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  1. Lvl 39 STACKED Pokemon Go Acc, LEGACY moves, LEGENDARIES, 1.6MIL stardust!
  3. This account is ready to get out and start exploring for all the rarest and best Pokemon out there! Are you ready to battle your friends? Trade with people all over for rare Pokemon? Do you want to have the strongest and rarest collection amongst your friends? This account is absolutely PACKED with pieces to help you accomplish all of those things. I have decided to part with my Pokemon Go account. This account has a TON of Pokemon with legacy moves or movesets. Legacy moves are moves that are no longer available and in most cases are better than what is currently available. Some of these are EXTREMELY sought after i.e. Dragonite with Dragon Breath and Gengar with Shadow Claw. I have too many things going on in my life regarding my health and can no longer justify playing anymore at this time. I would still like all of my hard work since launch to go to good use and bring someone else joy. The contents are too rare and special to get rid of. I am hoping with the sale of this account it goes to a fellow Pokemon lover who will cherish the account and continue to the journey where I am leaving off. Rest assured, as long as you follow Niantic TOS you should have 0 issues playing this account for years to come. If you would like any other information or would like to see more pictures regarding specific things, please feel free to contact me.
  5. Check out the profile, items, badges, and other things here!
  6. There are also 2000 bag spaces and 2000 Pokemon storage spaces as well, maxed out!
  7. Check out the Pokemon list here:
  8. Most Pokemon are RENAMED as such to show their IVs. For example, if you see “100” or “十十”, it means 100 IVs. For anything else, the last 3 hexadecimal digits/letter show the IVs. For example, “FFE” means IVs of “15/15/14” for Attack/Defense/HP, so 97.8% IV. A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14, and F=15, but if that’s too confusing, here’s a simple explanation to hexadecimals:
  9.  Important Pokemon (will add more images as requested):
  11. Stats:
  12. Start Date- 8/22/2016
  13. XP-18,910345
  14. Level 39 (3,907,485/5,000,000XP)
  15. Team Mystic (changeable via shop item)
  16. Stardust: 1,684,656
  17. Nickname: (Changeable)
  18. Gmail/Facebook account: (Changeable)
  20. Notable Candy Counts:
  21. Pidgey – 12252
  22. Magikarp - 9416
  23. Exeggcute - 4013
  24. Rattata – 3779
  25. Slowpoke – 3502
  26. Caterpie – 2975
  27. Poliwag – 2967
  29. Machamp - 915
  30. Gengar - 724
  31. Porygon - 711
  32. Dratini - 661
  33. Snorlax - 597
  34. Chansey - 449
  35. Alakazam 396
  36. Mewtwo - 159
  38. Many more Pokemon with 3k+ candy! Just ask me the candy count of whatever Pokemon you might need. Most 1st-2nd gen Pokemon should have a minimum of 200+ candies.
  42. PLEASE MESSAGE ME with any questions/requests for info/screenshots about the account, and BEFORE buying so we can confirm we’re on the same page and you have enough positive feedback to be trustworthy. As an electronic product, there are NO RETURNS as I no longer have access to the account if the Gmail is changed.
  43. 100% positive feedback -- if you have any issues, just message me. Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or offers. I can be flexible :)
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