Balduran's Bottled Barque

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  1. While carrying the bottle, you are proficient in
  2. all watercraft and have advantage on all checks
  3. required to pilot them. While at sea, you
  4. perfectly recall any path you have travelled
  5. over water and can use an action predict all
  6. naturally occurring weather within fifty miles
  7. of your current location for the next 24 hours.
  9. You can use an action to place this 2-foot bottle
  10. containing a model of a ship on a body of water
  11. large enough to accommodate the dimension of
  12. a sailing ship and speak its command word.
  13. The bottle rapidly grows into a sailing ship 70
  14. feet long and 20 feet wide (use the map on Page
  15. 314 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide as a
  16. reference) that remains until you use an action
  17. to speak the command word that dismisses it,
  18. which works only if the ship is emptied of both
  19. cargo and any creatures aboard.
  21. Each creature in the area where the ship
  22. appears must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving
  23. throw, taking 10d10 bludgeoning damage on a
  24. failed save, or half as much damage on a
  25. successful one. In either case, the creature is
  26. pushed to an unoccupied space outside but
  27. next to the ship. Objects in the area that aren’t
  28. being worn or carried take this damage and are
  29. pushed automatically.
  31. The ship is outfitted with all of the necessary
  32. sails, riggings, ropes, and other nautical items.
  33. Any such items taken off the ship immediately
  34. disappear and reappear somewhere on the
  35. vessel. All damaged or destroyed items of this
  36. type are restored daily at dawn. The ship is
  37. crewed by twenty unseen servants, which do
  38. the necessary day-to-day jobs and obey your
  39. commands to the best of their ability. All
  40. dispelled or destroyed unseen servants
  41. reappear at the next dawn.
  43. The ship is made of darkwood as hard as
  44. adamantine, and its magic prevents it from
  45. being tipped over by anything less than a
  46. tsunami spell or similarly powerful magic. The
  47. hull and the masts each have 100 hit points,
  48. immunity to damage from nonmagical
  49. weapons excluding siege weapons, and
  50. resistance to all other damage. Only a wish
  51. spell can repair the ship (this use of the spell
  52. counts as replicating a spell of 8th level or
  53. lower).
  55. Each casting of Wish causes the hull or
  56. a mast to regain 50 hit points. If the ship is
  57. broken beyond repair and/or sunk, it turns
  58. back into a bottled model and then instantly
  59. vanishes, leaving any creatures or cargo
  60. behind. The glass containing the ship is as
  61. strong as adamantine; however, if it broken,
  62. both the shards and the ship vanish in a flash
  63. of light.
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