The Enchantress: Chapter Two [Abandoned][Rewrite Pending]

Aug 11th, 2015
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  1. Authors Note: I had only realized there was an OC named Velvet after I had written the first chapter. At this point, I have no intention of changing the name unless people really care for some reason. It should go without saying that the Velvet in this story is a different character than the OC.
  3. Though it had only been a couple days, it felt like it had been over seven and a half months since Velvet had gotten her reply from Anon. Twilight wanted to teach him a few more things about Equestrian culture before he left or something to that effect. She didn’t see why it needed to take so long, how much did he honestly need to learn? But that’s past now, today was the big day. After preforming her morning ritual, Velvet stepped outside feeling like she could sing about her joy. She gleefully trotted down to the train station to meet Anon, singing along the way and finishing her song just as the train pulled into the station.
  5. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. >be Anon
  8. >you’ve been stuck in horseland for…
  9. >you actually forget how long you’ve been stuck here
  10. >these damn ponies have been singing joyfully around you since you left Ponyville
  11. >as the train pulls up to the station you look out the window
  12. >the ponies outside were fucking singing too
  13. >you breathe a sigh of relief as they finish their stupid song
  14. >you step off the train and some prim and proper pony steps up and introduces herself to you
  15. “Pleased to meet you, Anon! My name is Lady Velvet, I’m certain you’ve heard of me before I requested a visitation from you.”
  16. >great, that’s just what you needed
  17. >some bitch more stuck up than Rarity
  18. >at least it got you away from Twilight for a while
  19. >you have no idea how to respond as elegantly as she would expect
  20. >”…’Sup?”
  21. >she blinks in confusion, not entirely sure how to respond
  22. “Erm…What was that, dear? I’m not sure I understand.”
  23. >you roll your eyes
  24. >“I said what’s up? You know, how are you?”
  25. “O-oh, I see. I am doing very well! Come along! We’ll talk on the way!”
  26. >aaaaand another bitch ordering you around like Twilight
  27. >how long before she starts attaching machines monitoring your heart rate and brain waves?
  28. >wait, no, she wouldn’t do that
  29. >she would probably try outfitting you in suits
  30. >…Or frilly dresses if you were really unlucky
  31. >but you follow along since you seem to be stuck here for now anyways
  33. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. As Velvet walked along back to her home with her next victim in tow, she imagined what the look on his face might look like during his first transformation. She got Anon talking about some topic she honestly had no care in; it was just a ruse to lure her prey into letting his guard down. He’s likely been over all this nonsense a dozen times now and is sick of retelling his life story. They reached the front gates of her luxurious home. Anon took one look at it before making a quip, “Wow, you must be loaded.” Velvet didn’t understand what the phrase meant; she just attributed it to some sort of strange human slang.
  37. Inside her manor, she gave him a short tour of her home and showed him to a guest room where she claimed he would be staying, though he would ultimately never use the guest room. Velvet had made tea and took Anon out onto the balcony for a chat. She ended up having to fetch him a glass of water since apparently tea was too sophisticated for him. After chatting with him for a while, she decided it was time to ask the big question on her mind. “So, Anon, tell me…” She paused for effect, “What is the magic like on your world?” This seemed to catch Anon off guard, Velvet decided to play dumb. “Are there humans with horns that can use magic?”
  39. Anon burst out laughing as that probably caused him to imagine what that would look like, Velvet giggled a bit herself as she tried imagining him with a horn. Anon just answered simply “There is no magic on Earth.” Velvet perked up at this information, this was better news than she had hoped for. No magic likely meant no natural resistance to magic. As the sun had begun to set, she brought Anon back inside, intent in putting her plans into action immediately.
  41. “Ah, I forgot to show you one more room,” she said in a cheerfully singsong tone. Anon rolled his eyes and followed her. She opened the exquisitely decorated door to her basement, down the stairs covered in the most pleasantly soft carpet imaginable and into a room with silk curtains hanging over numerous alcoves, the center of the room displaying a large circular bed. Anon decided to make another quip “Ah, this must be the sex dungeon.” She could hear the sarcasm in his voice, it didn’t matter. He was about to realize he wasn’t wrong, she had him down here and there was no escape now.
  43. Velvet could only take a guess at how appealing a pony might be to a human, but she still put on her best seductive face as she advanced upon him, as he backed up, eventually backing into the edge of the bed and falling on it. Sounds of movement emanated from around the room, including the sounds of chains keeping a few of her less loyal pets from escape. Anon worriedly looked around, seeing the faces of numerous Equestrian creatures looking out from behind the curtains at both him and Velvet. As she moved into position over the human laying on his back, she took in his increasingly fearful expression. It was delicious. This is what she lived for. Anon’s arms shot up in an attempt to push her away from him, but it proved ineffective, ponies may be small, but they were still heavier than he had expected.
