Rape Script

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  1. local Victim='' -- Put the vitctim's name.
  2. local'Animation'
  3. A.AnimationId='rbxassetid://148840371'
  4. local P=game:GetService'Players'.LocalPlayer
  5. local C=P.Character or P.CharacterAdded:Wait()
  6. local H=C:WaitForChild'Humanoid':LoadAnimation(A)
  7. H:Play()
  8. H:AdjustSpeed(2.5)
  9. game:GetService'RunService'.Stepped:Connect(function()
  10.     C:WaitForChild'HumanoidRootPart''Players':FindFirstChild(Victim).Character:WaitForChild'HumanoidRootPart'.Position)
  11. end)
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