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Madeline and Master Kane

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  1. Madeline and Master Kane
  2. A Creepypasta written by Jacob Jones
  4. "In an old house in Paris
  5. That was covered in vines
  6. Lived twelve little girls
  7. In two straight lines
  8. They left the house at half past nine
  9. In two straight lines
  10. The smallest one was Madeline"
  12. Or at least, that's how I think it went. My memory is still pretty foggy.
  14. Oh; right, introductions. Sorry, bit of a rush at the moment; the name's Jack. Jack Elgreen. And what you just heard came from one of the most famous childrens book series of all time; Madeline.
  16. You know, that one with the french little girl who was smaller than the rest of the girls, lived in a boarding school with eleven other girls and was watched over by this weird nurse/nun/catholic priest lady named Miss Clavel. In case you haven't guessed yet, I never really got into the book series; read it once, that was it for me. Hell, saying the name alone makes me think of more of a german female than a french one. (But, that's just my opinion, don't take it as word of god)
  18. So imagine my shock when I found out that there was an entire series of books based off that little girl and her adventures. She even got a movie based on those stories, a movie! It had to have been like crazy popular to get this sort of treatment.
  20. But the one thing that stood above all the others (at least, to me) was that all those stories this Ludwig person made eventually became indiviual animated specials. And those animated specials got so popular, they were able to make a tv series based off the work.
  22. It lasted a decent while too; churning out new episodes for a good six years before getting the can in 2000. (Just checked it's Wikipedia page, turns out that they were on hiatus for three of those years. Ah well, three's half of six. That's a pretty good estimate, right?)
  24. However; and please don't laugh at me this really did happen, I was able to find a copy of a never before seen episode of that show. (I got from a flea market, cost only two bucks) Apparently it was the last thing the producers made before the project was thrown out of the window.
  26. The tape looked pretty normal to me, a black rectangular shaped contraption with see through tape and white circles on the back of it. So I figured, why not see what this series was about.
  28. I got home, walked into my living room; made some hot chocolate, put the tape inside the VCR and slumped into my couch thinking I was in for a saccharine if not slightly amusing show about a girl in Paris, her trouble-making Mexican friend Pepito, (Yeah, you can bonk me over the head for that one. Turns out he's actually from Spain) her pet dog (brown terrier I think?) Genevieve and everyone else who lived in that house in Paris. Maybe it would be like Sesame Street where everyone talked like they were lecturing a group of goldfish on what two times two was, and on occasion they'd sing us a song about sharing or being friends or how you shouldn't accuse a penguin for all your troubles.
  30. God I was wrong.
  32. It started off decently enough, I got to see a nice looking house, covered up in a some vines while some guy told me about the things the girls do every day. I have a feeling behind the scenes he's a bit of a creeper.
  34. Anyways, it was night time in the house; all the little girls were in their bedroom, ready to go to sleep, dressed in their lavender pajamas, rambling on about who knows what. I was half asleep by that time, I couldn't tell much.
  36. Miss Clavel comes in, all sugar and smiles wishing them all a good night. Hoping they sleep well, the little girls all in unison said back "Good night, good night, dear Miss Clavel". She turned off the light, then closed the door...
  38. Then in the middle of the night, she woke up; claiming that something was not right, got her lantern and ran to the little girls bedroom. I was just about to doze off by that time, but my eyes were still open enough to see what was going on.
  40. As it turned out; the little girls were all crowded around, horrified and looking the orange haired one, Chloe I think her name was? You could tell she was in great pain by how she was coughing and groaning so much, she was even complaining about how she was barely able to breath.
  42. Miss Clavel asked to take a closer look, and got up to Chloe; but before she could feel her head to see if it was warm or not, Chloe sits up; trying to demand for something, trying to fight back tears; she barely squeaks out "Get me a bucket!"
  44. My attention coming back, the little girls all frantically ran for the nearest bucket they can find, Miss Clavel staying behind to take care of Chloe. Searching from the bathroom, to the living room, to their backyard and even to their kitchen. Sure enough, that auburned hair wunderkind Madeline found a pot. Not quite a bucket, but did the job.
