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  1. [18:31:58] <~Mons> OKAY!
  2. [18:32:06] <~Mons> What was the day you found that phione on.
  3. [18:32:08] <~Mons> Phound.
  4. [18:32:20] <Isabella> ???
  5. [18:32:32] <~Mons> Ramiel.
  6. [18:32:37] <Franz> Oh gosh, I don't think I saved the order those were rolled in
  7. [18:32:42] <~Mons> uguu
  9. [18:32:58] <Franz> Just a moment, lemme see. . .
  10. [18:33:21] <~Mons> It occurred to you a ways in that... Balor must have given you a path out. A DIRECT one, rather than the twisty maze of caves and nonsense.
  11. [18:34:07] <Franz> (Huh, I actually have Visit Balor and Explore Volcano on 6/6, which is the only one I marked a biome down for)
  12. [18:34:38] <~Mons> Unya!
  13. [18:34:40] <~Mons> Well then there we are.
  14. [18:34:44] <~Mons> But regardless! Lost. There are some really neat Torkoal wandering around, though.
  15. [18:36:03] <Isabella> "...Are you SURE this was the right way?" Isabella asks, having gone with Franz to see that poor old grandpa legendary.
  16. [18:36:04] * Franz meanders around lazily  "Uuuu, this was a LOT easier last time"
  17. [18:36:39] <Isabella> "Last time involved us falling at least two hundred feet and somehow managing not to break our necks. You call that easy?"
  18. [18:37:42] <Franz> "Didn' take nearly as long as this is.  I'd say it was a lot easier"
  19. [18:38:25] * Isabella peers around the interior of the volcano, frowning.
  20. [18:38:57] <~Mons> Smells in here.
  21. [18:39:19] <Isabella> "I'll never understand how laid back you tend to be... Anyway let's see if I can't perceive an Omen..."
  22. [18:40:46] * Isabella wrinkles her nose as she concentrates, trying to pick up the last time a legendary has been around this area. Auto-pass now, of course, she figures that she might can track Balor depending on how recent he's moved through.
  23. [18:42:10] <Isabella> (I've got Beckon, but I figure it can wait just a tad)
  24. [18:42:20] <Franz> "Urgh, can't believe I'm still getting lost in this place.  Why do rocks always have to look the same?  Why can't they be more like trees?"
  25. [18:42:33] <~Mons> MOVED? No he's straight down. Though, er, he isn't alone. You aren't alone, either, as there's a bit of a blip... in that lava stream?
  26. [18:43:46] <Isabella> "Geological strata tend to be quite varied actually. Hm? Ah, he's still here, but there's someone else... Gosh, it couldn't be Merlin again, could it? The coincidences..."
  27. [18:44:22] <Franz> "Guess that's true, I'm just not as used to them.  Still"
  28. [18:44:24] <~Mons> It very conveniently corresponds to a small blue sphere bobbing up and down right over there.
  29. [18:44:25] * Isabella walks over to the edge and peers at the lava stream. "Either a fire type legendary or something protected from the lava for certain."
  30. [18:44:31] <Isabella> ""
  31. [18:44:44] * Franz kicks a small rock around, possibly into the lava
  32. [18:45:48] <Isabella> "Is that an egg, or... careful, Franz."
  33. [18:45:55] <Isabella> "Hm, it couldn't be... could it?"
  34. [18:46:07] <~Mons> <Could it?>
  35. [18:46:07] <Isabella> "Hello?"
  36. [18:46:12] <~Mons> Oh it's a Phione. <Hello!>
  37. [18:46:19] <~Mons> ...Why is a Phione sitting in the lava.
  38. [18:46:23] <~Mons> Like, a completely normal one.
  39. [18:46:41] <Isabella> "..It is! ...You're a phione." she blinks several times. "Hi! Erm, what are you doing in the lava?"
