Éprouver L'amour

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  1. "You wanted to see me, Cairo?" Diamond said as she entered the library all by herself, stepping in without warning, her footsteps echoing through the whole room.
  3. "Oh yeah, well, it wasn't really me, but Phos told me to hand you this book, she said she would like you to have it, since apparently
  4. it's very "romantic" or something like that, apparently it's very ancient, I haven't read it though, but here..." Cairo said as he handed the book to Diamond, his gaze
  5. averting to the books in the table, quite the stack of them, "If you don't mind, I will continue ordering the library, Phos was supposed to help me but well, you know her."
  7. "Don't worry, Cairo! And thanks a lot for giving me this, also thank Phos for me, would 'ya? I will see you around then!" While hugging the book, Dia ran out of the library with a smile
  8. in her face, running straight to her room and ignoring everyone in her path.
  10. Right after coming out of the library, the sparkling Diamond ran straight to her room, she didn't look around or waved at other gems as they went on their shifts, neither gazed at the everburning sun,
  11. at this point she didn't care about her surroundings, her whole mind and focus was in the book she was carrying in her arms, sustaining it tightly with her whole self. Phos already told her what it was about earlier that
  12. year, but the Master Scholar herself took the dedication to look for it through the archives of the library, taking a whole 6 months only to find it for Diamond. At first Diamond was surprised at this, at Phos' dedication. But Phos' intentions
  13. were clear from the beginning, she wanted Dia to get along with Bortz and to get them both to be closer in one way or another, and after Phos read the past Head Librarian's diary, she read about the ancient book and the special sensation it gave to the ex Librarian.
  14. Phos told Diamond right after and that she would find it just for her. And this is where our short tale of love and passion begins, the temptation of the touch and the echoing moans of two special gems finding themselves.
  17. Waiting for the dawn of the current day, Dia kept staring at the book in her room, the title of this literary paper being "Amour et autres tentations", the book seemed like it was still in good condition, being kept secretly in one of the library's old safe boxes.
  18. Later that day, already past dawn, the gems all went straight to their rooms after a long day of working. While being in the upper floor, Diamond kept staring at Bortz that was downstairs, Diamond knew that she loved her Bortz but couldn't get herself to know of this feeling,
  19. she only knew it was something romantic and it couldn't be only some kind of friendship, the inside of her chest kept throbbing and her mind couldn't see Bortz as "just a friend", she knew something was there and it's the same reason why see said "Yes" to Phos about the book.
  20. Still staring at Bortz, Diamond found herself daydreaming, thinking of Bortz as if they were hugging each other, she wanted to know of other ways to show Bortz her affection, to show her burning feelings that couldn't find a way to be expressed in a proper manner. In the heated of the moment, Diamond didn't
  21. realize that Bortz also was looking at her. Bortz was always very calm and straightforward, but she never expressed her feeling towards anyone, not the way like she did with Diamond. Deep down she only wanted the best for her, she wanted to make her know that she was going to be there for her, to protect her,
  22. to give her anything she wanted, but Bortz also found herself dumbfounded at the lack of words and expressions, the emotions and sensations that she couldn't find a name to.
  24. Already around midnight, Diamond took one of the jellyfish and lit it up, right after, she finally opened the book. A piece of paper fell from the book, Diamond took it before it could touch the ground, she opened it, the writing was awful, it was clear it came from Phos herself. Diamond started reading it, the note saying:
  25. "Hey, MY DIAMOND, if you are reading this, since I'm sure you are right now, I want you to know
  26. that I gave this exact copy of the book to Bortz a week ago, I know this is pretty sudden but inside
  27. the safe box I found 3 copies of it, I didn't know Lapis was this well-known of a pervert but, e-ehem, well
  28. I want you to know that I care about you and I hope that this book will help you.
  29. PD: I didn't told Bortz that I would give you a copy of the book, so keep it a secret between us, bye-bye!"
  30. A tiny note folded inside the book, at the bottom of the note, there was a signature, coming from: "The one and only, the Master Scholar, with love, Phosphophyllite"
  32. Being completely embarrassed and almost in tears, Diamond hid her blushing face in the pages of the book.
  33. "How could she do this?! S-She could have at least told me about it before d-doing something like that, agh!" Exclaimed Dia in her mind, stuttering even in her own thoughts.
