My Session Kain't Be This OVERLOADED

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  1. [12:15:43] <@Kain> LAST TIME ON KAINGAME
  2. [12:17:57] <@Kain> The interior of a dangerous mountain was explored! Or at least dangerous to normal folks. So far, Ammy and Lenny haven't had too many problems. Kind of disappointing, innit? Still, the threat of dragons lurks somewhere within this place, who knows how things may turn out? They explored the ruins of Tonberry civilization in the extinct volcano, found a chamber that had been used by the
  3. [12:17:57] <@Kain> Magus Sisters, freed a Tonberry that had been turned to stone, and even traveled back in time somehow! It's been a busy day.
  4. [12:18:50] <@Kain> Lenore and Elena are on their way back to meet up with Ammy. On their way back they see the mostly stripped corpse of the worm hydra... sheez, something big had to have done that.
  5. [12:20:38] <@Kain> The behemoth keeps going past the corpse however, and you find yourselves quickly approaching the Ark Shrine - the large building with a nest-like structure on top.
  6. [12:21:03] <@Kain> And soon, you make your stop, heading back inside.
  7. [12:22:58] <Lenore> "Huh, wonder if that tonberry did that to the Worm Hydra!  Or...something really big...."
  8. [12:24:10] <@Kain> Elena: "There's no telling! I hope he was okay!"
  9. [12:24:50] <@Kain> The two of you walk in to find Mr. Prickles worriedly looking over a rather comatose Ammy, who is clutching the bottle of Spring Day, a serene smile on her face.
  10. [12:27:04] <@Kain> Mr. Prickles: "Oh! You're back!" he looks up as you enter. "Thank goodness, I was worried. Are you two... three alright?" he says, nervously looking at Bruno.
  11. [12:27:59] <Lenore> "Yeah, we're okay!  We got a close call back there, but it all ended up fine!"
  12. [12:28:49] <Lenore> "Bruno got a little hurt but we'll fix him up good~!"
  13. [12:31:46] <@Kain> The behemoth stomps in, barely fitting through the doorway, and sniffing down at the cactuar and Ammy.
  14. [12:32:02] <Lenore> "But, um, is Ammy all right?  She looks a bit...did she just drink too much?"
  15. [12:32:25] * Amaryllis rolls a bit on the floor, letting out a soft contented hum.
  16. [12:32:50] <@Kain> Mr. Prickles: "I think so... I found her like this a bit ago..."
  17. [12:33:04] <@Kain> Prickles just nudges her a bit. :<
  18. [12:33:16] <Lenore> "Mom!  You're good at curing hangovers, right?"
  19. [12:33:23] <@Kain> Elena: "Right!"
  20. [12:33:38] <@Kain> Prickles: "She's been like this for almost a half hour... if you could..."
  21. [12:34:34] <@Kain> Elena points her finger at Ammy, closing one eye and biting her tongue. "Poisna!" A shot of light leaps forth and surrounds Amaryllis, clearing the effects of the potion.
  22. [12:34:43] <@Kain> Ammy slowly comes to, after a moment.
  23. [12:34:55] * Amaryllis blinks, still on the ground.
  24. [12:35:06] <@Kain> Elena: "Good morning, sleepyhead!"
  25. [12:35:33] * Lenore looms over Ammy, smiling. "Feeling better~?"
  26. [12:35:34] <@Kain> Mr. Prickles: "Are you alright, Miss Amaryllis?"
  27. [12:35:35] <Amaryllis> Then, seeing everyone around, she quickly gets to her feet and brushes herself off, stuffing the potion back into her bag. "Erm. My apologies." She takes a deep breath.
  28. [12:35:51] <Amaryllis> "I am quite fine." There's a wistful expression on her face.
  29. [12:37:16] <@Kain> You notice that Bruno the Behemoth is now with the two. Smaller than a typical behemoth, but still large enough a mount for multiple people, the purple-furred creature is almost twelve feet long and seven feet high, all but filling the room.
  30. [12:38:55] * Amaryllis sluggishly finds a wall to lean against and spends another few moments just slowly breathing in and out. After a bit, she shakes her head and straightens back up. "Sorry, it was a rather nice dream I was having. I just...nevermind." Another shake of the head.
  31. [12:38:59] <Amaryllis> "Ah, you found your pet?"
  32. [12:39:15] <@Kain> Elena: "Yep! He was almost torn apart by tonberries!"
  33. [12:39:17] <@Kain> Wait, what?
  34. [12:39:58] <Amaryllis> "Tonberries?"
  35. [12:40:05] <Amaryllis> "They yet live here?"
  36. [12:40:06] <Lenore> "Time travel sucks!"  She tilts her head, eyes closed, and bonks her head with her fist lightly.
  37. [12:40:06] <@Kain> Mr. Prickles: "Excuse me, but I thought they were... erm... deceased..."
  38. [12:40:20] <@Kain> Elena: "What Lena said!"
  39. [12:40:21] <Amaryllis> "Time travel?"
  40. [12:40:31] <@Kain> Mr. Prickles: "???"
  41. [12:41:08] <@Kain> Elena: "I don't really get it, either!" :D
  42. [12:41:17] <Lenore> "We were in the mine, which was empty,a nd then Mom sneezed REALLY HARD and then we were in a mine with a bunch of tonberries, and we found Bruno there, and we had to fight some off, and then I made Mom sneeze again with some Pepper and then we got back to the present!"
  43. [12:41:42] <@Kain> Mr. Prickles pinches himself, then pinches you, Ammy.
  44. [12:41:47] <Amaryllis> "You sneezed yourself into the past. Ow."
  45. [12:42:40] <Amaryllis> "Bloody hell maybe I should be drinking the whiskey instead of this new stuff after all."
  46. [12:42:56] <Amaryllis> "Do it again."
  47. [12:42:59] <Amaryllis> "I wish to see."
  48. [12:43:02] * Lenore jumps a little. "Ah, no, Ammy, let's get out of here first!"
  49. [12:43:08] <Lenore> " want to try that?"
  50. [12:43:11] <Lenore> "W-well, okay."
  51. [12:43:12] <@Kain> Elena: "Huh? I don't think I can just do it whenever...."
  52. [12:43:21] * Lenore pulls out the pepper and DUMPS IT ON ELENA'S NOSE
  53. [12:43:27] <@Kain> Elena: "Aahh!"
  54. [12:43:48] <@Kain> Mom stumbles around a moment, rubbing her nose. "T-that's really mean, Lenaaaa... aaaah..."
  55. [12:44:09] <@Kain> "AH-CHOO! AH-CHOO! AH-CHOO! AH-CHOO!"
  56. [12:44:34] <Lenore> The only way to describe Lenore's face at that series of sneezes is O_O
  57. [12:44:54] * Amaryllis backs away to give Elena room to sneeze.
  58. [12:45:17] <Amaryllis> She also grabs Mr. Prickles because she's scared of him getting lost in time or something.
  59. [12:46:56] <@Kain> The entire place around you shakes with each sneeze... Each one bringing a different set of surroundings! You find yourselves in the middle of a Tonberry gathering in the same room... then on the deck of an airship in the middle of a huge fight against a fleet of silver-feathered dragons, then in the midst of a large, metal room full of things like merchant stalls as a green-skinned plantman
  60. [12:46:56] <@Kain> and a tiny fairy look over in confusion, and then back in the Ark shrine, almost just as you left i.t
  61. [12:47:24] * Amaryllis pinches herself, then Mr. Prickles.
  62. [12:47:36] <Lenore> "C-can we agree not to do that again?"
  63. [12:47:37] <@Kain> Prickles: "Ow..." :<
  64. [12:47:42] <@Kain> Elena: "Y-yeah..."
  65. [12:47:45] <Amaryllis> "...Yes. Yes, let's."
  66. [12:47:46] <Lenore> "Sorry mom, I had to demonstrate!"
  67. [12:48:01] <Amaryllis> "Are you certain it is not time for whiskey?"
  68. [12:48:16] <@Kain> Prickles: "Quite certain." he flails at Ammy's hands.
  69. [12:48:21] <Lenore> "You can have all the whiskey you want...when you get back to Esto Gaza!"
  70. [12:49:59] <@Kain> Elena keeps rubbing her nose. ;-;
  71. [12:50:21] <Lenore> "A-anyway, have we found everything you were looking for here, Ammy?"
  72. [12:50:46] <Amaryllis> "I think so, yes. Thank you for indulging my little investigation here."
  73. [12:50:58] <Lenore> "Then it's time to leave~!"
  74. [12:51:35] <Amaryllis> "Indeed."
  75. [12:52:04] <@Kain> You hear a stirring a bit above you, above the building, even, and the sound of wings as something takes off.
  76. [12:52:29] <Lenore> "...d-did you hear that?"  She shudders a little.
  77. [12:52:42] <Amaryllis> "We may wish to take a stop at the Fire Shrine nearb-" Ammy pauses to listen. "...Yes."
  78. [12:52:53] <Amaryllis> "We should hasten our departure."
  79. [12:53:09] <@Kain> Depart the shrine? Y/N
  80. [12:53:30] <Lenore> "Oh, sure, the Fire Shrine sounds good too!"  She departs the Ark Shrine!
  81. [12:53:59] <@Kain> As you begin to leave... a shadow passes over you.
  82. [12:53:59] * Amaryllis shuffles after Lenore.
  83. [12:54:41] <Amaryllis> "Bollocks."
  84. [12:54:42] <@Kain> With a screech, an enormous red dragon with white feathers slams down into the rock nearby, and then follows with another roar!
  85. [12:54:47] <@Kain> ...Perception!
  86. [12:54:54] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  87. [12:54:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 6 [2d6=1,2]
  88. [12:54:55] <Lenore> "Uh oh."
  89. [12:54:57] <Lenore> 2d6+56
  90. [12:54:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+56: 63 [2d6=2,5]
  91. [12:54:59] <Lenore> WOOPS
  92. [12:55:00] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 choco reroll
  93. [12:55:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, choco reroll: 14 [2d6=5,4]
  94. [12:55:05] <Lenore> It's +5
  95. [12:55:09] <Lenore> So that's a 12 total
  96. [12:55:17] <@Kain> You both notice...
  97. [12:55:25] <@Kain> Its eyes aren't on you at all, even though its head is low.
  98. [12:55:46] * Lenore looooks over at Bruno and Mom and Prickly
  99. [12:55:49] * Amaryllis follows its gaze to see what it's taken interest in.
  100. [12:55:52] <@Kain> And then, another, much larger shadow passes by overhead as something dives on the dragon.
  101. [12:56:08] <Lenore> "E-eh!?"
  102. [12:56:24] <@Kain> An enormous red-feathered bird, its entire body engulfed in flames, descends upon the Red Dragon, ripping it apart and devouring it within seconds.
  103. [12:56:39] <Amaryllis> (...lore: eidolon?)
  104. [12:56:44] <@Kain> Roll it!
  105. [12:56:46] <Lenore> (...^)
  106. [12:56:49] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5
  107. [12:56:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=3,2]
  108. [12:57:00] <Lenore> 2d6+0 unless magic overlaps ;_;
  109. [12:57:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, unless magic overlaps: 4 [2d6=2,2]
  110. [12:57:27] <@Kain> Ammy, you think this creature resembles the Phoenix you've heard tales of... wasn't this one missing?
  111. [12:57:45] <Amaryllis> "Phoenix!" Ammy calls out to it.
  112. [12:58:13] <@Kain> The creature flaps its wings, looking around as you call out to it. Its eyes burn with a hatred that gives you pause as it turns towards you and shrieks.
  113. [12:58:45] <Lenore> "P-Phoenix?  You mean the Eidolon!?"
  114. [12:58:51] <Amaryllis> "I am a friend of Carbuncle's! I seek to do you no harm, but she and your Summoner both worry about you!"
  115. [13:00:09] <@Kain> The flames that engulf it begin to drop off its body, coalescing below it. A humanoid figure forms out of the flames, underneath the Phoenix. A woman with long, red hair and red feathers covering the entirety of her arms. She wears only orange silks and jewelry made of black rock, like obsidian.
  116. [13:00:55] <@Kain> Woman: "I do not care who you are... you have invaded the area of my nest..."
  117. [13:01:12] <@Kain> Woman: "Prepare to die!"
  118. [13:01:20] <Lenore> Combat?
  119. [13:01:28] <Amaryllis> "You've lost your memories, haven't you?"
  120. [13:01:41] <Amaryllis> (uhhh can I like...swap food or something?)
  121. [13:01:41] <@Kain> Woman: "...."
  122. [13:01:45] <@Kain> (Sure)
  123. [13:01:52] <@Kain> Combat!
  124. [13:01:58] <@Kain> Phoenix (Beauty)
  125. [13:02:00] <@Kain> Phoenix (Beast)
  126. [13:02:08] <@Kain>
  127. [13:02:16] <Amaryllis> (+4 PWR instead of earth strike because lol earth strike against flying)
  128. [13:02:23] <@Kain> The enormous bird, and the woman begin to attack!
  129. [13:02:39] <@Kain> Elena steps forward. "Ooh, this is different..."
  130. [13:02:44] <@Kain> Player turns!
  131. [13:03:09] <@Kain> Elena covers Lenore, and begins to charge up an Aura Bolt!
  132. [13:04:13] * Amaryllis hesitates, then calls her lantern and knife into existence with a wave of her hand. She begins to chant a spell.
  133. [13:05:43] * Lenore begins chanting in earnest!
  134. [13:06:12] <Lenore> (So like this ?)
  135. [13:06:52] <@Kain> (Older and more mature, but... Close enough!)
  136. [13:07:34] <@Kain> Enemy turns
  137. [13:07:58] <@Kain> (...whoops I don't have my pdf open)
  138. [13:08:01] <@Kain> (sec)
  139. [13:09:39] <@Kain> The woman begins casting a spell! The avian spreads its wings and an intense heat fills the entire cavern! A Fire Field has been created!
  140. [13:09:45] <@Kain> Player turns
  141. [13:10:09] <@Kain> Elena unleashes her aura bolt at the Beast!
  142. [13:10:36] * Amaryllis Scans the birdy!
  143. [13:11:17] <@Kain> 2d6+300
  144. [13:11:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+300: 310 [2d6=5,5]
  145. [13:11:53] <@Kain> Let's see... remind me what all I give you, again?
  146. [13:15:26] <Amaryllis> "Phoenix, let your tales be revealed unto us." Ammy whispers as she finishes her spell, and her eyes glow.
  147. [13:15:33] <@Kain> Phoenix (Beast). 1750/2000 HP. Unlimited MP. Absorbs Fire. Vulnerable to Trouble. Final Attack: Dying Star.
  148. [13:15:55] <Amaryllis> (Does that mean it has no immunities or whatnot to other status? :D)
  149. [13:16:19] <@Kain> That means the only status that can be inflicted is Trouble, ala impervious
  150. [13:16:21] <Amaryllis> (>no water weakness. bloo bloo bloo)
  151. [13:16:25] <Amaryllis> (oh bollocks)
  152. [13:16:32] <Lenore> (bollocks)
  153. [13:17:05] <Amaryllis> The glow fades. "Lenore, don't bother with Water. The bird has no elemental vulnerability, despite its appearances."
  154. [13:18:19] * Amaryllis wraps her knife in shadow, then stabs at the human form Phoenix.
  155. [13:18:35] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6 darkside
  156. [13:18:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside: 17 [2d6=6,5]
  157. [13:19:03] <@Kain> Beauty: "Agh!"
  158. [13:19:08] <Amaryllis> 252 shadow ARM!
  159. [13:19:13] <Amaryllis> (should've nightsworded :<)
  160. [13:19:36] <@Kain> She stumbles back at she's struck, taking a noticable injury as the dark blade rips into her!
  161. [13:19:38] <Lenore> "All right!  Emissary of the heavens, remember your true calling!  Realize how pointless this quarrel is, and return to serving the world!  Heavens, remind her of her duty!  8Triple Thundara!"  A glyph appears around the Phoenix, sealing its magic resistance, and then she points her fingers in a gun shape at the Beast, firing bolts of lightning at the Beast thrice!
  162. [13:20:12] <Lenore> 3#2d6+171 Thunder M.ARM, but it has no M.ARM!
  163. [13:20:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Thunder M.ARM, but it has no M.ARM!: 175 [2d6=1,3], 180 [2d6=3,6], 176 [2d6=3,2]
  164. [13:21:18] <@Kain> The bolts of lightning begin to rip the beast apart! It's injured, but still has plenty of steam left, shrieking its rage!
  165. [13:21:58] <@Kain> "Have at her, Bruno!" Elena calls, and the Behemoth charges the Beast!
  166. [13:22:09] <@Kain> 2d6+240
  167. [13:22:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+240: 245 [2d6=3,2]
  168. [13:23:14] <@Kain> Prickles: "...I can no longer stand idly by... I'll... I'll try my best!"
  169. [13:23:21] <@Kain> Prickles charges the Beauty!
  170. [13:23:22] <@Kain> 2d6+7
  171. [13:23:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+7: 11 [2d6=1,3]
  172. [13:23:25] <Lenore> "Thank you, Prickly!"
  173. [13:23:39] <@Kain> She kicks him aside, though.
  174. [13:23:59] <Amaryllis> "Be careful!" Prickles is a grass type.
  175. [13:24:20] <@Kain> Enemy Turns
  176. [13:24:41] <@Kain> The woman points, and Ammy is suddenly bathed in molten fire! Melt!
  177. [13:25:25] <@Kain> 2d6+40 fire damage a round.
  178. [13:25:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, fire damage a round.: 44 [2d6=1,3]
  179. [13:25:36] * Amaryllis doesn't altogether look too fazed, but she does look down worriedly at her weakened armor.
  180. [13:25:40] <@Kain> Oh wait, fire field. +20
  181. [13:25:51] <@Kain> Your Arm has been reduced to 0!
  182. [13:26:00] <@Kain> Meanwhile, the lady is bathed in flames that seem to rejuvenate her!
  183. [13:26:46] * Amaryllis doesn't seemed bothered at all by the actual molten fire! ARM reduction sux though. :<
  184. [13:26:51] <@Kain> She then leaps at Ammy, attempting to strike her with her hands!
  185. [13:26:54] <@Kain> 2d6+6
  186. [13:26:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=5,1]
  187. [13:26:58] <Amaryllis> hits
  188. [13:27:23] <@Kain> 80 damage!
  189. [13:27:41] <@Kain> Oh shit, those are TALONS on the ends of her fingers!
  190. [13:27:47] <@Kain> They rip into you rather hard!
  191. [13:27:55] <@Kain> The Beast begins to cast a spell!
  192. [13:28:02] * Amaryllis grunts and recoils in pain.
  193. [13:28:12] <@Kain> Player turns
  194. [13:28:44] <@Kain> Elena begins to raise her arms, forming shields of energy around her hands.
  195. [13:28:56] <Lenore> "Anyone need any healing?"  She looks around, checking how everyone looks!
  196. [13:29:48] <Amaryllis> "I shall be fine in just a second." Ammy backs up and starts calling up dark fire again. She points her knife at the birdy.
