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  1. Random translations/summaries by Formerly Extella spoilers !ckxuZHx89.
  3. Note: I try to keep in line with the established translations of stuff (even if they're retarded like "magecraft") but don't catch all of them. I do consciously correct them if they're straight up mistranslations, though.
  5. Latest update: 1st Jan 2018 (Added Salem, Material IV, part 2 prologue, Hokusai quest, writer list updated)
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  8. Grand Time Temple Solomon stuff
  10. In life, Solomon had no will of his own; He was a device to run the kingdom, that reflected the will of god and the people.
  12. Solomon won the grail war with Olga's father and his wish was to become human. Not to become human as Solomon, but to become a new true human, Roman. But just as he became human, while losing his ability to see the future, he saw the end of mankind. He didn't know any further details but knew that it had something to do with him, and so set out to try and stop it.
  14. Olga's father summoned him using that one ring Roman has. Solomon had left it behind aside from the others through one of his instructions from god.
  16. Goetia is the sum of all 72 demons in control of Solomon's corpse. The demons were the ones in the visions complaining about why Solomon wasn't do anything about mankind. They/he got sick of mankind and after Solomon's death plotted this whole thing: Turning all of mankind over 3000 years into energy to power Ars Armadillo Salmonella which would allow him to go back in time to the birth of the planet and create a new world that is home to a new, perfect life form free of death, with Goetia serving as the new planet itself. The "mirror" stuff is actually the personality of different demons surfacing to talk to whoever's talking to "Solomon".
  18. Goetia is defeated because Roman/Solomon uses his true first noble phantasm, Ars Nova, in which he returns all of his powers and rings to God and dies. This saps Goetia's power since he's using Solomon's body.
  20. Da Vinci knew that Roman was Solomon but they kept it a secret as a trump card to use against Goetia.
  22. Fou/Four is the fourth Beast, known as Primate Murder in other worlds. Merlin took him in in this world but let him loose to follow Chaldea's journey, and watching over them let him stay in this form (he mentions that he becomes very ugly in other worlds). He uses all the mana he's built up over all this time to bring Mashu back to life which is something that surpasses even the limits of true magic, but in exchange he loses his sentience and becomes a mere animal. He congratulates Mashu saying that they managed to defeat a Beast without swords.
  24. Gilgamesh says that since he's not a Grand he doesn't know all that much about the Beasts. What he does know, however, is that they're said to appear in a chain: A world where a Human Evil appears is one that will be wrought with disasters as it heads towards the "ultimate evil". The fact that I (Goetia) has appeared probably means that VII has already appeared somewhere else in this world.
  26. In the ending the world is back, but time has passed while all this shit was going on and so everyone else just instantly lost a year. The mages' association is in an uproar and sending people over to Chaldea to figure out what happened. Also there are still a bunch of masters in cold storage in Chaldea.
  28. Most of the servants have left, but the ones like Da Vinci who'd been summoned before all this started, and a few who felt that they couldn't leave Guda behind stayed back (no names are mentioned, presumably the ones you have). Da Vinci says their patterns are all recorded anyway so if a ley shift ever happens again they can all be re-summoned. It's unsure if any ley shifts will happen ever again, though, as they'll probably need approval from a lot of places to do any.
  30. >Goetia is defeated because Roman/Solomon uses his true first noble phantasm, Ars Nova, in which he returns all of his powers and rings to God and dies. This saps Goetia's power since he's using Solomon's body.
  32. Oh, and this also results in the true complete death of Solomon himself, something that Goetia says has never ever actually happened in all of history; Solomon's entire existence is erased entirely, even from the Throne of Heroes.
  34.     Roman derived his name from "romanticism" (which is just "roman" in Japanese).
  36. There's no mention of where Archeman comes from but Goetia refers to him as his archetype (Archeman: アーキマン, archetype: アーキタイプ).
  38. >Roman/Solomon's death
  40. He was just killed extra hard. He wasn't erased from history.  
  42. Fou(r) is this parallel world's version of Primate Murder that didn't grow up thanks to Merlin and Chaldea.
  44. >Solomon looking like Olga's father
  46. No mention of this at all. In fact there's no mention of what ever happened to the guy either. And no mention of Olga at all too.
  48. People like Flauros were seeded by Goetia as lines of mages that would sprout into demons when the time for incineration came, so Flauros wasn't some human who was persuaded to join Goetia; He was one of the 72 demons and part of Goetia before he was even born. He was also a classmate of Roman's and Goetia calls him a dumbass for not noticing that Roman is Solomon.
  50. It's unclear if Solomon ever even was a grand caster. Goetia's profile says that his class as Grand Caster was false, and Solomon's card identifies him as a regular Caster. They don't really mention anything about Grand Servants at all (the only mention in the story is from Gilgamesh starting his explanation of Beasts with "I'm not a grand so I don't really know but...").
  52. FYI Fou(r) does identify himself as "the fourth beast" (第四の獣). And I haven't read Fragments but apparently the Beast in there is Beast IV (ビーストIV).
  54. >Chaldea's casualties
  56. The 200 dead are still dead.
  58. It's mentioned that Chaldea still has 47 masters frozen who can be revived once they get help from outside.
  60. 60% of the facility was wrecked by the demons. There are only about 20 staff left (it's not mention if there were any casualties from the Time Temple so it's unclear if there were 20 left to begin with or 20 left after the demons attacked here).
  62. >David
  64. He did seem to have noticed that it was someone else claiming to be Solomon (when he appears in the story he says something like "even if the enemy is my son, or someone claiming to be him")
  66. >Olga's father
  68. Just to elaborate on the guy: In the flashback at the beginning of the chapter it's revealed that they just totally won the grail war normally, and reached the grail. But Malihoweveryouspellhisnamebilly doesn't want to activate the third magic and reach the origin and use the Einzbern's wacky shit, and uses the grail as an actual real wish-granting machine. Apparently it CAN work as a real wish-granting machine. He uses it to get money while Solomon uses it to become human (this isn't revealed at that point though), and covers up what he did by making it look like Saber won the grail war (no real details on what he did).
  70. When Soloroman uses Ars Nova this results in the 72 demons splitting up from Goetia. Some continue fighting, some "abandon life", some refuse to rejoin with Goetia, Gusion Eligos and Caym want to debate with the servants, Allocer and Orobas become shields (!?) and die protecting the servants, etc.
  72. Goetia empathised with Mashu. All but one of the 72 demons had agreed on the whole "go back in time and remake the world" plan and Goetia wanted her to agree with their plan for reassurance, and offered to bring her with him to the start of the new world if she did so.
  74. Goetia has clairvoyance because this is a skill that rests in the body, but not the ability to hear the words of God since this is a skill that rests in the soul.
  76. Solomon (Roman)'s high-speed incantation skill is a C because he gets over-anxious and makes mistakes.
  78. >Goetia is "Pity"
  79. There's an additional line below that in his material which elaborates on what it means: "the sheer arrogance of people pitying and being disappointed in other people".
  82. In both Tiamat and Goetia's cases it's mentioned that they gained the class of Beast (number) at some point (Tiamat when she decides to reset all life, Goetia when he starts his instrumentality project) so yeah, it seems possible that Beast is a class, with Beast-number being a category in said class, that multiple beings can attain.
  85. Solomon's Material refers to him as a "grand mage" (冠位の魔術師) which is what he called Merlin in Babylon. I'm still unsure if this means Grand Caster or that Clock Tower rank thing someone mentioned before. His card says Caster though.
  87. Solomon seems to be strong-willed but this comes from how he just speaks his mind all the time without caring. At heart he's a chicken (exact words). He takes thing seriously but doesn't put his heart into it, and perpetually puts no more than 80% into doing everything. But even than he was loved by his people as a wise, gentle, and loving king. However, none of this was from his own will, as he had no way of living except as a king listening to the voice of god. He is a non-human that only reacts to the emotions of people around him.
  89. Oh and Fou(r) says that because he's not at full power he can only give Mashu a normal lifespan.
  91. (So if he was at full power he could make her immortal or something?)
  93. >- Solomon's rings (the ending takes the time to pan over them)
  94. Tapping on the chapter button gives you a message saying that the time temple is completely destroyed, except for the throne which still exists there (and the rings are on the throne, yeah)
  96. >Nega Messiah
  97. It's not in his Material but Goetia has one of those nega skills too, his is Nega Summon (the one he uses on turn 1 that makes him super resistant to NPs)
  99. -----------------------------------------------
  100. Nasu blog
  101. 2016/12/26 : Human Foundation Restored
  103. >『Fate/Grand Order』第一部、多くのプレイヤーの戦いによってめでたく完結となりました。
  104. >This is the end of Fate/Grand Order PART ONE
  106. Story for the final chapter remained the same as in the initial planning phase; It was always going to be about Goetia and Roman and Mashu and Fou(r).
  108. Chapter 7's script was done in the first week of October while the final chapter was done in the last, but November was spent putting together Christmas and 7 so they only had one month to actually make the final chapter.
  110. Christmas was in November because Nasu wanted the final chapter to come immediately after 7, even it was dumb from a business POV. They prioritised story over Christmas.
  112. Yeah confirmed nothing for the rest of the year (he says to go collect EXP or something)
  114. He recommends reading the boss materials because they might be relevant.
  116. The final chapter's scenes with the servants showing up: Chapters 2 and 4 were done by Sakurai, 3 and 5 by Higashide. He told them to keep it at 10 kb of text, 15 at most for each chapter with 25 at most for two, but they both gave him 20 kb per chapter. He complained but they pointed out that he said the chapter would be 40 kb then wrote 120 kb.
  118. There is a "yearly item supply", a sort of "item budget" thing, inside the game, which determines drops. They loosened this in the Time Temple so that you can just get all the shit you want. He actually fucking says "just like assets in real life" >現実の資産同様
  120. >There is a "yearly item supply", a sort of "item budget" thing, inside the game, which determines drops.
  121. (Wait what. Drops are artificially limited? They're not by chance?)
  123. He says that while you may think that Ars Armadillo Salmonella may instakill your entire front line, but if you use your experience up to this point there are ways to get past it.
  124. "This is the last battle, don't skimp on the command spells!"
  126. He praises Sugita's performance and how he uses different voices for different demons. He especially likes Goetia who's filled with rage, but this is not the sort of anger that comes from hate but is screaming "why".
  128. He now has Andromalius speaking in his head whenever he buys stuff off Amazon ("Why seek more!?" "Why hoard!?" and not mentioned on the blog but "Dispose of everything unneeded!" is presumably relevant too)
  130. Most of the demons only got emotions at the very end, but Flauros got his emotions very early on. That's why he was able to troll Chaldea while the other demons were mostly machine-like.
  132. That's also why Flauros never excepted their loss, and didn't give up, till the very end (posted this before but he's the last demon to die). He was also the one demon that empathised with Mashu.
  134. Yamanaka Kotetsu was commissioned to do the demons after he did the main visual for the UBW movie.
  135. The designs were perfect so they got him to do Tiamat.
  137. Tiamat is supposed to be the "ultimate form of the Sakura-type character".
  139. There are also rough cuts of a little girl version of the Femme Fatalle, wait for chapter 7's Material.
  141. The reason why Tiamat has 11 Lahums stronger than demons is because they're her equivalent of the demons, but while Goetia has 72 she only has 11 so quality over quantity.
  143. "Thanks, Yamanaka-san! Now all we need to do is wait for Holmes to get in!"
  145. About the OP, Shikisai: When making the song they explained how the story would end to Sakamoto, and she made the song based on the game's themes.
  146. Also, Nasu wrote the plot to FGO while listening to Sakamoto's song Scrap. He thinks Roman's ten years is close to what's depicted in Scrap and actually told Takeuchi that he wanted to use it as FGO's OP, and Takeuchi is the one who said they might as well get her to make an original song.
  147. When commissioning the OP Nasu's requested something like Scrap.
  149. >The story bit at the end
  150. Short story where Guda goes back to their room, has a vision of Roman, and bids him farewell again (also referring to him as "Doctor Romantic").
  152. 俺/わたし は 顔を上げて/うつむいて、唇を噛んで、 こみ上げるものを必死に堪えた。
  154. He fits in versions for both genders (俺/ore is presumably Gudao and わたし/watashi is presumably Gudako; "Ore" looks upwards and "watashi" looks downwards as they fight back their tears.
  156. >inb4 Gudako is an orekko and Gudao is a cool guy who uses watashi
  158. -----------------------------------------------
  160. Material 3 stuff (might be missing some stuff I posted later since this is taken from the old pastebin)
  164. -Jack gets along best with good alignment masters, but good alignment masters know the best how wrong her wish is. It's up to her new master to help her find a new wish.
  166. -It's mentioned how summoning Jack the Ripper as a berserker results in the berserker madness cancelling out Jack's inherent madness resulting in a logical Jack (unclear if this refers to SF Jack since SF Jack isn't actually Jack the Ripper but rather the concept of Jack the Ripper found in fiction)
  168. -
  170. MORDRED
  173. Mordred was educated as a knight, and as such does display the etiquette associated with being one, but still believes in using force. She's in a rebellious phase in which she gets the urge to defy authority. She has a difficult personality, as she can't stand being treated as a woman, but doesn't like being recognised as a man either. In battle she possesses exceptional skills, and also believes in "might makes right" which means she uses dirty tactics. That being said, she does possess the pride of a knight, and makes sure not to get unrelated people involved in her schemes. She's the type that enjoys the present world when summoned, and eats food even when supplied with mana. "I'm not like my stiff-headed father!"