  40. [18:46:45] <Franz> "Hm?  Whozzat - well, I haven't seen someone like you around before~"
  41. [18:46:56] <~Mons> <What art thou doing in the cave, I should ask!>
  42. [18:47:34] <Isabella> "Oh, we were coming to visit the Heatran that lives here. He seemed so lonely. ...Balor, if I did my research correctly."
  43. [18:47:37] <Franz> "Lookin' for an old friend.  He seems to be a lot easier to find while falling, though"
  44. [18:48:21] <~Mons> <Dost thou know Grandpa? I knowst not you...>
  45. [18:48:25] * Isabella looks at the floor they're on.
  46. [18:49:10] <Isabella> "We met once while exploring the mountains above. There was a quake, and a bit of a fissure, and we fell practically on top of him. He was gracious enough to help my friends leave, though I left with Merlin instead, who was here at the time."
  47. [18:49:26] <Isabella> "I felt bad about running off without at least conversing a little more!"
  48. [18:49:36] <Franz> "Grandpa?  But, how, wha . . ."  Cue Question Marks around her head
  49. [18:50:23] <Isabella> "So you're his grandchild? Fascinating..."
  50. [18:50:37] <Isabella> "It's a pleasure to meet you, by the way. I am Isabella Ironstag."
  51. [18:51:05] * Isabella gives a polite bow to the creature.
  52. [18:51:16] <~Mons> <I rememberst that! He refus-ed to shut yonder yap about it.>
  53. [18:52:28] <Isabella> "I'm sure he was happy to have visitors. And that's why we've come again! Is this a bad time, though?"
  54. [18:53:02] <~Mons> <No such thing.>
  55. [18:53:45] <Franz> "Yeah, not like he has much else to do up here, other than just sittin around in the lava"
  56. [18:53:58] <Isabella> "Excellent, excellent. Might I inquire on your identity, noble Phione?"
  57. [18:55:25] <~Mons> <My aspect is the Dweller in the Past's Flames! Of all my brothers and sisters, I am the one with any clear relation to Grandpa.>
  58. [18:55:35] <Isabella> 1d20+16 Let's use a Praise here, by the way.
  59. [18:55:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella, Let's use a Praise here, by the way.: 28 [1d20=12]
  60. [18:56:35] <Isabella> "Intriguing! Very nice to make your acquaintance."
  61. [18:57:44] <Franz> "Dweller in the Past's Whatsits?  Am I missing something here?"
  62. [18:57:59] <Isabella> "Oh, if you could explain for Franz, here..."
  63. [18:59:43] <~Mons> <All we Phiones are possess-ed of a single aspect that relates to a smaller sort of domain we have. Much like a smaller version of any proper legendaries.>
  64. [19:01:25] <Isabella> "You can think of domains as referring to a legendary's specific set of powers and their realm, if they have one."
  65. [19:01:28] <Franz> "Huh.  And you're . . ancient fires?  Isn't that kinda narrow?  Like, too specific?"
  66. [19:02:55] * Isabella would adjust her glasses in a most scholarly manner if she had any.
  67. [19:03:36] <~Mons> <Not ancient fires, I dwell in the past's flames! Most proper legendaries have left the past in the past, but Grandpa remains in his old home. I'm not sure many of them have met him... Probably because there's a way longer connection than Grandpa, more like great-grandpa or grand-uncle!>
  68. [19:05:41] * Franz rubs her temple  "Past flames, ancient fires, isn't that what I said?  Something this adorable shouldn't be this confusing!"
  69. [19:06:19] * Isabella chuckles a bit. "You'll find it makes a lot of difference to them."
  70. [19:06:36] <Franz> "Stone and Spear and whatnot may be quiet, but at least they're understandable"
  71. [19:08:28] <Isabella> "I'm not certain you'd find a Regi that isn't very straightforward."
  72. [19:09:31] <Isabella> "In any case, it seems Balor is asleep again, hm? Oh dear. You think he'd mind if we woke him up again?"
  73. [19:09:54] <~Mons> <Not at all.>
  74. [19:12:48] <Franz> "Allow me!"