  34. That same night, hours passed and passed, and Dia kept digging through that book, exclaiming at times from reading such magnificent literary work of art, slowly finding her way through the words and emotions, finding a name of each one of them, the book being truly magical, just like Phosphophyllite said.
  36. It was already morning when Dia finished the entire book, without noticing she fell asleep after finishing it, being exhausted but yet happy, after finding all of her answers in that book, finally having a name for each one of her emotions, and a detailed explanation, or rather detailed instructions in how to express them.
  37. Later that morning, it was already time for the assembly but Diamond was nowhere to be found in that room, she was always there in time but this day seemed like something was off. Bortz being extremely curious about this situation, told Jade that she would go and look for her.
  38. While walking to Dia's room, Bortz couldn't stop thinking about her, after reading such things in that special paper, she only kept thinking about holding Diamond tight, keeping her as close as she could and never letting her go, caressing all of her sweet spots with her fingertips and finding her way to Dia's most intimate parts.
  39. Between all of the daydreaming, Bortz finally was in front of Dia's room, and there she was, sleeping soundly without a care.
  41. "Diamond, wake up, we have morning assembly and Jade is worried sick about yo- ... Huh?" With a surprised look in her face, Bortz found a book in the ground, after taking it, she immediately blushed as she read the title, knowing right well that it's the same book she read not long ago.
  42. Still blushing, Bortz nervously closed the book, took an empty bottle that was also in the floor and put 'em both on one of the chairs that were in that room.
  43. Being completely perplexed and not knowing how to react at this situation, she stopped thinking for a second as she stared at Diamond's body, at first she didn't notice it as she already had thought of Diamond's body when she was coming from the assembly, but now having it in front of her she doesn't know what to do.
  44. Dia's body was semi-naked, one of her legs coming out of the bed's blanket and her chest being completely exposed. "Her pyjamas are a complete mess", Bortz smirked and thought as she got closer, blushing from the sudden rush of thoughts. As she walked closer, just barely able to walk, she stumbled with the bottle and fell over Dia's bed, carefully placing herself
  45. along the sides of the bed so she wouldn't fall entirely over Dia and break her.
  47. The scene being quite familiar but at the same time rather new, Bortz couldn't stop thinking about Dia since almost a week, but not in that way of "thinking", her train of thoughts involving her already turned into something more than that, they became signs about true love, the passion of her burning core every time she thinks about Dia, Bortz couldn't hold herself any longer,
  48. this position being the trigger of her new emotions and feelings. Breathing heavily, she started kissing Dia in the neck, slowly going through her soft body, caressing the back of her head, whispering sweet nothings to her:
  49. "My love, please wake up." Said Bortz in an almost broken speech, trying to hold herself from the embarrassment.
  51. Diamond woke up, being surprised at this scenario. Bortz being directly in front of her, so close, blushing and with a very rough breathing, Dia knew what this was about after looking at the chair in the corner and remembering the note, all of this was because of the magical book, not only being destiny, but their everlasting love and the lack of expression. Diamond reacted to Bortz'
  52. touch and let out a soft moan, Bortz didn't know how to react and blushed at the same time Dia moaned, her moan really turned the switch inside Bortz.
  54. "I didn't want to steal your first kiss while you were sleeping, heh." Bortz expressed, being almost nose to nose against Dia.
  56. "Ufufu, were you always like this, Bortz? Such a cheesy cutie." Trying to control herself and act compossed, Diamond said while being smug.
  58. "S-Shut up! I-I just wanted you to experience this with me... T-These new sensations I'm feeling... with you, only you." Still trying to get a hold of herself, Bortz kept talking in a broken speech trying to conceal her embarrassment.