  175. She treats her master as an equal, but generally disdains the craftiness of mages. If there were a master who could get along with her, it would be one who treats her neither as a woman nor as a child, is perfectly honest, with an earnest and non-grandiose desire.
  177. The legend of King Arthur loses its glory bit by bit as it goes on, with infighting among the knights, barbarian attacks, and famine. And the one who has the role of closing the curtains on the legend is the traitor knight, Mordred. Her father is King Arthur, and her mother Morgan. A homunculus born from Morgan's magic and machinations, she was raised in a short time with revenge against King Arthur whispered into her ears. "This land is your's. You will one day be king". And yet Mordred did not give in to hate, and was proud of the king. She was no longer troubled by the thought that she was not human, and all that was left in heart was the pride of sharing the king's blood. And so Mordred dreamed. She dreamed that one day the King of Knights might recognise her as the successor to the throne. But she was mistaken. The King of Knights was a firm king, who allowed no flaws in the governing of the land. As Mordred was not fit to be a king, she would never be allowed to succeed the throne. But Mordred misunderstood this, and thought that because she was the child of Morgan, she was hated by the king.
  179. For Britain, King Arthur's efforts were merely delaying the inevitable. Everything was to come crumbling down someday, for the age of gods had already ended. But Mordred turned this slow decline into absolute destruction. It was only when the King of Knights wielding the Holy Spear dealt the final blow that the Traitor Knight finally realised:
  181. "Ah. It's not that the king was refusing to look at me. The king could see no-one, from the beginning."
  183. She recalled the words that one of the knights left behind before leaving Camelot.
  185. "The king knows not the hearts of men."
  187. It was only when all of her hate and adoration finally came to an end that she became certain that those words were true.
  189. But she failed to realise one important thing- What the King of Knights sought in life. What the king, and not she, wanted to see. The answer to that is not to be found in this story.
  191. Related characters
  193. Artoria: Mordred's father. She has love and hate and all sorts of other emotions, impossible to explain, for her. She does not know herself if she wants to surpass her, or stand alongside her, or go ahead of her, or grind her beneath her heel.
  195. Artoria Lily: "Father is younger than me!?" (Logic error)
  197. Lancelot: "It's the adultering bastard! The adultering bastard's here! String him up! Stone him! Have Shakespeare write about him!"
  199. Gawain: Honour student. His being such a distinguished dog annoys her.  If it weren't for Gareth she would have been picking fights with him. Also, isn't being invincible for as long as the sun is up kind of cheating?
  201. Frankenstein: Empathises with her and looks after her.  Especially since when left alone she just stands in a corner doing nothing.
  203. Agravain: They share similar backgrounds, but don't have much in common and so aren't particularly close. But she gets the feeling that Agravain looks after her, and so figures he's a good guy, probably.
  207. -
  209. TESLA
  211. -Tesla may sound like he's bragging, but if he says he can do something it's because he believes that he can absolutely do it.
  213. -Tesla's wish for the grail is to complete the Nicola Tesla World System where wireless AC electricity is used worldwide.
  215. -Mark Twain used to call Tesla "Doctor Lightning"
  217. Galvanism: A
  218. The free conversion and charging of bioelectric current and mana.
  219. By instantly converting attacks without form such as magic light, magic wind, and magic bullets into electricity and charging it, Tesla can recharge his own mana.
  221. Knowledge of a Gifted Genius: A
  222. A skill that shows unparalleled natural knowledge.
  223. Allows the use of most skills excluding those inherent to the body (such as divinity) or ones unique to particular heroes, at proficiency or A-B rank. However, Nicola Tesla does not use this skill very often.
  225. Pioneer of the Planet: EX
  226. A special skill given to heroes who became a turning point in human history. All difficult journeys become possible while remaining impossible. Tesla brought an existence that belonged only to beings from the age of gods down to the Earth, and raised the level of civilisation on the entire world, and thus has this skill at a high rank.
  228. Myth of Man: The Advent of Lightning / System Keraunos
  229. Rank: EX / Type: Anti-Fortress / Range: 1-99 / Max targets: 400
  230. System Keraunos. The result of Tesla's deeds in life and the mysteries of numerous supernatural legends being raised. The power to control electromagnetism. Brings forth a massive power that reminds one of the many legends of lightning gods. Uses the projection of electromagnetic force, and the existence of this long range attack is what made Nicola Tesla,  who made no use of bows or other ranged weapons, into an Archer.
  231. By releasing its true name, an entire area can be destroyed through the generation of a limited pseudo time-space fault.
  232. Can be used in both offense and defense, but it consumes a lot of energy and so mana reserves have to be watched closely. The amount of mana used when releasing the true name is especially high. (Using Galvanism to recharge as he fights is his regular fighting style)
  234. -
  238. -Alter Lancer can use Invisible Air to buff agility, make high jumps, boost attack power, and as an AOE projectile (not the piercing projectile used as Saber).
  240. -Releasing the true name of Rhongomyniad requires releasing at least half of the locks on it, and when using it in F/GO she is NOT releasing even half of the locks (not fully releasing its true name)
  242. -Artoria with Rhongomyniad is King Arthur as a realist (while with Excalibur she's an idealist). She sees the lance as a curse.
  244. -Rhongomyniad has "world level" power.
  246. -Lancer Alter is Artoria who, after gaining Rhongomyniad, chose to not become a goddess and wanted to remain a human. To do so she used everything she could, including the curse of the grail that she has a far-off link to, and chose to become the Wild Hunt.
  248. -Lancer Alter sees Artoria Saber not as an alternate version of herself but as either a younger version of herself, and it may be that she feels like she's watching over a younger sister.
  250. -Lancer Alter doesn't like Arthur (Prototype) because she does recognise him as being a true holy sword wielder and this hurts her pride.
  252. -Lancer Alter tends to stay away from other servants, but is relatively close with Francis Drake who's another Wild Hunt. From a third person's perspective, they may look like close friends.
  254. -
  258. -Paracelsus was purged by the Mages' Guild because he ignored their warnings from when he published theories on magecraft to the general public multiple times,  and then mass-produced and tried to produce the philosopher's stone. It's said that he was not at all shocked when the assassins arrived at his mansion, and that he greeted them with a smile.
  259. -Paracelsus knew Da Vinci in life, but can't remember if s/he was female when they first met. Deeply respects Da Vinci, so much so that he wouldn't dare trying to befriend her.
  261. -Paracelsus also knew Zolgen in life and wanted to be friends with him, and saw him as a noble idealist. If he ever met the 21st century Zolgen he would absolutely not recognise or acknowledge him as the same person.
  263. -
  265. BABBAGE
  267. -Babbage's armour cannot be removed.
  269. -Babbage became interested in automata at the age of 8. The first automaton he saw was a female type that he met in the workshop of an inventor with the name of Merlin.
  271. -Dimension of Steam is  high rank because of special reasons, but firepower-wise it's a B-C. There's a reality marble inside the armour that keeps it working by summoning a special steam engine, and if the armour is ever opened the reality marble is cancelled and the armour stops working.
  273. -It's mentioned how Babbage and Ada Lovelace were huge pals
  275. -Babbage on Nezha: "Oh my, an old oriental automaton. Beautiful."
  277. -Babbage isn't sure if Brunhilde is an automaton, and recognises someone whose name is censored as "●●●●" as a beautiful automaton.
  279. -
  284. -Dr. Jekyll was a good man, but he grew obsessed with the concept of "evil" when he learned of the Napoleon of Crime who existed outside of society, when helping with a certain consulting detective's investigations. He turned to science and alchemy to try to separate the factors of good and evil within humans, and experimented on himself.
  286. -
  290. -Frankenstein's personality is described as that of "a large dog that doesn't quite trust humans". She communicates through gestures a lot.
  292. -
  294. ARJUNA
  296. -Pashupata is not an attack that kills all enemies in an area, but judges all enemies one by one within that area and kills those that fail the test. Effective against divinity, ineffective against anti-heroes.
  298. -
  302. Cosmoreactor: A
  303. A cosmic reactor that only the shining Sabers can use. Reacts to stuff.
  305. Riding: EX
  306. The ability to not be able to ride anything at all except a shitty spaceship. Pilots the spaceship so good it can warp even without a warp function.
  308. Presence Concealment: -
  309. Why would a Saber have this skill?
  310. (Actually EX but it's sealed because she rejects it)
  312. Himitsucalibur
  313. Holy swords that are especially effective against Sabers. Don't shoot beams, but are covered in beams. They make vwoom vwoom sounds that sound suspiciously familiar. Her ability to control swords of two opposite alignments is actually something that's not easily done.
  315. -Mystery Heroine X's wish for the grail is the destruction of all other sabers. Or at least for them to change their class name to Attacker or Swordsman or something.
  317. Mystery Heroine X to Mystery Sailor X: "Wait, who are you? Are you from Episode II?"
  319. -
  323. Mack A Ruin: Two meter long magic spear that was used to kill the divine spirit Alan when he turned into an evil fairy. Has an "auto attack function" and nullifies all negative mental effects. Releasing its true name lets it shoot Nwazzer's water out.
  325. Ushck Behurr
  326. An NP derived from how all the water he scoops with his hands gain healing properties. Effect is that the water he scoops with his hands gain healing properties. Works on both humans and servants, and heals poison too. He carries bags of pre-scooped water around.
  328. Fin-tan Finnygas
  329. An NP derived from the story of the salmon of knowledge. Fin has salmon fat on his thumb and he becomes really smart when he licks it. Salmon fat includes a lot of DHA which is said to improve concentration.
  331. Magecraft: B
  332. Trained in the magecraft of the druids. Can perform attacks, attack support, and healing, but the school he's versed in was not meant for direct combat.
  334. -He blames women for his troubles and doesn't stop to think that it might be his own fault.
  336. -Because Fin appears as his young self, while he has knowledge of what happens later, he doesn't really care about it and is happy to meet Dillmood again. Dillmood has problems dealing with this because his last memories are of the whole letting him die thing.
  338. -His wish for the grail is to fix his tendency to get trouble from women. He thinks all of his tragedies in life stemmed from that. But that's his way of thinking when summoned in this form, and if summoned in another may have a different way of thinking.
  340. -
  344. -Brunhilde's riding skill is usually A+, and has dropped to A because she was summoned as a lancer. It's A+ when she's summoned as a rider. Her NP is especially effective against Siegfried due to his ties to Sigurt. A lot of emphasis on the word "automatic" (she automatically kills anyone she loves, her wish is to meet Sigurt again but she would automatically kill him if that happens, etc. She wants to live happily with him but her body wants to kill him)
  346. -
  348.  BEOWULF
  350. Grendel Buster is a special NP that can only be used by destroying Hrunting and Naegling (wording suggests he has to do it himself). And NP made of the concept of killing Grendel. Gives him the overwhelming power he had in life. Because it's a primitive form of combat (punches and kicks etc.), skills and NP that nullify an attack after one use do not work on it.
  352. -
  356. Anti-magic: Resists magic badly
  357. Riding: Can ride animals and shit
  358. Skills: Buffs. Blessings from a bride. Should be used on party members but she can use them all on herself and become a Super Bridejin.
  360. Aestus Domus Aurea
  361. Marriage version of Aestus Domus Aurea, AKA Nuptiae Domus Aurea. Turns the place into a wedding ceremony.The sword attack is Fax Caelestis. It's a regular move that turned into an NP because Nero said it was pretty enough to be one. Also known as the "confession of love sword", go see Extra/CCC for details (that's the literal nickname given to it by players in Japanese)
  363. -
  366. Independent manifestation: C
  367. Special skill. Ultra version of independent movement.
  368. This skill signifies a confirmed existence, which has resistance to instant death and time-control attacks.
  369. Those who have this skill are-
  371. NOTE: In the last chapter of part 1 Gilgamesh straight up says only Beasts have independent manifestation. He says to Jeanne "well it's time for us to go. After all, independent manifestation is a thing only Beasts have (i.e. he and Jeanne don't have it). Merlin's material in the game makes it clear that his having it is a special case, too, and Extella's materials state that Gilgamesh showing up on his own is a special case because that's in the Extra world.
  373. -
  377. -Shiki's eyes of death (NP) description says that it brings forth individuals' concepts of death (this is how it nullifies stuff like long lifespans, instant healing, multiple lives, etc.) which kind of sounds like what King Hassan did to Tiamat. She's the "same type of servant" as Edmond Dantes, but what makes them the same is not stated.
  379. Shiki as a servant is the dream of her real self who was incinerated by Goetia and is sleeping. She doesn't really care about being burned away but she cares about the people around her being burned and so joins the fight.
  381. -
  385. -Amakusa Shirou constantly keeps a distance away from everyone, leaving them as neither friend nor foe. No matter how close he is to his master, unless they share his wish for the grail, they remain one of the targets of his purge.
