A Possessive Spark (Raiju)

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  1. A Possessive Spark
  3. Tag: Raiju, Yandere, Milf, Lactation, Femdom, Cunnilingus, Titjob
  5.     There has been.... something off about my wife, Rika. For the most part she is like any Raiju, a feisty electric weasel woman who is ready to pounce on me whenever I get home from work. We known each other for a long time from 5th grade, so you would think we know a lot about each other, and you would be right in a way. We hardly kept any real secrets from each other and we're always helping each other with any personal problem that we have.The issue is that while she understand a lot about me, I don't truly understand her all that well. Most of the time she is energetic, talkative, and always telling the stupidest joke that everyone laughs at anyways; Other times, though, I would see a part of her not many knows about. Her blue eyes would have this dull look to them and she would speak very softly while moving in a very robotic manner. During this time she would get very clingy and any women that pass by us whenever we walk together she stares at them with this rather frightening face while growling until they're far enough away that she goes right back to leaning against me. When I proposed to her one day, she looked so happy and ecstatic that I forgot about these weird moment at the time. I thought thing was going to be normal now that we're engaged, perhaps I should have listened a bit more to understand what is to come after she said this to me after the wedding.
  7. "You're finally mine now....and I'll never ever let you leave, my little darling."
  9. In hindsight, that wasn't very subtle.
  11.     Anyways, one day I got home from my job at Blue Demon Gaming (I'm the character and level designer. Best. Job. Ever) and I stop for a bit to admire our house. It's a simple one-story gray house with stone themed wallpaint that is located in the woods not too far from the city. The fountain on the left side of the front yard has a jade figurine in a shape of a tulip. After taking in a few a breath of that woodland air, I went ahead to walk inside the house to witness a truly disastrous scene. I stand at the doorway as I look into the kitchen across the hall with my jaws dropped. On the table in the kitchen, our 3 year old daughter Saoirse crying at the top of her lung, having knocked over her cereal onto the floor. Rika is wiping the milk off the floor when she looked up and saw me standing there staring. "Are you just going to stare, Darcy, or are you going to help me with this? She yelled, quite irritated. Hooo boy, she is not in the mood. I went to pick up a broom from the hall closet and went to sweep up the cereal pieces while Rika got up to calm our daughter down. Once the everything is cleaned up and the noises have died down, we put Saoirse to bed as it already past 8:00. After walking back into the kitchen I suddenly felt a small shock as my wife place her hand on my shoulder to she turned me around and pull my head with the other hand into her rather large F-cup tits. "Welcome home, my little darling" Rika cooed, as she squeezed me tighter, her breast pressing against my face and the bare skin of her cleavage sending a constant stream of pleasant-feeling electricity through my cheeks.
  13.     "You know I hate it when you call me that, Rika" I sighed, looking up at the Raiju's face, my own red with embarrassment. Even today, she is the most gorgeous woman I've seen, her bright blue eyes that seems to spark with so much energies, her short, wavy, purple hair with one side of  the bang long enough to slightly cover her right eye, a snaggletooth that is sticking out just a bit on the left side of her mouth, plus the freckles spattered throughout her tanned cheeks. Rika just giggled at my response, " Sorry Darcy, but you're too cute when you get all red like that!" At least her mood have returned. Still, I was always self- conscious about my height, being 5'1" and Rika being 7'0" (which is tall for a Raiju) only serves to enhance it. "I know, but st-" Rika stopped me by smothering my face with her breasts once again. "Stop it, you know that I don't mind your height, would we be married and had our adorable little girl if I did?" She lets me go and once I took a few step back to look at her smiling, her tail slowing wagging side to side. "Oh I suppose" I conceded. She turns around to walk towards the cabinets, "I'm going to make some coffee, you go ahead and go to the living room." I immediately obeyed as I walk back into to the hall to turn right into the living room. Our living is pretty small, it have Saoirse's playset in the center of the walls across the doorway, the T.V is on a stand on the left side of the room with the sofa a good 6 feets away from it and the PS5 just under the T.V. I sat down on sofa and picked up the remote to turn on the T.V and start watching the news. What I saw on the news is pretty shocking to say the least. The news is reporting a Weresheep named Marie Holden who was found dead last night inside her car at the front of the kindergarten school not too far from our house. Apparently she was picking up her friend's daughter during the school's nocturnal hours. Marie was also a co-worker of mine. I could only sit there in stunned silence
  15. "Well shit."
