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  2. You play as a young teenager who loves bird watching. You have been fascinated about birds since you were kid, and have been going through forests and nature to find the birds you most like. Since your father died, bird watching hasn't been the same. You don't go through forests any more because grandma doesn't want you to go further than the backyard. At school, people start telling you that recently there is a beautiful spot were you can watch the sunset behind the neighbourhood where you are staying with grandma. Since many people have been telling you, you have the great idea to pack your best gear and go search for some exotic birds that might appear there.
  4. There was a forest. Too many tree trunks could be spotted. You get the option to either go ahead and continue in the search of the very exotic birds you can find there; or you can retreat and go back to grandma's house, and keep watching birds over there (we can plan an alternative to the main plot when time arrives). ( You choose the option to explore the forest ).
  6. The forest looks dark, and it looks like there is a never-ending horizon of giant tree logs. You get enough courage to go in and explore. As you look around, you see a wild bird flying through. You saw many before this one, but this one caught your attention. You decide to take a picture of it, and start chasing him around the forest. While you are running, looking very close to the camera lens to line up the perfect shot, you remain unaware of your surroundings, and you step on some leaves which hadn't fallen onto the ground. Once you step on, you dive in, head first, to what appears is a black luminescent kind of matter, and you completely enter.
  8. After some hours, you wake up from this weird experience you had, thinking it was a dream. You get yourself up, grab the camera, and crawl out of "the hole". You start looking around, and everything looks normal. Nothing more, nothing less. You start searching again for that bird which caught your attention. After a while, you find it again, but something looks different. This time, he's eyes are bright green, and looks as if he could shoot green lasers through his eyes. You ignore this, and keep on its pursue. When you start seeing a ray of light, you decide to go towards it. You reach it, and encounter a massive graveyard of oxidised trains. You decide to look around, and encounter a big gate with a decently sized lock. As your curiosity rises, you decide to go out in the wild, to find the key to the gate. (Meanwhile you encounter different jump scares and challenges you'll have to face).
  10. When you finally have the key, you go back to the massive gate, and open it, unveiling a obscure and unknown world you are going to dive deep into. All of your anxious bird watching enthutiasm was now gone, and now your only goal was to discover what was behind the gate.
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