  387. -
  389. ASTOLFO
  391. Astolfo to mystery homunculus: "No way!?"
  393. -
  397. King of the Cavern/Monte Cristo Mythology
  398. Edmond Dantes' entire body as an Avenger is a Noble Phantasm that was created from his life (though it's possible that the 14 Relics he encountered in life may also have something to do with this). He controls lethal poison-fire and curse-magic, and is immune to poison and resistant to mental effects. He can also hide his status and class and show fake information. Releasing the true name of this NP spreads the curse he has charged up inside of him around, and turns enemies paranoid so that they start attacking each other.
  400. Wait and Hope/Attendre Espérer
  401. Completely heals one target from near-death (KO) and raises all parameters by one rank.
  403. Dantes' regular attacks should actually cause poison (damage over time) and bad status effects. He respects Amakusa and Angry Manjew, wonders why Jeanne isn't an avenger, and quietly watches over Jeanne Alter and Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily Lancer.
  405. -
  409. While it seems possible to talk to Nightingale, she's actually talking to herself which means communication is difficult.
  411. Nightingale Pledge disables all weapons and NPs, and heals poison (and bad status effects in the case of servants). Swords fall from hands, guns shoot no bullets, bombs cease their chemical reactions, magecraft stops working, and NPs' true names are not released. Also greatly heals the stamina and mana of selected targets.
  413. -
  415. MEDB
  417. Medb's wish for the grail is to make all good men in the past, present and future her lovers. She doesn't like men who get jealous so Finn doesn't count. Also she doesn't like him to begin with.
  419. Iron Chariot of Beloved Me / Chariot My Love
  420. Rank:  B / Type: Anti-army / Range: 2-40 / Max targets: 50
  421. Chariot My Love. A charging attack in a chariot that is Medb's power as a queen given form. AOE attack. This chariot represents the royal authority of a lord, the iron that tortures people, and the fear that makes them shake, and uses the two bulls of the Táin Bó Cúailnge.
  422. Especially effective against males.  It is difficult for any man to deflect Medb as she charges at them.
  423. In Fate GO it has been re-adjusted from being an anti-army noble phantasm to becoming an anti-person NP.
  424. No male who has been captured by Medb's chariot can escape it. The inside is a reality marble, and a nest of love that will not let them free until the deed is over.
  426. My Red Mead
  427. Any man offered this mead will drink it for some reason, and any man who drinks said mead will belong to her.
  429. Conchobar My Love
  430. Temporarily borrows Conchobar's ability to see the future.
  432. Fergus My Love
  433. Temporarily summons and uses Caladbolg. She waves it and it shoots out rainbows.
  435. -
  439. Mana Synch: C
  440. Simulataneously greatly stimulates the mana of self and others.
  442. Mahatma: A
  443. She refers to those who have reached the origin before her to be Mahatma and considers them to be beings of a higher dimension.
  444. She uses many magecraft bases carved into the world, saying that she's borrowing power from the Mahatma. It is unknown if some higher being is actually lending her power, or if she just has a particularly special magic circuit. She can use summons, black magecraft, alchemy, elemental change magecraft, rune magecraft, ancient Egyptian magecraft, and so on. She can use the Holy Church's blessing incantations as well.
  445. By using multiple magecraft bases simultaneously, she miraculously succeeded in using especially powerful magecraft. The simultaneous use does not always work, and luck and chance factor in as well, so the effect is that especially powerful spells only sometimes occur.
  447. Seeker of the Unknown: B
  448. Direct marketing from Ms. Blavatsky, who seeks the Origin (Truth). A fleeting dream, of her wanting to share the bond with the unknown that she once encountered in a dream with others.
  450. God of Venus: Heavenly Master of Flame / Sanat Kumara
  451. Rank: A / Type: Anti-Army / Range: 1-50 / Max targets: 150
  452. Sanat Kumara. A giant clad in a body of shining ether appears alongside a flying object, and burns the area with flame.
  453. "It's one of the greatest spells in Theosophy, the temporary re-enactment of the power of Sanat Kumara, a divine being that came from Venus, one of the creators of Earth."
  454. "The saucer? Oh I found it left next to my pillow one day when I woke up."
  455. "My Noble Phantasm? Uh, it came out of some documents I got from the Mahatma. It started of really small. It had really cute eyes too."
  456. "I met it by chance, this one time when I was travelling through Nevada... Yes, Nevada in the United States. My consciousness was sent to Alpha Centauri where it touched something magnificent... And when I came to, I had the saucer."
  457. She speaks of many origins, but the true identities of the flying object and giant remain unknown.
  459. -
  461. EDISON
  463. Edison's NP WFD is an anti-masses NP that steals the faith of the masses in mysteries.
  464. -Edison's robots are Babbage's with the power source changed to DC, but he claims that he made them from scratch, and uses his patents as proof. He got his lion head when he figured "king of beasts" would be a good catchphrase for himself, and while he didn't ask for it, he's grown fond of it because it lets him shout louder.
  466. Create territory EX (equivalent to D)
  467. Creates the lab of the great Edison, king of inventors. Those who work under Edison as a servant are forced to work non-stop 24 hours a day.
  469. Item creation EX (D equivalent)
  470. Edison is famous for the invention of many items that remain used today. Some say he only improved on the inventions of others, but his achievements still remain undeniable. As a servant, Edison can upgrade the weapons and NPs of other servants. The success rises the lower the divine mystery level of the target is. However, NPs that are derived from achievements (like God Hand) cannot be upgraded.
  472. Edison on Tesla: "What? I don't recall ever becoming an acquaintance of such an AC anti-social AC psycho AC terrorist."
  474. -
  478. Jeanne Alter's avenger skill (which reflects how easy it is for hatred and curses to build up for them) is relatively low because she comes from after Orleans. Les Groin Ointment Do Ham's actual effect is to take enemy attacks (regardless of if they're physical or stuff like curses), power them up, and then bounce them back as a physical attack. The fire the flag releases is equivalent to a dragon's breath. Its power can also be increased by other factors, such as if allies are dead. Jeanne Alter now aims not to disavow Jeanne, but to surpass her. She's currently practicing on her writing. Ever since she came to the conclusion that her very existence is an attack on Jeanne, she's been enjoying life in Chaldea, and hasn't realised that Jeanne thinks this is cute.
  480. Jeanne Alter was originally just Jeanne with a different colour scheme to be distributed at an event.
  482. -
  486. Angry Manjew is an Avenger born of hate who speaks of love, while Edmond Dantes is an Avenger born of love who speaks of hate. Angry is jealous of Edmond because he flies around and has a cool coat and shoots black fire while he has to walk around half-naked. He says he knew that Medusa had the potential to be an Avenger  "since 2005, to be precise" but she's scarier than he thought she'd be.
  488. -
  492. Iskander does not treat Weber (Elemeroi II/Kongming) specially. What was an epic tale to Weber was just one of many for Iskander . He respects Achilles a lot (having admired him since he was a child) and would check his attire before even speaking to him.
  494. -
  498. Kiritsugu's Love of the Grail skill boosts his luck from E to EX, and makes it possible for him to meet conditions to beat enemy skills that would otherwise have special requirements. However, this luck mercilessly takes the fortune of others. He does not know that he has this skill, and cannot hear the voice whispering to him from the grail. Chronos Rose is based on the skill he used in life, and with it raised to an NP he can now use it to pull off super combo attacks. His second NP is Phantasm Punishment: A knife containing his two origins, cutting and joining. Deals lethal damage to anything with a magic circuit or magic crest. The same knife he uses in his regular attacks. His personality is closest to from right after the time when he'd just killed Natalia.
  500. -
  504. Hassan 100 can split into up to 80 parts with a chance that parts that don't realise they're part of them show up (this seems to be a reference to the scrapped plot thread for Zero where Weber befriends a little girl who turns out to be a Hassan who didn't know it). Each Hassan has a different personality with different strengths and weaknesses and if a master could manage to understand all of them and use them appropriately, they would be a huge threat.
  506. 100 Hassan to "Hassan of ●●": "You damned genius!"
  508. -
  512. Irisviel's Song of Grail is her connecting her love and motherhood to the grail and granting her own pure and earnest wish. This is not a function of the grail, but an NP made of her very existence. This can even bring back servants who have been dealt lethal damage as long as their core is still there.
  514. Irisviel to Ilya: Sighted > smile > hug (0.5 seconds)
  516. Irisviel to small Gil and Alexander: "How cute! ...Wait, what did you say your names were, again?"
  518. Irisviel was originally not meant to be distributed and had three costumes like regular servants (roughs only). The final design is a combination of all three by Takeuchi.
  520. ---------------------------------------------
  522. Writers for individual servants as listed on Material 1-4
  524. From Material 1:
  526. Mashu: Nasu
  527. Saber: Nasu
  528. Saber Alter: Nasu
  529. Saber Lily: Nasu
  530. Nero: Nasu
  531. Siegfried: Higashide and Nasu
  532. Caesar: Sakurai
  533. Altera: Sakurai
  534. Gilles Saber: Nasu
  535. Deon: Sakurai
  536. Emiya: Nasu
  537. Gil: Nasu
  538. Robin Hood: Nasu
  539. Atalante: Higashide and Myougaya Jinroku
  540. Euryale: Sakurai and Nasu
  541. Arash: Sakurai
  542. Cu: Nasu
  543. Liz: Nasu
  544. Benkei: Myougaya and Higashide
  545. Proto Cu: Sakurai and Nasu
  546. Leonidas: Higashida
  547. Romulus: Sakurai
  548. Medusa: Nasu
  549. Georgius: Miwa Kiyomune and Higashide
  550. Teach: Higashide
  551. Boudica: Sakurai
  552. Ushiwakamaru: Higashide and Nasu
  553. Alexander: Sakurai
  554. Marie: Sakurai
  555. Martha: Sakurai
  556. Medea: Nasu
  557. Gilles: Higashide and Urobuchi
  558. Andersen: Nasu
  559. Shakespeare: Higashide and Gatou Shouji
  560. Mephistopheles: Higashide
  561. Mozart: Sakurai and Nasu
  562. Kongming/Elmeroy II: Higashide
  563. Caster Cu: Sakurai
  565. From Material 2:
  567. Sasaki: Nasu
  568. Cursed Arm: Nasu
  569. Stheno: Nasu and Sakurai
  570. Keika: Higashide
  571. Sanson: Higashide
  572. Phantom: Sakurai
  573. Mata Hari: Higashide
  574. Carmilla: Higashide
  575. Herakles: Nasu
  576. Lancelot Berserker: Nasu
  577. Lu Bu: Nasu
  578. Spartacus: Higashide and Urobuchi Gen
  579. Sakata Kintoki: Haganeya Jin and Sakurai
  580. Vlad Berserker: Higashide and Urobuchi
  581. Asterios: Higashide
  582. Caligula: Sakurai
  583. Darius: Sakurai
  584. Kiyohime berserker: Higashide
  585. Eirik: Higashide
  586. Tamamo Cat: Higashide
  587. Jeanne: Higashide and Nasu
  588. Orion: Higashide
  589. Halloween Liz: Nasu
  590. Tamamo: Nasu
  591. David: Hoshizora Meteo and Higashide
  592. Hector: Higashide
  593. Drake: Nasu
  594. Pirates: Higashide
  595. Medea Lily: Higashide
  596. Okita: Keikenchi
  597. Nobu: Keikenchi
  598. Scthahcahtahchachahch: Sakurai and Nasu
  599. Dillmood: Nasu and Urobuchi
  600. Fergus: Sakurai
  601. Santa Alter: Nasu
  603. From material 3:
  605. Nursery- Nasu
  606. Jack- Higashide
  607. Mordred- Higashide
  608. Tesla- Sakurai
  609. Lancer Alter- Sakurai and Nasu
  610. Paracelsus- Sakurai
  611. Babbage- Sakurai
  612. Jekyll- Sakurai
  613. Frankenstein- Hoshizora Meteo
  614. Arjuna- Higashide
  615. Karna- Nasu
  616. MHX- Nasu
  617. McCool- Sakurai
  618. Brunhilde- Sakurai
  619. Beowulf- Higashide
  620. Nero Bride- Nasu
  621. Shiki x2- Nasu
  622. Amakusa- Higashide
  623. Astolfo- Higashide and Hoshizora
  624. Mini Gil- Nasu and Sakurai
  625. Dantes- Sakurai
  626. Nightingale- Sakurai
  627. Cu Alter- Higashide
  628. Medb- Sakurai
  629. Helena- Sakurai
  630. Rama- Higashide
  631. Li Whowhen- Higashide and Nasu
  632. Edison- Higashide
  633. Geronimo- Hidashide
  634. Billy- Higashide
  635. Jeanne Alter- Higashide
  636. Angry Manjew- Nasu
  637. Iskander- Urobuchi Gen
  638. Kiritsugu- Sakurai and Nasu
  639. 100 Hassan- Nasu and Urobuchi
  640. Irisviel- Sakurai
  642. From Material 4
  643. Shuten- Sakurai
  644. Xuanzhang- Sakurai
  645. Raikou- Sakurai and Nasu
  646. Kintoki Rider- Sakurai
  647. Ibaraki- Sakurai and Nasu
  648. Kotarou- Higashide
  649. Ozymandias- Sakurai
  650. Artoria Lancer- Nasu and Sakurai
  651. Nitocris- Sakurai
  652. Lancelot- Higashide and Nasu
  653. Tristan- Higashide
  654. Gawain- Nasu
  655. Serene Hassan- Sakurai
  656. Touta- Nasu and Higashide
  657. Bedevere- Nasu and Sakurai
  658. Da Vinci- Sakurai
  659. Tamamo Lancer- Nasu
  660. Artoria Archer- Nasu
  661. Marie Caster- Sakurai
  662. Anne and Mary Archer- Higashide
  663. Mordred Rider- Higashide
  664. Scratcharash Assassin- Sakurai
  665. Kiyohime Lancer- Higashide
  666. Martha Ruler- Sakurai
  667. Ilya- Hiroyama
  668. Kuro- Hiroyama
  669. Brave Eli- Nasu
  670. Cleopatra- Sakurai and Nasu
  671. Vlad Extra- Nasu
  672. Lancer Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily- Higashide
  673. Ishtar- Nasu
  674. Elkidu- Nasu, Narita, Sakurai
  675. Quetzacoatl- Nasu and Sakurai
  676. Gilgamesh Caster- Nasu
  677. Medusa Lancer- Sakurai
  678. Gorgon- Sakurai
  679. Jaguarman- Sakurai and Nasu
  680. Tiamat- Nasu
  681. Merlin- Nasu
  682. Goetia- Nasu
  683. Solomon- Nasu
  685. ---------------------------------------------
  687. King Hassan
  689. None amongst the assassins have seen him, because anyone who does dies. As the first Old Man of the Mountain he is also a watcher who punishes corruption in the group. They're supposed to be loyal to god so corruption amongst them is a great blasphemy. Corruption refers mainly to the decline of their top, be this mentally or physically, and the name of Man of the Mountain cannot be left to one such as that. Decline means death, and losing their head means absolution of sins and hope for a next Man of the Mountain. As an assassin of assassins, he uses a greatsword to give his role righteousness. Seeing his skull means death. (con.)