  17.     Rika's voice made me jump up a bit and let a little out a little yelp, which cause Rika to start giggling. I turned around to see Rika carrying both our coffee mug and she is smiling, barely trying to restrain herself from laughing even harder. "Oh Darcy, my little darling, you're so easily scared" she said as she sit down and places the coffee on the table between us and the T.V to let them cool down a bit. "oh shut up" I said, "Still, this is pretty weird, I knew Marie. Not much, but I knew her." Rika frowned and sighed, "I can't begin to imagine how her family must feel." From the few time Rika met Marie, she made it clear she didn't like her, saying she dislike her flirting with me despite me reassuring Rika that Marie knew I am married. Still she is not without empathy. We sat together in silence until I decided that having a sip of my coffee will take my mind off of the heavy air. I took a sip of the coffee and noticed something off about the coffee. Its not scalding hot, but it still warm enough for me, but it too bitter. That when I realized what is wrong. "Hey Sparklefuzz, I think you forgotten something." Rika's ears twitches at her nickname as her face scrunches up, clearly annoyed, but shortly then changed to a more sultry expression when she get up to take a couple of steps toward me. Still smiling she bends over slightly, "Oh how could I have forgotten" she said in a almost whimsical voice.
  19.     She pulls down her shirt, revealing her huge breasts and letting me hold my mug under them. She pinches slightly just behind her dark pink areola and then presses down, spraying out several streams of milk into the coffee, though some of it gotten onto my arm, giving me goosebump from the electricity still present within them. I took another sip of the coffee and it is absolutely glorious. The sweetness and liteness of the Raiju's  milk along the tingling on my tongue and lip that it leaves as I swallow is something I love. "Fuck Holstaurs, Raiju milk is where it at." I exclaimed. Rika laughed, her tits still hanging out and the milk still dripping from her right nipple "Well remember that mine are for just for you and Saoirse." "Didn't you just weaned her off a month ago?" I asked. "Just because I'm not breastfeeding her anymore doesn't mean I can't give her some milk indirectly" her remark made me think about the cereal that was spilled onto the floor 15 minutes ago. I snickered a bit when I remembered that we ran out of milk a couple of days ago and neither of us bought any, so it should've been obvious where the milk came from. "Well anyways I gotta go change, so I will be back out in a bit, honey" I said. I put down the coffee and started to get up only to be pushed down by my incredibly strong wife.
  21.     "Now now, my little darling, we delayed this long enough, and I want you NOW." Rika growled at me rather intensely. She effortlessly stripped me of my clothes and tossed them aside, she then took her own clothes off while keeping me pinned to the sofa. She then gently move me onto my back as she position herself to have her crotch right in my face. "You know the rules, you're going to need to worship me first before I let you have the full experience, my treat". Once she start calling me her treat, that when I know she is completely in charge and I am at her mercy. Seeing that there not really much of a way out, I began to go to work by shoving my tongue into her clit and parting the folds, causing her to gasp and hold my head with her thick thighs to keep me in place. I then start licking the inside of her clit, slowly but surely increasing the speed of my tongue. She starts moaning, letting me know that I'm doing a pretty damn good job. I decided to push my tongue in a little deeper, to which she yelped and knocked me on the forehead, giving me small shock, causing me to withdraw my tongue, yet unable to pull my head back since her thighs are locking me to her vagina. Noticing I've stopped my service, she started growling, "My treat, you go in deeper when I tell you and you DON"T FUCKING STOP UNTIL I TELL YOU!" She then tighten her thighs together, squeezing my head a little bit and forcing me to stick my tongue back into its
  22. original place. She shudders at it reentry and starts to brush my cock with her tail, sending charges of electricity down the shaft. She stop the brushing when she felt me spasm lightly under her, the sudden shock and the musky smell of her crotch overwhelming me. I tried to move my hand to grab her soft, plump ass, but she caught my hands and brought them together and squeeze them together with just one of her own. "Aww are you getting desperate to feel the rest of me? Then maybe I should let you go in deeper, so long you can handle a little punishment for trying it earlier without my permission." Rika leaned further forward, pushing my arms over my head and my tongue further into her clit, earning a pained groan from me and a delighted gasp and several arc of sparks from her. She then start to nibble on my fingers, licking them before biting down gently, but just hard enough to make me give a muffled "HMMPH" from inside her clit. As I sped up my pace deep inside her vag, I start to twist my tongues around, making her shudder and moan even more and kept at it until a full minute later, the tongue action become too much for her and her orgasm finally takes over:
  24.     "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, DAAAAAARCCCCCY!" Rika screamed as pleasure takes over and her body start sparking enough that I'm glad we're not too close to the TV otherwise it would be roasted. She released my head, my face sticky and tingling from the juices gushing onto me once she orgasmed. I can still taste the salty, yet savory flavor of her vagina on my tongue as I lay my head down. Rika collapse onto me, her legs and feets moving out to hang over the edge. "How was it, Sparklefuzz?" I dared to refer to her by that nickname she hated so much, but she called me her little darling and made me eat her out, soooooooo."Fuckoffassholeitwasamazing" Rika said in quick succession, still panting. Despite her constant annoyance her nickname, she still can't stay angry at me for using it. "Aww, what the hell, come here, you" she said as she hug me to her nude chest. Her currently electrified body is pressing against mine, forcing me into a more relaxed state as my nerves is numbed. I start to admire her tanned, lean yet nicely curved body. Hell even the C-section scar that she have adds to her beauty. Suddenly, as I just stares at her face all dopey-faced. I realized something once I noticed that my throat feels parched. "I'm feeling pretty thirsty right now, to be honest". This just caused Rika to grin rather smugly "I was hoping you says that, cause you're not done worshiping me, my treat"
  26.     She sits back up and pulls me up to her massive breasts, positioning my mouth over the left nipple and her crotch just above my erect dick. "Drink up, my little darling". she whispered rather softly. I takes in her nipple along with a small portion of the rest of her breast into my mouth and begin suckling, the warm, sweet electrified milk shooting down my throat, tingling it along with my lips. I tried to look up while keeping my mouth on her breast and managed to catch a glance of her rather ecstatic face, her mouth shaped into a wild grin and her eyes wide open. She caught me looking and slightly push my head back down. While I continue to drink her delicious milk, Rika occasionally would bring her hips down, rubbing the tip of my cock with her clit, shocking it for a few second before she withdraws to keep it just above my cock. "So she going to be a tease, eh?" I thought to myself, "well then lets see what I can get away with." I somehow managed to grab her right breast despite me being mostly immobilized by Rika's electricity and gave it a good squeeze, causing it to spray out enough milks to make a Holstaur jealous. Rika then grab my hand and damn near broke my wrist when she squeezes, her face changing to a furious expression. "SINCE WHEN DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE ANY CONTROL, DARCY!?! She screamed, clearly angry at my attempt to do basically anything she does not want me to do. She then remind me that she have claws unlike most other Raiju by slowly dragging them down my shoulder, making me wince and popped my mouth off of her breast.
  28.     This only served to make her angrier, as she shove my head back onto her breast while squeezing my cheek, shocking me, to open my mouth so she can push her nipple back into it. "Don't. Fucking. Stop." She growls, before her expression soften slighty, retaining a bit of anger yet becoming more lewd. "I'm sorry my treat, but I need to remind you who you belong to and that when you're worshiping me, you do as I say, got it?" I nodded in response, and then proceeded to go back to suckling on her pert tit. She then proceed to basically shut down my arms by give the joints a slight jolt to keep the nerves numb and unresponsive. She then traces her claws over the scratch on my shoulder, getting some blood that were bleeding out a little and licked the blood off her claws, her face losing the anger and back into this alluring yet terrifying expression. "mmmm, your blood is so good" Rika moaned. As much as I love my wife, I always found it creepy when she does that... but she have her creepy moments, so I'm not commenting on it. After getting a taste of my blood, she then looks back down on me, grinning as she watches me drink from her. "oh Darcy, you're so adorable, I.. I... YOU'RE MIIINE" She yells out. Here it is, the moment we've been building up to.
