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  2. Levia Changes in Patch:
  4. I won't officially translate changes in this patch b/c everything's bound to change in 2 weeks.
  5. But here's the overall summary.
  7. When Awakened:
  8. FM1, FM2 turns into one hit.
  9. 100% Crit + Back Attack for FM1 and FM2, 10/15% additional damage respectively when lower than 80/70% HP
  10. FM3, FM4:
  11. 100% Crit + Back Attack/Chase for FM3 and FM4, 20/25% additional damage respectively when lower than 60/50% HP ----
  12. Serpent Seal reduces Crit Resist on Master Cube
  14. FM4 gives a buff that increases Crit Damage and Overall Damage.
  15. Familiar now is 7 second CD, and heals 20% Phase Power. Increases 5% Attack(+0.4% per level). 20% MS+.
  16. Horn Gouge CD reduced while having Familiar buff.
  17. Damage reduction during Fang Dive.
  18. EX Fang Dive Expert reduces all phase power cost skills cooldown by 3 s.
  20. None of the Harpy skills other than her new SC skills have been changed drastically, other than the fact that their percentages increased overall. Harpy Strike is an iFrame skill for its entire duration, like everybody already knows.
  22. Do keep in mind that this is mostly tentative summary that doesn't include every detail and will definitely change come another revamp in 2 weeks.
  24. Harpy SC:
  25. Mask of the Prom Queen
  26. Chance to get Joker card is increased to 50%.
  27. Whenever you get a Joker card, some skills will be enhanced for 10 seconds:
  28. Draw Damage increased by 200%, Joker confirmed
  29. Air Drive Damage increased by150%
  30. Cyclone damage increased by 75%, no extension
  31. Harpy Strike damage increased by 25%
  32. Four Card Joker confirmed
  34. All SC Harpy skills get Aerial procs on ground.
  36. ---
  38. EX Wind Sting
  39. Expert: CD Reset if Extension is not used.
  41. If following skills are used total of 5 times, CD is reset.
  43. Air Drive
  44. Excite Again
  45. Interlude Squall
  47. Master: 100% additional damage + Back Attack if used again within 7 seconds
  51. EX Sonic Boom
  52. Expert: CD reset if extension not used. all attacks proc backattack.
  54. EX Zephyr Combination
  55. Expert: 30% additional damage if used after double jump.
  56. Master: SC Passive activated on use.
  58. FM: Fortuna Revelation
  59. Create a wind barrier that lasts for 5 seconds.
  60. It can be reactivated again within 5 seconds to launch a kick and grant additional effect based on the card chosen.
  61.  Just get Joker which gives you 20% Physical Crit DAmage and 20% Aerial Crit Damage. Otherwise you just get 30% bonus on either one of those on heart and spades.
  63. Expert: 33% chance to have confirmed Joker on shuffling
  64. Draw, Four Card CD reset when Joker is picked. SC Passive activated.
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