  691. Once a fool who has gone against the teachings has been punished , all who have seen the skull knight are banished from this world. It is said that he lived in the shadows, killing countless assassins, until the end of the order itself. As a living legend, as the abyss of assassins, never once witnessed. That is this skull knight.
  693. Azrael
  694. Rank C
  695. Anti-human
  696. Range 1
  697. Targets 1
  698. An ordinary great sword. As he used it all his life, it is soaked in his faith. As the sword of the one who walked the boundary of the valley, it adds instant death to all attacks. Though the activation chance is low, it does give the chance of instant death to all enemies. Those in the valley grow accustomed to death and become one with it, giving them resistance to instant death and charm.
  700. Conceal presence A
  701. The skill to conceal one's presence, the remnants of something he once learned. As this swordsman in covered in strong curses, even if he succeeds in his stealth check, the one he is going to kill will know he is there.
  703. Evening Bell EX
  704. A bell that foretells of a funeral, and the coming of death. A special skill that creates a zone that is fused with this ceremony. This swordsman does not choose who to kill of his own will. When someone loses track of their time of death, he brings them salvation in place of the lord. All is the will of heaven, and thus all who meet him know the end of their fate.
  706. Can you hear the bell? That is your fate. Accept it and release your soul, for that is your last chance to sleep soundly as a human.
  708. Bond CE: The Depths of the Valley
  710. No teachings to instill remain. No self remains.
  711. The swordsman is now a heavenly messenger, whose skills exceed that of any master.
  713. Aeon have passed watching over the evening bell.
  714. This is no longer life; It is in the realm of nature, or phenomena.
  716. The boundary between life and death in the valley is vague.
  717. The swordsman who spent all this time in contact with death is living while dead.
  719. Just like the legend of the Old Man of the Mountain he created.
  721. =============================================================
  722. Garden of Avalon - Most of, if not all of the notable stuff in the novel that I don't recall being in the drama CD
  724. -Merlin elaborates on the location of Avalon, saying it's both on the inside and outside of Earth, in the same location and space but on a plane several dimensions away.
  725. The part that's already in the drama CD (and on Merlin's bond CE flavour text which is literally copypasted from here) says that it's "The inner sea of the planet, the place where the star known as Earth keeps its soul"
  727. -Clairvoyance/千里眼 is proof that someone is one of the highest level of mages. Mages who existed before Merlin had eyes that could see the past or future and they too were of this level, but Merlin is the only one in this age. Because "to know" is the most basic fundamental and also the deepest heart of magecraft, mages with clairvoyance are born with the ability to reach the truth, and are despite being born as humans, outsiders unable to hold the same values as humans.
  729. -The girl Merlin's running away from is said to be a "scary witch". He also does state that she's human, and that the curse she uses to imprison him could have killed her. He doesn't recall doing anything to be hated by her this much and says he really doesn't understand humans.
  731. -When Merlin tells Artoria that drawing the sword will ultimately end in her dying a horrible death, he also sends images of this into her mind, and so this is not a warning but a prophecy. This prophecy was not included in the plans he came up with Uther, and he does not know why he did it. He expected her to give up at this point and figured he'd get her to do it some other time.
  733. -Agravain used to tell the knights that the king was not an avatar of a dragon, but someone with a dragon in place of a heart, and told them not to expect the same values as a human out of a being with the magic power of a god.
  735. -Caliburn was lost because Merlin got caught in one of Morgan's traps due to his womanizing habits. Merlin says this was a necessary rite for Artoria to get Excalibur.
  737. -Kay says that Morgan used to be a good girl, and wonders why she became so scary. He says she was "innocent as a fairy, elegant as a war-maiden, and cruel as a witch" and remarks that it's like she had the personalities of three different people inside her. He also notes that she was Uther's real, proper daughter.
  739. -Kay mentions that many knights didn't expect a child to be able to stay king for very long, and are preparing for the power struggles to come when the king falls.
  741. -Merlin says that 80% of Camelot is made by the faeries. Half of the craftsmen who work on the castle each day are humans, but half are faeries pretending to be human; Though most of the faeries at this point in time (the 10-year rule of King Arthur) had already left for the other side of the world, the "door" is still open at this time and they can come and go freely (though Merlin says that this door would soon disappear too).
  743. -The giants cannot survive in purely spirit form like the faeries, and so can't escape to the other side, and are stuck on Britain to the day humans drive them to extinction.
  745. -Artoria asks Merlin about the dragons, and if the dragon said to protect Britain is still somewhere on this land. He says that the dragons had already gone underground as of the AD calendar, and have been sleeping for five centuries. Their souls had already left for the other side, and their bodies turned to oil and minerals and stone, becoming one with the soil.
  747. -Merlin calls Bediviere "Bedi" and says having him around is necessary for Tristan to actually get any work done. Artoria protests this saying that Tristan only looks like a womanizer but is actually always serious and that he's not like Merlin and Kay. Merlin protests this saying that his love for all the women he's with is eternal, and that Tristan's love is pessimistic and that Kay's is forgotten the day after. Artoria says that this is Agravain's judgement of them and that he's better at judging people than anyone else.
  749. -Merlin says Agravain is like a "gloomy ghost" and is touchy but also has good judgement, and is the perfect secretary as someone who has no interest in gaining authority.
  751. -The Round Table is actually a magical artifact that served to show bonds, the proof of heroes. Camelot itself uses the round table as a base. Excalibur provides the energy to maintain the castle, while the Round Table is the pillar that holds it in place.
  753. -The Round Table has seats for 13. The 13th seat is considered bad luck and so most of the knights consider 12 to be their full number (at this point in time there aren't 12 yet, but will be soon).
  755. -Tristan is mentioned as the greatest archer of the round table, but is said not to wield a bow, but something that would cause archers from all over to protest if it were to be called one.
  757. -Agravain is related to Arthur, as the son of Uther's daughter Morgan. He doesn't let his emotions show and Arthur says this is because he is equally fair to all things, and trusts him fully. As he is able to send soldiers to their deaths without the slightest hesitation, the other knights don't like him, but he shows no flaws in his own conduct so nobody can really do anything about him. He rarely goes out to the front lines, but when he does he always comes back completely unscathed, no matter how strong the enemy he faces.
  759. -Merlin explains Excalibur and Rhongominyad to Artoria: Excalibur is a holy sword born inside the planet, a divine construct forged by the planet's own hands, made in anticipation of outside threats that would destroy the planet itself. A sword meant not to protect humans but to protect the planet, made to fight "destruction" itself, which is why its true power cannot be used unless to save the world.
  761. -Meanwhile, Rhongominyad is not a weapon but a thing to keep the planet stable, an anchor. The other of the world where the land of faeries also exists is in a space between the world of humans and the actual surface of the planet, separated from the world of humans by a thin veil. Both the human world and the other side are textures pasted onto the surface of the planet. Planets change their rules of physics based on the life-forms on their surface, and so the age filled with mysteries and magic declined when humans became the largest group on the planet. The gods who were embodiments of nature with personalities became natural phenomena, and the ether in the air vanished. The decline was accelerated with the death of Solomon, and the age of gods (age of mysteries) came to a true end 500 years ago (from this point in time). The planet now belongs to humans, beings that exist independently of nature and can live outside of its cycle. The sentience of humans desired to rid the world of unclear laws, and so the planet's rules were rewritten to be optimal for humans to live. Dragons and fairies go against human rules, and so moved to the other side of the world, and only those who couldn't or wouldn't move remained. The former are mostly harmless but the latter are generally harmful to humans, and strong individuals can last for centuries even after the magic in the air dries up, remaining as threats to humans. Humans may now be the rulers of Earth, but this rule can overturned as easily as peeling away a veil. Rhongominyad is an anchor that keeps the texture of humans in place.
  763. -The mysteries of the age of gods still remain in Britain because it's an island separated from the rest of the world, and Britannia is especially important as the "navel of the world", to those who lived in the mysteries this place is a holy land, their heart. If someone were to plot to fill the planet's air with ether again, their workshop would be made in Britain. As the last remnant of the age of gods, Britain could also become an axis used to overturn the world. Rhongominyad prevents this by holding things in place. What Artoria holds, given to her by Vivian, is its shadow. Because she has it, people can no longer see it as a pillar of light beyond the horizon, but it still exists as the tower at the furthest side.
  765. -The bit with Merlin realising that Artoria is fighting not as a king but for the people has additional narration from him, where he says that he felt an indescribable sense of loss, as he recognised that not only had he already gained the sparkle that he had sought for many years thinking he would never obtain it, but by the time he realised it he had already broken it with his own hands without noticing.
  767. -Gawain's narration of the fight against Vortigern mentions that Vortigern became an avatar of the island by "drinking the blood of a dragon"
  769. -Artoria told Guinevere about her gender herself, and Guinevere accepted the secret as necessary to rule Britain. Guinevere knew of Artoria's efforts, and also respected her greatly, and had secretly been in love with her for all the ten years between the drawing of Caliburn and the defeat of Vortigern, and not even Merlin can tell what she felt on the night when she thought she had gained the one she loved only to realise this would only be for show, and that she would never actually gain it for all eternity. Despair at betrayal, or pity, or both. The marriage was a cage for Guinevere, and Artoria worried about her, but Guinevere would always just say that Artoria had it just as bad. Though their marriage was fake, their friendship was true, and their trust for each other made them look like a loving couple to most people.
  771. -Agravain was reluctant about letting Lancelot join the round table till the very end, but the merits of having a French lord who could act as a mediator in trade with Europe were too big.
  773. -King Arthur's search for the Holy Grail began when Artoria told the secret of Britain to her secretary, and he suggested to her that they find a mystery great enough to sustain the island, the grail. This resulted in Percival dying, and Galahad going to heaven when he returned the grail upon finding it.
  775. -After Lancelot kills everyone like an asshole and runs away, Merlin claims that Lancelot acting on his love for Guinevere is his own form of knighthood, and Artoria says she does not blame or hate Lancelot, and in fact feels sorry for having taken Lancelot and Guinevere's happiness.
  777. -Guinevere spends all her time crying and Lancelot says this isn't because she was chased out of Camelot or kidnapped by him but because of how sorry she is for having hurt King Arthur.
  779. -Lancelot thinks about what Guinevere told him about King Arthur. All the kings of Britain had the powers of mysteries, but this faded with time and Uther was the last, and knowing this, he made a child with his blood and that of a dragon with Merlin's help. Two problems occurred: The child was a girl, and Uther's actual daughter Morgan was born with unexpected supernatural powers. Morgan hated her younger sister for stealing her father's love and hopes and spent her life plotting revenge, sending Agravain and Mordred as her pawns. Morgan was a ruler with massive power, a girl who inherited the supernatural forces that were supposed to die with Uther, and as the entire island of Britain belongs to her, her power as the master of the island is greater than Arthur's. But the bigger problem was Arthur's gender; A male was needed to rule over the lands and the knights, and she was raised as a boy, and she spent her life literally clad in iron, hiding her true self.