  60. Dia, after listening the words and feeling of Bortz, the way she expressed herself, completely blushed and hid her face between her hands, repeatedly thinking about those words, her thoughts obviously not coming together, at all, this sudden train of emotions hitting her almost instantly in a moment,
  61. she wasn't prepared for this, she never knew this moment would happen so suddenly and in a moment, and specially in her own room, she didn't even have the time to think such things about her "first time" or "first kiss", she only could think of the current situation, of Bortz being in front of her, her body being held by that special person, being caressed slowly, the cold fingertips
  62. of Bortz sending an electric shock through Dia's whole self.
  64. "How am I supposed to kiss you, if you are hiding your beautiful face like that, my Diamond?" Said Bortz, in a completely dedicated manner, her thoughts being composed and her point coming across Dia's ears, telling her what she was going to do to her. Bortz proceeded to move aside Dia's hands and expose her shining, blushing face, in a burning-red looking way.
  66. "G-Go ahead, Bortz, I want you to love me and feel me too, I-I don't need to hide these feelings from you anymore..." In a muffling voice, Dia expressed her wishes to Bortz, being direct and not holding back at all.
  68. "Heheh, are you sure I'm still the cheesy one here?" Saying jokingly, Bortz stared at Dia for a while, looking at her beautiful shining eyes, the light coming from the window reflecting in her eyes all of the beautiful colors, the gaze being completely inducing to Bortz, falling even more in love after noticing such a wonderful event.
  70. Looking serious, Bortz collected her feelings and sensations, just like in the book, in the heated of the moment she tried to remember what to do, since it was the gem's first time as well, she wanted to make Diamond feel good, she wanted to give her everything she wanted, to finally be able to express all of these held up emotions.
  71. She finally found the way to do it, and she didn't want to screw it up, she knew she had to compose herself, to be dedicated to the moment and to Diamond.
  73. The thoughts stopped, Bortz knew she had to stop being nervous and to not over-think the situation, she knew it was simple. Letting herself go with the flow, Bortz moved towards Diamond, both of them being completely blushed, these strange reactions are unknown to both of them, but they well know what they mean now.
  74. Getting their lips together, Bortz finally kissed Dia, at first they stayed like that for a while, not knowing how to continue, perplexed at the meaning of all of this, they were finally together and "bonding".
  76. Bortz continued to kiss Dia, one kiss after another, their lips getting together, soaking wet with the impact of the lips touching, the saliva coming from each other's mouths. The shock of being touched, the sloppinees of their kisses went through their bodies.
  77. Moans echoed through the room loudly, Bortz and Dia knew everyone was in the assembly so they didn't care of the noise they would make, Bortz telling Jade that she could start without her. Jade never doubted Bortz since she always responsible so she didn't mind, but she didn't know what they were doing behind their backs.
  79. The roughness of Bortz' kisses were enough to turn Dia's switch on, her muffled moaning between kisses and Bortz' touch was all she needed. Bortz kept going through Dia's body while exploring her mouth, her cold and hard fingertips moving towards all of her soft spots, Dia's tender skin felt amazing in her hand.
  80. Bortz started going harder with Dia, grasping her hips very tightly, to the point that they started cracking, but neither of them cared, Bortz was already too horny to care about her surroundings. Invading her neck once again, licking the powder off and making Dia's skin even more sensitive, improving her neck area and turning it into an erogenous zone.
  81. Diamond's pure skin was a delicacy to Bortz' tongue and lips, delighting herself greatly with the rawness of her skin, so soft and shinny, pure crystalline like the summer sky but multi-colored when the rays of light touch it. This turns Bortz on, being quite surprised at this, she frenetically licks the shining spot, without knowing of this event.
  82. Dia's moans kept echoing through the seeming endless hallways, not even a soul could be found there so the space for the moans to go wild went through the doorstep, coming from the same room the two gems found themselves joining each other, their bodies as close as they could, kissing and licking each other like there would be no tomorrow, trying to be together
  83. as much as they could, they never knew if they would see tomorrow, or the day after, every moment was to be lived like this they thought, from now on they couldn't live without the one that is most dear to them.