  197. [13:29:51] <@Kain> Prickles shakes himself and gets up! He begins casting a spell!
  198. [13:29:56] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6 darkside nightsword
  199. [13:29:57] <Lenore> "All right, then!"  She begins casting~
  200. [13:29:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside nightsword: 15 [2d6=5,4]
  201. [13:30:09] <Amaryllis> 2d6 I want piercing so blade reroll
  202. [13:30:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, I want piercing so blade reroll: 11 [2d6=5,6]
  203. [13:30:15] <Amaryllis> CRIT MOTHERFUCKA
  204. [13:30:21] <Lenore> (aw shit)
  205. [13:30:22] <@Kain> POW
  206. [13:30:46] <Amaryllis> 504 piercing shadow ARM!
  207. [13:31:17] <@Kain> The bird cries in pain as it's cut by shadow magic! But it's still able to keep fighting!
  208. [13:31:40] <Amaryllis> (man it sucks that Darkside always drains HP AFTER the attack)
  209. [13:32:41] <@Kain> Elena: "I'm okay!"
  210. [13:32:44] <@Kain> Prickles: "I as well."
  211. [13:32:45] * Amaryllis lets loose a stream of pure black fire from her knife, engulfing the bird.
  212. [13:33:49] * Lenore begins chanting in earnest, then!
  213. [13:34:20] <@Kain> Enemy turns
  214. [13:34:31] <@Kain> The Beauty leaps back and begins casting a spell!
  215. [13:34:45] <@Kain> The Beast casts Auto-Life on the Beauty!
  216. [13:34:56] <Amaryllis> (Phoenix is a dick)
  217. [13:35:33] <@Kain> It then begins circling around the battlefield, dropping down searing flames!
  218. [13:36:04] <@Kain> 2d6+5 Blaze of Life
  219. [13:36:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Blaze of Life: 11 [2d6=4,2]
  220. [13:36:39] <@Kain> Prickles does a dodge roll at the last second, avoiding it! (Evasion)
  221. [13:37:13] <Lenore> (I'm guessing I can't Counter:Magic on that?)
  222. [13:37:34] <@Kain> Hmm
  223. [13:37:38] <@Kain> Nope, sorry
  224. [13:37:47] <Lenore> (Just thought I'd ask~)
  225. [13:37:48] <@Kain> The rest of you, who I am pretty sure are hit, take 144 fire m.arm damage.
  226. [13:38:17] <@Kain> Player turns
  227. [13:38:21] * Amaryllis braces herself behind her lantern arm and gives just about no shits.
  228. [13:38:34] * Lenore looks pretty scorched, owowowowow.
  229. [13:38:44] <Lenore> But she's still up!
  230. [13:39:02] <@Kain> Prickles: "Bone of my body, pierce foul flesh! One Thousand Needles!"
  231. [13:39:08] <@Kain> 2d6
  232. [13:39:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6: 5 [2d6=2,3]
  233. [13:39:36] <@Kain> Prickles launches a barrage of needles at the Beast, doing 100 damage!
  234. [13:40:30] <@Kain> Elena: "I'll take care of the birdy!"
  235. [13:41:00] * Lenore finishes her chant. "Heavenly might, come down upon my foes and teach them of their foolishness! Strike with all the fury of the Gods, 8Thundaga!"
  236. [13:41:11] <@Kain> Elena: "Here goes! Climhazzard!" She rushes at the Beast, the energy around her hands expanding to independantly controlled ethereal fists, which begin to sock the bird in the face! Have you ever tried to punch a bird?
  237. [13:41:29] <@Kain> 2d6+156
  238. [13:41:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+156: 161 [2d6=1,4]
  239. [13:41:50] <Lenore> 2d6+171 On both of them, a ball of lightning bursting from her hand and traveling between the two before EXPLODING.
  240. [13:41:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, On both of them, a ball of lightning bursting from her hand and traveling between the two before EXPLODING.: 182 [2d6=5,6]
  241. [13:41:59] * Amaryllis shuffles forward and this time stabs at the birdy without the shadow coating.
  242. [13:42:02] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6
  243. [13:42:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+6: 11 [2d6=4,1]
  244. [13:42:11] <Lenore> 2d6+5 Opposed Force for UNNECESSARY FORCE KNOCKBACK
  245. [13:42:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Opposed Force for UNNECESSARY FORCE KNOCKBACK: 10 [2d6=1,4]
  246. [13:42:21] <Lenore> 1d6 Destiny to beef it
  247. [13:42:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Destiny to beef it: 1 [1d6=1]
  248. [13:42:35] <Amaryllis> (:<)
  249. [13:42:40] <Amaryllis> (dicemaid haet destiny)
  250. [13:43:11] <@Kain> 2#2d6+5
  251. [13:43:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2#2d6+5: 10 [2d6=1,4], 10 [2d6=4,1]
  252. [13:43:14] <@Kain> You win!
  253. [13:43:30] <@Kain> With no need to spend destiny
  254. [13:43:44] <Lenore> HAHAHA WOW
  255. [13:43:49] <Aniskeleton> (/me claps)
  256. [13:43:49] <Lenore> Well, they both get knockback
  257. [13:43:56] <Lenore> Which interrupts Beauty's spell
  258. [13:44:17] <Lenore> Also spending destiny activated Hotblooded, making Lenore regain 36 HP and 46 MP
  259. [13:44:44] <@Kain> Oh, okay~
  260. [13:44:50] <@Kain> Prickles also Covers Ammy during all this.
  261. [13:44:58] <@Kain> The Beauty's spell is interrupted!
  262. [13:45:07] <Amaryllis> (did Ammy hit? I assume an 11 misses)
  263. [13:45:10] <@Kain> Kind of a good thing, she was going to Illusionist Firaga.
  264. [13:45:18] <@Kain> Yeah, an 11 does miss.
  265. [13:45:21] * Lenore THEN pulls out a Hi-Potion to use on Ammy, jerking it out ina hurry, and in the process, the Pepper shaker pops out, going flying, flying, time seeming to slow down....
  266. [13:45:38] <Lenore> Before the pepper shaker collides with Elena's face, the cap popping right off
  267. [13:46:09] <Lenore> Anyway, Ammy recoveres 50% HP, and then after that 60 HP and 60 MP
  268. [13:46:17] <@Kain> Elena: "Ah.... ah..."
  269. [13:46:23] <Amaryllis> (mfw don't even have that much MP)
  270. [13:46:32] <@Kain> Elena: "CHOO!" Elena and Bruno vanish in a flash of light!
  271. [13:46:46] <Amaryllis> "Thanks Lenore, Mr. Prickles." Ammy pulls back her knife after the failed stab.
  272. [13:46:54] <@Kain> ...welp
  273. [13:46:55] <Lenore> "...ah..."  She pauses for a moment, eyes wide
  274. [13:47:02] <Amaryllis> "...Bollocks."
  275. [13:47:47] <Lenore> (Still totally worth it.)
  276. [13:47:58] <@Kain> Oh, Prickles still has a standard.
  277. [13:48:00] <@Kain> Let's seee
  278. [13:48:15] <@Kain> 2d6+7 on the Beast
  279. [13:48:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, on the Beast: 16 [2d6=6,3]
  280. [13:48:34] <@Kain> The cactuar attacks the gigantic bird with his tiny prickler!
  281. [13:48:48] <@Kain> Enemy turns
  282. [13:48:59] <@Kain> Undeterred, the Beauty begins casting her spell again.
  283. [13:49:08] * Kraken is now known as NecroKraken
  284. [13:49:17] <@Kain> Similarly, the Beast also begins casting!
  285. [13:50:16] <@Kain> Player turns
  286. [13:50:45] * Amaryllis stabs at the birdy again!
  287. [13:50:46] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6
  288. [13:50:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+6: 17 [2d6=5,6]
  289. [13:50:57] <@Kain> Yup!
  290. [13:51:07] <Amaryllis> 126 ARM
  291. [13:51:18] <@Kain> Oh, not a darkside.
  292. [13:51:36] <Amaryllis> (I try to be good about declaring darkside when I remember D:)
  293. [13:51:45] <@Kain> That...
  294. [13:51:48] <@Kain> Just barely takes it down!
  295. [13:52:01] * Lenore begins a chant!
  296. [13:52:04] <@Kain> The bird begins to erupt into a huge ball of flames, burning to ashes!
  297. [13:52:39] <Lenore> Actually scratch that, she uses a Hi-Potion on herself. :/
  298. [13:52:53] <@Kain> Final Attack: Dying Star
  299. [13:53:30] <Lenore> GOOD THING SHE USED THAT HI-POTION
  300. [13:53:31] <@Kain> The flames begin to fall from the sky as the bird's body immolates, scorching everyone!
  301. [13:53:37] <@Kain> 2d6+150 Fire M.arm
  302. [13:53:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Fire M.arm: 154 [2d6=3,1]
  303. [13:54:09] <Lenore> GOOD THING SHE USED THAT HI-POTOIN
  304. [13:54:11] <Lenore> *potion
  305. [13:54:18] <@Kain> The thing collapses into a pile of ash... which immediately transfigures into a gigantic egg.
  306. [13:54:24] <Amaryllis> "Is everyone okay?" Ammy just stands there, looking around and occasionally batting a ball of fire away from her face with her hand.
  307. [13:54:32] <@Kain> Pheonix (Egg)
  308. [13:54:32] <Lenore> "Owowowowow!"
  309. [13:54:45] <@Kain> A shield of energy forms around the egg, protecting it from damage!
  310. [13:54:59] <@Kain> The Beauty growls in a rage!
  311. [13:55:26] <@Kain> Prickles: "Erm, let's see... what do I have..."
  312. [13:55:30] <@Kain> He ruffles through his item sack.
  313. [13:55:45] <Amaryllis> "Help Lenore! I am still fine."
  314. [13:55:45] <Lenore> Lenore looks PRETTY BEAT UP
  315. [13:55:50] <@Kain> Prickles: "Eyedrops.... echo screen... holy water...? Who gave me these things? :<"
  316. [13:56:02] <Giantree> (♡)
  317. [13:56:02] <Lenore> "Use one of my Hi-Potions!"
  318. [13:56:14] <@Kain> Prickles: "Okay!"
  319. [13:56:18] <Amaryllis> "We thought you might not like being a zombie very much. It is unpleasant, you know."
  320. [13:56:43] <@Kain> Prickles wobbles over to Lenore and takes a Hi-Potion out of her bag, and leaps up her body QTE style to force-feed it to her!
  321. [13:57:05] <Amaryllis> (errr...scratch that, Ammy said something about Curse instead b/c holy water is apparently dumb and not about zombies)
  322. [13:57:05] <@Kain> Enemy Turns
  323. [13:57:19] * Lenore looks a BIT better, although still a bit bad ;_;
  324. [13:58:44] <@Kain> Beauty: " This reality is but an illusion, everything is not what it seems... Reduce everything to frozen cinders... Firaga!" She raises her arm and an enormous ball of fire begins to form, then begins to turn a blueish color! Illusionist!
  325. [13:59:39] <@Kain> 2d6+120 Firaga doing ice elemental damage!
  326. [13:59:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Firaga doing ice elemental damage!: 128 [2d6=2,6]
  327. [13:59:46] <@Kain> Prickles: "..."
  328. [13:59:54] <@Kain> Prickles: "No, I think not."
  329. [14:00:07] * Lenore somehow is still up!
  330. [14:00:16] <Lenore> (4 HP)
  331. [14:00:22] <@Kain> (Oh, you are?)
  332. [14:00:23] <Amaryllis> That actually hurts Ammy, but she's still going pretty strong!
  333. [14:00:44] <@Kain> Then Prickles sees he totally doesn't have to Sentinel and just hangs on that line. :<
  334. [14:01:14] <@Kain> The spell burns you all with icy powers, but otherwise...
  335. [14:01:14] <Lenore> "I'm not taking this lying down!  Take this!  Thundara!"
  336. [14:01:18] <Lenore> Counter:Magic
  337. [14:01:46] <Lenore> 2d6+152 Lightning M.ARM damage
  338. [14:01:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Lightning M.ARM damage: 160 [2d6=6,2]
  339. [14:01:57] <@Kain> Beauty: "Agh! Why, you... cretin!"
  340. [14:02:07] <Lenore> She counterrattacks the icy flames with a crackle of lightning!
  341. [14:02:17] <@Kain> The woman leaps forward, attempting to take down Ammy!
  342. [14:02:28] <@Kain> 2d6+6
  343. [14:02:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 14 [2d6=3,5]
  344. [14:02:42] <@Kain> Another 80 arm damage!
  345. [14:02:44] <Amaryllis> (is Melt still active?)
  346. [14:02:54] <@Kain> (You were supposed to be keeping track of that)
  347. [14:03:09] <@Kain> (I don't think it is, though)
  348. [14:03:19] <Giantree> (All of us unanimously agreed 'we're too lazy to keep track, we'll make kain do it,' I confirm)
  349. [14:03:53] <Amaryllis> (to be more precise, I was like "yeah it doesn't matter until I get hit by a physical attack; I'll ask then")
  350. [14:04:40] <@Kain> The egg then casts Melt on Prickles!
  351. [14:04:58] <@Kain> The poor cactuar cries out as his weapon and shield begin heating up!
  352. [14:05:09] <@Kain> Prickles: "It's still fighting??"
  353. [14:05:24] <@Kain> Player turns
  354. [14:05:30] <Amaryllis> "Impressive trick." Ammy groans from the talon attack and brushes shards of ice and frostbite off herself with intuitive fire magic. "But is this how you wish to live, Phoenix? Enshrouded in hate and bereft of your memories? I can help you, as I am helping Carbuncle to recover her tale as well!" Ammy used the talk command.
  355. [14:05:53] <@Kain> Prickles tries to hop over and poke the egg, but the attack bounces off its shield, seemingly impervious.
  356. [14:06:15] <@Kain> Beauty: "Why do I need such things? I live as queen of this domain, able to do as I wish..."
  357. [14:06:33] <Amaryllis> "You rule over the ruins of a dead civilization when your tale could be so much more."
  358. [14:06:47] <@Kain> The Phoenix seems hesitant...
  359. [14:06:52] <@Kain> But is still hostile!
  360. [14:07:13] * Lenore pants. "This is bad...really bad..." She takes an especially deep breath. "Mom's not here to help me anymore, I've gotta' pull enough weight for both me AND mom...Gotta' focus..." She steadies herself, trying to focus on getting a chant going... "Um, Prickles, please cover me!"
  361. [14:07:15] <Amaryllis> "You were once a hero of this world ten years ago! Alongside those who fought Kuja and saved the Crystal from destruction."
  362. [14:07:28] <@Kain> Prickles covers Lenore!
  363. [14:07:36] <Amaryllis> "You would settle for this after all that?" Ammy shakes her head.
  364. [14:08:23] <@Kain> Enemy turns
  365. [14:09:09] <@Kain> Beauty: "Why would I care about that? Just... stop talking!"
  366. [14:09:20] <@Kain> She leaps over and attempts to attack Lenore, but Prickles gets in the way!
  367. [14:09:22] <@Kain> 2d6+6
  368. [14:09:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 11 [2d6=3,2]
  369. [14:10:54] <@Kain> The cactuar is slapped aside by the powerful blow!
  370. [14:11:09] <@Kain> The egg takes a moment to recharge...
  371. [14:11:10] <@Kain> Player turns
  372. [14:11:12] <Amaryllis> "Mr. Prickles!"
  373. [14:11:29] <@Kain> Prickles barely climbs to his feet. "I will... n-not fall here..."
  374. [14:12:24] <Amaryllis> "Fine, but you shall hear my words after this!" Ammy steps forward with another stab of her knife.
  375. [14:12:26] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6
  376. [14:12:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+6: 17 [2d6=5,6]
  377. [14:12:33] <Amaryllis> (dicemaid pls)
  378. [14:12:47] <Amaryllis> 126 ARM
  379. [14:13:52] <Lenore> She gives out a loud "SNIFF" as she finishes her chanting, fists clenched.  "S-show the extent of her sin!  Punish her wickedness,a nd let your s-shining light from above illuminate her m-mind...!"  She takes another breath.  "8T-thundara!"
  380. [14:14:46] <Lenore> 2d6+152 lightning M.ARM
  381. [14:14:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, lightning M.ARM: 162 [2d6=5,5]
  382. [14:15:39] <@Kain> The bolt of lightning and the knife combined make the woman stumble backwards, and she collapses to one knee. ...But after a moment she slowly climbs back to her feet as Auto-Life resolves.
  383. [14:15:57] <@Kain> Prickles: "Enough! This ends here...!"
  384. [14:15:59] <Amaryllis> "Are we done with these charades?"
  385. [14:16:07] <Lenore> "Please, let's stop this now!"
  386. [14:16:20] <Amaryllis> (bitchslap her with your standard action. doitdoitdoit)
  387. [14:16:27] <@Kain> Woman: "No... no... 4,0I'LL KILL YOU ALL"
  388. [14:16:28] <Giantree> (doitdoitdoitdoitdoit)
  389. [14:16:41] <@Kain> Prickles runs up and...
  390. [14:16:45] <@Kain> 2d6+7 SLAP
  391. [14:16:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, SLAP: 13 [2d6=1,5]
  392. [14:17:02] <Lenore> She focuses on her hand, a spectral HUGE AFTERIMAGE forming, as she runs forward and SLAPS her with a spectral hand
  393. [14:17:11] <Lenore> 2d6+4
  394. [14:17:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=5,2]
  395. [14:17:19] <Lenore> TOTALLY A TEAMWORK ATTACK
  396. [14:17:20] <@Kain> ...let's just say that hits.
  397. [14:17:20] <Amaryllis> (t-teamwork?)
  398. [14:17:34] <@Kain> DOUBLESLAP'D
  399. [14:17:56] <@Kain> The woman staggers back, falling backwards onto the egg. She weakly looks at the lot of you, then just begins to laugh.
  400. [14:18:04] <Lenore> 83 ARM damage from 'nore!
  401. [14:18:09] <Lenore> Not like it matters.
  402. [14:18:17] <@Kain> Her body bursts into flames, and begins to burn away to ash.
  403. [14:18:38] <@Kain> Prickles: "...Oh dear. D-did we... kill her?"
  404. [14:18:40] <Amaryllis> "You have no doubt weakened from the loss of your memories, Phoenix. We can help." Ammy says toward the disintegrating woman.
  405. [14:18:41] <Lenore> (she was a territorial oak all along)
  406. [14:19:06] <@Kain> "We'll... seee...." she says before being reduced to nothing.
  407. [14:19:21] <@Kain> Combat over!
  408. [14:19:28] <@Kain> The egg begins to crack, and hatch...
  409. [14:20:02] <@Kain> and then bursts open as a tiny baby bird stumbles out, chirping.
  410. [14:20:09] * Amaryllis walks forward to the newly hatched egg.
  411. [14:20:15] * Lenore blinkblink. "Wow, it's so cute~!" :O
  412. [14:20:20] <@Kain> After a moment, it, too, bursts into flames as it changes form.
  413. [14:20:46] <Lenore> (brb real quick)
  414. [14:20:52] <@Kain> And collapses, in the form of an adult woman again, this time dressed in more modest orange robes. She has a peaceful look on her face.
