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  1. Main
  2. {
  3.         questname   "Lost but not forgotten"
  4.         version  1.0
  5. }
  7. State Begin
  8. {
  9.         desc        "Talk to Mikkel"
  11.         action     AddNpcText(3, "It's gone..I can't believe I lost it..");
  12.         action     AddNpcInput(3, 1, "Did you lose something.");
  13.         action     AddNpcInput(3, 2, "Nevermind");
  14.         rule         InputNpc(1) goto Lostring
  15.         rule         InputNpc(2) goto Reset
  16. }
  18. State Lostring
  19. {
  20.         desc        "Lost Ring"
  22.         action     AddNpcText(3, "Yes, I lost my wife's ring..It was all I had left of her's before they killed her. She was my life, my reason for existing. So can you imagine how important her Ring is to me?");
  23.         action     AddNpcText(3, "I was trying to find a way out yesterday and found a Rusty key that opened a gate in the room down the hall.");
  24.         action     AddNpcText(3, "I managed to sneak past the skeletons and found another door that the key unlocked. I came apon an Odd Chest and tried to open it when..");
  25.         action     AddNpcText(3, "UGGGHHAA! It claped down on my greedy hand and wouldn't let go! I yanked my hand from it's mouth and my ring slipped off!");
  26.         action     AddNpcText(3, "It has my ring and I'm begging you..Please! Please get it back for me, it's all I have..");
  27.         action     AddNpcInput(3, 1, "Calm down Mikkel..I'll get your ring back.");
  28.         action     AddNpcInput(3, 2, "You said Skeletons? As in they needed to be snuck around? Meaning they are alive? No thanks!");
  29.         rule         InputNpc(1) goto KillChest
  30.         rule         InputNpc(2) goto Reset
  31. }
  33. State KillChest
  34. {
  35.         desc        "Get Mikkel's Lost Ring"
  37.         action     ShowHint("Kill the Odd Chest and bring back the Ring.");
  38.         action     AddNpcText(3, "Thank you..please be careful. Before you go, take these with you.");
  39.         action     GiveItem(2, 5);
  40.         action     AddNpcText(3, "It's not much but, it will help.");
  41.         rule       GotItems(492,1) goto GotRing
  42. }
  44. State GotRing
  45. {
  46.         desc        "Bring the Ring Back"
  48.         action     AddNpcText(3, "My ring! Thank you so much!..I'll never part with it again..I still have my ring though, here take it.");
  49.         action     AddNpcInput(3, 1, "Give him the ring");
  50.         action     AddNpcInput(3, 2, "It's mine!");
  51.         action     AddNpcText(3, "I want you to have my personal ring, I don't need it anymore. My wife is dead so, I can't actually give it to her anymore.");
  52.         action     AddNpcText(3, "Thank you again, and have a great adventure!");
  54.         rule       InputNpc(1) goto Reward
  55.         rule       InputNpc(2) goto Reset
  56. }      
  58. State Reward
  59. {
  60.         action     ShowHint("You got Mikkel's Ring & 1500 Exp!");
  61.         action     RemoveItem(492,1);
  62.         action     GiveItem(491,1);
  63.         action     GiveEXP(1500);
  64.         action     End();
  65. }
  67. State Reset
  68. {
  71.         action     Reset();
  72. }
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