. [03:11:02]      <defaultro>     i tested compiling 10 apps in samples and everythign work
  87. [03:11:13]      <defaultro>     really short Makefile
  88. [03:11:30]      <defaultro>     all:
  89. [03:11:31]      <defaultro>      make -C stage1
  90. [03:11:31]      <defaultro>      make -C stage2
  91. [03:11:31]      <defaultro>      make -C tools
  92. [03:12:02]      <defaultro>     but you should look at stage2/Makefile
  93. [03:12:05]      <defaultro>     mine fails on stage2
  94. [03:12:46]      <maatelu>       ok pastie the error
  95. [03:12:51]      <defaultro>     glad I still kept the error, http://pastebin.com/FQSv2y9T
  96. [03:12:56]      <DarukBot>      (title) [root@mfe asbestos]# pwd /usr/local/src/asbestos
  97. [03:13:00]      <defaultro>     that was from 2 or 3 days ago
  98. [03:13:46]      <defaultro>     i recloned to make sure it's the latest
  99. [03:14:36]      <maatelu>       ok this might be wrong but why is there 2 forward slashes in the path?
  100. [03:14:56]      <maatelu>       /usr/local/ps3dev/bin/powerpc64-linux-gcc//
  101. [03:14:56]      <defaultro>     most likely due to my ppu file
  102. [03:15:09]      <defaultro>     i don't think it affects it
  103. [03:15:14]      <defaultro>     let me retry
  104. [03:15:28]      <maatelu>       in the export change /usr/local/ps3dev/bin/powerpc64-linux-gcc/
  105. [03:15:32]      <maatelu>       to /usr/local/ps3dev/bin/powerpc64-linux-gcc
  106. [03:16:07]      <defaultro>     where is that?
  107. [03:16:40]      <defaultro>     it's a dir btw
  108. [03:17:01]      <maatelu>       might be in abestos makefile
  109. [03:17:10]      <defaultro>     ok
  110. [03:17:14]      <maatelu>       or
  111. [03:17:30]      <maatelu>       may be problem with you global paths
  112. [03:17:56]      <defaultro>     k
  113. [03:18:18]      <maatelu>       now the log tells me its a bad elf not a path error but you never know why a bad elf was made in the first place
  114. [03:18:29]      <defaultro>     k
  115. [03:18:31]      <defaultro>     could be
  116. [03:18:36]      <defaultro>     let me research
  117. [03:20:03]      <maatelu>       ok im scrapping buildit.sh
  118. [03:20:14]      <maatelu>       and setting up seperate scripts
  119. [03:20:49]      <maatelu>       trap15 i hope your listening lol
  120. [03:21:02]      <MonkeyJam>     ITSA TRAP! lol
  121. [03:21:20]      <trap15>        ?
  122. [03:21:38]      * MonkeyJam shuts up and lets the big boys speak :P
  123. [03:22:41]      <maatelu>       your the guy who made the compile script for ps3chain im hoping? :)
  124. [03:22:41]      <trap15>        yeah?
  125. [03:22:50]      <maatelu>       ok yes this is good maybe you can help
  126. [03:23:18]      <maatelu>       http://www.mail-archive.com/mingw-w64-public@lists.sourceforge.net/msg01910.html
  127. [03:23:19]      <DarukBot>      (title) Re: [Mingw-w64-public] GMP 5.0.1 and i686-w64-mingw32 and
  128. [03:23:24]      <maatelu>       do you see this error
  129. [03:23:55]      <trap15>        I've never seen that before
  130. [03:24:00]      <trap15>        I'm going to blame cygwin
  131. [03:24:04]      <trap15>        or whatever
  132. [03:24:05]      <maatelu>       ruben from mingw64 explains it here
  133. [03:24:07]      <maatelu>       http://www.mail-archive.com/mingw-w64-public@lists.sourceforge.net/msg01920.html
  134. [03:24:08]      <DarukBot>      (title) Re: [Mingw-w64-public] GMP 5.0.1 and i686-w64-mingw32 and
  135. [03:24:19]      <MonkeyJam>     hah, trap15 you windows hater
  136. [03:24:24]      <trap15>        of course
  137. [03:24:28]      <MonkeyJam>     :P
  138. [03:24:29]      <trap15>        Windows is terrible
  139. [03:24:48]      * MonkeyJam shrugs.
  140. [03:24:53]      <trap15>        anyways, I don't see any way to fix that
  141. [03:24:53]      <MonkeyJam>     all preference, imo
  142. [03:25:13]      <trap15>        and I'm not going to go through the effort to fix something that barely anyone has problems with
  143. [03:25:15]      <trap15>        heh
  144. [03:25:16]      <jjolano>       lol i only use windows just to run or write .NET apps :p
  145. [03:25:21]      <maatelu>       ok here is the problem
  146. [03:25:29]      <trap15>        ...you know Mono can run .NET, yes?
  147. [03:25:36]      <maatelu>       see in buildgcc()
  148. [03:25:43]      <jjolano>       yeah, but it doesn't seem to work for some reason
  149. [03:25:54]      <trap15>        maatelu, I understand the problem
  150. [03:25:57]      <trap15>        I don't know how to fix it though
  151. [03:26:10]      <trap15>        and honestly I'm going to blame your environment
  152. [03:26:17]      <trap15>        that code is very much legal for a POSIX compliant system
  153. [03:26:32]      <trap15>        and if your compatibility layers sucks, well, that's your problem
  154. [03:26:33]      <maatelu>       true i agree with you to some point
  155. [03:27:19]      <maatelu>       here is how i fixed it but am looking for a workaround can you look please?
  156. [03:27:28]      <trap15>        sure
  157. [03:27:32]      <maatelu>       #cd $PS3DEV/build_gcc &&
  158. [03:27:39]      <maatelu>       cd $PS3DEV/$GCC_DIR
  159. [03:27:39]      <maatelu>        #$PS3DEV/$GCC_DIR/configure
  160. [03:27:39]      <maatelu>        ./configure \
  161. [03:27:47]      <maatelu>       ...
  162. [03:28:04]      <trap15>        but that'd build inside $GCC_DIR
  163. [03:28:12]      <maatelu>       yes
  164. [03:28:13]      <trap15>        which is not what is wanted
  165. [03:28:17]      <maatelu>       thats the promlem
  166. [03:28:22]      <maatelu>       *problem
  167. [03:28:45]      <maatelu>       it doesnt like anything before configure
  168. [03:29:05]      <maatelu>       is there a way to out put to a foreign dir?
  169. [03:29:17]      <trap15>        not afaik
  170. [03:31:15]      <maatelu>       --host=
  171. [03:31:24]      <maatelu>       will make it build in a subdir
  172. [03:31:33]      <trap15>        no
  173. [03:31:40]      <maatelu>       --build=x86_64-w64-mingw32
  174. [03:31:41]      <trap15>        --host= is for the host architecture
  175. [03:31:56]      <maatelu>       sorry ment --build=
  176. [03:32:15]      <trap15>        --build= is the build architecture, I'm fairly sure
  177. [03:32:36]      <trap15>        --host --build and --target are all archs, iirc
  178. [03:34:50]      <defaultro>     maatelu
  179. [03:34:59]      <maatelu>       yes?
  180. [03:35:12]      <defaultro>     what do you think about the given example, is that a dir or an executable
  181. [03:35:15]      <defaultro>     The PS3DEV environment variable needs to point to a usable PowerPC64 toolchain
  182. [03:35:15]      <defaultro>     (e.g. $PS3DEV/bin/powerpc64-linux-gcc).
  183. [03:35:35]      <maatelu>       correct
  184. [03:35:42]      <defaultro>     dir or executable?
  185. [03:35:49]      <maatelu>       exe
  186. [03:35:54]      <defaultro>     k
  187. [03:36:23]      <maatelu>       ok well from what i've made of traps buildit.sh
  188. [03:36:39]      <maatelu>       the dirs are ps3dev/bin
  189. [03:36:49]      <maatelu>       and ps3dev/spu/bin
  190. [03:37:00]      <defaultro>     k
  191. [03:38:03]      <maatelu>       i got a successful compile with my little patch trap :)
  192. [03:38:12]      <defaultro>     you are awesome
  193. [03:38:31]      <maatelu>       win64 host and ps3 target
  194. [03:38:37]      <maatelu>       awsome?
  195. [03:38:42]      <maatelu>       why
  196. [03:38:49]      <trap15>        right, but clean won't work
  197. [03:39:03]      <maatelu>       true lol
  198. [03:39:10]      <trap15>        I can't consider your patch proper until it works just like the old one
  199. [03:39:18]      <maatelu>       i was thinking of making seperate scripts
  200. [03:39:25]      <maatelu>       for binutils gcc
  201. [03:39:31]      <trap15>        why?
  202. [03:39:55]      <maatelu>       and still having a buildit that runs them all
  203. [03:40:15]      <maatelu>       cause for mingw cygwin support it may be best
  204. [03:40:27]      <maatelu>       and will still support linux :D
  205. [03:40:27]      <trap15>        tbh, I couldn't care less about supporting window
  206. [03:40:29]      <trap15>        windows*
  207. [03:41:30]      <maatelu>       hold on couldnt i just cp the GCC_DIR
  208. [03:41:35]      <maatelu>       to the build dir
  209. [03:41:43]      <maatelu>       and then build?
  210. [03:43:01]      <trap15>        huge waste of space
  211. [03:44:10]      <maatelu>       i know im trying to dirtyfix it lol
  212. [03:44:13]      <maatelu>       for now
  213. [03:44:21]      <trap15>        I'm not taking dirtyfixes :P
  214. [03:46:02]      <maatelu>       do you have any idea why mingw would give an error at something so small?
  215. [03:46:18]      <megazig>       -Wall -Werror
  216. [03:46:27]      <trap15>        lol
  217. [03:46:30]      <maatelu>       lol
  218. [03:49:14]      <maatelu>       mv "$PS3DEV/$GCC_DIR/gmp" "$PS3DEV/build_gcc/gmp"
  219. [03:49:26]      <maatelu>       right before the ./configure
  220. [03:57:31]      <maatelu>       next im gonna compile it for devkitarm! lol
  221. [04:11:37]      <adrianc>       ahh neat
  222. [04:11:47]      <adrianc>       the watson computer runs on cell
  223. [04:16:52]      <jbc>   yea, 90 power750's.
  224. [04:28:40]      <defaultro>     hey jbc
  225. [04:32:49]      <jbc>   hi, defaultro
  226. [04:57:00]      <defaultro>     note sure what i've been experimenting on ps3-video-mode last night, but it kept at 720p and would mess if I set it to 1080p. Just few minutes ago when I started xfce, it's at 1080p, beautiful :)
  227. [05:01:20]      <Djinn> what are the size/speed limits on hard drives that can be used by the ps3?
  228. [05:43:33]      <JPiccott>      When is graf releasing his cfw?
  229. [05:44:08]      <megazig>       never
  230. [05:44:31]      <JPiccott>      ?
  231. [05:44:38]      <megazig>       ??
  232. [06:48:10]      <barnhill>      anybody in here tonight?
  233. [06:48:41]      <segobi>        ya
  234. [06:48:47]      <segobi>        and its not night here
  235. [06:49:10]      <barnhill>      well its 1:50 am here :p
  236. [06:49:23]      <segobi>        im 6 hours ahead
  237. [06:49:30]      <barnhill>      damn
  238. [06:49:45]      <segobi>        :)
  239. [06:49:53]      <barnhill>      well i had a question and may be kicked for but here it is anyways........
  240. [06:50:18]      <barnhill>      does anybody in here have an idea on where to look to unlock the internal ps1 emu?
  241. [06:50:45]      <barnhill>      i want to try and open it up but im not sure where i meed to start looking
  242. [06:51:34]      <barnhill>      i know math said awhile ago that he could do it and it was pretty easy but he never said anything else about the subject
  243. [06:55:08]      <barnhill>      im not sure if anyone in here cares to do it or not but if they could point me in the right direction i may be able to pull it off
  244. [06:55:28]      <barnhill>      i just have no clue where to start looking
  245. [12:12:01]      <barf_> has anyone analysed the x-i-5 ticket?
  246. [12:14:13]      <eussNL>        Djinn: 9.5 mm or use a hammer :P
  247. [12:18:55]      <eussNL>        barf: I don't think there are many people involved in circumventing PSN access in /this/ channel [ "application/x-i-5-ticket" reason=40 > PSN error 80710101 ]
  248. [12:22:18]      <SKFU>  talk about network stuff?
  249. [12:22:19]      <SKFU>  nice
  250. [12:22:50]      <SKFU>  i just finished decrypting 100% of all psn functions
  251. [12:23:00]      <rms>   :)
  252. [12:23:07]      <SKFU>  you can forget all the history wiper and log remove apps
  253. [12:23:39]      <SKFU>  theres a independant check
  254. [12:23:48]      <SKFU>  which transfers all games and their playtime
  255. [12:23:52]      <SKFU>  every time you login
  256. [12:24:04]      <SKFU>  you can modify it like the firmware version tho
  257. [12:24:07]      <SKFU>  it looks like:
  258. [12:24:28]      <SKFU>  <info titleid="BLUS30034_00" disc="18cf5fc49cb4ac7ae9519d5062712350" boot="2011-02-03T20:35:09.00Z" playtime="8875" />
  259. [12:25:04]      <SKFU>  aswell they can detect backups this way
  260. [12:25:08]      <eussNL>        hash is eboot.bin to check for version?
  261. [12:25:27]      <SKFU>  if you use a backup it will look like this:
  262. [12:25:42]      <SKFU>  <info titleid="BLUS30034_00" disc="00000000000000000000000000000000" boot="2011-02-03T20:35:09.00Z" playtime="8875" /
  263. [12:25:43]      <barf_> SKFU, is that in data sent to a0.[CC].np.communication.playstation.net
  264. [12:25:58]      <SKFU>  sec lemme check
  265. [12:26:09]      <barf_> im still collecting all the data
  266. [12:26:10]      <SKFU>  updptl.de.np.community.playstation.net/
  267. [12:26:14]      <SKFU>  thats the server
  268. [12:26:21]      <rms>   SKFU: what about Blu-ray Master Disc/BD Emulator ?
  269. [12:26:37]      <rms>   since, i use those features legitimately
  270. [12:26:48]      <SKFU>  on debug or retail?
  271. [12:27:07]      <SKFU>  i didnt check all on debug unit yet
  272. [12:27:15]      <SKFU>  so no clue if it sends discid for bdemu
  273. [12:27:36]      <SKFU>  but sony is the biggest spy ever lol
  274. [12:27:43]      <SKFU>  they collect so much data
  275. [12:27:44]      <eussNL>        true
  276. [12:27:50]      <SKFU>  all connected devices return values sent to sony server
  277. [12:27:55]      <SKFU>  example:
  278. [12:27:58]      <rms>   SKFU: Debug models of course :)
  279. [12:28:13]      <SKFU>  ><info category="76">32&apos;&apos; TFT-TV</info><info category="77">OEM</info><info category="88">release</info><info category="89">cex</info>
  280. [12:28:22]      <barf_> i cannot find my PS3 connect to host with 'updptl' in the name
  281. [12:28:27]      <SKFU>  returns tv, fw version, fw type, console model
  282. [12:28:47]      <SKFU>  also i found data it collects when i had usb device attached etc etc
  283. [12:29:14]      <SKFU>  so if they ever sue someone for psn stuff, they will be sued themselves as most of the data they collect is just not legal
  284. [12:29:19]      <barf_> SKFU, at what time does it connect to that host?
  285. [12:29:36]      <barf_> during the PSN logon?
  286. [12:29:38]      <SKFU>  sec i check
  287. [12:29:46]      <ikke>  SKFU how can you modify that data?
  288. [12:30:09]      <SLC>   SKFU: do you now know enough to wipe all traces so that people who never had their consoles on the internet can avoid sending this information now? :)
  289. [12:31:04]      <barf_> no DNS request for a host with 'updptl' in the name in my packet captures :-\
  290. [12:31:14]      <SKFU>  @barf_: it sents directly after user profile load and sometimes; - it seams random, just when u play a game or anything
  291. [12:31:23]      <barf_> ohh
  292. [12:32:38]      <SKFU>  @ikke & SLC: we could modify the data via proxy between the tunnels, like delete all data between the xml tags <info> or somehow
  293. [12:32:54]      <ikke>  oh so its not on the ps3 hdd itself?
  294. [12:33:04]      <SLC>   SKFU: aha, so this information is actually encrypted?
  295. [12:33:14]      <SKFU>  ya
  296. [12:33:19]      <SKFU>  the list is stored online
  297. [12:33:26]      <SKFU>  and updated when u login psn and random
  298. [12:33:35]      <SLC>   but where is it stored before that? I have never been online with my ps3...