  46. With Madeline leading the way, they headed back to their bedroom; but by then it was too late. Chloe had puked all over Miss Clavel. But something about the vomit really caught my eye, it wasn't your usual icky green schlop that you usually find from these sorts of incidents. Sure enough, the so-called vomit was actually revealed to be blood. My attention regained, I was shocked at this surprising turn of events. Then I realized; this was a children's show and that she would end up all right.
  48. Wrong again. Turns out it was a serious condition that no one had known to have existed until today. Their doctor (that guy with a moustache and glasses) took Chloe on an ambulance straight to the hospital.
  50. She didn't come back.
  52. The day after her funeral, Miss Clavel and a really rich british person (Lord Cucuface) told the little girls to remember Chloe's memory alive by remembering all of the good times they had with her. The usual stuff you would normally find on a special talking to kids about death, I didn't pay much attention to it; Instead, I palmed my hands into my face, stunned over how something like that could happen to a little girl.
  54. Once the talk about death was over, the show cut to the backyard. Finally, some relief from what happened earlier; the eleven little girls were happily roaming around in their blue lace dresses, playing freeze tag. A girl with curly brown named Danielle was it, she'd had just tagged some with blonde hair shaped like a bob. I think her name was Yvette, but the designs of the girls were pretty much the same body just with different hair.
  56. Things were going along well until Danielle and Madeline starting hearing crying noises. Concerned, they ran to see where the crying was coming from; and there was Yvette. Sobbing, her body; once tan was now for no reason red as a lobster. Yvette continued to wail uncontrollably about how everything was itching and burning; but something felt off about her voice. Like as if it was distorted a little just to give it an extra scare.
  58. But that raised a big question to me. Why in the world would they show someone vomiting blood or having their skin be baked to the point of being a human bacon in a show for kids? If it was meant to be parody, I could understand the joke, as twisted as it was. There was just one problem with that idea, Robot Chicken hadn't come out yet and I don't think Mad TV was taking any requests for animated parodies.
  60. All right, i'm just rambling on at this point. Miss Clavel came out to see what had happened. Yvette looked terrible. Her skin was even redder than it was before; the once blonde hair she had was now turning orange fiery lava, her dress was now a pale indigo and to top it all off. She was melting.
  62. I was absolutely horrified, I am a grown man and I was freaking out over a little girl melting to her demise. But the worst was yet to come.
  64. During her final moments, Yvette looked at the camera; face in the middle of the screen. Her hair, eyes and nose completely gone; she said in a shaky, muffled, distorted voice. "Remember me"
  66. I paused the video to catch myself and come to grips with what had just happened. I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to believe it. Just now, I had just seen a girl get a sunburn so bad it melted her straight off the face of the earth. Before that, another girl had been vomiting huge chunks of blood.
  68. After some time had passed, I resumed watching the video. I swear, as the video went onward; the gruesome deaths of the little girls actually got progressively worse.
  70. One little girl with wavy brown hair started to randomly laugh. Much to the amusement of Miss Clavel, but then she started to laugh harder; and as she did, the pitch of her voice kept getting higher and higher, and the volume of her voice kept getting louder and louder.
  72. By the time the others checked up on her, she was laughing like a banshee after discovering what crack was; her head was wobbling, shaking away from it's neck, leaking out little doses of blood and bones.
  74. Finally, after one last chuckle; her head deattached itself from it's neck and flew around the house like a deflating balloon, eventually flying out of the window and into the street; where a truck ran it over, exploding her face with a crimson mask in the process.
  76. Another one named Sylvie started shaking ferociously and began to talk in weird broken french phrases. Now I don't know a lot of french, but i'm pretty sure one of those phrases meant 'The Master Needs Me'.
  78. "What master?" I asked out loud. Could he have had something to do with all the deaths that had been going on? There was only one way to find out. Keep watching.
  80. Of course, it was another disturbing end. Sylvie swung herself so hard that so flew through the glass windows, killing herself in the process.
