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  1. There's a time and place for everything.
  2. As sad as it is I don't think this topic will benefit this clan. It might hurt it, it might cause more anger and disappointment. The truth is, for a lot of us, it's been enough. Almost as if we don't care about the consequences.
  3. Because really, this clan isn't FOE anymore.
  4. Let me tell you a little secret about our friend Holydreams. The Australian Leader who has somehow managed to portray himself as FOE's best friend. As your best friend. It would be an effort worthy of praise if it wasn't such a sad realization that this grown man has imaged himself as Littlefinger, Grima Wormtongue, and every other snaky piece of shit popular culture has thrown at our faces. And for what?
  5. For your approval. Your "friendship", whatever that hollow combination of letters means to him. For respect, pride, and most importantly, for the prestige of being Leader of Final Ownage Elite, the number one pure clan. Eh, it's a game, but if that's what he wants to spend his time on, who cares? We all have our hobbies, our goals, our achievements. What does it even matter?
  6. You're right, who cares. Danny cares. He cares a disgusting amount. He cares enough to stab his friends in the back. He cares enough to manipulate people. He cares enough to lie, deceive and blind people for his own personal gain. He has outed ranks publically who did nothing but support him while making their lives miserable, he's thrown his fellow ranks under the bus to gain the approval of member ranks. Every rank that has ever had to endure his whiny, soft-spoken mumbling for hours and hours on end, hearing him repeat the same crap argument even a toddler wouldn't entertain, knows this. That when they tried to salvage whatever there was to salvage because Danny once again fucked something up, he was already weaseling about an idea that would benefit him, and him alone, preferably hurting the images of other ranks along the way. So he would eventually come out on top.
  7. Before I go in hard, let me tell you why now is the time to get this out in the open. Today, ranks, before that, members, were thrown out of the clan without any regard for their contribution. For their role in this community. These people have been the lifeblood of the clan FOE for years, making this place better. They've spent countless of hours trying to assist the clan, help the clan, lead the clan.
  8. And quite a few of them got purged without warning, without apology. They weren't even allowed to post a leaving topic. A topic to say goodbye to the friends they've known for years and years. They went into ACP, changed their rank, and not even a word of gratitude.
  9. Unacceptable.
  10. How would you feel, to be cast out without even acknowledging your existence? Without acknowledging your contributions, your efforts, your dedication and your loyalty? Not even entertaining the thought that you want to say something to the people you've spent your daily free time with for months, years, to be suddenly purged away for absolutely no benefit. No one wins from getting rid of loyal, trustworthy, respected people. The clan certainly doesn't.
  11. Except for one, one very noticeable thing they had in common. They disapproved of Danny. Some vocally, some less, but they all share this one common trait: to hell with Holydreams.
  12. Some facts about this mess of a person. He almost got demoted on three separate occasions. In one scenario, his powers had already been altered and his removal was imminent. After being told the outcome of this decision, he literally cried on Teamspeak to multiple ranks about how this game was, and is, his life. He involved people that would normally have no rank clearance to be involved in the discussion at all, leaking a Leadership decision to try and alter the outcome. He lied, again and again, until one of the shining lights in FOE (who is sadly fading) gave him the benefit of the doubt, again.
  13. You'd almost feel sorry for him. Poor Danny, who no one understood, who no one liked. But people do like him, so I'm not sure what you're on about? Ah yes, of course.
  14. Danny is a sycophant, a liar, a cheat. Whenever a leadership discussion about a particular member needed to be made, Danny would either softly state an opinion that hovered around neutral or would simply abstain from a vote. The amount of times we sat in leadership discussions for him to "BRB" every time something needed to be done has become somewhat of a meme among (ex-)leadership.
  15. Let me give you an example.
  16. FOE had an issue with BSing. Danny cried on and on about it, how it hurt the clan, how it was bad for trips (of course this only really became an issue for him after he started getting BS'd himself, by people who started to realize Snaky Danny wasn't all that nice to begin with). Of course, Danny didn't do anything about it himself. He got a different Leader to make a topic about it. He got a different Leader to explain it to the members. He got different Leaders to move up members who were disrupting trips after. He would let other ranks handle members getting booted for breaking our rules, all while supposedly "supporting" the decision behind the scenes.
  17. But then, classic Danny. He would go to the member and tell them it was such a sad moment for him. That he was really sorry for the fact the member got booted. That it wasn't "really" his decision, and that if it had been up to him, of course he wouldn't have booted him. Wow, the other ranks really are bad people, and I'm so glad we're friends. You know what, I'll try and get you back in.