  30.     She shove me off her breast and back down, pinning me to the sofa, slamming her crotch right onto my cock, her vagina swallowing it in one go. I gasped as a huge, pleasant jolt is sent throughout my body. "MINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINE!" She chant madly as she violently pump my cock, her ass and tits bouncing each time she slams her hip down. Rika's face grew even more crazed yet alluring as she start licking and biting on my face. She moans as she makes my dick kiss her womb and her own electricity is charging up the walls of her insides. "MINEMINEMINEMINEMINE" She continues to chant and moan. Finally neither of us could take anymore as I blows my load into her womb and she screams out one final "MIIIIIIIIIINE!" She collapse, both of us panting rapidly. I turn my head to look into her face before she grabbed me to pull me over and kisses me lovingly on the lips, sending a small spark through them. "Oh Darcy, I love you" "I love you too, Rika". We lay on the sofa for a few minutes before we get up to pick up our clothes and carried them to the laundry room. "Think Saoirse might have woken up to that?" I asked after I poured the soap into the washing machine and started the machine. "I'm not sure, lets check." Rika said. We walked through the house, still nude, to our daughter's room. Once we arrived, Rika quietly opened the door to take a peeks. Closing the doors, her tails wag as she snickers. "She is such a heavy sleeper." She giggled. I sighed, relieved that we didn't disturbed her. "Well I think its time for us to sleep, cause damn its already 10:00" I said, pointing to the clock on the wall. Rika looked up, her ears drooping slightly before perking back up. "You're right, time for bed, my treat" she said as she picks me up and covering my mouth before I can respond. She carries me over to our bedroom and once we entered, walk up to our bed, laid me down and then laid down herself. She pull me close to her, and threw the sheets over us. "Good night, my little darling" She whispered as she press her soft, ample breast against my back. "Good night, honey." We then fell asleep rather quickly, to await the next morning.
  32.     I woke up to see Rika missing from the bed. Thinking she got up to cook breakfast, I got up from the bed, put on my casual clothes and walked into the kitchen to see my gorgeous Raiju wife cooking our breakfast, which blends both of our culture with rice, sausage, potatoes and various other veggies with the pork gravy poured all over it. Further into the kitchen, at the table is our adorable 3-year old daughter sitting in the chair, eating a bowl of Fruit Loops, her tail wagging happily as she savors her sugary meal. "Thought you said you were going to have her eat healthier." I told Rika. Rika's ear twitches when she hears my voice and turns to face me, showing that she have her favorite tank top and jogging shorts on. She pouted at my accusation "ooh, but I felt bad about what happened yesterday, so I wanted to cheer her up." I sighed "Always looking for excuses to spoil her, Rika." "oh stop it, you know I can't help it with those cute little ears of hers" Rika said, looking with starry eyes at Saoirse, who paused her eating to look back, giggling with joy at her mother's rather sudden compliment. Rika looks back at me. "Anyways, breakfast is ready, so sit down." I went to grab a chair and placed it next to Saoirse to wait for my breakfast to be brought over. "So, how is it, Sao, you like your Fruity Loopies?" I asked my daughter in a cartoonish manner. She response with another gleeful giggle. "Its yummy!" is all the little kit said before going to finish her cereal. (yes I called her a kit, its a term for a baby weasel. Yes she is 3, but she's still our baby, damn it.) Rika walk over carrying the plates with her and mine more sensible breakfast while giving me this glance that shows her annoyance at me stealing the spot next to our daughter. She sets our plates down and grabbed a chair to sit down across from me. I pick up my forks and knives and begin to dig in and damn it is as good as usual. The savory flavor of the gravy on the sausage always managed to impress me every time. We sat there quietly eating, when we heard the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." I said, picking up Saoirse's now empty bowl and got up to put it in the sink. I walk towards the door and opened it. Stand at the door are two policewomen, one being a Hellhound and the other a Salamander.