  75. [19:13:01] <Franz> ". . . where's he at again?"
  76. [19:13:25] <Isabella> "Ahaha... under us. I was going to attempt to Beckon him this time..."
  77. [19:13:34] <~Mons> <This way!>
  78. [19:13:47] <~Mons> The Phione submerges itself again and starts bobbing along.
  79. [19:14:05] <Isabella> "But let's follow the phione, shall we?"
  80. [19:14:39] * Isabella jogs alongside the lava river. FUCK YOU HEAT CONVECTION
  81. [19:19:37] <~Mons> deedleedleedle THERE HE IS
  82. [19:21:27] <~Mons> a-are you there
  83. [19:21:34] <~Mons> ;-; maybe i'm alone now
  84. [19:21:38] <Franz> "There he is!"  Franz jogs on up the big guys face, still sleeping I presume
  85. [19:21:41] <Isabella> (Waiting for you to give more of a description than 'sure is a heatran')
  86. [19:21:50] <Isabella> (Like what he's currently doing :V)
  87. [19:22:07] <~Mons> Sleeping of course.
  88. [19:22:56] <Isabella> "Actually, I'm not sure my ability to Beckon would actually have an effect. Why don't you have a go again, Franz?"
  89. [19:23:25] * Franz glares REALLY HARD at him
  90. [19:23:29] <Franz> 1d100 Channel~
  91. [19:23:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Franz, Channel~: 53 [1d100=53]
  92. [19:25:42] * Franz frowns and grabs his cheek, trying to shake his head lightly  "Wake up you, we're here to play~"
  93. [19:26:25] <Isabella> "That's... sort of rude, Franz."
  94. [19:26:26] <~Mons> rumblerrumble
  95. [19:27:08] <Franz> "Just being friendly . . ."
  96. [19:27:13] <~Mons> Like, the whole ground is shaking with his grumbling.
  97. [19:27:37] <Isabella> "Eesh." She winces from the shaking. "Well, let me try anyway."
  98. [19:28:22] <Isabella> She clears her throat and reaches out with her will, trying to gently pluck a string of Fate. Let's see if Beckon will work.
  99. [19:28:31] <Isabella> 1d20+16 DC 20
  100. [19:28:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella, DC 20: 33 [1d20=17]
  101. [19:29:28] <Isabella> (More trying to get his attention than actually get Beckon's effect I suppose)
  102. [19:30:38] <~Mons> <Bwah! You... hrm?>
  103. [19:30:51] <Isabella> "Good morning!"
  104. [19:31:26] <Franz> "Morning!  We've been looking all over his place for you!"
  105. [19:33:01] <~Mons> <Course you have! You are... are... ah, the one with the wizard. Yes, yes. Is there anything you have come to request?>
  106. [19:35:44] <Isabella> "Request? Merely your time. I felt bad about leaving so soon, would you mind if we stayed a bit and talked?"
  107. [19:37:17] <Franz> "We came to visit; you seemed so lonely last time"
  108. [19:37:58] <Isabella> "You seem like a jolly sort who doesn't get many visitors, especially since you remain here according to your grandchild. Forgive us if we're being presumptious, but we thought you'd like the company."
  109. [19:38:10] <~Mons> <I... did? Hrmn! Well go on.>
  110. [19:38:20] * Isabella sits herself down on a rock.
  111. [19:39:46] <Franz> "Sooo . . . whaddyou do down here anyways?  'Sides sleeping, of course"
  112. [19:41:42] <~Mons> <Shifting and talking and... not particularly much, hrm. There are plenty of pokemon around, of course...>
  113. [19:41:44] <Isabella> "I was actually wondering if we could hear a story or two about your glory days."
  114. [19:43:33] <Isabella> "Or... well, talking about anything, I suppose!"
  115. [19:43:48] <~Mons> <Pah, my days. When there were no people on the Isles...>
  116. [19:44:14] <~Mons> <And perhaps I liked it better then! But now... now things have changed, advanced...>
  117. [19:45:35] <Isabella> "And you feel like everything's left you behind while you remain a bastion of the old ways? ...I'm sorry, that's an awful way of putting it, isn't it?"
