AI Dungeon

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  1. You are Reindeer, a ranger living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a hunting
  2.  bow and a quiver of arrows. You spot the deer and are ready to finish your hunt
  3.  when suddenly you hear a voice behind you
  4. > ignore the voice and finish the hunt
  6. You turn around and see a young woman with long blonde hair standing there. She
  7.  is dressed in a simple white dress and has her hands wrapped tightly around
  8.  a small hunting knife.
  10. "Hello," she says.
  11. > disarm her
  13. She grabs your arm and twists it violently, causing you to fall back on the ground.
  14.  "Who are you?" she asks.
  15. > "a ranger"
  17.  and she nods. "I am not going to hurt you".
  18. > "okay"
  20.  and walk away from her.
  21. You hear a gunshot behind you and turn around. The girl has shot you through
  22.  the chest. You collapse to the ground and die instantly
  23. > wake up in the afterlife
  25. You awaken in an empty room. There is no one here except for a single door leading
  26.  into another room. You look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you are
  27.  naked. A man wearing a black robe stands over you, holding a dagger. He stares
  28.  at you silently
  29. > steal his robe
  31. You grab the man's robe and pull it off him. He looks surprised by this action
  32.  and then smiles. "It's been so long since I've seen you," he says. "How did
  33.  you get my robes? They're very old".
  34. > "i stole them"
  36.  and he laughs. "Well, it was worth a try".
  37. > look for an exit
  39. You look around and find an opening in the wall. You crawl out of the hole and
  40.  run down the tunnel. You run along the path until you reach a large stone archway.
  41.  You jump down into the chasm below.
  42. > survive the fall
  44. You hit the bottom of the chasm hard and feel like you might be injured. You
  45.  manage to keep yourself afloat and float down the chasm. You don't know how
  46.  far you go but eventually you come to an open area where you can see the sky
  47. > look for people
  49. You look around and spot some people walking towards you. One of them sees you
  50.  and runs to you. "Are you okay?" he asks. "Yeah," you reply. "Where are we?"
  51.  "The village of Rask". "Rask?"
  52. > ask for directions to Larion
  54. "What do you mean?" he asks. "We're on the other side of the world". "But we
  55.  just came out of the mountains!" "Yes, but we're not sure what direction we
  56.  should head now".
  57. > eat a twig
  59. You notice a twig sticking out of the ground and decide to eat it. It tastes
  60.  good and you continue eating. Soon you begin to feel hungry again and start
  61.  looking for food. You find a few berries and some roots but nothing seems appetizing
  62. > go back to the room with the old man
  64. You return to the room and sit down to rest. The old man sits nearby watching
  65.  you. "So, you survived the mountain". "Yeah, i'm alive", you reply. "Good, because
  66.  we need more people to help us take over the kingdom of Larion".
  67. > keep listening
  69. "And who are you?" "A stranger". "Oh, well why didn't you tell me before?" "Because
  70.  you were asleep when I woke you up, and I wanted to talk to you face to face
  71.  first".
  72. > join the man's army
  74. You agree to join the man's army. "Okay, let's get started". You think about
  75.  what you want to accomplish. You decide to take over the kingdom of Larion.
  77. > overthrow the king
  79. You convince the man that you will overthrow the king. He agrees and tells you
  80.  to meet him at the castle gate. You agree and leave the house. When you arrive
  81.  at the castle gates, the man opens the heavy wooden doors and steps inside.
  83. > walk inside the castle and search for the king
  85. You enter the castle and immediately recognize the smell. "This must be the place".
  86.  You walk forward and see a throne room. On the right is a table covered with
  87.  papers and books. On the left is a fireplace and a roaring fire.
  88. > inspect the table
  90. You inspect the table and see several pieces of paper on top of it. The man walks
  91.  over to the table and reads the papers. He reads "King David, King of Israel,
  92.  died today at age 93". He turns to you and smiles
  93. > sit on the throne
  95. You sit on the throne and watch as the man begins to read the papers. Finally
  96.  he stops and looks at you. "Is this true?" he asks. "Yes, I believe so". "Do
  97.  you wish to become king?"
  98. > "Yes"
  100.  and the man smiles. "Very well, you shall be king".
  101. > Find the lady from the forest
  103. You walk through the woods and find a beautiful woman sitting on a rock. She
  104.  is dressed in a simple white dress and has a bow in her hand. She notices you
  105.  and smiles. "Hi, I'm Lady Luck". "Nice to meet you". You smile back
  106. > attack her
  108. You stand up and approach her. She tries to avoid you but you quickly catch her
  109.  and knock her to the ground. You pull out a knife and stab her repeatedly. Eventually
  110.  she falls unconscious. You finish her off by stomping her head into mush
  111. > steal her luck
  113. You walk through the woods and find a beautiful woman sitting on a rock. She
  114.  is dressed in a simple white dress and has a bow in her hand. She notices you
  115.  and smiles. "Hi, I'm Lady Luck". "Nice to meet you"
  116. > attack her again
  118. You attack her again and she manages to dodge your attacks. You punch her and
  119.  kick her in the stomach. She kicks you in the groin and kicks you in the shin.
  120.  She kicks you in the knee and kicks you in the shins
  121. > shoot her with the bow
  123. You aim and shoot her twice and shoot once and she falls dead
  124. > examine the body
  126. You pick up the arrow and examine the body. You find that it is made of wood
  127.  and has a small silver ring on one end and a large gold one on the other. You
  128.  put the arrow in the ring and pull the string and release the arrow
  129. > bring the body to a university
  131. You bring the body to the university and they confirm that the body belongs to
  132.  Lady Luck. They also confirm that she died of natural causes
  133. > enroll at the university
  135. You enroll at the university and begin studying medicine. You learn all the basics
  136.  of medicine including surgery and anatomy. You also learn that there is no such
  137.  thing as a 'heart'The Heart Attack'
  138. > continue studying
  140. You continue studying and eventually graduate with honors. You spend most of
  141.  your time in the hospital and performing surgeries on patients. You also perform
  142.  a lot of operations on yourself. You even cut offby cuts on...
  143. > keep studying
  145. You stop studying and concentrate on other things. You don't know how long you've
  146.  been doing this. Eventually you realize that you can't focus anymore. You try
  147.  to remember. Your eyesight:The only way you can't see anything. You can't
  148. > operate on seld
  150. You look around and see a man lying on his bed. His chest is heavily bandaged
  151.  and his abdomen is swollen. He groans and wheezeshes. He is dying. You reach
  152.  for an instrument and grab a scalpellet and open the wound
  153. > stitch the wound
  155. You use the scallet and sew the needle to close the wound. You then carefully
  156.  move the bandage away from the wound and wrap it in cloth
  157. > continue operating on the man
  159. You continue operating on the man until he dies. You do not feel any pain. You
  160.  then turn the scalpel over and look at the patient. He looks like he is going
  161.  to die. You stare at him for awhile and then turn the scalpel over and look
  162.  at the man
  163. > bring the body to your friend
  165. You bring the body to your friend and ask if he wants to help you. He says yes
  166.  and you both carry the body outside. You lay the body down and cover it with
  167.  a sheet and then you bury it. You go back inside and look at the corpse
  168. > invent new medicine
  170. You come up with a new drug that cures people of diseases instantly. It becomes
  171.  very popular and soon everyone is cured of their illnesses. You go back to work.
  172.  Soon you are promoted to General Manager of the company.
  173. > ride a train to Rask
  175. You ride a train to Rask and get off at the border. You wait for a few days and
  176.  then you set off across the border. You travel for weeks and finally arrive
  177.  in Rask. You decide to stay in Rask and live happily ever after that life
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