  415. [14:21:07] <Amaryllis> (>not loli phoenix)
  416. [14:21:09] <Giantree> (>not a loli)
  417. [14:21:15] <@Kain> overdone
  418. [14:21:23] <Amaryllis> (hipsterrrr)
  419. [14:21:46] <Amaryllis> (#undergroundgame GMed by a dirty hipster)
  420. [14:21:47] <@Kain> She opens her eyes after a moment, looking up.
  421. [14:21:58] <@Kain> Phoenix: "B-buh...?"
  422. [14:22:18] <Amaryllis> "Hello again, Phoenix."
  423. [14:22:47] <@Kain> She looks at you blearily, with a confused expression... then bursts into a sereme smile. "Hello. Who's Phoenix?"
  424. [14:23:19] * Amaryllis gets a 'here we go again' look on her face. She stoops down by the woman.
  425. [14:23:34] <Amaryllis> "You are. You are the Eidolon Phoenix, and you seem to have lost your memories."
  426. [14:23:41] <Lenore> (back)
  427. [14:23:48] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Oh... oh, that's not good."
  428. [14:24:14] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Ooh, that's a pretty nest, up there... I wonder who built that." she stands, gawking upwards.
  429. [14:24:15] <Amaryllis> "No, it is not. What do you remember, if anything at all?" Ammy says in a practiced, soothing tone.
  430. [14:24:33] <Lenore> "Yeah, it's not!  Don't worry though, we'll make sure to help you out!"
  431. [14:25:01] <@Kain> Phoenix: "I remember... a really nice warmth, and... like there was something bad that just washed all away..."
  432. [14:25:27] <@Kain> Phoenix: "...Oh no, you're all hurt!"
  433. [14:25:51] <Amaryllis> "Do you remember your other form? That of a majestic bird? It was you who created that nest."
  434. [14:25:53] <Lenore> "Yeah, you did that to us, you were pretty mean and we had to fight back and then you went into the egg and now you're like how you are now!"
  435. [14:26:02] <@Kain> She starts going between you, throwing feathers at you that... holy shit, those -are- phoenix downs. But as they touch you you feel your wounds and mental stamina begin to recover.
  436. [14:26:26] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Huh?? I did -what-? I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! Why would I do that?"
  437. [14:26:45] <@Kain> 50% HP and MP recovered.
  438. [14:27:16] <Lenore> " seemed to have it in your head that you were queen of this place and that we were intruding!  But there's...not really anything to rule over here, is there?"
  439. [14:27:29] <Amaryllis> "Please, sit down." Ammy gestures down and plops down on the ground herself.
  440. [14:27:37] <@Kain> Phoenix: "??? I guess it's... kind of nice in here, but..."
  441. [14:27:40] <Amaryllis> "Lenore, if you could allow me a moment?"
  442. [14:27:53] <Lenore> "Sure!"  She sits down as well.
  443. [14:27:57] <Amaryllis> "I went through a process quite similar when I first met Nat."
  444. [14:28:01] <@Kain> She obediently walks over and plops. The chocobo chick pops its head out of Ammy's scarf and chips, and the woman chirps back. :D
  445. [14:28:11] <Lenore> (d'awwww)
  446. [14:28:31] <Amaryllis> "Those feathers, could you show us again?"
  447. [14:29:00] <@Kain> She plucks one of the feathers off her arm and holds it up. Sure is a phoenix down!
  448. [14:29:29] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Aren't they fluffy? But that was tiring..."
  449. [14:29:46] * Amaryllis nods. "Try to imagine yourself wreathed in them, a large bird, covered in the most radiant flames. Does that bring anything to mind?"
  450. [14:29:57] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Hmmm... rm.... hm... nope!"
  451. [14:30:00] <Amaryllis> "Close your eyes and imagine."
  452. [14:30:17] <@Kain> She obeys anyway, trying.
  453. [14:30:27] <@Kain> But... this scene is interrupted, however, by Elena flying across the cavern and slamming into the wall next to you.
  454. [14:30:35] * Amaryllis reaches into her bag and pulls out the Crystal as Phoenix closes her eyes, then rests it in her lap. "Please...something."
  455. [14:30:43] <Amaryllis> *in Phoenix's lap, to be clear
  456. [14:31:11] * Lenore gets up and runs over to Mom. "Mom, are you all right? Sorry about that! Everything's fine now, we managed to calm her down without you!"
  457. [14:31:12] <@Kain> The crystal starts to shimmer, then suddenly begins to pulse with different tones and colors. 12,0Beware!
  458. [14:31:23] * Amaryllis turns her head at the interruption. She blinks a few times. "Are you.." oh, Lenore is handling it. She focuses on the task at hand.
  459. [14:31:25] <Amaryllis> "Beware?"
  460. [14:31:34] <@Kain> Elena: "U-ugh... Lena..." she pulls herself up, pointing at the direction she was thrown from.
  461. [14:31:49] <Lenore> "Huh?"  She flips around to look for whatever!
  462. [14:32:18] <@Kain> Something begins to slither out of the dark, an enormous serpent with the upper body of a blue-skinned woman with long, red hair and six arms with swords.
  463. [14:32:41] <@Kain> 4,0Hehehe... Thank you for weakening the Phoenix for me... I believe I'll be taking her...
  464. [14:32:47] <Amaryllis> (do we know what Maliris is supposed to look like? maybe from that book on FFIX-2 history or whatnot?)
  465. [14:32:56] <@Kain> Ammy recognizes this creature as Maliris from the brief glimpse into Chell's mind!
  466. [14:32:57] <Lenore> "What!?  No, you can't!"
  467. [14:33:05] <Lenore> "We won't let you!"
  468. [14:33:25] <Amaryllis> "Leave, Fiend." Ammy stands up and quickly puts the Crystal back in her bag.
  469. [14:34:32] <@Kain> Maliris: "4,0Oh, okay. Sure. ...Hahaha! What kind of fool do you take me for? I'm not going to let that braggart Lich take all of the credit for himself... Stand aside, or die!"
  470. [14:34:53] <@Kain> The serpentine woman slithers closer as Elena tries to stand again, but stumbles.
  471. [14:35:04] <@Kain> Phoenix looks utterly terrified.
  472. [14:35:23] <Lenore> "You're the one who's going to be dying!"  She gets into a combat stance.  "Phoenix, Mom, you find somewhere to hide, Mom, make sure she's okay, all right!?"
  473. [14:35:23] <@Kain> Phoenix: "The flames are hurting.... the fire is growing cold..."
  474. [14:35:46] <@Kain> Elena: "Be careful, Lena...!"
  475. [14:36:05] <@Kain> Elena starts to take Phoenix back into the building.
  476. [14:36:31] <@Kain> Maliris: "4,0Do you really think you can take on the Chaos Fiend of Fire, split across the world as you are?"
  477. [14:36:55] <@Kain> Prickles moves between Maliris and Ammy!
  478. [14:36:55] <Lenore> "We won't know if we don't try!"
  479. [14:37:06] <Amaryllis> "Do you think we have any choice? We are bound by story to play out this tale."
  480. [14:37:40] <@Kain> She chuckles to herself. "4,0Fine then... I may not have gained my new form like the others... but I will still be able to take care of a few insects like you."
  481. [14:37:44] <Amaryllis> "So it shall be. Mr. Prickles, this may be quite dangerous. Are you certain you do not wish to retreat with Elena and Phoenix?"
  482. [14:37:55] <@Kain> Prickles: "I can't just abandon you!"
  483. [14:38:25] <@Kain> The Fiend swings her swords around! "4,0Engarde!"
  484. [14:38:43] <@Kain> Combat!
  485. [14:38:53] <@Kain> Maliris spends a point of destiny to go first!
  486. [14:39:08] <@Kain> She tosses each of her swords into the air, and they begin raining down on you all!
  487. [14:39:13] <@Kain> 2d6+7
  488. [14:39:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+7: 16 [2d6=6,3]
  489. [14:39:44] <@Kain> 119 arm damage!
  490. [14:40:01] <@Kain> She slithers forward and recovers her blades in the blink of an eye.
  491. [14:40:01] <@Kain> Player turns
  492. [14:40:17] <Lenore> Lenore uses a point of Destiny to GOBBLE  a Hi-Potion to survive the incoming attack!
  493. [14:41:34] * Amaryllis carefully circles around the serpent, then lunges forward with a stab of her knife, wreathed in shadow.
  494. [14:41:37] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6 darkside
  495. [14:41:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside: 13 [2d6=6,1]
  496. [14:42:11] <@Kain> Hit!
  497. [14:42:13] <Amaryllis> 244 Shadow ARM if that hits
  498. [14:42:33] * Lenore begins chanting a spell. "Thanks for staying with us, Prickles, I'm going to need you to make sure I don't get interrupted!"
  499. [14:42:49] <@Kain> The fiend laughs as you slice into her! 4,0About the same as that other fragile woman. She was no contest, either."
  500. [14:44:46] <@Kain> Prickles covers Lenore! "Very well!"
  501. [14:44:54] <@Kain> He begins casting a spell of his own, too.
  502. [14:45:04] <@Kain> Enemy turns
  503. [14:45:08] <@Kain> Maliris begins casting a spell!
  504. [14:45:11] <@Kain> Player turns
  505. [14:45:39] <Lenore> (Hey Kain, did you ever approve the whole "being able to single-target -ga spells" thing?)
  506. [14:45:51] <@Kain> (I don't remember that even being asked)
  507. [14:46:04] <Lenore> (We discussed it once, but I GUESS you weren't around, nevermind then!)
  508. [14:46:12] <Lenore> (I'll just spheal)
  509. [14:46:24] <@Kain> (Well, okay)
  510. [14:46:37] <Amaryllis> (I remember him asking for what it's worth)
  511. [14:46:38] <@Kain> oh also
  512. [14:46:38] <@Kain>
  513. [14:48:55] <Lenore> "Accursed Fiend!  Know your place!  Begone from this blessed place, and torment the weak no more!  8Double Thundaga!"  She SLAMS her hand down, a runic circle appearing around Marilis, as two crevasses open below her and unleash torrents of YELLOW BOLTS OF LIGHTNING!
  514. [14:49:08] * Amaryllis takes a step back and takes careful aim as she calls up shadow energy to engulf her whole arm, then shoots it from her knife to Maliris.
  515. [14:49:16] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6 darkside nightsword
  516. [14:49:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside nightsword: 10 [2d6=3,1]
  517. [14:49:22] <Amaryllis> 2d6 bladereroll
  518. [14:49:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, bladereroll: 8 [2d6=4,4]
  519. [14:49:23] <@Kain> Prickles: "S-stop right there, no closer! Stop!"
  520. [14:49:32] <Amaryllis> 14
  521. [14:49:35] <@Kain> Hit!
  522. [14:49:50] <Lenore> 2#2d6+171 Lightning M.ARM, ignoring M.ARM due to Elemental Seal, and also...
  523. [14:49:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Lightning M.ARM, ignoring M.ARM due to Elemental Seal, and also...: 182 [2d6=5,6], 180 [2d6=5,4]
  524. [14:49:56] <@Kain> 2d6+3; 2d6+6
  525. [14:49:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 6 [2d6=1,2]; 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=2,4]
  526. [14:49:59] <Lenore> 2#2d6+5 Opposed Force to interrupt
  527. [14:50:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Opposed Force to interrupt: 15 [2d6=5,5], 12 [2d6=2,5]
  528. [14:50:07] <@Kain> Prickles doesn't even get close to Stopping Maliris
  529. [14:50:18] <@Kain> 2#2d6+6
  530. [14:50:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2#2d6+6: 14 [2d6=2,6], 15 [2d6=6,3]
  531. [14:50:27] <@Kain> You manage to interrupt her Haste spell!
  532. [14:50:29] <Lenore> There's Knockback!
  533. [14:50:32] <Amaryllis> 246 shadow ARM piercing
  534. [14:50:55] <Amaryllis> (healing 50% of that - is it 123 or are there other mods at work here?)
  535. [14:51:25] <@Kain> You heal 108.
  536. [14:51:43] <Amaryllis> (hrm so she has a way to reduce damage other than ARM)
  537. [14:51:57] <@Kain> Maliris: "4,0Accursed meddlers... once I'm done killing you, I'll be sure to make the other annoying woman's death quite painful.."
  538. [14:52:11] <@Kain> Prickles Defends!
  539. [14:52:32] <@Kain> The serpent slithers forward to attack Lenore, but Prickles gets in the way!
  540. [14:52:42] <@Kain> 2d6+7
  541. [14:52:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+7: 16 [2d6=6,3]
  542. [14:52:52] <@Kain> 1d6 reroll 3
  543. [14:52:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, reroll 3: 3 [1d6=3]
  544. [14:53:18] <@Kain> Prickles manages to block a good deal of the blow with his moogle shield!
  545. [14:53:22] <@Kain> Player turns
  546. [14:53:36] * Lenore begins preparing a spell!
  547. [14:54:23] <Lenore> "There's no way you're laying another finger on my mom!"
  548. [14:54:38] <Lenore> "And not on Phoenix, either!  I'm not letting you hurt anyone else!"
  549. [14:54:45] * Amaryllis shuffles forward for another shadowy stab.
  550. [14:54:49] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6 darkside
  551. [14:54:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside: 16 [2d6=5,5]
  552. [14:54:59] <@Kain> Maliris: "4,0Is that so? Hahaha! We'll see about that..."
  553. [14:55:09] <@Kain> Hit!
  554. [14:55:12] <Amaryllis> 250 shadow arm
  555. [14:55:39] <@Kain> The serpent takes another blow and glares down at Amaryllis. "4,0We're going to have to do something about you, aren't we?"
  556. [14:55:54] <@Kain> Prickles continues to defend! She begins casting another spell!
  557. [14:56:25] <@Kain> Energy begins to crackle along Lenore's clothing as she shouts.
  558. [14:56:42] <@Kain> Something deep inside her seems to be stirring... but it hasn't quite broken the surface...
  559. [14:58:19] <@Kain> Player turns
  560. [14:58:28] <Lenore> "Sacred bubbles of the sea, unleash the judgment of the deep!  Smite this fiend, who seeks to disrupt the balance of land and sea!  2Wateraga!"  She claps her hands together, then opens them, firing a beam of bubbles,, cascading over Marilis.  "You're not touching Ammy!"
  561. [14:58:39] <@Kain> Weakness!
  562. [14:58:47] <@Kain> The fiend screams as water washes over her!
  563. [14:58:51] <Lenore> 2d6+114 WATER M.ARM
  564. [14:58:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, WATER M.ARM: 116 [2d6=1,1]
  565. [14:59:04] <Lenore> 2d6+5 Opposed Force!
  566. [14:59:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Opposed Force!: 13 [2d6=4,4]
  567. [14:59:16] <Amaryllis> "I thought I was a mere insect. What changed, Maliris?"
  568. [14:59:58] <@Kain> 2d6+6
  569. [14:59:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 14 [2d6=5,3]
  570. [15:00:20] <Lenore> She intensifies the stream of water.  "NOT MOVING!" Spending a point of destiny!
  571. [15:00:23] <Lenore> 1d6
  572. [15:00:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  573. [15:00:27] <@Kain> Success!
  574. [15:00:46] <Lenore> (That's all of her destiny! 8D)
  575. [15:00:57] <Lenore> "Ammy, take this!"  She tosses Ammy a Hi-Potion!
  576. [15:01:07] * Amaryllis takes a stab with darkside again
  577. [15:01:09] <@Kain> Her spell is once again interrupted!
  578. [15:01:10] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6
  579. [15:01:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+6: 16 [2d6=5,5]
  580. [15:01:19] <Amaryllis> 250 Shadow ARM again
  581. [15:01:29] <Amaryllis> "Thanks, Lenore!"
  582. [15:01:33] <@Kain> Prickles keeps defending...
  583. [15:01:37] * Lenore also gains 36 HP and 46 MP~
  584. [15:01:42] <@Kain> Maliris seems rather pissed, and attempts to disarm Ammy!
  585. [15:02:02] <@Kain> 3d6+6 Opposed Force, she spends a Destiny.
  586. [15:02:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Opposed Force, she spends a Destiny.: 16 [3d6=4,5,1]
  587. [15:02:13] <Amaryllis> 2d6+13 nuh uh
  588. [15:02:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, nuh uh: 23 [2d6=6,4]
  589. [15:02:39] <@Kain> The energy crackling around Lenore intensifies as her body and clothes begin to glow a bright purple!
  590. [15:02:42] <Amaryllis> "No." Ammy pushes her away with the blunt side of her knife and snarls.
  591. [15:02:51] <Amaryllis> (ooops, should've stopped the bold before end quotes)
  592. [15:02:58] <@Kain> 6,0Trance!
  593. [15:03:24] <@Kain> Lenore is covered in an intense light!
  594. [15:03:30] <Amaryllis> "Lenore?"
  595. [15:04:24] <Lenore> "Your not making another step, so long as I'm here, GOT IT!?"  She gives Marilis the scariest death glare as her CLOTHING BURSTS INTO LIGHT!
  596. [15:05:06] <Lenore> Lenore's too heated up to realize the woman she's addresing doesn't HAVE legs
  597. [15:05:28] <Lenore> *you're
  598. [15:06:19] <@Kain> When it clears, she's glowing brightly, her outfits switching constantly between fashions you've never seen before. Within her eyes sparkle stars and supernovas, and her weapon has been replaced by a staff that ends in an infinity symbol, the two wholes filled with a pair of gems intensely shining silver and dark purple!
  599. [15:07:05] <@Kain> Gained Unlimited MP! Gained X-Wild Magic!
  600. [15:07:18] <Lenore> Bitchin'
  601. [15:07:23] <@Kain> 1,1Gained Fastcast
  602. [15:07:51] <Amaryllis> "Trance...?" Ammy scoots away carefully to get a good look. "Well, I guess that means we're done here." She mutters to herself.
  603. [15:08:06] <@Kain> You feel something strange deep down, but you're not entirely sure what it is... you'll just have to try it!
  604. [15:08:11] <@Kain> Lenore gained another standard action!
  605. [15:08:28] <Lenore> "Make a move, I dare you!!☆★☆★"  She starts giving off really erratic stars, exploding all over the place!
  606. [15:08:30] <@Kain>
  607. [15:09:27] <@Kain> (And I mean you have another standard this turn)
  608. [15:09:45] <Lenore> "☆Take★this☆! ☆And ★thisandthisandthis!☆"
  609. [15:10:00] <Lenore> ☆X-WILD★MAGIC☆
  610. [15:10:37] * Amaryllis has a look on her face that says 'well I threw a god damn dragon when I tranced, and Lenore is already blowing up everything anyway so I guess if she's trancing we're just about finished here'.
  611. [15:10:51] <@Kain> 2#1d100
  612. [15:10:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2#1d100: 66 [1d100=66], 13 [1d100=13]
  613. [15:11:31] <Lenore> Stars start coalescing all around her, eventually concentrating into 2 clumps, which eventually turn into....
