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  1. slirp seems to be part of vde2. In the COPYING.slirpvde the license of slirp is
  2. stated. It is copyright Danny Gasparovski and the license includes the
  3. following clause:
  5. 3. All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this software
  6.    must display the following acknowledgment:
  7.    This product includes software developed by Danny Gasparovski.
  9. In the subdirectory which contains the slirp there are many files which are
  10. licensed under the more permissive BSD 3 clause license (i.e. the one without
  11. the advertising clause) and under the MIT license (typically those files
  12. written by Fabrice Bellard). However, there are still numerous files there
  13. which contain this notice:
  15. /*
  16.  * Copyright (c) 1995 Danny Gasparovski
  17.  *
  18.  * Please read the file COPYRIGHT for the
  19.  * terms and conditions of the copyright.
  20.  */
  22. A reasonable interpretation of this notice, even in the absence of a COPYRIGHT
  23. file in the immediate directory is that the Danny Gasparovski license with the
  24. advertising clause is meant. This is not compatible with any version of the
  25. GPL.
  27. Thus, if slirp is linked with the rest of the files/components (some being GPL)
  28. an issue of GPL compatibility could arise.
  30. Could you therefore confirm first of all whether slirp is used at all. If it is
  31. used, we will need to check on whether upstream had permission to relicense
  32. files from Danny Gasparovski. If not, we will need to examine the nature of the
  33. interaction of the (c) Danny Gasparovski files with the rest of the package.
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