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  2. [20:44:33] <~Mons> SPEAKING OF POISON EXAMS
  3. [20:45:07] <~Mons> The pool. You and a whole scorfing CLUMP of students are milling around at the now-grimer-filled pool, wondering at the sheer SMELL and what anyone could possibly do with a pool full of grimers.
  4. [20:46:03] * Isabella peers in with curiosity.
  5. [20:46:21] <Isabella> "Egh, the odor is stinging my eyes."
  6. [20:46:44] <Franz> (I don't even own a towel, you think I'd have something as fancy as a swimsuit?)  
  7. [20:46:50] <Franz> (Ok, I do, had to pull it out of the dust in my never-used dorm room)
  8. [20:48:28] <~Mons> Of people notable... nope, really just Anabel there. Huh.
  9. [20:49:06] <Franz> "Nnf"  she rubs her nose "You get used to stuff like this out in the wild.  Though is may be the worst I've ever smelled"
  10. [20:49:55] <~Mons> The janitor hobbles out, pushing a train of garbage cans across. "Alright, alright, quiet down y'all. Now what we got here... Is a mess."
  11. [20:50:19] <Isabella> "Poor things, it's not like they had a choice to be that smelly." She quiets down once the janitor's out though
  12. [20:51:25] <~Mons> "An' like all messes, yer objective here is to clean it up as brightly and smartly as y'all possibly even can. No tools but yer own wit, pokemon, and these cans. Judging'll be done on how much you manage ta fit in one."
  13. [20:52:33] * Corinne frowns. "Ugh...This is going to be fun." she mutters sarcastically.
  14. [20:53:05] <Isabella> "How hard could it be?"
  15. [20:54:25] <Ali> (wait i thought it was psychic exam)
  16. [20:54:26] <Franz> (Poison, silly)
  17. [20:54:26] <~Mons> The schedule says no such thing as psychics.
  18. [20:54:50] <~Mons> A Muk coughs up a bit of... unsettling sludge at Isabella's feet for the remark.
  19. [20:55:22] <Ali> "So, is this an exam or are you just pushing the fact you are the one supposed to clean this... Toilet?" He asks the Janitor with a condenscending tone.
  20. [20:55:26] <Isabella> "Eugh."
  21. [20:56:01] <~Mons> He moves immediately to jab the handle of his mop up Ali's butt, flinging him into the mess.
  22. [20:56:09] <Franz> "Essh, this is gonna be fun"
  23. [20:56:15] <~Mons> "I set it up."
  24. [20:56:41] * Franz places a bucket in front of said Muk  "Well, wanna do this the easy way?"
  25. [20:56:47] <Isabella> "Ali's never going to learn about backtalking the examiners, hm..."
  26. [20:56:57] * Isabella goes and gets a can.
  27. [20:57:24] <Ali> "I'm going to execute you for that, mongrel!" He yells while being flinged.
  28. [21:01:57] * Isabella lets out her Bastiodon, which is naturally immune to poison. So confident.
  29. [21:02:54] * Franz follows with Bastidon's son.  Time to make Mommy proud!
  30. [21:03:05] <Franz> Dex 8 Realgar 3
  31. [21:06:03] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x2 > Bushi > Muk x3 > Big Grimer x4 > Grimer x5 > Rhea > Realgar'
  32. [21:06:05] * Ali sends Iku! Speed 13, dex piddly.
  33. [21:06:25] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x2 > Bushi > Iku > Muk x3 > Big Grimer x4 > Grimer x5 > Rhea > Realgar'
  34. [21:09:37] <Corinne> (one sec)
  35. [21:11:13] <Corinne> (so do I have to punch them or can I just put them in the can)
  36. [21:11:40] <Franz> (I assume it's a capture roll, so weakened ones are easier to catch?)
  37. [21:13:00] <Corinne> 1d20 AC 2 Ice punch on a Big Muk
  38. [21:13:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, AC 2 Ice punch on a Big Muk: 13 [1d20=13]
  39. [21:13:42] <Corinne> 3d10+12+16+10
  40. [21:13:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, 3d10+12+16+10: 54 [3d10=2,9,5]
  41. [21:13:46] <~Mons> You can punch OR catch, or just try to lift them up/scoop them up through various methods. Be creative
  42. [21:14:07] <~Mons> Though obviously weaker/smaller sludges are easier to do non-fighty stuff with that, and fainted just make things no roll needed
  43. [21:14:21] * Corinne attempts to freeze/chill one of the big muks, to make it a bit less drippy so that she can get it into the can easier.
  44. [21:18:17] * Franz politely invites that Muk into her bucket.  Manners count~
  45. [21:18:53] <~Mons> cha :V
  46. [21:19:16] <Franz> 1d20-4 Come on DM~
  47. [21:19:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Franz, Come on DM~: 0 [1d20=4]
  48. [21:19:22] <zoofman_> (ppppht.)
  49. [21:19:22] <castfromhp> (just channel them you varg)
  50. [21:19:28] <Franz> (PERFECT)
  51. [21:19:59] <Franz> (. . . I always forget I have channel)
  52. [21:20:08] <Isabella_> (You even used it today)
  53. [21:20:12] <Isabella_> (And still forgot?)
  54. [21:20:18] <Isabella_> (Haha)
  55. [21:20:39] <Franz> (Heatran's the only thing I've ever even tried to channel.  Aside from Silva)
  56. [21:21:47] <~Mons> Anabel is going straight for... something
  57. [21:21:58] <~Mons> 1d2 fourth class professor or something ace
  58. [21:21:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, fourth class professor or something ace: 2 [1d2=2]
  59. [21:22:02] <~Mons> hm.
  60. [21:22:30] <~Mons> Cheap version of efficiency boost then
  61. [21:22:44] <~Mons> SLOW ACADEMIES
  62. [21:22:46] * Isabella_ concentrates. "Grasp the structure, channel my Spark, and then... Ipso facto, meeny moe..." The tips of her hair seem to stand on end a moment. She extends her hand towards a section of pool that Ali isn't flailing about in. It seems to tremble a moment.
  63. [21:22:52] <Isabella_> Hey Guys, Watch This!
  64. [21:23:02] <Isabella_> !greaterchaos
  65. [21:23:03] <Botherer> 1d20 Whelp... Here's to a potential incoming DST with Isabella_ 's Hurricane
  66. [21:23:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Botherer, Whelp... Here's to a potential incoming DST with Isabella_ 's Hurricane: 9 [1d20=9]
  67. [21:23:33] <Isabella_> That's AC 6, so only hits things with special defense 15 or lower
  68. [21:23:50] <Isabella_> hit anything?
  69. [21:24:49] * Ali cleanses the pool... By vomiting a shitton of blood at anything in the way to the Janitor!
  70. [21:24:54] <Ali> 1d20 BLOOD SURF
  71. [21:24:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, BLOOD SURF: 19 [1d20=19]
  72. [21:25:42] <~Mons> Choose a group of THINGS to hit both of you. though in ali's case it'll only hit two of the group
  73. [21:25:59] <Ali> 4d12+40
  74. [21:26:00] <Isabella_> I was aiming for grimers, what groups ARE there?
  75. [21:26:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, 4d12+40: 58 [4d12=6,4,7,1]
  76. [21:26:10] <~Mons> In the topic? :V
  77. [21:26:22] <~Mons> big/small muk/grimer
  78. [21:26:24] <Isabella_> The Grimer x5 then
  79. [21:26:46] <Ali> At the muks here meanwhile. AND HOPEFULLY THE JANITOR
  80. [21:26:54] <Isabella_> (I didn't roll my damage you derp)
  81. 21:26:59] <Franz> So they're not mixed together, just lined up for us in order of height?  Feels like Elementary School again
  82. [21:27:00] <Isabella_> (I was waiting for you to say if I hit or not)
  83. [21:27:05] <~Mons> The Janitor throws a smoke bomb and vanishes.
  84. [21:27:09] <~Mons> Oh you hit any of them
  85. [21:27:23] <~Mons> They're mixed together in fluff but I'm lazy
  86. [21:27:44] <Isabella_> 5d12+18+39 A strong hurricane rips up out of the crowd of grimers!
  87. [21:27:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, A strong hurricane rips up out of the crowd of grimers!: 97 [5d12=10,8,9,1,12]
  88. [21:28:33] <~Mons> And they're all down! Anabel tells her buzz to SCRATCH THAT and start flinging them into the bucket!
  89. [21:28:35] <~Mons> 1d20
  90. [21:28:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]
  91. [21:28:43] <~Mons> It's a little slow though and only tosses one
  92. [21:28:48] <~Mons> And break get in your name and start up here
  93. [21:29:53] <Isabella_> "Stealing my grimers? I think not!"
  94. [21:29:54] <Yulia> ( What's going on here? )
  95. [21:29:59] <Isabella_> (Poison Exam)
  96. [21:30:14] <Isabella_> (We're in a 'battle' trying to herd grimers and muks into trash cans out of a swimming pool)
  97. [21:30:29] <~Mons> "Thinking and not acting is what's getting you behind~"
  98. [21:31:02] <Isabella_> (Are there demerits if we attack the other students or their pokemon)
  99. [21:31:16] <~Mons> (nope)
  100. [21:31:23] <Isabella_> "Act this! Rhea, mud fling!"
  102. [21:31:30] <Isabella_> 1d20 at the Electabuzz
  103. [21:31:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, at the Electabuzz: 11 [1d20=11]
  104. [21:32:20] <Isabella_> 1d12+6+18
  105. [21:32:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, 1d12+6+18: 36 [1d12=12]
  106. [21:33:45] <Isabella_> In lieu of mud she seems to fling... grimers, I suppose, but it's just as Ground type!
  107. [21:33:49] <Yulia> ( Um, Dex 8, Nicodemus Speed 11 I guess )
  108. [21:33:57] <~Mons> Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x2 > Bushi > Iku > Muk x3 > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x4 > Grimer x5 > Rhea > Realgar
  109. [21:33:59] <~Mons> Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x2 > Bushi > Iku > Muk x3 > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x4 > Grimer x5 > Rhea > Realgar
  110. [21:34:03] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x2 > Bushi > Iku > Muk x3 > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x4 > Grimer x5 > Rhea > Realgar'
  111. [21:34:05] <~Mons> goddamn
  112. [21:34:27] <~Mons> anyway
  113. [21:34:34] <~Mons> big muks stockpile and curse.
  114. [21:34:35] <Corinne> (Wait how did Rhea go did I miss Bushi's turn)
  115. [21:35:07] <Isabella_> (Mud Fling's an interrupt)
  116. [21:35:19] <Isabella_> (Should be the Muks' turns now)
  117. [21:36:16] <~Mons> bushi.
  118. [21:39:07] <Corinne> (Can I have him try to put the muk in the can, or...)