  118. [19:47:17] <~Mons> <No, entirely my fault, really. I was too outdated for too long, and now I'm simply... stuck. Not much relevance anymore. It's... hrmn, how does one say this. What happens to the dragon that gets defeated by the hero, but not slain? What if it doesn't want revenge or anything, yet has to live with its wound?>
  119. [19:49:11] <Franz> "Goes on living in the shadows, I suppose"
  120. [19:49:18] <Isabella> "A quiet retirement, having lost its former reputation?" she says, a bit sadly.
  121. [19:49:31] <Isabella> "That seems like such a sad fate for the King of Giants."
  122. [19:50:09] <~Mons> <Well, do you see any giants around? I suppose all I have left are Torkoal.>
  123. [19:51:01] <Isabella> "Are you sure there isn't something we can do for you?"
  124. [19:52:34] <Franz> "Yeah, anything at all!  I'm sure there can be a niche for you somewhere"
  125. [19:56:00] <~Mons> <Hrmn... I would very much like to meet one of the old ones once more, those who arrived with us and fought with us and lived with us.>
  126. [19:56:48] * Isabella smiles. "If such a meeting is within our power then I will do what I can."
  127. [19:58:28] <Franz> "Of course, but - the Old Ones? I'd assume you mean before us humans"
  128. [19:59:25] * Isabella avoids making a 'well, duh' comment.
  129. [20:00:37] <~Mons> <We giants are not the only such vanished, though. Only the fair folk truly thrived by hiding themselves as they do... Yes, the old heroes and gods! Have you never heard of the Conquests, child? There are definitely some that live on their old reputations better than I.>
  130. [20:02:11] <Isabella> "Arthur's court, for instance?"
  131. [20:02:56] * Franz scratches her head sheepishly  "Guess I haven't been paying much attention in class . . ."
  132. [20:03:18] <Isabella> "The good King Arthur, one of the greatest heroes of our legends, come on, Franz. You don't even have to know legendary pokemon to have heard those stories."
  133. [20:03:32] <Isabella> "Let's see, as for others..."
  134. [20:04:14] * Isabella tries to think on who the gods he's referring to might be. ...might have to be something she brings up in the next LS.
  135. [20:05:09] <Ali> (Seiba???)
  136. [20:05:10] <~Mons> <Even he became king over humans, of a human kingdom. OLDER!>
  137. [20:05:13] <Ali> (EXCARIBAAA!)
  138. [20:05:39] * Isabella thinks HARD.
  139. [20:06:38] <Franz> 1d20+8 Maybe I really did pick up something somewhere
  140. [20:06:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Franz, Maybe I really did pick up something somewhere: 27 [1d20=19]
  141. [20:07:04] <Isabella> (This would have probably been a good reason to pick up Random Knowledge. :3c)
  142. [20:07:36] <~Mons> Just ooc any of the 'miscellaneous' legendaries would work... Something like manaphy or articuno
  143. [20:07:49] <~Mons> Oh not manaphy...
  144. [20:07:55] <~Mons> kyogre.
  145. [20:08:12] <Isabella> (That doesn't seem very miscellaneous :3c)
  146. [20:08:22] <Isabella> "Well, in any case we will certainly see what we can do."
  147. [20:08:27] <~Mons> well most of them are either arthurian or fairies
  148. [20:09:35] <Isabella> "Hm, Morrigan maybe...?"
  149. [20:09:43] <Ali> (>Kyogre)
  150. [20:09:48] <~Mons> <Yes, like her...>
  151. [20:09:49] <Ali> (Aw shit man)
  152. [20:10:57] <Franz> "The Old Ones, they used to fight?  War with each other?"
  153. [20:11:00] <Isabella> "I know someone who may be interested in challenging Morrigan, so that may work out well."
