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Dec 10th, 2011
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  1. # mChat Configuration File
  2. format:
  3. date: HH:mm:ss
  4. chat: '{townyformatted}+p{townycolor}{townyprefix}&f+dn{townypostfix}+s&f: +m'
  5. name: +p+dn+s&e
  6. event: +p+dn+s&e
  7. list: +n
  8. message:
  9. join: has joined the game.
  10. leave: has left the game.
  11. kick: has been kicked from the game +r.
  12. deathInFire: went up in flames because he is not good at dodging fire!
  13. deathOnFire: burned to death! I think he needs water?
  14. deathLava: tried to swim in lava! I heard swimming in water is better.
  15. deathInWall: suffocated in a wall. I don't even know...
  16. deathStarve: starved to death! Get some good next time!
  17. deathCactus: was pricked to death! He needs to wear some diamond armor next time.
  18. deathFall: hit the ground too hard.
  19. deathOutOfWorld: fell out of the world?
  20. deathGeneric: died.
  21. deathExplosion: blew up.
  22. deathMagic: was killed by magic.
  23. deathEntity: was slain by +CName.
  24. deathArrow: was shot by +CName.
  25. deathFireball: was fireballed by +CName.
  26. deathThrown: was pummeled by +CName.
  27. heroesMasterT: The Great
  28. heroesMasterF: The Squire
  29. mchat:
  30. apiOnly: false
  31. formatEvents: true
  32. chatDistance: -1.0
  33. varIndicator: +
  34. info:
  35. useNewInfo: false
  36. useOldNodes: false
  37. addNewPlayers: true
  38. defaultGroup: default
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