  119. [21:40:51] <~Mons> Down ones (just the small grimers now) require only a check for how many you get. Up ones require varying levels of checks depending on how up
  120. [21:41:49] <Isabella_> (So what does he roll)
  121. [21:41:49] <Corinne> (okay i'll just keep punching it then)
  122. [21:42:11] <Corinne> 1d20 AC 2 Dark Burst on the same muk
  123. [21:42:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, AC 2 Dark Burst on the same muk: 6 [1d20=6]
  124. [21:42:38] <Corinne> 3d10+12+21
  125. [21:42:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, 3d10+12+21: 50 [3d10=3,8,6]
  126. [21:43:14] <~Mons> fish
  127. [21:43:19] <Ali> 1d20 mud bomb at a muk
  128. [21:43:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, mud bomb at a muk: 13 [1d20=13]
  129. [21:43:35] <Ali> (1 meter blast, hit more than one?)
  130. [21:44:01] <Ali> 3d8+10+13+6 anyway
  131. [21:44:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Ali, anyway: 34 [3d8=1,1,3]
  132. [21:45:27] <~Mons> wow you are kinda burning through these
  133. [21:46:11] <Franz> (So when I start pulling out Earthquakes. . .)
  134. [21:46:34] <~Mons> 3#1d20 brick break on varg yulia anabel
  135. [21:46:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, brick break on varg yulia anabel: 7 [1d20=7], 5 [1d20=5], 1 [1d20=1]
  136. [21:46:39] <~Mons> pffffbt
  137. [21:46:44] <~Mons> 2#3d10+12+28
  138. [21:46:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 2#3d10+12+28: 61 [3d10=8,10,3], 62 [3d10=9,4,9]
  139. [21:47:40] <~Mons> BUG NOT BUG.
  140. [21:48:44] <Yulia> Nico flies in, tearing into a group of the smaller Muk with his bladed wings.
  141. [21:49:09] <Yulia> ( Wing Attacking - how many can I get on the Pass? )
  142. [21:49:52] <~Mons> three in one group
  143. [21:50:16] <Yulia> 1d20 AC 2 base for three targets DIE UNGENTLEMANLY RUBBISH
  144. [21:50:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, AC 2 base for three targets DIE UNGENTLEMANLY RUBBISH: 15 [1d20=15]
  145. [21:51:07] <Yulia> 4d10+8+25+1d6+5 damage
  146. [21:51:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, damage: 63 [4d10=5,3,3,9; 1d6=5]
  147. [21:51:38] <~Mons> Annnd that's two of the three out now
  148. [21:52:00] <~Mons> 4#1d20 acid spray at bella buzz bushi iku
  149. [21:52:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, acid spray at bella buzz bushi iku: 16 [1d20=16], 6 [1d20=6], 15 [1d20=15], 11 [1d20=11]
  150. [21:52:12] <Isabella_> "Augh!"
  151. [21:52:24] <~Mons> 4#1d12+6+6+6
  152. [21:52:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 4#1d12+6+6+6: 29 [1d12=11], 30 [1d12=12], 26 [1d12=8], 23 [1d12=5]
  153. [21:55:25] * Isabella_ tries to shield her face as she's sprayed with acid
  154. [21:56:01] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x2 > Bushi > Iku > Muk x3 (2x down) > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x4 > Grimer x5 (down) > Rhea > Realgar'
  155. [21:57:34] <~Mons> uh. well
  156. [21:58:45] <Franz> My turn!  Big ones give big points, so. . .
  157. [21:58:56] <Franz> 1d20 Double-Edge on  the biggest Muk on the field
  158. [21:58:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Franz, Double-Edge on  the biggest Muk on the field: 1 [1d20=1]
  159. [21:59:25] <~Mons> vargin it up
  160. [21:59:27] <Franz> . . . you're not leaving a good impression on your mother, Realgar. . .
  161. [22:00:07] <Isabella_> Rhea just sort of tsks.
  162. [22:00:12] <Yulia> ( So we just want to knock them all out first before we attempt to put them in the bins? )
  163. [22:00:30] <Isabella_> (It's easier, but if you're feeling daring you can go for it while they're up)
  164. [22:00:31] <Franz> (You don't HAVE to, but it is easier)
  165. [22:00:34] <~Mons> You MAY want to but--yes
  166. [22:00:40] <~Mons> Catching also counts
  167. [22:01:01] <Corinne> (So, my turn?)
  168. [22:01:34] <~Mons> yes
  169. [22:02:36] <Corinne> (Okay, so...)
  170. [22:02:38] <Corinne> 1d100
  171. [22:02:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, 1d100: 71 [1d100=71]
  172. [22:03:56] <~Mons> womp.
  173. [22:04:35] <~Mons> rami? don't leave me too ;-;
  174. [22:04:55] <Franz> (. . . oops, sorry)
  175. [22:06:18] <Corinne> (Womp?)
  176. [22:06:22] <~Mons> Well uh
  177. [22:06:28] <Corinne> (I don't know what that means please be more clear)
  178. [22:06:29] <~Mons> You just rolled a d100 without context or target
  179. [22:06:40] <~Mons> So I am forced to assume you tried to catch something and a 71 is bad?
  180. [22:06:50] <Corinne> (Well I was putting him in the can, yes :V)
  181. [22:07:02] <~Mons> Still no target
  182. [22:07:10] <~Mons> and... that would be str rather than a pokeball
  183. [22:07:28] <Isabella_> (Corinne's been going after the same muk)
  184. [22:07:30] <Franz> (The one he was punching, I assume)
  185. [22:07:33] <Isabella_> (For the past turn)
  186. [22:08:54] <~Mons> ...:<
  187. [22:09:53] <Corinne> (Yeah, that one. What do you mean by strength?_
  188. [22:10:02] <~Mons> rolling it?
  189. [22:10:03] <Isabella_> (Strength roll)
  190. [22:10:10] <Corinne> 1d20+8+5
  191. [22:10:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, 1d20+8+5: 30 [1d20=17]
  192. [22:10:18] <~Mons> 1d20 HRM
  193. [22:10:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, HRM: 14 [1d20=14]
  194. [22:10:23] <~Mons> yeah in it goes :V
  195. [22:11:46] * Franz is getting FED UP with these mean Muks and their refusing to cooperate, so while she normally wouldn't do this unless absolutely necessary. . .
  196. [22:12:13] <Franz> 1d20 Tremor, Blast 5 on as many big mucks and big grimers I can
  197. [22:12:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Franz, Tremor, Blast 5 on as many big mucks and big grimers I can: 15 [1d20=15]
  198. [22:13:13] <Franz> 4d12+16+20 Ground
  199. [22:13:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Franz, Ground: 63 [4d12=2,11,3,11]
  200. [22:13:22] <Isabella_> "...hmmm?"
  201. [22:13:33] <~Mons> oh lordy
  202. [22:14:02] <~Mons> The pile of big grimers pretty much explodes and gets all over your face.
  203. [22:14:07] * Franz Gonna be free pickings soon!
  204. [22:14:28] <Yulia> ( Are the Big Muks still up? )
  205. [22:14:43] <~Mons> Yes.
  206. [22:15:03] * Yulia telekinetically bins as many of the Big Grimers as possible.
  207. [22:15:03] <Franz> :D "Let's scoop 'em all up!"
  208. [22:15:34] <Franz> D: "And by 'us' I meant 'me'"
  209. [22:16:04] <Yulia> "Dive in when you have the chance."
  210. [22:16:15] <Yulia> ( Anyway, what do I roll? )
  211. [22:16:25] <~Mons> iiiiint.
  212. [22:16:56] <Yulia> 1d20+8 PSYCHO CRUSHAAAA
  213. [22:16:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, PSYCHO CRUSHAAAA: 9 [1d20=1]
  214. [22:17:02] <zoofman_> (pppppht.)
  215. [22:17:04] <Yulia> ( Prob Control.)
  216. [22:17:06] <Yulia> 1d20+8 PSYCHO CRUSHAAAA
  217. [22:17:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, PSYCHO CRUSHAAAA: 15 [1d20=7]
  218. [22:19:19] <~Mons> 1d20 hrmmm
  219. [22:19:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, hrmmm: 19 [1d20=19]
  220. [22:19:26] <~Mons> Juuuust one
  221. [22:19:36] <~Mons> But one per turn without rolling uninterrupted
  222. [22:21:27] <~Mons> anabellllll.... channels divinity also another ST
  223. [22:22:42] <Isabella_> (ST?)
  224. [22:22:52] <~Mons> strategic
  225. [22:23:22] * Isabella_ wades into the pool and begins shoveling as many of the grimers as she KO'd into a can as she can. Can she can? What do I roll?
  226. [22:23:32] <~Mons> str is the universal roll!
  227. [22:25:48] <Isabella_> 1d20-6 GUESS WHAT SHE'S TERRIBLE AT
  228. [22:25:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, GUESS WHAT SHE'S TERRIBLE AT: 1 [1d20=7]
  229. [22:26:12] <~Mons> You're struggling to lift out even one, which will get canned next turn
  230. [22:26:22] <Isabella_> "Hnnnngh!"
  231. [22:26:36] <~Mons> 1d100 ali performance so i can skip him in general
  232. [22:26:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, ali performance so i can skip him in general: 15 [1d100=15]
  233. [22:26:47] <~Mons> dicemaid is more merciful than i was going to be
  234. [22:28:04] <~Mons> 1d20+8 sheer cold on rhea.
  235. [22:28:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, sheer cold on rhea.: 18 [1d20=10]
  236. [22:28:18] <~Mons> "That's a warning."
  237. [22:29:06] <Franz> (I'll be back in a few minutes, though I doubt we'll get to my turn before then)
  238. [22:29:09] <Isabella_> Sturdy negates the blow!
  239. [22:29:25] <Isabella_> "A warning, huh? Not a very good one."
  240. [22:29:29] <castfromhp> (efficiency boost doesn't work on ohko moves if that's what that was)
  241. [22:29:51] <~Mons> Nah I rolled against favor of her professoring
  242. [22:29:58] <~Mons> Anyway point is
  243. [22:30:15] <~Mons> 1d20 shadow punch yulia; and the other swallws
  244. [22:30:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, shadow punch yulia: 14 [1d20=14]
  245. [22:30:24] <~Mons> 1d12+6+29
  246. [22:30:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 1d12+6+29: 45 [1d12=10]
  247. [22:32:33] <~Mons> :< i hope blaxy is getting food
  248. [22:33:13] <Isabella_> Does the Electabuzz look different from normal?
  249. [22:34:04] <~Mons> No! That was very clearly channeling Kyogre into it.
  250. [22:34:45] <Corinne> (I'm back. Eating slightly expired Garlic flavored instant potatoes. I don't really like garlic but at least my stomach isn't killing me now)
  251. [22:34:51] * ~Mons pats
  252. [22:35:21] <~Mons> Where do you live, if it's near chicago I am going to treat you to something sometime
  253. [22:35:34] <Corinne> (Only 2 states away!)