  34.     "Darcy Sutton?" The Salamander on the left side asked. "That would be me" I responded. "We're here because we are investigating Marie Holden's death and we are aware that you worked with her, so we have a few question for you." The Hellhound said to me. I honestly should've expected this, but due to Rika's distraction last night, I didn't think about it. As if right on cue Rika walk up behind me, her eyes dull and her short violet hair frizzing from her charging herself up a bit. The two policewomen looks at her, impressed by how tall she is for a Raiju, and failing to hide the caution on their face as Rika places her hands on my shoulder and leaned forward, her expressionless eyes still level with the Hellhound's. "What do you wish to ask him?" Rika asked the Hellhound in a rather monotone voice, her snaggletooth not lowering her intimidation factor. The charcoal-skinned officer simply look back "Relax, Mrs. Sutton, we just need to ask your husband about Miss Holden." I look up at Rika, who still isn't satisfied with the answer. "Come on sweetie, I got this." I assured her. Rika simply give a low growl, but she relented and went back into the kitchen. I turned back to the officers. "Annnyways, what were the questions?" "We wanted to ask you when you last saw your co-worker before her death." The Salamander tells me. "I saw her at work a couple of days ago just before she clocked off." I answered. "Did she say where she was going?" "She was going to pick up her friend's daughter at after the school's nocturnal hour." "I see, well that is all we needed to know, thank you for your time, Mr Sutton." "No problem, ma'am." The policewomen starts to walk toward the car, before they get in , the Hellhound turned her heads and yelled "TELL YOU WIFE I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND HER! I CAN GET LIKE THAT AROUND MY OWN BOYFRIEND!" and with that she got in the drivers seat and drove off. I sighed, glad that Rika didn't bite at them or shoot them with her lightning. I walked back into the kitchen and saw that Rika has already put my breakfast into a container for me to finish later. I put the container into the fridge and and walked into the living room. What is I see is just absolutely too Maou damn cute.
  36.     Rika is kneeling on the floor and playing with our daughter, walking a Titania doll across the floor toward Saoirse, who is sitting and watching the doll with amazement. "Why good day there, little Raiju! My name is Theresa Goodbutter, would you like to make a wish?" Rika makes the doll say with a sing-song kind of voice and making me cringe at her choice of name for the doll. "A wish!?!" Saoirse gasped with delight. Her tail start to wag hard enough I'm surprised she is not helicoptering in the air right now. "Yes, any wish, my dear, for today is a special day for you!" Said 'Theresa'. Saoirse thought long and hard before giving an incredibly mundane yet unsurprising wish "I wish for a REEEAALL tight hug from Mommy!" Rika then put aside the doll and quickly, yet gently pulls her little girl to her chest, the warm motherly smile on her face a stark constrast from her earlier terrifying expression. "I love you, sweetie" "I love you too, mommy" Rika kissed the little weasel girl on the forehead and carried her over to the sofa. As she sit down she noticed me standing at the door, her face showing a little worry. "It wasn't anything too serious, they just wanted to know when I last saw her." I said, walking over to sit on the sofa. "Good, I'm glad it just that." Rika said.
  38.      I noticed that she did not apologize for her overly protective behavior. She was always like this even before we got married, but now that we are, it only increased her over-protective nature, with it extending to our daughter, as one jogger learned the hard way when Rika shocked him into unconsciousness for kicking Saoirse and calling her a "static shit" when Saoirse accidentally shocked him when she absent-mindedly brushes her tail against his leg when we passed by him on our walks. Back to the present, I just sighed and sit down next to my wife. I look down at Saoirse, who is rest peacefully, using her mother's F-cup breasts as makeshift pillows. I can't help but smile at this precious display and turned on the t.v. The atmosphere turned dark as it reveals an update on the Marie Holden case being ruled as a homicide. "Shit, who the hell would want to kill her?" I exclaimed. Rika's face darkened as she look down at her daughter, hugging her tightly in a defensive manner. "I don't know" is all she could say. "I didn't know her that much, but she was a pretty nice person." I said.
  40.     "Oh, is she really?" Rika snarled, causing both me and Saoirse to jump at the sudden malice in her voice. "Mommy, whats wrong?" Saoirse asked, scared by this change in her mother. "Nothing, sweetie, but I want you to go to your room and go read a book, your father and I have something to talk about." Rika's voice growing intense and cold. "o-okay, Mommy" Saoirse quickly paces to her room, not wanting to stay to watch. Rika stood up, the hairs on her head and tail frizzing out, her blue eyes cloudy and her lip pulled backs into a snarling grin. "Have you not noticed anything about what that slutty sheep wanted from you, my little darling?" Rika growls, taking a step toward me and another one when I took a step back. "Rika, what do you mean, she knows that I'm yours, she wouldn't actually mean those word!" I shouted, raising my hand to my chest. Rika corners me to the wall, towering over me and looking down with that crazed face. "Oh, my little darling, I know you're too sweet to notice, but there have been a few women who been eyeing you, looking to take you away from me and our cute little girl." Rika leaned over stretching out hers arm to block off any escape route. "Which is why I had to get rid of her, my dear sweet Darcy."
