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  1. Have you ever been on a Cakewars League team?
  2. Yes, I have and i'm currently on Jonned On.
  4. Have you received any punishments on Mineplex?
  5. I have received punishments and most of them are for spamming, caps, and hackusations but they were issued to me a long time ago and I have not been punished recently.
  7. Do you have any alternative (or "alt") Minecraft accounts?
  8. Yes, my alt is Falco
  10. Have you ever been blacklisted in an MCL league?
  11. I've been blacklisted twice and falsely blacklisted once . My first blacklist was for doxxing and It was deserved. My second blacklist was just miscommunication and out of context but it got fully removed after a few weeks. My false blacklist was another doxxing blacklist but the thing i sent was basically public at the time and i got unblacklisted after an hour and 44 minutes. But hey stuff happens and people move on.
  13. Knowledge
  15. How often do you host scrimmages in an MPS?
  16. I usually host whenever i'm scrimming with my team and we need someone to host because everyone else is too lazy.
  18. What are the current official maps for the Cake Wars League?
  19. Oasis
  20. Milo Realm
  21. Frosted Cakes
  22. Pinecone
  23. Cherry Falls
  24. Chanterelle
  25. Sakura Gardens
  27. What are the current kit restrictions for the Cakewars League?
  28. A team is allowed only a maximum of 3 warriors.
  29. A team is allowed unlimited archers.
  30. A team is allowed only 1 builder per 2 players.
  31. A team is allowed only allowed a maximum of 1 frosting.
  33. Qualifications
  35. Can you be online for extended periods of time? If so, what times are most convenient for you?
  36. I can be online for extended periods of times and i'm usually available whenever im needed so anytime could be convenient to me and i am EST.
  38. Why do you want to be a Host?
  39. The CWCL lacks active host or host in general and if I were to become a CWCL host it would help a lot with making sure games would be have a host instead of taking a long time to get a host for a game.
  41. How do you stand out amongst other competing applicants?
  42. Well i'm active, I actually care about the community and I want to see it prosper if it ever could. I'm also always organized.
  44. Is there anything else you think we should know?
  45. I'm currently a CCL host and i've been a CWCL before so I have a lot of experience with hosting competitive matches and before i was denied due to immaturity but i believe that i've improved on that as i've gotten CCL Host and CWCL Advisory recently.
  47. Hypothetical Scenarios
  49. A team is not able to get four players online for their required game before the 15 minute delay time. What do you do?
  50. If it's already been 15 minutes and a team hasn't been able to get at least 4 players I would first ask if they'd have enough and depending on their answer I would either DQ or give an extension.
  52. You receive a message in-game from Player A asking you to freeze or screenshare Player B from the opposing team. Player A is certain that they’re cheating. What do you do?
  53. After Player A has sent me a request to screenshare Player B, I would make sure that the request is a legit request and it's not for the purpose of wasting someones time. Once round 2 ends and a team has won 2-0 I would make sure the referee freezes Player B. If it's 1-1 then I would let the referee freeze Player B after round 3 ends.
  55. A player disconnects from a required game five minutes into the match. How do you deal with this situation?
  56. I would ask for evidence of it being a valid lagout/crash and let them back into the MPS since you're able to rejoin. Also i'd say that they can send me evidence after the round has ended if it'd help them.
  58. Agreements
  60. I agree not to contact any MCL staff members regarding the status of my application. I understand my application will be instantly denied if I do.
  61. I agree
  63. I agree to not share or distribute my responses on this form. I understand my application will be denied, or I will be demoted, if I do.
  64. I agree
  66. I agree to abide by all present and future staff policies otherwise I may face severe consequences.
  67. I agree
  69. I agree to uphold the standards of privacy and secrecy within confidential staff chats and calls. I understand I will be banned and globally blacklisted if I break these standards.
  70. I agree
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