  781. -Lancelot had heard rumours of King Arthur from across the sea, but pretended not to be interested because he thought of himself as the ideal knight, and headed to Britain in the first place because he didn't like how he was being compared to him. Only when he saw King Arthur fight did he realise what's truly important to a knight, and after fighting alongside the king was invited to Camelot.
  783. -Lancelot and Guinevere fell in love through their common love for King Arthur, trying to help him when he started to look obviously fatigued some time after Tristan left.
  785. -Lancelot claims that Agravain knew Artoria was a woman, and that he was using her and threatening and insulting Guinevere, and that's his reason for killing everyone for no reason.
  787. -Lancelot says that he's an adulterous traitor and a disgusting beast not even fit to call himself a knight, and when he learns that King Arthur forgave him, his first thought is that this is because he's so important and great that Camelot would collapse without him, though he dismisses this saying that Arthur would never be so calculative. He doesn't understand this decision and comes to the conclusion that Arthur is inhuman and is a bigger monster than Vortigern the likes of whichno human can hope to understand. He still respects the king but is also angry and cannot accept Arthur as a human. He thinks his fear will someday turn to rage, then hate, that will curse the king for all eternity, and figures that this is his punishment.
  789. -When Artoria was leaving for Rome, Merlin already knew what was going to happen next, but decided against telling her, because he felt that Britain's end was here, and he wanted her to rest.
  791. -When he says he has to hide from a woman at this point he says it's a faerie.
  793. -In the first fight with Mordred's forces where Mordred killed Gawain, Gawain did manage to wound Mordred bad enough that she stayed in the back giving orders the next day even though she always insisted on being at the very front "like King Arthur".
  795. -Mordred targeted the return in order to kill the king as soon as possible and so ultimately keep casualties to a minimum.
  797. -Merlin says that the counter force is a defensive mechanism born from the the collective unconsciousness of mankind, and that the difference between heroic spirits and guardians of the counter force is that heroic spirits are summoned by the hopes of men, while the guardians are summoned by despair.
  799. ====================================================================
  801. The Tower at the End of the World (Merlin)
  803. The last paradise, filled with flowers of all colours.
  804. Day brings with it the sunlight of spring and the smell of summer, while night brings the air of fall and the stars of winter. Flowers and insects on the ground, water and greenery and animals in the forest, and beautiful faeries in the water. A small world, also known as the mythical land of endless spring, or the island of apples. A utopia shut off from all beasts with knowledge.
  806. Avalon. Another name for the inner sea of the planet, the place where the star known as Earth keeps its soul.
  808. It is here that that man closed off his own path, shutting himself into the tower, choosing a future where he could not die until the end of the star. Because he had seen what he had to seen. No, because he had seen more than enough beautiful things.
  810. "Now go, Cath Palug. I'm staying here. But you should go free, to touch truly beautiful things."
  812. The man let his last companion out through a window, without showing any emotion. And so the mage continued to gaze at the world from that one window.
  814. This is the entirety of a fairy tale of the end of the world.
  818. An Impossible Future (Lancer Medusa)
  820. I was born into this world.
  822. Yes, from the moment I was born, I was different from my sisters. They are true goddesses. Unlike living beings, they were complete from the moment they were given form. But I was born. Like a human. As a living being that grew and changed form with time.
  824. Even so, there was I time where I thought I'd grow into a form fitting to stay beside my sisters. That the day would come where I could wear the same garments as them, gain the same form as them, and act like a goddess.
  826. Feel free to laugh at me. At my small misunderstanding.
  829. Chrysaor (Gorgon)
  831. Monsters are vanquished by heroes.
  833. The fearsome Gorgon, or the thing that wielded the power of the monster Gorgon, killed many humans before it finally came to an end.
  835. The men and gods used the monster's corpse in many ways.
  836. Lethal poison and medicine that could revive the dead was made from its blood.
  837. The blood that fell onto the desert turned into venomous snakes.
  838. Its head became an unparalleled weapon.
  839. The hero Heracles said that its hair would send an army running if raised and shown three times.
  840. Much later, the Conquerer King Iskander is said to have put a mark depicting the Gorgon's head on portraits of him.
  841. The monster's corpse became an unparalleled power, a sort of symbol that would be used for a long time.
  843. What, then, are the two wonders that were born when blood spilled from the wound dealt by the hero Perseus?
  844. Pegasus and Chrysaor.
  845. Were they really gifts from the god of the sea, as the legends say?
  847. Or were they the last thoughts of a monster that didn't want its corpse to be defiled?
  853. The Huwawa's Flowers (Elkidu)
  855. "Why did she wear that wreath?", whispered the Chains of the Heavens to himself.
  856. The monster he once fought; The monster that was a friend to him until they fought.
  857. A fearsome monster with sharper claws than any being to walk the Earth, than even the Chains himself.
  858. Yet on her head was a wreath of flowers.
  859. Flowers that the Chains once planted in the cedar forest.
  860. Small, light-coloured flowers.
  861. A garden that bent the laws of the Earth, made for that monster with the heart of a young girl.
  862. "It is because it was nothing more than a small ornament that her innocent soul was pleased", said the man standing next to the Chains, before returning to the city, leaving a second wreath on the ground for his friend.
  864. The Last Shard (Angry Manjew)
  866. It is said that evil exists in the beyond, cursing the world of man.
  867. It is a necessary evil that laughs at the evils of man.
  868. A safety device needed for peace.
  869. None remember this nameless sacrifice.
  870. Days long past.
  871. Collapsed consciousness.
  872. Hatred seared deep in.
  873. The last shard wached over all of this.
  874. -An hortensia blooming in the boundary that loved him.
  877. Who Am I? (Mordred)
  879. I am the son of the great King of Knights.
  880. I am the arrogant Traitor Knight.
  881. Both are me. Both are me.
  882. Yet when I put this helmet on, I feel that I am neither. That I'm just another pathetic common creature struggling to live.
  883. That's why I'll probably die just like them, all the others lying dead around me.
  884. That's why I want to know, before I face my end.
  885. Who was I?
  887. The Lady of the Lake (Lancelot)
  889. It all started here.
  890. My life was filled with grief and love, hate and joy.
  891. I lamented being unable to be at the side of the one I loved, loved from my heart being able to forge bonds with others, held both hate and respect for the inhuman king, and in the end- Was filled with joy.
  892. The things I lost, the mistakes I made, the things I broke are innumerable.
  893. But still, there were things that I gained, things that I could believe were right, and things that I protected.
  894. But it's enough.
  895. The time has come to cast it all away.
  896. I am tired.
  897. Let me take off my armour, take off my helmet, throw away my sword, and, just for a bit, go to sleep, in this quiet lake.
  898. Just for a bit... Just for a bit...
  900. ========================================================================
  901. Mystery Heroine X Alter
  903. A lonely Villain from the Servant Universe. A rare literary berserker, and an Anti-Anti-Saber Ultimate Weapon with a mana-converting Alt Reactor who pledges to defeat Mystery Heroine X.
  905. The Fallen Knight, Lord Pendragon
  906. Height/weight: 154cm/42kg
  907. Source: 2017 Valentine's event
  908. Area: Servant Universe
  909. Alignment: Neutral evil
  910. Gender: Female
  911. Her sword, Jaseiken Necrocalibur was bought from a suspicious online store.
  912. ( Jaseiken = Dark Holy Sword, also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaseiken_Necromancer )
  914. "I will continue fighting, till the day I defeat Heroine X and paint the galaxy with the darkness of us Villains"
  916. The Voroid K6-X4 (read "kurokishi" = "black knight") constantly watches over her from the shadows. You could also say that he's slacking off.
  918. An earnest and reserved girl. Her favourite food is traditional Japanese sweets, and requests high-class wagashi. Her upkeep is thus unexpectedly expensive.
  920. On her off days she refuses to budge from her black round table kotatsu, and spends her time reading or listening to music.
  922. She is usually sloppy and lazy, but when ordered to do something will usually do it despite being sarcastic about it. It's faster to lure her with something sweet.
  924. The mana-converting Alt Reactor uses the Altanium crystal in her body as a catalyst to convert calories to mana.
  926. "Wasanbon sugar has the most effective balance of component materials. Also tea", she claims.
  928. The glasses are required to rest her boosted optics. Using them actually makes her vision worse.
  930. The mystery item she possesses, the Infinity Chocolate, is comprised from six primal powers: Soul (desire), Power (sweetness), Space (sales area), Reality (cost price), Time (production time) and Mind (demand). It is said to grant its bearer infinite power, but X Alter doesn't really understand it.
  932. The last survivor of the lost order of dark knights, the Dark Rounds. Her title is Lord Pendragon.
  934. She uses many moves that look vaguely familiar, like the psychokinetic Alter Choke or Alter Lightning in which she projects magic power from her arm. The Jaseiken Necrocalibur which glows with red magic energy can transform into twin blade or chainsaw forms and such, but it frequently breaks down and explodes. The rule of the universe is that cool weapons aren't very strong. Regular long swords are the best.
  936. -X Alter's Valentine's event
  938. X Alter: "......Ah, master."
  940. "Yes, I was taking a break."
  942. "Huh? Chocolate from me?"
  944. "Hm... This, then. It's a sweet warm drink from Spacebucks."
  946. (You get Mystery Hot Cocoa X)
  948. "Tall dark matter choco cosmo caramel with dark choco sauce extra whip extra gravity."
  950. >...Sorry, could you say that again?
  952. "Alright."
  954. "Tall dark matter choco plasma add schwarzschild choco sauce with neutrino extra quaser"
  956. "It's actually mine, but that's alright isn't it? I'd only taken a sip."
  958. "It's still hot, so be careful."
  960. -Mystery Hot Cocoa X
  961. I actually prefer tea, but I do sometimes feel like drinking cocoa or coffee. When I get that craving I head to Spacebucks. It's a chain that even has branches on planet Totori, the most remote place in all of the Servant Universe. This is my favourite, which uses a mysterious dark matter syrup.
  963. (The joke here is that Tottori prefecture is the fucking boondocks and they never even got a Starbucks until mid 2015)
  965. ==========================================================================================
  967. Labyrinth Map
  969. A return gift from Asterios for Valentine.
  971. A complete map to the labyrinth.
  972. The locations of the stairs and treasure chests and warp zones are all on it as well. With this, you can surely return safely even if you run out of string.
  974. Just watch out if you run into deer or mantises midway through.
  976. 勇者エリちゃんのあのね
  979. ==========================================================================================
  980. Strange Fake 4 stuff
  982. Flat's parents think their son is a monster and have tried to kill him multiple times. There aren't any details on how, but he matter-of-factly recounts how his parents tried to kill him for the Nth time and it's implied that he casually dodged all the attempts. The current people of the Escardos clan have no idea, but Flat is actually the culmination of a forgotten ancient project that Zelretch and his friend know about.
  984. Sigma fools everyone into thinking that his servant is the lancer Charlie Chaplin. To elaborate: It's a feint when fake assassin comes after him- He yells "get her, Chaplin!". It turns out that he's a fan of comedies (though he doesn't actually laugh at them). When asked if he ever heard of King Arthur and the Holy Grail by one of the Watcher's shadows, a knight, he says "yeah, it's that Monty Python movie, right?". Later when reporting to Faldeus on the phone he's asked if he knows the true name of his servant yet, but one of Watcher's shadows warns him that fake assassin is listening so he runs with the Charlie Chaplin thing.
  986. Sigma allies with Richard/Ayaka and fake assassin. Fake assassin symphatises with his past.
  988. Elkidu spends the entire book chilling in the forest with the wolf.
  990. Harli was nearly killed by the berserker she summoned (giant robot spider with a lion face who may or may not have something to do with Edison) but was saved by Philia, the Einzbern homunculus. But while that's Philia's body, it's Ishtar in control.
  992. Philia brings Harli and robot berserker over to Bazdilot's place and they fight. The robot berserker has the ability to absorb electricity from cables in the ground, and absorb rubble to make itself bigger, and has some sort of optic camouflage (that also silences it entirely) skill. It surprises and puzzles everyone including Franchesca.
  994. The masterminds behind the war (Faldeus' calls up a general in Washington) have measures put into place to wipe the entire city clean if things get out of control. The berserker/Alkeides fight gets close so Franchesca sends Prelati over to stop them with his NP, Grand Illusion, which has the power to make an illusion strong enough to fool the world itself (the damage done by the fight looks like it's undone and is physically undone, but this is because he fooled the texture of the world itself and it will be wrecked again after several days; Faldeus has to use this time to prepare to handle the damage). Both sides in the fight strike a deal with Prelati, but no further details are given.
  996. >Wasn't the prevailing theory it was Ahura Mazda?
  997. She literally calls on the bull which takes on the form of a giant typhoon in the last line in the novel and Narita says in the afterword that she was the real reason why he waited for chapter 7 (Ishtar was always going to be in SF from the beginning, then he heard about FGO and waited)
  1000. Ayaka has a dream where she sees Richard's past, in which Saint Germain shows up in front of Richard in a time-travelling automobile, and he addresses her directly in the dream even though it's Richard's memory.