  42.     My eyes widened at her confession to murdering my Weresheep co-worker. "Rika.... you can't be serious." I said, shaking in fear at this tall, insane Raiju. I thought back to the night Marie died, when I got home, Rika was strangely absent for a while. Rika just laughed. "You said it yourself, you're mine. MINE, NO ONE ELSE'S!" She place her clawed hands around the base of my throat and gives a firm grip. I swallowed some spit, trying to think of a way to calm my wife down. "Rika, I love you but that isn't right!" I yelled weakly due her grip tightening. "But darling, I have to protect you from all of the skank out there. How I could be without you? What would our daughter feel if you were stolen from us?" She said to me, her grin turning into a nightmarish smile and her eyes widening with a crazed lust. She stopped when my phone rang. She took my phone out my pocket and answered. "Hello?" "This is his wife." "Oh, he does?" "I'm sorry, but we have very important thing to do together." "FUCK OFF YOU SCALY-WINGED BITCH, YOU'RE NOT TAKING HIM FROM ME!" Rika threw my phone against the wall and turned to me, her face remaining terrifying and lustful. I yelped when I start to feel Rika channel her electricity into my body through her hand. She increases the intensity, causing me to cry out in both pleasure and pain. I see tears streaming down her face, her mouth wording "You're mine, my treat.... mine." I feel my eyes growing heavy, unable to to bear the shock flowing through my body. Eventually I collapse to the floor and blacked out.
  44.     I woke up to find myself nude and tied to a chair. I still can barely life my eye all the way, but from what I can discern from the cleaning supplies on one end and the circuit breaker across me, I must be in the basement. My head is still throbbing, preventing me from focusing and hearing the light footsteps coming from upstairs and the door opening. I still was having trouble waking up when I feel a sudden jolt that made me immediately wake up fully. "OH SHIT, WHAT THE FU-" my mouth is covered by a human-like clawed hand before I can finished my words. "Shhhh, you're gonna wake up Saoirse, my treat." Rika whispered into my ear. I whipped my head toward Rika's dead gaze. Another thing I noticed that she is also nude. "How long have I been out?" I needed to know. "Only for about 5 hours, by the way I didn't do anything, I wanted you to be awake for it." Rika answered, gaining a small smile while retaining the dead look in her eyes. She walk to the front of me, her face becoming frightful and lewd. She bend downs and kisses me on the lips. She then cups my cheek with her delicate yet sharp claws. "I can't take any more risk, my treat, I can't let anyone take you. Now be quiet and let me take gooood care of you." I cannot believe what I am hearing. This is my wife, the woman whom I known since 5th grade, we been married for 5 years, she was never like this..... no.
  46.     No... she was always like this. Throughout both middle and high school, whenever people would take advantage of my short height and shy nature to bully me, she always protected me. Yet, once she drive them off, usually they get into some sort of accident a few days later. One time, this Red Oni pushed me around at lunch, only leaving when Rika shove her away and shocking her, then 2 days later, that same Oni somehow got two of her fingers cut off by a malfunctioning scroll saw. "Rika.... all those accidents throughout school... was that you?" My voice was hoarse, giving me difficulty speaking. Rika frowned and poke me in the belly button, making my entire body convulse from the sparks. "I just told you to be quiet, if you can't, you're going to be punished, am I clear?" "Y-Ye-AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed as the raiju pushes her right index finger in further, sending in a stronger jolt and drawing blood. "Am. I. Clear?" She growls. I nod my head in response. "Perfect, now where was I?" Rika bends down to her knees, positioning herself before my erect member. "Oooh, look at that, you're so scared and yet you can't help yourself, it so cute." She then leans over and smothers my dick with her big soft tits. She starts squeezing her breast together and moving them up and down, stroking me rather gently. My dick start tingling as electricity flows freely into it. I grimaced as she look up at me with her alluring, yet psychotic smile. Then all of a sudden she stop.. "Oooh I forgot!" Rika said, pulling herself back.