  154. [20:11:06] <Franz> "Must have been something back then"
  155. [20:11:13] <Isabella> "May take a while to get her to appear though..."
  156. [20:12:58] <~Mons> Anyway I'll ask here
  157. [20:13:11] <~Mons> Do you people (is blax still on?) just want to move ahead and do the exam with four
  158. [20:13:18] <~Mons> Or delay another week or do other things or what :V
  159. [20:14:10] <Isabella> "You may want to ask Professor Mewtwo or Professor Alphaeus, Franz."
  160. [20:14:29] <Isabella> "Or even both, it's always nice to get perspective."
  161. [20:14:53] <~Mons> <Mew... two...? The...>
  162. [20:14:56] <Isabella> (Well, I dunno. I'm not even sure what exam is running)
  163. [20:15:15] <Isabella> "Oh, erm."
  164. [20:15:20] <Blaxploitation> (Still waiting to see if my dad will give me a ride...)
  165. [20:16:13] <Isabella> "It's a bit hard to explain... Hm."
  166. [20:19:11] <Isabella> "Mewtwo is... a human-made descendant of Mew. It started off as a rather dreadful project to attempt to take over the world, as I recall. One of them is our professor of legendary studies here on the island, I don't think he was involved in all of that? Given that and what's happening with the Masque organization at the moment, humans truly can be frightening at times."
  167. [20:20:50] <~Mons> <Man makes a second one of them, hm? Hrmhrmhrm...>
  168. [20:21:44] <Franz> "By the way, what's the original do?"
  169. [20:22:07] <Isabella> "I think I'm starting to understand how being something unnatural in the world of legendaries can be stressful..." she says with some bit of sadness.
  170. [20:22:58] <Franz> "I dunno, my Regi pals seem fine.  They were created by man too, weren't they?"
  171. [20:23:51] <~Mons> <No. They were made by those like me, by the first...>
  172. [20:24:11] <Isabella> "Mew? It's an incredibly elusive pokemon that is said to contain the dna of all known pokemon, and can learn any technique. What they actually DO is dependant on the individual I believe, like many legendaries."
  173. [20:24:11] <Franz> "Ahh, then the king that made them . . ."
  174. [20:25:39] <~Mons> <Not I, for sure. They're old rusted tools now, it could be something to see what they DO without a wielder.>
  175. [20:25:46] <Isabella> (I'm not actually sure how many Mew there are in monsland)
  176. [20:26:44] <Isabella> "Generally the master of a normal Regi is a Regigigas, I believe?"
  177. [20:27:02] <Franz> "A wielder?  I figured they ran on their own.  Then again, they do just sit in the classroom most of the time"
  178. [20:27:56] <Franz> "Yes, Gigas . . . hmmm"  thinking aloud as she ponders to herfself"
  179. [20:30:02] <Isabella> "Anyway..."
  180. [20:31:45] <Isabella> "Apologies if we've been rude in any way, King Balor."
  181. [20:32:29] <~Mons> <Hrmph. You are not.>
  182. [20:32:49] <Franz> "Rude?  How could we be rude?  He just loves having us here, right?"
  183. [20:34:28] <Isabella> "That's an assumption! And I find it prudent to not make too many assumptions."
  184. [20:36:37] <Isabella> "One I can safely make, however, is that he knows an incredible wealth of information. Again, I would love to hear any stories you might be willing to share. To forget the past would be irresponsible and uncaring to those before our time."
  185. [20:37:10] <Isabella> "Or perhaps we can talk about your grandchild?" (What gender is it anyway :B)
  186. [20:37:59] <Franz> "Yeah, I'd love to hear about your past!"
  187. [20:38:01] <Isabella> (In any case if you want to skip past all of this that's fine, I'd like to do exam but if others aren't here then eh)
  188. [20:39:25] <Isabella> And let's roll another praise for Balor to get that out of the way
  189. [20:39:26] <Isabella> 1d20+16
  190. [20:39:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella, 1d20+16: 33 [1d20=17]
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