  1002. Jester is sleeping under Tsubaki's bed, and infiltrates her dream in the form of a little boy, in order to manipulate her to use Pale Rider to fuck up more people: For example he tells her about a "fire" where the Berserker fight is happening in order to make her hope the people who live near there are okay, and that results in Pale Rider brainwashing everyone in that area.
  1004. Duma asks Orlando to send over some of the police officers including the guy who lost his arm fighting Jester. He seems to be using a new NP which turns people themselves into heroes or something, but nothing about that's been actually revealed yet.
  1006. Flat notices Pale Rider and heads to the police station and tells Orlando everything, They team up to do something about Pale Rider and save Tsubaki, but there's a spy within the police and Alkeides shows up too trying to kill Tsubaki. Alkeides has the NP King's Order which lets him summon stuff from his legends (it's suggested that there are twelve), including Cerberus. Jack fights him and combines his two NPs, From Hell (from the idea that Jack the Ripper was a literal demon, which turns the area around him into the popular image of hell with fire and brimstone, and transforms him into a FGO demon) and Natural Born Killers (from the idea that Jack the Ripper was not one person but a bunch of unrelated people: Which lets him multiply. The max number  depends on the master's mana, and with Flat's he can get up to over 500 clones) which results in 200 demons wailing on Alkeides at the same time (200+ is the max number of clones he can get while using both NPs at the same time).
  1008. Alkeides uses a new NP, Reincarnation Pandora, which lets him steal someone else's NP. He steals From Hell and grows demon horns and wings and beats Jack.
  1010. Gilgamesh, and Richard and fake assassin show up at the very end after Jack retreats.
  1012. And Hippolyte and Enkidu do literally nothing in the whole book.
  1014. Duma comes out of hiding (his workshop was underground) babbling about how it's time for his heroes' (the police officers') to shine, while activating an NP, Musketeers' Masquerade.
  1016. In the epilogue: Faldeus is questioned by the general from Washington about a bunch of mysterious deaths of VIPs in the government. He looks it up and finds that the deaths are spreading outwards from the location of the mafia boss (Bazdilod's boss) he sent Hassan to kill, and he thinks this is Hassan's doing (it's not his orders though).
  1018. Philia is standing on top of Francesca's workshop (a zeppelin) calling upon Gugalanna which is taking on the form of a typhoon 800 km in diameter.
  1020. Novel ends here.
  1022. Narita's afterword also says that he only managed to do half of what he originally planned for volume 4 (he just started writing and then realised at the halfway point that he'd already had an entire novel worth of text).
  1024. In here Watcher is just shown as having the ability to see and hear literally everything (though it can't read thoughts). Also the shadows refer to Watcher in the third person so they aren't actually Watcher themselves.
  1026. Flat can see things nobody else can that's all true, but it's not really said what exactly it is he can do, and he WAS checked for having mystic eyes and he doesn't have any.
  1028. >Can you give specifics on Reincarnation Pandora? Like, what the exact limitations are?'
  1029. His profile's not in, only Prelati and Jack, so all we know is that it "steals" NPs.
  1031. Also, Prelati can't use his spellbook (which is listed as EX rank) because he gave it to Gilles. It has to be returned to him by Gilles "on the soul level" for him to be able to use it again.
  1033. According to Narita: FGO Ishtar is Ishtar mixed with Rin. Philia is an empty vessel so SF Ishtar is 100% Ishtar in personality.
  1035. Other people like Alkeides say that she's not the actual Ishtar, but "the broken code of a goddess" or "remaining echoes", though. Alkeides does go straight for her at the first encounter because he hates gods and all but by the latter part of the book he's just going "eh she's not even the real thing".
  1037. Forgot to mention: The Ygddmillenia spec ops team that got killed by Jack in Apocrypha show up here too, having been hired to kill Flat. Jack disables all of them and leaves them tied up in a motel room, along with a few other assassins who'd previously been sent after Flat, including Sagara (Jack's summoner in Apocrypha).
  1039. >Tell us about the rumor that he got assmad when Buz shit talked Jason
  1040. This is true, to Alkeides Jason was the only person to really treat him like a human and he regards him as a friend.
  1041. >They forgot about his wife though
  1042. Shit I do remember his wife and child being mentioned at some point, might have been that Jason was the only one aside from them who treated him like a human. Can't remember where in the book it was so can't check.
  1045. Franchesca knows what Harli used as a catalyst (she's the one who got Harli in on this in the first place) and is puzzled by what she summoned, so true berserker might actually not be Edison.
  1047. Yggdmillenia's power was lost over half a century ago and their lineage in the present day has been completely dismantled in the SF world, and the spec ops guys are now guns for hire who take jobs from both magicians and regular people.
  1049. >Does Jack die?
  1050. No, Flat uses a command spell to teleport him away just as Alkeides was about to deal the final blow.
  1052. Narita says in the afterword that Jack and Harli's group were supposed to end early in his initial plans, but as he went on he wanted to write more about them.
  1054. Also, fake assassin is now getting mana from one of Richard's companions, the mage, and Jester notices that she's not being corrupted by his mana and rages.
  1056. >Someone said there were conditions that need to be met for Reincarnation Pandora to activate, are there any?
  1058. Unknown. It's stated that he only got it because of being warped by the avenger class, though, and he does say before using it that he finds Jack worthy of it.
  1060. ================================================================================================================================
  1062. Chaldea Ace #1 drama CD summary
  1064. Chapter 1: Faria recalls how he met Edmond and calls him his son.
  1066. Chapter 2: October 1837. Concetta narrates that this is the story of the Count of Monte Cristo's other revenge. Angelo Braga calls on Edmond in his home. Haidee warns Edmond that he should not have brought Angelo here, but Edmond tells her to go away, as it is not yet time for the two of them to meet. When Concetta comes to his room to tell him that Angelo has arrived, he's alone. Concetta asks if he was talking to someone, and he says that it was just a phantom.
  1068. Chapter 3: Edmond and Angelo talk over dinner. Edmond had apparently been sniffing around the church and Angelo is here for him, and the location of the treasure of Monte Cristo. Edmond reveals how he was taught by Faria and calls him his second father, and also reveals that this was a trap for Angelo, one of the Three Wise Men who got Faria locked up. The food is poisoned and Angelo has taken a lethal dose. It doesn't work because of his special church training and he attacks Edmond. They fight a bit (Edmond with a pistol) and Edmond can't scratch him, so he has Concetta activate a trap which blows Angelo up along with the mansion; Angelo does barely survive but Edmond finishes him off with a black key.
  1070. Chapter 4: October 1837. The count moves to Rome to continue his plot. The target is a cardinal. It's mentioned that Concetta is Giovanni's cousin. They plan to draw the cardinal in with money.
  1072. Chapter 5: One of Edmond's informants, one of many he has all over Europe, is killed. The killing was thought to be by bandits or pirates, but Concetta narrates that it "went over the line".
  1074. The scene cuts to Tarantella interrogating a man. Tarantella talks about the role of the Eight Sacrament Association he's from: He doesn't expect to find any sacred artifacts in the man's home, but there's someone on the loose who was trained by a heretic who used holy relics for his own gains, and is targeting a cardinal, and so he has to do his job here. The man notices blood on Tarantella's hands, and Tarantella says it's his daughter's blood, or was it his wife? Either way he will end up the same.
  1076. Concetta narrates that the second set of killings was of a man who started an investment company in Spain, and his wife and 5-year-old daughter. Edmond's group are the only ones who realise that these killings are connected, as the man who was killed was related to Morrel. The killings continue, and some of the corpses are left without a drop of blood.
  1078. Chapter 6: Edmond is sure that the killings are the doing of the last of the Three Wise Men and is mad. The killer left behind a message by spelling out a word, letter by letter, with the organs of his victims: Tarantella. Edmond wonders if this is how the church works, or if Tarantella is just crazy, and if this is vengeance for Angelo, or if he's just playing around with people's lives. Either way he's mad, and drinks more of "the elixir". He tells Concetta to prepare, and she narrates that the counterattack began. They started by spreading information that the Count of Monte Cristo would be holding a huge party as bait, and they rent the Villa Medici for this purpose.
  1080. Chapter 7: Haidee warns Edmond that this is way too dangerous. She wants him to live, and says that Faria would have wanted the same. Edmond says nobody knows what the dead want, and all he's doing is ridding himself of his own sorrows. Haidee wishes she could heal him of his sorrows, but Edmond just tells her to begone, and to wait for him on the other side beyond love and hate.
  1082. Tarantella shows up and there's nobody else at the "party" besides him. He recognises the count by his white hair. Tarantella says that Faria turned his back on the church saying that he wanted to save all life. Edmond says that those are the church's teachings, but Tarantella says that's just the church's front, and the truth is different. Edmond says that they're a bunch of heretics, bloodstained murderers who themselves turned their backs on the messiah and the prophets, and activates a trap which fires spears at Tarantella, and then a trap which binds him with chains made to subdue tigers. Tarantella breaks out easily. Edmond shoots him in the forehead and starts laughing but Tarantella gets back up and pulls out the spears.
  1084. Tarantella uses a white light that burns Edmond and defeats him instantly, but doesn't kill him because he still needs to interrogate him. Edmond asks if the church is all monsters, and Tarantella says that not all members have power. The cardinal is a weak human for example, who isn't even an executor- an inquisitor, who represents the will of god- like Angelo or Tarantella. Edmond is enraged by the claim that they're doing god's work and gets up again, blocking Tarantella's vision with his coat and stabbing him in the heart with a knife. Tarantella says that he's not just an executor, and asks where Faria's treasure is while hitting Edmond with more magecraft. Edmond says that there is no treasure. Tarantella observes that Edmond doesn't fear death, or pain, or damage to his body, thinking that time in the chateau made him strong, and says that he'll have Edmond recall what pain is like by destroying one of his belongings, and leaves. Edmond regrets listening to Ali and Concetta and not using explosives in the traps. Haidee calls out to him and asks her to give him more power. She says he already has it within him.
  1086. Chapter 8: Concetta is worried. She and Ali wanted to fight alongside Edmond but he refused, and Ali was sent back to Paris while Concetta waits at the inn. Tarantella shows up at the inn and enters her room. She shoots him in the heart but he heals immediately, so she goes after him with a knife going for the throat, but he doesn't take any damage and kills her.
  1088. Chapter 9: Tarantella finishes sucking Concetta dry just as Edmond arrives. Edmond realises that he's a vampire. Tarantella says that he's not a vampire, and reveals his true name as Mikhael Roa Balldamnjohn.
  1090. Faria narrates about dead apostles and Roa, and says that he wasn't able to tell Edmond about this because Roa put a curse on him. Faria also mentions that he left Edmond "the treasure of darkness", he stole from the church, that would one day help Edmond out when he one day faces a non-human enemy that he would lose to- The treasure of Monte Cristo, which has the power to remake a person.
  1092. Edmond laughs and says it doesn't matter what Roa is, and that he, and not Roa, represents god's will, and starts burning with black fire. He immediately understands how it works, and how it's a weapon for him to burn his enemies, and quotes the bible saying "vengeance is mine". Roa recognises the black fire as the Monte Cristo Mythology, a legend hidden in the mountain of Christ, the despair of those without god, the flames of hell and the void, power equal to that from the age of mythology, which forces a magic circuit and magic crest into the user.
  1094. Edmond tells him to shut up and blasts him through the hotel's wall. Roa runs, Edmond flies after him, and they fight in the air. Roa uses the moves of multiple reincarnations, including the curses of the seventh and the barriers of the fourth. Edmond just gets madder and calls upon the fire of vengeance to eat his soul and turn to a black flame, breaking the barrier imprisoning him, and he grabs and burns Roa while laughing, declaring that they'll just have to see whose soul is incinerated first. Roa doesn't believe that there's such a thing as a fire that can burn souls, but Edmond says that this fire can. Roa can't heal and Edmond asks him to just try and pretend to be the messiah in front of god again. Roa says "bakana bakana bakana bakana bakana bakanaaaa" and starts to say that he can just reincarnate even if his body is destroyed, but is cut off when Edmond laughs at him and spouts his victory lines from FGO.
  1096. Chapter 10: By the time he realises it, Edmond is standing alone. Nothing is left of Roa but cinders. He feels something vanishing from his body, and believes that that's the treasure of Monte Cristo, and realises that he was saved by Faria again. His body will never be enveloped in black flames again, not unless he's someday reborn as something as inhuman as a vampire. He prays for Concetta to watch over his vengeance. He heads for the cathedral and is stopped by a guard, who demands to know who he is. He laughs and says that the Count of Monte Cristo has come for the cardinal.
  1098. Chapter 11: Haidee narrates that some time later the cardinal lost his position, and that it's unknown if Edmond killed him. Either way, his vengeance in Rome was over; But this is only the tale of the vengeance for Faria, the other vengeance, and so this is not the end but the beginning of the Count of Monte Cristo's story of vengeance in Paris.
  1100. ================================================
  1102. Beast III/R.
  1103. A new devaloka, or god, calling herself Zuiki-Jizai-Daisangehou-Kairaku-Ten (Joyous-Freedom-Third Heretic Religion-Pleasure-Devaloka), that in FGO took form as a Human Evil.
