Coc2: Berywn (Cock Worship)

Racer2 Feb 26th, 2020 182 Never
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  1. You can't help but stare at Berwyn, sitting there on the edge of the bed with his legs spread, his dark skin covered in his own cum, and that monster of a cock between his thighs. In fact, you can't think of a place you'd rather be right now than down on your knees between this femmy summoners legs, getting your fill of that cockmeat.
  3. So, you grin deviously and start to strip yourself bare, which only serves to speed up Berwyn's masturbation as you bare your body to him. Then, you saunter your way over to him and kneel down between his legs.
  5. The girly half-breed smiles down at you with a smug superiority from behind the wall of lupine tool he's jerking off. You don't wait for an invitation and reach out with both hand and grab at his cock, trying to angle it towards you.
  7. "Hey..." Berwyn sighs, managing to stifle a gasp. He smirks at you though, and stops jerking himself off, and instead leaning back on one arm, while planting the other on top of your head, "Guess I'll let you handle this one." His grip on your scalp tightens momentarily, "Better do a good job though..."
  9. Oh, you plan on doing your best, and smile up at Berwyn to affirm that before you start stroking the half-breed's shaft. You let your eyes shut and angle his tool towards your face, feeling it pulse in your grasp, and feeling its heat radiating against your cheeks. Closing your eyes, you lean forward and kiss Berwyn's dick, then pull back and do it again and again, planting your lips all over throbbing cock until you have the femboy sighing contentedly. You pull back after a while to take in a deep breath full of Berwyn's musk, and the scent sends a shiver down spine. Your lover notices, chuckling as you savor his smell.
  11. You can't resist any more, you need this cock, and you let your tongue loll from your mouth to drag along Berwyn's shaft. You have to move your entire body to lick even just a portion of this pillar of lupine dick, and you savor every inch of it. The musk, the taste, the sound of Berwyn's shuddering breath, it's all too good, and you want more. All you can really do to slate your thirst for cock is thrust yourself forward against Berwyn's throbbing mast of puppy-cock, wrapping your arms around his tool in a needy hugjob. Your supple breast end up with the base of your lover's manhood between them, keeping his knot nice and warm. You press your face against his tool and moan to yourself as you start moving up and down to rub yourself against Berwyn's cockflesh, using your whole body like a cocksleeve.
  13. The wolfboy chuckles between pleasured groans. "Can't get enough of it, can you?" he breathes as he watches you lavish his doggy-dong. With that, he gives you an encouraging pat on the head before leaning back and relaxing himself.
  15. Berwyn's plush thighs hug at your sides and shoulders as you move, and you can't help but feel so warm and safe right he between the girly summoner's legs. You're so lost to your own desires all you do is speed up your whole-body stroking, still kissing and licking at all the cockflesh you can get your mouth on.
  17. "Get the knot..." you hear Berwyn command amidst your flurry of oral affections.
  19. You open your eyes wide at that. How could you have forgotten to take care of his breeder's knob? Eagerly nodding up at your lover, you drop yourself a bit lower so you're eyes are level with Berwyn's knot. It's waiting there for you, throbbing needily, so succulent and thick. You can't help but to wrap your lips around the red ball of cockflesh, sucking on it like a piece of candy. With seemingly a mind of its own, your tongue lick all over Berwyn's knot, wetting it with your saliva.
  21. Once again, you find yourself lost between wonderful sounds, scents, and tastes that have your face burning red, wholeheartedly focused on pleasuring this massive shaft of lupine dick until you feel something warm trickle down your cheek, right next to the corner of your mouth.
  23. Your heart skips a beat. Could that be what you think it is? You have to find out, so you painfully part from Berwyn's knot for a moment to lick at the liquid near your lips. Oh, it's what you thought it was, a little dribble of what was a big glob of earthy, potent half-breed pre-cum. Uncontrollable desire takes over, and you quickly let your tongue loll from your mouth and lick up the whole trail of pre-seed lining your femboy lover's cockflesh, all the way to his tapered tip. You finally part from his tool for one brief moment to stop your hugjob, and instead grab his magic staff with both hands to angle it towards your mouth, a good puddle of pre-cum already dribbling from his tip.
  25. You greedily lick it up, savoring every drop as it travels down your gullet. Berwyn lets out a contented sigh as you gobble up his spunk. You jerk him off as you lick at his cockhead, encouraging more and more of his cum to leak from his twitching, pulsing cock and into your waiting maw.
  27. "Quite the cumslut, aren't you?" your lover whispers after a hoarse moan, "Just you wait, you'll get all the cum you could want."
  29. Hearing that leads you to speed up your stroking of Berwyn's tower of dickmeat, eager to get this well-endowed mage to his climax, still licking up all the pre-cum you can get. Your efforts seem to be working in your favor, with you half-lupine lover's moans getting louder and his eagerly leaking pre-seed and twitching. You can feel Berwyn's legs tense around you with each stroke of his cock you make, and you can just make out his cute paw-toes curling in the corner of your eye.
  31. If those aren't signs of his impending orgasm, the girly summoner's length suddenly engorging in your grasp most certainly is. Berwyn grunts his, and his whole body tenses while his inhumanly large cock flexes and jumps, almost threatening to leave your hands. Then, it's finally there: the first shot of his hot, thick cum erupts from his tapered tip and splatters across your face. You gasp at the heat, but quickly realize what's happening and wrap your lips around Berwyn's cockhead, eager to get all you can, just like your lover said.
  33. The femmy mage moans loudly as his long, blissful orgasm ensues, his hefty ballsack taking its sweet time to empty itself. It seems like there's a never ending supply of cum in those big, fuzzy testicles of Berwyn's, not that that's a problem. For you, it's quite the opposite, and you happily gulp down all of the half-lupine's warm jism until you're feeling full and it starts to dribble down your chin. Sometimes you have to take a break just to breathe, and end up getting your face and boobs splattered with Berwyn's sticky white seed.
  35. Berwyn is left shaking with pleasure for a while until he's finally good and empty, and you're left with a stomach full of half-breed cum and a body glazed with spunk. You finally part from your lover's massive tool as it starts to soften. A long strand of cum is left between your lips and his tapered cockhead as you look up at the well-used femboy. He's breathing heavy, and smiles down at your, looking almost bewildered at everything you just did.
  37. Reaching a hand down, Berwyn runs his paw through your hair. "Nice job," he praises.
  39. You savor his touch, knowing that you did indeed do a good job. After all of that though, you feel tired, and you already have the best pillow you could possibly have right next to you. So, giving Berwyn's cum-drooling tool a few last kisses and a little tongue-bath before you fall to your side, resting your head against one of the femboy's plush thighs. With nothing left supporting it, Berwyn's softening, but still huge cock falls down with you and ends up resting against your cheek as you try to rest yourself.
  41. The massive doggy-dong's owner smiles at that. "Tired, huh?" he asks, reaching down again to caress your skin with his soft, paw-padded fingers."
  43. You grin dumbly and nod, rubbing your cheek against his partially-furred thigh.
  45. "I guess you would be," he sighs, giving you a smug look, "Most people can't handle a cock like this... get some rest though. You deserve it... slut."
  47. Well, if he says you deserve some sleep, you guess you do. You let your eyes flutter shut, with a haze of musky scents and earthy tastes still tantalizing your senses. Using what little strength you have left, you gently and lovingly rub your hand along the soft pillar of dickflesh resting against your cheek, still radiating warmth.
  49. You hear lover coo at that, one last happy sound before you finally start to fall asleep, gathering strength for your next adventure, whether it's in Berwyn's bedroom or beyond.
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