  254. [22:35:38] <~Mons> pffft
  255. [22:35:51] <~Mons> anyway wott is up
  256. [22:36:07] <Isabella_> (I realized it was channel divinity, buuuut I wanted to know just for this upcoming move)
  257. [22:38:01] <Corinne> 1d20 AC 3 Air Slash at the other muk I guess?
  258. [22:38:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, AC 3 Air Slash at the other muk I guess?: 16 [1d20=16]
  259. [22:38:19] <Corinne> 3d10+12+21 Also flinched
  260. [22:38:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, Also flinched: 50 [3d10=5,9,3]
  261. [22:39:45] <~Mons> 1d20 sludge wave on rinne and wott
  262. [22:39:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, sludge wave on rinne and wott: 14 [1d20=14]
  263. [22:39:57] <~Mons> 4d12+16+7+28
  264. [22:39:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 4d12+16+7+28: 81 [4d12=3,12,10,5]
  265. [22:40:02] <~Mons> er 28? 10/
  266. [22:40:09] <~Mons> oh well
  267. [22:42:12] <~Mons> erm. break?
  268. [22:42:34] <Yulia> 2#1d20 Dual Chop on a Big Muk
  269. [22:42:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, Dual Chop on a Big Muk: 9 [1d20=9], 5 [1d20=5]
  270. [22:43:07] <Yulia> ( Two hits? )
  271. [22:43:11] <~Mons> yes.\
  272. [22:43:31] <Yulia> 4d8+12+2d10+25+1d6+5 damage
  273. [22:43:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, damage: 83 [4d8=4,5,1,7; 2d10=8,10; 1d6=6]
  274. [22:43:55] <Corinne> (<~Mons> er 28? 10/ What does that mean)
  275. [22:44:02] <Yulia> BAM. BAM. Get in the bin, sir Muk, lest I resort to pugilism!
  276. [22:44:02] <~Mons> 10 instead of 28
  277. [22:44:40] <~Mons> Also wow at exactly 1 now. If anyone wants a muk for actual catching now's the chance
  278. [22:45:07] <Yulia> ( ....actually, I forgot STAB on the above. +7 )
  279. [22:45:11] <~Mons> doooonw
  280. [22:45:43] <~Mons> anyway
  281. [22:45:52] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x2 > Bushi > Iku > Muk x3 (2x down) > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x4 (down) > Grimer x5 (down) > Rhea > Realgar'
  282. [22:45:54] <~Mons> It
  283. [22:45:55] <~Mons> s
  284. [22:46:01] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x2 (1x down) > Bushi > Iku > Muk x3 (2x down) > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x4 (down) > Grimer x5 (down) > Rhea > Realgar'
  285. [22:46:13] <~Mons> It's basically a scramble to roll over each other for fishing them out now
  286. [22:46:15] <Yulia> "Toss it in!"
  287. [22:47:03] <~Mons> Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x2 (1x down) > Bushi > Iku > Muk x2 (1x down) > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x3 (down) > Grimer x3 (down) > Rhea > Realgar
  288. [22:47:11] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x2 (1x down) > Bushi > Iku > Muk x2 (1x down) > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x3 (down) > Grimer x3 (down) > Rhea > Realgar'
  289. [22:47:45] <Isabella_> "Here's MY warning shot!"
  290. [22:47:55] <Isabella_> Channel Divinity! Merlin's Fire Blast!
  291. [22:48:10] <Isabella_> 1d20 on the Electabuzz
  292. [22:48:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, on the Electabuzz: 9 [1d20=9]
  293. [22:48:14] <~Mons> yep
  294. [22:48:36] <Isabella_> 5d12+18+18
  295. [22:48:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, 5d12+18+18: 55 [5d12=3,2,11,2,1]
  296. [22:48:56] <Isabella_> Rhea breathes out a huge gout of flame, far bigger than her normal Flamethrower!
  297. [22:49:54] <~Mons> Surprisingly, still up
  298. [22:50:11] <~Mons> "Fine, if you're going to be like that!"
  299. [22:50:57] <Corinne> 1d20+8+5 Rolling now I can't keep this disgusting potato slop down, brb
  300. [22:50:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, Rolling now I can't keep this disgusting potato slop down, brb: 27 [1d20=14]
  301. [22:51:08] <Corinne> (capture for the other muk)
  302. [22:52:12] <Franz> Let them stall each other!  Realgar, being tiny, goes to fetch the smaller Grimers so Franz can grab the bigger ones
  303. [22:54:37] <~Mons> Tosses a small one in easy
  304. [22:54:50] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x1 > Bushi > Iku > Muk x2 (1x down) > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x3 (down) > Grimer x2 (down) > Rhea > Realgar'
  305. [22:55:13] <Franz> 1d20+4 Str for grabbing those Big Grimers
  306. [22:55:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Franz, Str for grabbing those Big Grimers: 16 [1d20=12]
  307. [22:55:47] <~Mons> takes one in
  308. [22:56:03] * Mons changes topic to ' Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x1 > Bushi > Iku > Muk x2 (1x down) > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x2 (down) > Grimer x2 (down) > Rhea > Realgar'
  309. [22:56:07] <~Mons> 1d100 hmmmm
  310. [22:56:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, hmmmm: 76 [1d100=76]
  311. [22:59:33] * ~Mons pokes break more
  312. [23:00:00] * Yulia attempts to toss more Big Grimers into the bin.
  313. [23:00:04] <Yulia> 1d20+8 goooooooo
  314. [23:00:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, goooooooo: 11 [1d20=3]
  315. [23:00:53] <~Mons> HHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNG
  316. [23:01:03] * Mons changes topic to ' Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x1 > Bushi > Iku > Muk x2 (1x down) > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x1 (down) > Grimer x2 (down) > Rhea > Realgar'
  317. [23:01:09] <~Mons> Anabel... Switches.
  318. [23:01:13] <Franz> MY GRIMERS >:(
  319. [23:01:15] <~Mons> Now mind, this is Anabel.
  320. [23:01:22] <~Mons> She's really only got two options here.
  321. [23:01:28] <Corinne> (ugughhu. back. did I catch one)
  322. [23:01:31] <~Mons> yes
  323. [23:01:40] <~Mons> One, she could bring out a useless little duck
  324. [23:01:45] <~Mons> But on the other hand--
  325. [23:01:50] <~Mons> ...yeah.
  326. [23:02:41] <~Mons> When it crashes into the pool, the Wailord splashes ALL the grimers and people wading in all around the room, starting an even more frantic rush to toss them everywhere. The whale itself starts sliding around and scooping a bunch into its mouth!
  327. [23:03:22] <Isabella_> "Those markings... Hmph. Well then."
  328. [23:03:28] <Yulia> "...."
  329. [23:03:32] <Yulia> "Well, then."
  330. [23:03:40] <Yulia> ( That's not the desert Wailord, is it? )
  331. [23:03:45] <Isabella_> "Challenge accepted."
  332. [23:03:56] <Franz> (Nope, it's Kyogrelord)
  333. [23:04:01] <Isabella_> (It's a kyogre-marked wailord, John fought it before)
  334. [23:04:26] * Isabella_ closes her eyes and points at the Wailord.
  335. [23:04:33] <Isabella_> !greaterchaos
  336. [23:04:34] <Botherer> 1d20 Whelp... Here's to a potential incoming DST with Isabella_ 's Blizzard
  337. [23:04:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Botherer, Whelp... Here's to a potential incoming DST with Isabella_ 's Blizzard: 6 [1d20=6]
  338. [23:04:48] <Isabella_> ...but an icy wind kicks up and sort of whiffs.
  339. [23:04:56] <Franz> (Bah, now I wanna switch out. . . but that has to be on my turn, right?)
  340. [23:05:01] <Isabella_> "...this isn't the power I needed..."
  341. [23:05:21] <~Mons> yes
  342. [23:05:35] * Isabella_ does this AFTER she plopped her singular grimer into her can
  343. [23:06:11] <~Mons> 1d20
  344. [23:06:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]
  345. [23:06:21] <~Mons> anyway
  346. [23:06:34] <~Mons> 1d20 sludge bomb at VARG
  347. [23:06:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, sludge bomb at VARG: 17 [1d20=17]
  348. [23:06:46] <~Mons> 3d10+12+8+10
  349. [23:06:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 3d10+12+8+10: 48 [3d10=9,4,5]
  350. [23:10:58] <~Mons> uuu
  351. [23:12:21] <Corinne> 1d20 Ac 2 Dark pulse
  352. [23:12:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, Ac 2 Dark pulse: 19 [1d20=19]
  353. [23:12:44] <Corinne> 3d10+12+21+7 and flinched on the uh...big muk
  354. [23:12:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, and flinched on the uh...big muk: 63 [3d10=8,10,5]
  355. [23:13:21] <~Mons> annnd bug
  356. [23:13:43] <Corinne> (sorry. My mom called me and she's asking me if I want one of her cats. It's either that or she has to put it to sleep. I don't want the cat to die but I can't even afford to feed myself, christtttt)
  357. [23:14:00] <Yulia> Nico charges at the big Muk, and then U-Turns!
  358. [23:14:01] <Isabella_> (Ouch, man)
  359. [23:14:05] <Yulia> 1d20 U-Turn
  360. [23:14:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, U-Turn: 1 [1d20=1]
  361. [23:14:20] <Franz> (How old is it?   Surrender it to the local humane society)
  362. [23:14:21] <zoofman_> (obviously it was so smelly, he just NOPENOPENOPE)
  363. [23:14:45] <Corinne> (I hae no idea, and I don't know where the local humane society IS. ughhhh)
  364. [23:15:02] <~Mons> (google is your friend!
  365. [23:15:13] <Corinne> (I just want food that isn't going to make me vomit and a good night's sleep without all this stupid stuff.)
  366. [23:15:30] <Franz> (Cook the cat.  Food problem solved)
  367. [23:16:05] <~Mons> 1d20 mud shot on realgar
  368. [23:16:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, mud shot on realgar: 16 [1d20=16]
  369. [23:16:12] <~Mons> 2d10+8+6
  370. [23:16:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 2d10+8+6: 25 [2d10=4,7]
  371. [23:16:47] <Franz> (That's like . . . maybe 1 damage?)
  372. [23:17:22] <~Mons> 6 :V
  373. [23:18:14] <Isabella_> (Rhea's turn?)
  374. [23:18:25] <~Mons> 1d20 WHALE TURN. How good is it at this shit
  375. [23:18:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, WHALE TURN. How good is it at this shit: 2 [1d20=2]
  376. [23:18:30] <~Mons> NOT VERY GOOD.
  377. [23:18:37] <Franz> (Oh wow, it is, how about that~)
  378. [23:18:40] <~Mons> TOO HUGE NEEDS PRECISION.
  379. [23:18:58] <~Mons> now you go
  380. [23:18:59] <Isabella_> "Rhea, if we can defeat that wailord, any grimers it's scooped into its mouth will spill out again to be recollected. Our grade and our pride depend on this! Let's go! Thunderbolt!"