  614. [15:11:52] <@Kain> X-Wild Magic seems to be an Instant action! You feel incredible energies at your fingertips, and spells come forth without you even realizing what you're casting!
  615. [15:12:02] <@Kain> Lenore cast Mighty Guard!
  616. [15:12:28] <@Kain> Yellow spheres of energy surround the party, granting Haste, Protect, Shell, and Flight!
  617. [15:12:36] <@Kain> Comets begin to rain down from the sky!
  618. [15:12:39] <@Kain> Lenore cast Comet!
  619. [15:12:52] <@Kain> Roll 2d6
  620. [15:12:56] <Lenore> 2d6
  621. [15:12:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6: 10 [2d6=4,6]
  622. [15:13:12] <@Kain> 10 hits of 2d6+(pwrx3)!
  623. [15:13:25] <Lenore> 1,1Did I regain Elemental Seal?
  624. [15:13:35] <@Kain> You regained one of everything, yep
  625. [15:13:45] <Lenore> ACTIVATING ELEMENTAL SEAL
  626. [15:13:48] <Amaryllis> (gg no re)
  627. [15:14:30] <@Kain> Roll!
  628. [15:15:39] <Lenore> 10#2d6+57 A wildly spinning runic seal spins around Marilis, and then... "☆Here★now☆go★away☆you★scaly☆BITCH★! I☆WIN★"
  629. [15:15:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, A wildly spinning runic seal spins around Marilis, and then... "☆Here★now☆go★away☆you★scaly☆BITCH★! I☆WIN★": 65 [2d6=2,6], 62 [2d6=4,1], 65 [2d6=2,6], 64 [2d6=5,2], 65 [2d6=6,2], 63 [2d6=3,3], 64 [2d6=6,1], 64 [2d6=4,3], 64 [2d6=5,2], 65 [2d6=2,6]
  631. [15:16:41] <@Kain> Maliris: 4,0"Rrrraah! Perhaps I'm underestimating you..."
  632. [15:17:02] <Lenore> (...fuck best typo)
  633. [15:17:09] <@Kain> The serpent is beaten badly by the intense storm, but she's not down! Still, everyone in the party has another turn now thanks to Haste
  634. [15:17:10] <Lenore> (*Maliris)
  635. [15:17:57] <Amaryllis> "No time for regrets now, Maliris!" Ammy steps forward with her knife, shadow energy coursing up her arm.
  636. [15:17:59] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6
  637. [15:18:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=3,3]
  638. [15:18:26] <Amaryllis> 242 shadow ARM if it hits
  639. [15:18:38] <@Kain> Yep!
  640. [15:19:26] <Lenore> "★Saintly bubbles, banish this fiend from my sight☆!  ☆Destroy this fiend that stands before me★! 2☆Wateraga!★"
  641. [15:20:36] <Lenore> 2d6+114 Btw elemental seal is still in effect 8D  Stars gather into her hands, which then morph into bubbles and blast Maliris again!
  642. [15:20:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Btw elemental seal is still in effect 8D  Stars gather into her hands, which then morph into bubbles and blast Maliris again!: 117 [2d6=2,1]
  643. [15:20:42] <Lenore> 2d6+5 opposed force
  644. [15:20:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, opposed force: 12 [2d6=3,4]
  645. [15:20:43] <@Kain> pow!
  646. [15:20:48] <@Kain> 2d6+6
  647. [15:20:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 10 [2d6=3,1]
  648. [15:21:09] <@Kain> Maliris: !!!! "4,0A-at this rate..."
  649. [15:22:04] <@Kain> Maliris: "4,0Don't get cocky! It's just because I'm the only one who hasn't assumed my true form! ...You've won this day, but you won't have my life... I'd sooner retreat to Kraken's ocean palace..."
  650. [15:22:17] <Lenore> "☆You're dead, got it!?★  NOBODY HURTS MY MOM LIKE THAT, OR ANY OF MY FRIENDS!☆"
  651. [15:22:21] <@Kain> She starts to slither away, raising her hands to conjure a fiery portal.
  652. [15:22:50] <Lenore> (Prickles still has a turn 8D)
  653. [15:22:53] <Amaryllis> (does Mr. Prickles know Pursuit?)
  654. [15:23:06] <@Kain> 2d6+7 Prickles throws his Prickle Prickler!
  655. [15:23:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Prickles throws his Prickle Prickler!: 13 [2d6=2,4]
  656. [15:23:36] <@Kain> It lodges itself firmly in her back and she shrieks, pulling it out and tossing it aside, glaring one last time at you all as she vanishes into a ring of fire.
  657. [15:23:37] <zoofman> (might need to turn away ladies, prickolo dick inc)
  658. [15:23:52] <Amaryllis> (Can Ammy manage eye contact before she disappears?)
  659. [15:24:04] <@Kain> Sure.
  660. [15:24:16] <@Kain> 2d6+6 Opposed Force
  661. [15:24:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Opposed Force: 9 [2d6=2,1]
  662. [15:24:17] <Amaryllis> Ammy's eyes glow! Golden Gaze!
  663. [15:24:23] <Amaryllis> (oh it's force~?)
  664. [15:24:31] <@Kain> (It's either, isn't it? Hmm)
  665. [15:24:31] <Amaryllis> 2d6+13 ahaha force
  666. [15:24:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, ahaha force: 21 [2d6=2,6]
  667. [15:25:02] <@Kain> (Oh, it's finesse. Well, either way lolno)
  668. [15:25:08] <@Kain> You peer into Maliris's mind!
  669. [15:27:19] <@Kain> You see a number of things flash by in her head. Places, like the Fire Shrine to the east, people, like Phoenix, Chell, ...Kary? ...Elizabeth? Alexis? It seems she's been keeping tabs on a number of people... You see the ocean palace once again, the Kraken, fully healed. A captured Blade Renegade, though his companion is nowhere to be seen.
  670. [15:28:08] * Amaryllis doesn't know who Alexis is~
  671. [15:28:37] <@Kain> That's right, you would have only briefly seen her, wouldn'tve you?
  672. [15:28:49] <Amaryllis> (Ammy hasn't even seen BLADE in person. Just in photos)
  673. [15:28:54] <@Kain> (What)
  674. [15:29:01] <Lenore> (She wasn't at the arena)
  675. [15:29:03] <Giantree> (Yeah, Ammy was totally-not-there during the entire arena)
  676. [15:29:09] <@Kain> (Oh)
  677. [15:29:09] <Amaryllis> "...Lenore, that man in the photographs in your house. Is that your brother?"
  678. [15:29:12] <@Kain> (I thought she -was- there.)
  679. [15:29:28] <Amaryllis> (did Ammy see WHERE Blade was held?)
  680. [15:29:36] <Amaryllis> (does it look underwater?)
  681. [15:29:50] <@Kain> In a prison cell with a glass window, fish floating by.
  682. [15:30:07] <Amaryllis> "The younger man."
  683. [15:30:09] <Lenore> "☆Huh?★  ☆Yeah, he was in some of the photos!★"  She's like, DASHING TOWARD MALIRIS, gathering up more magic
  684. [15:30:30] <@Kain> Maliris has faded away by now, unfortunately...
  685. [15:30:37] <@Kain> The ring of fire burns itself out.
  686. [15:31:00] <Lenore> She reaches the portal, and then the trance wears off, her returning to normal... "Hah..." And then flopping down on the ground.
  687. [15:31:32] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath, a look of consternation on her face. "He's been captured by Kraken. And he's being held in his underwater palace, I believe."
  688. [15:31:33] <@Kain> You're incredibly tired now, but for that one brief moment, you felt amazing.
  689. [15:31:43] <Lenore> "
  690. [15:32:06] <Lenore> "Ammy, I need...a naaaaap...."  And now she's asleep.
  691. [15:32:17] <@Kain> Oh dear.
  692. [15:32:25] <@Kain> Maybe you can tell her in a bit...
  693. [15:33:01] * Amaryllis nods and walks over, stooping down. She wraps her arm in some cloth from her bag so she doesn't bleed all over Lenore, then picks her up and starts bringing her into the Ark Shrine.
  694. [15:33:19] <Amaryllis> "Mr. Prickles, are you alright as well?"
  695. [15:33:25] <@Kain> Elena has finished healing herself up by this time, and looks ready to charge out there, but almost bumps into you.
  696. [15:33:32] <@Kain> Elena: "Lena! Oh, are you two okay?"
  697. [15:33:48] <@Kain> Prickles: "F-fine..." he's a bit spooked from all that fancy magic he just saw.
  698. [15:34:05] <Amaryllis> "Quite fine. Your daughter was remarkable out there. I wish you could have seen it. Is there a place for her to rest in here?"
  699. [15:35:46] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Oh... I'll handle that." she says, smiling, and brings her wings together, concentrating... then goes poof! and blows all the feathers off as they land in a pile. She takes her robe off, throwing it on top of the feather pile, making it an impromptu bed. She's dressed in a more modern t-shirt and shorts underneath.
  700. [15:36:52] <Amaryllis> "She drew upon the power of Trance, so I imagine she's quite exhausted." Ammy sets down Lenore on the bed.
  701. [15:37:13] * Lenore zzzzzzzz. She's drooling a little.
  702. [15:37:22] <@Kain> Elena: "Trance? I think pop is a bit better!"
  703. [15:37:42] <@Kain> What is she even talking about
  704. [15:37:45] <Amaryllis> "...Nevermind."
  705. [15:37:55] <@Kain> Prickles worriedly looks over Lenore for the moment.
  706. [15:38:07] * Amaryllis takes out the Crystal again. "Now that we are safe..." She looks to Phoenix, then at the Crystal again.
  707. [15:38:20] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Ooh? What's this warm light...?"
  708. [15:38:35] <@Kain> She looks closer at the crystal... then her eyes suddenly bulge.
  709. [15:39:20] <@Kain> In a matter of moment, her expression undergoes a variety of changes, and after a second she has to stumble backwards, sitting down.
  710. [15:39:26] <@Kain> Phoenix: "...Memories..."
  711. [15:39:31] <Amaryllis> "Are you alright?"
  712. [15:39:50] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Eeeekoo..." she says quietly. "That name, that face... I -know- her."
  713. [15:40:25] <Amaryllis> "Your Summoner."
  714. [15:40:33] * Amaryllis sits down.
  715. [15:40:35] <@Kain> Phoenix: "...I don't recall everything. But I can tell there are a lot of gaps now."
  716. [15:40:46] <@Kain> Her demeanor's calmed down a bit.
  717. [15:41:07] <@Kain> Phoenix looks over at you, and bows her head. "...Thank you."
  718. [15:41:22] * Amaryllis nods. "So, Phoenix, do you remember your companions? Fenrir, Titan, Carbuncle."
  719. [15:41:41] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Only in shadows... whispers. Feelings."
  720. [15:42:10] <@Kain> After a few minutes, Lenore starts to stir on the most comfortable feather mattress she's ever slept on~
  721. [15:42:34] <Lenore> "Mmmm~, this is the nicest bed~ ☆"  She says as she gets up~
  722. [15:43:05] <@Kain> You feel quite a bit more refreshed.
  723. [15:43:17] <Amaryllis> "Would you like help then? To recover those memories?"
  724. [15:43:19] <@Kain> Elena: "Lena? How are you?" she says, sitting nearby.
  725. [15:43:27] <@Kain> Phoenix: "...Yes. Yes, please."
  726. [15:43:52] <@Kain> Phoenix moves over to you, grabbing your arm.
  727. [15:44:00] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Please, what must I do?"
  728. [15:44:36] <Lenore> "A little tired, but good! memory's a little fuzzy...I beat Maliris, right?  I remember using a lot of magic, but it was really weird..."
  729. [15:45:04] <Amaryllis> "I am not quite certain, to be honest. I have spent years upon years helping Carbuncle with this matter. But here is a start - can you recall your bird form now, Phoenix? Can you take that form? Or is it still beyond you?"
  730. [15:45:33] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Yes... yes, I'm sure, 'that's me' when I think of it..."
  731. [15:45:48] <@Kain> Phoenix: "...but I don't think I can take that form..."
  732. [15:46:10] <Amaryllis> "It is strange, something similar happened to Carbuncle, and she is now stuck as well in a human form."
  733. [15:46:45] <Lenore> She's sitting up on the bed, now, stretching a little.
  734. [15:46:54] <@Kain> "heeeeeey!!" you hear a young voice calling, from outside, in the distance.
  735. [15:46:54] <Amaryllis> "I believe that may have to do with this whole matter. As for recovering your memories," Ammy lifts the Crystal. "the most reliable method for us has been to recover the scattered pieces of the Crystal."
  736. [15:47:16] <@Kain> Phoenix: "I'm really thankful..."
  737. [15:47:51] <@Kain> "hello? is anyone heeere?" the faint voice calls again. It's getting closer. It sounds a bit familiar, too.
  738. [15:48:02] <Amaryllis> "But also, it helps to find pieces of your tale or to hear stories of your legend. Given time, I can compile what I know and tell those stories to you." Ammy looks back to the door.
  739. [15:48:10] * Lenore blinks a bit at the sound. "Who's that...?" She starts looking toward the door.
  740. [15:48:16] <Amaryllis> "Could one of you check who's outside?" She turns back to Phoenix.
  741. [15:48:40] * Lenore gets up off the soft bed and stretches her legs a little. "Sure!" She starts heading for the door!
  742. [15:49:12] <Amaryllis> "Now, there are those who would seek to harm you. The Four Fiends, perhaps others. The former know already who you are, but..." Ammy thinks. "Would you prefer to continue calling yourself Phoenix or take on another name for the time being and hide your identity until you recover?"
  743. [15:50:29] <@Kain> When you get a good look, you see two children with black hair and yellow eyes, one boy and one girl, dressed in a white mage's outfit, the other in darker leather robes. ...Is that Lolo and Lulu? They have their hat and hood down.
  744. [15:50:56] <Lenore> "Oh!  Hi!  Nice to see you two again!"  She waves!
  745. [15:51:06] <@Kain> They're approaching the shrine rapidly, you see them pause at the site of the battle, because Lenore scorched the FUCK out of the terrain with comets.
  746. [15:51:21] <@Kain> They wave once they see you and hurry over.
  747. [15:51:42] * Lenore blinks a few times in disbelief at the terrain damage she did. Whoa.
  748. [15:51:43] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Hide my identity...? No, I think I'll be fine as is."
  749. [15:51:46] <Amaryllis> Does the ground look like this? ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
  750. [15:51:46] <Amaryllis> ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
  751. [15:52:04] <@Kain> (I only see a bunch of boxes ;_;)
  752. [15:52:09] <Amaryllis> (they're stars)
  753. [15:52:14] <@Kain> (yep~)
  754. [15:52:14] <Lenore> (Lenorestars, yeah.)
  755. [15:52:42] <@Kain> Lolo: "There you are! We've been worried about you, Lele!"
  756. [15:52:48] <Amaryllis> "Are you certain?" Ammy looks a tad disappointed. "Fenna or Nyx would be quite fetching names to take on in the interim. Your will is your will, however."
  757. [15:52:55] <@Kain> Lulu hurries up the steps, herself.
  758. [15:53:01] <@Kain> Phoenix thinks more on that.
  759. [15:53:21] <@Kain> Phoenix: "Actually.... on second thought I'll take your advice. Fenna sounds lovely."
  760. [15:53:29] * Amaryllis beams.
  761. [15:54:13] <Lenore> "Oh, I'm sorry if I made you worry or anything!  We ran into Phoenix and she was mean but then she got reborn and now she's nice and then Maliris popped up and we had to fight and I tossed lots of magic at her and she went away because she was scared of me!☆"
  762. [15:54:48] <@Kain> Lulu: "You've been gone three days!" she says, with a bit of disbelief. "We looked and looked and couldn't find where you went, and no one had seen you leave town, either..."
  763. [15:55:07] <@Kain> Wait, how long...?
  764. [15:55:10] <Lenore> "T-three days?  Oh! didn't feel that long!"
  765. [15:55:17] <@Kain> You're pretty sure it wasn't!
  766. [15:56:38] <@Kain> Lolo and Lulu enter the shrine, looking around a bit. Lulu seems a bit surprised at the place, but doesn't pay too much mind to Fenna - who of course is dressed rather casually and blew all her feathers off her arms, so she doesn't look that odd.
  767. [15:56:49] <Amaryllis> "We shall have to keep you safe." Ammy looks Phoenix over. How much does she obviously look like super special Eidolon girl right now?
  768. [15:56:52] <Lenore> "I thought we'd only been here a couple hours..."  She puts a finger to her chin, looking up.  "Why would we be here that long..."  Blink...blink...
  769. [15:57:12] <Amaryllis> "Ah, greetings again Lolo, Lulu."
  770. [15:57:45] <@Kain> Lolo: "Greetings, again! ...Seems you picked up more friends since we last saw each other..."
  771. [15:58:15] <Amaryllis> "It seems to be our habit." Ammy lets out her Tantarian as well, since they seem to be resting here for the moment.
  772. [15:58:37] <Lenore> ☀!  A lightbulb pops over her head!
  773. [15:58:46] <Lenore> "Maybe Mom sneezed us into the future..."
  774. [15:59:24] <@Kain> The Tantarian pops out, looking around with interest. "This feels homey..."
  775. [15:59:34] <@Kain> Lolo and Lulu rest, too.
  776. [15:59:58] <@Kain> Elena: "Well, isn't this a nice little party!" she flops down onto the feather pile with some satisfaction.
  777. [16:00:17] <@Kain> Lulu: "Did you find what you were looking for?" she asks Lenore.
  778. [16:00:43] <@Kain> (Also I just answered what she looked like silly cast)
  779. [16:00:47] <Amaryllis> "Are you enjoying your new home? I apologize for not spending more time with you, but this has been quite a perilous day in the past half hour..."
  780. [16:00:57] <Amaryllis> (yeah I was typing that when you said that shut up ;o;)
  781. [16:01:14] <Lenore> "...well, it's not something we can really control, so..."  She snaps out of her thinking when Lulu asks her that question.  "Yeah, I did!"  She pulls a notebook out of her scrunchie and shows Lulu the new enscribed rune.  "I found one of the Magus Sisters' runes!"
  782. [16:01:30] <@Kain> Tantarian: "Yeah, it's pretty nice. Looking forward to improvements, though!"
  783. [16:01:44] <@Kain> Lulu looks over with interest. "Fascinating!"
  784. [16:02:08] <Amaryllis> "Well, first of all, I need to engrave a name upon the cover." Ammy thinks, tapping her chin.
  785. [16:02:24] <@Kain> Lolo seems a bit unwell for some reason, and remains silent for the moment, just listening.
  786. [16:02:26] <Lenore> "There's only one more left, over in Conde Petie!  I also found some neat items left behind by the Magus Sisters, and Ammy found a bunch of Tonberry stuff!"
  787. [16:02:37] <@Kain> Tantarian: "A name...? You got anything in mind?"
  788. [16:02:58] <@Kain> Fenna looks down at the Tantarian in wonder.
  789. [16:03:00] * Amaryllis turns over at the pair. "Lolo, are you alright?"
  790. [16:03:28] <@Kain> Lolo: "I think so... just a bit of a stomach bug, I think." he smiles a bit cheerfully.
