Anonymous Communique - Operation Orlando

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  1. Anonymous Communique - Operation Orlando
  3. July 1, 2011
  5. Greetings Orlando from Anonymous --
  7. We hope we are being heard loud and clear. In the past few days we have taken down:
  10. - Orlando International Airport
  13. - The Orlando Chamber of Commerce
  16. - Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyers re-election site
  19. - Fraternal Order Of Police (Orlando)
  22. - A popular site representing much of the community brand for Downtown Orlando
  25. - A well trafficked site showing things to do in Orlando.
  27. We have also E-Mailed millions of people with our Mickey Anon Boycott Orlando, Florida poster. Tens of thosands have signed several different petitions. We have filled the inboxes and fax machines across your City with tens upon tens of thousands of copies of our message. We are relentless, and the best of us are working night and day to make your lives as miserable as the poor whose rights you trample.
  29. As you can see our targets will range from sites the city owns, as well as any site that is representing the city to the public. We will make sure anyone wanting to visit Orlando, knows exactly how it violates the basic human rights of the most vulnerable amongst us. We will do what it takes to make sure no one is ignorant of this issue. We will defend the hungry, who are unable to defend themselves. Now your city has the full force of Anonymous pouring down upon it, bringing international media exposure to these issues. You have bigger problems now.
  31. We ask the mayor of Orlando and its citizens to consider how many paychecks they are away from being homeless themselves?
  33. You allow anyone to come and feed the ducks in the parks, but not the hungry people?
  35. Stop making excuses. These are real people and Anonymous will not stand for the city interfering with those willing to help them out of their own hearts and pockets. Especially a city that is too busy building new stadiums and attractions to do anything about the issue themselves.
  37. Our demands are as follows:
  39. 1) A cessation of all arrests for public feeding in the city parks.
  40. 2) The immediate release of Keith McHenry from custody.
  41. 3) Drop all releated charges against everyone for either feeding or tresspassing (feeding more than once) in the parks.
  43. These demands are simple, easy to impliment - and will not cost the City of Orlando one dime. In fact, it will save the City considerable money in the expenses related to the arrests and prosecutions, the repair and maintainace of the computer systems we attack - and the man hours to empty all those inboxes from the E-Mail Bombs. And not to mention the added revenue you will make from the boycott ending.
  45. To all the other cities any where in the world that have or are considering similar policies to Orlando, if you squelch the free speech of those who seek to help the poor - if you violate the human rights of the most vulnerable amongst us; you will be found out. Anonymous is watching. Expect us.
  47. Follow the operation at:
  49. Sign the petition at:
  51. Some house cleaning statements. We would like to respond to some very specific points and issues that have arisen in the past few days.
  53. First we would like to make something CRYSTAL clear. There is NOT now, nor was there EVER any collusion at all between Food Not Bombs and either the Peoples Liberation Front or Anonymous. Not one word of communication between FNB and Anonymous has ever been exchanged and it will remain that way. We diddn't seek FNB's permission to engage the City of Orlando. As a simple courtesy we include both the national and local FNB organizations in our media list. They get our Press Release's at the same time all the global outlets do. And Food Not Bombs had NO clue we would do this, and has NO control or say in whether we will continue. This is first and foremost for us a free speech issue and as such we do not NEED Food Not Bomb's permission to join in this fight. We ARE this fight.
  55. And finally, the Mayor has called us criminals and terrorists. We'll own the criminal label. All revolutionaries are by definition criminals. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi were jailed repeatedly, and often for serious charges. Both were labeled criminals for standing with their freedom and lives for human rights and justice. Anonymous could not be prouder to follow in the footsteps of these giants.
  57. As for the charge of terrorisism, Anonymous responds as follows: Freedom and human rights are non-negotiable. And power never yields willingly. We have no choice but to take our freedom from those who withhold it from us. But what this movement has done is magnificent in it's elegance. We have found a way to wage war peacefully, to truly fight without harming any humans.
  59. For those interested, follow the Twitter given above - we will release tomorrows Target there late tonight. To everyone in South Florida, we call on you to travel to Orlando on Monday and join with Food Not Bombs as they feed the hungry at 9:00 AM ET. Come to protest, or to serve food with FNB. Or bring your own tables and food and serve beside them. we call upon all our brother and sister Anons in Florida to don your masks and do the same.
  61. We are Anonymous - We Are Everywhere - We Are Legion - We Never Forget - We Never Forgive - Expect Us
  63. SIGNED  --  Anonymous
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