  1105. The true boss of Fate Extra/CCC. There, she used BB to absorb the Mooncell and mutated into a divine demon. The mara (horns) on her head are those of tenma (Buddhist demons). In other words, they show that she is an enemy of the awakened (buddhas).
  1107. A creature of self-loving that prioritises pleasure above all. A disaster to man and beast alike, using and manipulating the lives of others to achieve her goal.
  1109. Those who come to know her first touch her saintly mercy, are enthralled, and become followers. After that, they pursue their lust in a bid to be loved by her, making themselves pathetic in the process, but lust is something that wanes as it is fulfilled. She does not like weak pleasures. Every one of her followers eventually loses her attention, and commits suicide from the despair of not being loved by her any longer. She takes not just their belongings but also their bodies.
  1111. She is a monster who sees and professes all of her doings to be good. She never lies to herself, but twists those around her with words filled with lies, and consumes them.
  1113. Her will is absolute, free of doubt, and from the point of view of a normal person she seems enlightened. If there is any part of her that can truly be said to be like a saint, it is this.
  1115. Banshoku Yuutai: EX
  1116. A heretic art once used by Kiara in a certain cyber world.
  1117. Supposedly a medical software program that separates the target's body, mind, and soul, stripping the soul naked (unprotected by the body and mind) allowing her to find problems and solve them. Kiara absorbed these unprotected souls, taking care to taste them fully, saying this was salvation. The ultimate form of charm, or enthrallment. This power has grown stronger with her as a Beast,
  1119. The beauty of Kiara, now a tenma (the Seductive Bodhisattva) with mara (the crown of the beast) on her head, rocks the sanity, reason, and logic of those who see her. Those who see her, or are seen by her, have to roll for a check to see if they can uphold their selves. Like a sanity check, except a Kiara point check. Sight, taste, hearing, smell, and touch all have their own saving rolls, and even slightly feeling/thinking that Kiara is beautiful is an fail. The person loses sight of their self, and after a slight bout of dizziness completely lose all sense of balance and reality. They become a follower of Kiara standing on the palm of the Bodhisattva.
  1121. Banshoku Yuutai: EX
  1122. "When I opened my eyes, I was on an endless plain of flesh.
  1123. The palm of the Seduvtive Bodhisattva.
  1124. Kiara smiles, beyond the infinitely far-off horizon.
  1126. 'All men are but beasts. Fleeting fruit, consuming and drowning in and melting into desire.'
  1128. If there were a goddess like a bodhisattva who could take in all of this beastliness upon herself, who could ever reject this massive, limitless love?
  1129. Enlightenment and salvation are joyously freely at her fingertips.
  1130. The path leads to Sesshouin, a paradise above heaven."
  1132. ...No matter how much power one has, it is meaningless before the power of a tenma. It is difficult for anything that has reason, anything that knows pleasure, or anything that knows pain to escape from this salvation. Of course, this salvation is not at all any form of saving. The mercy of the bodhisattva is how this is seen from its victims. To Kiara, the followers on her palm are nameless masses that are no more than insects.
  1134. Authority of the Beast: A
  1135. A skill also known as "anti-mankind". A as a Beast, but said to fall to D when she changes to an Alter-Ego.
  1137. Logos Eater: EX
  1138. A trait of the Kairaku-ten. A special skill branching off from Banshoku Yuutai. Provides a damage buff against any intelligent being with intelligence (pleasure), regardless of scale or structure. This also has its rank fall as an Alter Ego, to C so that it's basically just touching. Foreplay.
  1140. Nega-Saviour: A
  1141. The result of a beast that decided to save only a world of its own, despite having the potential to be a Saviour. Completely negates all skills of Saviour and Ruler classes, increases chance of charm to all targets with magic below rank A by 300%, and increases all buff effects by Kiara by 200%.
  1143. Karma Phage: EX
  1144. When Kiara's body became SE.RA.PH, she cut out her five senses - her erogenous zones - as skills, and gave them to others. She seems to have copied how BB cut out her love for humans and turned them into Alter-Egos. Frequently shortened to KP, they were named Body, Sight, Mouth, Spice and Organ. The Sentinels given these are able to use Kiara's authority, making them very powerful servants.
  1146. Heaven's Hole
  1147. A spinoff of magic also known as the Third Magic. It draws in matter with gravity like a black hole, but is actually a hole for disposal. The hole of heaven takes in the bad data of mankind, that which gets in the way of people doing good- all the desire in the world, and widens exponentially. It is a disgusting sight, but this hole is a necessary system for society, and it grows larger for as long as intelligent activities are carried out, building up within it the fearsome desires that humans should not have.
  1149. Love is a good thing, as is desire.
  1150. But one should never try to turn love to pleasure.
  1151. Love and desire should be things thought of as separate.
  1152. But when the soul of a saviour that loved and wished to pleasure humans reached the Third Magic, Sesshouin Kiara transformed into something inhuman.
  1153. She tried to save all living things through pleasure, and become a receiving vessel for that pleasure, and use 7 billion lives for just herself, so that she could orgasm.
  1154. There was no further goal, or anything after fulfillment, only salvation for mankind through pleasure.
  1155. This is what decided her class.
  1156. Kairaku-ten is a false name.
  1157. This is the disaster that sought the shortest path to human salvation, Beast III/R.
  1158. One of the seven human evils, the Beast of Lust.
  1161. -------------------------------------------------
  1163. Part 1 - Unlocked 11/29
  1164. Didn't write anything for this 
  1166. --------------------------------------------------------------------
  1168. Part 2 - Unlocked 12/1
  1170. When Hopkins shows Sanson the Livre d'Ivon he says that Lavinia Whateley gave it to him and told him everything, that Abigail is the witch.
  1172. Sanson thinks that the being that created Salem is making it so that people have to act out their roles or something really bad will happen. Resorting to violence and stopping the executions or something would be exactly what they want. He suspects that Hopkins is a servant too, and that he's carrying out the executions in order to keep the order in Salem.
  1174. Sheba is a merchant at heart and works only for money, she does a temporary contract with Guda only after securing a promise of payment (one of the choices lets you basically say you'll get Gilgamesh to pay her off). When she hears that the lens are named after her she's delighted that people remember her so far in the future and nobody has the heart to tell her that the stuff with Solomon and her name is pretty much all that's remembered.
  1176. "Carter" is afraid of cats (which is out of character for Randolph Carter) and somehow managed to leave Salem and bring in the cavalry from Boston even though that should be impossible. Also glowing red eyes.
  1178. Abigail goes to her "secret place" and finds the book of Eibon where she left it and tries to summon Yog-Sothoth. Hopkins catches her (given how he had the book this was probably a trap) but Lavinia shows up and stabs him.
  1180. >About the name of the lens
  1182. It was obviously never supposed to be Shiva. Shiva shows up pretty commonly in Japanese fiction and is always written as シヴァ while the lens is シバ and Googling シバ gives you the queen and her country as the most common hit.
  1184. Even if you didn't naturally connect シバ with Sheba it's still obviously not Shiva because, you know, he's mentioned sometimes in connection with Arjuna and it's always シヴァ there.
  1186.  The Bloated Woman (one of Nyarlathotep's forms) is referenced by Carter
  1188.  The Livre d'Ivon's name seems to be messed up in the text, reading "Ribure Jibowa" in katakana instead of "Ribure Jibon" (wa and n are two taps away on phone input; Did the person writing the script do so on a phone?)
  1190.  Old Whateley tells Lavinia not to rely on that bum Mason who has probably already fled Salem, and to go ask for help from captain Marsh instead.
  1192.  Before they realize that the ghouls weren't his doing, Kirke says it wouldn't be surprising if old Whateley was a reanimator.
  1194.  Lavinia asks Abigail to come with her on Marsh's ship and leave Salem, but Abigail refuses. Similar stuff happens several times; She seems to subconsciously tied to Salem.
  1196. --------------------------------------------------------------------
  1197. Part 3 - Unlocked 12/3
  1199. Raum's goal is to use Abigail to summon Lavinia's god and bring salvation to mankind in the form of penance, through pain.
  1201. Lavinia reveals “Carter”’s true form with the powder of Ibn Ghazi (what was used to reveal the Dunwich horror in its story)
  1203. In a flashback where he's talking with Zepar, Raum mentions that the supposedly fictional mythos that a certain dreaming writer wrote about turned out to perfectly depict the higher beings of another outer universe (Zepar also mentions that other universes and parallel worlds are completely different; Seems that parallel worlds are all counted as part of one universe). Raum says that if they (Goetia) couldn't save mankind that means nothing in this world can, thus he's going to rely on a "foreigner" (an outsider to this world). Zepar says that this plan "failed 14000 years ago" (no further details at all).
  1205. Raum's NP line has him saying that he will "redefine this world with laws of the outside".
  1207. Sheba was summoned by the lens itself, which Raum says is a "safety device", and he emphasises on how it was made by Flauros.
  1209. The god Abigail summons is "Sut-Typhon" (スト・テュホン).
  1210. (No real details are given in the game but Sut-Typhon is one of the names Aleister Crowley used his "holy guardian angel", which he also called Sut-Thoth. Kenneth Grant, disciple to Crowley, later associated Sut-Typhon with Yog Sothoth.)
  1212. When Lavinia dies she mentions that she and her family doesn't actually exist but is from a book. She and her family were slowly brainwashed by Salem. Her grandfather believed that their family had a feud with Abigail's parents when they'd never met, and she herself started to get memories of a childhood she never had. When she dies though she tells Abigail that they were great memories. She's buried in the commons overlooking the sea, the place where they supposedly saw whales together.
  1214. Abigail should vanish with Salem but the real "Randolph Carter" shows up (Raum only stole his body, and he just takes it back when it's destroyed). He doesn't introduce himself as Randolph Carter; He starts off by introducing himself as "Chandraputra" but stops himself halfway through and tells you to call him "a gentleman who travels through time and space"). His body was stolen when he had to go into a deep sleep in order to chase after something (he only gives hints, "sea" and "octopus"). He says Abigail is now a living Silver Key and gets her to go with him on his journeys through time and space, and they take the cats of Salem with them. Through these journeys someday Abigail might become a real servant which means Chaldea might summon her.
  1216. (Some people are speculating that the real "Randolph Carter" is actually Lovecraft himself)
  1218. There's no real full explanation of what Abigail is but it's suggested that she is the real Abigail Williams (she mentions her sins in Salem) and she was a demi-servant in this chapter. (They don't even say WHAT she did, it's just like one line of "but I did all those horrible things in Salem" (Mashu mentions this as her becoming more like a servant = getting memories of herself as a person?) and everyone just goes "ehhhhh it's alright".) 
  1220. Abigail's new powers let her try to send Sanson's memories back to Chaldea.
  1222. Sanson wanted to be hanged as penance for the executions he carried out in life; He thinks he made the executed suffer more than necessary through the humiliation of public executions. He's hanged and since the servants have bodies in Salem this means that this version of Sanson actually dies, if a new Sanson is summoned he should not have this one's memories.
  1224. After everything is over Abigail appears to the Sanson who died and offers to let him return to Chaldea, or return to the throne of heroes- She can open the gate. He turns her down saying that he doesn't want to return to anywhere, as he did what he wanted. She says that this means he already has the key that he needs, and he realizes that his sword is missing before seeing a vision of Marie.
  1226. Before parting Sheba sees the future and says that "there is an oasis past the desert; You should keep your heads high as you walk so that you do not lose sight of the stars, as is fitting of the people of chaldea".
  1228. Mashu says the ley shift back to Chaldea feels strange. Guda realizes that they forgot to return the key pendant to Abigail.
  1230. Sanson is re-summoned in Chaldea as soon as Guda and co get back but he doesn't have memories from Salem, just memories up to before ley shifting there. They found this really suspicious and Da Vinci put him through a bunch of tests.
  1232. --------------------------------------------------------------------
  1234. Lines for Abigail's NP: Qliphoth Rhizome / Tree of Void Filled With Husks of Light -
  1236. Ygnaiih, Ygnaiih thflthkh’ngha
  1237. The Silver Key is in my hand
  1238. Come forth from the void and touch me with the tips of your fingers. so that I may become an incarnation of your essence, my Father God.
  1239. Cross the slumber of roses, to the Ultimate Gate.
  1240. Qliphoth Rhizome
  1242. (Note: Kenneth Grant considered the Qliphoth to be synonymous with Lovecraft's Great Old Ones)
  1244. --------------------------------------------------------------------
  1246. Material IV stuff
  1248. Lancer Artoria
  1250. -Invisible Air is used to hide her weapon when summoned as a Saber, but as a Lancer it's only used as a wind NP.
  1252. -An alternate version of Artoria wielding the spear instead of the sword.
  1254. -Obvious typo in the personality section (人という種 has 種 written as 主 instead).
  1256. -Looks the same as the Lion King but is fundamentally a completely different person.
  1258. -Usage of the spear makes her close to a divine spirit but as she only had it for ten years her mentality and spiritual structure remain mostly unchanged (her body has changed a lot).
  1260. -Calmer and more logical than Saber Artoria, but her humanity is not lost. She's more of an adult and thus has more leeway in making choices, making her an ideal king.