  791. [16:03:49] <Lenore> She pauses to look at Lolo.  "I've got potions, so if you need one, let me know, okay?"
  792. [16:03:57] <Amaryllis> "Rest well then." Ammy turns back to the book. "Well, I did not know what you might prefer."
  793. [16:04:04] <@Kain> Lolo: "It's okay! Thank you, though."
  794. [16:04:20] <Lenore> She only has like 2 left, damn did this session GOBBLE THEM UP
  795. [16:04:30] <Amaryllis> "A male name or a female name. One that sounds more regal, or perhaps one that is...less like people names."
  796. [16:04:31] <@Kain> Tantarian: "Well, as long as it's not -insulting-... what have you got?"
  797. [16:04:46] <@Kain> Tantarian: "Male? Female? Either's fine!"
  798. [16:04:51] <Amaryllis> "Valerian or Snapdragon were my ideas." Ammy perches her head on her hands.
  799. [16:05:28] <@Kain> Tantarian: "Valerian... Valerian... I like it!"
  800. [16:05:34] <@Kain> Tantarian: "Let's go with that."
  801. [16:06:28] <Amaryllis> "Alright then." Ammy claps her hands together happily. "Once we are back in a proper city then, I shall get to engraving your name on the cover." She then looks up to Fenna. "Have you heard of Tantarians before?"
  802. [16:06:30] <@Kain> Lulu: "Conde Petie... you know, I heard Bebe was heading that way! He's our brother."
  803. [16:06:41] <@Kain> Fenna: "I don't recall..."
  804. [16:08:21] <@Kain> Lolo starts to get a bit paler as you talk, however, and then begins to flicker with light. ...A pale, pink light, not unlike Trance.
  805. [16:08:32] <Amaryllis> "Well, meet Valerian then. Is there anything else we can do for you? It seems we should rest for a time if Lolo over there..." Ammy pauses at the glow.
  806. [16:08:40] <@Kain> The Crystal chunk begins pulsing!
  807. [16:08:57] * Lenore freezes, looking at Lolo, then the crystal, then Lolo, then the crystal.
  808. [16:09:11] <@Kain> And suddenly Lolo cries out as he bursts into light! The crystal flares up as well, and an image is projected across the entire room.
  809. [16:09:23] <@Kain> Lulu: "Brother?!"
  810. [16:09:31] <Lenore> "L-lolo!?"
  811. [16:09:41] <Amaryllis> "Lolo!" Ammy stands up suddenly.
  812. [16:10:30] <@Kain> The projection envelops you all, showing an underground temple, far, far across the world... The massive figure of Titan, the half-formed figure of Lich... Natalie, and Theta, and many, many others...
  813. [16:10:35] <@Kain> <Natalie> "... Glitter!  Like a Star!!"
  814. [16:10:57] <@Kain> Natalie has entered Trance! You see her body transforming before your very eyes...
  815. [16:12:38] <Amaryllis> Ammy's eyes widen, and she drops the Crystal. Hopefully that doesn't break it or cut off the recording or anything.
  816. [16:12:46] <@Kain> Streaks of fire rain down on their party... and you see Natalie in her full glory, green fur, long ears, and a fluffy tail!
  817. [16:12:53] <@Kain> <Natalie> " 4Ruby Light!!"
  818. [16:13:08] * Lenore also watches, her eyes wide! "Oh wow, she regained her true form~!"
  819. [16:13:18] <Amaryllis> (important q - is this FFIX Carbuncle form or Espeon form? I forgot if that was specified)
  820. [16:13:30] <Giantree> (no dude this is gijinka form)
  821. [16:13:35] <@Kain> (This is the human-carbuncle hybrid thing you kept linking)
  822. [16:13:44] <Amaryllis> (oh, kawaii~)
  823. [16:14:48] <@Kain> Red light ripples across the room as laser wings emerge from her back, and the spell is reflected right back in the Lich's face, anihillating him!
  824. [16:15:03] <@Kain> Lolo: "W-what's this... happiness I feel?"
  825. [16:16:52] <@Kain> The black-white mage is confused a moment, uttering something. "She... remembers you. She's thinking of you right now..."
  826. [16:17:06] <@Kain> "And so many other things... how do I -know this-?"
  827. [16:17:28] * Lenore tilts her head. "Are you and Carbuncle...linked?"
  828. [16:17:42] <Amaryllis> "How indeed." Ammy murmurs, still staring.
  829. [16:17:47] <@Kain> Lolo: "I... what? I don't..."
  830. [16:18:13] <@Kain> You watch Nat's transformation begin to fade, even as she turns around, smiling almost directly at you. And the projection begins to fade.
  831. [16:18:27] <@Kain> Lolo too begins to return to normal. "Oooh..."
  832. [16:18:57] <@Kain> He still seems a bit woozy, not getting what just happened.
  833. [16:19:22] <Lenore> "I think we need to meet back up with Theta and Nat really soon!"
  834. [16:19:36] <Amaryllis> "So..trance, is it? Ten years..." Ammy shakily sits back down, still kind of in shock.
  835. [16:19:39] <Lenore> "And...maybe bring Lolo along?  Are you okay with it?"
  836. [16:19:52] <Lenore> *that, nto it.  I fail at grammar today.
  837. [16:19:54] <Lenore> *not
  838. [16:19:56] <@Kain> Lulu: "I want to find out what's going on with my brother..."
  839. [16:20:21] <@Kain> Lulu: "We'll go with you! Lolo, are you alright? Are you up to casting Teleport...?"
  840. [16:20:36] <Lenore> "Mom, you coming along~?"
  841. [16:20:48] <@Kain> Elena thinks. "For a little bit, maybe!"
  842. [16:20:54] <@Kain> Fenna: "I'm definitely coming..."
  843. [16:21:19] <@Kain> Lolo tries to sit up... "If you're ready to go, I'll take you where I can..." he grits his teeth a bit.
  844. [16:21:42] <Lenore> "They should be around Madain Sari or the Black Mage village, right?"
  845. [16:22:02] <@Kain> Lulu: "I'm not sure where they were... But that was Bebe there! I saw him! So yeah, I think so!"
  846. [16:22:19] <Amaryllis> "If you need rest, we can wait a while longer yet." Ammy stands back up grinning. "If Nat has truly recovered enough of her memories to regain that form, then I am sure they are quite fine!"
  847. [16:24:02] * Amaryllis nods. "We were to meet in Madain Sari and then proceed to the Earth Shrine. But if we have lost a few days from time magic...I suppose I am not surprised they have gone on ahead to handle matters themselves."
  848. [16:24:40] <Lenore> "Yeah, I feel a bit bad that we held them up like that!"
  849. [16:24:49] <Lenore> "But I guess it couldn't be helped...oh well!"
  850. [16:24:52] <@Kain> Elena: "Oh, it wasn't your fault, dear!"
  851. [16:25:12] <@Kain> Lolo: "Should we go to Madain Sari, then...?"
  852. [16:25:36] * Amaryllis thinks. "...Nat and I have some catching up to do, and she shall want to meet Fenna again."
  853. [16:26:03] <Amaryllis> "However, someone should check on the Fire Shrine before we leave and ensure that Maliris has not tampered with it. The place was on her mind as she escaped."
  854. [16:26:14] <Lenore> "Oh, Fenna?  That's what she's going by?  That's cuuute~."  She almost tackles Fenna with a hug.  Oh dear.
  855. [16:26:22] <@Kain> Fenna: "Chirp!"
  856. [16:26:40] <Amaryllis> "And Lenore, I was trying to say, before you fell asleep..." Ammy takes a deep breath.
  857. [16:26:57] <Amaryllis> "Your brother's been captured by Kraken and is probably in his undersea palace."
  858. [16:27:16] <Lenore> "What."
  859. [16:27:18] <Amaryllis> "Once we meet with the others, we should make our way there with haste."
  860. [16:27:20] <@Kain> Elena: "Oh, well, in that case... why don't we at least head back to town first! I think I need a change of clothes, anyway~"
  861. [16:27:36] <Amaryllis> (oh god we all totally stood up Mogrika)
  862. [16:27:38] <Lenore> "Weneedtogethimoutassoonaspossible!"
  863. [16:27:42] <Amaryllis> (That poor Moogle)
  864. [16:28:37] <@Kain> Elena: "Wait, Bernie is...?"
  865. [16:28:46] <@Kain> Elena cracks her knuckles.
  866. [16:29:00] * NecroKraken is now known as Kraken
  867. [16:29:26] <Amaryllis> "I am sorry. There is no rest for anyone wrapped up in our tales, it seems." Ammy packs up the Crystal in her bag again.
  868. [16:29:42] <@Kain> Okay, guys.
  869. [16:29:44] <@Kain> What do?
  870. [16:30:12] <Lenore> Fire Shrine, then Esto Gaza, then WAAAAARP ZOOOOOOOOOONE
  871. [16:30:37] <@Kain> ALRIGHT then~
  872. [16:30:44] <Amaryllis> "Well, Valerian, how have you found this small taste of our frantic adventuring lifestyle?" Ammy picks up the Tantarian as well.
  873. [16:30:52] <@Kain> Let's take a bit of a break before moving on to the Fire Shrine.
  874. [16:31:15] <Lenore> (Okay cool, I can use the bathroom then~)
  875. [16:31:18] <@Kain> Valerian: "It's pretty crazy. You're all pretty crazy. But it's a crazy I can't help but like."
  876. [16:32:00] <Amaryllis> "Excellent." And then break~
  877. [16:33:55] <Lenore> (andback)
  878. [16:42:17] <@Kain> by the way
  879. [16:42:19] <@Kain> Three EXP
  880. [16:42:21] <@Kain> and three destiny
  881. [16:42:22] <@Kain> and 40 AP
  883. [16:42:51] <@Kain> and 10,000 gil
  884. [16:42:54] <castfromphone> How much writing did Prickles manage to pick up while with Ammy?
  885. [16:43:06] <Lenore> Each, or split?
  886. [16:43:38] <@Kain> Each
  887. [16:44:00] <Lenore> Noice.
  888. [16:46:53] <Amaryllis> So we're at 4/5 EXP?
  889. [16:48:40] <@Kain> Nat and Theta are both at 3/5
  890. [16:48:44] <@Kain> hm
  891. [16:49:11] <@Kain> I must have given inconsistent exp somewhere
  892. [16:49:13] <Amaryllis> Lenore and Ammy were at 1/5 before this
  893. [16:49:17] <@Kain> you know what, fuck it
  894. [16:49:23] <@Kain> Lenore, Ammy, have another exp
  895. [16:49:29] <@Kain> Theta, Nat, have another 2 exp
  896. [16:49:33] <Lenore> LEVEL UP
  897. [16:49:35] <Amaryllis> (called it btw)
  898. [16:49:38] <Amaryllis> (on Skype)
  899. [16:49:46] <@Kain> level 9 get
  900. [16:49:47] <Giantree> lol
  901. [16:50:01] <Amaryllis> (guys we have to spam AP now before level 10 pls)
  902. [16:50:02] <zoofman> cool now to take points in Lore(Lesbians)
  903. [16:50:02] <Giantree> I'LL TAKE IT 1,1and it's the first one I don't get to OK on lol
  904. [16:50:06] * zoofman flees
  905. [16:50:26] <@Kain> and then
  906. [16:50:30] <@Kain> Zoof job classed to red mage
  907. [16:50:36] <@Kain> which really can have Lore: Lesbians
  908. [16:50:42] <Giantree> if i could all I'd do is take a boring spell anyway
  909. [16:50:45] <Giantree> like durrhurr haste
  910. [16:50:52] <Giantree> but NAH
  911. [16:55:31] <@Kain> urgh
  912. [16:56:00] <Amaryllis> Let's spam sidequests now
  913. [16:56:07] <@Kain> I want to grab some food but my dad is in the kitchen fixing the dishwasher, and if I got in there I'm going to be forced to hold a flashlight for thirty minutes
  914. [16:56:21] <Giantree> eat your flesh
  915. [16:56:24] <@Kain> oh wait, he's going to get a part
  916. [16:56:27] <@Kain> brb
  917. [16:59:56] <@Kain> food obtained. Alright then! Get prepared to start back up!
  918. [17:01:46] * Aniskeleton is now known as Anifish
  919. [17:04:54] <@Kain> Anyway
  920. [17:05:30] <@Kain> The Fire Shrine is actually quite a long trek away. It's not even in the same region of the continent as Esto Gaza.
  921. [17:05:49] <@Kain> Lolo rides on Lulu piggyback style for now as you get ready to disembark.
  922. [17:06:30] <@Kain> You'll be passing back through Esto Gaza on the way out, anything you want to do?
  923. [17:06:45] <Amaryllis> "We should definitely stop in town so some of us can get more climate-appropriate clothing." Ammy looks to Elena mostly but also a bit at Fenna, not sure if she'll just be perpetually warm from her Phoenix-y powers.
  924. [17:06:46] <Lenore> skippidy doo da, skippidy yay~
  925. [17:07:22] <@Kain> Fenna seems absolutely fine, looking up in wonder as you leave the cavern as snow begins to gently fall.
  926. [17:07:30] <Amaryllis> (let's have Elena seduce Ramuh and take him along too)
  927. [17:07:42] <@Kain> Mogrika is hanging out somewhere around, but starts to head inside where it's warm once the snowflakes start up.
  928. [17:08:05] <@Kain> Elena: "I'lve got my gear here, somewhere! Just need a little girl's room to change~"
  929. [17:09:19] <Lenore> "S-somewhere?"
  930. [17:09:36] <@Kain> The black mages have their hats back on, shadows cast over their faces once more.
  931. [17:09:44] <@Kain> Lolo just doesn't seem to be feeling well, still.
  932. [17:10:51] <@Kain> Lulu: "It'll be a pretty long walk... you'll probably need something warm." she nods at Ammy and Lenore.
  933. [17:11:32] * Amaryllis just puts her old coat back on. It's probably fairly warm, and she wore it coming into this place.
  934. [17:11:55] * Lenore gets the white winter coat she had before on~
  935. [17:13:15] <@Kain> Elena stops for a bit in town and changes back into her warm yellow robes, and additionally some earmuffs that resemble moogle faces, with a pompom on top.
  936. [17:14:27] * Amaryllis glances over. "I like your earmuffs."
  937. [17:14:34] <Lenore> "I like them too!"
  938. [17:14:37] <@Kain> Elena: "Thanks!"
  939. [17:15:16] <@Kain> Elena: "I got them in... oh, where -did- I get them?" she considers.
  940. [17:15:58] <@Kain> With that, you head out!
  941. [17:16:17] * Amaryllis really hopes that Elena keeps warm and doesn't sneeze on the way.
  942. [17:16:39] * Lenore also hopes no more sneezing. Oh god that would be terrible.
  943. [17:17:34] <@Kain> It takes quite a few hours to trek across the snow laden Lost Continent, and it's no wonder no one else has inhabited this place yet. Not even a nice little snow resort town with a famous inn to sleep in before the final battle. Come to think of it, does Gaia even have skiing? A mystery for another time.
  944. [17:19:06] * Amaryllis intuits Melt on herself and wades through the snow easily with her aura of warmth.
  945. [17:19:24] <@Kain> The lot of you defeat quite a few green Vepals along the way, and spy floating whale carcasses on the beaches to the south, but manage to avoid those. Fenna seems to be having the time of her life, the snow melting under her bare feet and steaming.
  946. [17:21:46] * Lenore intuits Fire to keep herself warm as well~
  947. [17:22:05] <@Kain> You eventually get to where Ammy thinks the fire shrine is... well, kind of.
  948. [17:22:20] <@Kain> You're at the base of a large mountain, with smoke rising off of the top, some distance up.
  949. [17:22:32] <@Kain> The rocks look slick with ice and snow, and the path up, treacherous.
  950. [17:23:19] <Amaryllis> "I was hoping there would be an entrance at the base of the mountain...." Ammy trails off as her gaze moves up the mountain.
  951. [17:23:43] <@Kain> Lulu: "I heard that the heroes had to enter by airship..." she says, looking up, too.
  952. [17:24:11] <Lenore> "Hmmm...what'll we do, then..."
  953. [17:24:22] <@Kain> Elena: "Oh, what's a little climb! Come on, Bruno!" she climbs aboard the behemoth, then pats his flank.
  954. [17:24:43] <Lenore> "Oh!"
  955. [17:24:48] <Lenore> She hops on Bruno's back.
  956. [17:24:58] <Amaryllis> "...Can he even carry us all?"
  957. [17:25:22] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps a flight spell may be easier if either of you can manage...?" Ammy looks between Elena and Lulu.
  958. [17:25:28] <@Kain> It seems like it'll be a tight fit, but the beast growls at the implication that he couldn't.
  959. [17:25:41] <@Kain> Lulu: "Flight? Me? No, sorry."
  960. [17:25:57] <@Kain> Elena: "Nope! I could turn you into a mountain goat, though!"
  961. [17:26:13] * Amaryllis quickly climbs on Bruno.
  962. [17:27:36] <@Kain> Elena: "Hyah! Upwards~"
  963. [17:27:55] <@Kain> The behemoth quickly leaps and begins scrambling up the mountainside, digging into the ice and rock with long, sharp claws.
  964. [17:28:01] <@Kain> Elena: "Hold on to your butts!"
  965. [17:28:27] <Lenore> "O-okay!"
  966. [17:29:13] <@Kain> It's a -very- bumpy ride and you have some trouble hanging on, but after almost a half hour of 'oh god why' you reach the summit, which immediately dips back down into a caldera of bubbling lava. A temple-like structure resides in the distance on the face of the caldera's basin.
  967. [17:29:46] * Amaryllis takes off her coat and puts it away.
  968. [17:30:26] <@Kain> It's still fairly cold where you are, but you do feel the heat even from here.
  969. [17:31:00] <@Kain> Elena: "Okay, a bit more careful now!" The behemoth carefully navigates around, and in short order you find yourselves deposited at the entrance to the shrine.
  970. [17:31:17] <@Kain> Lolo: "L-let's not come back that way... I'll be happy to teleport us out of here..."
  971. [17:31:29] <Amaryllis> "Agreed." Ammy nods.
  972. [17:31:38] <Lenore> "I a-a-also agree!"
  973. [17:33:33] <@Kain> You wander in, through a hallway of red and black bricked stone. Carvings on the wall with small, scorched holes seem like obvious traps but have long been deactivated. It's a long, unnerving walk from the entrance to further inside.
  974. [17:33:47] <@Kain> Something feels off about the place, but none of you can quite grasp it.
  975. [17:34:14] * Amaryllis flicks her wrists, and her lantern and knife come to hand as she walks on in.
  976. [17:35:02] <@Kain> Eventually, you come to the inner sanctum, a large room with a covered altar of some kind, where a shining mirror with a red frame hangs.
  977. [17:35:32] <@Kain> Fenna: "This place... is really spooky." she says quietly, now shivering like she's cold.
  978. [17:35:57] * Lenore looks around. "Yeah, definitely spooky!" She walks over to the mirror and looks into it~
  979. [17:36:04] <Amaryllis> "Really? It's the Fire Shrine. You should feel affinity to it. There must be something wrong..." Ammy frowns and takes a closer look.