  299. [12:33:35]      <ikke>  damn
  300. [12:33:40]      <SLC>   so it must be somewhere
  301. [12:33:40]      <ikke>  was hoping it would be on the ps3 hdd
  302. [12:33:45]      <ikke>  then lock it or so
  303. [12:34:02]      <eussNL>        the only avoidance is block all *.playstation.net
  304. [12:34:11]      <SKFU>  MAYBE - i rly dont know - it doesnt save it at all on hdd
  305. [12:34:25]      <SKFU>  so only transfers the games and stuff in one ps3 session when you go online
  306. [12:34:37]      <SKFU>  so if u have ps3 offline and play a game, then shutdown and turn on again
  307. [12:34:42]      <SKFU>  it MAY not transfer update
  308. [12:34:51]      <SKFU>  cuz i didnt find any info for that list on hdd
  309. [12:35:15]      <SKFU>  it could be that its used for online playtime or psn logged in playtime
  310. [12:35:39]      <SKFU>  aswell you should never ever install a CFW from someone unknown
  311. [12:35:56]      <SKFU>  cuz its way too easy todo scamming at this point
  312. [12:36:00]      <SKFU>  for example:
  313. [12:37:05]      <SKFU>  creditCard.paymentMethodId=VISA&creditCard.holderName=Max&creditCard.cardNumber=4558254723658741&creditCard.expireYear=2012&creditCard.expireMonth=2&creditCard.securityCode=214&creditCard.address.address1=example street%2024%20&creditCard.address.city=city1%20&creditCard.address.province=abc%20&creditCard.address.postalCode=12345%20
  314. [12:37:15]      <SKFU>  sent as plaintext
  315. [12:37:30]      <rms>   uh
  316. [12:37:35]      <rms>   did you censor that card?
  317. [12:37:39]      <SKFU>  ya its fake
  318. [12:37:46]      <rms>   good
  319. [12:37:53]      <eussNL>        wow, plaintext :S
  320. [12:37:59]      <ikke>  plaintext wow
  321. [12:38:06]      <rms>   im never putting in my details like that
  322. [12:38:15]      <SKFU>  ya is all fake lol
  323. [12:38:18]      <SKFU>  i never used cc on ps3
  324. [12:38:35]      <SKFU>  normally you ATLEAST enccrypt the securtity code, even if its ssl
  325. [12:38:44]      <ikke>  id hope sony would do such in a safe manner
  326. [12:39:13]      <ikke>  psn cards probably plain text to then
  327. [12:39:14]      <SKFU>  fake certs are known since years as vuln so companies encrypt such data twice normally
  328. [12:39:20]      <SKFU>  but hey its sony --> its a feature
  329. [12:39:25]      <ikke>  lol
  330. [12:39:28]      <m_101> lol
  331. [12:39:45]      <ikke>  yeah if you go public with your info they either remove the store or psn all together
  332. [12:39:54]      <ikke>  as an update
  333. [12:39:55]      <SLC>   I doubt it :P
  334. [12:40:00]      <SKFU>  impossible
  335. [12:40:00]      <m_101> from all the actions they've taken the past years, we can only deduce that Sony don't care about their customers
  336. [12:40:02]      <m_101> :)
  337. [12:40:05]      <SKFU>  they wont update their whole psn lol
  338. [12:40:32]      <SLC>   but this should really get out there, but I guess it's on psx-scene.com in a matter of minutes already ;)
  339. [12:40:51]      <ikke>  3.60 removal of psn
  340. [12:41:29]      <SKFU>  i know a few guys who worked @ sony's psn backend. just when the ps3 was released we talked bout the first psn, at this time ALL was http and unencrypted. so you could see userpass etc plain. i asked em why is it that way. lame answer was "we thought it was adressed." - lol
  341. [12:41:50]      <SKFU>  sony qa --> trainees
  342. [12:42:15]      <vidarino>      that fits nicely into the "#define rand() 4" mentality. ;)
  343. [12:42:19]      <SKFU>  yep
  344. [12:42:40]      <rms>   or more of
  345. [12:43:04]      <rms>   ECDSA_PRIVATE_KEY privateKey;
  346. [12:43:07]      <SKFU>  lol
  347. [12:43:10]      <rms>   and PrivateKey is in a header file
  348. [12:43:13]      <rms>   and it's static
  349. [12:43:14]      <SKFU>  xD
  350. [12:43:28]      <rms>   and ECDSA_RANDOM in a header file
  351. [12:43:31]      <rms>   and so on
  352. [12:44:29]      <SKFU>  another funny function i found is regarding psn downloads
  353. [12:44:41]      <SKFU>  its when a pkg game is requested from the store
  354. [12:45:05]      <SKFU>  in the url itself you can define if you get the game free or not. requires some modification in hashes and so on tho
  355. [12:45:15]      <rms>   ..
  356. [12:45:16]      <SKFU>  is like
  357. [12:45:19]      <vidarino>      :D
  358. [12:45:19]      <rms>   my god
  359. [12:45:20]      <SKFU>  drm:off
  360. [12:45:21]      <ikke>  lol
  361. [12:45:22]      <SKFU>  lol
  362. [12:45:34]      <eussNL>        :facepalm:
  363. [12:45:57]      <vidarino>      well, that's one way to offload the server.
  364. [12:48:01]      <SKFU>  still wondering when the big ban wave arrives :D
  365. [12:50:05]      <eussNL>        if they ban everyone, even using backups legally in their country (but in their opinion a TOS violation), it will be a huge tsunami, not a wave
  366. [12:50:12]      <waps>  ask ur friends :P
  367. [12:51:13]      <SKFU>  prolly they take it like it is now, unstoppable anyways
  368. [12:51:23]      <SKFU>  new firmware to ban all further actions and done
  369. [12:53:07]      <barf_> an open psn would be nice
  370. [12:53:48]      <barf_> even if it was just a player matching service
  371. [12:54:33]      <SKFU>  ya
  372. [12:55:14]      <Etrange>       a PSN host by the community :)
  373. [12:55:33]      <rms>   that actually could be perhaps possible
  374. [12:55:44]      <rms>   if you can get auth working
  375. [12:55:47]      <rms>   and all
  376. [12:56:10]      <rms>   a new np environment
  377. [12:56:40]      <SKFU>  the friend list management is easiest
  378. [12:56:44]      <SKFU>  simple jabber server
  379. [12:56:45]      <xttl>  don't some games use their own servers?
  380. [12:56:56]      <eussNL>        some use p2p
  381. [12:56:58]      <xttl>  which check from the official psn servers whether you're logged in and who you are
  382. [12:57:15]      <SKFU>  imagine the traffic load :D
  383. [12:57:18]      <SKFU>  whod pay this xD
  384. [12:57:39]      <xttl>  yes, but even p2p games do use publisher or sony provided servers for matchmaking
  385. [12:58:11]      <rms>   NpCommerce2
  386. [12:58:22]      <trixter>       I am getting behind everything on doing my security analysis
  387. [12:58:50]      <trixter>       started a couple months ago monitoring SSL stuff, and theen got distracted with blackops and havent pursed it, seems a lot of people are starting to take interest in it now
  388. [13:00:13]      <SKFU>  and regarding matchmaking and lobby systems
  389. [13:00:26]      <SKFU>  the functions built in firmware and/or game
  390. [13:00:31]      <SKFU>  how would you answer them
  391. [13:00:41]      <SKFU>  the server side code we dont know of
  392. [13:00:43]      <trixter>       some stuff appears to be in lv2 and not in sprx for network stuff
  393. [13:00:52]      <SKFU>  so we can not create proper answers
  394. [13:01:17]      <trixter>       you can try to analyze the protocol and say "if X then Y" type responses the problems come up when you get something you haveent seen before
  395. [13:01:43]      <trixter>       that was done with counterstrike for example so that people could cheat
  396. [13:01:55]      <trixter>       so its not entirely impossible although it is time consuming
  397. [13:02:20]      <trixter>       sometimes its happy accidents, reason code 21 means bad cipher, 51 bad firmware version - for x-i-5 tickets for example
  398. [13:02:39]      <xttl>  wasn't cs/hl server software available for anyone to download even back then?
  399. [13:02:44]      <SLC>   anyone found a way to change DVD region on ps3 yet, btw?
  400. [13:03:10]      <xttl>  for psn you can't even get binaries for the server side
  401. [13:03:16]      <ikke>  SKFU i remember some months ago you made a psntool with a psn messenger in it but not yet functional is that still being worked on?
  402. [13:03:17]      <trixter>       but for stuff like that the ticket has to exist on the psn side of things because if I send my ticket to a vendor server they will validate it against psn and if its not there it will fail
  403. [13:03:53]      <eussNL>        slc: wasn't syscall 0×363 0×19004 3rd byte usefull for that?
  404. [13:04:01]      <SKFU>  @ikke: at this time i could finish the tool yes but im not sure if it is useful at all
  405. [13:04:04]      <trixter>       xttl: no but you can monitor traffic, even send some "bad" things and watch the responses... I discovered x-i-5 reason code 21 by accident, I did not force my proxy to mirror the cipher that the ps3 presented
  406. [13:04:13]      <SKFU>  i mean why would someone want to chat with a someone on ps3
  407. [13:04:19]      <SKFU>  while any1 anyway have msn/icq/aol
  408. [13:04:35]      <trixter>       know this, sony in realtime, monitors all messages over psn
  409. [13:04:52]      <trixter>       I verified that, its part of my privacy threats thing I am doing
  410. [13:04:53]      <ikke>  ok too bad id like the psn messenger on pc
  411. [13:05:16]      <trixter>       the realtime monitoring is a bit bothersome to me
  412. [13:05:23]      <SLC>   eussNL: such information is quite useless to me, as I'm not that into the technical stuff :) was more hoping someone had an easy way to do it.. like a DVD region changer or something.
  413. [13:05:45]      <SKFU>  @trixter: the realtime jabber monitoring as most likely for realtime censor of messages
  414. [13:05:48]      <trixter>       they appear to have at the very least keywords they look for, not sure just how invasive the whole thing is, but ...
  415. [13:05:57]      <trixter>       well they have osme odd things in there
  416. [13:06:11]      <xttl>  yeah they have that dumb automatic word filter
  417. [13:06:15]      <barf_> the censor word-list is ridiculous
  418. [13:06:29]      <Melfice_>      psn messenger would be helpful, just yesterday was killed 2 times when typing response on the message + its so slow loading
  419. [13:06:32]      <trixter>       a psn code that is not really valid if you sent that via email it becomes valid but you cant add funds to your wallet. The fact that emailing that code to someone makes it valid for you is odd ... why monitor that code?
  420. [13:06:35]      <xttl>  which makes it much more difficult to have a sensible conversation in languages other than english
  421. [13:06:40]      <trixter>       why change its state on sending it?
  422. [13:07:01]      <trixter>       the censor words in home is on your system, it downloads a dict list of words
  423. [13:07:07]      <trixter>       an empty file resolves that
  424. [13:07:23]      <SKFU>  tryin to find my jabber logs... >.<
  425. [13:07:24]      <trixter>       so it only censors on receipt not on transmission
  426. [13:08:03]      <trixter>       dunno how the other stuff does it
  427. [13:08:09]      <trixter>       mostly because I have yet to look
  428. [13:08:53]      <trixter>       now you have me curious I am gonna go redo my network a little bit to start monitoring again :)
  429. [13:09:22]      <SKFU>  btw aswell a reason AGAINST pc to ps3 messenger is spam
  430. [13:09:34]      <SKFU>  cuz there actually is an easy way to get userlists
  431. [13:09:54]      <SKFU>  would fuck psn pretty hard if some skiddy releases a spam app
  432. [13:10:18]      <SKFU>  the highscore and matchmaking lobbies you can request per game id and get user mails for psn
  433. [13:10:23]      <Melfice_>      ugh, yeah
  434. [13:10:24]      <SKFU>  huge list + spam app == sux
  435. [13:10:44]      <rms>   argghhhh
  436. [13:10:53]      <rms>   why do my trophies never sync to np
  437. [13:10:58]      <SKFU>  anyway sony just would have to open a port on the jabber server, so you could login with icq
  438. [13:11:06]      <ikke>  lol
  439. [13:11:20]      <SKFU>  and we all know what happens if cool homebrew arrives, remember open remote play
  440. [13:11:28]      <SKFU>  sony just releases an official tool lol
  441. [13:12:37]      <trixter>       thing is the more people do things and discuss what they do and explain how to do it the more likely sony will lock down psn in the future
  442. [13:12:55]      <SKFU>  psn is a core feature of ps3
  443. [13:12:59]      <trixter>       making it harder and harder to do anything, like using older firmwares to log in, that will probably be the first to go away
  444. [13:13:02]      <SKFU>  they would be sued like with otheros
  445. [13:13:14]      <ikke>  yeah but they also blocked open remote play
  446. [13:13:15]      <xttl>  trixter: that already went away, didn't it
  447. [13:13:20]      <trixter>       if you are not running current firmware you do not have a right to psn
  448. [13:13:21]      <xttl>  trixter: even for debug users
  449. [13:13:30]      <trixter>       not really, not yet anyway
  450. [13:13:37]      <trixter>       3.56 did not break it but the next release might
  451. [13:13:47]      <trixter>       especially because it stops people running backups and other stuff on psn
  452. [13:13:49]      <xttl>  well i mean 3.41
  453. [13:13:57]      <SKFU>  ya would be all possible for them
  454. [13:14:02]      <trixter>       not sure what, if anything, changed with 3.41
  455. [13:14:10]      <xttl>  you used to be able to sign in on debug 3.41 until someone released that psn enabler hack
  456. [13:14:19]      <SKFU>  one way more difficult than the other so i think they first will go on with backup ban on psn
  457. [13:14:26]      <xttl>  even though 3.42 and 3.50 had already been released
  458. [13:14:26]      <SKFU>  via playlists and stuff i meantioned before
  459. [13:14:48]      <SKFU>  a secure way to fix it would require firmware and server update tho
  460. [13:15:20]      <SKFU>  wondering what prevents em of this way
  461. [13:15:32]      <trixter>       I just got a new ps3 yesterday, has 3.40, gonna put 3.55 on it and do my work
  462. [13:16:11]      <trixter>       I *might* try with 3.40 and see if I can do enough of my work, that would make it somewhat harder though
  463. [13:16:18]      <eussNL>        banwave possibly, new FW + plus they still need to fix that 3.56-1st/2nd harddrive exchange bug in the next version
  464. [13:16:22]      <trixter>       because my work is specialized and very limited in scopee
  465. [13:16:56]      <SKFU>  the psn has 45 environments all working independant
  466. [13:16:59]      <SKFU>  prolly that is the reason
  467. [13:17:06]      <SKFU>  we could just change to another environment
  468. [13:17:22]      <SKFU>  and they also need to have an eye to the official developers which use environments too
  469. [13:17:24]      <SKFU>  and the qa
  470. [13:17:31]      <SKFU>  which needs to work with older firmware sometimes
  471. [13:17:40]      <SKFU>  so they cant update all environments and block all
  472. [13:17:58]      <barf_> probably so much ITIL process management so they can't fart without a work request
  473. [13:18:06]      <SKFU>  hehe
  474. [13:18:15]      <trixter>       the way that people are getting on now is to change the user agent in the login request, well x-platform-version specifically. but if the x-platform-passphrase changes in how its constructed then its easy to detect people trying to use an older firmware
  475. [13:18:49]      <SKFU>  they can even without the xi
  476. [13:19:03]      <SKFU>  as the firmware version is in a lot more requests than the auth
  477. [13:19:06]      <barf_> version is sent to the getprof servers also
  478. [13:19:09]      <SKFU>  ppl change only the xi one atm
  479. [13:19:15]      <barf_> and ena.
  480. [13:19:17]      <SKFU>  but its in netstart, xi, game starts
  481. [13:19:21]      <trixter>       I understand that part of it, I was just talking about x-i-5 auth stuff
  482. [13:19:28]      <SKFU>  many many functions send the real fw version
  483. [13:19:32]      <SKFU>  but only xi5 is checked
  484. [13:19:54]      <trixter>       I realize that many functions send the fw version, anything that uses libhttp.sprx does
  485. [13:19:59]      <SKFU>  ya
  486. [13:20:03]      <trixter>       remember I have been donig this for a couple months
  487. [13:20:21]      <trixter>       even wrote software that lets me do the ssl parts on the fly instead of to a fixed server, mirroring the CN of the real server
  488. [13:20:41]      <barf_> what is the data in xi5 at 0xC0 ->EOF ? some crypto/salt ?
  489. [13:22:39]      <barf_> luckily they use CN=*.*.np.community.playstation.net which saves a bit of hassle, just calling openssl from your app trixter ?
  490. [13:23:32]      <trixter>       openssl libs
  491. [13:23:33]      <trixter>       not the app itself
  492. [13:23:40]      <trixter>       and I do it for *ALL* ssl connections in realtime
  493. [13:23:51]      <trixter>       so even if you use the webbrowser it will generate certs for that too
  494. [13:23:58]      <barf_> nice tool you made :)
  495. [13:25:15]      <trixter>       it is similar in function to "sslsniff" but mine works with the ps3 and logs correctly
  496. [13:25:31]      <SKFU>  for the first i think ppl should use a replace of all 3.5.5 and 355 strings but regarding to the user agent, else psn wont load
  497. [13:26:43]      <SKFU>  trixter which certs u use?
  498. [13:26:46]      <SKFU>  only 05 i guess ?
  499. [13:26:52]      <SKFU>  CA i mean sorry
  500. [13:32:14]      <trixter>       SKFU: I use them all
  501. [13:33:09]      <trixter>       there is a place that the firmware version is in lv2 that is not a "string"
  502. [13:33:50]      <trixter>       its 'decimal' "035500" not sure if its 32 or 64 bit in size though,
  503. [13:34:29]      <SKFU>  btw u know the login url for auth is like:
  504. [13:34:34]      <trixter>       but that is not the ascii 3 its the decimal value
  505. [13:34:56]      <SKFU>  &serviceid=IV0001-NPXS01001_00&loginid=MYMAIL&password=MYPASS&first=true&consoleid=MYID
  506. [13:35:00]      <trixter>       I have complete logs for the auth stuff
  507. [13:35:07]      <SKFU>  did u already change the "first" param?