  1262. -This version is a heroic spirit of the heavens who returned the spear herself at Camlann and returned to the earth.
  1264. Lancer Artoria on other characters
  1265. -Artoria Lily: Cute. So that's another "if".
  1266. -Artoria: So her burden wa,s equal to what mine was? Somehow it feels less pitiful than I thought it would. I am proud. It would be rude to pet her head, so perhaps we could have a drink together.
  1267. -Lancer Alter: The King of the Storm? Ah, the Wild Hunt. I see.
  1268. -Knights of the Round Table: Glad to see that they're doing well. It's good to take some time off every once in a while, but they shouldn't take it too far.
  1269. -Mordred: (No reaction)
  1270. -Merlin: Calm down.
  1271. -Gilgamesh/Ozymandias: Calm down.
  1272. -Romulus: Calm down on the Rome. ...But thank you.
  1273. -Bedivere: You shouldn't keep minding me. You're a servant of Chaldea's master, and should live more freely. ...Stop crying. I am not the me you knew, and you are not the you I knew, but those tears still hurt me.
  1275. Lancelot
  1276. -Lancelot is a shit.
  1277. -Lancelot treats Gawain, Tristan and Bedivere as he did in life, but hesitates with Mordred because he's seeing her face for the first time.
  1278. -Lancelot to Tristan: "Not in the corridor!"
  1280. Tristan
  1281. -Fail Note's attacks are so fast no servant can dodge all of them; The only way to avoid its attacks are to teleport outside of its range or jump through dimensions. Can also create invisible vacuum traps (Snares) for use in places like forests. Scary.
  1282. -Sad
  1283. -Tristan and Lancelot: "Married women are gooood" "Yeah"
  1284. -Mordred gets mad at them
  1285. -Tristan to Gawain: I'm not a ditz. You're a ditz.
  1286. -Tristan to Bedivere: Sleeping during the parade? Who, me?
  1287. -Tristan on Artoria: It would be rude of me to stand before her. All I can do now is fly away.
  1288. -Tristan on Cleopatra: ( ˘ω˘)zzz
  1290. -Gawain on Mordred: I understand her position. I have nothing else to say.
  1291. -Gawain on Lancelot: No comment.
  1292. -Gawain on Galahad: He truly is a magnificent knight, unlike Lancelot. He's like an angel.
  1293. -Gawain on Tristan: Sometimes he actually IS asleep.
  1295. Bedivere
  1296. -None of the Artorias or knights of the round table in Chaldea are the ones he actually knew, but he regards them with equal respect.
  1297. -Bedivere on Gareth: I don't want Gareth-chan to suffer again. A smile suits her best.
  1298. -Bedivere on Lucius: My king once fought him. My death at his hands was recorded in the Historia Regum Britanniae, but I was actually only injured. But I accomplished nothing at the end of this long journey, and was as good as dead, and that is why I chose to use the name of the enemy who was said to have killed me.
  1300. Characters associated with Da Vinci
  1301. -Da Vinci actually knew Makiri Zolgen, albeit the younger idealistic version.
  1302. -Michelangelo was one of Da Vinci's few friends, regarded as an equal in art.
  1305. Rider Mordred
  1306. -Mordred's life was all attached to Britain and King Arthur, and the "personal" Mordred might as well not exist. As she was born and raised to kill the king and spent her life fighting, this is in fact the first time she has had time to rest.
  1308. Gorgon
  1309. -Does not recognise Perseus as the invididual that fought her, but doesn't like how he uses part of her corpse as his NP.
  1311. Tiamat
  1312. -Self Seal C+++: Though Tiamat hated mankind for exiling her as unneeded, deep down she accepted that and till the very end held on to a want to protect mankind, as a mother. Beast II is constantly sealing herself, and the pain is equal to 50% of her max HP each turn. If she tries to leave the ocean this goes up to 90%.
  1313. -Has no personality. Unknown if it was lost, or if she never had one to begin with. The logic behind her actions as a Beast is simple: Either kill mankind or be killed by mankind.
  1314. -Femme Fatale is a title given to her by Goetia.
  1315. -In the 2014 planning stages, Tiamat was going to be a raid boss and enemy generator. "Think Starship Troopers".
  1317. Goetia’s independent manifestation skill in material 4 says that those who have it "are not affected by the incineration of the human order brought about by the singularities, or the “revising of the human order brought about by *****”.
  1319. Merlin is the adolescent form of some sort of higher dimensional being.
  1321. ---------------------------------------------
  1322. Part 2 prologue stuff
  1324. 26th December
  1326. Goldorf is the new owner and director of Chaldea. Chaldea was to be divvied up and auctioned off but he purchased all of it, but plans to switch out the staff.
  1328. Of the frozen masters, all but 7 (the A team members aside from Mashu, whose coffins were damaged worse) have been revived and sent home.
  1330. Koyanskaya is the one who fed Goldorf information about Chaldea being a good purchase.
  1332. Fou attacks Koyanskaya and she steps on him saying that regardless of what he was before, he's now no more than a small animal.
  1334. Koyanskaya asks Guda if they know where Chaldea even is. They don't. She says it's a hidden place in the center of the world, belonging to no country, an invisible mountain protected by magecraft for hundreds of years.
  1336. Koyanskaya tries to get information on the A team from Guda but they know nothing about them. She also says that Guda basically stole from them their chances at achievements, their place to be, and their very reason for existing.
  1338. Guda asks Mashu and Da Vinci about the A team masters.
  1340. (Most of the names seem to be Balldamnjohn tier made-up so transliterations may vary. Using pre-existing translations googled up for Clock Tower department names)
  1342. Kirishtaria Vodeim: Top in the celestial body department of the Clock Tower and A team leader. The young head of the Vodeim clan, which has a thousand year old history and magic circuit to go with it. Malicebilly's first disciple, rumoured to have been more fitting an heir to lordship than Olgamary. Highest overall potential as a mage. Servant was going to be lancer.
  1344. Ophelia Famulthorone: A prodigy of the spirit evocation department. Had special mystic eyes and wore a blindfold/eyepatch (眼帯 can be either). Servant was going to be saber; Had racial reasons for the servant she wanted.
  1346. Kadock Zemurpus: Average mage but with high ley shift adaptability. Didn't stand out amongst the A team but was nice, though self-deprecating at times and pessimistic. Was going to get caster as he had little mana and so didn't want a frontline servant.
  1348. Scandinavia Peperoncino: Fake name. Country of origin unknown. A freelance mage Malicebilly found and scouted while away. Nice and funny guy who joked a lot. The oldest member of the A team. "A man who was born in the wrong age". Looked Italian but was an expert in Buddhism and Indian mythology, saying that he liked myths about destruction repeating itself. Servant was to be archer.
  1350. Akuta Hinako: From the Clock Tower's botany  department. Was in Chaldea as a technician but was scouted as a master due to her skill. The kind of person who'd read books all day. But she was oddly assertive and Romani complained that she wouldn't show up for checkups. Servant was to be rider, which she wanted strongly.
  1352. Beryl Gat: Da Vinci has nothing to say about him.
  1354. David Zem Void: The biggest unknown factor and suspicious character in the A team. Belonged to the Brishisan department of the Clock Tower, the almost heretical department with the least pupils, managed directly by the president, that handles artefacts not of this world, but was exiled from there. Malicebilly saw him as very talented as does Da Vinci; Da Vinci in life only knew one or two people who could be regarded as geniuses, and David is on their level. (Note: Da Vinci knew about the church in life and says they were way crazier back then) David doesn't bother trying to understand others, and nobody understands him. His servant was to be berserker as communication would be unneeded.
  1356. 31st December
  1358. Gold’s team sucked and after they made no progress they ended up having to get Da Vinci to help with opening the coffins (ended up done in a single night). It turns out that the coffins are empty and Da Vinci thinks someone opened them up earlier; There was a four day blank when Gold’s team was trying and failing when Chaldea staff had no access. Probably Koyanskaya’s doing.
  1360. Kirishtaria’s announcement makes it sound like the seven A team masters are goIng to fight each other to decide how to the world is going to be remade. The greatest leader of the seven wins the right to revise the world; This is referred to as a “fight” that people from correct history are not allowed to participate in.
  1362. Also the wording referring to “advent (降臨) gods” seems like it might be connected to foreigners (降臨者) and the pre-Sephar gods mentioned in Extella.
  1365. There was also referring to an unseen emperor/Czar being in charge of the stuff that happened at Chaldea
  1368. Galahad refers to Gudao as being from “correct history” and basically says that that Olga was from a lost belt like the part 2 antagonists are from.
  1370.  This is obvious but lost belts = worlds lost to 編纂事象 = like Musashi and Shimousa Amakusa’s worlds.
  1372. -Foreigner is also written as 降臨者 which was already used in Extella to refer to the aliens already on Earth before Sephar showed up
  1374. -Zem Void is said to have been expelled from Clock Tower’s Brishisan department. Raum mentions in Salem that Brishisan was one of Solomon’s disciples and that he’s using one of the greatest taboos Brishisan was taught in his plan
  1378. Lost Belt 1
  1379. Princess of the Land of Beasts
  1380. AD 1570 Permafrost Empire Anastasia
  1382. Lost Belt 2
  1383. *** of the Unfading Flame
  1384. BC 1000 Eternal Flame Century Gotterdammerung
  1386. Lost Belt 3
  1387. Crimson Beauty Under the Moon
  1388. BC 0210 Land of Unified Knowledge ***
  1390. Lost Belt 4
  1391. The Black Final God
  1392. ?? 11900 Genesis Destruction Cycle ** ******
  1394. Lost Belt 5
  1395. The Day (A) God Is (the Gods Are) Shot Down
  1396. BC 12000 Interstellar City Mountains ******
  1398. Lost Belt 6
  1399. The Time the/A Star* is (Stars Are) Born
  1400. AD 0500 ** Round Table Territory ***** * **
  1401. (*Could be “the star” as in Earth or stars in general)
  1403. Lost Belt 7
  1404. ********
  1405. BC ???? ** Forest ** *** *****
  1407. ---------------------------------------
  1410. ??? sinks into the abyss, answering a call. The silhouette of Carter appears and tells him to get away before it’s too late, the call is that of a demon. ??? says “sweet, I’ve always wanted to see what a demon looks like” and sinks deeper, as Carter fades away.
  1411. ???: “Ph’nglui... ph’nglui...”
  1412. Guda wakes up in Edo with Suzuka and tries to remember what happened. Last memories are of a new year party with Musashi, Hijikata, Chacha, Ibaraki, Osakabe, Archer Inferno (this hiding the true name thing is getting REALLY stupid), and the Nobunaga suddenly crashed the party and had Guda and Suzuka drink some golden mead. Suzuka figures that’s the cause, saying it looked a bit TOO gold.
  1413.  Guda and Suzuka follow Katsushika Oui around as she looks for her father. Eventually they run into Gilgamesh and BB who explain that Raum opened a hole in the laws of the world allowing something on the other side of the abyss to peer in. That something has decided to use Hokusai as a host. Gilgamesh tells Guda to go home and leave this to him, as it’s a legitimate threat to the human order. Suzuka says that a human should not be able to host a god but BB says that a Foreigner- someone who holds on to their purity even when in madness, or who instead of being consumed by madness is able to consume madness itself, could.
  1414. After the fight Gilgamesh laughs and says that he can’t see the future of Oui and her father and thus can’t judge them. The Foreigners now have his interest and he decides to see if they can pierce fate with their will before the human order breaks, and he arranges to have Oui take Hokusai’s place in painting for the shogun the following day.  BB also complains about how she doesn’t have much screentime because if she got serious she’d resolve everything instantly. Suzuka asks her to leave more info about Foreigners but BB doesn’t care about anything because she isn’t the main heroine of this route.
  1415. The next day Oui competes against Hiroshige (Mozart) in front of the shogun (Nobunaga).  After Hiroshige/Mozart is defeated, Da Vinci and the other people start acting odd and says that this dream is Guda’s. Da Vinci says Hokusai’s soul refused to join the throne of heroes because he wanted to keep getting better at his art, and that in life he had obtained a Chinese copy of the R’lyeh text. Nobunaga says that the god of the abyss intends to use this dream to access the real world. Guda starts getting corrupted by the dream too, but Hokusai possesses Oui and helps to resist this, saying that he never had any intention if becoming a host for the dark god, and that he saw its face right before he died and can now draw it.
  1416. Guda, Suzuka and Hokusai defeat the corrupted people and the aura of the dark god fades away. Hokusai draws up an exit back to Chaldea before seperating from Oui back to Takosuke (the octopus) and they say farewell.
  1417. Later Carter and Hokusai meet again. Carter says that A certain demon tried to summon the god of the abyss and failed, but that was enough for said god to perceive Earth and mingle with Hokusai’s soul. The demon has moved on to another attempt, which seems like it may not be the future for Chaldea. He thanks Hokusai saying that he’s surprised that someone who isn’t a mage or fallen saint could control a dark god’s power, but Hokusai says Carter is far more surprising- Carter seems to think of himself as human, but Hokusai thinks he’s a mechanism of the world, or some law of nature.
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