  980. [17:36:54] <@Kain> It reflects Lenore's reflection well enough, though the surface has a glow to it as well. It seems to be radiating a lot of energy.
  981. [17:37:25] <@Kain> Fenna: "It's a little like coming home, but someone else has been living there for years..."
  982. [17:37:26] <Lenore> "Hm, I guess this mirror is where most of the energy of the shrine is coming from, right?"
  983. [17:37:36] * Amaryllis examines the altar.
  984. [17:37:44] <Lenore> "Oh I...kind of know how that feels!"
  985. [17:38:06] <@Kain> The entire thing seems to be a conduit for the mirror. You're not entirely sure what the deal is.
  986. [17:38:11] <@Kain> Lulu speaks up, though.
  987. [17:38:38] <@Kain> Lulu: "That's the Fire Mirror... taken from Ipsen's Castle ten years ago. Along with the other three mirrors, the heroes supposedly used them to open the gateway to the other world..."
  988. [17:39:11] <Lenore> 2d6+5 Lore: Magic?
  989. [17:39:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Lore: Magic?: 8 [2d6=1,2]
  990. [17:39:19] <Lenore> derp
  991. [17:39:47] <Amaryllis> 2d6 lol what's lore magic
  992. [17:39:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, lol what's lore magic: 6 [2d6=4,2]
  993. [17:39:52] <@Kain> Sure is radiating magic.
  994. [17:40:05] <@Kain> Lolo: "You might have noticed at the Wind Shrine, but the mirror there was missing..."
  995. [17:40:16] <Amaryllis> "...Do you think Tiamat took it?"
  996. [17:40:18] <Lenore> "Hm, do you think we should take it with us to the Black Mage Village?"
  997. [17:40:20] <Amaryllis> "Should we take this one with us?"
  998. [17:40:44] <@Kain> Lolo: "Probably better in our hands then whoever else is collecting them."
  999. [17:41:16] <@Kain> Lolo: "I wouldn't be hasty to jump to conclusions, though. The Wind Shrine is nestled in Lesetira, many people could have snuck in and removed the Wind Mirror."
  1000. [17:41:16] <Lenore> "All right!"  SWIPE, she fits it into her scrunchie hat, having to poof it back into a hat to fit it!
  1001. [17:42:25] <@Kain> Received the Fire Mirror!
  1002. [17:42:56] <@Kain> Fenna: "I still feel goosebumps... something is -wrong- here but I dunno how to fix it..."
  1003. [17:43:06] <Amaryllis> "What kind of wrong?"
  1004. [17:43:09] <Lenore> "I dunno' what to do about it!  Hmmmm..."
  1005. [17:43:15] <Lenore> "I guess we'll have to come back later?"
  1006. [17:45:00] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps." Ammy frowns and continues to look around for anything out of place.
  1007. [17:45:02] <@Kain> Fenna: "I feel the power of fire, but it's not -warm- and happy."
  1008. [17:45:15] <@Kain> You spot another door near the back.
  1009. [17:45:34] <Amaryllis> "Does it feel like Maliris did? The serpent creature that came to take you away." Ammy moves to the door.
  1010. [17:45:47] <@Kain> Fenna nods, after a moment.
  1011. [17:46:03] <Lenore> "Do you think she might've corrupted the shrine or something?"
  1012. [17:46:28] <@Kain> It's a rather large one, easily twelve feet tall. It takes some effort and more than one of you to budge it.
  1013. [17:46:29] <Lenore> "Like Lich did to that library, didn't Theta say something about that...?"
  1014. [17:46:37] <Amaryllis> (EVEN WITH MY FORCE?)
  1015. [17:46:38] <@Kain> Though when you get it open, the sight beyond is a bit disturbing.
  1016. [17:46:42] <@Kain> Even with your force.
  1017. [17:46:50] <Amaryllis> (uuuuuu ;-;)
  1018. [17:47:05] * Lenore has pretty decent force! She helps Ammy out~
  1019. [17:48:56] <Lenore> Musclewizards~
  1020. [17:49:52] <@Kain> It's... a bedroom chamber. A very, very large one. The four-poster bed in here is elegant and refined, and sized for a creature several times your own size. Scimitars as big as you are hang on the walls, and an oversized vanity has a few framed pictures. Lenore recognizes one of them as Amarant. Lipstick stains the glass the picture is framed behind. A painting is in the corner, depicting a
  1021. [17:49:53] <@Kain> creature that looks like Maliris, but... fair-skinned, with blonde hair, wearing exotic jewelry.
  1022. [17:50:17] <@Kain> The creature in the painting is actually far more beautiful than the fiend you fought.
  1023. [17:50:42] <Amaryllis> (Does Ammy recognize Amarant? She has studied up on the events of FFIX and all)
  1024. [17:50:47] <@Kain> Oh, yes then.
  1025. [17:51:02] <@Kain> Other framed pictures on the vanity hold pictures of other men. There's also one of Freya.
  1026. [17:51:36] <Lenore> "Huh.  This is pretty weird!"
  1027. [17:51:47] <Amaryllis> "Maliris took up residence here?"
  1028. [17:51:54] <@Kain> Elena: "Looks that way...
  1029. [17:51:55] <Lenore> "Probably!"
  1030. [17:52:04] <Amaryllis> "She has quite a self-aggrandizing mindset." Ammy peers at the painting.
  1031. [17:52:17] <Lenore> "She doesn't look this pretty though, is this her mom or her sister or something?"  She's looking at that painting too.
  1032. [17:52:36] <Lenore> "Or maybe her when she was younger?"
  1033. [17:52:39] <Amaryllis> "I think that may be how she wishes to appear. Her new form, as it may be?" Ammy walks over and tries hefting one of the scimitars.
  1034. [17:52:52] <@Kain> The painting is  as compared to who you fought
  1035. [17:53:47] <@Kain> Elena: "It's cute, either way!"
  1036. [17:53:54] <Lenore> "A bit, yeah!"
  1037. [17:54:22] <@Kain> Fenna: "...This is a lot nicer than I would have expected..." she looks around the large room.
  1038. [17:54:40] <@Kain> The scimitar is wielded easily enough, though it takes both of your hands.
  1039. [17:55:30] * Amaryllis takes a slow careful swing with the weaon, making sure no one is in the way first.
  1040. [17:56:14] <@Kain> You notice a dresser, open, containing dozens of enormous t-shirts with six armholes instead of two. Not that she seemed to favor clothes much when you saw her.
  1041. [17:56:25] <Amaryllis> "Why would a Fiend of Chaos have a crush on Amarant?"
  1042. [17:56:56] <Lenore> How much did the picture resemble Kary?  At all?
  1043. [17:57:06] <@Kain> There's a bit of a resemblance, yeah!
  1044. [17:57:17] <Lenore> "Looks a bit like Kary did!"
  1045. [17:57:27] <@Kain> Lulu: "Hm... I remember reading that it was Sir Amarant and Lady Freya who conquered this shrine..."
  1046. [17:57:33] <Amaryllis> "Maliris has been tracking Kary."
  1047. [17:57:54] <Amaryllis> "Along with Elizabeth, Chell, and Fenna here."
  1048. [17:58:12] <@Kain> Fenna shivers.
  1049. [17:58:14] <Lenore> "M-maybe she's jealous of Kary or something?  Hmmmm, considering that Kraken DID capture Kary, maybe that had something to do with Maliris...?"
  1050. [17:58:23] <Amaryllis> "It's okay, Fenna. You're safe with us."
  1051. [17:59:45] <@Kain> Fenna: "Thank you..."
  1052. [17:59:55] * Amaryllis swings the scimitar again and then drags it around as she examines the rest of the room. A quick look under the bed for anything hidden, if it has a canopy then a look up there too, and then at anything else that might hide things~
  1053. [18:00:01] <@Kain> Lulu, meanwhile, is rummaging around the room, but coming up a bit short.
  1054. [18:00:12] * Lenore helps Lulu rummage~
  1055. [18:00:17] <@Kain> The scimitar is rather light and easy to swing despite its unwieldiness for your size.
  1056. [18:00:17] <Lenore> Can I roll Inquiry or something?
  1057. [18:00:21] <@Kain> Sure!
  1058. [18:00:26] <Lenore> I guess Scavenge would be more appropriate
  1059. [18:00:27] <@Kain> Inquiry and Scavenge work here.
  1060. [18:00:34] <Amaryllis> PErception?
  1061. [18:00:37] <@Kain> Sure
  1062. [18:00:41] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  1063. [18:00:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 8 [2d6=2,3]
  1064. [18:00:47] <Lenore> 2d6+3 Inquiry; 2d6+5 Awareness
  1065. [18:00:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Inquiry: 8 [2d6=1,4]; Awareness: 9 [2d6=3,1]
  1066. [18:00:50] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 chocoreroll!
  1067. [18:00:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, chocoreroll!: 15 [2d6=4,6]
  1068. [18:01:12] <@Kain> sure is a bedroom
  1069. [18:01:14] <@Kain> wait a minute
  1070. [18:01:36] <@Kain> The chocobo pops out of the scarf and chirps in Ammy's ear, then flits over to the bed! Or rather, under it.
  1071. [18:01:52] * Amaryllis was looking under the bed already!
  1072. [18:02:06] <@Kain> Well, there's a lot of junk under here!
  1073. [18:02:17] <@Kain> The chocobo chirps at one mound in particular.
  1074. [18:02:30] * Amaryllis yanks it out
  1075. [18:02:50] <@Kain> You tug at something large, and soft... and end up pulling out a long, twisting pillow with a picture of Terrato on its case. ...Weird... but under that was...
  1076. [18:03:14] * Amaryllis looks down at the pillow with horror, then tosses it aside.
  1077. [18:03:15] <Lenore> (Maliris is secretly a moe NEET)
  1078. [18:03:30] <Amaryllis> "I did not need to imagine that." She mutters.
  1079. [18:04:24] <Lenore> (She monitors people on the Gaianet, too lazy to wear anything more than panties and a shirt, I mean, it's her own damn house!)
  1080. [18:05:41] <@Kain> A particularly nice scimitar, which the chocobo lands on. It's much more fancy than the ones hanging up, but it also looks a great deal sharper. It's handle is gilded and encrused with rubies and emeralds, and it seems to have a bit of a glow to it.
  1081. [18:05:56] <@Kain> It's a Tier 5 Blade with Lucky and Follow Through.
  1082. [18:05:58] <Amaryllis> Yoink!
  1083. [18:06:15] <Giantree> (JUST HAD TO BE RUBIES AND EMERALDS HUH)
  1084. [18:06:52] <Amaryllis> (Nat can have it if she wants)
  1085. [18:06:53] <@Kain> You feel like you could land a lot of sequential hits with this thing... it's just so amazingly light in your hands!
  1086. [18:07:19] <Giantree> (I feel like she'd cuddle with it more than ever entertain the thought of using it as a weapon)
  1087. [18:07:38] <Amaryllis> "I cannot fault her taste in weapons at least." Ammy reaches in to another mound of junk! Let's go for shenanigans~
  1088. [18:07:46] <Amaryllis> (inb4 giant snake condoms)
  1089. [18:07:49] <Lenore> "So, is that everything?"  She's still looking around a bit, but she's pretty satisfied she won't find anything else.
  1090. [18:08:09] <@Kain> Meanwhile, Lenore helps Lulu rummage, and finds a garbage bin with... a human skull in it!
  1091. [18:08:14] <@Kain> Aaaaaaaaaaah
  1092. [18:08:20] <Amaryllis> (2SPOOKY)
  1093. [18:08:25] <Lenore> "EEK!"  She drops it
  1094. [18:08:49] <@Kain> Ammy reaches back in...
  1095. [18:08:50] <@Kain> 1d100
  1096. [18:08:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d100: 44 [1d100=44]
  1097. [18:08:58] <@Kain> dubs, but too boring
  1098. [18:08:59] <@Kain> 1d100
  1099. [18:09:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d100: 58 [1d100=58]
  1100. [18:09:03] <@Kain> stop that
  1101. [18:09:04] <@Kain> 1d100
  1102. [18:09:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d100: 54 [1d100=54]
  1103. [18:09:11] <@Kain> 1d100 NOT BORING
  1104. [18:09:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, NOT BORING: 58 [1d100=58]
  1105. [18:09:16] <@Kain> dicemaid plz
  1106. [18:09:16] <Amaryllis> (hahaha)
  1107. [18:09:21] <Giantree> 1d100 let me roll for you
  1108. [18:09:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, let me roll for you: 7 [1d100=7]
  1109. [18:09:30] <Amaryllis> (that one. I want that one)
  1110. [18:15:00] <@Kain> Let's see here... porn, porn, wait a sec, something falls out of one of the trashy magazines. It's an ancient photograph of a young Maliris in a white dress, standing near a large beast with many, many tentacles. ...It doesn't quite look like kraken, but yet...  The room seems to be some kind of dance party with humans and strange, unidentifiable creatures milling about in the background.
  1111. [18:15:53] <Amaryllis> ( it human porn or snake porn?)
  1112. [18:16:03] <@Kain> The former.
  1113. [18:16:25] <zoofman> (LESBIAN snake porn?)
  1114. [18:16:34] <zoofman> (Or was it yaoi snake porn)
  1115. [18:16:35] * Amaryllis takes the photo out and then shows everyone.
  1116. [18:16:51] <@Kain> Elena: "Oh, that's cute! It's like prom or something!"
  1117. [18:17:02] <@Kain> Lulu: "It looks like blackmail to me."
  1118. [18:17:20] <Lenore> "Huh, weird!"
  1119. [18:18:02] <@Kain> Elena: "Hehe... I remember prom... Oh wait, no I don't~"
  1120. [18:18:23] <Lenore> "  Anyway, I guess we should get moving!"
  1121. [18:18:34] <Amaryllis> "Indeed."
  1122. [18:18:50] <@Kain> Lolo: "Alright... if we're all done here I'll teleport us out. Where are we going?"
  1123. [18:19:41] <Amaryllis> "Madain Sari was our original meeting location, but is that where we'll find them now?"
  1124. [18:19:51] <Lenore> "Hmmmm, well, your brother was there, so maybe they're at the Black Mage Village?"
  1125. [18:19:58] <Lenore> "I mean, Theta did plan to visit there, didn't he?"
  1126. [18:20:21] <@Kain> Lolo: "I can teleport us to Black Mage Village, if you like... hopefully we haven't missed them..."
  1127. [18:20:58] * Amaryllis nods.
  1128. [18:21:03] <Lenore> "Let's go~!"
  1129. [18:21:37] <@Kain> Lolo: "The journey of a thousand miles becomes but a single step... Teleport!"
  1130. [18:21:53] <@Kain> There's a flash of light!
  1131. [18:22:22] <@Kain> And you suddenly all find yourselves in a quaint forest village, with wooden buildings with straw roofs.
  1132. [18:22:33] <Amaryllis> (does Lenore land on Elizabeth?)
  1133. [18:22:37] <Giantree> (^)
  1134. [18:22:37] <Lenore> (Awwww, nobody landed on Elizabeth.  OH WELL)
  1135. [18:23:06] <@Kain> 11,0Active 11,0Time 11,0Event
  1136. [18:23:20] <Lenore> MASH SELECT
  1137. [18:23:22] <Amaryllis> [select]
  1138. [18:23:43] <@Kain> 0,14Forgetting Something
  1139. [18:24:08] <@Kain> Elizabeth looks up from where she's cooking. "...I feel like I was supposed to be somewhere... Oh, well. It's probably nothing..."
  1140. [18:24:12] <@Kain> </ate>
  1141. [18:24:45] <@Kain> Genomes walk around the village, stopping a moment to look curiously over at your party as you appear.
  1142. [18:25:00] <Lenore> "So...where to start...Lolo, Lulu, you know where Bebe lives, right?  Maybe we should check there?  Or go look for the"
  1143. [18:25:27] <@Kain> Lulu: "Right, let's go check Bebe's place first..."
  1144. [18:26:10] <@Kain> You hurry on over to the Geomancer's house!
  1145. [18:26:46] <@Kain> Lolo just lets himself in. As you enter, Cirra comes out of a side room, carrying some strange instruments. She looks confused at all the sudden company, but then recognizes Ammy and Lenore.
  1146. [18:26:50] * Lenore lets Lolo or Lulu k- oh, okay
  1147. [18:26:58] <@Kain> Cirra: "Oh, hello! This is unexpected..."
  1148. [18:27:02] <Lenore> "Oh hi!"
  1149. [18:27:03] <Amaryllis> "Greetings."
  1150. [18:27:04] <@Kain> Lulu: "Is Bebe around?"
  1151. [18:27:10] <Lenore> "Um, have you seen Natalie or Theta?"
  1152. [18:27:35] * Anifish is now known as Minmei
  1153. [18:27:39] <@Kain> Cirra: "No, sorry. You just missed him and Theta... Oh, I just finished doing some readings on miss Natalie, though. She's sleeping in there." she tilts her head toward the room she came out of.
  1154. [18:27:49] <Amaryllis> "Readings?"
  1155. [18:28:13] <@Kain> Cirra: "Why, yes! I didn't realize she was an eidolon! Such a fascinating specimen... oh, she said it was okay, don't worry."
  1156. [18:28:29] <@Kain> Cirra: "I'm sure she'll be happy to see you, don't let me get in your way."
  1157. [18:28:38] <Lenore> "Oh, you were...researching her being an Eidolon...huh..."
  1158. [18:28:40] <Amaryllis> "What kind of readings?"
  1159. [18:28:45] <Lenore> She tilts her head, a finger to her lips.
  1160. [18:29:17] <@Kain> Cirra: "Hi~mi~tsu~" she winks, and begins carrying her instruments to the back.
  1161. [18:29:25] <Amaryllis> "...What does that mean?"
  1162. [18:29:33] * Amaryllis shuffles off after her.
  1163. [18:29:42] * Lenore heads for the room wtih Nat!
  1164. [18:30:06] <@Kain> Cirra: "Oh, it's just me being cheeky. Don't worry! I'm just monitoring her energy levels, trying to analyze her to see if I could identify the problem with her memory."
  1165. [18:30:19] <@Kain> She dumps the machinery in Bebe's lab.
  1166. [18:30:29] <Amaryllis> "Fenna, you come too!" Ammy waves to her.
  1167. [18:30:42] <@Kain> So wait, you're not going to go see Nat?
  1168. [18:30:52] <@Kain> Cuz Lenore is, but Cirra went to a different room.
  1169. [18:30:54] <Amaryllis> We are. but we're bringing Fenna.
  1170. [18:30:58] <Amaryllis> Oh.
  1171. [18:31:06] * Amaryllis has been shuffling to Nat's room then.
  1172. [18:31:14] <@Kain> Fenna follows, curiously.
  1173. [18:31:33] <@Kain> Lulu, Lolo, Prickles, Elena, Elizabeth, and every other goddamn npc in the game wait outside.
  1174. [18:31:43] <Lenore> Except for Fenna
  1175. [18:31:54] <@Kain> The three of you enter the small room where Nat has curled up on a couch, asleep.