  381. [23:19:05] <Isabella_> 1d20 Thundabolt
  382. [23:19:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, Thundabolt: 5 [1d20=5]
  383. [23:19:10] <Isabella_> (ffff)
  384. [23:19:24] <~Mons> wailord can't into defenses
  385. [23:19:25] <Yulia> "....a plan hatches."
  386. [23:19:45] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x1 > Bushi > Iku > Muk x2 (1x down) > Nicodemus > Big Grimer x1 (down) > Grimer x1 (down) > Rhea > Realgar'
  387. [23:19:48] <Isabella_> 4d12+16+18
  388. [23:19:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, 4d12+16+18: 53 [4d12=1,1,5,12]
  389. [23:20:00] <~Mons> Still spits one into the can
  390. [23:20:07] <~Mons> also not down. implying wailord can't into HP
  391. [23:21:03] * Isabella_ grimaces and reaches into her pocket, pulling out... a deck of tarot cards?
  392. [23:21:12] * Isabella_ begins shuffling.
  393. [23:22:39] <Yulia> "I believe one good smack should deal with him."
  394. [23:23:16] <Isabella_> "We'll see what her fate has in store."
  395. [23:24:20] <Franz> Oh wait, my turn~
  396. [23:24:41] <Franz> Everyone's busy running around, can Realgar lift that last Big Grimer into the bucket?
  397. [23:24:50] <~Mons> "I've already gotten an advantage!"
  398. [23:25:01] <~Mons> yes
  399. [23:25:13] <Franz> Make it so, he's leaving the field in a  moment
  400. [23:25:13] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Big Muk x1 > Bushi > Iku > Muk x2 (1x down) > Nicodemus > Grimer x1 (down) > Rhea > Realgar'
  401. [23:28:31] <Corinne> (Who's turn is it now)
  402. [23:28:40] <Franz> (Thine)
  403. [23:28:52] <Corinne> 1d20+8+5 capturing a big muk hopefully
  404. [23:28:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Corinne, capturing a big muk hopefully: 24 [1d20=11]
  405. [23:30:01] <~Mons> 1d20+4
  406. [23:30:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 1d20+4: 14 [1d20=10]
  407. [23:30:05] <~Mons> yyyyyep
  408. [23:30:05] <~Mons> yyyyyep
  409. [23:30:19] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Electabuzz > Bushi > Iku > Muk x2 (1x down) > Nicodemus > Grimer x1 (down) > Rhea > Realgar'
  410. [23:31:03] <Yulia> Possibly against her better judgment, Yulia swaps out Nicodemus for....dear lord....Ephraim.
  411. [23:31:13] <Franz> "Alright boy, you've done great, but it's time for your father to get business done"
  412. [23:31:17] <Yulia> Who knows what silliness he'll bring to the field today?"
  413. [23:31:25] <Yulia> * -"
  414. [23:31:38] * Franz swaps for Schist, and tries to grab that downed Muk herself
  415. [23:31:39] <~Mons> 1d100
  416. [23:31:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 1d100: 33 [1d100=33]
  417. [23:31:47] <Yulia> ( Speed 6 )
  418. [23:31:51] <Isabella_> (them dubs)
  419. [23:31:53] <~Mons> 33? :3? CAT. He is a cat.
  420. [23:32:02] <Franz> (Speed 4)
  421. [23:32:09] <Yulia> "...."
  422. [23:32:16] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Bushi > Iku > Muk x2 (1x down) > Grimer x1 (down) > Ephraim > whale Rhea > Realgar'
  423. [23:32:23] <Yulia> "Never mind. Let's get to work."
  424. [23:32:28] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Bushi > Iku > Muk x2 (1x down) > Grimer x1 (down) > Ephraim > whale> VARG Rhea'
  425. [23:32:52] <Franz> And can I try to nab that Muk right now, or wait?
  426. [23:33:25] <Franz> (I can never remember if only switching uses up your whole trainer move or not)
  427. [23:33:30] <~Mons> it does
  428. [23:33:55] <Franz> Bah,  Well, either way we're CHARGING FOR THEM MUKS.  And at the Wailord
  429. [23:34:29] <Yulia> "We just need one solid blow, Ephraim. One solid blow can return to the scratching post."
  430. [23:34:50] <~Mons> "Nyag."
  431. [23:34:58] <Yulia> "...."
  432. [23:35:06] <Yulia> "Bloody hell, Ephraim," she mutters.
  433. [23:35:50] <~Mons> 1d20+6
  434. [23:35:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 1d20+6: 26 [1d20=20]
  435. [23:35:59] <~Mons> 1d100
  436. [23:35:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 1d100: 42 [1d100=42]
  437. [23:36:07] <~Mons> Anabel for her part tosses an uneaten muk in
  438. [23:36:17] * Isabella_ draws a card from the deck. "You are visited upon by..."
  439. [23:36:21] <Isabella_> !tick
  440. [23:36:22] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Bushi > Iku > Muk x1 (down) > Grimer x1 (down) > Ephraim > whale> VARG Rhea'
  441. [23:36:24] <Botherer> Tick, tock! Tick, tock! You just used Mind Reader
  442. [23:37:22] <Isabella_> "The Fool." she mutters.
  443. [23:37:53] <Isabella_> Nothing really seems to happen, but the look in Isabella's eyes becomes more intense!
  444. [23:38:08] <Yulia> ( At least it wasn't like Alcyone's Metronome in the final battle )
  445. [23:38:15] <Yulia> ( First draw was Selfdestruct )
  446. [23:40:55] <Corinne> (Is it my turn again?)
  447. [23:41:03] <~Mons> yes
  448. [23:41:04] <Yulia> ( Bushi's )
  449. [23:41:48] * Isabella_ slides the card back into the deck and reshuffles.
  450. [23:41:54] <Corinne> (Can he try and grab the last muk?)
  451. [23:42:14] <~Mons> of course
  452. [23:42:25] * Mons changes topic to 'Corinne > Varg/Yulia > Anabel > SLOW ACADEMY || Bushi > Iku > Grimer x1 (down) > Ephraim > whale> VARG Rhea'
  453. [23:43:38] <Yulia> ( Iku, then Ephraim? )
  454. [23:43:53] <~Mons> plut ragequit or some shit. cat.
  455. [23:44:03] <Yulia> "Let's loosen that gullet."
  456. [23:44:12] <Yulia> 1d20 AC 3 Dragon Tail whale
  457. [23:44:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, AC 3 Dragon Tail whale: 18 [1d20=18]
  458. [23:44:18] <~Mons> WAP
  459. [23:44:38] <Isabella_> "My appreciation, Yulia!"
  460. [23:44:40] <Yulia> 2d10+8+5+15 fuckin' BAM
  461. [23:44:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, fuckin' BAM: 39 [2d10=8,3]
  462. [23:44:42] <~Mons> The last remaining... well not THE last but basically everyone else has theirs
  463. [23:44:51] <~Mons> goes flying, yes, directly into your bucket.
  464. [23:45:15] <~Mons> Janitor: "An'.... that's all, folks. Get yer cans open, let's count."
  465. [23:45:21] <~Mons> How many each?
  466. [23:45:26] <Isabella_> "...well dammit."
  467. [23:45:35] <Isabella_> Isabella only has one Grimer.
  468. [23:45:41] <Franz> "But, but I wanted to tackle the whale . . "
  469. [23:45:55] <~Mons> "You can go whale tacklin' on yer own time." "Hmph."
  470. [23:46:05] <Franz> 1d20 This ain't over yet, Wood Hammer >:(
  471. [23:46:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Franz, This ain't over yet, Wood Hammer >:(: 16 [1d20=16]
  472. [23:46:52] <~Mons> vargmad
  473. [23:47:18] <Franz> 5d12+18+20+8+5 And now I'm content~  (though if I could nab one of her Muk's that'd be nice too)
  474. [23:47:18] <Yulia> ( I think it's two Grimers )
  475. [23:47:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Franz, And now I'm content~  (though if I could nab one of her Muk's that'd be nice too): 83 [5d12=6,1,9,5,11]
  476. [23:47:46] <Franz> (But . . . naah, I can't steal)
  477. [23:47:47] <~Mons> size counts too
  478. [23:47:50] <~Mons> just
  479. [23:47:52] <~Mons> add it up
  480. [23:48:01] <~Mons> muk counts for 2, big counts for 2
  481. [23:48:03] <Franz> Anyways, 2 Big Grimer, 1 Normal
  482. [23:48:06] <~Mons> so 4, 3, 2, 1
  483. [23:48:12] <Isabella_> I'm... not sure which kind of grimer I grabbed?
  484. [23:48:21] <Corinne> I got uh...2 Big Muks and a normal muk, right?
  485. [23:48:25] <Corinne> Or 2 and 2?
  486. [23:48:29] <Yulia> ( Two big Grimers, then )
  487. [23:48:30] <~Mons> I don't think you got both did you?
  488. [23:48:38] <Isabella_> They weren't sorted into big and small grimers when I went for them
  489. [23:48:42] <Franz> Yulia and I got the big grimers, so yours must have been normal
  490. [23:48:42] <Isabella_> just two groups of grimers
  491. [23:48:47] <Isabella_> I guess so
  492. [23:49:00] <Corinne> pretty sure I got both big muks, didn't I?
  493. [23:49:09] * ~Mons headscratch
  494. [23:49:36] <~Mons> welllll then that...
  495. [23:49:48] <~Mons> makes all but bella pass, corinne, anabel, franz EC :<
  496. [23:49:58] <~Mons> of course she technically isn't alone, but some facelesses
  497. [23:51:55] * Isabella_ seems to be in a sour mood. She had gotten into extra credit for every exam previously, and now she's failed this one?
  498. [23:52:27] <Isabella_> "This isn't over. I challenge you to a proper duel." she says to Anabel. "Whenever you like."
  499. [23:52:37] <Isabella_> "You're not the only one who's blessed."
  500. [23:53:10] <~Mons> "But I'm the only blessed one who has a brain."
  501. [23:53:23] * Franz 's whalelust has been satisfied, and with the news she not only passed but got into EC, she's fairly happy
  502. [23:53:28] <Franz> . . .
  503. [23:53:36] <Franz> That sounded a lot better in my head
  504. [23:53:55] * Yulia frowns, a little disappointed at the underperformance.
  505. [23:54:15] <Isabella_> "Oh? Weren't you the one who lost the chess battle to John, of all people? You know he can't read, right?"
  506. [23:54:26] <Isabella_> (Or wait, do I know that)
  507. [23:54:42] * Mons changes topic to 'Current Date: June 30 | Base Level: 28 | Tuesday: exaaaaaaam | Saturday: I dunno what do you want to do | Mons Note: [11:55pm]• Franz 's whalelust has been satisfied'
  508. [23:54:48] <Franz> (I hope you don't mean the Fighting Exam, since he fought me)
  509. [23:54:49] <Isabella_> (Nevermind, assume she cut that out at "of all people")
  510. [23:54:49] <Franz> Bah
  511. [23:54:59] <Isabella_> (Wait, anabel did lose to someone in that exam)
  512. [23:55:02] <Isabella_> (Who was it)
  513. [23:55:07] <Isabella_> (Ali?)
