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  1. Discord: *
  2. Jewel#2469
  3. Ign: *
  4. Jewelo
  5. Timezone: *
  6. CST
  7. Age: *
  8. 16
  9. How long have you been a member of the MBCL? *
  10. Since the second installment. Been in this one since the start, though.
  11. Are you an independent worker, or do you prefer to have work assigned to you? *
  12. Independent
  13. Do you have any leadership experience? If so, from what *
  14. Media manager, head advisor in past installments, team leader.
  15. What do you think is the most important thing when running a league? *
  16. Communication. If you don’t communicate with your staff, no matter how dedicated you are, they’ll end up leaving and then the league dies.
  17. In what ways do you think you could help the MBCL? *
  18. I could help, again, with communication and partially advisory management since there currently isn’t a head advisor.
  19. Please list 3 things you think would improve MBCL. *
  20. Advisory, communications, match coordination [could help Diego some on this]
  21. Are you currently a staff member for the MBCL? *
  22. Yes
  23. No
  24. If you've been on the staff team in the past, explain why you are no longer a staff member. *
  25. why is this question required
  26. Have you been blacklisted in any of the official leagues or in MBCL? *
  27. No
  28. If a player goes against your opinion during a discussion, how would you handle it? *
  29. I’d clearly state my POV and then keep it civil while dealing with them.
  30. If a staff member is unwilling to cooperate with you, how would you deal with it? *
  31. I’d simply state my opinion [again] and then show them why I think it’s right. I’d consider their POV and then modify my answer if necessary.
  32. Do you know how to host or ss? *
  33. I can host, yes. Definitely can’t SS though
  34. Are you able to be on for extended periods of time? If so, which days are you most free? *
  35. Yes, I can do weekdays for a few hours, but also weekends for many hours at a time.
  36. What's the maximum amount of players you can have on a roster and what is the minimum? *
  37. 20, 5
  38. Do you know about tier/rank modifiers? If so, explain what they are *
  39. Seeing as we’re currently trying to get rid of tier mods, I’ll talk about rank mods: you challenge a team up to 2 ranks higher than you in order to rank up.
  40. Why should we choose you for manager? What makes you stand out from the rest *
  41. I’m already the media manager and I’m dedicated to what I do already. I can be more dedicated and communicative with a management role.
  42. Why do you wish to be manager? *
  43. To manage advisory a bit more and effectively be a communications lead, seeing as I am aware the other managers don’t feel as connected to the director of the league.
  44. Anything else you think we should know? *
  45. I’ve been the director of one of the previous installments and manager of a couple more. I have the experience needed to keep the league running for as long as possible.
  46. Do you have a mic? *
  47. Yes
  48. No
  49. If your application is denied, do you agree to respect the staff member's decision? *
  50. Yes
  51. No
  52. Do you agree not to talk about anything that was discussed in the staff chats to other players unless given permission? *
  53. Yes
  54. No
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