  48.     I had no time to wonder what she was talking about when she cupped her breast and start to spray her milk onto my cock. I gasped as tiny arc contained within Rika's milks sparks across the shaft. Seeing that my dick is now lubricated, she goes back to providing me a titjob while also spraying milks onto my stomach as she does so. She picks up the paces, her tits now sliding up and down my milk covered cock. I works to try to keep myself from blowing my load, but as terrified as I am, my body is still working against my mind. I love Rika, but she is insane! How could she just kill someone for playful flirting? I am not understanding how it came to this, what gone wrong? All of that thought goes away when  I feel my dick start to build up pressure at the tip, ready to blow. Rika have noticed what going on, it appears she already have her mouth on the tip. With a few more strokes from her breast, I finally came, blowing a good amount of cum into Rika's mouth. She took her time savoring the flavor before swallowing. She then start licking the residual semen off the tip of my penis. "Hmmm, you're so cute and tasty." Rika moaned. Her tongues traces electricity on my now limp dick, slowly but surely causing it raise back to full mast. "Now I know what you're thinking, my treat, am I just give you another titjob so soon? Oh no, I know you're a little tired, so I'm going to give you a little refreshment."
  50.     She sat onto my lap, her hot clit touching my stomach and her plump ass and soft tail barely making contact with my dick along with her bust, no doubt still filled with plenty of milk, level with my face. "Now I don't need to tell what you need to do, do I?" Rika inquires, winking which add a sort of cuteness to her still utterly Looney-Toonesque expression.  She presses her breast against my faces, rubbing them up and down. I tried keep my lips shut as Rika tries to part them with her right nipple. Losing patience with my resistance, she prod my sensitive belly button again, causing me to whimper. "Come now, my husband shouldn't be so picky, you know its good for you." She pinches my cheek, opening my mouth and pop in her nipple just as I clamped back down behind her areola, gushing warm, sweet, and tingly milk down into my throat. "HHHMMMPH" Rika moaned from the force of me closing down on her breast. "Don't be so forceful, my treat, be gentle." She cooed lovingly as she traced her claws around the top of my head and flicking it against my forhead, drawing a little blood. I decided to use my tongue to flicked her nipple while sucking, the milk tingling my tongue even further. Continuing to moan lewdly, Rika leans back a little, pulling me with and reach down to my back, feeling the small cuts she left from our previous love-making a couple of days ago. "Awwwww, did I hurt you the other day?" She slide her claws across my back, tickling me, but not scratching me. Then she lowers her head to kiss the top of my head, giggling from me tickling her nipple with my tongue. Then, without warning, she goes into a frenzy, bouncing her rear back and thrust her crotch onto my dick, which slid easily into her. She start bouncing wildly on me, the chair somehow holding up. She holds my head in place with one hand to keep me from pausing my drinking from her breast and starts scratching up my back with her other hand.
  52.     "MINE! YOU"RE MINE!" Rika cry out ecstatically, grinding her hip against mine. The combination of her thrusting and my suckling cause her other breast to start spraying out milk with each thrust. My cock start throbbing and twitching inside her, the static charges from the wall of her vagina charging it. My back start to bleed from all the scratching. Both our entire body is getting charged up from the excitement. Her free breast continue to bounces wildly, shooting out milks all over me and the chair. Her vagina is sucking on my dick, intensifying the throbbing. "MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE!" Rika chant, her tongue sticking out and her eyes nearly rolling back. She thrust even harder and faster, my dick somehow still holding it in. She stop scratching to cup the breast I'm not feeding off of. She start squeezing out even more milk than it was from just the thrusting. She rubs her left breast against my cheek, getting milk in my ears, numbing it. Strands of her hairs starting flying out, indicating her nearing orgasm. With just a few more intense thrust, she made me fire out jizz inside of her, before giving 4 or 5 more thrust to reach her own orgasm. "YEEEEEESSSS!" Rika shout. She then wrap her arms around me and pull her breast away from my mouth, her right nipple still dripping the sweet liquid. "You're safe here... oh but I must've gotten carried away." She said, remembering that she scratched me up a lot. "Come on, let me make the pain go away." She then untied me, my body too numb from her static charges to put up any resistance and walk over to the dryer to pull a blanket. She laid me down on the blanket on my belly. Rika knows that I'm immobilized, so she does not need to tie me up again. The blanket feel warm and comfy. "Rika, please... listen.. to.. me" I squeaked weakly. "Hush now, my treat, you shouldn't talk just yet."