  514. [23:55:07] <Rini> (Ali.)
  515. [23:55:10] * Corinne smiles. "Heh. Good job, Bushi."
  516. [23:55:10] <Isabella_> She said Ali then.
  517. [23:55:15] <~Mons> pfffff even worse
  518. [23:55:22] <~Mons> <ARE YOU KIDDING? IT WAS THE BEST JOB.>
  519. [23:55:28] <~Mons> <THE. BEST.>
  520. [23:55:53] <Corinne> "I dunno. Aniki beat an entire Extra Credit by himself the other day."
  521. [23:56:00] <~Mons> "And yet Ali passed this, while you didn't?"
  522. [23:56:27] <Isabella_> "Only because you made this personal."
  523. [23:56:43] <~Mons> "YOU made it personal. I distracted a competitor."
  524. [23:56:55] * Franz brings Realgar back out to praise him, and they all enjoy a rare moment of family bonding time while Rhea's master does some pointless bickering
  525. [23:57:04] * Yulia releases Nicodemus, and returns Nekophraim.
  526. [23:57:24] <Corinne> "Still, great job." she says, before returning Bushi to his ball. She then walks over to Isabella.
  527. [23:57:30] <~Mons> <What, what.>
  528. [23:57:44] <Isabella_> "I still refuse to accept this. If you won't pick a date for the challenge, then I will. And then you will really see what I can do in a true battle of wits."
  529. [23:57:55] <Franz> I can just imagine the thee of them snuggling together, so adorable~
  530. [23:58:40] <~Mons> "I'll find you tomorrow. You do stick out quite a bit, after all."
  531. [23:58:51] * Isabella_ lets out Ganymede, the obviously Cresseliaized Nidoking, and climbs on his back. "Let's go back to the dorm, Ganymede. See you later, Corinne. Congrats on your results."
  532. [23:59:12] <Isabella_> "Very well."
  533. [23:59:56] * Isabella_ decides to take the jab as a compliment, and goes to ride off unless Corinne stops her.
  534. [00:00:57] <Corinne> "...Are you okay, Isabella? I'm going back to the dorm, we could go together if you want..."
  535. [00:02:19] <Isabella_> "I'll be fine. I'm not a sore loser, just one that intends to prove herself. You can join me if you want."
  536. [00:04:27] * Isabella_ goes to ride off on Ganymede.
  537. [00:04:36] * Corinne nods and follows along.
  538. [00:05:41] <Isabella_> "This is frustrating." she comments.
  539. [00:05:55] <Isabella_> "Not the fact that I lost, but the fact that I couldn't perform as well as I had wanted to."
  540. [00:06:05] <Isabella_> "Even my magic failed me, then."
  541. [00:06:06] <Yulia> Still, Yulia contains her frustrations.
  542. [00:06:19] <Yulia> "Perhaps we can talk it over. Over tea."
  543. [00:06:29] <Isabella_> "That'd be nice."
  544. [00:06:56] <Yulia> "If you insist on a challenge like this, it's best to take a more calculated approach."
  545. [00:07:36] <Yulia> "Making plans in bouts of anger is a sure way to miss an important detail."
  546. [00:08:24] <Isabella> "You're correct, of course."
  547. [00:09:27] <Isabella> "For her arrogance, she's very smart. A 'ends justify the means' sort of competitor. The most dangerous kind."
  548. [00:09:33] * Isabella_ ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  549. [00:09:53] <Corinne> "I'd just punch her, if I were you." Corinne admits
  550. [00:10:20] <Corinne> "Heck, i'd offer to do it for you, but you'd say no."
  551. [00:11:21] <Isabella> "If you hadn't noticed, I had trouble just picking up that grimer." she says flatly. "Let alone punching her. Unless I happened to tap into the primal power of punching with my powers., no I wouldn't, normally. I'm not out to teach her a lesson, though. I'm out to save my expectations of myself. Just sending you to deal with her wouldn't do that."
  552. [00:13:05] <Isabella> "This is something I must do, and I must do it carefully."
  553. [00:13:26] <Yulia> "This sounds like....well, it's something resembling revenge."
  554. [00:14:11] * Corinne shrugs. "I understand. Kind of a cop out to have someone else settle your scores."
  555. [00:14:44] * Isabella pants Ganymede on the head as they go. Gloves on, of course.
  556. [00:14:48] <Isabella> *pats
  557. [00:15:26] <Isabella> "Is it?" she asks Yulia. "I suppose. My self confidence has taken a lot of wounds lately."
  558. [00:15:46] <Isabella> "But it's not specifically against Anabel, no."
  559. [00:15:46] <Yulia> "Revenge is a sucker's game."
  560. [00:17:46] <Yulia> "At best, everything is normalized. At worst, you are dragged down to the level of the initial wrongdoing, with your motivations laid bare. Easy readings lead into easy manipulation."
  561. [00:19:05] <Isabella> "All I want is to save face. This is for my own reasons and nothing more. I am NOT someone who will be manipulated." she says in an annoyed tone.
  562. [00:19:11] <Isabella> "That is why I did not join Aria."
  563. [00:19:58] <Yulia> As detached as Yulia usually is, her expression hints at some concern. "But are you not, already?"
  564. [00:20:21] <Isabella> "Are you implying I am?"
  565. [00:20:52] <Corinne> "Jeez, lay off her with the philosphistic crap. If she wants to show that jerk who's boss, that's up to her."
  566. [00:21:03] <Yulia> "Not as a whole. Just in your choice to pursue this path for the sake of saving face."
  567. [00:21:23] <Yulia> "Redemption does not necessarily lie in retribution. Food for thought."
  568. [00:21:36] * Yulia nods, and makes her way back to her dorm.
  569. [00:22:38] <Corinne> "Jeez...Am I the only one who thinks the way she acts is really annoying? What's her name, again?"
  570. [00:22:45] <Isabella> "Yulia."
  571. [00:22:56] <Yulia> "Yes?"
  572. [00:23:08] <Isabella> "No, I was talking to Corinne. See you."
  573. [00:23:16] * Isabella waves.
  574. [00:23:49] * Yulia nods. "Apologies."
  575. [00:23:50] <Yulia> "The offer for tea stands."
  576. [00:23:50] <Isabella> "I thought we would have tea at my place, actually."
  577. [00:23:55] <Yulia> "Favorable. When?"
  578. [00:24:01] <Isabella> "But... hell, I suppose if you're free we can take you up on that now."
  579. [00:25:35] * Isabella shrugs. "You invited us, I imagine you might actually have better tea than I can make. Wouldn't want to be a bad host."
  580. [00:25:40] * Yulia nods. "Then I will meet you there after I return to my own dorm. It seems you two may need the time alone."
  581. [00:25:48] <Isabella> "Alright."
  582. [00:26:07] * Isabella waves Yulia off and continues on with Corinne.
  583. [00:28:08] <Isabella> Once they're on the way to their dorm, she says to Corinne, "I don't fault her for being that way. It's kind of nosy, but I think she means well in her ways. If she thinks I'll let myself be manipulated by anyone, however, she needs to get to know me better. Right now she just sounds like an armchair therapist."
  584. [00:29:40] <Isabella> "I'm not entirely sure why it was a concern in this situation to begin with. Does she think Anabel purposely goaded me? ...Maybe she did, hell."
  585. [00:30:27] * Corinne shrugs. "I wouldn't know. I was busy punching Muks. With Lightning. I like this Aura stuff."
  586. [00:31:08] <Isabella> "Oh, you- you can do that? ...I'm sorry, I was a bit too preoccupied with Anabel to..." oh wow, awkwaaaard. She scratches the back of her head.
  587. [00:32:31] <Isabella> "That's really nice!"
  588. [00:32:40] <Corinne> "Hmm? No big deal. I wasn't expecting you to be watching me or anything. But yeah, it's pretty cool!"
  589. [00:33:17] <Isabella> "Haha... seems like everyone has secret latent psychic powers, hm?"
  590. [00:33:29] <Isabella> "In general, I don't actually mean 'psychic' psychic."
  591. [00:34:04] <Isabella> "Fuck, though, aura users and real psychics can actually talk with their minds, right? Guess wizards aren't so lucky with that."
  592. [00:35:18] <Corinne> "Well, I can't really talk with my mind. I can sort intentions, sometimes, when I focus on it."
  593. [00:35:35] * Isabella counts things up. Mikaela, Beatrice, Aria, Isabella, Corinne, Franz, Ali, Yulia...
  594. [00:35:50] <Isabella> "Everyone except Felicia, Frederica, and John..."
  595. [00:35:55] <Isabella> "Oh? You... can't?"
  596. [00:36:49] <Corinne> "Not really. Maybe I could if I practiced? But not really, no."
  597. [00:37:28] <Isabella> "Haha, you know, I'm a big user of the psychic type, but I don't even have real psychic powers myself. It's kind of weird when all of your pokemon nearly can use telepathy and telekinesis but you can't, you know? It'd be like..."
  598. [00:37:44] <Isabella> "...:like if you were in a wheelchair like Frederica, and still had the same team of pokemon."
  599. [00:38:28] <Isabella> "I do have my Spark, though. ...that's one thing that's completely mine."
  600. [00:39:00] <Isabella> "It helps validate me - I'm not just someone who leeches power from Titania. I have my own power, my own ability."
  601. [00:39:30] <Isabella> "Hell, I'm rambling."
  602. [00:40:01] <Isabella> "What the hell am I even talking about? Long story short your shit's cool."
  603. [00:40:12] <Isabella> "Lightning punches, must be great."
  604. [00:41:57] <Isabella> "..."
  605. [00:42:10] <Corinne> "It's pretty cool. Not a HUGE step up from normal martial arts, but it's certainly fancier looking."
  606. [00:42:23] <Isabella> She drapes her arms around the back of Ganymede's head as they approach the dorm, careful not to scrape herself.
  607. [00:42:45] <Isabella> "I wonder if you could just..."
  608. [00:43:03] <Isabella> "Punch a raw steak and make it done, with enough control over that."
  609. [00:44:34] * Corinne scratches her head. "Maybe. It'd take a lot of practice though, and it'd probably taste better to just...cook it."
  610. [00:44:57] <Isabella> "Yeah, but it's the principle of the matter, right?"
  611. [00:45:17] <Isabella> "You could claim to cook steaks with your bare fucking hands, regardless of quality I think that'd be pretty cool."
  612. [00:45:45] <Isabella> "Anyway, looks like we're here."
  613. [00:46:11] * Isabella climbs off of Ganymede. "Thanks, Gany. You're the best, you know?"
  614. [00:46:59] * Isabella gives him a hug and returns him.
  615. [00:47:43] * Isabella opens the door for Corinne when she heads up the steps. "...So how has school been different from how you thought it'd be?"