  508. [13:35:11]      <SKFU>  i wonder what it does
  509. [13:35:14]      <trixter>       first=true is only there if you had not previously loggged into psn
  510. [13:35:24]      <SKFU>  ah ok
  511. [13:35:29]      <trixter>       its missing if you were previously logged in but you need a new ticet
  512. [13:35:30]      <trixter>       ticket
  513. [13:35:34]      <dospiedra>     hi
  514. [13:35:37]      <dospiedra>     please not connect
  515. [13:35:42]      <dospiedra>     to external dns ip
  516. [13:35:47]      <dospiedra>     with your ps3
  517. [13:36:03]      <dospiedra>     your passwords and email and other data is revealed on the external side
  518. [13:36:05]      <trixter>       which you need for each service id that you need one for, meaning if you sync trophies you get 1 ticket, when you play a game you get a 2nd ticket, when you watch netflix you get a 3rd
  519. [13:36:26]      <dospiedra>     spam people can use this info
  520. [13:36:27]      <trixter>       most likely if they are mapping that host
  521. [13:36:43]      <trixter>       if its just the firmware check then no, because there is nothing private sent in that http (cleartext) request
  522. [13:36:55]      <trixter>       so it depends on what hosts they are looking at
  523. [13:37:07]      <dospiedra>     to start a spamming attack
  524. [13:37:09]      <SKFU>  hm didnt check that ticket stuff yet
  525. [13:37:13]      <SKFU>  as when i used a ticket
  526. [13:37:14]      <SKFU>  for a test POST
  527. [13:37:21]      <SKFU>  i worked with 1 only
  528. [13:37:24]      <SKFU>  and always worked
  529. [13:37:29]      <SKFU>  prolly many to identify the service
  530. [13:37:38]      <trixter>       the ticket is sent to say a game, netflix, etc. anythibng that uses psn. That way you do not send credentials to anyone but sony
  531. [13:38:12]      <SKFU>  if its like u say then this is another vuln lol
  532. [13:38:21]      <SKFU>  cuz as i tested if always first ticket works
  533. [13:38:26]      <SKFU>  you could hijack a session
  534. [13:38:41]      <SKFU>  the ticket and session i used didnt timeout
  535. [13:39:03]      <SKFU>  and if it always creates a new ticket as u say
  536. [13:39:07]      <SKFU>  there would be many sessions
  537. [13:39:08]      <trixter>       I also haave yet to monitor how long the tickets are valid for, I know that the ps3 does not reuse them between apps but that could just be the way its coded (they might be valid even though a normal ps3 will never reuse)
  538. [13:39:10]      <SKFU>  for one user open
  539. [13:39:21]      <trixter>       it may invalidate old ones on issuance of a new, I never looked
  540. [13:40:07]      <trixter>       I just know that I saw it getting one at app launch
  541. [13:40:34]      <SKFU>  hm wierd with the tickets
  542. [13:40:41]      <SKFU>  i know the ticket is build outta few params
  543. [13:40:50]      <SKFU>  the serial
  544. [13:40:52]      <SKFU>  the userid
  545. [13:40:55]      <SKFU>  issueddare
  546. [13:40:58]      <SKFU>  service id
  547. [13:41:00]      <SKFU>  online id
  548. [13:41:03]      <SKFU>  many many :P
  549. [13:41:06]      <trixter>       I also know that the server that does the x-i-5 tickets is a bit more tight about the ciphers than any other system in sonyland
  550. [13:41:56]      <trixter>       if sony is watching this channel they should know that running an older version of apache on a redhat server with known vulnerabilities is not wise, especially when that server freely reports its version and its the auth server
  551. [13:42:33]      <SKFU>  its not old version, they just didnt update the banner
  552. [13:43:03]      <trixter>       I consider apache 2.2.15 old
  553. [13:43:08]      <SKFU>  which server
  554. [13:43:11]      <trixter>       it also has known vulnerabilities
  555. [13:43:20]      <trixter>       auth.np.ac.playstation.net
  556. [13:43:23]      <SKFU>  ya the displayed version u see via banner is not the real version
  557. [13:43:32]      <trixter>       unless they updated it in the last couple weeks
  558. [13:43:53]      <trixter>       I doubt that since its not trivial to change that
  559. [13:44:10]      <trixter>       its a bit more invasive than just setting it to Prod like they do on their other servers
  560. [13:44:45]      <xttl>  you know, watching this conversation makes me think about whether it was a good idea after all to buy a couple of games from psn using a visa card
  561. [13:44:53]      <SKFU>  its just backported security patches
  562. [13:44:55]      <xttl>  i did remove all my info after downloading the games though
  563. [13:44:58]      <trixter>       that is just psn not the store
  564. [13:45:19]      <trixter>       they are running linux 2.6.9-2.6.24 on that box too
  565. [13:45:24]      <trixter>       that too is old
  566. [13:45:29]      <SKFU>  lol @ buying on store
  567. [13:45:36]      <xttl>  yes, but their general attitude towards security just seems...ugh
  568. [13:45:37]      <SKFU>  sony wont misuse the info i bet xD
  569. [13:45:44]      <SKFU>  but just prevent using cfw's of unknown ppl
  570. [13:46:06]      <SKFU>  even better from ALL ppl
  571. [13:46:09]      <SKFU>  make ur own lol
  572. [13:46:26]      <trixter>       so I doubt that they are spoofing the network stack on that box as well
  573. [13:46:37]      <trixter>       my guess is that it really is undermaintained "it works why change anything"
  574. [13:46:44]      <SKFU>  could be
  575. [13:46:58]      <trixter>       sony really should update that stuff to something more current
  576. [13:47:27]      <SKFU>  ya
  577. [13:47:30]      <SKFU>  but imagine
  578. [13:47:34]      <SKFU>  psn == 45 environments
  579. [13:47:37]      <SKFU>  and for example
  580. [13:47:43]      <SKFU>  every env has 50 subdomains
  581. [13:47:46]      <SKFU>  to external machines
  582. [13:47:50]      <SKFU>  its rly rly huge
  583. [13:47:57]      <SKFU>  who wants to do this xD
  584. [13:48:16]      <SKFU>  ppl r lazy
  585. [13:48:18]      <SKFU>  wont change
  586. [13:49:51]      <SKFU>  >.<
  587. [13:50:16]      <eussNL>        wb
  588. [14:20:29]      <trixter>       george orwell was an optimist
  589. [14:22:49]      <trixter>       I am highly tempted to remap the RSS feed for the ps3 adverts to my own rss feed of stuff I care about :P
  590. [14:23:00]      <trixter>       simple squid redirect
  591. [14:26:26]      <eussNL>        george orwell would be amazed by the means/methods we have and still put up with it
  592. [14:29:04]      <barf_> a telescreen in every home !
  593. [15:26:34]      <meeplo>        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cf7IL_eZ38&feature=player_embedded#at=122
  594. [15:26:36]      <DarukBot>      (title) YouTube - A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning.
  595. [15:32:42]      <Scorpion7>     What file system does the ps3 internal hdd use ?
  596. [15:32:52]      <eussNL>        UFS:encrypted
  597. [15:33:02]      <Scorpion7>     Does it have a 260 character file path limit . Like what windows has ?
  598. [15:34:37]      <eussNL>        "Max filename length: 255 bytes" (Unix File System) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_File_System
  599. [15:34:38]      <DarukBot>      (title) Unix File System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  600. [15:35:01]      <JEEB>  path can be longer tho, right?
  601. [15:35:02]      <JEEB>  :3
  602. [15:35:11]      <Scorpion7>     so that means i can't have a path on the internal hdd that is longer than 255 characters ?
  603. [15:35:21]      <JEEB>  it says nothing about the whole path
  604. [15:35:31]      <JEEB>  only about a file name's length
  605. [15:35:34]      <eussNL>        per file/folder
  606. [15:36:14]      <eussNL>         /folder1/folder2/folder3/folder4 etc is still using only 7 characters per sub
  607. [15:36:52]      <defaultro>     jbc/segobi, you there
  608. [15:37:54]      <Scorpion7>     kk
  609. [15:38:33]      <Scorpion7>     See on 3.55 , when on psn and connected to sonys servers can sony look at my hdd, and read what files are in what folders etc ?
  610. [15:39:16]      <Som3>  wtf.. skfu published my cc number...
  611. [15:39:21]      <Som3>  lol
  612. [15:40:25]      <segobi>        ya defaultro
  613. [15:40:26]      <segobi>        whats up
  614. [15:40:38]      <eussNL>        you wouldn't sleep if you knew what they can see Scorpion7
  615. [15:41:01]      <Scorpion7>     lol
  616. [15:53:00]      <defaultro>     sorry, i'm back
  617. [15:54:02]      <defaultro>     segobi, I mentioned it here last night here that I got ubuntu reso at 1080p. I noticed though that it's slow on our ps3. Prolly due to the very small swap
  618. [16:12:56]      <Killer_In>     why i cant run any asbestos? i ve installed asbestos 1.2 which runs without hdmi(im using av scart),installed lv2_9,and a image.bin of khaos linux v3 in root of a usb stick formatted as FAT,y run asbestos 1.2,after i run lv_9,select dev_hdd0/ga: #Linux,but no signal or ps3 reboots and gives me an error of bad power off :S
  619. [16:49:20]      <defaultro>     am I correct that the reason why current asbestos and linux implementation is slow is because of the small swap and as well as linux as loopfile?
  620. [17:00:58]      <Arknight>      wow its very quiet in here!
  621. [17:06:15]      <kraiskil>      now you went and spoiled a perfectly good silence :(
  622. [17:18:06]      <Som3>  ban hammer incoming
  623. [17:18:29]      <Som3>  http://uk.playstation.com/ps3/news/articles/detail/item347086/Important-Access-to-the-PlayStation%C2%AENetwork-and-Access-to-Qriocity%E2%84%A2-Services-Notice/
  624. [17:20:51]      <Melfice_>      Publish date:   01/02/11
  625. [17:20:58]      <Melfice_>      kinda late
  626. [17:21:31]      <Som3>  just the date is wrong
  627. [17:21:34]      <Som3>  http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/02/16/official-statement-regarding-ps3-circumvention-devices-and-pirated-software/
  628. [17:21:51]      <Som3>  was published today
  629. [17:22:46]      <trixter>       hrm odd that the date is wrong if they have some automated thing. although the url has the date embedded
  630. [17:22:51]      <trixter>       wonder how long they were working on that release
  631. [18:01:44]      <kraiskil>      sure is fluently put. Almost made me agree.
  632. [18:08:55]      <p-hiddy>       i fully agree, as long as they ban people for going online with cfw from this point on, not for going online before
  633. [18:16:52]      <trixter>       I think its time for me to make some pancakes and tasty bacon
  634. [18:16:56]      <JEEB>  It's completely understandable that they don't want modified consoles (clients) on their networks :3
  635. [18:17:05]      <JEEB>  just like with other multiplayer systems etc.
  636. [18:17:14]      <trixter>       I only say that because I know some people in here are starving college students and cant afford much by way of food :P
  637. [18:17:25]      <Killer_In>     an NPDRM pkg would be extracted?
  638. [18:18:08]      <trixter>       JEEB: especially since from their perspective they only see piracy or cheaters. The people who mod but dont cheat or pirate are invisible for a variety of reasons
  639. [18:18:29]      <trixter>       so it seems like its a higher percentage, and maybe it is a really high percentage that are doing backups and cheats
  640. [18:18:46]      <JEEB>  yah
  641. [18:18:48]      <trixter>       I really dont know what the numbers are, but I can fully understand why it seems like its almost all from their perspective
  642. [18:18:57]      <JEEB>  indeed
  643. [18:19:24]      <JEEB>  And I'm alright with it. Should I ever get a PS3 I wouldn't go to PSN.
  644. [18:20:55]      <pcfreak30>     WEll TBH, I think somy banned me or something, as I get a sl error now. Then again I was snooping on thei servers...
  645. [18:21:01]      <Djinn> well hopefully when we get a stable multiboot method working, we'll get to choose :P
  646. [18:21:02]      <pcfreak30>     ssl*
  647. [18:21:21]      <Djinn> pcfreak30: did you attempt to modfy ssl certificates?
  648. [18:21:32]      <pcfreak30>     Djinn, both ca24/27
  649. [18:21:37]      <JEEB>  Djinn, yah -- something like that would be great as well. As long as they can't check the hashes of the whole file system etc.
  650. [18:21:38]      <Djinn> that might be why :P
  651. [18:21:41]      <trixter>       why 2?
  652. [18:21:46]      <pcfreak30>     If the header isnt modified I get a error header with a error code
  653. [18:21:58]      <pcfreak30>     If it is changed I get a ssl handshake error
  654. [18:22:03]      <JEEB>  s/file system/flash/
  655. [18:22:17]      <pcfreak30>     Ya, ive been online 100 times already
  656. [18:22:23]      <pcfreak30>     using charles and dnsmasq
  657. [18:22:30]      <pcfreak30>     ubuntu...
  658. [18:22:32]      <Djinn> i'd try replacing the ssl certificates with the originals
  659. [18:22:35]      <Djinn> and seeing what happens
  660. [18:22:36]      <pcfreak30>     and no, not a vm
  661. [18:22:43]      <pcfreak30>     Ya been there
  662. [18:22:47]      <pcfreak30>     no dice
  663. [18:22:56]      <pcfreak30>     i even used a custom cert in charles
  664. [18:23:02]      <trixter>       27 is thawte and 24 is gte. so if you modded those two it should not affect much from sony, but maybe some 3rd party sites
  665. [18:23:03]      <pcfreak30>     and it requires a password????
  666. [18:23:31]      <pcfreak30>     i took 24 and iported to the proxy and charles asked 4 a pass
  667. [18:23:46]      <Djinn> can't help you with charles, my ps3 is in the mail, so i haven't been doing anything lately
  668. [18:23:56]      <pcfreak30>     ive tried 24 and 27, and no luck. hell ive done via a vpn too
  669. [18:24:08]      <pcfreak30>     though
  670. [18:24:17]      <pcfreak30>     i have been able to log all dns queries
  671. [18:24:18]      <Djinn> i doubt sony would ban using an ssl error though
  672. [18:24:23]      <trixter>       I have had no problems with the cert, and because they are not using a client cert (yet??) for each ps3 they cant tell if the proxy app is doing its job correctly
  673. [18:24:27]      <pcfreak30>     and get every psn server as well as mw2's 2 servers
  674. [18:24:40]      <trixter>       I do know that psn will reject auth with reason code 21 if you do not have the proper cipher
  675. [18:24:51]      <pcfreak30>     ya
  676. [18:24:55]      <pcfreak30>     ive gotten a few
  677. [18:25:09]      <trixter>       I am thinking that you have something weird going on network wise that is causing that problem
  678. [18:25:20]      <trixter>       I have been doing stuff with ssl MITM for months now and no problems
  679. [18:25:31]      <trixter>       before even 3.56 was created
  680. [18:25:40]      <Djinn> could always be some noob on your network with a sniffer :P
  681. [18:25:55]      <trixter>       I am not using a proxy that may alter headers though, dunno about charles, the one I wrote passes everything verbatim
  682. [18:26:16]      <pcfreak30>     ya
  683. [18:26:26]      <pcfreak30>     seems sony relies on a version header
  684. [18:26:31]      <pcfreak30>     to know ur fw version
  685. [18:26:44]      <pcfreak30>     X-I-5-Version: 3.0
  686. [18:26:45]      <pcfreak30>     X-I-5-Status: OK
  687. [18:26:58]      <trixter>       for now, the platform-passphrase can be used later on
  688. [18:26:59]      <pcfreak30>     makes me curious as to whats running on apache for them
  689. [18:27:04]      <pcfreak30>     if its a web request
  690. [18:27:15]      <trixter>       its a custom app, like many of them out there
  691. [18:27:20]      <trixter>       google is a custom app for example
  692. [18:27:27]      <pcfreak30>     ya
  693. [18:28:58]      <pcfreak30>     ok this is very odd
  694. [18:29:05]      <pcfreak30>     im now getting abad quest
  695. [18:29:10]      <pcfreak30>     a bad request
  696. [18:29:15]      <trixter>       sounds like your network is broken in some way
  697. [18:29:17]      <pcfreak30>     this is a first
  698. [18:29:47]      <pcfreak30>     idk
  699. [18:29:57]      <pcfreak30>     though ive been switching on and off a vobn..
  700. [18:30:02]      <pcfreak30>     vpn*
  701. [18:32:31]      <pcfreak30>     Though I do find interesting, about every request to sony uses post, or returns a xml result set
  702. [18:44:47]      <defaultro>     I just thought of this. It will be a problem for people who uses cfw when they implement two factor authentication. They will install a feature that generates a token (like RSA software token).
  703. [18:45:04]      <defaultro>     lucky, i don;t play much
  704. [18:45:46]      <zapu>  are you talking about disabling that psn proxy?
  705. [18:48:23]      <trixter>       they dont even have to do that much
  706. [18:48:50]      <trixter>       all they have to do is change something else in the requests, anything, and people will still be sending the old format
  707. [18:49:17]      <defaultro>     people will just sniff and change another code
  708. [18:49:22]      <SLC>   I bet they will have an option to hashcheck the fw too?