  82. Then there was Nicole, the dirty blonde haired one. She had been suffering through depression ever since Chloe had died and had grown increasingly more prone to violent outbursts.
  84. One night, Miss Clavel; who had already dealt with enough as it is tried to talk to Nicole and see what was wrong. Nicole kept denying the obvious, she had missed Chloe; her best friend.
  86. As they continued to talk, Nicole started to get tears in her eyes. Then, for some reason; the tape shut off. I was confused, had the tape broke? Was that all the footage they had produced for the episode?
  88. Then just a mere ten seconds later, I heard a soft voice crying. Her eyes bloodshot, she told Miss Clavel that she had a meeting with some voices in her head, they told her that a guy named 'Kane' had taken her friend away from her. And there was no way she was ever going to get her back unless if she went with him.
  90. The next thing I saw was Nicole; hung from a window-sheet, apparently having committed suicide.
  92. At this point; I couldn't take it anymore. I was furious. Furious at myself for subjecting this torture onto my life and furious at the person who was orchestrating it in the first place. I had seen the brutal deaths of five girls robbed of their innocence, Two of them being suicides. And for what? I wanted an answer to the madness I had witnessed.
  94. So did Madeline apparently, as she made a plan to find out who this 'Master Kane' really was. Tonight, she would have the worst possible nightmare she could have; believing that it was the only way for her to find 'Master Kane' and demand he bring back her friends.
  96. The scene faded to black.
  98. And stayed that way for a whole minute.
  100. All I could hear was the sound of Madeline talking. And even then, it was a faint appeal at best. I grabbed my remote and turned the volume all the way up, so I could make out the words Madeline was saying.
  102. And then, I heard a noise.
  104. A noise so loud, so defening, so low in it's tone, it would destroy the ear-drums of any poor sap who just happened to pass by it. Hell, if it wanted to; it could knock 'em dead.
  106. And on the screen, all I saw was a black and red mask; staring at me with it's big, bulging volcanic orange eyes and sadistic smile.
  108. The tape then showed me the eleven little girls; bloodied, burnt to a crisp and handcuffed. Forced to be a slave to 'Master Kane' for the rest of eternity.
  110. And then there was Madeline; ready to fight the horrid creature. I was ready to see this small French girl take on this 'Master Kane', defeat him, and then reclaim her friends.
  112. But it just wasn't meant to be.
  114. Another shot showed of Madeline, bloodied, weak and surrendered. 'Master Kane', with his sickly smile said to Madeline, "It does not have to be this way" and made a deal to her. She would get to have her friends back, but in return; she would have to sell her soul over to her. Effectively sacrificing her life in the in the process.
  116. I pleaded, no, I begged, screw it, I prayed to Jesus Christ that Madeline would live to fight another day. And I wasn't even religious, that was what this sad excuse for a joke had delved me into.
  118. But it was all over. Madeline accepted his offered and surrendered her soul over to him. The crushing defeat no one should have seen coming, or should have had to have witnessed.
  120. With all of his might, 'Master Kane' picked up Madeline. And as he did, Madeline began to turn snow white. So did her hat, and her hair, and her yellow dress.
  122. Suddenly; darkness.
  124. Then silence.
  126. Then credits.
  128. Slowly, but surely; I took the tape out of the VCR and looked at it like as if I had seen a ghost. I had just gone through god knows how long of people being killed by this psychotic creature; and somehow I survived. I realized that if it were in the hands of a lesser man, or a fan of the show for that matter, they would be scarred for life.
  130. I couldn't let this happen. There was only thing for me to do.
  132. I went outside to the firepit, threw the tape in it, doused it with gasoline and burnt it to a crisp. The most glorious thing I had ever done in my entire life.
  134. Once the deed was done, I looked at the sky and said as loud as I could, "That was for you Madeline!" and I walked back inside to enjoy the rest of my day. Free from the tape, free from the dangers, free from 'Master Kane'.
  136. If any of you are still reading this, which I doubt. Let this be a lesson to you. Some things are better off staying lost, than being found at all.
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