  616. [00:49:31] <Corinne> "I dunno. Not really, I guess. Some of the students are much more tolerable than i'd thought, though!"
  617. [00:50:02] * Isabella heads in.
  618. [00:50:18] <Isabella> "It's... really been a hell of a time for me. Has it only been four months? God damn."
  619. [00:51:16] <Isabella> "In that time I've made a bunch of great friends, probably more than one enemy, worried I wasn't even human, and even met a figure from the stories I'd read as a child."
  620. [00:51:35] <Isabella> "...I can't even begin to fathom what the next year and a half will be like."
  621. [00:53:08] * Isabella walks into the dorm room and gets out a rarely-used tea set, probably bought originally with the purpose of making dream tea once she got the materials, but she's kept some actual tea around too.
  622. [00:53:37] * Corinne nods. "Yeah. Hopefully things will keep being interesting, at least" she says, stretching and then flopping on the bed. "I'm gunna take a nap. I hope you weren't too set on having me join your tea party..."
  623. [00:53:54] <Isabella> "Nah, that's okay. Sweet dreams, 'rinne." she smiles.
  624. [00:54:48] <Yulia> There is a metallic knock on the door.
  625. [00:55:04] * Isabella is still preparing things. "Come in~"
  626. [00:55:20] * Yulia enters, along with the ever-present Nicodemus.
  627. [00:57:16] <Isabella> "Hello Yulia, Nicodemus. Will he be wanting a cup too?" she asks, setting the kettle on a small wall-plugged single eye range.
  628. [00:57:54] <Yulia> "Yes. He can help, if you want."
  629. [00:58:37] <Isabella> "Sure."
  630. [01:00:15] * Isabella gets him to set the table probably. Not that it's a very big one.
  631. [01:00:35] <Yulia> Nicodemus nods, and sets saucers and tea cups.
  632. [01:00:49] <Isabella> "Something of what you said still bothers me, Yulia. You seem to think some sort of retribution is involved?"
  633. [01:01:23] <Yulia> "Possibly."
  634. [01:01:50] <Isabella> "Mm. I wouldn't say so. I don't really have anything against Anabel specifically. She's arrogant, but then again, so am I."
  635. [01:01:57] <Yulia> "'Saving face' does not necessarily mean a returned challenge. It's worth thinking about why one may need to save face to begin with."
  636. [01:02:10] <Yulia> "Who is this reassuring?"
  637. [01:03:19] <Isabella> "I'm dissatisfied with my results and have myself to blame. Obviously I could resign myself to 'do better next time', but I don't feel that's entirely good enough."
  638. [01:04:59] <Yulia> "What do you gain if you succeed? What is at stake if you fail?"
  639. [01:05:13] <Isabella> "My satisfaction with myself, in both cases."
  640. [01:05:29] * Isabella gets the tea to brewing and has a seat.
  641. [01:05:44] <Yulia> "And you see no alternatives, if the motivations are entirely personal?"
  642. [01:06:03] <Isabella> "There are likely plenty of alternatives, but the challenge has already been made."
  643. [01:06:21] <Isabella> "I admit I was probably too hasty in challenging her, but it's too late to change my mind now."
  644. [01:07:40] <Yulia> "Decisions are almost never as binary as they initially appear, but you're correct. The challenge has been posed now."
  645. [01:09:13] * Isabella taps her fingers on the table. "So what are you trying to get at? Just trying to make me re-evaluate myself?"
  646. [01:10:37] <Yulia> "Or the situation."
  647. [01:10:57] * Yulia coughs. "Let's just say my tendency to do that is in my blood."
  648. [01:11:36] <Isabella> "Blood, hm? A concern I've had lately myself."
  649. [01:15:10] <Yulia> "The question you asked the Tower...."
  650. [01:16:35] <Isabella> "Yes. For what we know of it, it seems fairly omniscient and will answer any question that no one wishes to prevent you knowing the answer of. ...I was worried that I might have been a Changeling, that is, a fairy child who was exchanged with a human's at birth. The possibility hit me when I spoke to the wizard Merlin, who you saw fight beside us."
  651. [01:17:20] * Yulia nods.
  652. [01:17:38] <Isabella> "All I know now is that while I am their child, while I am human, I still have this parasitic link to the baroness that defies explanation. ...I feel like my parents might know something, but I've been afraid to call. I haven't even told them about the trips into the Vale. I've been pretending as if nothing was wrong."
  653. [01:18:08] <Isabella> "And then there is what Beatrice told me..."
  654. [01:19:22] <Isabella> "Aria, my... counterpart in all of this, I guess you could say, had mentioned to Beatrice apparently that Titania wanted to adopt me. ...I don't know if Aria was misinformed, or lying, or what have you, it might even be true. But the nature of my link with Titania prevents us from communicating properly. "
  655. [01:19:50] <Isabella> "And it has been one hell of a headache figuring out exactly what all of this means put together."
  656. [01:21:44] * Yulia thinks, juggling the variables in her head.
  657. [01:22:29] <Yulia> "....and yet, your parents are likely the ones who will give you a new lead."
  658. [01:23:04] <Isabella> "My worst fear is that they may be involved with Masque somehow."
  659. [01:23:16] <Yulia> "Any evidence?"
  660. [01:25:03] <Isabella> "None particularly, otherwise it would be less of a 'fear' and more of a foul truth. But it strikes me odd - they were suddenly very encouraging in my childhood when I took an interest in Cresselia and the dream world. I feel like they may know something. And if they do and haven't told me, the possibilities of their involvement look grim."
  661. [01:26:40] <Yulia> "Is there no one else to ask?"
  662. [01:27:23] <Isabella> "I could keep asking Tower, but reliance on this information being given to me is faulty. That and the fact that we weren't called into the Vale this month worries me."
  663. [01:28:17] <Isabella> "I'd have to find a different way to enter the dreamworld, without the Baroness's help, if I wished to contact Tower further. I think the other group did... "
  664. [01:28:42] <Isabella> "Mm, Titania may just be saving her strength now that she realizes I'm not a threat to her though."
  665. [01:30:21] <Yulia> "It may be worth asking them, then."
  666. [01:30:57] * Isabella stands up and takes the tea kettle off. She seems to be pondering.
  667. [01:31:07] <Isabella> "Maybe..."
  668. [01:32:05] <Isabella> "I think I'll also talk with this to our legendary studies professor as well."
  669. [01:33:04] * Yulia nods. "Information is key....even if it is potentially unpleasant."
  670. [01:35:50] <Isabella> "I agree." she sighs.
  671. [01:36:32] * Isabella walks back over to the table and pours the tea, notably putting ice cubes in her own cup.
  672. [01:36:46] * Isabella then sets the kettle down and has a seat.
  673. [01:36:56] <Isabella> "It's just a lot to deal with."
  674. [01:37:05] * Yulia raises an eyebrow, but attends to her own cup. Nicodemus takes a seat.
  675. [01:37:44] <Isabella> "Nasty implications, identity crisises, humans waging war with gods to make humans into gods."
  676. [01:38:47] <Yulia> "But deal with it we must," Yulia notes.
  677. [01:39:49] <Isabella> "I apologize. Your fate was tied to mine and now you have to share in the consequences."
  678. [01:41:22] * Yulia shrugs. "It is simply playing with the hand I have been dealt."
  679. [01:42:08] <Yulia> "That fate is something that I cannot change, as far as I know. So I focus on what I -can-."
  680. [01:42:21] <Yulia> "The rub is in knowing the difference."
  681. [01:45:39] <Isabella> "We can change -anything- if we set our minds to it." she insists. "Not merely childish inspiration talks, but that is how Fate works with those strong in it. I have an unnatural connection to the baroness, but I will not fall victim to the purpose it was intended for. I won't kill my benefactor and take her place. And I will not be Masque's puppet. If I do somehow gain the opportunity
  682. [01:45:39] <Isabella> to become a god, it will be on my own terms, not theirs. With the Fate I have been dealt, I will mold my own destiny. That's the only thing I can be sure of."
  683. [01:48:24] * Yulia takes a sip of her tea, mentally comparing their outlooks.
  684. [01:49:11] * Isabella drinks as well.
  685. [01:49:30] <~Mons> translator note: It's not particularly an outlook. There's a difference between the concept of fate and the world-material/importance investitute capital F Fate.
  686. [01:49:45] <~Mons> i forgot if break caught that 3:
  687. [01:50:11] <Yulia> "If only I could see things that way," she muses.
  688. [01:52:16] <Yulia> She stares at the surface of her tea as if searching for something.
  689. [01:53:27] <Isabella> "That's not to say we're invincible though."
  690. [01:53:51] <Isabella> "At this point... it's potential more than anything. I won't be able to mold shit if I'm dead."
  691. [01:54:33] <Isabella> "This is why I have to prove to myself that I'm strong enough to soldier on. I was successfully distracted during the exam, but if I can't defeat Anabel, I may not stand a chance later."
  692. [01:56:26] <Yulia> "....very well."
  693. [01:56:55] <Yulia> "I simply question the necessity of further challenges."
  694. [01:57:16] <Isabella> "Mm. I will need to keep setting my goals higher and higher..."
  695. [01:57:30] <Isabella> "I have to make potential become reality."
  696. [01:57:47] <Isabella> "And if I'm too weak..."
  697. [01:57:52] <Isabella> "This region will be screwed."
  698. [01:58:20] <Isabella> "You heard those parts of Masque's plan, yes?"
  699. [01:58:33] <Isabella> "Or have we still kept you in the dark?"
  700. [01:59:52] <Yulia> "I'm aware of the plans."
  701. [01:59:56] * Isabella nods.
  702. [02:00:08] <Isabella> "I think we've been talking about me long enough, then."
  703. [02:00:26] <Isabella> "You have a pretty good idea of what I'm getting at by now."
  704. [02:00:33] * Yulia nods.
  705. [02:00:35] <Isabella> "So what's your story, Yulia?"
  706. [02:00:42] * Isabella sips her tea more.
  707. [02:00:50] <Yulia> "Depends on what you wish to know."
  708. [02:02:02] <Isabella> "None of us involved in this are plain and ordinary. I'd like to know more about you. Your hobbies, your background, your talents. You seem to have similar powers compared to Franz, yet much different."
  709. [02:03:53] <Yulia> "I figure there's not much to tell that you don't already know."
  710. [02:04:08] <Yulia> "I'm from this region - in particular, Kingshire."
  711. [02:05:08] <Isabella> "I haven't been there yet, pity."
  712. [02:05:09] <Yulia> "My family was once linked with royalty in an active advisory role to the King and Queen - a role they held for generations."
  713. [02:05:36] * Isabella nods.
  714. [02:05:45] <Yulia> "Today, the Sunlengs still manage the Kingshire Royal Library. We may no longer be advisors, but we are still keepers of knowledge."
  715. [02:05:52] <Isabella> "Important or noble lineage of some kind also seems to be a theme with us."