  709. [18:49:41]      <SLC>   if they can do that, you're basically fucked either way:)
  710. [18:50:01]      <defaultro>     the tricky thing for them is to how to query a hacked ofw :)
  711. [18:50:14]      <trixter>       sniffing ssl when you cant modify /dev_flash is difficult
  712. [18:50:41]      <defaultro>     the outgoing packets
  713. [18:50:42]      <netkas>        mitm frw
  714. [18:50:47]      <netkas>        *ftw
  715. [18:50:54]      <trixter>       how can you mitm ssl if you cant write to /dev_flash?
  716. [18:51:03]      <netkas>        speaking in general :P
  717. [18:51:11]      <trixter>       I was speaking in specifics
  718. [18:51:14]      <defaultro>     no, you will be listening to a legit ps3 console
  719. [18:51:17]      <defaultro>     oh yeah
  720. [18:51:24]      <defaultro>     you can't get the cert
  721. [18:51:29]      <defaultro>     that's very important
  722. [18:51:30]      <netkas>        well, if hash is passed to sony, u can mitm hash :P
  723. [18:51:57]      <defaultro>     not on a ofw
  724. [18:52:09]      <netkas>        well....hmm.
  725. [18:52:15]      <defaultro>     first, you need to find out the new packets
  726. [18:52:23]      <defaultro>     and that is done using ofw 3.55+
  727. [18:52:42]      <defaultro>     but you need to take hold of the cert it uses, that's another problem
  728. [18:54:07]      <trixter>       unless you can access /dev_flash via another way you cant do it easily
  729. [18:54:29]      <trixter>       no one issues md5 certs anymore so that method is kinda out
  730. [18:54:37]      <defaultro>     yup
  731. [18:54:58]      <defaultro>     the best way is to purchase another ps3 console
  732. [18:56:30]      <trixter>       I have 2 how many do I need/
  733. [18:56:52]      <p-hiddy>       this is why you'll have to reboot into ofw if you don't want to buy another ps3
  734. [18:57:06]      <defaultro>     that's a neat idea
  735. [18:57:07]      <defaultro>     :)
  736. [18:57:19]      <defaultro>     is that possible now?
  737. [18:57:28]      <defaultro>     but isn't the firmware on chip?
  738. [18:57:39]      <defaultro>     software on chip?
  739. [18:57:48]      <defaultro>     we install it on flash
  740. [18:58:09]      <p-hiddy>       you use the hypervisor to redirect the flash to the hard drive, sort of like what they do with the vflash... but it's easier said than done
  741. [18:58:25]      <defaultro>     cool
  742. [18:58:48]      <defaultro>     i would love to have that kind of feature
  743. [18:59:37]      <trixter>       how do you do that to a ps3 that has firmware that no one knows how to mod yet?
  744. [18:59:42]      <p-hiddy>       i would too, but i'm not holding my breath on it, it would be a freaking nightmare to do, based on my poking around
  745. [19:00:12]      <p-hiddy>       trixter: you would be running the ofw, so there would be no need to mod it
  746. [19:00:59]      <miles> "Reminder: If you get error 0x8002A227 sony banned your ps3 from the psn."
  747. [19:01:09]      <defaultro>     lol
  748. [19:01:17]      <defaultro>     looks like a dns error
  749. [19:01:22]      <miles> Math' on twitter
  750. [19:01:29]      <defaultro>     k
  751. [19:01:47]      <p-hiddy>       reload the loaders and package revoke list, redirect the vflash to a seperate ofw vflash on the hd, and also redirect the hardware flash to the hd... and that's just the start of what would need to be done
  752. [19:01:48]      <defaultro>     when was it implemented?
  753. [19:02:04]      <trixter>       p-hiddy: if you run ofw how can you then dual boot into cfw?
  754. [19:02:21]      <defaultro>     there is a boot loader on top of it
  755. [19:02:29]      <defaultro>     my guess
  756. [19:02:34]      <p-hiddy>       trixter: you would reload lv2, you would still be running cfw lv1
  757. [19:02:58]      <p-hiddy>       lv2 runs in a virtual environment, and so it can be lied to by lv1 :)
  758. [19:03:45]      <defaultro>     p-hiddy, is this in the plans or just wants for now?
  759. [19:04:08]      <p-hiddy>       just wants, i don't have the ability to make it work
  760. [19:04:22]      <defaultro>     k
  761. [19:04:58]      <p-hiddy>       then again, i wasn't using ida in my poking around, either
  762. [19:14:34]      <beatdowni>     so psn bans started ?
  763. [19:14:54]      <N0wx>  sony can't ban u in 3.55
  764. [19:15:05]      <beatdowni>     thats where i am :P
  765. [19:16:26]      <beatdowni>     im gona upgrade tho to 3.56 because of MVC3
  766. [19:17:03]      <N0wx>  + sony can see ur floders or programs in ur ps3
  767. [19:18:13]      <N0wx>  are downgrade need keys?
  768. [19:18:15]      <p-hiddy>       set the dns on your ps3 to something like or so, and it'll never connect to psn again... or just unplug the cable
  769. [19:19:06]      <N0wx>  sony can see ur floders or programs in 3.55 :d
  770. [19:19:29]      <p-hiddy>       not if you don't go online
  771. [19:19:31]      <maatelu>       i was recently looking at the certs in the cert folder
  772. [19:19:46]      <N0wx>  sony wait 3.56 hacked then will start BAN but sony wait the new games like Mw3
  773. [19:19:57]      <beatdowni>     oh prob do a restore before upgrading
  774. [19:20:00]      <maatelu>       do they have the private ssl key in them so we can decrypt psn packets?
  775. [19:21:06]      <maatelu>       was wondering who is the person that decrypted psn so we can all start work on a p2p gaming network
  776. [19:21:47]      <N0wx>  delete the history if u don't want sony see wat do u run or wat do u play
  777. [19:23:03]      <p-hiddy>       the only key the cert contains is the server's public key, if i understand this correctly
  778. [19:23:22]      <maatelu>       the psn server?
  779. [19:23:42]      <p-hiddy>       yeah
  780. [19:23:47]      <maatelu>       ok but what about the playstation its self?
  781. [19:24:00]      <maatelu>       it has its own private public key right?
  782. [19:24:11]      <p-hiddy>       "In order to generate the session keys used for the secure connection, the client encrypts a random number with the server's public key and sends the result to the server. Only the server should be able to decrypt it, with its private key."
  783. [19:24:25]      <p-hiddy>       "From the random number, both parties generate key material for encryption and decryption."
  784. [19:24:37]      <p-hiddy>       "This concludes the handshake and begins the secured connection, which is encrypted and decrypted with the key material until the connection closes."
  785. [19:24:45]      <maatelu>       ok must read up on my ssl cheers
  786. [19:25:22]      <maatelu>       ok so we start up a ps3 cloud and brutefore the key lol
  787. [19:25:31]      <p-hiddy>       the problem would be that the randome number is encrypted, and can only be decrypted by the server
  788. [19:25:45]      <p-hiddy>       you have to be the client to know that number
  789. [19:26:02]      <maatelu>       the ps3 right?
  790. [19:26:07]      <p-hiddy>       yup
  791. [19:26:14]      <maatelu>       ok then custom lv1
  792. [19:26:20]      <maatelu>       that leaks the number
  793. [19:26:25]      <maatelu>       to a local machine
  794. [19:26:57]      <p-hiddy>       if the random number came from the encdec, then that might be doable, i suppose
  795. [19:27:42]      <maatelu>       ok so which packets would that let us decrypt?
  796. [19:27:47]      <p-hiddy>       it'd be easier to just replace all the certs on the ps3 with your own, and run a mitm with a transparent proxy
  797. [19:27:47]      <maatelu>       sent or recieved?
  798. [19:28:15]      <maatelu>       but wont sony know if the cert is custom?
  799. [19:29:07]      <p-hiddy>       a mitm would have to reencode everything to make it look like the mitm was the ps3 using the proper certs
  800. [19:29:18]      <maatelu>       ya thats what i was thinking
  801. [19:29:29]      <maatelu>       we would have the private key of our own cert
  802. [19:29:32]      <p-hiddy>       it's almost not worth the trouble, tbh
  803. [19:29:39]      <maatelu>       so we get the random number
  804. [19:29:48]      <maatelu>       and resend it with sonys cert
  805. [19:29:58]      <maatelu>       this correct?
  806. [19:30:46]      <maatelu>       then we can decrypt all packets sent and recieved?
  807. [19:31:18]      <p-hiddy>       pretty much, i think
  808. [19:31:47]      <p-hiddy>       i'm sure it'd be way of a bitch to do than that, though
  809. [19:32:26]      <p-hiddy>       and they'll still send remote code to the ps3, and that will return that the ps3 is not actually running ofw
  810. [19:33:14]      <maatelu>       not really if ya have dnsmasq on ddwrt running i dont think
  811. [19:33:37]      <maatelu>       ok so when is the ban coming in?
  812. [19:34:12]      <maatelu>       block all packets except the sign in
  813. [19:34:48]      <maatelu>       and try to work on decoding the way psn works someone done it already ^^
  814. [19:35:33]      <maatelu>       how about ofw just with a custom cert?
  815. [19:36:28]      <maatelu>       is it illegal to brutefore sonys cert?
  816. [19:37:06]      <Fatalis>       anyone know where "PS3SETTINGS.SFT" is stored on debug consoles
  817. [19:38:37]      <maatelu>       sorry connection lost
  818. [19:53:07]      <casm__>        This shit...
  819. [19:53:24]      <Matt_P>        ?
  820. [19:53:34]      <casm__>        Netslipz are retarded
  821. [19:53:54]      <Matt_P>        casm prove ur existance!
  822. [19:54:10]      <casm__>        Ok, "fuck this bullshit, it won't let me change my nick back to casm"
  823. [19:54:21]      <casm__>        Also niggaz, jews, etc
  824. [19:54:39]      <casm__>        Anyway, the shit won't let me change my name back.
  825. [19:54:58]      <Matt_P>        lol
  826. [19:55:15]      <Matt_P>        lolwat!?
  827. [19:55:17]      <Matt_P>        08:55 [localhost2] -!- Nick casm is temporarily unavailable
  828. [19:55:24]      <casm__>        Yeah, wtf is that shit
  829. [19:56:10]      <NoNameNo>      OFF TOPIC : i just released a nice and fun whitepaper : http://packetstormsecurity.org/files/98514/Embedding-Hidden-Files-In-Jpeg-Images.html ;)
  830. [19:56:41]      <zerkman>       hey NoNameNo
  831. [19:56:57]      <casm_> NoNameNo steganography?
  832. [19:57:04]      <shuffle2>      is it in english?!
  833. [19:57:23]      <NoNameNo>      shuffle2: yeah ;)
  834. [19:57:25]      <Cr4zi3>        nice
  835. [19:57:46]      <maatelu>       finally a complete build of ps3chain in window64 that runs properly :P
  836. [19:57:58]      <maatelu>       7z that baby :D
  837. [19:58:17]      <maatelu>       and create a build bot :D
  838. [19:58:27]      <trixter>       <p-hiddy> the only key the cert contains is the server's public key, if i understand this correctly -- close but no. The servers certificate is signed with a root CA, and you have the root CA public key
  839. [19:58:59]      <zerkman>       tar xzvf keys.tar.jpg ;)
  840. [19:59:07]      <maatelu>       lol
  841. [19:59:20]      <shuffle2>      idk, it is a bit silly if it's easily possible to tell there is formatted data there
  842. [19:59:26]      <shuffle2>      instead of appearing as random garbage
  843. [19:59:51]      <shuffle2>      i just watched the "OMG WTF PDF" talk recording from 27c3 and it was pretty similar in spirit
  844. [20:00:17]      <trixter>       <p-hiddy> a mitm would have to reencode everything to make it look like the mitm was the ps3 using the proper certs -- the bigger challenge is to impersonate the server to the ps3. Emulating the ps3 side is similar to most any https client
  845. [20:00:37]      <maatelu>       <trixter> will the idea of a proxy and custom cert with master key work?
  846. [20:00:44]      <maatelu>       o wait you just answered that
  847. [20:00:48]      <Matt_P>        not a very interesting whitepaper.
  848. [20:01:51]      <zerkman>       Matt_P: why not ?
  849. [20:01:56]      <trixter>       I wrote something that will bind and wait for a connection. When it gets one it looks at the original ip:port (everything to 443 is diverted via iptables). iit will connect to the original server and grab its certificate. It then generates a new cert signed with something the ps3 trusts
  850. [20:01:57]      <maatelu>       ok then how about a custom firmware that ignores psn completely and connects somewhere else... seems simple
  851. [20:02:11]      <trixter>       it sends that to the ps3, who then sends the request to the proxy, who forwards iit to the real server
  852. [20:02:11]      <shuffle2>      NoNameNo: i turned my ps3 on for the first time in a while the other day
  853. [20:02:17]      <shuffle2>      saw the coke can again ;p
  854. [20:02:26]      <cas_m> coke can?
  855. [20:02:35]      <shuffle2>      a can
  856. [20:02:37]      <cas_m> The "make believe" screen?
  857. [20:02:38]      <shuffle2>      of coke
  858. [20:02:43]      <cas_m> Never seent that.
  859. [20:02:46]      <maatelu>       ok trixter that makes sence
  860. [20:03:05]      <trixter>       I literally copy the CN line from the original server
  861. [20:04:14]      <arpz>  trixter: is there a release coming? :)
  862. [20:04:22]      <Matt_P>        shh u
  863. [20:04:23]      <Matt_P>        lol
  864. [20:04:57]      <instinct->     cant change nick back til networks reconnect
  865. [20:05:06]      <instinct->     its to prevent nick collision
  866. [20:05:32]      <dntdrpsop>     instinct- yeah
  867. [20:05:39]      <dntdrpsop>     I figured it would be connected by now though
  868. [20:05:42]      <trixter>       not of my stuff, but its highly similar to sslsniff. To make that work properly with a ps3 you have to stop using random serials for the certs and you may want to fix logging so that it is not garbage
  869. [20:05:51]      <instinct->     choopa sucks
  870. [20:07:58]      <arpz>  I see..its probably a little advanced for me, but thanks for the insight
  871. [20:11:31]      <pcfreak30>     So anyone have any idea if sony changed anytghing in auth.ac.np.playstation.net?
  872. [20:11:38]      <pcfreak30>     SSL wise?
  873. [20:11:45]      <trixter>       since that is just a domain name, probably not
  874. [20:12:22]      <trixter>       I do know in 3.56 they changed a couple of things related to NP and they may have just updated the server to take advantage of that
  875. [20:12:29]      <pcfreak30>     well i am using dnsmasq, and i dont get why i am suddently getting trouble from sony
  876. [20:12:57]      <pcfreak30>     But do you know if there is a passwotrd on their ceets
  877. [20:13:08]      <pcfreak30>     As its odd that i require a pass to use them
  878. [20:13:15]      <pcfreak30>     certs*
  879. [20:13:31]      <pcfreak30>     As a theory would be instead of replacing the cert in the nand
  880. [20:13:39]      <pcfreak30>     just dump the one there already
  881. [20:13:41]      <pcfreak30>     and use it
  882. [20:13:42]      <trixter>       I just use arpspoof and hijack that way
  883. [20:13:53]      <trixter>       but regular DNS works normally
  884. [20:13:54]      <pcfreak30>     Meh
  885. [20:14:00]      <pcfreak30>     I just set the dns servers
  886. [20:14:08]      <pcfreak30>     dnsmasq works well
  887. [20:14:29]      <trixter>       apparently it doesnt
  888. [20:14:34]      <trixter>       you are having problems, I am not
  889. [20:14:53]      <pcfreak30>     ya well ive already connected like 30 times
  890. [20:15:02]      <pcfreak30>     So any clue as to why I might be getting a bad response
  891. [20:15:18]      <pcfreak30>     And you think they have updated their certs in the new firmware by chance?
  892. [20:15:21]      <trixter>       my guess is that something on your ntework is wrong
  893. [20:15:30]      <trixter>       the certs were not changed
  894. [20:15:38]      <arpz>  pcfreak30: you do know they've been banning, right?
  895. [20:15:51]      <pcfreak30>     Considering im not using a vpn and just dns servers like always, I don't see where the issue is
  896. [20:16:19]      <pcfreak30>     arpz, i figured, but i would think they would givev a error code, not just block the communication
  897. [20:16:34]      <arpz>  oh i see, yes, apparently it has been giving out a code
  898. [20:16:34]      <trixter>       they do
  899. [20:16:35]      <arpz>  sorry
  900. [20:16:42]      <pcfreak30>     ya
  901. [20:16:51]      <pcfreak30>     im getting ssl handshake error
  902. [20:16:53]      <trixter>       which is why I have said before quite a few times that I thinnk something on your network is wrong
  903. [20:16:55]      <pcfreak30>     and 400 bad request
  904. [20:17:01]      <pcfreak30>     mk
  905. [20:17:06]      <pcfreak30>     im rebooting my net
  906. [20:17:08]      <pcfreak30>     brb
  907. [20:18:01]      <trixter>       there are a couple issues with psn auth. 1. you must match the ciphers of the ps3, auth will reject it with error code 21 if its not right. 2. random serial numbers confuse the ps3 and it starts using the wrong cert for the server
  908. [20:18:18]      <trixter>       why sslsniff had to be modded to use a static serial for all certs to make it work
  909. [20:20:24]      <arpz>  Do you have any idea what they're actually banning on?