  54.     Rika get down on her knees, examining the cut on my back. "Oh my, I'm so sorry. I forget how fragile you are sometime. Don't worry, though, I have just to thing to help you." She then lowers herself down, her huge tits hanging down. She grasps her breasts and begins to shower my back in her electric milk. I winces at first from the milk making contact with the fresh cut, but then relaxed as the electricity numbs the pain and the white liquid cools down. Rika then lower herself further and presses her ample mammaries against my back. She just rubbing herself against me, massaging my back with her milky tit. Eventually she reaches up to my ear and proceed to bite down. I groaned from this. "Sorry, my treat, I know I already marked you on the day of our wedding, but I realized I need to make it more obvious." Rika whispered into my ears. I choked out a word. "Why...?" "Because she was going to take you from me. From Saoirse. From Yuno. I cannot allow that. To be honest, though, that was my first kill, and so long people knows who you belong to, it will be my last." I can only groan in response.... and I realized what she said. "Y-Yuno?" I croaked. Rika place her mouth next to my ear again to confirm what I heard. "I'm pregnant, Darcy." Her expression has softened into a motherly smile. She sits up in from of me, show that she does, in fact, have a small bump in her belly. "Saoirse is getting a little sister, you think she going to be happy?" I thought about whats going to be ahead.. my wife is a murderer, there is no mistaking it. But she is also with another one of our child, so I can't just turn her in. Plus if I tried to do that, there is no way I can properly take care Saoirse by myself. Saoirse loves me as her father, no doubt, but she trusts her mother more. Without her mother here... she would be a wreck. I love Rika, but I can't just let her go without answering for what she did. Its appear my only real choice is to wait things out. However, I have no time to think... my eyes are growing heavy.. and I black out.
  56. 4 years later
  58.     Rika is in the kitchen, cooking dinner. "Saoirse, Yuno, dinner is almost ready!" She yells out, as two smaller weasel girls runs into the kitchen. They climbed into their chairs to wait for Rika to walk over with their dinner. "For you Yuno, Mac and Cheese with apple, and for Sao, your fish sandwich with rice." "When is Daddy going to be home? Its been a hour since you picked me up from school?" Saoirse asked as she takes a bite out of the sandwich. "He should be here in a few minutes, he had some business at the police station." Rika answered, frowning. The doorbell ringed, prompting to Riak to walk over and open the door, smiling as she see me at the door. "Welcome home, my little darling." Rika spoke calmly. "Sorry I'm late, honey, they wanted me to tell them about your progress, they seems to be impressed, though." For some reason unbeknownst to me, a few day after she took me to the basement 4 years old, Rika turned herself in. Her pregnancy and motivation being enough for the Mamono-majority court to have her merely placed under house arrest. On one hand, I still felt she should've gotten time for the murder. But I'm still glad I could be with my wife and children. "I see, well have anyone bothered you?" She looked at me with a worried expression. "Nah, ever since you made the new mark, it mostly been professional whenever I talk to someone." I don't particularity mind the lack of social activity, since I've always been a introvert, so Rika's marking of me didn't make too much of a difference. She smiled at my answer. "That is nice... I'm so sorry." She told me, tears streaming down on her face. "Rika, I still love you no matter what, you just need to restrain yourself and I know that is hard for you."
  60.     I hugged her, my head easily going into her bosom since that is as tall I can get. I still love Rika. Yes, she is a absolutely a Yandere, but she was there for me throughout the more difficult part of my life. Plus, now she understand, she is trying to be better. I will support her through her hard time just as she did through mine. With that, I walked to the table, my two daughters climbing down from the table and running up to me. "WELCOME HOME, DADDY!" They cry in joy as I picked them both up with a hug. I am glad that thing turns out the way it did. This is a chance for us to fully recover from this. Our chance to be a normal family. Soon Rika's possessive park will be replaced by a more friendly, pleasant spark shared by all of us and I am waiting for that day.
  62. The End.
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