  716. [02:06:33] <Yulia> "Each member of the family is directed to study a particular field they seem to show aptitude for."
  717. [02:06:51] <Yulia> "In particular, mine was mysticism. Purely practical, but dull when it is one's singular focus."
  718. [02:07:03] <Isabella> "Mm, Franz's family was important in some fashion too, but I forget exactly how. I believe she's from Rowstream."
  719. [02:07:38] <Isabella> "Practical mysticism does sound rather dull."
  720. [02:08:54] <Yulia> "I preferred to have a...broader palette of knowledge to draw from."
  721. [02:08:56] <Isabella> "My singular focus previously was the dream world. How to use its properties, the legendary pokemon that reside within... knowledge of other legendaries followed as sort of a side hobby. But it wasn't my entire life. Video games, tabletop roleplaying..."
  722. [02:09:15] <Yulia> "I never had time for hobbies back home."
  723. [02:09:18] <Isabella> "Funny that, now I'm actually capable of using realm goddamn magic."
  724. [02:09:19] <Yulia> "Nor for play."
  725. [02:09:22] <Isabella> *real
  726. [02:09:28] <Isabella> "And now?"
  727. [02:09:51] <Isabella> "Might be nice to broaden your horizons a bit - say, that sounds like a good idea..."
  728. [02:10:22] <Isabella> "I may just gather everyone and run a tabletop game."
  729. [02:10:59] <Yulia> "And now?"
  730. [02:11:12] <Yulia> "I have the time to find practical use for my....unauthorized side studies, shall we say."
  731. [02:11:20] <Isabella> "Oh?"
  732. [02:11:31] <Isabella> "I wasn't aware of that... what do you do, exactly?"
  733. [02:13:12] <Yulia> "I have some psychic aptitude as a clairsentient."
  734. [02:13:29] <Yulia> "As such, I prefer to put it to use for investigative purposes."
  735. [02:14:00] <Yulia> "Cognitive science and the mind....both interest me, so I also offer psychological services."
  736. [02:14:08] * Isabella nods. "That's involved with past/future cognition, correct?"
  737. [02:14:14] <Isabella> She asks about being clairsentient.
  738. [02:14:39] <Yulia> "More with the past than anything."
  739. [02:14:45] <Yulia> "Psychometry."
  740. [02:14:50] <Yulia> "Analysis."
  741. [02:15:05] <Yulia> "Finding the "purposes" of objects."
  742. [02:15:18] * Isabella nods.
  743. [02:15:24] <Isabella> "Such an interesting power..."
  744. [02:17:16] <Yulia> "Very practical, if nothing else."
  745. [02:17:48] <Isabella> "My own ability, the way I've learned to channel my Spark of magic into 'spells' is somewhat different. I can initialize 'incantations', which are extended uses that don't consume much of my strength and are fairly reliable, but also a bit weaker and disallow doing anything else while chanting. Or I can invoke spells that directly simulate pokemon attacks, which is a lot stronger but
  746. [02:17:48] <Isabella> its exact precision is unreliable - I accidentally used Blizzard on her Wailord during the exam when I meant to do Thunder, for example. Such is the nature of chaos magic."
  747. [02:18:05] <Yulia> "I could find you without being given directions to your dorm, for instance."
  748. [02:18:27] <Isabella> "Very handy. Mine must seem impractical in comparison."
  749. [02:19:09] <Isabella> "I'm fairly partial to that shield incantation I used when we fought together in the Vale, though. "
  750. [02:19:36] * Yulia nods. "Indeed, the Spark may end up more useful overall, considering what we face."
  751. [02:19:54] <Yulia> "Subtlety only goes so far against a foe that can all-too-easily look past it."
  752. [02:22:25] <Isabella> "Yulia... I can trust you, right?" she suddenly looks fairly serious. "I regret that I didn't get to know Aria, and then she left. ...and honestly I haven't known you long either. I can trust you, right?"
  753. [02:22:51] <Yulia> "Is it really up to me to determine that?"
  754. [02:24:16] <Isabella> "Your actions are fairly key to determing that. So let's put it this way. Will you ever give me a reason to distrust you? I'm not trying to second-guess you here, I just want to hear it from your mouth."
  755. [02:25:52] <Yulia> "I have no reason to oppose you, really."
  756. [02:26:11] * Isabella frowns. "That'll have to do for now, I guess."
  757. [02:26:12] <Yulia> "We're simply saving the region as we know it, correct?"
  758. [02:26:16] <Isabella> "Yeah."
  759. [02:26:42] * Yulia grins. "That's a start. I like it here, and I like the place the way it is."
  760. [02:27:02] <Yulia> "My books are here, and I -do- love my books..."
  761. [02:27:17] * Yulia waves off the rest of the justification, feeling that she's said enough.
  762. [02:27:31] <Yulia> She finishes her tea. Nicodemus, notably, has not even touched his cup.
  763. [02:28:07] <Isabella> "Good! So do I. It's pretty fun here. People our age can do -so much- that's illegal in Unova for a few more years. As for books, I probably SHOULD do some more reading..."
  764. [02:28:55] * Isabella pretends not to notice Nicodemus's full cup. She would have asked about his pincers picking up a tea cup but she didn't want to be rude.
  765. [02:30:17] <Yulia> Considering he set the table, manipulation wasn't an issue.
  766. [02:31:00] <Isabella> "Hm, did you want to discuss anything else?"
  767. [02:31:25] <Yulia> "Just something brief."
  768. [02:31:45] <Yulia> "Adjusting here, while preferable to being at home, is a little....strange."
  769. [02:31:57] <Yulia> "In particular, I get the feeling that your friend doesn't like me."
  770. [02:34:08] * Isabella tilts her head a bit. "Corinne? Well, she..." she glances over at the sleeping girl. "She's sort of sensitive about certain things. I don't want to get too much into it, I'll let her speak for herself if necessary, but in any case I'm sure all she needs is time."
  771. [02:34:32] * Yulia nods.
  772. [02:35:40] <Isabella> "Mainly the psychological services thing, I think."
  773. [02:36:01] * Isabella shakes her head. "Anyway, she can speak for herself if need be, as I said."
  774. [02:36:27] <Isabella> "As for me, well, I happen to like you, so there's that."
  775. [02:36:32] <Yulia> "Noted."
  776. [02:37:11] <Isabella> "As someone deeply invested in the psychic type I can always appreciate an intelligent, practical person."
  777. [02:38:01] * Yulia nods. "My dorm room is almost always open if you need me."
  778. [02:38:06] <Yulia> "In the stadium."
  779. [02:38:10] <Isabella> "In any case I don't think you answered... if I were to run a tabletop roleplaying game, would you be in? Probably Muks and Masterminds but we'll see what everyone wants."
  780. [02:38:14] * Isabella nods.
  781. [02:40:39] <Yulia> "I've never played one, but I wouldn't mind trying it."
  782. [02:40:49] <Yulia> "....though 'Muks and Masterminds' has no meaning to me."
  783. [02:41:07] <Isabella> "Oh, well, I'll just explain it when I grab everyone together to ask then."
  784. [02:41:18] <Isabella> "Basically it's a superhero system though."
  785. [02:43:32] <Yulia> "....system. Okay. You'll have to explain it to me later, then."
  786. [02:44:15] <Isabella> (Yulia hasn't gotten any dream doctoring from bella yet right?)
  787. [02:45:22] <Yulia> ( Nope. )
  788. [02:45:28] <Isabella> "Mhm. I will. I hope you enjoyed the tea. You're also welcome to come by if need be -" she gestures over to the dream machine beside her bed. "You're not the only one offering their services. I can augment pokemon during their sleep. It's 90% natural and completely safe."
  789. [02:45:43] <Yulia> Almost as if finally realizing it's still there, Nico downs his tea.
  790. [02:45:57] <Yulia> Fine manipulation is clearly not beyond him. :)
  791. [02:46:11] <Yulia> "....ninety?"
  792. [02:46:21] <Isabella> "There's a machine involved."
  793. [02:46:34] * Isabella shrugs. "If it were 100% natural I wouldn't be a dream doctor, I'd be a dream shaman."
  794. [02:47:04] <Isabella> "Typically I just unlock a pokemon's abilities or move their potential from one area to another, it's really simple and effective."
  795. [02:47:39] <Yulia> "Well, it's not as if how natural something is directly correlates to how good it is. Or how bad."
  796. [02:47:49] <Yulia> "But noted."
  797. [02:48:10] <Yulia> "Can you explore their dreams in general instead of manipulating their ability, though?"
  798. [02:48:22] <Yulia> "In particular, I'm interested in seeing what goes on in Ephraim's head."
  799. [02:49:01] <Isabella> "Yes, actually. That's the most basic of the dream machine's functions."
  800. [02:49:23] <Isabella> "But it shows what the dream literally is, it doesn't offer any further meaning or explanation as to the subconscious."
  801. [02:50:01] <Isabella> "Beyond simple desires, anyway."
  802. [02:50:26] <Yulia> "So interpretation is still left to us."
  803. [02:51:07] <Isabella> "Exactly. Though..."
  804. [02:51:14] * Isabella pauses for a moment, considering if this is relevant.
  805. [02:51:49] <Isabella> "A dream doctor can also materialize a single item from the pokemon's dreams each session."
  806. [02:52:33] <Yulia> "-Fascinating-. How does that work?"
  807. [02:52:41] <Yulia> "It's...seemingly something from nothing."
  808. [02:53:54] <Isabella> "Just as we entered the Vale, things can be taken out of the dream world. It's a bit hard to explain, but actually my Reuniclus and Bastiodon were figments of dream energy previously, and solidified into those pokemon once removed from the Dream World."
  809. [02:54:55] * Isabella starts to go into a more in-depth explanation because I can't quite remember what Mons said
  810. [02:55:23] * Yulia listens to the explanation with interest. Science is fucking -awesome-.
  811. [02:56:15] <~Mons> Basically the idea
  812. [02:57:05] <~Mons> Is that in the dream you've got... things. Things that people have thought of, or just background noise, the details that become details only under scrutiny or the pokemon that are formed from the random emotions and impulses.
  813. [02:57:59] <Yulia> "Hm. Perhaps we could take a look now."
  814. [02:58:05] <~Mons> Dream smoke is sort of like... a conductor, would that be the word? An amplifier? It responds to an active subconscious and makes the form of what it's thinking of
  815. [02:58:45] <~Mons> In the case of catching dreamworld pokemon, they're already basically formed from the smoke and they have their basic proto-personality with thoughts to go along with it, so the pokemon does most of the work in manifesting ITSELF
  816. [02:59:40] <~Mons> Of course you can't use pokemon to make more pokemon, because it's easy to fill in your own blanks, but impossible to take someone else's form, written for someone else, and have all the answers
  817. [03:00:34] <Isabella> "If you wish!"
  818. [03:00:56] * Isabella scoots her chair back and stands, walking over to the dream machine.
  819. [03:01:32] <Isabella> "Just hand over Ephraim's pokeball and I'll handle the rest."