  1176. [18:32:05] <@Kain> She's back to her fully human form, looking rather peaceful.
  1177. [18:32:23] <Lenore> "Awwww~"
  1178. [18:32:29] <@Kain> Fenna: "This is her? Carbuncle...?"
  1179. [18:32:38] <Amaryllis> "Hey, Nat." Ammy crouches down next to the couch.
  1180. [18:32:49] <@Kain> For some odd reason, Natalie is fully intact and is missing no bodyparts or anything weird.
  1181. [18:33:02] <@Kain> Though only Tree would find that odd
  1182. [18:34:46] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnnnnnnn."
  1183. [18:34:54] * Natalie readjusts her position.
  1184. [18:35:03] <Amaryllis> "It's me, Nat."
  1185. [18:35:11] <Natalie> "Nnnnmmmm."
  1186. [18:35:27] * Natalie cracks an eye open. "Nnnnohhh."
  1187. [18:35:41] <Natalie> "Nice dream."  Shut.
  1188. [18:35:57] <@Kain> Fenna: "Carbuncle...?"
  1189. [18:36:12] <@Kain> She leans over from behind Ammy.
  1190. [18:36:25] * Natalie jerks up at the sound of her name and rubs both eyes a bit, yawning.
  1191. [18:36:39] <Lenore> "Hi~"
  1192. [18:36:45] <Natalie> "..."
  1193. [18:36:52] * Natalie pinches her cheeks.
  1194. [18:36:53] * Lenore waves
  1195. [18:37:11] <Amaryllis> "Had a nice nap?"
  1196. [18:37:33] <Natalie> "... That's weird, I need to wake up so I can go meet Real-Ammy.  Ummm, gimme a sec..."
  1197. [18:37:35] <Natalie> Pinch pinch pinch.
  1198. [18:37:51] <Natalie> "!"
  1199. [18:38:29] <@Kain> Fenna doesn't know quite what to say.
  1200. [18:38:31] * Natalie LEAPS up and shakes her head, tackling Ammy to the ground! Or... she would... if it were somebody less durable anyway.
  1201. [18:38:33] <Lenore> "We're real!  We had someone else teleport us over!"
  1202. [18:38:46] <Natalie> "Ammyammyammyammyammy!  And..."
  1203. [18:38:50] * Amaryllis is tackled, but not quite to the ground!
  1204. [18:38:57] <Natalie> "..."
  1205. [18:39:25] <Natalie> "Just kidding, you BET I remember Lenny too!"  She moves on to chain-tackle.
  1206. [18:39:39] <@Kain> Fenna giggles a bit, watching.
  1207. [18:39:41] <Natalie> "And.... ohh."
  1208. [18:39:52] <Amaryllis> "Nat, meet Fenna."
  1209. [18:39:53] * Natalie looks to Fenna and droops. "I... forgot someone again, huh..."
  1210. [18:39:55] <Amaryllis> "Phoenix."
  1211. [18:40:03] <Natalie> "...?"
  1212. [18:40:08] <@Kain> Fenna: "You can call me Fenna! ...We met before, but I don't remember it either..."
  1213. [18:40:09] * Natalie rubs her eyes again.
  1214. [18:40:12] <Natalie> "Wait WHAT"
  1215. [18:40:36] <Amaryllis> "We have a lot of catching up to do. It is good to see you again." Ammy grins.
  1216. [18:40:39] <@Kain> Fenna: "Your friends found and helped me..."
  1217. [18:40:45] * Natalie perks up and lets poor 'Nore go, looking the kawaii Phoenixgirl in the eye.
  1218. [18:40:57] <@Kain> She loooks back.
  1219. [18:40:58] <Natalie> And then she wears a grin just like Ammy's.  "Hee hee... me too."
  1220. [18:41:21] <Natalie> "I um... ohhh what was I gonna say?  So much happened already."
  1221. [18:41:32] * Lenore giggles a bit at being tackled, not getting up right away after hitting the ground~
  1222. [18:41:52] * Lenore is also a bit softer of a tackle than usual 1,1because OOOH LA LA~
  1223. [18:41:57] <Amaryllis> "I saw your fight against Lich. Part of it at least. Can you do that again, or is it simply part of Trance?" Ammy sits down on the couch and motions for everyone else to sit too.
  1224. [18:41:59] <Natalie> "C'mon c'mon, don't just stand there!  Sit on the..."  Is there EVEN anything to sit on?
  1225. [18:42:11] <Amaryllis> The couch that Nat was just on? :V
  1226. [18:42:21] <Natalie> Well it might not be big enough for 4 people!
  1227. [18:42:25] <@Kain> This is a comfy room full of chairs and couches! It's bebe's guest... parlor thing.
  1228. [18:42:25] <Amaryllis> ~*amnesiac moe*~
  1229. [18:42:31] <Natalie> oh awesome
  1230. [18:43:03] * Natalie also gives Fenna a big hug, not really sure how to introduce herself. So she just lets go and awkwardly sits on the couch.
  1231. [18:43:05] <@Kain> Fenna: "You were very cool!" she adds.
  1232. [18:43:17] <Natalie> "Um... wait, what do you mean SAW?  Y-You were there?"
  1233. [18:43:20] <@Kain> Fenna hugs Nat back, and plops down as well.
  1234. [18:43:22] * Lenore sits down on the couch~
  1235. [18:43:26] <Natalie> Hnng.
  1236. [18:43:49] <Lenore> "There was a weird projection thing and Lolo lit up weird and then the crystal showed us you turning into real you and beating up Lich!"
  1237. [18:43:51] <Amaryllis> "Lolo suddenly started glowing, and we saw a projected image of the fight."
  1238. [18:43:57] <Natalie> "Well, it's not like I'm not proud of that.  I'm totally proud.  But if you know what happened I guess I gotta explain less- LOLO?"
  1239. [18:44:05] * Natalie opens her diary and flipflipflip.
  1240. [18:44:16] <Natalie> "So you know?  About the whole thing?"
  1241. [18:44:36] <Natalie> "That's uh... oh wow that IS a lot of storytime."
  1242. [18:44:48] <Amaryllis> "We saw you end the battle against Titan and Lich. It was quite spectacular."
  1243. [18:45:05] <@Kain> Fenna: "What happened with Titan? Is he okay?"
  1244. [18:45:13] <Natalie> "Titan... yeah," she smiles.  "I helped him.  I didn't bring him back to Eiko yet, though.  Still gotta do that."
  1245. [18:45:26] <Natalie> Her interest shifts.  "Are you really Feenie?  Really really really?"
  1246. [18:45:28] <@Kain> Fenna: "Right! We'll go together!"
  1247. [18:45:29] <Amaryllis> "But Nat, has your memory gotten better now? Do you recall more of your life as an Eidolon? Can you take on your old form once more?"
  1248. [18:45:38] <@Kain> Fenna: "Feenie... hehe, I like that!"
  1249. [18:45:47] <@Kain> Fenna: "That's me!"
  1250. [18:46:11] <@Kain> Fenna: "Ooh, yeah, you did turn partway, huh? Can you go -all- the way?"
  1251. [18:46:13] * Natalie headshakes. "I don't remember-remember... but I think I might've? I remembered, but then I forgot. So I remembered that I remembered! But then I remember that I forgot after that."
  1252. [18:46:19] <Amaryllis> (lewd)
  1253. [18:46:23] <Natalie> "But um... I've felt something like..."
  1254. [18:46:33] * Natalie stands up. "I might be able to!"
  1255. [18:46:42] <Natalie> "... First, um."
  1256. [18:46:53] <Natalie> She fishes the red crystal shard out of her pockets and flings it over to Ammy.
  1257. [18:47:05] <Lenore> "Ah yes, business~"
  1258. [18:47:10] <Amaryllis> "Where'd you get this?"
  1259. [18:47:28] * Amaryllis looks at it. "It is red. We have never seen a red one before, have we?"
  1260. [18:47:32] <Natalie> "Some weirdo with a white face dropped it!  She called herself... um...."
  1261. [18:47:37] <Natalie> "... What was it again?"
  1262. [18:47:45] <@Kain> Fenna looks excitedly at the crystal shard.
  1263. [18:48:12] * Amaryllis flips open her journal. "Orange, orange, orange, blue, purple, green..." She scribbles a bit. "".
  1264. [18:48:27] <Lenore> "Pretty weird, huh?"
  1265. [18:48:35] <Natalie> "Whatever!  I barely remember details, but thanks to my diary I know it's my mission to find these."
  1266. [18:48:42] <Amaryllis> (is there some reason Theta can't be here? Didn't want to leave him out of asking the Crystal questions)
  1267. [18:48:42] <Natalie> "... And to bring Phoenix and Titan back too."
  1268. [18:48:59] <@Kain> (Oh, don't worry, he won't be left out)
  1269. [18:49:15] <Natalie> (I kinda just overlooked it because it seemed his interest was elsewher, yeah sorry I guess)
  1270. [18:49:21] <Natalie> (... +e)
  1271. [18:49:27] * Amaryllis takes out the rest of the Crystal. "Would you two like to do the honors together?" Ammy looks to Fenna and Nat.
  1272. [18:49:40] <@Kain> Fenna: "Okay!"
  1273. [18:49:45] <Natalie> "Hee hee.  Yeah!  But let me just..."
  1274. [18:49:51] <@Kain> Fenna takes the crystal chunk, and holds it out for Nat...
  1275. [18:50:01] <zoofman> (Even if that weren't the case I'm too hungry not to dinner atm anyway :P)
  1276. [18:50:03] * Amaryllis tosses Nat the red shard again.
  1277. [18:50:04] * Natalie spins around on one leg three times. She REALLY has no clue how to self-summon but wants to give it a try anyway.
  1278. [18:50:23] <@Kain> (Wait, which are you doing first, self summon or lego)
  1279. [18:50:29] <Natalie> (BOTH AT THE SAME TIME)
  1280. [18:50:34] <@Kain> well, alright
  1281. [18:50:47] <@Kain> Nat begins to glow!
  1282. [18:50:59] <@Kain> This time, not with trance, but with 4,0Ruby Light!
  1283. [18:51:02] <@Kain>
  1284. [18:51:05] * Lenore watches intently~
  1285. [18:51:15] * Natalie ... does... intently~
  1286. [18:51:51] <@Kain> Her human form begins to shrnk away, giving way to a small, green-furred creature with a ruby in the middle of its forehead, and two long, cat-like tails...
  1287. [18:52:10] * Natalie is now known as Carbuncle
  1288. [18:52:28] <Amaryllis> (IX buncle or Espeon?)
  1289. [18:52:34] <@Kain> Espeon.
  1290. [18:52:37] <Carbuncle> (he said two tails, silly!)
  1291. [18:52:38] <Amaryllis> (~)
  1292. [18:52:51] <@Kain> Fenna: "Wow!"
  1293. [18:52:52] <Carbuncle> (Can I... Can I have permission to talk in 4green text?  Would that be TOO obnoxious?)
  1294. [18:52:57] <Carbuncle> (... 3damnit)
  1295. [18:52:57] <@Kain> (Go for it)
  1296. [18:53:13] <Lenore> "That's really cool!"  She claps~
  1297. [18:53:19] <@Kain> Sitting before you three is the one, true Carbuncle!
  1298. [18:53:21] * Carbuncle does the Ruby Light pose from the ground and catches the shard in her mouth, DUNKing it into the Crystal!
  1299. [18:53:28] <Amaryllis> "Congratulations, Nat." Ammy grins.
  1300. [18:53:36] <@Kain> Fenna legos the crystal!
  1301. [18:53:40] <Carbuncle> "3~"
  1302. [18:53:56] <@Kain> There's a flash of light, and this time you all feel the memory Nat is being gifted...
  1303. [18:54:19] <Carbuncle> "3Thanks, Ammy.  And everyone else, too!  Now, Crystal..."
  1304. [18:54:29] * Carbuncle lands and looks up at it while the memory seeps in. "3Hi!"
  1305. [18:56:19] <@Kain> Nat, as a human girl, is curled up in the entrancehall of Ipsen's Castle, sad and alone, and wearing nothing but rags... until the doors creak open, revealing a teenaged, green-haired girl peering in with a lantern. Nat looks up, curious, and asks, quietly, "Who are you...?" The girl smiles, approaching Nat, and responds, "Amaryllis... Amaryllis Middleton. And you must be... Carbuncle..."
  1306. [18:56:53] <@Kain> Received 'First Memories of Ammy'!
  1307. [18:57:03] <@Kain> You'll never forget her again, even if you lose your tiara...
  1308. [18:57:06] <Amaryllis> (<3 d'awww)
  1309. [18:57:08] * Carbuncle opens the key items menu and tries to use- ... oh.
  1310. [18:57:14] <Lenore> (♡)
  1311. [18:57:18] <Carbuncle> (♥)
  1312. [18:58:04] <Amaryllis> (I just realized they would've looked the same age back then. Unless Nat's body stilll ages some)
  1313. [18:58:32] <@Kain> (Nah, it doesn't. I changed my mind on that a while back)
  1314. [18:58:39] * Carbuncle catleaps up to Ammy's shoulder, giving her a close look.
  1315. [18:59:06] <Carbuncle> "3Huh... that was real, wasn't it?  You really have changed a lot since then, Ammy."
  1316. [18:59:20] <Amaryllis> "We looked like we could have been childhood friends back then." Ammy nods.
  1317. [18:59:28] <Amaryllis> "Ten years ago."
  1318. [18:59:44] <Lenore> "Wow, that was...huh!"
  1319. [18:59:57] <@Kain> Fenna seems to have regained some memories as well! She looks a good deal more worried though, and just whispers a name. "...Ozma..."
  1320. [19:00:10] <Carbuncle> "3Yeah..."  She jolts her tails around, still getting used to them, but wobbles around before trying to get a comfy seat.
  1321. [19:00:12] <Lenore> "Huh?"
  1322. [19:00:30] <@Kain> Fenna: "I just... remembered a terrible creature we fought once..."
  1323. [19:00:55] <@Kain> She shakes her head. "Nevermind... don't let me spoil anything. I'm happy for you, Carbuncle!"
  1324. [19:01:17] <Carbuncle> "3A creature?  That wasn't what I saw at all."  She catnods.  "3Nono, I'm glad to see you again Feenie!"
  1325. [19:01:28] <Lenore> (She didn't want to Kanye West Carbuncle~)
  1326. [19:01:46] <@Kain> Nat - you find you don't remember any more than usual like this, but you can maintain this form almost indefinitely outside of battle without reverting.
  1327. [19:01:51] <Carbuncle> "3Even though I don't remember you... like at all.  But who cares about that?  I don't need them all at once.  We can make NEW memories."
  1328. [19:01:56] * Amaryllis reaches up and scratches Nat behind the ears.
  1329. [19:02:04] <Carbuncle> (But will people be able to tolerate the green text that long?  HO HO HO)
  1330. [19:02:12] <Lenore> (~)
  1331. [19:02:13] <Carbuncle> (... this is actually obnoxious but hilariously so)
  1332. [19:02:24] * Carbuncle gets down to Ammy's lap for some scratchin'.
  1333. [19:02:27] <@Kain> Fenna smiles!
  1334. [19:02:41] <Amaryllis> (it actually looks fine on my side. It's a LITTLE close to my highlight color, but I can still tell the difference)
  1335. [19:02:57] <Carbuncle> The Bunc smiles as much as a cat can.  It's almost like purrOH RIGHT QUESTION
  1336. [19:03:02] <@Kain> 4,0More power has been restored to the Crystal...
  1337. [19:03:02] <Carbuncle> Is her tiara still on in this form?
  1338. [19:03:06] <Amaryllis> "We have worked a long time for this now, have we not?"
  1339. [19:03:13] <@Kain> Sure!
  1340. [19:03:17] * Amaryllis then quickly shuts up. Oh right. This thing talks and has important things to say.
  1341. [19:03:19] <Carbuncle> "3From what I wrote down... yeah."  D'aww.
  1342. [19:03:52] <Lenore> "That it has!  We're glad to help put the Crystal back together!"
  1343. [19:03:58] * Carbuncle also shuts up, curling and facing the crystal. Presumably Fenna's still holding it.
  1344. [19:04:07] <Lenore> Lenore has been d'awwwing at this,b ut now it's time for BUSINESS
  1345. [19:04:19] * Amaryllis keeps scratching behind Nat's ears as she listens to the Crystal.
  1346. [19:04:36] <@Kain> 4,0Your efforts have been valiant indeed. Though much work is still needed yet... energy still gathers in Madain Sari... the shard that Belle had miniscule in comparison.
  1347. [19:04:41] <Carbuncle> Her tails twitch up excitedly.
  1348. [19:05:03] <Carbuncle> "3Ah- ... huh?  You mean we weren't supposed to stop that Lich guy?"
  1349. [19:05:10] <@Kain> 4,0It was a happy coincidence.
  1350. [19:05:15] <Lenore> "Oh, that....sounds pretty important!  We'd better get over there soon, then!"
  1351. [19:05:52] <@Kain> 4,0Any effort towards hindering the servants of Chaos is time well spent...
  1352. [19:05:55] <Carbuncle> "3Oh CRAP.  I guess we got caught up and totally forgot what we were doing... eheheh."  Man it looks weird being a cat and doing that nervous chuckle.  All things to get used to!  "3Whoops!"
  1353. [19:06:28] <Carbuncle> "3But if we didn't kick the crap out of him, we wouldn't've saved Titan either.  So I'm still glad I did."
  1354. [19:06:31] <Lenore> "Yeah, Ammy and I fought Maliris too! Although she got away, which is kind of bad."
  1355. [19:07:08] <Amaryllis> "There are a great many issues and problems for us to attend to before this tale is done. Rearranging the order a bit does not harm anything."
  1356. [19:07:10] * Carbuncle perks up and looks toward Lenore. "3Wholiris? ... Er, sorry. Well don't worry, now that I'm me again I'll definitely be able to help you whatever!"
  1357. [19:07:12] <@Kain> 4,0There is also the matter of other things... soon you will need to travel underwater. For this to be so, you must seek out a means of breathing...
  1358. [19:07:35] <Carbuncle> "3Water?  ... Can I just, like, reflect it out of the way?"
  1359. [19:07:54] <Lenore> "Maliris, the uh, Fire Fiend!  I beat her up good!"  She gives Carbuncle a grin~
  1360. [19:08:05] <Amaryllis> "Leviathan once made an entire people into merfolk."
  1361. [19:08:15] <Amaryllis> "Could perhaps he give us a version of that blessing to allow us to breathe underwater?"
  1362. [19:08:25] <Carbuncle> 3Carb4u3ncle's tails grin back.  Only instead of grinning it's... doing the thing tails do.
  1363. [19:08:31] <Amaryllis> "...Without the tail. I rather enjoy having legs."
  1364. [19:08:36] <@Kain> 4,0It is not so simple... but once the time has come for you to journey under the ocean, you may find luck as the coastal Hypello village in the Salvage Archipelago...
  1365. [19:08:38] <@Kain> *at
  1366. [19:08:42] <Carbuncle> "3I enjoy having tails!"