  910. [20:21:00]      <trixter>       they are banning on psn
  911. [20:21:21]      <arpz>  sorry, I meant, is it MAC address? or something else?
  912. [20:22:23]      <trixter>       consoleid
  913. [20:22:44]      <arpz>  presumably there's some mechanism to prevent that from being changed/
  914. [20:22:55]      <trixter>       presumably
  915. [20:23:12]      <trixter>       they may also be doingn it on psn login so if that is on multiple consoles it then becomes dead
  916. [20:23:39]      <arpz>  i dont really understand why, if everything can pass through a proxy which is rewriting information then why can't it rewrite consoleid?
  917. [20:24:04]      <trixter>       mac addresses do not transit off the local network, now they can be encapsulated and sent off, much like the consoleid is, but its easier to just do it on the consoleid than mac
  918. [20:24:14]      <Djinn> arpz: consoleid is likely what they'll be banning on
  919. [20:24:19]      <Djinn> they'd be stupid to use anything else
  920. [20:24:34]      <trixter>       rewriting the console id and creating a correct x-platform-passphrase is possible
  921. [20:25:36]      <arpz>  I see, ok. Good to hear, i'd been screaming that in my head and couldn't figure out why no one had mentioned it
  922. [20:27:14]      <Djinn> it is, it just hasn't been done yet
  923. [20:27:17]      <Djinn> publicly :P
  924. [20:27:43]      <arpz>  of course :)
  925. [20:27:46]      <trixter>       with COD cheating they banned consoleid of all consoles that used that id
  926. [20:27:56]      <pcfreak30>     hmm
  927. [20:27:58]      <trixter>       so if you logged in on a friends, they get banned too
  928. [20:27:59]      <pcfreak30>     this is odd
  929. [20:28:12]      <pcfreak30>     i only get a ssl error when i change the header
  930. [20:28:27]      <pcfreak30>     if i dont i get error code 12
  931. [20:30:55]      <pcfreak30>     trixter, do you think the console id's have a algorithm?
  932. [20:31:32]      <Mormegil>      hope its a sony random number
  933. [20:31:41]      <pcfreak30>     well
  934. [20:31:57]      <pcfreak30>     i want to get back on to explore their net really
  935. [20:32:33]      <pcfreak30>     i did however alter my console id in a reques, and got a different error...
  936. [20:32:39]      <pcfreak30>     request
  937. [20:33:00]      <Djinn> what error?
  938. [20:33:07]      <pcfreak30>     um
  939. [20:33:10]      <pcfreak30>     ill try again
  940. [20:33:48]      <Scorpion7>     Whos this guy that seems to have decrypted all of PSN, all the commands etc ?
  941. [20:35:58]      <pcfreak30>     hmm, yea im curious about that too
  942. [20:36:43]      <Djinn> Scorpion7: what guy?
  943. [20:36:47]      <Djinn> never heard about this
  944. [20:37:06]      <pcfreak30>     btw anyone know of anything sent to sony that would tell them we bypassed
  945. [20:37:15]      <pcfreak30>     that we havent altered yet?
  946. [20:38:00]      <Djinn> well in 3.56 theres that supposed rootkit
  947. [20:38:29]      <Djinn> afaik, in <3.56, its just the app log, which we've wiped, spoofed, modified, etc.
  948. [20:38:47]      <Djinn> they probably also get connection logs with console id, fw, etc.
  949. [20:39:20]      <pcfreak30>     um
  950. [20:39:27]      <pcfreak30>     i have all the domaind they access
  951. [20:39:31]      <pcfreak30>     via dnsmasq logs
  952. [20:39:36]      <pcfreak30>     even mw2 servers
  953. [20:39:50]      <pcfreak30>     if u could get the ports and ssl u could spy there as well
  954. [20:43:51]      <pcfreak30>     http://img593.imageshack.us/i/selection024.png/
  955. [20:43:54]      <DarukBot>      (title) ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  956. [20:44:11]      <pcfreak30>     theres a screen shot of what i am currently getting
  957. [20:44:18]      <pcfreak30>     and wtf
  958. [20:44:47]      <arpz>  http://img593.imageshack.us/i/selection024.png/
  959. [20:44:48]      <DarukBot>      (title) ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  960. [20:44:50]      <arpz>  eeek
  961. [20:44:51]      <arpz>  sorry
  962. [20:45:06]      <arpz>  annoying not being able to click links in this client :P
  963. [20:46:03]      <pcfreak30>     meh
  964. [20:46:14]      <pcfreak30>     i just used charles in the proxy settingb too
  965. [20:46:19]      <pcfreak30>     got no extra info
  966. [20:46:24]      <pcfreak30>     except more errors
  967. [20:46:33]      <pcfreak30>     anyone have any ideas?
  968. [20:46:38]      <pcfreak30>     um
  969. [20:46:40]      <pcfreak30>     idk
  970. [20:46:55]      <pcfreak30>     opps, wrong chat
  971. [20:48:11]      <arpz>  220 is a request for a user:pass
  972. [20:48:16]      <Doggie721>     http://img121.imageshack.us/i/banwgq.png/
  973. [20:48:17]      <DarukBot>      (title) ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  974. [20:48:25]      <Doggie721>     on sale just for today
  975. [20:50:33]      <pcfreak30>     Im getting 200 ok's and ssl errors,..
  976. [21:06:27]      <losREDBUL>     re
  977. [21:06:36]      <megazig>       no
  978. [21:32:28]      <beatdowni>     wow just got an email from sony thought my account was banned lol
  979. [21:34:53]      <beatdowni>     oh its an email telling me to remove everything
  980. [21:35:15]      <barnito>       remove what?
  981. [21:35:56]      <beatdowni>     A circumvention device and/or unauthorized or pirated software currently resides on your PlayStation(R)3 system.
  982. [21:36:11]      <beatdowni>     Immediately cease use and remove all circumvention devices and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from your PlayStation(R)3 system. Failure to do so will result in termination of your access to PlayStation(R) Network and access to Qriocity(TM) services through your PlayStation(R)3 system.
  983. [21:36:15]      <dwrfcrank>     :D
  984. [21:36:21]      <beatdowni>     thats what it says
  985. [21:36:42]      <Scorpion7>     ooo
  986. [21:36:44]      <adrianc>       lol
  987. [21:36:45]      <Scorpion7>     so your banned?
  988. [21:36:49]      <adrianc>       circumvention device
  989. [21:37:08]      <barnito>       LOL
  990. [21:37:30]      <beatdowni>     not yet im guessing
  991. [21:37:38]      <barnito>       fucking sony bullies
  992. [21:38:03]      <megazig>       it is their network, they have a right to ban
  993. [21:38:04]      <Djinn> nice sony :P
  994. [21:38:14]      <Scorpion7>     crap
  995. [21:38:15]      <Djinn> thats an interesting way to handle things
  996. [21:38:20]      <Scorpion7>     I just got that osny email too
  997. [21:38:21]      <Scorpion7>     sony
  998. [21:38:33]      <Djinn> lol
  999. [21:38:36]      <barnito>       not me
  1000. [21:38:53]      <beatdowni>     i was going to upgrade to 3.56 anyway
  1001. [21:38:54]      <Scorpion7>     A circumvention device and/or unauthorized or pirated software currently resides on your PlayStation(R)3 system.
  1002. [21:38:55]      <Scorpion7>     Immediately cease use and remove all circumvention devices and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from your PlayStation(R)3 system. Failure to do so will result in termination of your access to PlayStation(R) Network and access to Qriocity(TM) services through your PlayStation(R)3 system.
  1003. [21:38:58]      <barnito>       and i posted on their forums that i was on cfw lol
  1004. [21:39:08]      <dwrfcrank>     barnito: Way to reveal yourself
  1005. [21:39:23]      <Djinn> you should call up sony and tell them that you're about to cry cuz you didn't do anything and you're getting banned :P
  1006. [21:39:25]      <barnito>       PSN blows
  1007. [21:39:26]      <dwrfcrank>     But as megazig said, it's their network and they got the right to kick you out of it :P
  1008. [21:39:31]      <netkas>        looks like everyone getting it
  1009. [21:39:39]      <netkas>        anyone on ofw getting it as well ?
  1010. [21:40:06]      <beatdowni>     was wondering that myself wonder if anyone on ofw 3.55 and 3.56
  1011. [21:40:09]      <miles> You got mail
  1012. [21:40:16]      <Matt_P>        where are u getting it?
  1013. [21:40:21]      <Matt_P>        whats it being sent to?
  1014. [21:40:24]      <Matt_P>        emails ?
  1015. [21:40:37]      <miles> you psn account's email.
  1016. [21:40:43]      <miles> +r
  1017. [21:41:59]      <Scorpion7>     I got the email
  1018. [21:42:19]      <netkas>        viagra spam ?
  1019. [21:42:20]      <Modddie>       tell them you dont have any homebrew/illegal software and if they bother you again with spam mails, accusing you of a crime, you will sue them ;)
  1020. [21:42:21]      <Scorpion7>     psn account
  1021. [21:42:45]      <beatdowni>     im tempted to call sony fake crying telling them if they ban me my parents are gona beat me
  1022. [21:43:17]      <Scorpion7>     I have 3 psn accounts on my CFW ps3, I have logged in to all of them and accessed the psn store, though i only received that email on my main acocunt that I play online on my cfw
  1023. [21:43:30]      <MSoft> you're the negotiator beatdowni!
  1024. [21:43:55]      <miles> fucking order them to bring OtherOS back on all consoles and with GPU access
  1025. [21:43:58]      <MSoft> tell them that you will kill all the kids in the house if they do not unban you
  1026. [21:43:59]      <MSoft> :+
  1027. [21:44:06]      <MSoft> lol
  1028. [21:44:07]      <beatdowni>     lolo
  1029. [21:44:45]      <Matt_P>        well i dnt have one
  1030. [21:44:52]      <Matt_P>        and im on geohot fw
  1031. [21:44:58]      <Matt_P>        and i was online back when i could be
  1032. [21:45:16]      <miles> Did you use a dongle back in the days?
  1033. [21:45:24]      <Matt_P>        yep
  1034. [21:45:30]      <beatdowni>     i used the iphone hack myself
  1035. [21:45:31]      <Modddie>       tell them - if they ban you from psn, you can spend more time pirating games :D
  1036. [21:45:32]      <Matt_P>        never a pirate loader tho
  1037. [21:45:49]      <MSoft> rofl Modddie :D
  1038. [21:46:35]      <Scorpion7>     Is everyones emails from eu.playstation.com , has anyone had any emails from US.playstation yet ?
  1039. [21:46:46]      <Modddie>       it simple math - psn uses 50% of you internet connection, after the ban you can dl twice as games as before
  1040. [21:46:49]      <Scorpion7>     My other accounts are usa and hong kong so tht mite be why they dont have emails
  1041. [21:46:51]      <beatdowni>     mines from eu
  1042. [21:46:52]      <MSoft> i wonder if the people that got banned are playing games online or cheating or ...
  1043. [21:47:42]      <beatdowni>     while im on the phone im gona ask where i can download killzone3
  1044. [21:48:09]      <MSoft> or pretend you are downloading it
  1045. [21:48:11]      <MSoft> :P
  1046. [21:48:48]      <beatdowni>     sorry that was ment as a joke
  1047. [21:48:49]      <Som3one>       is ps3 sending my data to sony even when iḿ not logged to psn?
  1048. [21:48:59]      <rms>   hi
  1049. [21:49:09]      <Modddie>       or you tell them, after banned from psn , you wife always wants sex and you cant handle it anymore, so if they dont want to do the job, they should unban you
  1050. [21:49:37]      <beatdowni>     nice modddie
  1051. [21:49:41]      <Scorpion7>     The email says if you remove all cfw etc you wont get banned
  1052. [21:49:51]      <Scorpion7>     see if I update and sony bans me I wont be happy
  1053. [21:50:02]      <miles> Ask the Kevin Buttler about it. "Dear Playstation, I got banned from your services. What the fuck are you doing?"
  1054. [21:50:23]      <^^Kep> not only cfw but pirated/unauthorize programs as well, that would include emus etc
  1055. [21:50:36]      <Modddie>       i bet he answers with the public private key
  1056. [21:50:36]      <miles> People with PSN+ accounts reporting to be banned too
  1057. [21:51:00]      <beatdowni>     wow really that sucks for PSN+ users
  1058. [21:51:29]      <Modddie>       refund
  1059. [21:51:37]      <Som3one>       it sucks for me too, i have hundreds of $ in games purchased from ps store
  1060. [21:51:38]      <miles> sucks for everyone who has ever bought something online
  1061. [21:51:56]      <miles> i already feel cheated by singstar's DRM so hell
  1062. [21:52:08]      <megazig>       buy a second ps3
  1063. [21:52:21]      <miles> the *account* is banned. not the console.
  1064. [21:52:23]      <Modddie>       good that i always sticked with "no online, no sony spying"
  1065. [21:52:41]      <miles> well, mine's not banned since I do not do pirated games.
  1066. [21:52:45]      <miles> but still.
  1067. [21:53:03]      <Modddie>       so youre saying you cant access you legally purchased games?
  1068. [21:53:04]      <megazig>       second ps3 == second account
  1069. [21:53:31]      <miles> second account == you lose everything you ever bought online
  1070. [21:53:59]      <megazig>       not on your first account
  1071. [21:54:02]      <miles> Som3one> it sucks for me too, i have hundreds of $ in games purchased from ps store << this.
  1072. [21:54:05]      <megazig>       one ps3 for gaming
  1073. [21:54:07]      <megazig>       one for haxx
  1074. [21:54:19]      <MSoft> i am thinking of that yes :P
  1075. [21:54:25]      <miles> if first account is banned that's pointless
  1076. [21:54:33]      <miles> you're still losing $$
  1077. [21:54:37]      <megazig>       first account won't be banned if it has no crap
  1078. [21:54:47]      <megazig>       use crap on second account
  1079. [21:55:19]      <miles> what's even the point of making a crappy account then? If it's insta-banned, might as well never create a psn profile at all
  1080. [21:55:28]      <Som3one>       if second account is on same console of your first account they know it is the same console
  1081. [21:55:41]      <Som3one>       because it is activated for your first account
  1082. [21:55:50]      <megazig>       I said buy a second ps3
  1083. [21:55:59]      <Som3one>       missed that part
  1084. [21:56:05]      <megazig>       everyone should have known that a ban is possible
  1085. [21:56:15]      <megazig>       it's a risk you have to be willing to take
  1086. [21:56:22]      <Som3one>       giving more money to sony is not a solution for me thx :p
  1087. [21:56:46]      <Som3one>       i already spent too much
  1088. [21:57:00]      <megazig>       then don't haxx it
  1089. [21:57:03]      <miles> i'm still telling you i'm not fucking banned, but still have to struggle with the store DRM even while using legally my hardware.
  1090. [21:57:09]      <miles> the heck.
  1091. [21:57:15]      <megazig>       yes, some DRM is shit
  1092. [21:57:40]      <miles> mass class-action anyone?
  1093. [21:57:46]      <megazig>       pointless
  1094. [21:57:53]      <megazig>       they'd win that one without a blink
  1095. [21:58:19]      <miles> Did they get away with OtherOs' removal or is it on hold?
  1096. [21:58:42]      <megazig>       it's still pending
  1097. [21:58:48]      <megazig>       they'll get away with it fine
  1098. [21:59:00]      <megazig>       you can keep OtherOS with not updating
  1099. [21:59:06]      <megazig>       it was in the update notes
  1100. [21:59:14]      <megazig>       updates are not part of their guarantee
  1101. [21:59:26]      <megazig>       so you optionally chose to remove it
  1102. [21:59:47]      <megazig>       if updates were mandatory for system use, it'd be different
  1103. [21:59:53]      <megazig>       or if forced
  1104. [22:00:54]      <Djinn> you can still make the argument they're forcing you to lose one of two advertised features
  1105. [22:00:56]      <miles> The key thing is that you bought a console to have BOTH Linux and PSN. Not to have to choose between those.
  1106. [22:00:57]      <Djinn> otherOS, and PSN
  1107. [22:01:05]      <megazig>       PSN is guaranteed either
  1108. [22:01:15]      <Djinn> the ability to use psn then
  1109. [22:01:24]      <miles> I'm sorry but it makes no sense to me that Sony could possibly win
  1110. [22:01:33]      <megazig>       PSN is a bonus
  1111. [22:01:42]      <megazig>       it's not part of your hardware you claim ownership of
  1112. [22:01:48]      <megazig>       it's not part of their sales agreement to you
  1113. [22:01:57]      <Djinn> access to psn was advertised when you bought the ps3 though :P
  1114. [22:01:58]      <miles> how is it not?
  1115. [22:02:09]      <miles> there's an PSNÂ logo on the box.
  1116. [22:02:18]      <Djinn> its true that the EULA says they can cut off PSN access for any reason
  1117. [22:02:23]      <barnito>       http://psx-scene.com/forums/f6/sonys-official-statement-regarding-ps3-circumvention-devices-pirated-software-80965/
  1118. [22:02:26]      <megazig>       there's pictures of other things on the box too. you don't own them
  1119. [22:02:28]      <Djinn> but you can argue that you should have the ability
  1120. [22:02:30]      <DarukBot>      (title) Sony's Official Statement Regarding PS3 Circumvention Devices and Pirated Software! - PSX-SCENE: The oldest and most trusted Playstation Scene Community
  1121. [22:02:36]      <miles> EULAs do not replace county laws
  1122. [22:02:53]      <megazig>       countries should have enforced not selling the items then
  1123. [22:02:57]      <defaultro>     yup barnito, we were talking about it earlier
  1124. [22:03:18]      <defaultro>     your nick is familiar. YOu on Wii?
