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  1. Captain America     sets himself up for training. Everything he'd need to get him to sweat, and make sure that his joints don't lock up for the rest of the evening. Sure, he could be doing other things, but to him, this was most vital.
  3. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      as requested in earlier passing, arrived at the training room for whatever torturous workout Steve could concoct for them. Wanda had been training with Nat, Clint and himself prior to the snap, and maybe now that things had calm down.. certain practices could return to normal. "Hey," offered to signal her arrival.
  5. Captain America     ensnared white bandages around a single hand, Steve's head dipped low to have himself focused on what he was doing. Knew she was arriving, and the footsteps, silent as they were, signaled her arrival long before she spoke. Finally, after tucking in the last of the strip underneath palm, head would raise to formally meet her. "Hey." One nod nothing more. Nothing less. "You ready?"
  7. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      it was nice to see the smooth profile of a clean-cut Steve, indicating in many ways that the troubles from before, were indeed behind them. The Avengers were back home, and a family once more. If Wanda had desired to sneak up on him, she would have done so. Rubber soles of sneakers however, did muffle her steps a great deal. For once the witch was less put together than usual, between the sweat pants and sports bra, the loose fitting tank top that hung limply from slender frame over it. "I guess," her own hands naked from the protective bandages.
  9. Captain America     "Here, put these on." Tossed her two rolled up sets of bandages. Those were black in color, heavily contrasting the color that he himself possessed. A single finger was pointed at her, but really, it was directed at the rolls of cloth if she ever did manage to catch them. Steve had cleaned himself up, but not because of the fact that he wanted to look and feel good, but because he didn't want people to see him of all people, stuck in a state where he didn't maintain himself. It was a message, more than anything. "When you're done, we can start. Still remember what I taught you? Right hand in front, left hand at the back?" Solitary brow was raised in accordance to his query, lifting both fists close to his face gently, just to mimic the action she should be undertaking.
  11. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      he needn't worry that her reflexes had gone rusty, she had been erased from existence not deceased or in a coma. Although it must be difficult for him to look at her sometimes, knowing that there was a full five years of her life that she had yet to live compared to his own. And knowing that she blamed herself, as much as Steve and Thor blamed themselves, for not defeating Thanos before he became impossible to combat. For having to sacrifice Vision and Nat to save everyone. One bandage hung between teeth as she wound the opposite around and over hand as he had taught her, before repeating the same process with it's match. Fingers flexing to test out the grip, before joining him on the mat. Balled fists rising as he instructed, moreso from memory. "I believe so," managing a soft smile. It was necessary to do this, as her abilities were too powerful to be employed often.
  13. Captain America     wasn't worried about her getting rusty. Not in the slightest. In fact, Steve didn't think he'd ever have to worry about Wanda. For one, she was powerful, and for another, it wasn't just her abilities that caused her to becomes the person that she was. Her heart was more resistant to the pain and hardships as much as anyone else. She's gone through pain, gone through grief, more so than any individual on earth, but it didn't mean she was weak. It didn't mean that Steve didn't care, it just meant he respected her enough not to doubt her. "Good. Now, head's up--" Tossed a fist directed at her head, which she could undoubtedly block if she wanted to. It wasn't fast enough to land as a solid hit, nor was t strong enough to even deal the most minuscule of damages. As soon as that would be quickly cast aside, he'd move back. Slightly. "Remember, don't focus on me, that's how they get you--" Moved closer in the blink of an eyes and swung opposite hand to take a strike at her side. "--watch the feet. Footing is important." A single huff was expressed ready for all of her retaliations. "It relays your opponent's next move." And just as he said it, eyes darted back and forth to watch exactly where she'd be putting her weight on. Steve would have asked her to stretch first, but he found that people like her preferred he get right into it, rather than wasting away with unhinging joints, and relaxing muscles through stretching.
  15. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      it was unfortunate that Steve and the others neglected having those conversations aloud with Wanda. The vote of confidence in her ability to adapt and survive, to change into a stronger version of herself with each setback would have made her felt truly seen as opposed to a near permanent bench warmer. She had promised to respect their privacy, to not invade their thoughts, and had managed to uphold that promise for the majority of her time with the Avengers. As the first fist was tossed forward to just test the waters, a simple swing of the right as it was the hand that Steve favored, left arm slid upwards to block appropriately with forearm. Even as left fist came launching towards ribs, as if to prove his point to be on her toes. Right elbow catching the hook of his arm to make it a more grazing touch. Forehead abruptly slamming forward to catch against his chin and mouth in a headbutt, before left knee rose at an angle to target his abdomen. If she was successful with either maneuver, then maybe her Nat was smiling from beyond the grave for giving Steve a reason to sweat. If she was unsuccessful with either, it would be something to mull over later on how to improve the tactic. Even if she had to dig dirty and implore Bucky for a few tips.
  17. Captain America     Didn't expect her not to just brush off his strikes. Those were easy. Ones used to test waters, but nothing more. Granted, the fact that she was ready to take those all in and even manage to counter each of them was an impressive feat on it's own. Most people wouldn't even bother to give second though in blocking and be done with it. The actions she took caused him to think twice about the next few movements he as about to make. And the fact that her feet barely shifted, meant that weight wasn't being put anywhere but either forward or backward. Hence, Steve knew exactly what she was up to. His head darted to the left, narrowly avoiding the headbutt, hand coming down to slap away the knee directed towards abdomen. The elbow of the same hand jerked forward in a sudden attempt to strike at her own. Her movements were crafty, creative, but not some
  19. thing Steve hadn't seen before. She took to Nat, and it was obvious. It showed. Both preferred advances that fooled the eyes, but both fell under the same category of thinking that Steve could not see past simple movements. Although, he would admit that it was cute. One way or another. if the strike of elbow managed to connect, it would be followed up with a sudden twist of hand to lock her waist in place, and the entirety of his body would turn. The sudden shift in weight would undoubtedly cause her to stumble on the ground. But that was all assumption that the elbow would even connect. Anything less would mean that Steve just needed to be on his toes jut a little more. And maybe implore on a few dirty tactics, even though he himself knew better than doing so. But it was all in good fun. It wasn't as if he was trying to prove a point or anything.
  21. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      she didn't expect anything less of Steve, as he spent just as much time scrutinizing his teammates as he did their enemies. It was important to know each of their strengths and weaknesses, to better incorporate them in a fight and lessen the chance of a gamble. Steve stood for saving lives not taking them. He would sacrifice himself before asking or taxing that price from any of them. Wanda had no doubt in her mind, that if he could have swapped places with Nat he would have. In many ways it was this sole reason that he was considered the leader of the Avengers over Tony, and why she had flocked to his side on more than one occasion.
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