  85. Bortz just couldn't stop thinking about Dia's thighs, those moving hips going through the fields while fighting, showing off, those soft legs being incredibly strong and soft at the same time, she started licking them, licking the powder out of it.
  86. She then tried to bite them, to savor them like they were some kind of food, Bortz never ate anything in her life, she well knows that eating is something only animals can do, but in this exact moment, nothing like that ever mattered, the only thing in Bortz' mind was Dia's rough panting, pleasuring her
  87. was the only thing that could go through her mind right now, making Dia like a complete person, to make her know that she wasn't alone anymore, that she had Bortz by her side, that they wouldn't be alone again.
  88. Bortz never knew how rough could she be, she didn't want to hurt Dia but the she also knew that this was part of loving each other, showing your affection to your partner was in the book, biting was also a way of showing it, she knew that it might hurt but both of them are really strong. She started biting Dia's
  89. thighs roughly, some bits of it falling off to the ground licking the wounds like if she were hurt. Going through Dia's thighs was like a heaven-sent miracle, Bortz only wanted Dia to herself so she knew how to do it know, to let her know that she's only from Bortz, that she couldn't look at anyone with those eyes full of
  90. ecstasy and passion. No, those eyes were only for Bortz, Dia was moaning loudly, completely forgetting about her surroundings and the other gems, the pleasure of having Bortz do such things was an scenario she never thought about until that morning.
  91. A unique situation for two unique gems whose love was never shown to each other until that day, the special day.
  93. Dia also wanted to make Bortz feel good, to make her feel how she felt from such great pleasure.
  94. She pushed Bortz down to the other side of the bed, putting herself on top of her, not knowing how to handle this, Bortz was completely surprised at this change of pace, until know she was just giving Dia her love, but she realized what Dia wanted to do, she wanted the same.
  95. To show Bortz her love. Diamond started by kissing her too, licking the powder of her beautiful, shining lips, her black and long hair kept going around the room, but Bortz knew how to handle this, she wrapped Dia with it and pulled her closer.
  97. "You are mine now, you shining Diamond, only mine" Bortz said as she was done wrapping Dia with her soft, black and long hair.
  99. "Fufufu, and you are now my shining Diamond too, silly Bortz, always so cheesy~" Diamond couldn't hold herself after expressing her words and immediately kissed Bortz, kissing those raw lips of her, Bortz' black nature never mattered to Dia, she kept going and going against those lips.
  101. Diamond seemed like she didn't know how to move or kiss, her kisses being erroneous at times and her movements seemed awkward, but Bortz loved that too so much, knowing how her lover was this clumsy but tried her best too, something heartwarming to think to while their bodies get together once again
  102. in that morning. Her uncoordinated movements were also turning Bortz on, it didn't matter that they weren't perfect, the only thing that mattered was that they came from Dia, the person she loved so much and cared about.
  103. Her lips rushing through her neck, kissing the powder off like it was nothing, it was rather fast but not quite at the same time, the motion of her lips and tongue were unskillful, but that was something to be expected of Dia, Bortz spent a whole week reading the book and re-reading again only
  104. to know more of these lewd poses and how to make them, Dia just went through it last night, it was something she didn't think a lot, but her seemingless variation of movements were cute enough for Bortz to make her blush and happy, that she already was getting together with someone like Dia.
  106. The morning kept on going, the diamonds were still missing from the assembly, no one really heard about them (not even the loud and intense moaning that echoed through the halls), but they knew if they were together, they were going to be just fine.
  107. And indeed, they were together, in more than one way. After the messy morning they had, they hugged each other, Bortz placing Dia's head on her chest, caressing her hair and her face, whispering her sweet everythings to her ear, telling her about she's going to take
  108. care of her from now on, even more than before, gently kissing from time to time to tease her, laughs and the touch kept them going that day. It was a different day, the day that changed their lives and how they would experience it together, how they would experience love in different ways.
  109. Ways that couldn't be explained with just words. It was indeed a special day after all.
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