  1367. [19:08:48] * Carbuncle whacks Ammy with them.
  1368. [19:09:00] <Lenore> "But you don't have to give them up for legs!"
  1369. [19:09:11] <Lenore> "Er...other way around."
  1370. [19:09:15] * Carbuncle sticks her cat tongue out. Oh... oh god, having a cat tongue.
  1371. [19:09:16] <Amaryllis> "Hey!" Ammy is whacked.
  1372. [19:09:21] <Carbuncle> Need some experimentation with that later.
  1373. [19:09:32] <Amaryllis> "Hypello?"
  1374. [19:09:53] <Carbuncle> "3But... okay, gotcha.  Hy... pel... lo.  Don't worry, I'll finish my mission- that's a promise!"
  1375. [19:10:22] <@Kain> 4,0They are a race new to Gaia, brought by anomalies within the Crystal. Their homes are mostly beneath the waves, spread through the ocean, but one has appeared on the coast of an island.
  1376. [19:11:00] <@Kain> 4,0The creature you fought beneath Daguerreo, the Shoopuff, was one such as they raise.
  1377. [19:11:14] <Carbuncle> "3Anommalies?"  Talking like this is still super weird.  At least it's not as bad as it could be, like, amending -nya to every sentence.  Or even worse, -nya! ♪
  1378. [19:11:24] <Lenore> "Oh yeah, that thing...!  'Shoopuff' sure is a weird name!"
  1379. [19:11:40] <Carbuncle> "3Ah-huhhh.  My memories still aren't back... so I guess there's a lotta stuff that I need to go around learning."
  1380. [19:11:59] <@Kain> The crystal seems a lot more talkative today...
  1381. [19:12:01] <Carbuncle> Catheadtilt.  "3I don't remember fighting something like that either."
  1382. [19:12:18] <@Kain> The crystal begins to project a new memory...
  1383. [19:12:36] <@Kain> You see Celina clinging for dear life on the shoopuff.
  1384. [19:12:46] <Carbuncle> "3... Oh, now I do."
  1385. [19:12:50] <Carbuncle> "3Thanks!"
  1386. [19:13:10] <@Kain> This is just a projection, though, and not a permanent one, for Tree's notes
  1387. [19:13:16] * Carbuncle hops over to Fenna's lap instead.
  1388. [19:13:32] <@Kain> Fenna tries to turn Nat over and rub her tummy.
  1389. [19:13:56] <@Kain> Of course, she has to put down the crystal in the process.
  1390. [19:13:57] <Carbuncle> hnnnnnngggggggggggg
  1391. [19:14:14] * Carbuncle happily obliges. Especially not remembering anything about how it feels, it's an experience for everyone!
  1392. [19:14:21] <Carbuncle> Then again she also has less fur than before.
  1393. [19:14:23] <Carbuncle> Probably.
  1394. [19:14:35] <Amaryllis> "What did Maliris mean by the new forms the Fiends are taking?"
  1395. [19:14:47] <Lenore> "Oh yeah, that!  That's important!"
  1396. [19:15:23] <@Kain> 4,0The Guardians of Terra, while created in the image of the old Fiends of Chaos, were not exact duplicates. The fiends seek to increase their power by reviving their old forms and abilities.
  1397. [19:15:28] <Carbuncle> "3Forms?  Well- nnnnnn~" yes that's purring now "3That Lich guy said something about... uh, what was it?  Reviving or something?  And there was only half of him, and he corrupted Titan..."
  1398. [19:16:06] <Amaryllis> "Corrupted...Was that what Maliris sought to do with Fenna?"
  1399. [19:16:14] <@Kain> 4,0To do this, they need a sacrifice of someone who shares their traits. This can be as simple as a lookalike, or personality similarities...
  1400. [19:16:40] <Lenore> "Oh!  So that's why Kraken kidnapped Kary!"
  1401. [19:16:45] <Amaryllis> "...Kary." Ammy lets out a string of curses under her breath.
  1402. [19:17:05] <Lenore> "We need really careful and keep an eye on her...."
  1403. [19:17:13] <Amaryllis> "Bloody hell." She shakes her head.
  1404. [19:17:20] * Carbuncle questionmarks a bit but doesn't speak up, enjoying being scratched too much.
  1405. [19:17:27] <Amaryllis> "Does this mean we need to return to Treno soon too to check on and warn her?"
  1406. [19:17:35] <Lenore> "Probably a good idea!"
  1407. [19:17:39] <@Kain> 4,0The Fiends do seem to have sought to corrupt the memoryless Eidolons...
  1408. [19:17:56] <Carbuncle> "3Do you wanna?  I can probably take you there easy... I think."
  1409. [19:17:58] <Amaryllis> "It is likely easier than doing so to an Eidolon at full strength."
  1410. [19:18:07] <Carbuncle> "3Whoa whoa whoa wait."  The cat gets up and faces the Crystal.
  1411. [19:18:19] <Amaryllis> "We just need to ask for more telepor- you can?"
  1412. [19:18:46] <Carbuncle> "3Is it more than just the... three of us?  I mean, it's not like I'm ever gonna let the Fiends corrupt ME," she says proudly.
  1413. [19:19:19] * Carbuncle ponders a second and looks up. "3Um... you DID lose your memories too, right? Titan totally did, I did..."
  1414. [19:19:36] <@Kain> 4,0The knowledge possessed by these fragments is not omniscient, but there it is very likely it is more than you three.
  1415. [19:20:02] <@Kain> Fenna: "Yeah... if Ammy was right then when they met me I was totally someone else..." she shivers.
  1416. [19:20:09] <Lenore> "That might mean we need to check on Garnet and find out if that happened to any of hers..."
  1417. [19:20:09] <Carbuncle> "3... That's good enough for me.  Then I'm DEFINITELY gonna stop them from doing whatever they're doing!"
  1418. [19:20:46] * Carbuncle looks up and catnods, then gets back on her back and sort-of-faces Ammy again. "3Well um... yeah, I learned how to Teleport now. Super easy!"
  1419. [19:20:52] <Amaryllis> "We could send a letter. Or, more realistically, ask Eiko to send one. She would be more open with her fellow sumoner about such matters."
  1420. [19:20:58] <Lenore> "Oh!  Crystal, do you know anything about..."  She rummages in her scrunchie and pulls out the HEAVY Fire Mirror, being careful not to drop it."
  1421. [19:21:10] <Carbuncle> "3!"
  1422. [19:21:24] * Carbuncle ... still doesn't get up though. Nnnnggg tummyscratching.
  1423. [19:21:33] <Amaryllis> "You learned Teleport? Fantastic."
  1424. [19:22:46] <Carbuncle> "3Yeah... I think there's some way to get our memories back.  Don't worry, Feenie!"  Did anyone even TELL her they named her yet?  Treehee.  "3I know how that feels... every time I look at the diary I wrote it's like someone I don't even know wrote it.  But I know I wrote it because I tell me it's me."
  1425. [19:23:51] <@Kain> Fenna: "That makes sense!"
  1426. [19:24:26] <@Kain> 4,0Those acted as seals to the Shimmering Island, long, long ago. Their original purpose is defunct now, but they still possess great power.
  1427. [19:24:29] <Amaryllis> "Ah, yes, Fenna. You may find it useful to keep a diary of your own. I know not if you have the same type of amnesia as Nat where memories are lost continually, but if you do, then that would be a useful countermeasure."
  1428. [19:25:05] <Carbuncle> "3But... aren't they mirrors?  And I'm me!"
  1429. [19:25:19] <@Kain> Fenna scratchscitchscratches your tummy, and then rubs at your ears and then hugs you tight.
  1430. [19:25:33] * Carbuncle reacts like a cat would. Lazily.
  1431. [19:25:47] <@Kain> 4,0It may be possible for you to benefit from them, Eidolon of Mirrors
  1432. [19:25:49] <Lenore> "Hey, I guess that's true.  Having mirrors like this would be useful for you, wouldn't it, Natty?"
  1433. [19:26:06] <Carbuncle> "3Fenna, huh... that sounds nice.  Nicer than Feenie."  She purrs a little more but then turns back to attention.
  1434. [19:26:25] <Carbuncle> "3Okay!  Tell me what I gotta do!  If... that's not too hard for you to do or anything."
  1435. [19:27:21] <@Kain> 4,0You already know. Retrieve the crystal shards. Save the other eidolons. Hinder the fiends of Chaos. Protect this planet, and its people.
  1436. [19:27:39] <@Kain> 4,0It is up to you what path you take to accomplish these things.
  1437. [19:28:03] <Carbuncle> "3Well, duh.  I'm gonna do those things anyway!"  Her tails dart around.
  1438. [19:28:47] <Carbuncle> "3But if that's how I use the mirrors, sure, I'll remember that too... er, I mean, write it down.  The tiara helps a lot but still..."
  1439. [19:29:30] <Carbuncle> At this point she's expending effort trying to make shapes with her doubletails.
  1440. [19:29:42] <Carbuncle> And is totally glad it looks nothing like Arwill's second tail.
  1441. [19:29:44] <Carbuncle> At all.
  1442. [19:29:53] <@Kain> 4,0The planet is on the verge of a major change... With more shards of crystal, there will be a great reaction, and release of power. What will happen could not be predicted at this time, but no one should be endangered.
  1443. [19:30:28] <Amaryllis> "Even if you cannot predict, can you supply possibilities?"
  1444. [19:31:06] <Carbuncle> "3All right.  Thanks for all your help, Crystal!  You bet I'll put more shards together when I find them, but..."
  1445. [19:31:18] <Carbuncle> ... Now she wonders if she has claws in this form.  Hmmmm.
  1446. [19:31:24] <@Kain> 4,0Landscapes may change. Animals previously unknown to Gaia may appear. A entire new continent may rise from the sea. It is difficult to tell, as shards from other worlds are added.
  1447. [19:31:28] <Carbuncle> Snikt?
  1448. [19:31:33] <@Kain> Snikt.
  1449. [19:31:38] <Carbuncle> Bub.
  1450. [19:31:48] <@Kain> They're sharp, with a slight tinge of red to them.
  1451. [19:31:51] <@Kain> And... kind of shiny.
  1452. [19:31:56] <Carbuncle> That is the kawaiiest thing ever
  1453. [19:31:57] <Lenore> "From...other...worlds?
  1454. [19:31:59] <Lenore> "
  1455. [19:32:02] <Carbuncle> it's like a birthday present
  1456. [19:32:28] <Lenore> "Is that why t he shards have different colors?"
  1457. [19:32:33] * Carbuncle gets preoccupied extending and retracting them, then remembers the crystal's talking to them. Oops.
  1458. [19:32:49] <@Kain> 4,0Correct. The failed merger of Terra and Gaia is to blame. Terra's crystal absorbed those of many, many other worlds.
  1459. [19:33:09] <Carbuncle> "3Does that change affect... you know, us?"  Eidolons apparently, as she looks up to kawaii Phoenix-chan's eyes while speaking.
  1460. [19:33:13] <@Kain> 4,0This process is healing Gaia's crystal, but also altering it.
  1461. [19:33:24] <@Kain> 4,0It is possible.
  1462. [19:33:32] <Carbuncle> "3Maybe that's something to do with our memories..."
  1463. [19:33:57] <Carbuncle> "3Well then, not a big deal at all!  I'll just make new ones," her tails flicker about again.
  1464. [19:34:17] <@Kain> Fenna chirps and bats at your tails playfully.
  1465. [19:34:26] <Carbuncle> They do battle.
  1466. [19:35:09] <@Kain> 4,0The light of the crystal is remaining strong.. This chunk should remain stable from here forward.
  1467. [19:35:24] * Amaryllis smiles at Fenna and Nat having fun, then focuses on the Crystal again. "So we may seek your wisdom whenever we wish now?"
  1468. [19:35:26] <Carbuncle> "3I'm glad."
  1469. [19:35:39] <@Kain> 4,0That should be correct.
  1470. [19:36:15] <Lenore> "That's great to hear!  We'll try not to be annoying with how much we ask, okay?"
  1471. [19:39:38] <Carbuncle> "3Yeah!  I think I know all I NEED to know to carry out my mission... thanks to this thing," her tails try to point to her tiara but don't hold up for very long, "3I probably won't forget as much as I did before.  I mean, I forgot once already but I got it back and remembered that I forgot in the first place!  So it works!"
  1472. [19:40:05] <Amaryllis> "That is a relief to hear."
  1473. [19:40:24] <@Kain> Fenna: "It must be so much more comfortable to be in your right form..."
  1474. [19:41:10] <Carbuncle> "3Speakinawhich..."  She presumably lets her tails hang lazily if the combat's over, looking up to Fenna and nodding a bit.  "3Mhm.  But it seems like it took a while to get there... don't worry, though.  I'll help you all I can!  My Summoner definitely missed you, I know that for sure."
  1475. [19:41:39] <@Kain> Fenna: "Eiko... I can see her face, but I can't remember anything else..."
  1476. [19:41:48] * Amaryllis nods. "If you have freed Titan from his corruption as well, then all of you should take the time to visit Eiko again before we set out once more."
  1477. [19:41:59] <Amaryllis> "If you know Teleport now, it must be trivial."
  1478. [19:42:00] <Carbuncle> "3Ammy..."
  1479. [19:42:08] <Amaryllis> "Yes, Nat?"
  1480. [19:42:39] * Carbuncle spins around to face her, looking a bit... man, is there even a word for that? She just looks FEELS. "3Yeah. But we just met again! I don't want to leave you right away or anything..."
  1481. [19:43:27] * Amaryllis goes over and picks Nat up in a hug then sets her down on her lap and scratches her ears. "I could come with you, if you'd like. After all, I must check on the rebuilding of my father's mansion."
  1482. [19:43:44] <Amaryllis> "We need not part again so soon, you are right."
  1483. [19:43:49] <@Kain> Fenna yawns a bit and lays down, flopping over Lenore's lap.
  1484. [19:44:07] <Carbuncle> "3You really want to?  I can take anyone anywhere if they need to go there!"  She happily takes Ammy's lap offer.
  1485. [19:44:16] * Lenore has a Fenna in her lap. She muses over what to do, and then decides to gently stroke her head~
  1486. [19:44:41] <Carbuncle> "3But we don't need to be in too much of a hurry right now anyway.  What'sherface and What'sherotherface and... uh, everyone else here are really nice.  Why don't we throw a party first and THEN go?"
  1487. [19:45:21] <Amaryllis> "Could you..." Ammy thinks for a moment. "Do you remember Cait Sith and Noah?"
  1488. [19:45:23] <Carbuncle> "3I'm... a little scared to meet Eiko again.  I wrote about her and I remember her face, but I don't remember-remember her.  Even if it apparently wasn't that long ago when we last met."
  1489. [19:45:54] * Carbuncle focuses and triiiiiiiiiiiiies to remember anything from their names alone.
  1490. [19:46:21] <@Kain> ~dokidoki~
  1491. [19:47:03] <Carbuncle> "3... I... think?"
  1492. [19:47:32] <Carbuncle> "3I just feel... happy, that's all."
  1493. [19:47:42] <Carbuncle> "3Like I felt a little while ago when I was being asked if I had a true love..."
  1494. [19:47:45] <Amaryllis> "Well enough to remember their airship? I would like to visit them again sometime. But it is no rush."
  1495. [19:47:47] * Carbuncle totes doesn't make the connection.
  1496. [19:48:23] * Lenore does her best not to squeal over Nat saying that. 1,1She manages not to, somehow.
  1497. [19:48:44] <Carbuncle> 1,1Are you sure she doesn't?
  1498. [19:48:54] <Amaryllis> "You and Cait have always been kindred spirits. Love? I do not know. To be honest, you usually forgot him between visits, I am sad to say."
  1499. [19:49:41] <Carbuncle> "3Oh... well, whoever he is then, I guess I'll have to meet him and ask him!  I... don't remember any airship or anything like that though.  Sorry, Ammy."
  1500. [19:50:05] <Amaryllis> "Their paths have crossed ours frequently throughout the years. Without Noah's help, I would not have known what to do to help you."
  1501. [19:50:06] <Amaryllis> "Oh."
  1502. [19:50:11] * Amaryllis droops a little.
  1503. [19:50:29] <Amaryllis> "Well, I sent him a letter informing him of our travel plans. We shall meet soon enough, I imagine."
  1504. [19:51:00] <Carbuncle> "3Don't worry!  I'm sure we'll find them again!  But um... I dunno if I could Teleport to a ship in the air anyway.  We might just land in the air and... fall."
  1505. [19:51:11] <Carbuncle> Her whole tiny cat body shivers, down to the tails.
  1506. [19:51:38] <@Kain> Fenna drifts off to sleep, warbling softly.
  1507. [19:52:17] * Amaryllis nods slowly. "Yes, we can wait, we can wait..."
  1508. [19:52:42] <Carbuncle> "3... Anyway, let's catch up a while, Ammy.  Storytime!"  She looks at the sleeping moedolon, taking that as enough of a sign that they shouldn't be in a hurry.
  1509. [19:53:09] <@Kain> (I think I've got to duck out here)
  1510. [19:53:12] <Amaryllis> "Where shall I start?"
  1511. [19:53:15] <Lenore> (Ooookaaaay)
  1512. [19:53:15] <@Kain> (But feel free to continue as long as you want)
  1513. [19:53:15] <Carbuncle> "3There's something really important about some Vivi and a bunch of kids that you need to know about, ohhh, where do I start..."
  1514. [19:53:20] <Carbuncle> "3Aww, you first!"
  1515. [19:53:23] <Lenore> (I was starting to get tired too, so let's say...)
  1516. [19:53:24] <Amaryllis> "Who starts?"
  1517. [19:53:26] <Amaryllis> "Oh, okay."
  1518. [19:53:26] <Carbuncle> (Yeah I was going to say we COULD handwave it here)
  1519. [19:53:35] * Lenore falls asleep with a nice warm Phoenix in her lap~
  1520. [19:53:37] <Carbuncle> (HOWEVER if we're not going to- cast are we going to?)
  1521. [19:53:37] <Amaryllis> (if you'd like to do that, that's fine)
  1522. [19:53:41] <Amaryllis> (I DO have to make dinner)
  1523. [19:53:44] <Carbuncle> (I want to ask for one thing before you go if we're gonna keep going)
  1524. [19:53:58] <@Kain> (Mm?)
  1525. [19:54:10] <Carbuncle> (Here~)
  1526. [19:54:24] * Carbuncle hops off Ammy's lap and spins around before the storytelling starts.
  1527. [19:54:27] <Carbuncle> How2detransform?
  1528. [19:54:49] <Amaryllis> (mind giving me a break for dinner making and eating, and then continuing later this evening?)
  1529. [19:55:07] <Carbuncle> (Yeah that's what I'm sayin', de-cat me and then we'll dinner break because I'm fucking starving too)
  1530. [19:55:38] <@Kain> You land on your hind legs, as they quickly shape to support your growing form. Your ears shrink back into your head, and your tail slips away into the clothes that melt out of your form. Fur gives way to skin, and paws give way to hands and feet~
  1531. [19:55:50] <Carbuncle> Ultimate d'awww
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