  18. This is how Danny operates. He snakes people whenever convenient, always trying to maneuver himself into a position where HE benefits. Not FOE, be very aware of that. Purely egotistical self gain. All the other leaders would be bad guys, fucking scum for trying to enforce a standard. All the same with promotions. If someone was in the running for being promoted, Danny could be in favor or against it behind the scenes. If someone got promoted, Danny would run to them and tell them it was his idea, and that he got them promoted. That other leaders were even against it (lmfao!) but that he fought real hard and dedicated for them. If they didn't get promoted, same story. Other leaders opposed it but damn it if our friendly neighborhood superhero Danny didn't fight for your right to be moved right up.
  19. What happens if you speak up against any of the retarded things he's done?
  20. Advocated the KKK openly on Teamspeak, made fun of 9/11, skipped events to court [EOP]Nick,  the EOP leader heading the doxing of our members and trying to get into their accounts, went AFK for  4 months after promising to be more active after already being demoted the first time, wanted to leave when FOE slumped because he thought it got boring (didn't put in any effort at this time and made 2/10 trips, btw), then said he was back active when other ranks pulled us out of the slump, leaked IPs twice (gave opposing clans permissions to place IP grabbers on our Teamspeak (lol), let an EOP leader on this TS identity with IP powers, advocated "get c" and other mongoloid EOP-style spams that FOE has placed itself above for years and years, realizing how pathetically childish and boring they are, promotes 1-item style ragging on Trips which is the reason people keep quitting because it's just so god damn boring, and has supported the use of FOE mains on our trips.
  21. So what happens? He gets rid of you.
  22. Members, Leadership ranks, ex-Leadership ranks. People who have been putting in effort for FOE longer than Danny has known how to suck off a dude, cleansed or demoted over night. No warning. No apology. No gratitude.
  23. Every person who opposes his (honestly somewhat concerning) mental fantasy of him ruling FOE as if he's a loser caricature of Kim Jong Un, will be hunted down and removed. If there's one noticeable trend you can discover in the people that got rid of without even being mentioned, is that they all fucking hate Danny. And all for good reason.
  24. He's a poor excuse to lead a clan that was once rightfully proud of its legacy. After establishing himself as whatever delusion he sees himself as, he's finally gotten what he wanted. A shimmer of the best clan in clanning history, copying strategy and style of lesser clans. As long as he looks good, right? As he long he gets his Sharkbrew recognition, right?
  25. I feel sorry for every person who has been dragged in this mess. FOE is (was?) a community that provided a place for people to have long-lasting friendships, entertainment.  The amount of hours we've spent together would've made us very good friends from an IRL-perspective, had it not been for a computer between us all. The core of FOE has never been its leaders, its ranks, but the members. We owe everything to the members, and the fact that members, maybe even unknowingly, have been placed in a mess this large is very sad to see. You deserve better.
  26. There are still people that hope for solid reasoning, for a bit of logic to save the day. That just trying again and again will fix the problems. The band-aids aren't working anymore. You've lost 50, 60, 70, 80?% of the core ranks and leaders that were here every day the past year, all moved away to inactive positions because why the fuck would they bother. Even now, all these ranks stay silent. You know why people haven't bothered to get rid of this pathetic joke?
  27. Because they care too much about FOE. How it could hurt the clan to get rid of a spastic Leader and all the terrible influence he's had over the clan. Because it would shake us up, hurt our pulls. Because they are afraid that even respected Legends will be gotten rid of for trying to speak up against him, just like others have been gotten rid of. Make no mistake: people that have been active in FOE for longer amounts of time know this. It's like this Harvey Weinstein Hollywood mess: people know. It's slumbering, festering, but people are actually afraid to speak up. And most of these people aren't afraid of Danny, let's get that straight. No one respects him. They are afraid that he will drag this clan down with him, because that's all he cares about. He would rather close the clan than have people realize he might not be the shining beacon of hope he's been acting to be. They have been afraid all along that it would hurt FOE and make it worse. That's already happened, and there's no way to go lower than this.
  28. And Danny: You're a loser. The point of acceptance, of cooperation, of pity, that's all long over. Who the fuck actually acts like this? Grow the fuck up and sort yourself out. The only thing I feel sorry for is the shame that you had to drag FOE down with you, and every person who was hurt trying to do the right thing despite your draining existence.
  29. Fuck you.
  30. Yours sincerely.
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