Jul 22nd, 2018
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  2. username: DreamyTeapot
  4. 『 °*• ❀ •*°』
  6. me, it's me ;
  8. name: Song Vaelyn
  9. nicknames:
  10. Owl
  11. Penguin
  12. birthday: 8 February 2000
  13. age: 18
  14. gender: Female
  15. birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  16. hometown: Busan, South Korea
  17. ethnicity: Korean
  18. nationality: Korean
  19. height, weight: 156cm, 45kg
  21. background:
  22. — she was born in Busan. she had an older sister who is 3 years older than her. her father is a baker and her mother is a chef. her parents were very confused when she was born, she had gray-ish eyes, no one in their family on both sides had similar colour as hers, but they soon forgot about it. they were a very happy family. she loved dancing since she was 10 years old, however, her parents never knew her love for dancing. her sister were a Student Council president, so her parents expect that she would be just like her sister. she ended up being the vice-president, her parents were a little disappointed, but they were also disappointed at themselves for giving her more pressure. she didn't really had a lot of friends in her life, unlike her sister who is a Social Butterfly.
  23. occupation: Student Council Vice-President
  24. personality:
  25. — she has many personalities. she's that type of friend that smiles almost everytime, her smile would always work on anyone. she's also a dork when you start getting to know her, she does many random things that would make everyone wonder is she even a human. despite those bright personalities, she's a very cold and quiet girl, she would rarely open her mouth. she often looks down at herself, because most people seems to do that. she also can't start conversations with others. but, she's still a pretty smart girl, she would often gets good grades. she's a sporty girl and she would often play soccer by herself.
  27. — soccer & volleyball
  28. — photography
  29. — dancing
  30. dislikes:
  31. — swimming
  32. — nail polish
  33. — dogs
  34. habits:
  35. — rubbing her nose when she's shy
  36. hobbies:
  37. — dancing
  38. — playing keyboard
  39. — doing sports
  40. health concerns:
  41. — has a terrible allergy towards pork, dogs, and alcohol
  42. — has a trouble with getting weight
  44. 『 °*• ❀ •*°』
  46. hands on me ;
  48. slot: eyes
  49. back-up slot: mirrored pain
  50. face claim: FROMIS_9 - Nakyung (2000)
  51. back-up face claim: LOONA - Hyunjin (2000)
  53. 『 °*• ❀ •*°』
  55. always ;
  57. love interest: Park Woojin
  58. back-up love interest: Bae Jinyoung
  59. how did you two meet?
  60. — they met at a flower shop when her sister were just having a fight the shopkeeper, he was there because he wanted to talk with the shopkeeper's son that was his classmate, she became bored and grabbed her phone, then she saw the reflection of herself, she realized that her eyes were getting darker.
  61. how healthy is your relationship?
  62. — there's some moments when they actually had to avoid each other for a while, her eyes started getting lighter, other people started getting creeped out and starts avoiding her and her reputation starts getting lower.
  63. how will you two end up?
  64. — he would probably propose at a dance competition.
  66. 『 °*• ❀ •*°』
  68. showtime ;
  70. last chance to appeal! optional, note:
  71. — hELLOOOOO~ okay I'm very sorry if I filled anything wrong or if My English is wrong ;-;
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