  820. [03:02:20] * Yulia detaches Nekophraim's Poke Ball from her belt and hands it over to Isabella.
  821. [03:05:07] * Isabella takes a pokeball from her own belt and plugs it into what looks like some sort of master control panel, and then plugs Ephraim's into a different port.
  822. [03:05:12] * Isabella tappity tap tap.
  823. [03:05:23] <Isabella> "The device uses dream smoke generated by my Yanmega, Europa."
  824. [03:05:26] * Isabella explains.
  825. [03:06:05] <~Mons> Ephraim dreams of a slow pan over the infinite cosmos. Stars forming and dying, space dust painting streaks of mad rainbows across the void, great clashes of rocks and pure mass devastating everything soundlessly for long, drawn-out ages. The music somehow fits it perfectly, an orchestra acting only in broad, sharp strokes, responding to the galactic dramas unfolding. Then someone honks a bicycle horn.
  826. [03:06:49] * Isabella tilts her head. "Your quagsire is a juggalo?"
  827. [03:07:55] <Yulia> "...."
  828. [03:07:59] <Yulia> "No."
  829. [03:08:05] <Yulia> "Or, at least, not necessarily."
  830. [03:08:13] <Yulia> "He believes he is something new every day."
  831. [03:08:51] <Yulia> "Precisely at midnight, he switches roles, acquires props through methods unknown, and acts as something else for the day."
  832. [03:09:00] <Yulia> "I have kept a list in my room of noted roles."
  833. [03:09:13] <Yulia> "Particularly interesting was when he thought he was Arceus."
  834. [03:09:53] <Isabella_> "I was kidding, actually, but hm."
  835. [03:10:05] <Isabella_> "How fascinating, though!"
  836. [03:10:19] * Yulia watches Ephraim's dream with interest. "I'm not sure what it means for him."
  837. [03:10:24] <Yulia> "Creativity? Mental illness?"
  838. [03:10:40] <Yulia> "A simple desire to be different? Outside influence?"
  839. [03:10:52] * Isabella_ gestures dramatically. "He is an actor, and all the universe is his stage!"
  840. [03:10:58] <Isabella_> "Perhaps, anyway."
  841. [03:11:51] <Yulia> "That would be one of the less frightening outcomes."
  842. [03:11:58] <Yulia> "....probably one of the few I'd prefer."
  843. [03:11:59] <Isabella_> "Maybe he has his own method of materialization, concerning the props."
  844. [03:12:16] <Isabella_> "I'm not sure quite HOW..."
  845. [03:12:31] <~Mons> Perception
  846. [03:12:42] <Yulia> "He simply hides somewhere to get out of sight, and exits with the props, even if they weren't in the room."
  847. [03:12:46] <Isabella_> 1d20+14
  848. [03:12:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, 1d20+14: 19 [1d20=5]
  849. [03:12:52] <Isabella_> (fff)
  850. [03:12:54] <Yulia> "Particularly interesting that he can materialize the props even when kept in his ball."
  851. [03:13:01] <Isabella_> (You wanna throw a PC at that?)
  852. [03:13:01] <Yulia> ( PC that )
  853. [03:13:05] <Isabella_> (:D)
  854. [03:13:06] <Isabella_> 1d20+14
  855. [03:13:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, 1d20+14: 15 [1d20=1]
  856. [03:13:10] <Isabella_> (?!)
  857. [03:13:11] <~Mons> Pffffffff
  858. [03:13:11] <Yulia> 1d20+5 fine
  859. [03:13:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, fine: 8 [1d20=3]
  860. [03:13:19] <~Mons> Spectacular
  861. [03:13:20] <Isabella_> God dammit CHOSEN ONE.
  862. [03:13:29] <~Mons> 1d100
  863. [03:13:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 1d100: 13 [1d100=13]
  864. [03:14:55] <~Mons> eh. The honking (sometimes a phone ringing, a party popper or a buzzer) corresponds with the twinkling of a background star tucked in the corner. Constant and careful study points at similar situations every time it occurs.
  865. [03:15:04] <~Mons> Always just SLIGHTLY out of view
  866. [03:17:01] <Isabella_> "Hm."
  867. [03:17:14] <Isabella_> "There's... a particular star twinkling."
  868. [03:17:21] <Yulia> "Interesting. What is the significance of that star?"
  869. [03:17:21] <Isabella_> (Can the dream machine make recordings?)
  870. [03:17:33] <Yulia> "Does this even correspond with the night sky?"
  871. [03:17:38] <Yulia> 1d20+8 well does it
  872. [03:17:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, well does it: 18 [1d20=10]
  873. [03:17:41] <Isabella_> "That's what I'd like to know."
  874. [03:18:51] <Isabella_> "In any case it's notable."
  875. [03:19:31] <Isabella_> "There are humans who can do complex, Alakazam-level mathematical calculations instantly unaided, maybe your quagsire is a similar form of savant."
  876. [03:19:44] <~Mons> it's hard to tell.
  877. [03:19:47] <Isabella_> "Maybe he hit his head and thinks he's a ditto."
  878. [03:19:53] <~Mons> The night sky is only one perspective
  879. [03:20:42] <Isabella_> "I mean, a quagsire and ditto's face are identical save color and the slight rounded shape on the quagsire's part."
  880. [03:21:12] <Yulia> "That may be attributing too much significance to the physical similarities, though."
  881. [03:21:43] <Isabella_> "Quite possibly. It's fun to theorycraft though."
  882. [03:22:23] <Isabella_> "If you don't mind hanging around for roughly four hours I could attempt materialization for you."
  883. [03:22:41] * Yulia looks to Nicodemus. "Well?"
  884. [03:22:58] <~Mons> <Everything else is in check for now.>
  885. [03:25:46] <Yulia> "Very well, then. Let's do this."
  886. [03:26:14] <Isabella_> "Make yourself comfortable then! This is a long process."
  887. [03:26:20] * Isabella_ fiddles with the dream machine more.
  888. [03:26:26] <Isabella_> Deedledeedlewhooooop - four hours later...
  889. [03:27:18] <Isabella_> "-so it didn't really work out and we broke up. Honestly, I miss her, but there was just too much drama involved, you know? Oh, look, it's ready."
  890. [03:27:36] * Isabella_ tippity tap
  891. [03:27:59] <Isabella_> 1d20+14 Dream Smoke Materializer DC 18, better get that PC ready
  892. [03:28:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, Dream Smoke Materializer DC 18, better get that PC ready: 24 [1d20=10]
  893. [03:28:29] <Isabella_> Aaand from here it's all Mons
  894. [03:28:49] <Isabella_> The tray for the pokeball pops out, and immediately releases Ephraim from the ball...
  895. [03:29:56] <Yulia> ( Probably still just a cat. )
  896. [03:30:20] <~Mons> Same day, same personality. he's holding... a red crayon.
  897. [03:30:34] <Yulia> ""
  898. [03:30:36] <Isabella_> "Aw, that's it?"
  899. [03:30:38] <~Mons> Red Crayon, I suppose
  900. [03:30:39] <Yulia> "What's that you've got there?"
  901. [03:30:50] <~Mons> He shrugs and goes back to licking himself.
  902. [03:31:10] <Yulia> "Mind if I take a look at it?"
  903. [03:31:14] <Isabella_> "Huh. But it SHOULD have some sort of significance..."
  904. [03:31:36] <Yulia> "Of course it does."
  905. [03:31:41] <Yulia> "Remember my skills."
  906. [03:31:51] <~Mons> Smells like sugar.
  907. [03:32:11] * Yulia touches the crayon, and employs Psychometry to determine its purpose and abilities.
  908. [03:32:21] <~Mons> It's... It's...
  909. [03:32:27] <~Mons> It's edible for sure.
  910. [03:32:32] <Yulia> "...."
  911. [03:33:00] <Yulia> ( But yeah, she knows the abilities it grants, its purpose, and how to activate it. )
  912. [03:33:14] <Isabella_> "'s just a normal crayon, I'm guessing? Pft, that was a waste of four hours..."
  913. [03:33:18] <~Mons> anything that eats it has an ability randomized
  914. [03:33:35] <Yulia> "In fact, it's not."
  915. [03:33:39] <Isabella_> (Haha oh god)
  916. [03:33:39] <Yulia> "'s edible."
  917. [03:33:44] <Isabella_> "Oh weird."
  918. [03:34:04] <Isabella_> "Well, they're not all winners, I can assure you."
  919. [03:34:28] <Yulia> "Whatever eats it has some of their natural abilities randomized."
  920. [03:34:39] <Isabella_> "...okay that sounds pretty useful."
  921. [03:34:57] <Yulia> "Likewise, it could end badly."
  922. [03:35:04] <Isabella_> "Especially for pokemon born with their problems, like Slaking or Archeops."
  923. [03:35:07] <Yulia> "I don't like leaving things to chance."
  924. [03:35:12] <~Mons> Are you going to gamble it tonight?
  925. [03:35:13] * Isabella_ taps her chin thoughtfully.
  926. [03:35:18] <Yulia> "...mmm. It might be worth saving for one of them."
  927. [03:35:41] <Yulia> "I think I'll save it."
  928. [03:35:46] <Isabella_> "Use it wisely, whatever the case."
  929. [03:35:53] <Yulia> "Most of my Pokemon have rather useful abilities."
  930. [03:36:06] <Isabella_> "The power of the dream world is pretty neat."
  931. [03:36:22] * Isabella_ seems a bit prouder now that it's confirmed to be pretty special.
  932. [03:37:00] <Isabella_> "Pretty much all of my interests seem to combine science and mysticism in some way."
  933. [03:37:11] <Yulia> "Likewise."
  934. [03:37:24] <Isabella_> "Isn't it incredible what they can do together?" she laughs. "Anyway, enjoy your crayon, Yulia."
  935. [03:38:40] <Yulia> ( or we save it in case we have to fight arceus )
  936. [03:39:24] <Yulia> "Mmmhmm. Thank you for the demonstration."
  937. [03:39:31] <Yulia> "It was quite enlightening."
  938. [03:39:33] <Isabella_> "Any time."
  939. [03:39:37] <~Mons> Arceus rigs it to always roll the same ability
  940. [03:41:19] * Isabella_ waves. "See you later."
  941. [03:41:36] <Yulia> "Again, feel free to visit should you require my services."
  942. [03:43:07] * Isabella_ nods. "Thank you, I'll think on it."
  943. [03:43:35] * Yulia waves, and heads out, with Nicodemus waddling closely behind. Ephraim freezes in place for a few moments.
  944. [03:43:44] <Yulia> ....freezes, and then flops over on his side.
  945. [03:43:54] <Isabella_> "Ehh?"
  946. [03:44:01] <Yulia> He slips and slides to the door for his exit.
  947. [03:44:17] <Isabella_> "What a weird little quagsire."
  948. [03:44:41] * Isabella_ shrugs and begins making her preparations for tomorrow.
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