  1125. [22:03:32]      <defaultro>     I mean #wiimod?
  1126. [22:03:36]      <barnito>       yes
  1127. [22:03:48]      <barnito>       same guy
  1128. [22:04:25]      <defaultro>     lol, wrong function from megasiz
  1129. [22:04:32]      <defaultro>     anyways, glad to see you here
  1130. [22:04:43]      <megazig>       wrong function?
  1131. [22:04:51]      <defaultro>     yeah, I wasn't adverising
  1132. [22:04:56]      <megazig>       it looked like it
  1133. [22:04:59]      <defaultro>     wrong rule
  1134. [22:05:08]      <megazig>       where's the rules?
  1135. [22:05:13]      <defaultro>     not to me, i was asking him
  1136. [22:05:20]      <defaultro>     you just decided to kick me?
  1137. [22:05:21]      <megazig>       try PM
  1138. [22:05:24]      <megazig>       yes
  1139. [22:05:28]      <defaultro>     ok
  1140. [22:06:35]      <beatdowni>     why is it that some people have been banned out right and some are given warnings?
  1141. [22:06:51]      <Djinn> depends on how sony is logging this
  1142. [22:06:58]      <Djinn> sony may be banning people that have run certain title ids
  1143. [22:07:02]      <airjer>        cuz people are cheaters but don't wanna admit it
  1144. [22:07:31]      <Matt_P>        Djinn I think you may be right.
  1145. [22:07:59]      <Djinn> my guess is sony has been logging title ids for months
  1146. [22:08:01]      <miles> Or monitoring the amount of time those IDs ran
  1147. [22:08:03]      <Djinn> and is just now using them
  1148. [22:08:09]      <airjer>        or they played kz3
  1149. [22:08:10]      <Djinn> idk if time ran is logged
  1150. [22:08:15]      <LioMajor>      i dont care about beeing banned for running my homebrew. anyway, i am not using psn since modding ps3 :)
  1151. [22:08:30]      <Djinn> it would be interesting if somebody knew a guy that had only run spoofed apps
  1152. [22:08:41]      <Djinn> i bet they wouldn't have been caught
  1153. [22:08:52]      <miles> Are people on 3.15 with a dongle banned? :D
  1154. [22:09:13]      <Djinn> anybody who has run title ids that weren't spoofed are at risk, regardless of fw
  1155. [22:09:19]      <LioMajor>      3.55 has a few missing functions , they might use remote stuff to detect cfw
  1156. [22:09:37]      <defaultro>     Djinn, what is that mean again please?
  1157. [22:09:41]      <Djinn> possible, but that would involve a lot of work on their part
  1158. [22:09:56]      <Djinn> whereas titleid logging has been in place and requires no work on their end
  1159. [22:10:00]      <forcer_>       LioMajor: that might be right
  1160. [22:10:18]      <Djinn> defaultro: when you run a app, the titleid is logged in a file that is uploaded to sony at least every time you sign into psn
  1161. [22:10:23]      <forcer_>       they assume you will get something when you query 3.56
  1162. [22:10:27]      <defaultro>     got it
  1163. [22:10:39]      <Djinn> which is why when we discovered this, certain people started spoofing titleids
  1164. [22:10:46]      <Djinn> to match downloadable psn games
  1165. [22:10:49]      <forcer_>       so when you don't get it, they know you're not running it
  1166. [22:11:40]      <miles> fun stuff to try: convert a retail game to run as a (fake) demo, upgrade to 3.56 ofw, see if fake-demo still runs, see if fake-demo can get you banned
  1167. [22:11:43]      <Djinn> running remote code on every ps3 would take up more bandwidth for them
  1168. [22:11:54]      <LioMajor>      after the first apps came out, i posted that they might log titleid's, after this a lot ppl started to stealth their apps ^^
  1169. [22:12:15]      <forcer_>       Djinn: they are desperate, remember?
  1170. [22:12:33]      <Djinn> true, but not so desparate as to take steps like that that would cause more issues for them :P
  1171. [22:12:36]      <forcer_>       Djinn: and they still MUST communicate with all the ps3s around
  1172. [22:12:42]      <forcer_>       with http
  1173. [22:12:51]      <Djinn> true, but code execution would require a secure connection
  1174. [22:12:53]      <LioMajor>      ps3 botnet ;)
  1175. [22:12:57]      <Djinn> you're talking encryption, verification
  1176. [22:13:02]      <Djinn> otherwise we could all run remote code :P
  1177. [22:13:18]      <Djinn> it would have to be per ps3 encryption obviously
  1178. [22:13:26]      <forcer_>       Djinn: did we actualy wireshark stuff that runs to our ps3s?
  1179. [22:13:32]      <Djinn> oh yeah
  1180. [22:13:35]      <Djinn> thats been beaten to death by now
  1181. [22:13:46]      <Djinn> how do you think psn bypasses were made :P
  1182. [22:14:21]      <forcer_>       Djinn: they know the bypass same as we do..
  1183. [22:14:41]      <LioMajor>      i say, stop caring about psn and sony stops caring about you :)
  1184. [22:15:09]      <Djinn> forcer_: then why haven't they changed the way you authenticate?
  1185. [22:15:10]      <forcer_>       LioMajor: I have bought my ps3 just for lx
  1186. [22:15:17]      <Djinn> why not encrypt it at least?
  1187. [22:15:19]      <Djinn> xD
  1188. [22:15:26]      <Djinn> cuz it would be additional load on their servers
  1189. [22:15:31]      <forcer_>       Djinn: because they would not catch the ids ?
  1190. [22:15:39]      <|mickey|>      yup and cuz they can finally start banning?
  1191. [22:15:53]      <Djinn> oh they could leave that unencrypted, but they could easily encrypt the psn auth strings
  1192. [22:15:58]      <defaultro>     how are they planning to ban again?
  1193. [22:16:29]      <|mickey|>      dunno someone posted a link earlier? see if I got it somewhere...
  1194. [22:16:30]      <Djinn> nobody knows for certain, but the only thing that makes sense is console id
  1195. [22:16:42]      <Som3one>       what is the code at the end of the mail?
  1196. [22:16:44]      <forcer_>       Djinn: why that?
  1197. [22:16:44]      <Matt_P>        and ur email
  1198. [22:16:46]      <defaultro>     got it
  1199. [22:16:50]      <Matt_P>        along with psna ccounts tied to it
  1200. [22:16:51]      <Djinn> because ip address is easily changed
  1201. [22:16:52]      <defaultro>     coz per ip addr is useless
  1202. [22:17:04]      <Djinn> not sure if they get mac address logged or not, but that has been modified
  1203. [22:17:08]      <Djinn> we can already spoof that
  1204. [22:17:09]      <Matt_P>        so alot of consoles will end up on ebay
  1205. [22:17:12]      <defaultro>     yu
  1206. [22:17:13]      <Matt_P>        with no mention they are banned
  1207. [22:17:21]      <|mickey|>      yup.. maybe console id.. since its homebrew and jailbreak they're hunting?
  1208. [22:17:29]      <Djinn> Matt_P: thats what chargebacks are for :P
  1209. [22:17:40]      <Djinn> but yeah, it'll be an issue
  1210. [22:17:41]      <Matt_P>        who said they are hunting homebrew?
  1211. [22:17:57]      <Djinn> aren't they?
  1212. [22:17:58]      <|mickey|>      well system changes would cover homebrew?
  1213. [22:18:01]      <Djinn> "unauthorized applications"
  1214. [22:18:02]      <Djinn> lol
  1215. [22:18:07]      <|mickey|>      yea and that too
  1216. [22:18:08]      <|mickey|>      lol
  1217. [22:18:27]      <|mickey|>      they said so in some press release Matt_P
  1218. [22:19:27]      <forcer_>       I think that they are focused on cheaters, that's doing bat PR
  1219. [22:19:34]      <forcer_>       *bad
  1220. [22:20:08]      <|mickey|>      yea but the cheating is the main excuse.. using "unauthorized apps" being the cause for cheating..
  1221. [22:20:14]      <|mickey|>      its what I got from it..
  1222. [22:20:38]      <|mickey|>      dont really care for psn anyway.. dont play online that much..
  1223. [22:20:56]      <forcer_>       |mickey|: but unauthorised use of games is not making people to not play MP, cheating is.
  1224. [22:21:38]      <|mickey|>      yea ok fair enough.. have nothin against such bans..
  1225. [22:22:00]      <forcer_>       well, they want to deal with things that are "hot"
  1226. [22:22:16]      <forcer_>       at least that's what I would do
  1227. [22:22:34]      <Djinn> they're trying to deal with stockholders
  1228. [22:22:46]      <Djinn> that and game developers
  1229. [22:23:03]      <forcer_>       Djinn: that's part of the machinery
  1230. [22:23:20]      <|mickey|>      its understandable.. smart move would be to find a way to let ppl have homebrew.. not that its ever gonna happen but still..
  1231. [22:23:34]      <Djinn> smart move would be OtherOS :P
  1232. [22:24:02]      <Djinn> dual booting, one OS is offline only, but allows custom code to be ran, other OS is online only
  1233. [22:24:14]      <|mickey|>      yup that'd do it.. but then again can u picture sony going back in that move? I dont..
  1234. [22:24:30]      <Djinn> they could come out with something new that would do it
  1235. [22:24:46]      <Djinn> OtherOS was limited, they could remove some of the limitations
  1236. [22:24:49]      <|mickey|>      yea but then they've gave in to public opinion
  1237. [22:24:51]      <forcer_>       Djinn: that would cause massive smile on faces of all people.. that's like sony doesn't know what is it doing
  1238. [22:25:08]      <|mickey|>      my point exaclty forcer_ ty
  1239. [22:25:11]      <defaultro>     is graf's approach using otheros?
  1240. [22:25:49]      <forcer_>       defaultro: what?
  1241. [22:26:05]      <defaultro>     the one he'sworking on now
  1242. [22:26:28]      <|mickey|>      well graf has reanabled it last I heard.. havent read it yet tho..
  1243. [22:26:36]      <defaultro>     ok
  1244. [22:27:04]      <defaultro>     i want to try his next time, my setup right now using asbestos is very slow
  1245. [22:27:47]      <forcer_>       he is trying to implement otheros++, that would open all SPEs and RSX.. like asbestos, but with traditional way of doing it.
  1246. [22:27:59]      <|mickey|>      maybe u should take a look around lan.st forum..
  1247. [22:28:00]      <defaultro>     k
  1248. [22:28:34]      <Modddie>       is otheros will full hw access able to run hd movies?
  1249. [22:28:37]      <defaultro>     he's actually shared the kernel the other day
  1250. [22:29:07]      <Djinn> http://psx-scene.com/forums/749017-post526.html
  1251. [22:29:09]      <DarukBot>      (title) PSX-SCENE: The oldest and most trusted Playstation Scene Community - View Single Post - Sony's Official Statement Regarding PS3 Circumvention Devices and Pirated Software!
  1252. [22:29:10]      <forcer_>       Modddie: not sure if that's possible right now
  1253. [22:29:15]      <defaultro>     most likely the reason why my setup is very slow is because of not enough swap
  1254. [22:29:21]      <Djinn> other theory: they've been watching to see if history suddenly got wiped
  1255. [22:29:35]      <defaultro>     1 hour, firefox isn't complete loading, lol :p
  1256. [22:29:49]      <Modddie>       why? whats missing
  1257. [22:29:50]      <defaultro>     possible too Djinn
  1258. [22:30:03]      <Djinn> whats missing? all prior logs lol
  1259. [22:30:12]      <Modddie>       im talking about other os
  1260. [22:30:18]      <forcer_>       defaultro: is RSX mem used as a swap? never tried to run ff on ps3 nowdays
  1261. [22:30:43]      <defaultro>     i am not sure how mine is setup but I am using lv2v9 to run linux
  1262. [22:30:52]      <defaultro>     ubuntu 10.10
  1263. [22:31:08]      <miles> OtherOS ran decently, come on
  1264. [22:31:09]      <forcer_>       defaultro: that doesn't matter.. lv2v9 is not the kernel
  1265. [22:31:14]      <rms>   yeah
  1266. [22:31:19]      <rms>   otheros was decent
  1267. [22:31:23]      <defaultro>     k
  1268. [22:31:26]      <Djinn> http://pastie.org/private/97oth9v5tspkiztwwdmnga
  1269. [22:31:29]      <DarukBot>      (title) Private Paste - Pastie
  1270. [22:31:29]      <Djinn> well hell, nvm :P
  1271. [22:31:30]      <miles> not fantastic, but decent
  1272. [22:31:38]      <Djinn> that right there scares me.
  1273. [22:32:10]      <Modddie>       djinn i doubt that this is real
  1274. [22:32:21]      <Modddie>       come on - this would get sony managers to jail
  1275. [22:33:22]      <forcer_>       I want to get Elop go to jail, but that's another story :)
  1276. [22:33:26]      <Djinn> for what? lol
  1277. [22:34:50]      <forcer_>       Djinn: reacting to Modddie I supose
  1278. [22:36:35]      <Som3one>       http://pastie.org/1572498
  1279. [22:36:38]      <Som3one>       BAN mail
  1280. [22:36:59]      <Djinn> In the unlikely event that this measure has been taken in error, please contact your local customer service.
  1281. [22:37:03]      <Djinn> rofl
  1282. [22:37:35]      <Som3one>       google translated from italian, but looks correct to me
  1283. [22:42:14]      <beatdowni>     wow just got off the phone with them the guy was a right ass pretty much accused of being a pirate from the get go
  1284. [22:43:08]      <Scorpion7>     lol
  1285. [22:43:11]      <casm>  I should call Sony and just come up with random shit about how I was getting all these free games, and now I feel cheated, because they are going to "go there" and take my PSN too.
  1286. [22:43:11]      <Scorpion7>     so what they say
  1287. [22:43:40]      <Scorpion7>     beatdowni are you banned or just get the warning email ?
  1288. [22:43:51]      <beatdowni>     just a warning
  1289. [22:43:56]      <Scorpion7>     so what they say
  1290. [22:43:59]      <Scorpion7>     if you remove you are ok
  1291. [22:44:03]      <Scorpion7>     they wont ban
  1292. [22:44:04]      <beatdowni>     yeah
  1293. [22:44:11]      <Scorpion7>     how long you have to remove ?
  1294. [22:44:11]      <beatdowni>     pretty much
  1295. [22:44:15]      <Som3one>       do sony got his hands on geohot stuff yet?
  1296. [22:44:18]      <beatdowni>     didnt say
  1297. [22:44:37]      <Scorpion7>     hmm
  1298. [22:44:44]      <Som3one>       Scorpion7: ppl is being banned and not accessing psn since dns trick died
  1299. [22:45:00]      <beatdowni>     still dont understand why im only getting a warning and other people are getting banned
  1300. [22:45:38]      <Som3one>       the mail I pasted is from one of them, and he just connected to PURCHASE stuff on ps store weeks ago
  1301. [22:47:10]      <Scorpion7>     Sony will have sent the email to anyone who has used cfw, even if you only used it for 10 mins in 3.41 dongle days
  1302. [22:47:41]      <Scorpion7>     But they will only ban people who are still using cfw in maybe 5 days
  1303. [22:48:46]      <beatdowni>     anyone got a link to OFW 3.55
  1304. [22:48:47]      <beatdowni>     ?
  1305. [22:50:31]      <forcer_>       beatdowni: sony might be helpful?
  1306. [22:51:00]      <beatdowni>     lol
  1307. [22:51:03]      <[cOz]> nice, so now they have a way to tie identities to folks who have supposedly seen the PSN EULA xD
  1308. [22:52:08]      <Som3one>       is cfw so obvious even without using homebrew?
  1309. [22:52:19]      <rms>   so
  1310. [22:52:20]      <beatdowni>     im pretty sure they have access to your ps3 even tho you dont have access to psn
  1311. [22:52:24]      <rms>   i heard there was a banwave?
  1312. [22:52:37]      <beatdowni>     i got a warning @rms
  1313. [22:52:42]      <rms>   copypaste please?
  1314. [22:52:59]      <beatdowni>     A circumvention device and/or unauthorized or pirated software currently resides on your PlayStation(R)3 system.
  1315. [22:53:00]      <beatdowni>     Immediately cease use and remove all circumvention devices and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from your PlayStation(R)3 system. Failure to do so will result in termination of your access to PlayStation(R) Network and access to Qriocity(TM) services through your PlayStation(R)3 system
  1316. [22:53:01]      <defaultro>     beatdown, don't think so
  1317. [22:53:13]      <Oxyg3n>        ^^ i got the same email
  1318. [22:53:24]      <Som3one>       rms: that is the warning, this is the actual ban mail -> http://pastie.org/1572498
  1319. [22:53:28]      <defaultro>     i mean, when you said if we don't access psn,and they still have access to our ps3
  1320. [22:53:49]      <Oxyg3n>        its probably not due to the fact they can check the firmware or anything, its prolly the fact that every time you load a game, even when your not connected to psn, it sends what your doing to psn
  1321. [22:53:52]      <defaultro>     i don't have any tcp/udp ports open on my fw
  1322. [22:53:57]      <[cOz]> anyone taking bets on any upcoming legal filings along the lines of "hacking to invade a private enet" under the criminal code, more legitimately this time?
