(TF) Celestia and Luna pick on humans for fun 3 (A)

Nov 18th, 2012
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  1. >day 4 as a pony yet again
  2. "Please... stop doing that."
  3. >you're really starting to lose it now
  4. >shortly after the reflection incident you saw more and more hallucinations of the bipedal "monster" you've begun calling him
  5. >most notably was the unicorn across the street talking with one of her friends
  6. >a different bipedal monster appeared behind her looking not unlike that one from your dream on the box
  7. >he was on his knees going to town just like in the dream, thrusting into her flank, and slapping it with his claw
  8. >this went on for few moments while you stood there with your jaw on the ground
  9. >quickly looking away after he disappeared you went back to work
  10. >somehow you managed to avoid getting spotted by the unicorn or her friends despite staring for 3 WHOLE MINUTES
  11. >Canterlot ponies are considered snobs for a reason
  12. >anything that didn't involve them might as well have been a grain of sand on a beach
  13. 1/3
  15. >lunchtime you made your way to the doughnut shop to relax, favorite place
  16. >Doughnut Joe was always nice to you, he always listened to everyp0ny's problems
  17. >asking for your usual you reached out to grab it... only instead of a hoof it was one of those claws those monsters have
  18. >somehow managing to keep your cool on the outside you internally scream as you've just about had it with these freakish monstrosities
  19. >Doughnut Joe sees right through your facade though, he -has- done this for a while
  20. >"You okay Shiner? You look like you saw a ghost."
  21. >Shiner was your nickname around Canterlot
  22. "Yeah... I'm fine, just been having some weird hallucinations lately. Ever since I woke up from that nap in the field outside the city I've been getting them" you say as you stare at your hoof for a moment
  23. >Doughnut Joe gives you a queer look
  24. "I talked to a doctor yesterday and he wasn't any help at all. Didn't help that I wasn't the "upper class" type like the rest of his patients."
  25. >"I hear ya. Well Shiner you could always try a specialist, right?" Joe asks while cleaning the counter after somep0ny else left
  26. "Yeah I think I'll try tomorrow, it's really starting to freak me out." you say as you finish your doughnut and fish out some bits
  27. >"Alright then let me know if there's anything I can do. You've given me too much business for me to just let you go that easily." Joe says taking care of the bits you left
  28. "Will do Joe and thanks for the ear, apprecia-" you stop mid-sentence and gape at what you see
  29. >that monster from your dreams is sitting at the counter and furiously masturbating to the sight of Joe's flank
  30. "Why me!?" you shout as you high tail it out the door
  31. 2/3
  33. >you're running back to your apartment at top speed, not caring who gets in your way
  34. >you just want to go home and lay down
  35. >not sleep though, that's when "he" comes out to play
  36. >honestly... playing with himself to the thought of Doughnut Joe!?
  37. >you barely make it in your home and shut the door before you collapse from running
  38. >yeah you're not that fit, deal with it
  39. >catching your breath you take a moment to think about everything that happened because that sounds like a great idea!
  40. >there was the reflection, the unicorn mare with her friends, the monster scratching his ass in the bathroom at a shop staring at the bowl, your hooves, and the same monster enjoying the view of Joe's flank
  41. >didn't you tell yourself that was a great idea?
  42. >you're really stressed out now
  43. >tomorrow you're going to find that damn specialist, this will not destroy "Shiner" the best buckin window cleaner in Canterlot dammit!
  44. >you also need to pick up some food from the store
  45. "I just don't know what went wrong..." you say for some inexplicable reason
  46. >you are Anon aka "Shiner" and you're nearing your breaking point
  47. >either that or you just have gas
  48. "Horseapples, it is the gas!" you get out just before letting your neighbors know you're taking up the tuba
  49. >you feel a little bit relieved and let out your first chuckle in days
  50. >short lived though when you see the monster sitting on your couch holding up a claw which is balled up with one of the pointy appendages pointing upward
  51. >he's sporting a smile too
  52. >good night everyp0ny
  53. 3/3
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