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Fractured Reality explanation

Durr_anon Dec 17th, 2019 (edited) 101 Never
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  1.     Why does Fractured Reality exist? Fractured Reality was the realization that I have a very tough time coming up with new concepts and ideas that aren't based around someone else's characters or at the very least, someone else's design. I was told on the main thread that I'm very good at making the same thing over and over again, so I went with that. I took the concept, that many of you love and hate, as far as I could. I didn't care what anyone thought of it because, at the time I started writing back in March, I didn't plan on posting this anywhere. It was a private project for my enjoyment, because I enjoy writing a lot. In fact, this wasn't originally going to be as long as it is now, but it grew and grew until I realized, at page 200, that it was the longest story I had ever written.
  3.     At that time, I exposed it to a small focus group of three people, who really liked the story and wanted me to continue. I put together an actual narrative after that, as it was vague and amounted to "kill bad guy". In fact, it still is basically "kill bad guy", but with a few extra steps. As stated before, I'm not the most creative writer, nor the most original. After a while, I showed it to more people, who were at the very least impressed by how much content there was. After that, I started going into overdrive and was writing ten pages a day on good days and two pages a day on bad days. I really wanted to give this story my all and that's exactly what it got.
  5.     I can already hear the pitchforks and torches from here, so I'll get straight to the point. I don't care if you don't like my story. I don't care if you shit up the thread. I don't care if you call me a fanboy faggot who has too much time on his hands. I do these things because I enjoy writing. I'm done making stories for attention and am now going to focus on making stories for myself that I will share with all of you. I'm not going to try and please the vocal minority anymore, since I've realized they just don't want me to write at all. Instead, I'm going to write for myself and the people who actually like and support my work.
  7.     Speaking of people who support my work, thank you to all of you who stuck with me and gave me feedback throughout the entire project. I'm really grateful to have friends like you and it means the world to me that at least one person wanted me to continue, let alone five people. You guys motivated me to keep pumping out the story as fast as I could instead of it taking a year to do like I originally thought it would.
  9.     If you're reading this before you read through Fractured Reality, it may seem like cringe, but it was way worse before I went back and completely redid the story. I'm aware that it's cringy as fuck, but I simply don't care anymore. It is what it is and the people I showed it to don't seem to mind it. Still, I do have some new ideas that I will explore in the future that are somewhat original, so that's a thing.
  11. tl;dr: I wrote it because I wanted to and nobody can stop me
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