  1323. [22:54:56]      * [cOz] fondly pats the router that has a MAC ban from letting any of my console on the interwebz
  1324. [22:55:01]      <Som3one>       i forgot to mention the banned guy i know didn't got the warning at all, direct ban
  1325. [22:55:32]      <Oxyg3n>        did he get banned for having cfw, or because he was acting a tool on psn?
  1326. [22:55:48]      <beatdowni>     prob being a tool on mw2 modded lobby
  1327. [22:56:05]      <Oxyg3n>        i would put money on that beatdowni
  1328. [22:56:32]      <defaultro>     Som3one, how did he got ban? just from login in to psn?
  1329. [22:56:36]      <Som3one>       he has 3.55 kmeaw, and he connected last time 10 days ago or so to purchase stuff on the store (not to play online) using old dns trick
  1330. [22:56:54]      <defaultro>     k
  1331. [22:57:01]      <Oxyg3n>        he did something more then that, coz i was online the entire time using old dns trick
  1332. [22:57:02]      <SLC>   what really ought to scare people, is that, in theory... sony can prosecute individuals for piracy, since they have all the details about both the users identities and what they have been pirating :P
  1333. [22:57:08]      <defaultro>     i just logged in last night but I didn't do anything since i don't play online
  1334. [22:57:14]      <beatdowni>     that game has prob been the harmed the most out of all of this i refuse to play it because every time ive gone into a game its a modded lobby
  1335. [22:57:23]      <Oxyg3n>        SLC, that ssumes people put legit info into their psn id
  1336. [22:57:43]      <Som3one>       Oxyg3n: he says not, he could lie tought, but i cannot see why
  1337. [22:58:11]      <SLC>   Oxyg3n: a lot of people have bought stuff on psn using their credit cards.. that's legit info if anything :D
  1338. [22:58:35]      <SLC>   also, IP-addresses... data retention directives, etc.
  1339. [22:58:46]      <mattb264>      what's wrong with "www.ps3-hacks.com"? it's down D:
  1340. [22:58:52]      * Oxyg3n points at the new proxy tools
  1341. [22:59:11]      <Oxyg3n>        and in order to get the information for an IP address
  1342. [22:59:13]      <Oxyg3n>        they have to prove a lot
  1343. [22:59:15]      <Oxyg3n>        to the ISP
  1344. [22:59:16]      <Oxyg3n>        atleast in the EU
  1345. [22:59:41]      <[cOz]> doesn't taking a hacked ps3 on psn kinda imply that you _are_ "acting a tool on psn"?
  1346. [22:59:53]      <mattb264>      anyone know? Did Sony issue a DMCA take-down?
  1347. [23:00:09]      <SLC>   Oxyg3n: I'd say they have quite enough proof as it is in many cases :-)
  1348. [23:00:38]      <Oxyg3n>        lol
  1349. [23:00:58]      <|mickey|>      SLC: not here they dont.. even if I did run backups I'm entitled to it according to my country's law..
  1350. [23:01:03]      <Oxyg3n>        ^^
  1351. [23:01:07]      <Som3one>       I'm trying to understand why he get banned and I was warned, I just connected to the store to purchase stuff like him
  1352. [23:01:13]      <Oxyg3n>        they cant prove you dont own the copy you are playing
  1353. [23:01:27]      <Som3one>       it is a console ban anyway, he can still connect to psn from pc
  1354. [23:01:46]      <Oxyg3n>        change form data on the proxy
  1355. [23:02:24]      <Som3one>       thay can say you where playing gaia manager all the time :p
  1356. [23:02:26]      * beatdowni waits for all the stealthed homebrew
  1357. [23:02:53]      <SLC>   |mickey|: and what about the smartasses who were playing stolen games that wasn't even released yet? how to explain THAT? ;)
  1358. [23:03:26]      <SLC>   I doubt they will take such drastic actions, but the thought they could in theory is a little scary
  1359. [23:03:59]      <SLC>   (not that I'm affected by this anyway, just thinking generally now)
  1360. [23:04:24]      * zerkman wakes up
  1361. [23:04:26]      <|mickey|>      SLC: those are just asking for it.. nothing to feel sorry for..
  1362. [23:04:27]      <Oxyg3n>        plus sony cant strictly prove you are pirated games, they can only prove that you coinsidently loaded a backup manager, before the game
  1363. [23:04:34]      <defaultro>     i think this is how Sony thinks now. Let's ban this person, if he calls Sony and escalates his issue, he is a legit of the game
  1364. [23:04:36]      <|mickey|>      morning zerkman
  1365. [23:04:45]      <zerkman>       wut ? backup talk ?
  1366. [23:05:01]      <|mickey|>      hold on.. its banning talk.. not backup talk..
  1367. [23:05:07]      <SLC>   zerkman: more along the lines of "sony strikes back"-talk :)
  1368. [23:05:10]      <defaultro>     anyone who doesn't own a legit game will never contact sony
  1369. [23:05:15]      <|mickey|>      backup had to come up as its part of the reason..
  1370. [23:05:29]      <Oxyg3n>        defaultro, have you looked at the xbox live banning form ?
  1371. [23:05:32]      <SLC>   I doubt if anyone being banned now is going to contact sony, because they were very well aware of the risk to begin with :P
  1372. [23:05:35]      <Oxyg3n>        some people are just idiots lol
  1373. [23:05:41]      <defaultro>     never owned an xbox. I am not aware
  1374. [23:05:44]      <|mickey|>      lol
  1375. [23:06:10]      <zerkman>       anyway playing online with "backups" is stupid
  1376. [23:06:27]      <zerkman>       whatever legal or illegal
  1377. [23:06:37]      <Oxyg3n>        cant dispute that
  1378. [23:06:44]      <|mickey|>      oh I agree to that too
  1379. [23:06:49]      <SLC>   zerkman: but they're threatening to ban anyone having unofficial stuff on their ps3s
  1380. [23:06:50]      <Scorpion7>     Is there anyway to install legit pkg's on a 3.56 unmodded ps3 ??? For example a psn demo pkg ?
  1381. [23:06:59]      <zerkman>       (I doubt even 5% of "backup" is legal anyway)
  1382. [23:07:15]      <Oxyg3n>        its probably something like that
  1383. [23:07:27]      <Oxyg3n>        and with... a specific game about available
  1384. [23:07:28]      <|mickey|>      brb
  1385. [23:07:32]      <Oxyg3n>        its prolly lowered that percentage
  1386. [23:07:45]      <Oxyg3n>        s/about/being
  1387. [23:07:46]      <zerkman>       so no surprise Sony uses the banhammer
  1388. [23:07:51]      <defaultro>     mayb Sony does this if (CURRDIR == "dev_hdd0/GAMES) { spawn `echo consoleid`| nc auth.np.ac.playstation.net 23773; } hehehe
  1389. [23:08:49]      <SLC>   zerkman: I'm surprised that they give people a chance to get rid of the stuff before banning, really
  1390. [23:08:50]      <zerkman>       I would even agree with Sony this time
  1391. [23:09:00]      <rms>   i see
  1392. [23:09:08]      <Oxyg3n>        i agree, to an extent
  1393. [23:09:26]      <SLC>   Microsoft just banned about a million 360s just like that, no warning whatsoever
  1394. [23:09:27]      <Oxyg3n>        but my extent stops when i think of why chans like this exist in the first place
  1395. [23:10:08]      <Som3one>       why channels like this exist?
  1396. [23:10:32]      <Oxyg3n>        why they were precisely created, the reason behind it
  1397. [23:10:35]      <Scorpion7>     Hmmmmmm
  1398. [23:10:36]      <Oxyg3n>        atleast why they became popular
  1399. [23:10:39]      <dwrfcrank>     Channels like this exist to help people code homebrew, not fuck with <insert online network name>
  1400. [23:10:56]      <zerkman>       SLC, I don't know why they warned, but it certainly was the way to do
  1401. [23:11:04]      <dwrfcrank>     ^
  1402. [23:11:09]      <SLC>   zerkman: it was still unexpected :)
  1403. [23:12:18]      <Oxyg3n>        the second otheros was removed from ps3's <insert slew of ps3 news sites> and <insert slew of ps3 development channels> became popular, as people united to get it back
  1404. [23:12:53]      <Scorpion7>     You think if you install lots of modded psn games then install 3.56 you will get banned?
  1405. [23:13:00]      <zerkman>       however, it's a way to make sure only stupid people get banned.
  1406. [23:13:34]      <Oxyg3n>        Scorpion7, they probably wouldnt work on 3.56, so no point trying
  1407. [23:13:47]      <SLC>   zerkman: I already saw someone complaining about being locked out, having bought a lot of psn-stuff etc. not getting any sympathy from me, as they should have expected a ban eventually
  1408. [23:14:39]      <beatdowni>     im thankfull for just a warning like i said im one of the lucky ones
  1409. [23:15:07]      <Oxyg3n>        yes, to an extent, sony have played fair game with it, used a scare tatic before releasing the beast
  1410. [23:15:23]      <SLC>   I love my emulators and enjoying skilled people's homebrew more than I would ever care about onling gaming, so if I even HAD a psn account I know what I'd choose
  1411. [23:15:48]      <beatdowni>     who says im not gona buy a 2nd ps3 lol
  1412. [23:16:25]      <beatdowni>     the newest snes9X with the HD is pretty pimp i might add
  1413. [23:17:20]      <Oxyg3n>        yeah, i have had quite a few nostalgia nights with fbanext lol
  1414. [23:17:39]      <Link0> to this day i still dont know why it's fancier to run those on a console rather than on pc
  1415. [23:17:50]      <SLC>   but what WOULD be interesting to know, though... if I at a LATER stage want to become "legit" according to Sony's terms and conditions... can that be done? :) hopefully we'll eventually get such answers soon, hehe.
  1416. [23:18:25]      * zerkman goes to sleep again
  1417. [23:18:52]      <Oxyg3n>        SLC they will prolly say buy a new console
  1418. [23:19:29]      <SLC>   Oxyg3n: my console has never been online, mind you... so it'd be interesting to know if there will be methods to wipe all traces of it ever being used for unofficial stuff
  1419. [23:19:52]      <Link0> probably. it's stored somewhere after all
  1420. [23:20:00]      <Scorpion7>     if you format the hdd
  1421. [23:20:08]      <Scorpion7>     it will all be gone
  1422. [23:20:19]      <Som3one>       anyone in usa get the warning?
  1423. [23:20:22]      <Link0> who is to say it's not written to the flash or something
  1424. [23:20:25]      <Oxyg3n>        wouldnt stop them writing to the flash
  1425. [23:20:30]      <Oxyg3n>        yeah what Link0 said
  1426. [23:20:31]      <Oxyg3n>        lol
  1427. [23:20:46]      <Scorpion7>     hmm
  1428. [23:21:02]      <Scorpion7>     if you install a new firmware it erases your flash
  1429. [23:21:03]      <Scorpion7>     i think
  1430. [23:21:20]      <Link0> nope.
  1431. [23:21:23]      <Link0> it stores your settings.
  1432. [23:21:35]      <Som3one>       <Mathieulh> they ban using console ids
  1433. [23:21:36]      <Scorpion7>     what settings
  1434. [23:21:36]      <Som3one>       <Mathieulh> if you change your console id, you win
  1435. [23:21:41]      <Link0> not to mention some other things
  1436. [23:21:48]      <Link0> console settings obviously
  1437. [23:22:01]      <Scorpion7>     do a restore default settings
  1438. [23:22:08]      <Scorpion7>     restore ps3 system to default
  1439. [23:22:10]      <Scorpion7>     from xmb
  1440. [23:22:23]      <Oxyg3n>        restoring default settings, are userland settings
  1441. [23:22:30]      <Oxyg3n>        like language/etc etc
  1442. [23:22:36]      <Link0> no guarantee that erases whatever list is stored though
  1443. [23:22:39]      <Link0> in fact, probably wont
  1444. [23:23:11]      <adrianc>       it doesnt
  1445. [23:23:14]      <Scorpion7>     well sony are letting people format and install 3.56 so they must know
  1446. [23:23:20]      <Scorpion7>     and wont ban
  1447. [23:23:31]      <Oxyg3n>        Scorpion7, it checks for updates before logging into psn
  1448. [23:23:41]      <Oxyg3n>        so you will always be able to update to 3.56 or whatever the latest firmware is
  1449. [23:23:42]      <adrianc>       its stored near metldr iirc
  1450. [23:24:13]      <Scorpion7>     im going legit
  1451. [23:24:16]      <Scorpion7>     3.56
  1452. [23:24:20]      <Link0> pansy
  1453. [23:24:23]      <Oxyg3n>        lol
  1454. [23:24:40]      <Scorpion7>     no cause i want to play on psn
  1455. [23:24:54]      <Link0> refer to previous line
  1456. [23:25:22]      <Scorpion7>     ?
  1457. [23:25:29]      <Link0> the pansy one
  1458. [23:25:30]      <Link0> anyway
  1459. [23:25:37]      <Scorpion7>     i wont be able to play on psn tho if i stay on 3.55
  1460. [23:25:42]      <Link0> why go this CFW route if psn is so important to you anyway
  1461. [23:25:51]      <Link0> you could've seen it coming from miles away
  1462. [23:26:15]      <Oxyg3n>        even when cfw was officially made, it always said "sony can see when you run homebrew apps"
  1463. [23:26:26]      <Oxyg3n>        if that wasnt a big enough hint
  1464. [23:26:28]      <Oxyg3n>        i dont know what was
  1465. [23:26:44]      <Link0> even if it didnt, come on. the odds for discovery are not in your favor
  1466. [23:26:54]      <Scorpion7>     yeah but sony didnt ban
  1467. [23:26:59]      <Scorpion7>     and now they are
  1468. [23:27:02]      <Scorpion7>     so time to go to ofw
  1469. [23:27:17]      <Link0> or to pull the lan cable
  1470. [23:27:20]      <Scorpion7>     And i finished about 4-5 games during that time
  1471. [23:27:22]      <Scorpion7>     so saved money
  1472. [23:27:50]      <Link0> ah. so it never was about homebrew anyway
  1473. [23:27:52]      <Djinn> Scorpion7: we've got dual boot coming
  1474. [23:28:02]      <Djinn> if you wait a bit you can switch between the two at will
  1475. [23:28:11]      <Scorpion7>     hmmm
  1476. [23:28:13]      <Scorpion7>     doubt it
  1477. [23:28:32]      <Link0> psp can do it already.
  1478. [23:28:37]      <Link0> no reason that the ps3 can't
  1479. [23:28:50]      <Scorpion7>     where it say that dual boot is coming, and the ps3 flash isnt big enough is it
  1480. [23:29:00]      <Djinn> its already been discussed
  1481. [23:29:26]      <Link0> flash doesnt need to hold both at the same time.
  1482. [23:29:27]      <beatdowni>     also whats to say psn cant see that your dual booting ?
  1483. [23:29:30]      <Link0> think about it
  1484. [23:29:39]      <casm>  Link0 stop using logic.
  1485. [23:29:42]      <Link0> oh right
  1486. [23:29:44]      <Link0> my bad
  1487. [23:29:45]      <Djinn> rofl
  1488. [23:29:54]      <Link0> BUT THE UNICORNS SAID THEY CANT
  1489. [23:29:59]      <Djinn> XD
  1490. [23:30:07]      <casm>  That's right, now you're talkin.
  1491. [23:30:35]      <Link0> THEY CAN ONLY DO SONY APPROVED RAINBOWS
  1492. [23:30:36]      <Link0> NOT CUSTOM RAINBOWS
  1493. [23:30:39]      <xFaiz> Hey
  1494. [23:30:40]      <Link0> LET ALONE BOTH
  1495. [23:30:54]      <Scorpion7>     but psn would still be able to see you have dual boot
  1496. [23:30:59]      <Link0> probably
  1497. [23:31:00]      <Djinn> Scorpion7: nah
  1498. [23:31:04]      <Scorpion7>     how not
  1499. [23:31:13]      <Djinn> depends on how its implemented :P
  1500. [23:31:15]      <Scorpion7>     you will have to store something about dual boot on the ps3
  1501. [23:31:18]      <Link0> question is wether or not they care
  1502. [23:31:19]      <Scorpion7>     and psn will see that
  1503. [23:31:35]      <Djinn> psn doesn't 'see' anything that your console doesn't send it
  1504. [23:31:48]      <Djinn> if you're running OFW, it doesn't send anything that isn't in that OFW
  1505. [23:31:58]      <Link0> ofw. rootkit. hey lets send the flash.
  1506. [23:32:01]      <miles> OFW can exec remote code
  1507. [23:32:03]      <Link0> the flash that includes the bootloader
  1508. [23:32:17]      <Djinn> they gave the rootkit access to the bootloader?