  45. Anon tried to scramble out from under her, but Velvet put a firm hoof down on his chest, not enough to hurt, but enough to keep him from escaping. She saw the fear in his eyes turn to fire as he tried kicking her, but she almost unconsciously used her magic to deflect the kicks, it was hardly the first time she had captured prey that would resist her. She went over a mental checklist in her mind, a spell that would mentally numb him, Velvet decided upon a much less intense version of her usual spell. It worked almost too well, in an instant, Anon’s resistance became nearly non-existent. As she looked into his eyes, she saw the fire diminishing as his thoughts became muddled. Though she could still pick out a hint of defiance in there somewhere, without realizing it she had begun to grind her pussy against Anon’s crotch. She loved when they fought to the very end, watching one futilely resist her will, her power, was the most divine sensation she knew. Velvet had almost wanted to lessen her spell on Anon’s mind so that he could resist in vain more, but she didn’t want to run the risk of lessening her grip enough so that he might catch her off guard.
  47. No, some pleasures must only be brief, for the sake of preventing an escape and keeping herself safe. Velvet’s magic enveloped Anon’s clothes and burnt them away in a flash, leaving no sign of them having ever existed. The naked form of her newest pet lay below her as she continued to grind her pussy against his throbbing dick. She focused her numbing spell so that Anon wouldn’t be able to move his limbs much, but he would be able to fully see and be aware of what was happening to him. As soon as he could speak again, he started into a string of profanity that Velvet found quite unacceptable, including what she could only assume was a threat when he said that he would gas her “like one of the jews.” She didn’t know what the phrase meant and didn’t care; she focused her spell to disallow him from speaking as well.
  49. Velvet licked her lips, her expression becoming intense as a smile crossed her face that Anon found unsettling, with the look of madness in her eyes as her horn shone bright crimson as Anon did a moment later. Finally the anger in his eyes was completely swept away by fear, terror, as the changes begun. Velvet used her magic to raise Anon’s hands in front of his face as his fingers shrunk back as his palms became thick and rounded, his forearms became thicker as well as a soft green fur grew outwards from his new hooves, up along the parts of his arms currently converted into forelegs. With his arms fully changed, up to his shoulders, Velvet paused to look into his eyes again. Anon was far too focused with being forcibly changed to be angry, instead his fear had fully taken over almost giving him a new found strength as his form writhed under Velvet’s own, ultimately to no avail as it still wasn’t enough to escape.
  51. Her horn brightened once again as her magic flared to continue the changes, fur spreading around his shoulders as they realigned themselves for forelegs rather than arms. The fur spread up Anon’s neck as it grew a bit longer and thicker, the changes slowed as Velvet diverted her attention slightly to grab a mirror with her magic and levitated it above Anon’s face so he could watch himself change, Velvet peered around the side of the mirror with gleeful insanity as the green fur started covering his jawline, then as Anon’s entire face started to reform into that of a pony. The area around his mouth grew outward, along with his nose which had melded in with his new and short feminine muzzle, his eyes grew larger and were spaced slightly farther apart as long eyelashes grew on his eyelids and his ears grew pointed and green as they migrated to the upper sides of his head, nearing the top. His thick black hair grew longer into a soft mane, running all the way down the back of his neck.
  53. Anon’s struggling continued to no effect, Velvet quite liked the sensation of her pets struggling beneath her. She had to stifle a laugh as she imagined him escaping and running through the street with a mostly human body up to his shoulders, where he had been converted to a pony, his forelegs being much shorter than his former arms had been to match the length of the average adult mare. She focused on his torso now, reforming it into the more barrel shaped body of a pony, the fur quickly growing over it signifying the conversion. Being this far down Anon’s body, Velvet had to stop grinding herself against him if she wanted to watch the changes, so she pulled herself back. She reworked his pelvis and the joints for his legs to support a pony’s rear legs. She leaned back and began rubbing her pussy with a free hoof as she got to her favourite part. It still managed to surprise Anon, most likely through denial of her intentions, as his dick began to recede into himself. It shrank until there was nothing left, soon after replaced by the thick lips of a new vagina, already dripping wet.
  55. She may not have been able to talk due to Velvet’s spell, but Femanon couldn’t help but let out moans of her unwanted desire. Velvet again repositioned herself atop Femanon, this time, grinding her crotch against Femanon’s face. With a slight tweak of her magic, she got Femanon to reluctantly begin pleasuring her, just as Femanon’s spine extruded outwards into a tail covered in the same soft black hair as her main. It was finally time for the last of the changes, Velvet used her now waning power to change Femanon’s legs unceremoniously into those of a pony, her feet growing shorter in length and rounder, becoming hooves.
  57. Velvet was exhausted, having fully converted Anon into her pretty pet mare. She may have over exerted herself while changing him, but she was pleased with the results, she used her remaining magical strength to attach a metal collar around Femanon’s neck, with a chain attached to the ground, to prevent escape. Velvet shuttered in intense pleasure as she finally came, she attributed it mostly to watching Anon’s transformation, but she gave her new pet a little credit for directly pleasuring her as well. The very tired Velvet got up and took one last look at her new prize, she noted the curious Question Mark cutie mark on the flank of Femanon. She left the basement, locking the door on the way out before heading upstairs to bed, happier than ever.
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