  1509. [23:32:27]      <Link0> wouldnt be surprised
  1510. [23:32:30]      <Djinn> o.o
  1511. [23:32:37]      <Link0> at least to read it i assume
  1512. [23:32:38]      <barnhill>      hey all
  1513. [23:32:41]      <Djinn> cuz that means if we figure out how they auth to get access to the rootkit
  1514. [23:32:44]      <miles> they could implement a challenge to check if it has not be tempered with
  1515. [23:32:48]      <Djinn> all ps3 are belong to us xD
  1516. [23:32:55]      <Link0> only if it has write access
  1517. [23:33:00]      <Link0> which would be stupid
  1518. [23:33:05]      <Oxyg3n>        if this rootkit style is actually being used, its prolly more a case of, if this code can run, return 1
  1519. [23:33:05]      <Oxyg3n>        else dont
  1520. [23:33:14]      <Djinn> i didn't think metldr/lv1 was normally accessible
  1521. [23:33:19]      <Oxyg3n>        therefore, anything that dosnt return anything, is potentally banable
  1522. [23:33:25]      <Link0> Oxyg3n: more like, return random number
  1523. [23:33:31]      <Link0> random preset number
  1524. [23:33:32]      <Djinn> seems stupid to me to give the rootkit access at all xD
  1525. [23:33:35]      <Link0> so we can't fake it
  1526. [23:33:38]      <Oxyg3n>        you get my point though :-P
  1527. [23:33:45]      <Link0> juh
  1528. [23:33:46]      <barnhill>      does anybody here know where to look to unlock the internal ps1 emu?
  1529. [23:34:06]      <Link0> throw a psx disk in and it'll auto-unlock
  1530. [23:34:08]      <Oxyg3n>        i heard putting your penis in the bd-rom makes it work
  1531. [23:34:10]      <Link0> tadaaa
  1532. [23:34:21]      <Link0> a legal one obviously
  1533. [23:34:22]      <barnhill>      i dont need a tut or anything like that i just need a good place to start looking
  1534. [23:34:25]      <Link0> right
  1535. [23:34:32]      <Link0> first place to start looking would be the disk tray then
  1536. [23:34:39]      <Link0> or maybe the game case
  1537. [23:34:41]      <barnhill>      dont be a douche
  1538. [23:34:42]      <Link0> depending
  1539. [23:34:51]      <barnhill>      its not funny
  1540. [23:34:57]      <Link0> debatable
  1541. [23:35:07]      * Oxyg3n is laughing pretty hard
  1542. [23:35:16]      <barnhill>      i love internet bullies
  1543. [23:35:28]      <miles> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0v2xnl6LwJE - OH SHI- the impossible just happened
  1544. [23:35:29]      <DarukBot>      (title) YouTube - Waterfall
  1545. [23:35:30]      <Link0> why dont you marry them
  1546. [23:35:31]      <barnhill>      just some punk ass on the other side
  1547. [23:35:36]      <Oxyg3n>        but you just said: you need a place to start looking
  1548. [23:35:40]      <barnhill>      what a joke
  1549. [23:35:41]      <Oxyg3n>        he gave you a place to start looking
  1550. [23:35:47]      <Oxyg3n>        with an original psx title
  1551. [23:35:52]      <Oxyg3n>        see what it does
  1552. [23:35:58]      <Oxyg3n>        its going to do something
  1553. [23:36:14]      <Link0> it's less bullying and more like wit-dueling anyway
  1554. [23:36:49]      <Oxyg3n>        well.... the disk tray cant fight back, unless you fucked it somehow lol
  1555. [23:37:02]      <Link0> or armed it
  1556. [23:37:15]      <Link0> super-charging the eject mechanism could have lethal results
  1557. [23:37:34]      <Oxyg3n>        dont say things like that, you'll give sony ideas
  1558. [23:37:35]      <Oxyg3n>        :-P
  1559. [23:38:01]      <Link0> every new ps3 combo will come with a shield
  1560. [23:38:27]      <Oxyg3n>        haha
  1561. [23:39:02]      <master__>      no usb no bd drive no network 5 games peinstalled :D
  1562. [23:39:14]      <Doggie721>     So how sony know if somebody used cfw any idea?
  1563. [23:39:26]      <Link0> master__: new ps3's every week. 300 bucks.
  1564. [23:39:39]      <Oxyg3n>        Doggie721, scroll up, theres been a few ideas tossed around
  1565. [23:39:54]      <master__>      :)
  1566. [23:39:56]      <Djinn> somebody should do a survey
  1567. [23:40:01]      <Djinn> figure out what people that are banned did
  1568. [23:40:04]      <Djinn> vs people that got warned
  1569. [23:40:28]      <Link0> sony should just add a new required field to the psn info
  1570. [23:40:43]      <Link0> DID YOU USE TEH HAX : [Y]es, [N]o
  1571. [23:40:48]      <Djinn> lmao
  1572. [23:41:09]      <Link0> or if we want to get technical
  1573. [23:41:29]      <Link0> y[/\]r, N[O]
  1574. [23:41:52]      <Oxyg3n>        lol
  1575. [23:42:03]      <Link0> alternatively: aye
  1576. [23:42:13]      <Link0> it works too
  1577. [23:42:27]      <Link0> however. they should probably note that lying is bad and makes you a bad person
  1578. [23:42:30]      <Link0> they can't lose
  1579. [23:42:43]      <Djinn> hahahaha
  1580. [23:42:53]      <adrianc>       dual boot is definitely possible
  1581. [23:43:08]      <adrianc>       slim units dont even have nand
  1582. [23:43:09]      <Djinn> make it so if you answer yes it does a flash_metldr(NoPSN4JOO)
  1583. [23:43:13]      <adrianc>       all the loaders are on vflash
  1584. [23:43:22]      <adrianc>       and lv1 and lv2
  1585. [23:43:51]      <adrianc>       so create a cfw that lets you switch to legit OFW
  1586. [23:43:52]      <Link0> Djinn: or flash_metldr(null)
  1587. [23:44:03]      <Djinn> either works :P
  1588. [23:44:04]      <adrianc>       but when you hard reset it boots from cfw again
  1589. [23:44:11]      <adrianc>       i mean
  1590. [23:44:14]      <Djinn> adrianc: exactly
  1591. [23:44:19]      <adrianc>       the real morons are those who update
  1592. [23:44:34]      <skynets>       but once it's flagged it's over no?
  1593. [23:44:37]      <adrianc>       a year from now those with patience are going to be laughing
  1594. [23:44:41]      <adrianc>       skynets nope
  1595. [23:44:54]      <Djinn> skynets: not if they don't get anymore signs of cfw
  1596. [23:45:09]      <Link0> can't we just rename CFW to 0FW
  1597. [23:45:10]      <Link0> no one will notice
  1598. [23:45:13]      <skynets>       isn't it like hte xbox KV? and what is this thing about people saying that we can change the UID
  1599. [23:45:24]      <skynets>       doesn't sony have a database
  1600. [23:45:28]      <adrianc>       Mathieulh already unbanned
  1601. [23:45:30]      <Djinn> changing the console ID has been done by those with tools
  1602. [23:45:32]      <skynets>       oh
  1603. [23:45:34]      <Djinn> we don't have those tools
  1604. [23:45:49]      <adrianc>       i wont tell you how
  1605. [23:46:01]      <adrianc>       but you can do it with publically available stuff
  1606. [23:46:10]      <Darknezz1>     do what?
  1607. [23:46:18]      <adrianc>       change consoleid
  1608. [23:46:28]      <Darknezz1>     ahh yeah thought so
  1609. [23:46:53]      <Djinn> adrianc: with publicly available tools?
  1610. [23:46:54]      <skynets>       great
  1611. [23:46:55]      <Djinn> you're sure?
  1612. [23:46:56]      <Mathieulh>     as a nice cohincidence there is also a partnernet banwave going on today xD
  1613. [23:46:57]      <adrianc>       yep
  1614. [23:47:00]      <Darknezz1>     is it in dev_flash adrianc?
  1615. [23:47:09]      <adrianc>       Mathieulh yeah sonic and i were talking about that XD
  1616. [23:47:11]      <Oxyg3n>        Djinn, you can change the console id on the proxy you currently have to use to connect to psn
  1617. [23:47:14]      <adrianc>       did you get hit?
  1618. [23:47:21]      <Mathieulh>     hell no xD
  1619. [23:47:26]      <Gametime>      <+adrianc> a year from now those with patience are going to be laughing ||| laughing at what?
  1620. [23:47:31]      <adrianc>       yeah you dont even use the damn thing
  1621. [23:47:40]      <skynets>       Mathieulh if yo uchange console id, won't you be using a legit one and get someone else banned? does sony have a database or does their database build once a console go online?
  1622. [23:47:46]      <adrianc>       Gametime because they will have psn+cfw
  1623. [23:47:49]      <Mathieulh>     I think the ones banned used the lastest leaked recovery
  1624. [23:47:50]      <Darknezz1>     Oxyg3n how do we find current id number. thats pretty smart too
  1625. [23:47:51]      <Mathieulh>     I didn't so... xD
  1626. [23:47:57]      <adrianc>       yeah same
  1627. [23:48:08]      <Link0> skynets: not all id's would be "taken" though
  1628. [23:48:14]      <Oxyg3n>        Darknezz1, its sent in the POST method of auth.np.playstation.net
  1629. [23:48:15]      <Link0> in fact i'd say most arent
  1630. [23:48:26]      <Oxyg3n>        login=<email>&password=<pass>&consoleid=<console id>
  1631. [23:48:29]      <Mathieulh>     skynets console id is random, the chance that I got the same as someone else is like one in billions
  1632. [23:48:30]      <Gametime>      i dont know why people jump on the 'new trend' train so fast. every time something brand new is released, youre supposed to wait until it gets stable.
  1633. [23:48:39]      <skynets>       wow this is good news
  1634. [23:48:44]      <skynets>       itss not like hte xbox kv
  1635. [23:48:47]      <skynets>       where MS has them all
  1636. [23:48:56]      <Mathieulh>     well maybe sony has a db with them
  1637. [23:48:58]      <Link0> Gametime: or crank up your defenses
  1638. [23:48:59]      <Mathieulh>     dunno about that
  1639. [23:49:12]      <Oxyg3n>        skynets, thats because the console id is generated based on the serial number
  1640. [23:49:15]      <skynets>       lets say they manufacture a console... dont they add that UID to their DB
  1641. [23:49:32]      <miles> Gametime, people are used to commercial pitches telling them latest = best
  1642. [23:49:50]      <Darknezz1>     Oxyeg3n have you tried changing console id and connecting?
  1643. [23:49:53]      <Gametime>      odds are though, if you think about it, if every single modder gets banned and 50% of them change to a different ID, those will get banned too. then you have a lot of legit people waking up the next day trying to play little big planet crying for their lives. then, sony has to unban everyone.
  1644. [23:49:57]      <skynets>       which would mean that they only have less than 50 million UIDs... anything else would be invalid
  1645. [23:49:58]      <Mathieulh>     Oxyg3n not that I know of
  1646. [23:50:03]      <skynets>       ok
  1647. [23:50:09]      <Oxyg3n>        Darknezz1, not yet because i havnt had a need to yet lol
  1648. [23:50:27]      <Darknezz1>     ah
  1649. [23:50:41]      <Oxyg3n>        i just have been looking at that sort of information
  1650. [23:50:55]      <skynets>       so why can't we do the same with the xbox kvs? i thought finding a valid ps3 uid would be more complex and more in the 1/1000s chance of getting a working one
  1651. [23:51:02]      <Darknezz1>     Mathieulh what was that id location you gave me in #psgroove a few hours ago i didnt log it><
  1652. [23:51:30]      <Mathieulh>     EID0
  1653. [23:51:38]      <Mathieulh>     but even with that info you still can't change it...
  1654. [23:51:46]      <Darknezz1>     thank you sir
  1655. [23:52:02]      <Mathieulh>     it's not easy (at all)
  1656. [23:52:08]      <Mathieulh>     so don't bother
  1657. [23:52:40]      <Darknezz1>     why not if i might ask
  1658. [23:52:57]      <Mathieulh>     because you need your per console eid root key
  1659. [23:53:05]      <Mathieulh>     and you need to reverse a whole crypto algo
  1660. [23:53:08]      <Mathieulh>     and so on
  1661. [23:53:27]      <Oxyg3n>        theres several fiends sent during login (the user id login, not the system login) which is: type (generally 0, i havnt seen it change yet, havnt tested other numbers) serviceid (game/etc id that initiated the login) login (self explainitory) password (self explainitory) console id (self explainitory) and if your sigining in for the first time since you turned it on, first is also a field
  1662. [23:53:35]      <Scorpion7>     Mathieulh why can't we just spoof our console id using that app that was released a while ago ?
  1663. [23:53:52]      <Darknezz1>     what about Oyg3ns sugetion of doing it trough packet capture
  1664. [23:54:09]      <Mathieulh>     Scorpion7 no idea, I know physically changing it unbans you
  1665. [23:54:15]      <Mathieulh>     I dunno about changing shit sent to the psn
  1666. [23:54:51]      <Darknezz1>     yeah thats like a new level of fuck u sony and they might get a little ancy
  1667. [23:54:59]      <skynets>       Mathieulh is it as complex as the KVs on the xbox? in other words you can't just find random numbers to get unbanned, it's like the jtaged xboxes right
  1668. [23:55:28]      <Mathieulh>     skynets not not as complex but it's still complex enough
  1669. [23:55:39]      <Scorpion7>     Msthieulh look at this, this seems to change the id on the console or is this a different id
  1670. [23:55:40]      <Scorpion7>     http://www.ps3hax.net/2010/11/release-psidpatch-1-0-ps3-id-patcher/#axzz1E9fpzRYV
  1671. [23:55:41]      <Oxyg3n>        theres atleast 1 field in console id, region id
  1672. [23:55:45]      <skynets>       ok crap, so getting banned means you are fucked
  1673. [23:55:49]      <Scorpion7>     Patch PSID from dev_usb/psid.txt
  1674. [23:55:50]      <Mathieulh>     psid isn't the console id
  1675. [23:55:51]      <DarukBot>      (title) Nothing found for 2010 11 Release-psidpatch-1-0-ps3-id-patcher #axzz1E9fpzRYV
  1676. [23:55:55]      <Scorpion7>     O
  1677. [23:55:58]      <Scorpion7>     Whats psid then
  1678. [23:56:11]      <Mathieulh>     it's another unique id
  1679. [23:56:17]      <Mathieulh>     it's actually linked to the console id in some way
  1680. [23:56:21]      <Mathieulh>     but it's not the actual console id
  1681. [23:56:26]      <Scorpion7>     and sony dont use it for banning ?
  1682. [23:56:32]      <Mathieulh>     they use the console id
  1683. [23:56:40]      <Mathieulh>     which is also unique per console
  1684. [23:57:12]      <Scorpion7>     So Mathieulh if i want to be able to access the psn store etc and play online, you think the best way is to go legit ? Is that the only way ?
  1685. [23:57:21]      <Darknezz1>     how did you figure out it's the console id Mathieulh?
  1686. [23:57:38]      <Link0> Scorpion7: at least it's the safest way
  1687. [23:57:43]      <Mathieulh>     Scorpion7 go legit and make sure not to use your account on a hacked box or a box with "unauthorized" software
  1688. [23:57:46]      <whnunlife>     anyway to create a random console id before you sign into psn?
  1689. [23:57:56]      <miles> Why do those alert emails have unique codes at the end?
  1690. [23:58:14]      <Link0> they do?
  1691. [23:58:21]      <Mathieulh>     Darknezz1 1. because I saw pics of the software sony use to do the banning 2. Because as I change it, consoles get unbanned
  1692. [23:58:23]      <beatdowni>     mine did
  1693. [23:58:25]      <miles> http://gueux-forum.net/index.php?showtopic=253089&st=0&#entry1885500
  1694. [23:58:27]      <miles> well
  1695. [23:58:31]      <DarukBot>      (title) Email D'avertissement De Sony - Forum Gueux
  1696. [23:58:33]      <Sam124>        i'm guessing its to contact them with?
  1697. [23:58:38]      <miles> "[[FXWAJQL-6M3JJ0-DYGQ0-UT22BS-....."
  1698. [23:58:47]      <Scorpion7>     Mathieulh what about using the same account that I have already used while my ps3 is 3.55 ?? Sony sent an email saying if you remove all cfw stuff and go legit they wont ban
  1699. [23:58:55]      <Djinn> Mathieulh: how does one go about obtaining eid root key? xD
  1700. [23:59:03]      <Mathieulh>     that doens't mean I want to help people to evade sony's bans
  1701. [23:59:06]      <Link0> Scorpion7: no point in banning people who've mended their ways
  1702. [23:59:11]      <Link0> i mean
  1703. [23:59:18]      <Link0> then you're shooting at you're own userbase
  1704. [23:59:23]      <Link0> your*
  1705. [23:59:23]      <Mathieulh>     Scorpion7 they just ban every consoles your flagged account has been connecting with
  1706. [23:59:29]      <Link0> ouchouchouch that was terrible grammar
  1707. [23:59:30]      <Scorpion7>     No
  1708. [23:59:31]      <Mathieulh>     even legit consoles
  1709. [23:59:32]      <Gametime>      scorpion7 : id love to see that email you got.
  1710. [23:59:33]      <Sam124>        Mathieulh, what do they check to determine if you are on cfw?
  1711. [23:59:34]      <Scorpion7>     Mathieulh they dont
  1712. [23:59:37]      <Mathieulh>     they do
  1713. [23:59:48]      <miles> wtf
  1714. [23:59:51]      <spankynut>     yeah but Mathieulh claims every ps3 with an account that is banned the console gets banned also
  1715. [23:59:54]      <Mathieulh>     it's lame but they actually do ti
  1716. [23:59:56]      <Mathieulh>     it *
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